Criminal Minds s12e18 Episode Script

Hell's Kitchen

1 - Is that clear? - Yes, it's clear.
[Delgado gasps.]
Help! Help! [Reid, voice-over.]
: Getting more and more intense.
Got to fall deeper in to beat them.
I've lost friends before, but not like this, not in a box where I have no control.
Or do I? Starting to think like them, starting to survive like them.
I'm here because I made a choice.
What if that means I don't get out alive? [Crying.]
Don't cry.
It's a good day, isn't it? [Crying.]
It's your birthday.
You're 16 now.
What were you gonna do to celebrate, if you weren't here, I mean.
Come on, tell me.
Go out with my parents and my sister.
Attie? Was she named for Atticus from "to kill a mockingbird"? Yes.
What a hero.
I heard Harper Lee released another book.
Did you read it? No.
Her elegant lessons on tolerance just take my breath away, you know? I'm sorry, you were saying.
You you were going out with your parents and Attie.
Again, sorry to interrupt.
I I just have to ask.
Is it awkward Since they just got divorced and all? Yeah.
I always wondered that.
Where were you gonna go? Just To this Thai place.
What's your favorite? If you had, had, had to choose.
Green curry.
Mine, too.
[Elevator bell dings.]
Sa Ta Na ma.
That's your secret being so calm? I don't know about that.
Kundalini yoga.
What about you? 9 months in Sri Lanka.
Whoa! OK, you win.
When were you there? During the war.
That must have been Hmm.
I was in a dark place.
Hey, I I have new running shoes and I haven't broken them in yet.
You want to start taking the stairs? Walker went to see Spence yesterday.
How's he doing? Not good.
His, uh, friend was killed two weeks ago right in front of him.
Yeah, I heard.
So why haven't you been to visit him? Because I'm no good to him.
I even drove out there and couldn't go in.
Knowing I can't get him out drives me insane.
I know.
I know.
You're right.
Walker doesn't think he's slept in a while, and He asked for you.
He did? Visiting hours start at 10:00? Yeah.
If you leave now, you can beat morning traffic.
Call me from New York.
Let me know how he's doing, OK? Will do.
Tara's giving expert testimony, Rossi's visiting Reid today, so it's just gonna be us.
You guys remember her? It's Katie Hammond.
Went missing in Manhattan about a week ago.
It was 5 days ago to be exact.
Today she turned 16.
Her parents must be a wreck.
She was supposed to meet her friends, she never showed up.
This is the last image we have of her.
Alvez: Oh, that's right.
She left her cell phone in the cab.
JJ: And went off into the night without a lifeline.
How did she disappear? There is cameras everywhere in the city.
Look, she just She vanishes.
Well, did we check subway cams, tunnels, bridge tolls? There's no sign of her on any bus or any train.
Without a vehicle lead, they don't have much to go on.
And now that they've cleared their initial suspect, we're back at square one.
Not exactly.
Her Victimology matches two cold cases Shelley Gallagher and Lisa Dewald.
Both were abducted within a 5-block radius.
They could all be sisters.
Why did the cases go cold? - It's unclear.
- I hate to ask, but if it's the same offender, what makes you think Katie's still alive? Because he held on to them for a week before killing them.
But Katie's only been missing for 5 days.
So if there is a connection, we still have a chance.
Is Cranial Blunt force trauma, but premortem he drained 3 liters of blood.
Whether it's for consumption or collection, this unsub's got a ritualistic behavior.
A bizarre one at that.
We find out why he's doing it, we'll find him.
Wheels up in 20.
Do you think your family's still angry you lied to them? I don't know.
Let's hope not, right? Go on.
Make a wish.
[Theme music.]
Reid: "How can I be substantial if I do not cast a shadow?" I must have a dark side also if I'm to be whole.
" Carl Jung.
Guard: Inmates, line up.
Visiting hours [Indistinct.]
[Cells doors opening.]
[Cell doors close.]
[Indistinct voices.]
You haven't slept.
It's been a while.
I heard about your friend, Delgado.
I'm really sorry, Spence.
Is there anyone you can talk to? We have group therapy once a week.
The counselor wants me to keep a journal, so I am, but I don't really think it's helping.
How come? Because no one in here is honest.
I mean Not a single person can admit that they're terrified.
If we can't agree on that one basic truth, then It doesn't really matter.
They could just be numb to it all.
Well, I'm not.
You never will be, because you're a good person.
And that's the difference.
There's a helplessness in here that causes people to do things they would never consider [buzzer.]
It's a lockdown.
Return to your cells, now.
I'll come back, OK? OK.
[Buzzer, chatter.]
[Buzzer, guards giving orders.]
Inmate: What's going on? What the hell is going on? Cell block B got a tip about a delivery today.
Tossed some cells, found a crapload of smack.
Guard: B block can use the cafeteria.
B block line up for chow.
Line up for chow.
This is the day you're supposed to move Frazier's stuff, isn't it? Yeah.
Luckily it sounds like the guards are gonna shut it down.
Look, I know it's hard to think outside the box when you're in a box, but think about the moves.
Cell block B’s a patsy.
Look, everyone's looking over there so you can push the stuff through here.
Or maybe I just won't do it, since you're protecting me.
Do you know why they killed Delgado instead of you? That was me protecting you.
There's only so far I can go.
So can I.
[Elevator bell dings.]
Hal Clayton.
Thanks for coming.
Of course.
These are S.
s Alvez, Jareau, and Walker.
Katie's parents are on their way.
Do they know your theory? No, and I want to keep it that way.
I they saw what's on these boards, they'd never sleep again.
Similarities are obvious Age, coloring, vanished off the streets.
But the difference is a big one.
The first two vics were runaways, addicts.
Turned tricks.
Classic street life.
Nobody out there looking for them.
Explains why the cases went cold.
We usually see an offender build up to taking somebody like Katie.
My guess is he's done this a few times that we don't know about.
We should pull all missing persons who match that physical description.
Those are Katie's parents.
Do you mind if I speak to them? They're divorced and it's not pretty.
So, chances are you'll need two of you.
You see blood fetishes a lot? Compulsions like this are typically sexual in nature.
There's no signs of assault.
You mean consuming it is the sex act? Drinking blood can be dangerous, but we shouldn't rule it out.
Although, these two were addicts, so there's a chance he rejected it.
Bruising on the arms and legs where he must have drawn the blood from, but aside from that, looks like he cleaned their bodies.
Not well, mind you.
More like with a baby wipe or something.
Making an effort to clean them shows remorse.
And he didn't leave them face-down.
He placed them face-up, hands folded.
Almost angelic.
Both were found around sunrise.
Both had broken legs and ribs, in addition to the blunt force trauma.
Said the injuries are consistent with a fall.
That's one hell of a fall.
5 is as far as I've gotten.
That sounds right.
OK, let's try this.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Ha ha.
I'm not burning.
She's the one.
If I keep drinking it, I'll get even better.
Perfect, 7.
My favorite number.
Next number's 14.
So 14.
OK, we can do this.
You haven't asked me how I'm doing.
Every time I talk to these agents, it's the first thing they want to know.
I guess it's just the natural thing to ask.
But you didn't.
No, I didn't.
Because you've seen so many of these cases, you know how I'm doing? Because it's not fair that I ask that question.
I don't have any words.
And today I know.
She's 16.
16 years ago, Katie was the sweetest thing I ever saw.
I couldn't believe we made her.
I guess everybody feels that at that moment, you know? Now I don't know.
I should have done something.
I should have helped find her by now.
I don't pretend to know what you're going through, uh But my oldest daughter just turned 16.
And all I can do is hope and pray that I've given her the right tools to survive.
Yeah, I know.
But it's her birthday, and she's gone.
I brought you something to keep your energy up.
A little vitamin c.
So you haven't asked today's question.
Just one yes/no question and I have the right to remain silent.
So when you leave here Hey! Think, think, think.
But do you leave because you have a job? Yes.
The same one since I was 18.
Doesn't happen much anymore, does it? This one time a few years ago, across from my work, it was late.
This coroner's van was loading in a body.
No sirens, nothing.
Figured it wasn't a murder, so I walk over, ask what happened.
Coroner starts puking.
I mean, you'd think he'd seen everything, right? Turns out this lady had been dead a couple weeks.
Nobody knew it.
A hundred people in her building, a thousand on the block Millions on this island.
Nobody missed her.
Nobody even noticed.
How did they find her? The smell.
Happens all the time, he said.
He went up there and the stink just pshhh! Punched him in the face.
He needed some air, so he went over to open the window and it was all blacked out.
But then it starts moving.
Like wiggling.
The glass was covered in flies.
I mean, they were pretty much the dead lady, since her body was all maggots, right? One dead lady made 100,000 flies.
Crazy, right? Hey, the guy who came to see you, was that Rossi, the one you play chess with? Yeah.
He showed you how to castle strategically? No, that was my friend Gideon.
He was killed a couple years ago.
Hope that's not an omen for me.
Hey, I'm kidding.
Gotta move on, man.
Delgado got himself into that mess.
Did you know they'd kill him? Look I figured they'd send a message.
I got to admit I didn't think it's be that loud.
I got a house full of people right now and all I want is quiet.
It reminds me of when my dad died.
I keep having this flash of my mom.
She's sitting with her friends and they're mourning.
You know? And I realized that they're all widows.
It got me thinking.
There's no word for a mom who loses a child.
Or for a little girl who loses her world.
Attie asked me the other day if she'd still be a sister if we don't find Katie.
Attie will always be a sister.
OK? She has to believe that.
OK? [Sighs.]
Listen to me.
We are gonna do everything we can to find Katie, I promise you.
But I'm gonna need your help.
JJ: What's all this? We found similar victimologies and M.
S all over the city.
Why weren't they connected? NYPD wrote off evidence of venipuncture because these women were all addicts.
We've got over two dozen in the past 10 years.
Some of them were never found, so we can't be sure, but the ones that were, the average captivity time was 6 days.
Help! Please! Somebody, I'm stuck down here! Please, someone! Help! Please! Please, I'm stuck down here! Can anyone hear me?! Someone! Please help me! Hey.
Hey! Tell your boss to get some more lights out here.
It's creepy.
I'll tell him.
I waited all day, but I don't know when I can go back in and talk to him again.
How is he? Exhausted.
He's in group therapy for his friend's murder, but I don't I don't know if it's making any difference.
Talking it out is beneficial.
When you're with friends, sure.
But he doesn't have any in there.
Not anymore.
I'm glad you went to see him.
Yeah, me, too.
Show him what to do.
Hey, I'm Spencer.
I'm Malcolm.
Shaw told me you were cool.
How do you know Shaw? I worked with him on the outside.
Long time ago.
I help the good guys every now and then.
Now I'm in here, so is he.
Small world.
Know what I mean? Yeah.
Frazier told me we were the guards for his private stash.
I heard.
He trust me 'cause he know I won't touch the stuff.
Why'd he pick you? Does it matter? Nah.
I heard the guards are doubling up after the lockdown.
We'll take it out on the late shift.
Cool? [Footsteps approaching.]
Thought you might be hungry.
Got us green curry.
What did you do? You tried again, didn't you? I told you it's dangerous.
If you fall, you'll crack your head open, OK? So just don't do that anymore.
Please just get out of here.
I need to see my family.
I won't tell anyone about you or this place.
Please! Please! - I can't! - Please! I can't.
And I hate it when you cry.
Please stop.
There's almost a kindness to this guy.
I know that sounds weird, but he shows a lot of remorse.
Leaving them in the light looking like angels.
Maybe he's thanking them for their sacrifice.
Could be.
Or maybe these women represent some Madonna figure, or the blood is a twisted communion.
Let's go back to what we know.
Victims have been left all over the city, which means he definitely feels at home there.
He's gotta have a big enough vehicle to transport them.
I've got Clayton's team going back 10 years looking for footage on the nights the vics went missing, also when they were found.
Maybe the same vehicle shows up at more than one location.
Look how many victims went missing from hell's kitchen.
This could be his comfort zone.
What if Katie went there after she got out of the cab.
You mean she lied to her parents? She's 16, and that's what you do.
Well, let's look at the cameras in that area, see if she went there that night.
Could you hear it? The drumming when you climbed the ladder? A little.
That guy's good.
I wish I could do that.
You haven't eaten much.
I'm not that hungry.
You sure? [Distant siren.]
You know, if you listen, I mean Really listen You can hear all of it.
[Drumming continues.]
Not just the music, but the The horses going back into their stables and the The buzzing of the cell phone towers.
Everyone and everything.
But they can't hear you.
It's like a magic trick.
Go on.
Give it a try.
Help! I'm here! Anybody?! See? Told you.
When I'm here alone, I can hear the souls of the city.
You know, the ones that were here before any of us.
They've got a story to tell.
When you were little, were you afraid of the dark? I guess.
It's because they tell us that bad things will happen there.
You know, things that will hurt us.
Monsters in closets, right? Right.
So then you turn on the light and you see there's nothing there.
Nothing can hurt you when there's light.
Not me.
This is the thing that's always brought me pain.
But that's OK.
I've always heard it's the darkness that teaches us who we really are.
[Honking, siren.]
Are there any leads? We think whoever has Katie may have done this before.
What happened to those girls? Well, I can't go into details, but I can tell you the good thing is it means we have behaviors to track and patterns he's established.
OK, are you any closer today than you were yesterday? Yes.
We think he operates out of hell's kitchen.
Now, is there any reason that Katie would have ended up in that area? Was she going to see you? Oh, my god.
You live there? - Yeah.
- And she's done this before.
She's come to visit by herself? She's 15.
She knows the subways.
It's not unusual, is my point.
Did she tell you she was going to stop by your place - the night she went missing? - No.
God, no.
You think I would keep that from you guys? Of course I didn't know.
We had a deal.
The courts made a decision.
You get every other weekend and that's it.
How many times has she done this? A few.
I don't know.
I didn't count, Liz.
How many times, Bob? Two.
Two times a week.
What? We were gonna tell you.
OK? I knew you'd be mad.
She knew you'd be mad, too, and look at you.
You are.
She just wanted some peace.
She told me that you would grill her every time I had the girls for the weekend.
She just wanted to spend some time with me without having to worry about what you'd think.
3 trains.
My house to yours.
Do you know how many people could have seen her two or three times a week? How many people could have seen her all alone in the subway? Walking into your building? You made her a target.
I mean, my god, what is wrong with you?! Do you know why your parents got divorced? No.
Come on, you must.
You've lived with them.
They just fought a lot.
I think they just stopped being happy.
Why are you like this? Like this? Like what? Like a freak? What I have is so rare, it takes two people with a genetic screw loose to find one another.
What god would want to make such a colossal mistake? You're not a mistake.
My mom thought I was.
And your dad? He wasn't Happy As you'd say.
So who raised you? My uncle.
He got back from Vietnam and everybody said he'd changed, but he was always good to me.
We needed each other.
If it weren't for him, I don't know what would have happened.
So you believe in fate.
You believe in it, right? No.
Not anymore.
But think about it.
If if you hadn't've lost your phone, then maybe you would have gone out with your friends like you planned.
Instead, you went to your dad's and I saw you.
Fate brought us together.
You don't buy it.
Let me try and find a way out of here, and if I can't Then I'll believe in fate again.
[Indistinct chatter.]
A second discovered attack.
You might be unpredictable, after all.
How do you know Malcolm? Who? Malcolm.
He says he knows you.
Don't know any Malcolm.
Names and faces.
The only two things I'm actually good at.
And chess.
I'm telling you, I never met the guy.
I'm not going to move the drugs.
They're gonna beat you again.
Might even kill you.
I'll survive.
Besides, they don't really need me now that you put Malcolm in there.
What? I I put him in there? I don't even know him.
I think you do.
Calvin I think you're the one that pulls the strings in here.
You decide when to help, and you decide when to look away, and you have a lot of friends, and they're afraid of you, so they play your little game.
Like you said, they don't fight it.
You're losing it.
You got too much time on your hands to think of all this.
What are you looking at? I'm looking at a fisherman who cannot swim.
Yeah? Hmm.
Guys, we are running out of time.
Katie's gonna stay on this board if we don't hurry up.
So what have we got? Well, there's a pattern.
Not all of the women were missing 3 liters.
Some were only one.
The healthier the victim, the more blood they were missing.
It's like he's conducting experiments.
Alvez: Maybe he's got some kind of disorder and thinks using the healthiest blood will cure it.
Only it doesn't, so he keeps looking for the right one.
Hey, Garcia.
Captain, my captain.
Can you look for blood diseases that would benefit from a transfusion every 5 months? Mm.
I don't want to assume 'cause you know what that means.
But can I presume we're talking about fatal ones? Not necessarily.
All right.
Just trying to nail it down, because there are a surprising number of blood diseases out there.
Look for patients who live in hell's kitchen.
He only abducts and dumps at night.
Maybe he works graveyard shifts.
But what if that isn't by choice, but by necessity? [Sound of running.]
Looked at the street cams of all the abduction and dump sites.
We got utility trucks and city cars, but this one came up the most.
It looks like a trade van.
Stolen tags, which means it's a huge risk every time he drives it.
He can't even park it on the street.
He must have a private lot or garage.
Look at that.
All of the windows are blacked out.
Even the windshield is tinted.
It's like he's paranoid about lights.
All of the women had zinc on them.
Like from sunscreen? Well, there is a rare genetic disorder called Xeroderma Pigmentosum, or XP.
It is a blood disease where people burn when they're exposed to light.
And he's showing all the signs of avoiding light.
It's rare, all right.
I show no one in New York city with that condition.
Well, it was a long shot.
No, no, wait, I think you're onto something.
Where can he find isolation and total darkness? Underground.
Voice-over: I'm starting to think like them.
I'm starting to survive like them.
I'm here because I made a choice.
And what if that means I don't get out alive? There's a helplessness in here that causes people to do things they would never have considered.
No one in here is honest.
Rossi: They could just be numb to it all.
Well, I'm not.
Rossi: You never will be.
Because you're a good person.
That's the difference.
Because you're a good person.
JJ: We've got Katie walking down 44th between 7th and 8th av.
OK, guys, here's something isolated where she was walking.
It's a cash only parking lot.
Property taxes owner listed as Doug Jones, Vietnam vet, died in 2007.
He must have left the place to someone 'cause the taxes are still being paid, but there's no record of who that someone is.
OK, we'll check it out.
[Tires screech.]
Alvez: Clear.
JJ: There's a hatch.
I got it.
We'll split up.
There have to be other ways in and out of here.
We good? Move in.
We should split up.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! It's OK.
It's OK.
I'm Jennifer.
It's OK.
It's OK.
It's OK.
You're safe.
Thank you so much.
OK, I've got Katie.
I'm gonna bring her up.
Copy that.
Unh! [Groans.]
You're alone down here.
No, I'm with you.
Your friends took Katie away from me.
She wasn't yours to keep.
I'm better with her.
How many others made you better? She was the one.
She was special.
That's how you treated her? You kept her in the dark? It's my home.
How many did you bring here, altogether.
I lost count.
[Groans, falls.]
I can't hear you.
My ears are ringing.
What What's what's What's this about? Sa Sa Ta Ta Na.
Ma Breathe.
Where'd you learn that? [Grunting.]
Sri Lanka.
I've never been.
I've never been anywhere.
But, hey, at least I won't be 100,000 flies.
Right? Malcolm! You OK? They made me try it.
[Gasping, choking.]
What'd you do? I found him like this.
We need a gurney in the laundry now.
Come on.
Come on, man.
Come on.
Come on.
So you just found him like that.
What happened? Bad batch.
Wilkins! Ohh! All messed up, man.
Medic to cell block c.
Medic! Hey! [Coughing, gagging, shouting.]
Guard: We need two three Gurneys up here right now! Right now! [Groaning.]
[Reid, voice-over.]
: "Cannot be seen, cannot be felt.
" "Cannot be heard, cannot be smelt.
"It lies behind stars and under hills, "and empty holes it fills.
"It comes first and follows after, ends life, kills laughter.
" J.