Criminal Minds s13e05 Episode Script

Lucky Strikes

1 [Indistinct song playing in car] - [Music stops] - Woman: Oh, god.
This place is ratchet.
Boy: The sign said "under construction.
" That's just to keep the people away.
The workers still have to use the bathroom, don't they? And I can't hold it anymore.
This is totally like one of those horror movies where the killer's hiding in the bushes with a chainsaw.
Would you please stop? Come with me.
Are you crazy? I can tell from here it's going to smell like a sewer.
I'll sneak in with you.
To the bathroom? So it's a maybe? You sure you don't want me to come in with you? No, I got it.
I got it.
All right.
Baaahhh! [Laughing] I hate you.
Just let her use the bathroom so we can be gone.
Ohh I wouldn't go in there.
Wash your hands before you come back out.
[Screaming] We got a call from Bridgewater, Florida, PD.
The body of Rebecca Strong was found last night in a rest stop women's room with and without things.
Yeah, and then it gets worse.
All the telltale signs are here.
Rossi: Pentagram, legs and fingers gone.
Prentiss: There's even one neat aspect.
Her earrings and jewelry are laid out equidistant on the floor.
Sure as hell looks like him.
Looks like who? Floyd Feylinn Ferell.
Reid: A psychotic cannibal who'd been killing under the radar for years.
Prentiss: He killed 10 prostitutes then moved up to low-risk victims.
He kept slipping through the cracks and avoiding justice so people referred to him as lucky.
The worst of it was he owned a barbecue joint, and he fed one of the victims to the search party.
That is a very [Garcia closes tablet] I I have a computer Was it something I said? No.
That's not you.
Um We were working Ferell's case when she was shot.
Garcia was shot? 10 years ago.
Happened right in front of her apartment building.
Was it a random act of violence? No, he lured her into dating him before she IDed him.
Turns out, he was a dirty cop named Colby Baylor and she was getting close to exposing him.
So he shot her.
Where is he now? He's dead.
Let's just give her a few minutes.
Tara, what were you saying? Projected cannibalism.
The act of inducing others to consume human flesh unknowingly.
You do not see that very often.
Well, projection seems to be a thing for Ferell.
He fed the fingers of 10 previous victims to a later one.
His way of telling us he was 10 victims deep before we even knew he existed.
You think he's back? Not unless he really lives up to his nickname.
He's been locked up in the Hazelwood psychiatric hospital for the past 10 years.
Well, then it's a copycat wanting to ride the wave of horror left in Ferell's wake.
Statistically, copycat killers tend to be vulnerable narcissists.
Though overtly boastful, they harbor deep-seated feelings of inadequacy.
Emulating notorious crimes makes them feel powerful.
Rossi: Ferell was found to be mentally incapable of assisting in his own defense, so, he skated without a trial.
Prentiss: If this unsub is anything like Ferell, he's got a taste for it.
And copycats typically don't stop after one victim.
Wheels up in 20.
JJ, can I talk to you for a second? [Door buzzes open] [Door buzzes open] Dinnertime, Floyd.
Sausage links.
Your favorite.
Come on, Floyd, you must have worked up an appetite over the weekend.
Not tonight.
I'm already full.
Garcia: "I like to turn things upside down" to see pictures and situations from another perspective.
" Ursus Wehrli.
Garcia: The rest stop victim, Rebecca Strong, was a sex trade worker.
High risk, like the early victims Ferell preyed on back in 2007.
Rossi: After that, he graduated to low-risk victims like Sheryl Timmons, who's also the only known survivor.
Garcia, track down Sheryl.
On it.
What was Rebecca like as a person? She's described as strong-willed, determined.
Working to support her two kids.
When was Rebecca last seen? Well, her boyfriend, and by boyfriend I mean pimp, Jason Carlsbad, reported her missing when she didn't show up and donate to his college fund.
I'm sending you deets right now.
Normally, I would want to look at him.
Pimps hurt women they exploit to gain control, but an M.
this complex doesn't add up.
Alvez: Yeah, the cannibalism angle wouldn't make sense either.
Eroticizing the consumption of human flesh is a pretty specific fetish.
Are we sure that he's copying that from Ferell? We need to nail that down.
Dave, Tara, go to the M.
's office.
Matt and Spencer, head to Hazelwood State.
Notorious criminals have fans who might want to copy their work.
Luke, you and I will head to the PD and set up a base of operations with Detective Russ.
[Breathing hard] Baylor: Hey, Garcia.
I've been thinking about doing this all night.
[Gunshot] Get it together, kid, get it together.
[Breathing deeply] Ok.
Oh, great.
I was just coming for you.
So I have the handwritten notes Hey.
Um, you know, we can call in someone else to work this case.
No, there's no reason to do that.
Why You stayed behind 'cause of me, didn't you? Emily and I were worried.
Ohh I I guess I guess I thought, I don't know, I thought I'd gotten over it by now.
We were working this case when you got shot.
It was the biggest physical trauma you've ever had.
It's only natural that dredging up one would trigger memories of the other.
Like I put it in a box.
I let it go.
Really? You know it doesn't work that way, right? You know what? It's been 10 years, so, enough time for the wounds to heal.
And although no amount of kitten videos is gonna make this better Let's get to work.
What do you got? Man: Thanks for coming, Emily.
Alex, this is Agent Luke Alvez.
You two guys, you know each other.
Alex left the Bureau a few years ago to take this job.
Tough call, though.
When my dad passed, I wanted the kids to spend some meaningful time with their grandma down here.
I heard Detective Jordan retired early and you replaced him.
He couldn't shake the stink of this case.
It's taken the community a decade to recover from Ferell.
Now we have a damn copycat.
Well, they thrive on media attention.
That wouldn't be good for anybody.
We rob him of his 15 minutes and work under the radar.
I'd like to shut him down quietly.
Before the town loses all hope.
I was deputy coroner in 2007.
Didn't think I'd ever see this again.
Legs and fingers removed antemortem.
Inverted pentagram postmortem.
Cause of death exsanguination? Mm-hmm.
Due to bisection of the carotid when her throat was slashed.
Just like before.
Lewis: Looks like blunt force trauma to the head as well.
Again, just like the historic cases.
Whoever is doing this has Ferell down to a "T" That doesn't make sense.
Ferell's been locked up for years.
Why would someone be copying him now? Can't tell you, but this copycat seems to be an exact copy.
How so? I x-rayed the stomach contents before I removed them.
5 fingers in the stomach, fed to the victim just prior to her death, none of them hers.
Rossi: Only Ferell knew that signature aspect.
We never released it to the public.
Woman: How can I help you? We'd like to know why you're recommending home visits for Ferell when his cannibalistic sexual fantasies have proven to be deadly.
I'm aware of those fantasies, but this is where we differ.
I'm not sure he acted on them.
Regardless, with proper medication and therapy, he's gotten them under control now.
In your opinion.
This is a mental health issue, not a criminal case.
He's a model patient who hasn't missed a dose of his voluntary regimen for years.
He's going to stop taking his meds.
They always do.
The FBI strenuously objects to letting him out ever.
I'm afraid that ship's already sailed.
He's been on supervised home visits to his sister's for weeks now without incident.
Without incident.
Women are being killed here.
All of the fingers found in Rebecca's stomach are from the same person, but they aren't hers.
So we have one other unknown victim.
Well, JJ and Garcia are searching for other missing women who fit his victimolgy.
Alvez: You know, the fact that the killer forced Rebecca to swallow the fingers of a prior victim means that he must have had inside knowledge of the old cases.
Ferell's been out on weekend home visits, so it is possible he's killing again.
I can't believe they'd be that reckless.
How did this happen? Well, it happened with Hinkley and Vince Li, the cannibal who killed and beheaded a guy on a bus.
Simmons: And what's worse, 'cause this is a mental health issue not a criminal case, they had no duty to tell us or the public.
Sorry to interrupt, but Ferell's lawyer, Billie Williams, is here.
You're gonna want to hear what she has to say.
It's fortunate that you're here, agents.
I was just telling Detective Russ about our lawsuit against the FBI.
Don't waste our time with threats.
We have work to do.
As a courtesy, I wanted to let you know that I just filed a motion to drop all charges against my client.
I'm petitioning for his unconditional release.
On what grounds? It's clear from the current murder that Ferell is actually innocent.
He was set up by the real killer 10 years ago and that guy's killing again.
The murders stopped as soon as Ferell was locked up, and they've started again now that he's on home release.
Supervised home release.
And it's further proof that the killer is setting my client up.
He only kills when he can blame it on Ferell.
They caught him red-handed with one of the victims.
All that proves is that my client was under the influence of the real killer.
He was clearly suffering from mental illness at the time.
Rossi: I'll say.
He had human recipes, said he ate the victims and had a satanic shrine.
He was manipulated by the real killer to say those things.
There was never any actual evidence tying him to these murders.
Ok, well, we're confident that the facts speak for themselves.
Now, if you'll excuse us.
Prentiss: Well, we've got our work cut out for us now.
We need to attack this on two fronts.
One, find out if Ferell is killing, two, look into his lawyer's "he was set up" theory.
Are we really buying that Ferell had an accomplice and the team missed it before? Rossi: No matter how confident we are in our past work, we need to look at all possibilities.
Let the profile decide.
Prentiss: And let's find out if some phantom manipulative killer exists.
I'm sorry, but I gotta ask, did you guys eat the tainted chili? I have issues with group food.
That must be Lori, Ferell's sister.
Apparently he's had a lot of home visits in the past few months, so it's unlikely she's in any danger.
She has a 9-year-old son, though.
It's a risk having Ferell around someone so vulnerable.
We got Ferell in the window now.
So he hasn't slipped out.
Simmons: All right, maybe he's lucky, but he's no magician.
His ankle bracelet monitor puts him within 30 feet of the base station.
They're still out there.
I'm sorry.
I don't know why they're here.
I really love having you around, Floyd, but I couldn't let Jody outside all day because of it.
I gotta go back tomorrow.
Maybe I just won't come around anymore.
[Door creaks] Jody.
What are you doing? I said, what are you doing? I was just looking for something to play with.
My dad used to keep our baseball mitts in here.
I've told you Never touch my stuff.
Now go! [Woman screaming] Can I help you? Yes, we're with the FBI.
Mommy Go play, honey.
You're scaring my son.
Staring at our house all day and night.
What am I supposed to tell him? We're just doing our jobs, ma'am.
We'd like to talk to you and your brother.
We are the only family Floyd's got.
I went to that damn institution for 10 years to visit.
Can't you guys just wait till he goes back there? It's no problem, Lori.
I'll speak with them.
You have to wait.
I'm on my way to church.
You're on a monitored home visit.
You can't leave.
His doctor says he has to stay within 1,000 yards of the monitoring station.
The church is just around the corner.
He always goes to Bible study when he comes home.
Hey, I remember you.
Where's your friend, Agent Morgan? You don't mind if we look around while you're gone? I mean, you got nothin' to hide, right? Have at it.
I can't be late.
Jesus Christ awaits.
I'll go with you.
So is it ok if we look around? Why are you doing this to him? He didn't do those terrible things.
He's troubled, but he's not a killer.
We just want to make sure Floyd's sticking to the rules.
I suppose.
But don't make a mess.
I've got my hands full ever since Jody's father died.
Any lead on the manipulator killer theory? Well, I found a bunch of references to Satan in Ferell's writing, and I'm sending a video from the archive to your monitor now.
I'm not smart, but I have a smart friend who tells me things.
What's your smart friend's name? He says you know his name.
So it's possible he did have a partner.
Just enough in the interview to make it seem plausible but no definitive proof either way.
[Overlapping voices] Can you tell me your name, ma'am? [Voices continue] [Voices fade] Anything on that victim who got away in 2007? No.
Uh, but With what happened to Sheryl Timmons, anybody who knew how to take care of themselves would have receded into the vapors like she did, so Ok.
Well, she may be good at hiding, but she's no match for you.
Let us know when you find her.
Ok, I'll let you know when I find her, because there's just me and I'm supposed to get all of the answers for all of you all the time, and it's not it's not fair.
It's I I guess I should have seen that coming.
She's not doing well.
I was just trying to encourage her.
Don't worry about Penelope, ok? I'll take care of her.
We'll let you know when we find Sheryl Timmons.
Thanks, JJ.
This must be the ankle monitor base station.
It's an ancient model in a fundamentally flawed system.
Not even GPS enabled.
It basically just tracks the person's distance from the base station.
Looks like it has a backup battery in case of a power outage.
Yeah, Floyd could have literally unplugged it, plugged it into a mobile power source and taken it with him anywhere.
They're so easy to defeat that law enforcement stopped using them years ago.
State hospital may not know that.
I mean, he could have snuck away with it last week and then killed Rebecca Strong.
Reid: If he did that, he easily could have done it earlier and killed the first victim as well.
All right, thanks, Spence.
No, I'll bring him in so we can confront him about the shrine.
You're the devil! You have no place in the house of God! Get out! I'm sure you heard that.
I gotta go.
- Ma'am! Ma'am! - Get out! Listen, you don't want to do this.
He's lawfully on the premises.
Lawfully? Lawfully? He's a monster.
Let's just step outside.
Step outside.
You all should be ashamed of yourselves! You know what he did? He killed my daughter 10 years ago! We need to have a serious chat.
Let's go, Floyd.
Floyd, let's go.
Everything's all right, everybody.
All right? Excuse us, sister.
We appreciate you coming in, Sheryl.
I don't like being back here.
I moved away 10 years ago, took my name off of everything, just to avoid having to deal with this again.
Lewis: Because there was no trial, you were never fully debriefed.
We need to go over the details of your interactions with Ferell.
I've been doing everything I can to try to forget.
It's been a living hell.
I'm not sure I can be of much help.
All of a sudden I got the chills.
It's not what you think.
I never murdered anyone.
I was disturbed before.
I didn't have a good life.
Was easy to manipulate.
Now I'm on my meds.
I'm different.
Then why the shrine? You think you can have God without the devil? You can't.
Barren knows.
She suggested that I use it, keep myself in check.
We all have a dark side.
How are we supposed to believe that? I'll tell you anything you want to know.
Alvez: Will you submit to a cognitive interview? If it'll help, I'll do it.
He did say "we" a lot and talked about a special friend, but I never saw anyone else.
Did you ever hear anything that might have indicated someone else was actually involved? I remember once I heard footsteps upstairs.
He dropped everything and left in a hurry.
Rossi: Can you think back to when you were taken in the woods? Did you get a chance to see who grabbed you? No.
I'm sorry.
I was blindsided.
All I remember is waking up in the trunk of a car.
There was a police siren and the car pulled over.
I was banging on the inside of the trunk.
[Screaming] [Loud music playing] Dispatcher on radio: All units, code 8.
Timmons, Sheryl.
Age 32, 5'5", brown hair.
Last seen wearing khakis and a pink shirt.
All units respond immediately.
Unit 18, Roger, responding.
Slow it down, buddy! Rossi: You were abducted in the afternoon, but that cop pulled you over at night.
Where were you in between? When I first woke up in the trunk, we weren't moving.
We were inside a building.
I was unconscious when we got there.
But I remember a train passing by woke me up.
It seems like it took forever for that train to go by.
Why did you pick Sheryl Timmons? I didn't.
My friend did.
I just picked her up and took her where he told me to.
Where was that? To my house, from the warehouse, over on Shelby Lane.
I was supposed to rub her legs.
That's all I did.
I just rubbed 'em.
I didn't want to, but I did.
What's your friend's name, Floyd? He didn't tell me his name.
But I knew when I first met him, I needed to do what he wanted me to.
[Knock on door] Interview's over, Agents.
Garcia: Ok, I found an isolated warehouse on Shelby Lane midway between the search site where Sheryl was taken and Ferell's house.
Any freight lines nearby? One runs right alongside.
Sheryl confirmed Ferell's story.
Is it possible we were actually wrong about him from the start? Man: Lee-Ann.
[Cell phone ringing] Call me back at my desk in two minutes.
Morgan: Whatever you need, baby girl.
This is you.
You're on the phone.
Yeah, it's me.
I heard what's going on.
Did they tell you I'm being hideous? Listen to me.
I've lost my voice because I've been crying so much.
I have like Major PTSD, with an emphasis on the on the "S" and the "T.
" And definitely some of the "D" and the "P," because it's been a while since all of this happened and You're right there.
It's really you.
It's me.
It's ok.
I got you.
And no one knows how to handle me when I'm not in good form.
I'm so unwieldy.
So they brought in the secret weapon.
Look at this.
Huh? Oh, wow, check this out.
Same furniture? What, you really think I'm gonna let them move it? I need it.
I come in here when I miss you.
Oh, yeah? Yeah.
I feel bashful telling you that, but It makes me feel better.
Even imaginary you.
Now you're really Here.
Thank you.
So that's all it took? Me showing up.
No words of wisdom needed? Uh-huh.
Basking in our connectivity, I feel healed.
We always could do that, couldn't we? Morgan: No words.
Oh, yeah.
Although I do enjoy our delicious banter.
Speaking of which, I know you didn't come all this way just to look at me.
Sure I did.
[Chuckles] But I'm really sorry this is triggering the trauma of that night.
Oh I I am moving on.
All right, that's good.
Did you know I prayed that night? Me.
First time in a long time.
I wanted to take your place.
I still wish it was me who took that bullet.
No, I'm I mean, yeah, it was scary, but I'm glad it was me.
I know it really weirdly made me stronger.
It did.
Do you want to go into the Batcave and hang out like old times? You know I want to.
But I'd have to bargain with my boss, and my boss is no joke.
He's real tough on me.
Did you not get my text? While you were lovingly mansplaining to me? No, that would be rude.
Woman, look at your phone.
Well, I would've, but I don't know if you're ready.
Morgan on video: Hey, Hank the tank, say, "Hey, Auntie Penelope.
" Hank: Hey, Auntie.
Right? Oh, my gosh.
How is my godson continuing to get cuter and smarter? This is everything! This is the greatest.
You're the greatest.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
We identified the body from the warehouse.
Evonne Westfield.
She went missing 6 weeks ago on a weekday when Ferell was still locked up.
So there's definitely another killer out there.
I find it hard to believe that there's a master manipulator killer pulling Ferell's strings.
Simmons: But everything seems to be pointing that way.
Prentiss: Ok, let's get Evonne's next of kin in here, find out everything we can about her.
Coroner: This woman has been dead over a month, but same C.
Exsanguination due to a severed carotid, inverted pentagram carved postmortem, and all 10 fingers removed.
Now, there are hesitation marks on that neck wound.
And he didn't remove her legs.
Curiously, though, there are postmortem human bite marks on the right leg.
Rossi: Yeah, looks like he actually took a bite out of her calf.
I acquired Ferell's bite impressions from the old case.
These bite marks don't match his.
Well, that's definitive proof there's another killer.
But you can't teach someone to be turned on by cannibalism.
So whoever this unsub is, he must have had that desire all along.
What about her stomach contents? Nothing in her stomach at all.
So she's probably his first victim.
Thanks, doctor.
Let's give Emily a call.
[Cell phone rings] Go ahead, Dave.
Rossi: It looks like Evonne Westfield is this unsub's first kill.
He's new at it, experimenting with the taste of human flesh.
And behaviorally, we know that it's not Ferell.
Prentiss: ‭Ok, let's play this out.
If this killer's responsible for all the kills attributed to Ferell, he'd be experienced.
He wouldn't be starting from scratch.
Yeah, and there'd be no reason for tentative bite or hesitation marks.
Prentiss: He also wouldn't have done such a poor job hiding Evonne's body.
I mean, that feels like a newbie mistake.
Rossi: You know, I agree.
All of that rules out the theory that the current unsub was operating 10 years ago.
Let's look at this from the other way around.
What if Ferell isn't the patsy? What if Ferell has a patsy? Meaning he's had a plan all along to get out of Hazelwood State.
So he trains a new unsub to kill using his exact same signature so we think that this new guy was killing 10 years ago.
Then it stands to reason this new unsub is gonna make more boneheaded mistakes.
Prentiss: First-timers hunt where they live, work, and play.
He probably knew the first victim.
I'll have detective Russ bring in her family.
Manning, we're very sorry for your loss.
Evonne and I were gonna get married next fall.
My My god, what she must have gone through.
Johanna, it's best if you try to remember Evonne the way she was with you.
Was there anyone who made her uncomfortable or paid her unwanted attention? Uh No, we were always busy with work.
We hardly ever went out, and We only have a few friends and kind of became homebodies, I guess.
There must be someone who she interacted with.
Just my little brother Marcus.
He's harmless.
Why the hesitation, Johanna? He's really cleaned up his act.
He had some issues in the past, but he would never hurt Evonne.
What kind of issues? Uh, I don't know.
Just He was different.
In what way? Just He's a loner.
You said he cleaned up.
What? AA? Therapy? Yeah, he goes to church every week it really grounds him.
Would you excuse us for a moment? She's protecting him.
What if her brother met Ferell at the church? That's possible.
Come here.
You magical brilliant unicorn.
How did you know? How did you know that the Morgan-Garcia cocktail is exactly what the doctor ordered? Well, I couldn't stand to see you like this, and I knew that only one person could put that smile back on your baby girl face.
[Telephone rings] Oh! Phone.
Let's get it.
Ah! [Beep] Woman of wonder.
How may I assist thee? I just sent you a name Marcus Manning.
I need everything.
Hot on his trail.
Ok, let's see.
He's in his 30s.
He is a lifelong area resident.
He's had a long history of therapy.
Yikes! He scores very high on the NEO suggestibility scale.
That would make him easy to manipulate.
Looks like he was bullied a lot in high school.
He's got a sealed juvie record.
That's gonna take some time.
Prentiss: We need addresses, home, work.
JJ: The only address that comes up is a temporary one at an SRO.
He wouldn't be keeping them in there.
Nevertheless, I'm sending you his DL and address.
Ok, thanks, Garcia.
Wait a second.
Yeah, I've seen this guy before.
He was at Ferell's Bible study.
He was sitting right next to him.
You're the devil! You have no place in the house of god! Get out! You should be ashamed of yourselves! You know what he did? He killed my daughter 10 years ago! He seemed incensed when Lee-Ann tried attacking Ferell, but he didn't intercede.
If he's the killer, he would wait for his best opportunity to strike.
Reid: He may have transferred his rage onto Lee-Ann.
I'm gonna check in on her.
Simmons: ‭Now that I'm thinking back, Marcus had a brown paper lunch bag on the floor between him and Ferell.
Amongst all the commotion, I lost the bag, but I was with Ferell the entire time at the church, except for When he was in the men's room.
I don't think that bag was there when he left.
Rebecca's fingers could have been inside.
Reid: Lee-Ann's not answering her cell phone.
Evidently her husband got drunk, fell asleep on the couch, woke up as soon as she went to work, but she never went in.
Marcus must have taken her.
You never should have disrespected Floyd.
Marcus Manning's juvenile record includes him pulling a Mike Tyson in third grade, got in a fight with a classmate and bit a chunk out of his ear.
Thanks, Penelope.
He's definitely our guy.
Reid: He must have become obsessed and sought out Ferell after realizing he had the same cannibalistic fantasies.
Emulating his crimes makes Marcus feel powerful.
He'd be under a tremendous amount of stress since we compromised the warehouse.
And he knows Ferell's at risk because he saw us talking to him at the church.
So he would revert back to what he knows.
Since he's a devotee, he might go to Ferell's old house to do his dirty work.
Dave and Luke are nearby.
I can't wait to taste this.
What are you doing?! Get away from me! FBI! ‭Drop your weapon! I'll kill her.
Rossi: You don't want to do that, Marcus.
We know that you've been manipulated into doing all of this by Floyd Ferell.
He didn't do anything.
You look up to him, Marcus, but he's using you.
He wanted you to get caught.
I did it.
I killed all those women in 2007.
What? I tried to be good, but these last few weeks, I couldn't help myself.
I had to kill again.
No! [Lee-Ann screams] He's gone.
It's ok.
That confession is all that Ferell needs to get off scot-free.
I got you.
We know, behaviorally, that Marcus was lying.
Regardless, we have to turn over his dying declaration to Ferell's defense counsel.
She'll use it to get him out.
That's what Ferell wanted all along.
Reid: Manipulated the mental health system to get out again by coercing Marcus into taking credit for his crimes.
Russ: And I'm left with a cannibal about to be released back into my community.
How do I protect them? Prentiss: None of us wants to risk waiting for Ferell to kill again, and we all believe he will, but there's simply nothing we can do legally at this time.
Well, I can't leave here doing nothing.
I'll try to get the hospital board to understand Ferell's hand in all this.
I appreciate that and everything you've done for us.
Thank you.
Ohh, I come bearing something totally irrelevant, Marcus Manning's M.
Thanks, Penelope.
There has to be something in all of these files that prove Floyd committed those murders.
If he did do it, he hid it so well.
Yeah, he did.
Turns out he was a hell of a lot smarter than what we thought, and there's no way that this was just all dumb luck.
Wait a minute.
The M.
says that there were 5 of Rebecca's fingers in Marcus' stomach.
And it's gross.
Rebecca was missing all of her fingers.
Rossi's testifying at the state hospital board right now.
Call Prentiss.
We have no further questions, Agent Rossi.
You may be excused.
I would like to be heard.
We believe that Manning's dying declaration was a false confession.
Agent Rossi, this is an administrative hearing, not a criminal trial.
You've answered our questions, now you are excused.
Lloyd Feylinn Ferell, will you please stand.
As the chair of the board of Hazelwood State Hospital, I'll present you with your psychiatric and therapeutic assessments.
Thank you, ma'am.
We find your behavior and exemplary participation in the therapeutic process demonstrates excellent control of past deviant fantasies.
Yes, ma'am.
We further find your adherence to medication schedule and safety plan indicate you are no longer a risk to yourself or others.
Ferell: No, ma'am, I'm not.
We can't give you back the last decade, however, we offer our official apology for wrongfully detaining you here.
I appreciate that, ma'am.
You're free to go, Mr.
Chairwoman, I apologize for the interruption, but I have an issue that I need to discuss with the board.
If it is absolutely necessary.
Well, my colleague has just handed me Marcus Manning's autopsy report.
The M.
discovered 5 of the last victim's fingers in his stomach.
What relevance does that have to the matter before this board? Well, the remaining fingers were never found.
And so I have here a search warrant to serve Mr.
I object to this obvious attempt to punish my client.
You can search my room, my sister's house, even my old place.
You won't find anything.
Oh, did I neglect to say the warrant isn't to search a location.
It's for an X-ray of Floyd Feylinn Ferell's digestive tract.
You see, we're gonna find Rebecca's other 5 fingers in your stomach Floyd.
No! I'll kill you! No! No! And since this board has just given you a clean bill of mental health, we can now try you for these recent murders as an accessory, as well as first-degree murder for No! all the murders you committed 10 years ago.
You son of a bitch! No! No! No! Rossi: "People like to say" "that the conflict is between good and evil.
The real conflict is between truth and lies.
" Don Miguel Ruiz.
Oh! Here they are.
It's the whole everyone, ok, whole family, whole family is here.
Whole family, I would like to take this opportunity to formally apologize.
I am so You don't have to apologize.
We all understand from experience.
Really? Yeah.
All right.
I'll shake that off.
Uh, I am going to recommit to living life to the fullest.
Right now, to that end, I'd like to invite everybody over to my house for a celebration of life, liberty, and the pursuit of responsible intoxication.
[Laughter] All right.
All right! Garcia: To the home cave.
[Indistinct chatter]