Criminal Minds s13e03 Episode Script

Blue Angel

My folks have the kids.
[SIGHS] but I thought I was supposed to I was supposed to drop them off at their place at 8:00.
Yes, but you looked so peaceful lying there, I made the command decision that you needed your rest.
Well, thank you.
I guess with all that's going on these past few months, it's finally catching up to me.
So Jack Garrett was right again.
You weren't ready for a desk job.
No, I wasn't.
You know the best part about you going from the international response team to the BAU? What's that? That after nearly 10 years of marriage, I finally get to share my bed with my husband on a semi-regular basis.
- Mmm.
- [GIGGLES] I can't.
I can't.
I can't be late for work.
Oh, you started this.
I know.
I know.
I'm terrible.
What if We're both late for work? Mmm.
Mmm no, no.
Rain check.
But I promise you can cash in tonight, because mom isn't dropping the kids off till tomorrow morning, remember? So that just means that we should take advantage of every chance that we get from now until tomorrow morning, right? You think? Yeah.
You're right.
Screw it.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
So what is the Linda problem? See, I am telling you, Spence, no one knows what the Linda problem is except for me and you.
I don't even know a Linda.
Linda is 31 years old.
She's single, outspoken, very bright, and majored in philosophy.
In college, she found herself deeply concerned with issues of discrimination and social justice, and she even participated in several anti-nuclear demonstrations.
I don't know.
I mean, Linda doesn't sound like much of a problem.
Let me as you this.
Which one seems more probable? "A" that Linda's a bank teller, or "B", Linda's a bank teller and also active in some sort of feminist movement? Do not look at me.
I have been telling him this is going to sail right over the gentle minds at his seminar.
Wait, I got it.
Which means that Linda is a bank teller.
Very good, and I expected as much, however, the Linda problem is an example of the conjunction fallacy, which happens when it's assumed that specific conditions are more probable than a single general one.
And you want to challenge these assumptions at your new seminar.
Garcia's right.
That's way too esoteric.
I told you.
Look, just say, "when you assume you make an ass of u and me, because then you can say "ass" in a classroom.
Huh? Detroit Police need our help.
This morning, Detroit Police were called to an abandoned warehouse, where they discovered the body of 42-year-old Curtis Wyler.
It was hanging from a meat hook.
Curtis Wyler's homicide appears to be connected to the murder of 27-year-old Darrel Forester.
His body was found two weeks ago under nearly identical circumstances.
Due to the stages of decomposition, the Coroner has not been able to determine the time of death or the cause of death, but clearly, he suffered a lot of injuries here, and what really stood out to everybody was that both victims had been completely castrated.
Castration is a removal of the testicles.
- It appears that - You know, I have misspoken.
I they i guess technically, then, they had been emasculated, the whole package [WHISTLES] gone.
So torture and sexual mutilation.
And these men weren't connected? I haven't had a crack at them, but according to the police, there's nothing that stands out.
Wyler was a fancy criminal lawyer.
Forester was never his client.
And he worked as some sort of roving DJ.
Was either one reported missing? Forester wasn't.
Although he had no immediate family in the area, Mrs.
Wyler called police a week ago when her husband didn't come home.
But there were no signs of forced entry or foul play in his office, nor Forester's condo.
There's no blood at these scenes, either, just the bodies.
This UNSUB knows what he's doing and has someplace special to do it.
Yeah, and then after he's had his fun, he likes to show off his handiwork.
I mean, clearly this guy's trying to send some kind of message.
This reminds me of cartel violence The brutality, the public staging.
You know, I come from Michigan, not the Motor City Carson City But my first job in law enforcement was in Detroit.
And so I'm looking at this and I can't help but think that we should take a look at the Chaldean Mafia.
The call-the-who what? The Chaldean Mafia is an Assyrian ethnic gang with a criminal network that historically spans from Detroit, Michigan, southwest to San Diego, California.
What Reid said.
Yeah, but I thought the DA's Operation Shadowbox ended.
It did, but the problem is, it also put some guys with a particular set of skills on the free market.
And yet this extreme expression of sexual brutality, this seems to go far beyond the type of punishment doled out by some narcotics gang's enforcer.
Yeah, we may be looking for more of a pure psychopath here, but I agree.
This guy seems practiced, like a pro.
Well, either way, this UNSUB is organized, skilled, and motivated.
But so are we.
Wheels up in 20.
[SCREAMING] Uhh! Aah! Stop! Stop! I don't understand.
Tell me what it is you want.
I got money.
I swear on my kids, I'll get you what you want, ok? [WHIRRING SOUND] No Why are you doing this to me?! Aah! PRENTISS: "Cruelty, like every other vice, "requires no motive outside of itself.
It only requires opportunity.
" George Eliot.
The victimology on Curtis Wyler does make it easier to see where he might have pissed off a drug gang.
While he was a well-paid criminal defense attorney, his winning percentage of clients accused of a wide variety of drug related crimes was, ugh, not so good.
Though none of those convicted clients appear to have any obvious connection with the Chaldean Mafia.
And comparing Wyler's victimology to Forester, well, there's a lot more contrast than comparison.
Well, Darrel Forester moved to Detroit 3 years ago and became a big DJ on the local music scene, and by all accounts is a model citizen.
Hold on.
I may have found some cyber skeletons in their cloud closets.
Check out these bank records.
Over the last year or so, both Wyler and Forester have made some high-dollar cash withdrawals on a semi-regular weekly basis.
They range in amounts from $5,000 to $9,999.
Because Wyler and Forester probably knew that $10,000 cash transactions automatically trigger their banks to file currency transaction reports on the financial crimes enforcement network.
So the question is, what exactly were these two men paying for? Matt, do you know an Adrian Scott? Uh, yeah.
We were rookies together.
Why? Well, he's made captain now.
He's also our local taskforce leader.
So since you know the lay of the land, I'd like you and Reid to come downtown with me.
JJ, Luke, drive out to the crime scene, see if there's anything that's been overlooked.
Dave, Tara, you'll go to the Coroner's office.
Hopefully by now they've been able to nail down a window for time of death, if not cause of death, for our victims.
SSA Matt Simmons.
Ha ha.
Ah, it's good to see you, man.
It's been way too long.
Wish it were under better circumstances.
This is Unit Chief Emily Prentiss.
And Dr.
Spencer Reid.
Captain Scott, the BAU is here to help you in any way we can.
Well, that's good.
Because this case just got a whole lot more twisted.
Stop that for a second.
Man, oh, man.
I thought it was rough the first time around.
Sick bastard made a snuff film.
As you'll see, he poses Mr.
Wyler in quite a few degrading positions.
All the while, he deliberately starts and stops the recording so as to not appear on camera himself.
SCOTT: But he saves the best for last.
After he castrates them, he just lets Wyler bleed out in real time.
Tape ends at 42 minutes and 15 seconds where you see Wyler lose consciousness and die.
Was this sent directly to you? No.
It was sent like this.
No fingerprints, no DNA.
All on the little micro-cassette that I haven't seen in like 20 years.
There were two tapes, actually, both hand-delivered, one to Wyler's home, the other to Forester's condo.
And Mrs.
Wyler gave you this one? Thank god she couldn't play it.
It looks like pure sexual sadism, but in this case, the UNSUB not only inflicted physical pain on the victim, but he intended to exact a secondary psychological sadism on others by sending them the tape.
Except why would he use media that nobody has anymore? It could suggest some sort of degree of technical expertise or maybe even a complete lack thereof.
It is, however, an effective forensic countermeasure in that it avoids the technical markings inherent to digital media.
We should talk to Mrs.
She's here.
She insisted on waiting in my office.
Spence, I'd like you to stay here with officer Royce.
See if you can find out what that building is and more importantly, where it is.
Wyler, do you happen to recognize this man? No.
Should I? His name is Darrel Forester.
He wasn't a client of your husband's.
We thought maybe you knew him socially.
I don't think so.
At least he never mentioned him to me.
Would you take a look at these bank records? I've highlighted a series of cash withdrawals your husband made over the past year.
Do you know why he would make those particular transactions? [CLEARS THROAT] Curtis handled all of our finances.
So you didn't know about these? Why should I? I'm sorry.
All May I use the ladies' room? Yes, of course.
It's down the hall on the left.
You think she suspected her husband had somebody on the side? I think she made a conscious decision to look the other way.
But given the amounts and frequency of withdrawals, I'm not so sure we're looking at an ongoing affair here so much of some sort of pay-to-play.
An online escort service could definitely be the way the UNSUB found both Wyler and Forester.
[RING] Hail to my chief.
What's up? Garcia, get ready on your end.
We're going to be sending you links to personal computers.
We suspect both Wyler and Forester were keeping their appetite for prostitutes on the down low.
Oh, that is a debaucherous diet.
Ok, you send me what you have and I will decipher how these dudes arranged their naughty dates.
So you walk through these crime scenes and you realize the UNSUB needs time to set this crazy stage.
So he's obviously comfortable in these spaces.
ALVEZ: It's difficult to imagine that these two men are his first kills.
I mean, there's definitely a level of confidence and expertise being demonstrated.
And yet we found nothing in VICAP.
Yeah, we should do a geo profile of potential dump sites in the area.
Garcia, what did you find? I come bearing a curious love connection between our two victims, and she calls herself Dasha.
Following along in your hymnals, you'll see that both Wyler and Forester were quite smitten with this comely lass, so much so that they archived their very romantic emails, and therefore, I was able to use those to trace each gentleman's "meet cute" with Dasha to the website of the Blue Siren International Social Club, where members are encouraged to cultivate mutually beneficial and satisfying social arrangements.
Where sugar daddies meet sugar babies.
Hookers and Johns by any other name.
It looks as if Blue Siren works almost like pretty much every dating site.
Members can sign up and then hook up from all over the country.
Yeah, but they don't like to enroll using their real names.
I mean, Dasha? Clearly that is a Nom de Plume, but her real name is in the veiled hands of the Blue Siren.
Strange, though.
Our profile begins with a male sexual sadist hunting victims through escort services.
Except when you read these emails, I mean, you know that these guys met and hung out with the one they were expecting.
Uh, true, and I know we don't have a reliable timeline for either of these crimes, but from what I can tell, Dasha was the last person to see both of these men alive.
Garcia, tell me you have a terrestrial address for Blue Siren.
You betcha.
Sending it now.
What happened? Where where am I? What What what's going on? MAN'S VOICE ON TAPE: You're gonna die here tonight.
It's gonna take a lot of time.
And it will be incredibly painful.
But before I get too distracted, you need to know there's a purpose to everything in this life.
The fact is This is mine.
Aah! JJ: Uh, this is a college sorority house.
You sure we're at the right place? According to Garcia, this is the address for whoever's running the website for the Blue Siren international social club.
[SYNTH POP MUSIC PLAYING] [KNOCKING] Hello? Can I help you? I'm Jennifer Jareau.
This is Luke Alvez.
We're with the FBI.
Oh, look, just stop.
We have been through all of this with you guys already.
Becca and I are not cyber pimps.
Blue siren is not an escort service.
Gianna, please.
They're the feds.
I don't care who the hell they are.
This is, like, total harassment.
Now you two need to step back and talk to our lawyer.
We are more than willing to talk to your attorney.
But you need to understand that we're not here to talk about the legality of Blue Siren.
We're here because two of your club members, Curtis Wyler and Darrel Forester, they've become victims in a series of homicides.
Oh, my god.
So what? You think that we're killers? No.
Wyler and Mr.
Forester appear to have developed personal relationships with the same Club member.
Her screen name was Dasha.
We need to know Dasha's real name and any other personal information you may have collected.
Dasha doesn't work for I mean, she's no longer a member of the club.
This is so messed up.
We've got privacy issues to consider.
Well, you won't have any privacy issues once everybody finds out that being a member of Blue Siren gets you killed.
Dasha's real name is Kimberly Desmond.
And like Becca said, she dropped out like a month ago.
So I'm not sure if the personal info we have is current or not.
Well, we'll take what you got.
REID: You see that exposed metal panel? It's welded and there are rivets.
Yeah, it looks maybe like a freight container? That's what I thought at first, but Dr.
Reid and I compared the image to other large storage containers and we found this.
A cargo container manufactured by Wizmett Freight Limited.
We followed up with wizmett and they're sending over a list of buyers and sellers in and around the Port of Detroit.
There's a report of another victim, but he wasn't staged downtown.
The body was left hanging in the garage of an abandoned building located on the eastside near Palmer Park.
Dave, Tara, go with Captain Scott to the scene.
Matt, you and I need to follow up on an address for Kimberly Desmond.
Can I help you? Kimberly Desmond? Yes.
And you are? Emily Prentiss, Matt Simmons, FBI.
May we come inside and speak with you? Yeah, sure.
Curtis and Darrel were murdered? Yes.
And as far as we know now, you're the only link between these men.
You may also have been the last one to see them alive.
I don't know what to tell you.
Desmond, how many men did you cultivate relationships with while you were a member of Blue Siren? I didn't sleep with all of them.
I didn't mean to imply And they were honest relationships.
More honest than marriage, I'd say, because you had to be crystal clear about your expectations.
Could you tell us the reason why you chose to leave Blue Siren? To start my own personal site.
So you've never felt threatened by anyone you'd met through the club? No.
[CELL PHONE VIBRATING, DINGS] Look, you honestly believe there's some psycho out there stalking me and killing the men I spend time with? Excuse me.
We have another victim.
Do you know a Phillip Sullivan? Yes, I do.
Oh, my god.
You don't think this guy is gonna try and come after me, do you? For your safety, I'm going to arrange a protective detail.
It'll be here 24/7 until we apprehend this man.
What if you can't catch him? We'll catch him.
[DOOR OPENS] Another tape was recovered outside Phillip Sullivan's townhouse.
Forensics is working on it now, but if this UNSUB sticks to pattern, it's gonna be clean like the others.
It still might help Reid find our UNSUB's cargo container.
Probably more help than this list Kimberly Desmond gave us of her club members and ex-boyfriends.
Garcia hasn't finished running all the names yet.
I know.
And it makes more sense that a jealous, obsessed lover would be behind all this.
Ok, but the profile says the UNSUB has committed crimes like this before.
He's confident from experience, so obviously he's good enough to have not been caught the first time around.
And that takes practice, time.
And from what we know from Kimberly, these men were highly successful urban professionals.
Time is money.
So what we have here is a list of potential victims, not possible unsubs.
Plus, Kimberly's list of men isn't it's incomplete.
I mean, what about her father or a brother? Yeah, there could be some bad blood in Kimberly's family.
We need to find out who they are and what they've been up to.
You sure you don't want someone else to take this nightwatch? No.
I'm good, man.
Thank you.
You call for backup if and when you need it.
[CELL PHONE RINGING] Well, this is an unexpected surprise.
That's a benefit of working stateside now.
You on your way home? Uh, no.
Not yet.
We're still working the case, and, uh, tonight I'm playing bodyguard, uh, protective detail.
Well, I wish you were the someone watching over me tonight.
Hey, listen, can I call you back? Yeah.
Is everything ok? Everything's fine.
I love you.
Love you, too.
Is that your wife? Yes.
Can I get you a drink? I'm I'm on duty.
I know men like you.
Kids? Yeah.
They have it all.
Except for that one little slice of forbidden fruit.
Tasting it makes them feel alive.
How does that make you feel? Like the one in control.
One's need to control is often a way to keep from feeling abandoned.
Well, you won't leave me, will you? Not tonight, anyway.
It's your job.
Truth is, I hate sleeping alone.
Good night, ma'am.
Say hello to your wife for me.
Desmond, thank you for taking the time to talk to us.
So I bet you look at me and think, there's the mother of the year, let her baby grow up to be a hooker.
No, not at all.
Look, I'm a mom.
I get it.
But Kimberly's an adult.
She is responsible for her own choices.
I wish I could actually accept that.
But that lifestyle, it's too dangerous.
Is her father still in her life? No.
My husband Conrad died of cancer when she was 5 years old.
Does she have any siblings? No.
Why? We'd just like to be able to make sure everyone in your family's safe.
So, you don't have any other extended family in the area? Honestly, my Kimberly is all I have in the world now.
We're going to do everything we can to make sure that she's safe and sound.
[RING] Cool hand Luke, what you need? Wow, I like the way that sounds, Garcia.
You feeling ok? I am naturally magnanimous in word and deed, and when it comes your way, bask in it.
What do you want? Listen, JJ and I, we need to run background checks on all the male members of the Desmond family.
We were told that they're deceased, but we need verification.
So cyber grave-digging, look for zombies.
Got you.
You can start by double-checking a death certificate for Conrad Desmond sometime in '99.
I am the genie in genealogy.
Just rub my lamp.
That came out wrong.
What did you do to her? I found an anomaly in the audio and Cenisa was able to isolate it.
[BEEPING] [HUMMING SOUND] You hear that? If I hadn't loved loud music in my youth.
Yeah, I hear something there.
I have one other filtering program that might clarify the sound more.
I hear that.
Play it again.
[SOUND INCREASES AND DECREASES] So you guys hear how it builds and then dissipates? It's a doppler effect, like the source of the sound is moving.
Is it an engine? Could it be a vehicle moving back and forth? You know what it sounds like? It sounds like a small aircraft engine passing overhead, except it's close to the ground like it's taking off or landing.
Ok, I've got at least half a dozen small public airports within a 100-mile radius of downtown Detroit.
We need to narrow the geo profile.
We know the UNSUB needs isolation, so it looks like Proud Lake, Louden Municipal, and Henry Fielder are all surrounded by the type of wilderness needed to conceal a cargo container.
Ok, I'll call Captain Scott.
We'll divide and conquer.
It's remote, difficult to navigate, and he could probably see and hear anyone approach from the highway.
[RADIO CHATTER] Look at this.
It's a symbol for the Chaldean Mafia.
It looks like Matt's instinct was right from the beginning.
Our UNSUB was an enforcer.
Which means he'll profile like Richard Kuklinski, the iceman, a born serial killer who was hired to be a mafia hitman.
Our UNSUB was a born sadist, so he's perfect to act as gang muscle.
After Operation Shadowbox, he probably flew under the radar because he got locked up somewhere.
Just not for his most brutal crimes.
Hey We found something around back.
Victim was shot in the back of the head.
This isn't a male victim, either.
Look at the temporal line.
It's less pronounced.
Supraorbital Ridge is sharp.
The skull's definitely female, and it's been out here for a long time.
Well, why would he have completely changed his m.
And victim type, unless there's something special about this particular woman? I'd say that's exactly what it is.
We're gonna need to get an expedited DNA identification.
Yeah, I found something strange, meaning I was looking for something and I found nothing, which is strange.
I was digging through the Desmond family history, and, oh, you are right.
The men in that family have an unfortunate habit of dying young, so they're all gone.
Kimberly has no male relatives? Not on the father's side, anyway.
But on the mother's side, uh, I found the absence of something, and that something is Kimberly Desmond's birth certificate.
Well, she could have been born at home and the paperwork not properly filed.
Yeah, that's what I thought, too, and I'm checking into that, however, I also found something hinky about Kimberly's mom, Janel.
On her marriage certificate, she lists her maiden name as Benjamin.
But I think she lied, because I can't find any additional records of a Janel Benjamin anyplace anywhere.
So, I think that Janel whoever might have some 'splaining to do.
Yes, she does.
I'm gonna have Matt swap out on guard duty and have him meet you at Janel's house.
FBI! Janel Desmond?! LEWIS: Clear! SIMMONS: Clear! Clear! [LINE RINGING] PRENTISS: Dave? Janel's gone.
The UNSUB has her.
[THUD] Agent Simmons? Agent Simmons? [GASPING] 911, what is your emergency? Where the hell did you guys go?! I need help me! 911 OPERATOR: Where are you So I got an I.
On that Jane Doe from the cargo container site.
Her name is Cynthia Hendricks.
She's been listed as a missing person in Indiana since July of 1996.
Here's something.
Cynthia had a little girl.
She had a baby.
Her name was Kimberly.
She had that baby on may 6, 1994.
That's Kimberly Desmond's birthday.
And then I thought maybe that's a coinkydink, but then I remembered what Tara said about a home birth and I followed up on that.
Except in Indiana, and this Kimberly was born at home, so they had to fill out a form and have it notarized and signed by witnesses.
One of the witnesses was a Janel Merza, the sister of the father of Kimberly.
His name, Gabriel Merza.
It says here he was granted parole at the end of last year from Sidney Falls Correctional Facility, having served 10 of his 15 years for voluntary manslaughter.
That was just one of his many crimes, which include putting a bullet in the back of his baby mama's head.
She was probably about to leave him, maybe even go to the police.
And yet, with whatever sliver of humanity this guy had left in him, Gabriel chose to spare the life of his baby girl and give her up to his sister to raise.
And I bet Janel's been so afraid of her brother that she wasn't lying to protect his identity, she's been lying to protect Kimberly from the awful truth.
And after he got out of prison, he might have gone to check on the one part of his life he feels has any value.
And instead of finding his daughter had grown up to make something special of her life, he discovered she timeshares her companionship.
Yeah, and that's where I can see some very sick parental protective instincts kicking into high gear.
Just got a 911 call.
Son of a bitch broke in and kidnapped Kimberly.
Butchered one of my officers.
We're Code One.
[MOANING] Mom? Oh, my sweetheart.
Everything Everything is going to be all right.
Mom What happened to you? Where are we? [GASPS] You don't recognize this place? This used to be your room.
Welcome home, Kimberly.
[SIREN] Captain Scott just put out a BOLO for a '93 roadmaster station wagon.
Expired vehicle registration listed the owner as Gabriel Merza.
It looks like at both scenes, Gabriel used only the force necessary to subdue each woman.
So he doesn't want to kill them, at least not yet, because, as our profile says, Gabriel's violence is motivated by his desire to protect his biological daughter.
Except she doesn't know the truth.
She has no idea who he really is.
But Gabriel will feel compelled to tell her exactly who he is and everything he's done for her.
And when she rejects him That's when all hell breaks loose.
[UNZIPS BAG] Mister, I don't know who you think we are, but please let us go.
You hungry? Can't you see how scared she is? Whose damn fault is that, Janel?! Mom, what is going on? No.
I am sorry.
This is my fault.
It was unfair to have left you with a burden that was mine to bear.
You remember? It was right here.
We were right here in this room.
And I told you how your mother, Cynthia, how she was never coming back to me.
Don't do this, I beg you.
But without her, there was no way I could raise you on my own then.
So I decided to ask my sister, your aunt, to take care of you.
Gabriel, shut up.
Shut up! It's all right.
I forgive you.
You done the best you could.
What the hell is he talking about? It's not your fault she's a whore.
Screw you, you son of a bitch.
Truth is, I'm your father, and it's my responsibility to fix all this.
And when I'm done taking care of all the terrible men who ever took advantage of my little girl, well, then, the 3 of us will be able to start over again, like the family we always should have been.
[LINE RINGING] Brain cells, what do you need? Garcia, the last victim, Phillip Sullivan, he was staged on the eastside.
Now, I know that Gabriel Merza may have been adapting to the police, but I also think he couldn't resist the lure of his old stomping ground.
Yeah, but I've already gone through all Gabriel Merza's previous addresses, also Janel's and Cynthia's.
It's all been a bust.
Here's the thing.
I think we're overlooking the ones owned by his so-called employer, the Chaldean Mafia.
Can you take a look at properties confiscated during Operation Shadowbox? Ok.
And I should probably compare whatever I find to the proximity to Phillip Sullivan's crime scene.
There's some commercial properties, but one of them is residential and it's in this neighborhood with a bunch of foreclosures and evictions.
It might as well be a ghost town.
I think Gabriel Merza may at one time called that one home.
And Kimberly Desmond lives near there.
I'll let Matt and Emily know.
Is it true? I'm so sorry.
Forgive me.
Gabriel, please.
Ohh! No! Settle down.
You need to know I love you, and I'll do whatever is needed to protect you.
Even if it means from yourself.
You hear me?! Aah! Aah aah Aah Oh! Yaah! [SIRENS] It's ok.
Kimberly, we've got you.
- It's all right.
- Is he inside with Janel? They're in the bedroom upstairs.
I got him.
It's ok.
Clear! Janel.
Where's Kimberly? Is she ok? She's fine.
Where's your brother? I don't know.
It sounded like he broke a window, jumped out back.
You stay here with her.
Uhh! Uh! [GROWLS] Uhh! [GRUNTING] Aah! Aah! Uhh! [GROANING] That's it! Ohh It's over.
You're under arrest.
- Aah! - Uhh! [RADIO CHATTER] Ok.
You all right? [DISTANT SIREN] Thank you for saving my life.
You did that all by yourself.
I wish you would have killed him.
No, you don't.
You're not like him.
Did you know he was my father? Our profile told us.
Not my mother? I think Janel was trying to protect you the best way she could.
I know.
It's just My whole life, everyone I know has lied to me.
Except you, Agent Simmons.
You are the man you say you are.
Ohh ohh ohh ohh ohh ohh still the numbers on the wall your eyes, they fill with hope globes of water in the sky looking down Hi.
Hey there.
Well, welcome home.
Ohh It's good to be home.
You hurt? Oh, no, it's, uh It's fine.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Hi, daddy! Hi! Daddy, hi! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy's home! [LAUGHING] Hey, stop! [KIDS LAUGHING, SHOUTING] SIMMONS: "A man travels the world "in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.
" George Moore.