Criminal Minds s14e03 Episode Script

Rule 34

1 [Distant sirens.]
Man: So, what's in the box? Um, to be honest, no idea.
I mean, I could have sworn I kept myself from actually ordering one of those new turbo dog treat-tossing cameras, but Ex-squeeze me? Oh, seriously, Phil, you'd love this thing.
It is so cool.
It would let me watch and feed and play with Mr.
Widget all from right here.
Ahh, because that's exactly what the American taxpayer hopes is taking place at the internal revenue service.
Yeah, well, I was trying to be good, which is why all I can think is my mind was saying no, but my finger was pressing “place order now.
” [chuckles.]
Oh, my god! [Gasping.]
What the Oh, my god.
Someone call 9-1-1.
Now! - Come on, come on.
- Oh, my god.
David! Can't I go to my room? Not until we talk about this.
In here.
I know since the beginning of the school year, you've had some trouble getting along with your classmates.
I need you to tell me what happened this morning that made you feel like you had to hit somebody.
I said I was sorry.
You should be.
There's no excuse for that kind of behavior.
- You hear me? - Matt.
Maybe we should talk about this later.
David, go to your room.
[Cell phone buzzes.]
[Buzz, beep.]
It's work.
I'm just gonna take a sick day.
No, no, don't do that, because right now that text means there's some people out there in a hell of a lot more trouble than we are.
Yeah, well, what about David? Well Sudden shifts in behavior are usually tied to something changing at home.
And honestly, I think that something changing here is me.
Kristy, this has nothing to do with With my being in trauma therapy because I survived being a hostage? We know David is the sensitive one.
So when your mom all of the sudden becomes overly protective and starts canceling play dates, it probably becomes a little scary for him.
Tell me something.
Will it matter if I say this is not your fault? Of course it matters, love of my life.
But right now, you need to save the world and I need to spend time with our son.
Ok? Ok.
Prentiss: This morning D.
Metro police reported that body parts were sent to 6 separate locations within the Washington metropolitan area.
Each appendage was wrapped and sealed inside its own box.
In all, there were two arms with no hands, two legs with no feet, one torso cut in half but without the head.
So although this unsub felt the sadistic urge to shock and awe the victims who received the boxes, he was still organized enough to withhold the parts that would have helped better identify the victim.
Oh, but wait, there's more.
In each box, underneath the victim pieces was an index card, and on each one, a piece of a handwritten note.
Reid: “all the king's Porsches and all the king's Benz “couldn't put this bitch back together again.
Forever yours, gone postal.
” do we know who the boxes were sent to and how they were delivered? Garcia: Yes, the unsub used an overnight courier service called World Send, but they don't have any security footage of the drop off because that particular branch was closed yesterday due to a bit of scheduled remodeling.
So that means he doctored the tracking I.
on the boxes.
So each of the appalling parcels were addressed and delivered to 6 different people, two were at home, 4 were at work.
They range in occupations from retired teacher to taxpayer advocate.
They range in ages from 23 to 68.
But as you can see, what they all got in common, they're all women.
Simmons: Parts of one man sent to 6 different women.
What's strange is that none of the women had a missing male friend or significant other.
But maybe our John Doe here's the real connection between the women, whether they know it or not.
Or maybe our unsub's crimes aren't exactly connected to one another in the way we would ordinarily think.
Because he could be wrestling with a set of mixed motivations.
I think so.
Separate and distinct emotional needs that he feels compelled to fulfill.
So the death and dismemberment of the male victim would fulfill one need, the shipping of the body parts to the female victims would fulfill another.
And what about him taunting us? I mean, I'd say that's another one of his needs.
Prentiss: Well, we need to stop him.
JJ, Luke, interview the women.
Tara, Spence, focus on these cards in the boxes.
Penelope, Matt, take a closer look at World Send and its employees.
Dave, you and I will follow up on the autopsy of our John Doe.
Reporter: Are you able to confirm what was inside the box that your colleague, Ms.
Rapist, received? We're hearing it may have been part of a male torso.
Man: Yes, I guess that's what it was.
Do you have any idea who would have wanted to do this? No, not at all.
I can't even begin to comprehend the mind of someone who could do something like [Gasping.]
[Rock music playing.]
Rossi: “The charm of fame is so great “that we like every object attached to it, even death.
” Blaise Pascal.
We ran some DNA, and the tests confirm that we have the presence of not one, but two male victims.
Any identification? No.
Not yet.
Unfortunately, no hits on CODIS or the national missing persons database.
So he literally split these two guys right down the middle, but not before torturing them.
These are incised wounds, correct? Yes.
And while the disarticulation took place post-mortem, those injuries that you see are peri-mortem.
But if he tortured them while they were still alive, were are the ligature marks? There don't appear to be any defensive wounds, either.
He's paralyzing them.
I think you might be right.
I'd order an extended toxicology panel.
It ain't easy to cut up a body.
No, it is not.
And in my opinion, a fairly high degree of skill was employed to decapitate and disarticulate these two men.
Between that and the use of a paralytic, I'd say our unsub has had significant medical training.
Plus all the slice and dice is personal.
He knows these guys, maybe even better than the women.
That might start to explain his mixed motivations, his choice to murder the men physically, but assault the women psychologically.
And right now the women may be our only way to track him down.
I'm just afraid to go home now.
I called my mom to pick up my dog.
She said we could stay with her, but I wish we could all stay here.
It's a government building.
They'll do whatever they can to protect it.
Raptis, the police said that you had never received any personal threats.
Is that right? It is.
And I've never had to file any kind of a restraining order.
Are you seeing anybody right now? No.
What about anyone who may have made threats against the office as a whole? Well, that comes with the territory, because who doesn't hate the IRS? You recognize any of these women? Did they get boxes, too? Yes.
Sorry, I don't know them.
I really wish I could help you more.
Well, thank you so much for your time.
Alvez: Thanks.
So Garcia's got a list of threats that were made to the IRS over the last year, but honestly, I don't think we're gonna find anything there.
Yeah, I agree.
'Cause why would someone with a grudge against the IRS also go after someone like a teacher or real estate agent? But what I did find interesting is that our interviews with all the female victims have gone the same way.
Yeah, they're all baffled by being targeted.
It just doesn't leave us with the usual suspects to track down.
Man, I must be losing it.
Why? What's wrong? Well, I'm over here looking at just how well our unsub wrapped these boxes because clearly he didn't want anything spoiling his surprise, and at the same time, I can't help asking myself why I never learned how to gift wrap presents for my family.
You could always hire someone to do it for you.
I do, but, you know, that's not the same.
Anyway, clearly this guy has major skills.
But at the same time, he would have needed direct access to World Send's tracking system, along with a branch office for his boxes to be picked up.
So you think he's either a current or former employee of World Send? Well, who better than a disgruntled courier to call himself, mockingly or not, “gone postal.
” True.
But is this disgruntled courier also a frustrated doctor? I'll tell you why he'd be frustrated, because he dropped out, failed out, or got booted out of medical school.
I can definitely see that, but what puzzles me is the idea that once out of school, he'd choose to get a regular 9:00 to 5:00 job.
These linguistics express an unconscious preoccupation with materialism and self-aggrandizement.
They essentially articulate the rage of a pure malignant narcissist.
I got something.
According to World Send, in order for those boxes to be delivered, they had to be entered into the company computer system using an employee I.
access code.
Yeah, that's what we were thinking.
So in this case, all 6 packages were tagged with the code assigned to Duane Vann.
And he's the manager in charge at the branch that was closed for remodeling.
Do we have a home address? Yeah, it's right here.
All right, I'll coordinate with SWAT.
Garcia: Oh, my god.
You guys.
Guys! Guys, this is This is happening.
Simmons: All right, slow down.
What's happening? I found gone postal online, and he's live-streaming a murder.
What social network is this? It's not a conventional network.
I put out a digital marker for “gone postal,” and I found it on a website called xxxanadu.
cu? What the hell is that? It's a lower level domain.
It's the dark net.
Is there any way to locate where this live-stream's coming from? I'm running a digital trace now.
Uh, it's with the I.
Ok, according to the I.
address, the computer's on a Wi-Fi network somewhere around the 1400 block of Westerfall Springs Avenue.
Our suspect Duane Vann's address is 1457 Westerfall Springs Avenue.
SWAT's already on its way.
[Man screaming.]
[Saw whirring.]
[Screams growing louder.]
[Saw whirring, man screaming.]
[Muffled screams.]
[Saw whirring.]
[Screaming continues.]
Simmons: This video stream isn't going out live.
It's on a continuous loop.
Who knows when it was recorded.
Son of a bitch played us.
He did.
But somewhere out there is another male victim and who knows how many other women who are about to get a terrible surprise.
[Man screams.]
Man on radio: I'm sorry, Nancy.
Did you just say someone live-streamed a murder? Woman on radio: Yes, that's what we're hearing from a source close to the investigation.
And just moments ago, an FBI spokesperson issued a statement warning women living in the Washington D.
area to avoid opening any suspicious package they might receive at home or at work.
[Rock music playing.]
I'm crazy and I'm hurt head on my shoulders Prentiss: This morning more body parts were delivered to 4 more women, and this time even though he didn't send any handwritten messages, our unsub wasn't shy about including everything else, including the male victim's head.
Which we have been able to identify as Dr.
Nicolas Kauffmann.
He's a prominent D.
Alvez: Metro police are at his house now.
They say there are definite signs of forced entry, but no signs of any violence anywhere in the house.
And the unsub apparently made his getaway in Dr.
Kauffmann's Range Rover.
We've got a BOLO out on it.
We're also in the process of accessing all of his patient records from the last 16 years.
Now, there were no courier labels on these boxes, so it looks as though he delivered them himself.
The one index card he did leave behind here reads, “Made you look, bitches.
I remain.
” You know, I'd say that explicit shift in the referential designation of that word “bitch” from the first male victim to now members of law enforcement could actually be signaling the start of a sublimation of motives.
JJ: Meaning you think that this spectacle of taunting the police might become more important to him than his actual choice of victim? Reid: I do.
And I don't think it's just about taunting the police.
I think it's also about the unsub's need to capture the public's attention.
Prentiss: Has the M.
IDed your victims? Yes.
They were Duane Vann and Rory Stevenson.
They were married about 3 months ago.
Forensics is telling us that the scene here has been totally staged.
They weren't killed in the house? No, neither killed nor dismembered, and there's no sign of forced entry, which means that Rory and Duane must have let him in.
Like Rossi said, he probably knew them well, and then he used the paralytic to disable them.
Which we have been able to identify as rocuronium bromide.
It's a neuromuscular blocker typically used in anesthesia.
I think that fact locks down this guy's medical background, but where's this guy's operating theater? Rossi: Right.
The Vann and Kauffmann homes are only the secondary crime scenes.
We still need to find the primary.
So we need to take a closer look at the video he posted of Dr.
Kauffmann's murder online.
We should also see what else Garcia's been able to find out about the website that he used.
Its history could help us nail down the profile.
Hello, Garcia.
Would you mind making me a copy of the Dr.
Kauffmann video? Unfortunately, somebody has to take a good look at it to make sure there isn't anything even remotely probative on it.
You don't need to do that.
I really don't want to watch a snuff film again, but I No, I already watched it.
There's nothing distinguishing about the room.
It's too dark.
Only things you can see is what we have already confirmed about his method of operating.
There's a lot of blood.
There's a lot of screaming.
How many times did you watch it? [Grunts.]
More than enough times.
Are you ok? You never really look at Oh, no one has times for my sensitivities.
And we all know that I could stand to have some emotional calluses.
I did find something probably probative in my research of a website he used Xxxanadu.
It is a portal that is no stranger to the profane, perverse, and puke-inducing.
Dark net be damned, I found the webmaster.
Her name's Galina Kadlec.
She also owns the site.
And it wasn't like I was what?! Surprised to find out she's been arrested more than once because what she encourages to be enjoyed on this site.
There is something very upside down about that woman.
All right, I'll have the federal marshals go and pick her up.
Great job.
Due to the organized and strenuous nature of the modus operandi, we believe our unknown subject is a male somewhere between his mid-twenties and thirties.
Simmons: He's demonstrated surgical skills that suggest a significant amount of medical training as well as proficiency with computers indicative of a graduate education.
JJ: Although it's not yet clear how he's selecting either his male or female victims, the violence and psychological sadism suggests that he does have some kind of affiliation with all of them.
Reid: We believe our unsub is being driven by mixed motivations.
And because of his particular M.
with the male victims, coupled with the linguistics he's used in his messages to us, it appears likely that one motivation may be deeply rooted in a need for retribution.
Prentiss: Whether it is real or imagined, this unsub believes that the men he's targeting have harmed him, either physically or psychologically, maybe both.
So their pain and suffering and death are justified to him.
Of course, this is not uncommon, especially for angry young men.
JJ: Our unsub is craving validation through a sense of superiority.
And if through nothing else, superiority through fear itself.
And so he will continue to try to reach out to any and all social media outlets that might provide him with a platform.
That's especially true now since we have seized control of the website to which he uploaded his video.
Reid: But also because his ultimate validation will come through fame, the crowning of celebrity offers our unsub a sense of dominance over others that quite possibly satisfies all of his motivations.
So as his psyche feeds off the frenzy he's creating, like a spree killer, he will stop at nothing to burn as brightly as he can for as long as he can.
[Rock music playing.]
I'm about to have a nervous breakdown my head really hurts if I don't find a way out of here I'm gonna go [Cackling.]
I'm crazy and I'm hurt [Screaming.]
So Galina Kadlec is no stranger to playing it fast and loose with the law.
She was once a so-called performance artist whose art was often charged with violating federal and state obscenity laws.
Although she was never convicted.
It also says here she was once the owner of a company called Fau-type which produced and distributed adult entertainment.
If by “adult entertainment,” you're talking about fetishes like vorarephilia and bestiality.
Ok, I get it.
She's got exotic tastes.
It says she lost her company in a divorce.
She's been looking to get her fix with some freaks on the dark web.
Yeah, but the question for us right now is, why did our unsub choose to post his snuff film to her website? Is it just a coincidence or do they have a personal relationship? And if they do, is he reaching out to her or is she egging him on? Why don't you guys go in there and find out? [Door opens.]
[Door closes.]
I confess.
My fatal flow is naivete.
Kadlec, let's not screw around.
You have the right to remain silent, but you know that.
This is about a series of homicides, and since your site streamed one of those murders, this is also about aiding and abetting and possibly conspiracy before or after the fact.
Oh, I adore the tag-team dominance.
But you do mistake me for a submissive.
We also forgot an obstruction of justice charge.
You know who this guy is.
Tell us.
Kadlec: No.
Because I do not know him.
I do not have any direct knowledge of anyone who chooses to use my website.
It is anonymous.
It has to be, or else it would subvert its purpose.
What purpose, perversion? One and the same.
It is rule 34.
I'm sorry, come again? Rule 34.
If it exists, there's pornography of it.
No exceptions.
The xxxanadu website was created for people to share their most forbidden sexual fantasies, no names, no shames.
Lewis: Wow.
No shame, huh? Even though you let people watch a video of a man literally getting hacked to pieces.
So you're trying to tell us all you and your degenerate users were doing was was getting off? Yes, that's right.
And even if I accept that it was not faked, this video is no different than any other video you can see on YouTube, that was recorded in a war zone, but it gets a pass because it's considered news.
Kadlec, if you think that you can deflect by sashaying your depravity, you are sadly mistaken.
Oh, I think you're the one who's mistaken.
What you perceive as my callousness is, to be fair, my reverence for the cycle of life.
Simmons: Ok, whatever.
Right now we have agents digging up your real and your digital life.
I can promise you that we'll find the connection between you and this psychopath.
Well, I would advise you, based on my own experience, to never make a promise that you're not absolutely certain you can keep, because karma can be a bitch.
[Distant siren.]
[Coins jingle.]
[Line rings.]
Woman: Hello? It's me, Mom.
Oh, sweetheart.
Where are you? Um I'm at a friend's.
But you told me you were getting out and then coming straight home.
I was starting to get worried.
Have you been watching the news? Yeah.
Mom, I'm ok.
I'm great, actually.
When should I expect you? Emmanuel? Mom, I can't come home.
Why? Something's come up, something important.
Now, I can't say anything.
It's a surprise.
But when it's all over, everyone's going to remember your son's name.
Honey, maybe you should just come home.
You've been away for so long.
I finally made something of myself.
Good-bye, Mom.
Emman [Police radio chatter.]
Dispatcher: Available units, the cross street is Galatin and Harper boulevard.
Any available units.
Hey, baby.
I'm sorry, I'm gonna be home late again tonight.
Yeah, I figured as much.
I just had to turn off the news tonight.
So how's it going? How's, um, how's David? He's good.
We've had a good couple of days hanging out together.
Uh, hey, you didn't hear what happened to Trina Rylance's mother, did you? Who's Trina Rylance? She was a classmate of David's until the start of the year.
He told me how the kids found how that her mother had died in some kind of accident and it had scared him.
Of course it would.
Well, I'm glad he's starting to open up.
Look, I'll text you when I'm on my way home tonight, ok? That's fine, but I will be asleep.
Fair enough.
All right, well, sleep well, and I love you.
I love you, too.
Stay safe.
I will.
Metro police just found Dr.
Kauffmann's car.
It was parked near 14th and T in the Cardozo area.
Forensics is processing it now.
Any other cars reported stolen in that area tonight? None so far.
Well, he's on foot, maybe because Cardozo's where his next victim lives.
And we just found a connection between the male victims.
Went through Dr.
Kauffmann's patient records.
It turns out 3 years ago a patient was referred to him by the name of Emmanuel Rask.
Garcia: Meanwhile, I was doing some research on Duane Vann's social media, and around 3 years ago, he seemed to have a pretty serious romantic relationship with that very same Emmanuel Rask.
Prentiss: What do we know about Rask? Reid: Child prodigy in music, valedictorian of his high school.
He won a scholarship to Hallridge university, where he was later accepted to the medical school.
From which he was expelled? Oh, yeah.
For behavior deemed grossly inappropriate by the medical school's code of conduct.
The administration discovered that Rask had been making crush videos.
What's a crush video? Crushing is a paraphilia where someone's sexual aroused by the crushing of objects with a human body.
Typically it's the foot, and the items are usually food, but in Rask's case, they were small animals.
Was he charged with animal cruelty? No.
They didn't have a chance to do that because Rask went after the student he thought dimed him out.
He was convicted of aggravated assault.
He was sentenced to 6 years in prison.
He was served two, good behavior.
And he was released on probation 4 days ago.
Does he have any family in the area? His father Alonso committed suicide 10 years ago, but his mother Janel currently lives in Hillcrest Heights.
Luke and I can go talk to her.
Kauffmann noted how difficult it was for him diagnose Rask because he exhibited all the attention-seeking tendencies of a histrionic personality while simultaneously flaunting an exaggerated sense of self worth consistent with being a narcissist.
Well, those two personality types are usually inconsistent with each other, which means he's been struggling with these mixed motivations for a long time.
And if his relationship with Duane Vann was as important to him as I think it was, then learning that Vann got married while he was in prison could have trigged his rage.
So Rask had to have been planning this for a while now.
And he knew he'd need some help, and that's why he'd reach out to a kindred spirit like Galina Kadlec.
Yeah, but I can't figure out how they communicated with each other.
Prentiss: And you probably won't, but what you can do right now is see which men from Rask's past live in or around the Cardozo area.
[Car door closes.]
[Man gasping.]
Rossi, over phone: JJ, what did Rask's mother say? He called her a couple of hours ago, said he wasn't coming home because something important had come up.
Did she recognize any of the victims? Alvez, over phone: She didn't recognize any of the men, but she did recognize all 10 of the women who received packages.
And Janel said the reason why she remembered these women was because of how kind they all were to her son.
Alvez: Yeah, like Patricia Sorrells was his high school chemistry teacher who wrote him a glowing college recommendation, or Geena Raptis, she helped him when he misfiled a tax return.
Yeah, the way she described these women, I don't know, it would be hard to imagine any kind of resentment Rask would have toward them.
Yeah, you'd think he would be grateful to these women.
Gift wrapping.
What about gift wrapping? You know, I saw it before, and yet I didn't see it because it seemed obvious that he just didn't want the boxes to leak, but now, I think he was being exact Because he was wrapping a gift.
You think he is grateful to them? Lewis: Yes, of course he is.
And he wants to demonstrate his gratitude the best way he knows how By sharing in his celebrity, by writing these women into his own narrative.
So it's like the cat who offers his owner the mouse he just caught.
Ok, so if Rask really is offering up thank-you gifts, what kind of gift do you think he'd want to give Galina Kadlec? Something tells me Galina would ask for somebody quite specific.
[Door closes.]
I know you.
Oh, I don't think so.
- I'm Dav - David Rossi, Supervisory Special Agent, FBI, Behavioral Analysis Unit, author of “Deviance: The secret desires of sadistic serial killers.
” that's right.
I'm sure you have no idea what an inspiration your work has been.
And do you think he's a fan, too? And if you think that dominatrix face is better than a poker face, it ain't.
I don't know him.
Let me be crystal clear with you.
Unless I walk out that door with all the answers I'm looking for, you can kiss the rest of your life good-bye.
You know, in the BDSM world, this sort of abuse requires consent, a safe word, like “lawyer.
” Are you asking for a lawyer? No.
I don't need anyone to save me.
I've learned how to handle men like you, men who think they can manipulate me or even intimidate me into submission.
Well, yeah, I know you've had many men of this type in your life, guys have tried to rip you off, prosecute you, take your for everything you've got in a divorce.
I survived.
And now I thrive.
Yeah, but you know what they say, you attract what you are.
That's a lie.
Because you can be betrayed.
Yes, you can.
And I can tell by that tone in your voice that you feel betrayed by the man you promised to cherish in sickness and in health for as long as you both shall live.
But the problem is, he's still alive.
Or maybe you've already arranged to take care of that problem.
I think I would like to see my lawyer now.
Emily, I know who the next victim is.
It's Galina's ex-husband Byron Maddock.
[Byron gasping.]
Emmanuel: See, the truth is, ordinarily, I would prefer to go bareback.
But tonight, I'm taking requests.
Byron: Who are you? I'm the guy that's gonna cut you into little pieces.
Let me go.
Hey! Hey.
Galina says hello, bitch.
JJ, talk to me.
Metro police is confirming a break-in at Byron Maddock's house.
No sign of Maddock or his car.
We're on our way there now.
All right, Spence and I are on our way to Maddock's office in Bethesda.
Whoa, hold your crime-fighting horses, Matt and Spence, I can do you one better than his office.
I found his arsenal.
What arsenal? The arsenal is a nickname for an abandoned armory in Rockville that was previously owned by Galina Kadlec's old company Fau-type, and they used it as a production studio to create fetish content for the Fau-type websites.
I don't understand.
Why are we just finding out about this place? Because I just found it under a big cyber rock.
It looks like Galina and her ex were in a super bitter legal battle over this particular piece of property, and the bank has foreclosed on it.
That's it.
It's the perfect place for Rask to feel safe and secure.
And I'm sure Galina let him know exactly how to access the building.
We're on our way.
I'll meet you there.
Byron: Please.
Listen to me.
[Rock music playing.]
I don't know what she's told you, but none of it is true.
What does she want? She wants me to apologize? Is that is? Is that what she wants? Tell me! Ok, when we find them in there, I want you guys to follow my lead.
[Rock music playing.]
I'm sorry, ok? Please tell her that I'm sorry.
[Saw whirring.]
Oh, god, you sick son of a bitch.
[Turns saw off.]
Ahh! You know, Galina and I have known each other for quite a while now.
Her websites spoke to me.
I'd be on them, and I'd realize I'm not alone.
So In order to express my undying gratitude, I promised to send her a special gift Your head On a platter.
[Saw whirring.]
Simmons: Emmanuel Rask! Put down the weapon.
Help me.
Byron, stay calm.
Everything's gonna be ok.
Rask, put the weapon down and put your hands in the air.
So close and yet so far.
- [Saw whirring.]
- Emmanuel.
[Saw stops.]
Well, this is unexpected.
Do you know who I am? Yes, I do.
I've read all your books.
That's what Galina told me.
She said your favorite was, um, “Deviance.
” No, that was her favorite.
Actually, I prefer “Eye of the predator.
” Emmanuel, I'm being very serious now.
You have my undivided attention.
I should.
Yes, you should.
I'm not going back to prison.
Yeah, but if not, we won't be able to talk.
And then how would I be able to tell your story? We do have a lot to talk about.
Yes, we do, son.
But in order for us to talk, you have to first let this man go.
Yeah, but I made a promise to Galina.
But if you do that, all of these men will cut you down where you stand, and I'll never tell your story.
It looks like you're gonna have one hell of a story to tell, too.
[Saw clatters.]
Come here.
[Handcuffs click.]
Ahh! Ahh! Ha ha ha! Rossi: You know, it was about 20 years ago.
I was having dinner with Jason Gideon, and I told him I was thinking about leaving the BAU, maybe write a book, you know, about our work.
But he cautioned me.
About what? About whether or not a book like that would do more harm than good.
Well, with respects, I disagree.
Dave, your books have provided an invaluable resource to everyone, not to mention law enforcement.
And they're just kick ass to read.
Thank you.
But Actually, that was kind of to Gideon's point.
He was concerned that by telling these stories, it might create a prurient interest that would be more about consuming pornography.
What did you say? I didn't have an answer.
[Door opens.]
[Door closes.]
- Hey, Dad.
- Hi.
Did you catch the bad guy? Yes.
My team and I, we, uh, we got him.
Hey, listen, I, uh, I heard about Trina's mom.
I know how scary something like that can be.
Do you ever get scared at your job? Yes.
More often than I'd like.
Do you feel it, like right in the middle of your stomach, like I do? Sometimes.
So the other day, Keith Dawson was being like a total jerk and joking around about how you know on TV, the cops, they always wear like the bullet-proof vests, right? Right.
So Keith was saying that it's like really stupid because on these shows, you never see the bad guys just shoot the cops in the face.
That's when I felt that ball in my stomach, and I punched Keith.
But it wasn't that hard, I swear.
I get it.
I'm sorry I disappointed you.
Hey, you did not disappoint me.
Everybody makes mistakes.
We just have to make sure that we learn from them.
I will.
I know you will.
And listen, David, I know this has been super hard, and the truth is, I don't know if gets any easier as you grow up.
But I can promise you one thing.
No matter what happens in this world, your mom and I will always be with you.
Come here.
Oh, ho ho ho! I love you, bud.
David: I love you, too, Dad.
What are you looking at? Pay no attention to the woman lying on the couch.
Carry on.
Let's get her.
Simmons, voice-over: “Children have never been very good “at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.
” James Baldwin.