Criminal Minds s13e04 Episode Script

Killer App

1 Go all alone and say we're all Ow.
[Laughs] Want to go again? I, uh, I gotta get back to work.
Oh, come on, man.
Not yet.
How about some pinball? I can't.
Dude, you haven't been home in 3 days.
This deadline's kickin' my ass.
Yeah, mine, too, but we need a break.
Hey, check it out.
Zach, you cannot say no to that.
I am pretty tight.
That's what she said.
Go on.
[Automatic gunfire] [Screaming] Woman: Everybody get down! Man: Get down! [Screaming and shouting] He's dead! Rafi's dead! Do you see who's shooting? Yeah, he's running.
We need help.
[Gunfire, screaming] - Where is he? - I don't know! - [Gunfire] - Agh! Oh, my god! [Alarm buzzing] Oh, my god.
Zach! Zach! I heard you were looking for me.
Come on in, have a seat.
Am I am I in trouble? Well, we do have to talk about one of your FD-302s, your report about what happened on the roof with Scratch.
Yeah, I was a a little light on the details.
Here's the thing.
The brass is gonna want a blow-by-blow.
Scratch was a notorious enemy of the BAU.
I just want to dot our i's and cross our t's.
You wrote that Scratch fell off of a fire escape.
How did it happen? We were on the roof and I was trying to box him in.
He, uh, still had his weapon on him and he fired on me.
Did you return? No.
I, uh, I couldn't get a clear shot.
He went over the side of the building onto the platform, and, uh, I guess the anchoring bolts gave out under his weight and the whole thing just swung out from under him.
And that was it? No.
He dropped his weapon and he reached over the ledge of the roof.
And it just it happened It happened so fast.
One second, he was firing at me and the next, he's dangling from the side of the building and Did you say anything to him? No, he, uh He begged me for help, more than once.
Help me, please.
I didn't try to pull him up.
Help me.
And then he just fell to the ground.
Aah! It had to be at least 50 feet.
That was intense.
For all of us.
You did the right thing with Scratch.
If you'd reached for him, he would have pulled you down.
You followed protocol.
I know.
So what you just told me, would you write that up? You got it, boss.
Thank you.
[Telephone rings] Prentiss.
Secretary Duke.
Just got a call from Homeland Security.
Hey, what's going on? Mayhem.
There's an ongoing situation in Silicon Valley.
What we know for sure is there's a workplace shooting in the office compound of a video gaming company called Ori-gamey.
Yeah, they're cutting-edge.
They do a lot of virtual reality.
I have a few of their flight simulator games.
We're on the case? Homeland Security asked for our help on the ground.
- What do we got? - That.
Office shooting in California.
Are they thinking terrorism? They're thinking they don't know.
That's a high-profile tech target.
We can't rule out a coordinated attack or a lone wolf.
The situation's still unfolding, so everything's still on the table.
Do they know how many shooters they're dealing with? Eyewitness accounts indicate a suspect was seen fleeing the building.
Do we have a description? No, not yet.
No I.
and no one in custody.
Well, the sooner we get out there, the better.
We'll brief more on the jet.
Wheels up in 10.
Alvez: “It is unwise to be too sure of one's own wisdom.
” Mahatma Gandhi.
The scene has been secured and there's no active shooter on site.
Is there any security camera footage? Garcia: That was jammed.
No footage.
Initial reports say that there are 3 people dead A security guard, Douglas Bell, and two other employees, Zach Devlin and Rafi Abdella.
If this is terrorism, somebody should be claiming responsibility.
So far there's radio silence on that, but it could take a while, especially if it's the work of a lone wolf, right? 3 victims, 3 different races.
Rafi Abdella was an Indian national, Muslim.
He was working in the U.
on an H1B visa.
He also had a green card and was considering applying for citizenship.
That could have fueled xenophobic resentment on the part of the unsub.
If Abdella was targeted, we could be looking at a hate crime.
What are we hearing from the scene? Is the body count holding steady? That is a bit of good news.
Here were 80 people in the building.
There's no other reports of casualties.
There were a few minor injuries when they were getting evacuated, but that's it.
Sounds like an unsub with an agenda other than a high body count.
And the crime scene photos just came in.
I'm sending them.
Brace yourselves.
Each victim was hit with between 10 and 20 rounds each.
Given all these bullets, it's amazing that not more people were hit.
Garcia, we're going to need a complete list of this company's employees.
Yeah, I anticipated that.
I've already been compiling.
You'll have it when you land.
Tara, you head to the DHS field office.
The rest of us will go straight to the scene.
Agent Richardson from Homeland Security is expecting us.
We've been getting statements from anyone who was anywhere inside the building at the time of the shootings.
Glad to have your help with that.
Of course.
Forming any theories? Well, we're all over the map, because a lot of things don't seem to be adding up.
That's why we needed help from the BAU.
What's not adding up? Different things.
For instance, I took a statement from the receptionist.
She said the security guard, Douglas Bell, came into the area.
She saw his weapon drawn.
Makes sense.
He was responding to shots fired.
The guy did two tours in Afghanistan and he was shot multiple times, mid range, in the head and torso.
How many shots did Bell fire? None.
His firearm was in his hand when we found the body, but it hadn't been fired.
He might have recognized the gunman.
That could have made him hesitate.
He was trained to return fire.
You're right.
It doesn't add up.
It was crazy, total chaos.
At first, I didn't realize what was going on.
Then, after the shooting stopped, I ran toward the front of the room to see if I could help.
Did you see the shooter? Yeah, I saw him, but not his face, but he was wearing a black shirt.
He ran out the emergency exit over there.
He pulled a fire alarm as he ran out.
I didn't know where the shooting was coming from, so when there was a pause, I just made a run for the emergency exit.
That one.
There's a fire alarm on that wall.
Are you the one that pulled it? Yeah, that was me.
I hoped it might startle the shooter, make him stop.
I was standing right here.
I saw him get shot.
I'm sorry.
I know I know it was traumatic.
Did you see the shooter? I didn't get a good look at him, but I heard him.
He yelled, “everybody get down”, and then he ran back that way towards the conference room.
So you were in the conference room.
I'm a team leader.
I was running a marketing meeting for my project group.
And were you aware of what was going on out here? We heard the shots.
I ran out.
I just wanted to warn people.
I shouted, “everybody get down,” and then I doubled back.
A lot of people think they saw a lot of things, not all of it accurate.
Eyewitnesses are notoriously unreliable, especially in a situation like this.
Yeah, a very violent, chaotic scene.
Anxiety spikes, makes it difficult for people to observe and recreate events.
Well, one thing everybody seems to agree on is that Abdella was killed first, and then there was a pause, followed by two bursts of gunfire that lasted a few seconds each.
You know, the unsub must have used an automatic weapon.
There's no need to reload.
Ok, so Devlin and the security guard Bell must have been killed in rapid succession.
The bodies are several yards away from one another.
Now, Devlin was hit with 14 rounds, Bell with 17.
The overkill could mean that the motive was personal.
Well, even with that many rounds fired, there were only a handful of strays.
And given the distance between the victims, either our unsub is one hell of a marksman or there were two shooters.
Multiple shooters are rare, I know.
But it does fit our crime scene.
We can't rule it out.
Two gunmen would increase the level of planning and premeditation.
[Cell phone ringing] Garcia, what have you got? A name.
Hugh Fitzgerald.
You can thank me later.
I accept kisses and cocktails.
He is a disgruntled, recently fired employee who complained loudly that H1B Asians cost him his job.
Any other recently or not so recently fired employees carrying a grudge, maybe somebody Hugh Fitzgerald was friendly with? Uh, nothing recently that I can find.
I was only looking at current firings.
Should I go back farther? Ok, we'll follow up with Fitzgerald.
Oh, already did.
Hugh Fitzgerald was seen on the premises earlier today.
Prentiss: Let's get an APB.
Done and doner.
[Siren] This guy is not pulling over.
He's driving like a maniac.
It looks like there's a freeway entrance about a mile ahead.
Simmons: I don't want to lose him.
Local backup's been notified and the highway patrol have the APB.
There's no way we're gonna lose this guy.
[Brakes screeching] Hugh Fitzgerald, get your hands where I can see them! Don't shoot! Please don't shoot me! My kid is in the car.
Don't shoot.
Hey there, sweetie.
Hey, it's ok.
Come here.
Let's get you out of here.
It's ok.
It's ok.
JJ: Ok.
What the hell were you thinking? I don't know.
I I panicked.
I didn't mean to.
Didn't mean to what, shoot up your office? No.
You were seen on the premises right before the shooting.
I was just packing up my things.
You can ask around and they'll tell you that I was just cleaning out my office.
Look, I have this Get your hands back up! Oh, god, I'm sorry.
Please don't shoot me.
I just wanted you to see that I still have a box of things in my car, on the passenger seat.
We heard you didn't take it well when you got fired.
Does anyone? Ever? Uh, I posted some stuff online, and it said some things that I shouldn't have.
Some racist anti-immigrant rants? Ok, ok.
Yes, I did that.
I I'm not proud of it.
Um, and What'd you do, Hugh? My boss.
I keyed his car.
I know it was wrong.
I've never done anything like that before, ever.
I don't even know why I did it.
You keyed a car.
That's why you didn't pull over? That's why you put your daughter's life at risk? I panicked, ok? I have a lot of anxiety about authority.
Uh, I am an idiot.
Not a killer.
I'm so sorry.
Well, Hugh Fitzgerald was right.
He's an idiot, not a killer.
His story checks out.
What are we getting from the scene, other than a bunch of unreliable witness statements? The physical evidence is pretty straightforward.
Multiple rounds went into each of the 3 victims, with very little indiscriminate spray of gunfire.
If the unsub wanted to go out in a blaze of glory, he would have stayed on the scene and taken out as many people as possible in that building.
One shooter or two shooters, it's looking more and more like at least two of the victims were targeted.
It could be personal.
We're gonna have to deep-dive into the victimology to see how these 3 people overlap.
And who they might have pissed off.
Regardless of whether there's one or two unsubs, if there's a kill list, could be more names on it.
[Indistinct rap song playing on headphones] [Gunfire] [Indistinct radio chatter] The 4 victims were the only ones working here this evening.
3 male, one female.
One Asian, the other 3 were Caucasian.
Garcia, how many employees in this office? 12 coders, no support staff.
Night people.
They worked in 3 8-hour shifts.
Lean and mean.
Did these 4 always work together? No, actually their schedules rarely coincided.
Some of them would take a daytime shift, afternoon shift, every once in a while a night shift.
One techette, Sarah Willis, she only worked nights.
So it was rare for these people to be in the same place at the same time.
If they were targeted, the unsub would have needed to know their schedules.
That would have required extreme planning.
And with 3 Caucasian victims, looks like we can rule out a hate crime.
Garcia, other than the broken window, were there any other signs of a forced entry in the initial reports? No, that's it.
They were all killed at their work stations, but it doesn't appear as though any of them reacted to the intrusion.
They may not have.
They were all wearing noise-canceling headphones.
According to first responders, music was still playing on them when they got there.
Ok, well, it's not like the unsub walked right through the front door, and that window's about, what, 15 feet up off the ground? How did he get up there? Yeah, and the longer it took to break in, the greater the likelihood that one of the victims would see everything and would alert the others.
Guys, look, there's a trajectory directly from the broken window to the closest victim.
That spot was Aiden Ferguson's.
Most of the shots were to his head and neck coming from a high angle.
These bullets were coming from impossibly high trajectories.
The unsub would have had to have been crouched on the ceiling to take some of those shots.
Richardson: That doesn't make sense.
It does if there wasn't a gunman, which would also explain why the security guard never returned fire at the first scene.
Well, somebody shot all these people.
No, not somebody, something.
I think the shooter's a drone.
Prentiss: A drone being operated from a different location by our unsub.
And drones are readily available to hobbyists.
This one would have had to have been modified or designed and built to accommodate a firearm.
Any details we can find out about the drone will tell us more about the unsub who's controlling it.
Well, the security cams here at the house were jammed, but there is a traffic cam across the street.
Garcia, it possibly captured images of the drone entering the house.
Oh, I'm all over that.
I can get you video in 10.
Ok, as soon as we check out this footage, it's time to deliver the profile.
Prentiss: We believe we're dealing with a lone unsub who's using a drone to kill multiple targets in each location.
We're looking for a white male, probably mid to late 20s and extremely tech-astute.
Rossi: This unsub does not appear to be motivated by religious extremism or racial hatred.
It's likely he's motivated by a personal vendetta.
Lewis: And the drone being used is not your run-of-the mill hobbyist drone.
It's custom-built to be a fully automatic remote weapon.
We have obtained security camera footage of the device, and it shares features with certain military drones, although this one is much smaller.
As a result, we believe this unsub may be ex-military or military trained.
Lewis: Most importantly, this unsub seems to have a kill list.
Reid: Rather than indiscriminately shooting as many people as possible at the first location, he specifically targeted his victims.
At this point he's murdered 7 individuals, all of them employed in the tech industry.
Aside from the shared industry of employment, we have not yet identified the specific connection between these 7 victims.
The connection between them will be the key to identifying the unsub.
And until we make that connection, the unsub will continue working his way down that list, perhaps targeting more tech companies.
[Whirring] So, everyone except Douglas Bell, the security guard, worked in tech.
Prentiss: He was probably the only victim killed who wasn't on the list, but given he was armed, he could have disabled the drone.
He was probably taken out because he presented a threat.
JJ: So, Devlin and Abdella were coders for a virtual reality gaming company.
The other 4 coders worked for a software gaming company but in different capacities.
Aiden Ferguson and Sarah Willis in 3-d graphics.
Nathan Katz worked in motion capture and Josh Abbott in mobile platforms.
So the common thread is video games.
That's too broad.
And something else.
Look, each one of the victims was unemployed for approximately 3 months in 2016.
You're right.
The dates don't completely overlap, but they all fall between February and July of 2016.
Question is, what were they doing? There's 4 more coders dead and all of them on the team.
That makes 6.
I know.
I thought it was a coincidence, too, at first, but now I know, the seventh one, but It can't all be arbitrary, all right? And I can't just pretend like it's not happening.
What do you want me to do? Oh! Oh, god, it's him! It's him! Ohh! [Cell phone chirps] Hey, Tori, how have you been? [Indistinct radio chatter] [Siren in distance] Car is registered to Tori Hoffstadt.
Garcia said Tori was on her phone at the time this happened, but her number's encrypted, so she can't track it.
Tori works for Peakstone.
And if she has access to sensitive information, her calls could be encrypted for security reasons.
Private military consulting firm? Yeah.
I worked with some of their contractors in Afghanistan.
Those guys are a different breed.
They're not quite civilian and not quite military.
Peakstone's a very powerful company.
They provide the military with civilian drone operators, and that could be our Peakstone connection to the unsub.
But why didn't he just kill her right here? Why abduct her? It's a departure from his M.
Agent Prentiss, a word? Sure.
This isn't like a garden variety psycho, is it? I'm sorry, what I mean is, maybe you should take the lead on this.
You no longer want to take lead on this? Don't misunderstand, we'll still provide physical resources and manpower, but The case is yours.
And you're sure this isn't just about you wanting to steer clear of Peakstone? It's about making sure that the team with the greatest proficiency takes the helm.
Why are you doing this? Just drive.
You don't remember me, do you, Tori? I do.
I was just another one of your gameboy recruits.
A dime a dozen, right? I remember you, Jake.
I didn't think you would.
Where are you taking me? You don't get to ask questions! And you don't get answers! Just do what I tell you to do.
Tori Hoffstadt freelanced for Peakstone.
She was in charge of putting together and supervising drone teams.
A drone team consisted of 6 coders and one drone pilot.
The coders were supposed to create a military drone specifically designed to appeal to gamers.
Because blowing away computer graphics is exactly the same as killing human beings? Ok, I just want to say that multiple studies have shown that you can totally be into first-person shoot-'em-up games and be a complete pacifist, but I guess the marketing behind this was using your gaming expertise to do something patriotic, and the pay was really good.
Well, they needed the recruits.
Our enlisted men and women are stretched to the limits.
No one wants a draft, so contractors take over.
Their marketing worked.
Hundreds of drone operators were stationed overseas and embedded with various air force squadrons.
That could have been overwhelming to guys recruited for their ability to hang out in their mom's basement playing “Call of duty.
” if our unsub is a former drone operator, it could also explain why he's targeting the coders who developed the software.
He could hold them responsible for making killing seem like a game.
People who weren't in active combat but still racked up casualties, they can suffer post-traumatic stress.
But, Garcia, did Tori but together a team during the employment gaps of our victims? It would have been between February and July of 2016.
She did, and it produced a drone that was used in strikes against enemy targets until July 2016 when the contract was abruptly canceled by Peakstone.
Any speculation as to why? None.
According to official reports, the final mission was extremely successful.
It was an insurgents camp in the Helmand province of Afghanistan.
A lot of casualties.
372 dead.
Garcia, we need the name of that civilian drone operator.
He's our unsub.
I know that.
I know that.
Do you think I don't know that? But Peakstone has its data in a vault.
I'm doing the best I can.
I really didn't think you'd remember me.
I do.
I was so happy when you joined the team.
You made it sound like I'd just be playing video games.
The software was a lot like a video game.
You gave input on the design, remember? Yeah.
But it wasn't a game.
It wasn't a game.
You were fighting for our country.
You should be proud of your service.
I wanted to be.
But I'm not like the enlisted guys.
You served with them, side by side.
Those flyboys looked down their noses at me, said I never really put my life on the line, just stayed safe and just killed with the flick of a button.
They didn't know what they were talking about.
Everyone has a part to play.
You were just doing your part.
Do you know what they called it? They called it cutting the grass.
You gotta cut the grass before it gets too tall.
No, I didn't know that.
They'd tell us to pull the weeds before they took over the garden.
Did you ever hear that one? I never heard that.
That's that's clever.
No, it's not.
Because people aren't grass.
And people aren't weeds.
They're terrorists.
You were doing what needed to be done, keeping the people of this country safe.
They don't look like people on the screens.
They just look like shadows.
Black and gray smudges moving across the desert.
Do you know what they called the little ones? I don't know.
Fun-size terrorists.
Like the candy bars.
They were just kids.
Little kids.
What are you talking about, Jake? You know.
I need your help with classified military information.
Intel like that is beyond my capability.
You're Homeland Security.
You have military connections.
I need the name of the civilian drone operator on the team.
He's our unsub.
The military doesn't have his name.
So who has it? Only the people that hired him.
But the employment records are confidential.
They're not even subject to subpoena.
This unsub has murdered 7 people and is holding a hostage.
You can help us save her life.
There's nothing I can do.
You know someone at Peakstone.
I'm asking you to reach out.
It doesn't matter.
Peakstone won't release the name.
Then give me the name of your contact and I will try.
I will take all the blowback.
Please, I have try.
A woman's life depends on it.
Look, you and me, we deal with bureaucratic red tape because we have to.
But what we really do is save lives.
Help me save her life.
What do you want from me, Jake? Why did you bring me here? I want to know why you told me about it.
About what? The letter I got when the contract ended.
I don't have anything to do with those letters.
That's Peakstone.
You are Peakstone.
That is not what I do.
Other people at the company do that, people higher up than me.
It breaks everything down by mission.
Our last mission, that one was big.
The insurgent training camp? You should be proud of your service.
Don't you know? Know what, Jake? I told you, after I get a team up and running, I don't have anything to do with the missions.
I wish I didn't know.
Thank you.
I don't often have the pleasure of hosting domestic law enforcement, given that our bailiwick is national security.
I only need one thing.
The name of the drone pilot on the team that Tori Hoffstadt put together in 2016.
That information is confidential.
I understand you administer psych evaluations to your recruits.
That's true.
The recruit I'm asking about would have tested as immature and unstable, with aggressive tendencies.
We wouldn't employ such a person.
But if you did, that would make you liable for his actions.
Let me be clear.
We do not employ unstable individuals.
However, even if we did, there's no liability that would attach to us.
It's guaranteed by the government.
Have you ever pressed that guarantee when you've employed a serial killer? If the pilot you're looking for became unstable, it most likely happened after he left Peakstone.
Why would that happen? Sometimes, like discharged military personnel, they have difficulty processing their experiences.
Why? A variety of reasons, I suppose.
Some of them have trouble with the letter.
What letter? The one they get thanking them for their service and providing them with statistical information on their missions.
Statistical information? You mean body counts? Yes.
Among other things.
Why would you give them that letter? It's protocol, designed to protect them.
From what? False information.
Many of their missions are reported on in the media.
We want them to have accurate statistics, and we don't want them blindsided by any information.
That kind of letter, in my line of work, we call that a trigger.
You make it sound so sinister.
It's not that at all.
They're aware from the beginning that they'll be given those statistics at the end of their service.
Those who can't handle it don't open them.
Not everyone has the self-awareness to make that decision.
Now, if you add that trigger to an unstable individual, you get You get what, agent Prentiss? A serial killer? I highly doubt that you could prove that.
Please! Please, can you help me?! Please! Oh, please, please help me! Oh, please, somebody! [Horn honking] [Brakes screeching] Please! Please help me! Please! Help! Emily got shut down by Peakstone.
She didn't get the unsub's name? No, they wouldn't give it to her.
Is that even legal? Unfortunately, it is.
But she did get some information about how they work with contractors.
She said that each departing drone pilot received a letter detailing the number of casualties from each of their missions.
Talk about a trigger.
Especially for someone engaged in remote combat.
And what seems like a video game one day could feel very different when presented as a body count.
These contractors aren't even veterans.
They don't have the post-discharge resources or even the support community that returning vets have.
Tori Hoffstadt escaped.
She flagged down a car, they took her to St.
Ann's hospital.
She seems unharmed, but they're holding her for observation.
I didn't want to hurt him.
I just I thought he was gonna kill me.
Tori, look, you're safe now, ok? We know how much you've been through.
If you need more time, just let us know.
Did you know him? Yes.
His name was Jake Logan.
I hired him as a civilian drone pilot for one of my teams.
I thought he was gonna kill me.
He took you to his house.
Do you know why he didn't kill you? No.
He was just, you know, talking.
He really wasn't making a lot of sense.
Did he say anything about casualty counts? His last mission had hundreds of casualties.
No, uh-uh.
He was just rambling, you know? But I was really scared.
How did you get away? He seemed confused.
So he put the gun down, and I I grabbed it, then I pulled the trigger and I ran.
And you shot him? I just had to get away.
I'm so sorry.
Did he go down? I don't I don't know.
I just shot the gun and I ran.
You know, it just all happened so fast.
[Indistinct radio chatter] The victim, Tori, she said she only fired once.
This guy was shredded.
Just like his earlier victims.
It's been fired.
It couldn't have been the unsub unless he has very long arms.
The gun Tori used was found outside.
She dropped it when she ran.
This must have happened after she escaped.
Could have been hacked.
So, who wanted the unsub dead? Tori's hiding something.
Every time we asked her for details, she clammed up.
- [Cell phone rings] - Hey, go ahead, Garcia.
Ok, I got some of my mojo back.
I wasn't able to get the name of our guy, but I do know a lot of details about Jake Logan's final mission, the one before the contract was canceled.
The one with the high casualty count.
The insurgent training camp? Yep, yep, that's the one.
So, I I tried to go back and think, like, what could be the unsub's stressor or his current state of mind.
I don't know, I just went with my gut.
Well, what did you find? I found a lot of awful I didn't expect.
What do you mean? Ok, so, I looked into military strikes and insurgent camps that had that number of casualties.
Yeah, 372.
The thing is, there's no record of that kind of bombing at an insurgent training camp with that number of casualties.
Maybe the timing's off.
That's what I thought, too, so I looked within two years of both sides of the date of that strike.
That's pretty comprehensive.
What'd you find? I found atrocious.
I found a bombing that resulted in 372 casualties, but it wasn't at an insurgent training camp.
It was at an elementary school.
Little kids, all under the age of 12.
That's terrible.
It's terrible.
I mean, it was It was either bad intel on the ground or a malfunction in the software.
Who knows? That remains a dreadful mystery.
And Peakstone covered it up.
Well, they sure as hell didn't come clean about it.
And they pulled the plug on the contract right after.
That's the kind of thing that could cost them all of their government contracts.
Garcia: And there's more.
That encrypted phone call that Tori was on when she was abducted, I was able to crack it.
She was on the phone with Peakstone.
JJ: Peakstone knew she was being abducted and didn't call the police.
Oh, yeah, there's more than that.
They texted her right after.
They told her to stay calm and that they were coming for her.
But they didn't.
They were probably worried she'd come clean about the school bombing.
They had her right where they wanted her.
Murdering the unsub was only half the job.
They were going to use the drone to kill them both.
Yeah, Tori's unfinished business.
Hi, I'm taking over.
You can leave.
[Indistinct conversation] [Siren] Drop your weapon.
Drop it.
I know my rights.
I want a lawyer.
My god! [Gasping] Oh, my god, he was gonna kill me.
Oh, he was gonna kill me.
God, this is that mission.
What happened, Tori? Jake's last mission, ok, it was a mistake.
But Jake, he blamed everybody at Peakstone, the coders, me.
He said we'd turned him into a murderer.
But that that was an accident, ok? We never meant for that to happen.
You knew about the school right after it happened, didn't you? We thought we could cover it up.
The deaths of hundreds of children You thought you could just sweep that under the rug? You filed false reports.
Did Peakstone know about it? Peakstone made me file those fake reports.
They knew everything.
I thought this was all over, and then he started killing those coders JJ: You knew it was Jake.
That's why you called your contact at Peakstone? I thought he'd protect me after everything I had done for that company.
You were just as much a liability to them as Jake Logan.
They murdered him.
If you hadn't escaped, they were going to kill you, too.
I trusted them.
God, I was so stupid.
Tori Hoffstadt, we're putting you in custody.
What? What? What no! No! No! [Crying] No - [Door opens] - Woman: You can't go in there.
Prentiss: You're under arrest.
Prentiss: “The murderer survives the victim “only to learn that it was himself that he longed to be rid of.
” Thornton Wilder.
[Footsteps approaching] Looks like your contact at Peakstone's being charged with conspiracy and murder.
And Tori flipped.
She cut a deal.
Surprise, surprise.
She got 5 years on a plea in exchange for her testimony.
And the government cut all contracts with Peakstone.
All in a day's work.
Feels good.
Oh, and I got your report on Scratch.
Thank you.
Oh, yeah.
It's no problem.
You didn't have to stay late to finish it, though.
I didn't didn't take long.
I see you're still digging your way out of this mountain of papers.
It somehow managed to metastasize over the 6 weeks we were off.
But what are you gonna do? Late nights happen.
Yeah, well, that doesn't mean you should skip dinner.
No way.
You brought dinner? Ohh! Wow, that is so perfect.
I figured you'd be hungry, you know? Thai ok? Oh, totally ok.
Thank you so much.
You gotta stay and have dinner with me.
Unless no, it's late and you gotta go.
No, actually, Roxy's still with my pet sitter and it's too late to pick her up now.
I'll swing by in the morning.
[Chuckles] Eating alone in the office is the worst.
Tell me about it.
And why it is I always come home to an empty refrigerator? Yeah.