Criminal Minds s14e10 Episode Script

Flesh and Blood

1 [Man breathing heavily] [Thud] Man: You looking for ransom money? Is that what this is about? Huh? Even if you get your damn money, I swear to God, I will make it my mission in life to hunt you down and see you suffer.
Aah! [Groaning] Ok.
Ok, yeah.
Take your best shot.
Son of a bitch.
Uh! [Music playing] Apes: as though you say that I'm a part of you you put me out and bend the truth oh, I can't wait To go yeah, oh [Doorbell rings] Hi.
Did I get the time wrong? No, I'm sorry.
It's me.
I'm running way behind schedule.
- Please come in.
- Ok.
Mendoza: Something smells fantastic.
But, you know, I didn't mean for you to make us dinner.
I wanted to take you out tonight.
I know.
I wanted to surprise you.
Well, I am surprised.
I'm just gonna go change, so please make yourself at home, make yourself a drink, maybe two, - and I'll be right back.
- Ok.
[Cell phone dials, line rings] Emily, how is the bolognese de Rossi turning out? Yeah, that's the thing.
Um, it's not tasting the way I expected.
What do you mean? I'm pretty sure I screwed up.
Well, how is that possible? Well, I kind of misplaced what you wrote down for me, so I winged it.
You winged it? You don't exactly have the memory of our boy genius, you know.
Therein lies my problem.
So let me go over what I've done so far, starting with 28 ounces of pureed tomatoes, 6 ounces of canned tomato paste, a half cup of Orto red wine Whoa, whoa.
That's cooking wine.
Emily, if my dear nonna told me once, she told me a thousand times, if you no drink the wine, you no cook with the wine.
Ok, but This is like when Garcia substituted tofu for pancetta.
You have to start over.
Prentiss: Hey.
Everything ok? How do you feel about pizza? For the record, I would have had absolutely no problem eating whatever it was you were trying to get going on over there.
Oh, thank you.
But I couldn't have lived with myself if after everything you've been through, I poisoned you.
Well, I appreciate you having my back.
And this is nice.
I'm glad we finally got a chance to do it.
Got to be honest, I was starting to think that you were trying to get out of it.
What makes you say that? You called me, what, 5 times to reschedule this date.
I wasn't making those cases up.
I know you weren't.
But I'm thinking, you and I made this connection based on the fact that we had taken down these machete killers together.
And then it dawns on me, that's pretty much an everyday thing for you.
Yeah, I guess you could say that.
When are you cleared for duty? Day after tomorrow.
Can't wait.
How are you feeling? Good.
You know.
What's one more scar, right? Someone wise once said you've never really lived if you don't have any scars.
[Cell phone vibrating] Huh.
Sounds like somebody at the BAU really wants your attention.
[Clears throat] It does, but it's my night off.
But I think it's lucky for all of us that Emily Prentiss doesn't take nights off.
[Sighs] Garcia: Good evening.
I am the artist currently known as she who ruins your evening by sharing revolting ViCAP hits.
Case in point.
Two men have been murdered, both attorneys Shaun Tate, Anthony Nakamura.
Shaun Tate was killed two weeks ago in Baltimore.
Anthony Nakamura was found murdered earlier today in Rockville.
According to police reports, each victim was declared missing 48 hours prior to his body being found dumped in a downtown alley, each wrapped in a construction tarp.
Each man was severely beaten, like every bone in their body was smashed.
And their hearts were cut out of their chest.
Prentiss: You said Tate and Nakamura were both lawyers, but they never worked together.
Are there any other connections between the two? Alvez: Nothing that stands out, no.
Simmons: Now, Anthony Nakamura's autopsy is still pending, but Shaun Tate's autopsy didn't indicate that our unsub has any surgical expertise.
Just tore a guy's heart out.
Alvez: Yeah, our unsub is acting on some pretty sadistic impulses right now.
Yeah, impulses likely driven by a need to punish or to seek retribution for some profound personal grievance.
But if this is our unsub's twisted payback, where are the hearts? Wouldn't he just get rid of them nearby, throw them away like trash? You'd assume that if he's keeping them as souvenirs or trophies that they must mean something to him.
Oh, I think we need to be careful not to walk into the weeds with the obvious symbolism going on here.
Unfortunately, we're still down a man with Reid finishing up his classes, so, JJ, you and I will help Garcia with the victimologies here.
Dave, Tara, check out Anthony Nakamura's autopsy.
Luke, Matt, you're gonna need to inspect the dump sites in Baltimore and Rockville.
Something tells me this unsub is far from gratifying his sadistic urges.
[Fluorescent light buzzing] Jareau: "What is past is prologue.
" William Shakespeare.
So Shaun Tate was married with a daughter.
He practiced maritime law in Baltimore.
Meanwhile, Anthony Nakamura was a criminal defense attorney in Rockville, married and divorced twice but no children.
Ok, well, here's some kind of connection.
Both men were in the same graduating class in college Wiltmore University.
Garcia: Ladies, you're gonna want to look at this security footage that I just found.
It was taken in the parking lot of Anthony Nakamura's office.
It is the night before he was reported as a missing person.
Jareau: So it looks like Nakamura's on his way home for the night when this young woman comes up to him in need of some kind of assistance.
Assistance or solicitation? Jareau: Ok, but doesn't it look more like she's telling him a sob story? Like she's in need of a ride.
Yeah, and he's more than willing to be her knight in shining beemer.
But the Rockville police said the last person who reported seeing Nakamura alive was his law partner, Geoffrey Flores.
This was taken minutes after that.
Prentiss: Meaning this woman is actually the last person who saw Nakamura alive, and she may very well be the reason he's dead.
Penelope, I need I am here to fulfill your needs.
I have already enhanced this image.
I'm running it through facial recognition software now.
Hopefully this young lady's gotten into some trouble before and we can get her I.
[Car alarm chirps] Excuse me.
Sorry to bother you.
May I help you? I sure hope so.
You see, my car over there, it just basically completely died on me.
And I totally forgot my cell phone at home, so I was wondering if Unfortunately, I don't carry any jumper cables 'cause with this car Yeah.
It's a really nice car.
Anyway, you know, I could call roadside assistance for you.
Well, actually, I was sort of hoping that maybe you could give me a ride back to my apartment.
Your apartment.
You seem like a pretty nice guy, not like a serial killer or anything.
So what do you say? Ok, sure.
Get in.
Yes! Thank you.
What's your name? It's Dennis.
I'm going to owe you big time, Dennis.
My name's Becca.
So as you requested, I reviewed the autopsy of your first victim, Mr.
Tate, so I could compare them with my findings here of Mr.
Well, both men appear to have suffered roughly the same amount of severe blunt force trauma to their bodies.
And all of it exacted peri-mortem, before death.
While nearly every bone in both of these bodies was either broken or cracked, the actual cause of death for both men was exsanguination due to the severing of the coronary arteries.
From the removal of the heart? I think a more apt description would be dug out.
[Sighs] Do you have any idea what type of weapon was used here? As a matter of fact, I think I do.
Follow me.
The sharp-force instrument used left several deep impressions in the sternum.
So I was able to cast a couple of Mikrosil molds of it.
Looks like the blade of a chisel.
Medical examiner: That's exactly what I would say, too.
I would also say that whoever did this took advantage of the hammer that usually comes along with it.
Rossi: Makes sense.
But what doesn't make sense is our female suspect who lured Nakamura from the parking lot.
She doesn't look like she's got the upper body strength required to shatter a sternum.
And if she couldn't do it, then she must have a partner who can.
[Camera shutter clicking] [Siren] So this disposal site for Anthony Nakamura's body basically mirrors the one for Shaun Tate that we walked back in Baltimore.
The bodies are wrapped in the same loose manner, and they're even oriented next to these dumpsters in nearly the same way.
Everything's neatly arranged for temporary concealment.
Just good enough for a dump and dash.
'Cause it seems as if our unsubs expected someone to find these victims.
Take a look at this.
See, notice their OCD signatures here? These dump sites are equidistant from the suspected abduction sites.
3 miles as the crow flies.
They're also the exact same direction diagonally, south by southwest.
What do you think that's all about? [Sighs] I don't know.
But you can file it under "why hold on to your victims for exactly 48 hours?" It's not about needing all that time just to torture and kill them.
No, it isn't.
It makes our unsub seem fairly well-practiced, almost as if Nakamura and Tate aren't really their first victims.
[Fluorescent light buzzing] Becca! [Breathing heavily] No.
Help me! Help me! Help me! [Breathing heavily] I don't understand.
Who are you? So Rockville P.
was able to identify our mystery woman.
Her name is Kiara Hale, and she has a rather long rap sheet, mainly arrests for solicitation.
Is she in custody? No, not yet.
We have a problem.
If you scroll through to her cell phone records, according to them, Hale was in Rockville at the same time Shaun Tate was being abducted and murdered up in Baltimore.
Ok, so what if Kiara Hale isn't the only woman playing the damsel in distress ruse here.
You mean multiple female unsubs? No.
Now I'm reconsidering the probability of just one unsub, presumably male, and he's using women like Hale.
He's probably paying them to lure his victims.
Well, if you are right, these women were witnesses to his crimes.
And I'd say there's no way he could take the chance to keep them alive.
He'd have to kill them, too.
So why haven't we found the bodies of these women along with the men? Maybe they're collateral damage.
He can sweep them away, while the men are part of some kind of statement, the focus of his rage and revenge.
Uhh! [Groaning and coughing] [Machine whirs] [Gasping] Please.
I can't Wha why? [Camera shutter clicking] [Indistinct police radio chatter] Prentiss: Matt, what do we got? City disposal crews discovered the body about 90 minutes ago, called it in.
Alexandria police, they notified us, and they held the scene.
The victim's been identified as Dennis Kirkwood, 47 years old.
He ran a financial management company called Turnblade Capital.
JJ, are you ok? Yeah.
Yeah, it's just odd.
I have this overwhelming sense of deja vu.
What, the scene look familiar to you? Look, I have been to way too many scenes like this before, right, so I don't know what it is exactly.
Prentiss: Who reported Kirkwood missing? Simmons: His wife 48 hours ago, after he didn't come home from a run.
He must be holding his victims somewhere he feels protected.
So maybe a good part of that 48 hours is the travel time to and from his secure location.
You are probably right, but as far as a geo profile goes, it's gonna be hard to reconcile the two axioms of serial killer behavior.
Never commit a crime close to home and never travel farther than necessary to dispose of your victims.
And this guy's crossed state lines, which means he's willing to go the extra mile, which complicates the math.
[Camera shutter clicks] Alvez: Tara, we caught a break.
Rockville police just picked up Kiara Hale.
She's alive? Yeah, she is.
And federal marshals are bringing her here right now.
Have a seat, Ms.
I don't Why am I here? That's you with Anthony Nakamura, who was murdered, and it turns out he wasn't the only one.
So have a seat.
You are the material witness to at least one homicide.
No, I'm not a witness to any homicide.
That's not what happened.
Well, tell us what happened.
This guy Eddie, he posted an ad on dtxboard.
$5,000 to help him play a prank on his dad's friend.
It was like, dress up sexy, say like, my boyfriend left me and I needed a ride back to my place.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Alvez: You remember the address? Yeah.
Like, 7634 Tyeman Road.
All right.
I'll get back-up to check it out.
[Door closes] You can help us by giving me every communication you had with this Eddie, and then sitting down with a sketch artist.
Prentiss: CCTV traffic camera captured this image on the afternoon that our last victim, Dennis Kirkwood, went missing.
Alexandria P.
have identified Kirkwood's passenger here as a Rebecca Marcus.
She's also a working girl.
She's telling the same story as Hale, except that Eddie told her to deliver Kirkwood to a different address.
Fortunately for her, he doesn't seem compelled to kill women.
Prentiss: Unfortunately for us, our description of this Eddie is just too generic, and Luke found nothing at either apartment.
You know, Eddie looks too damn young to be this good at his M.
Everything about this speaks to someone who's had more than enough time to perfect their craft.
Ok, so how did our young Eddie accelerate his learning curve? [Cell phone rings] Go ahead, Garcia.
So I was doing my due diligence, as I do, on Mr.
Dennis Kirkwood, and I have found a bewildering connection between him and the first two victims.
If I can direct your attention to the big screen.
3 years ago in Baltimore, Mr.
Kirkwood was considered a person of interest in the death of Robin Rhodes, who was fished out of the Patapsco river.
She was 22 years old and worked as an intern at Kirkwood's company, Turnblade Capital, for a year.
Were there rumors of an affair? Oh, you betcha, although at the time Kirkwood was engaged to his current wife.
I mean, current widow.
Ok, so how do Tate and Nakamura get connected to all this? Well, Kirkwood's alibi the night that Robin Rhodes went missing was that he was at his bachelor party.
And although I don't have the entire guest list, I can tell you that two people at that party were Shaun Tate and Anthony Nakamura.
And so Kirkwood was never charged? Not only was he never charged, but after a two-year-long investigation, Baltimore P.
determined that Robin Rhodes' death was wait for it Just accidental.
They say that she went for a jog, slipped off a steep embankment, and hit her head on a rock.
Garcia, we're gonna need you to get a complete list of all the men who were at Kirkwood's bachelor party.
And I will get that for you.
Well, if we're looking for a personal trauma to inspire revenge killings, I think we just found it.
And I think we have what we need right now to deliver the profile.
Our unknown subject, aka Eddie, is described as being a male Caucasian between the ages of 18 and 25, standing between 5'10" and 6'2" in height with dark blonde hair.
This unsub is what we call a grief-induced killer.
In his heartbreak, he is lashing out at the men that he thinks are responsible for covering up what he believes to be the murder 3 years ago of a Robin Rhodes.
This after Baltimore police concluded that Robin's death was an accident.
He may have genuine reason to feel that evidence was overlooked or, as seems more likely, he tends toward a paranoid personality.
Prentiss: Unfortunately, the sketch and description we have do not match any known associates, friends, or family of Ms.
And yet the key to this case will lie in re-examining the circumstances of Robin Rhodes' disappearance and death.
Alvez: Given his age range, he seems too young to be this good.
It's taken him 3 years since Robin's death to train himself to take his revenge fantasy and turn it into a cold-blooded reality.
Garcia, on phone: Ok, I put the address of Robin Rhodes' mother into your GPS.
Sadly, her father died when she was 12.
Her mother is Dr.
Elizabeth Rhodes.
She's a pretty prominent psychiatrist.
Rhodes is the one who filed the missing persons report on Robin.
Yeah, and she was super duper critical of the way the investigation was handled, even going so far as to threaten a civil suit against the Baltimore P.
for saying that her daughter's death was just a terrible accident.
Lewis: Definitely a grieving mother.
[Doorbell rings] [Lock disengages] Hello.
May I help you? I'm supervisory special agent David Rossi.
And this is my colleague Dr.
Tara Lewis.
May we come in and speak to you for a moment? Why? What is this in regards to? It's about your daughter, ma'am.
Rossi: He's gone by the name Eddie.
Well, I know some Eddies, but none that look like this young man.
But you are familiar with a Dennis Kirkwood? Of course I am, Dr.
Kirkwood was murdered, and over the last week, two of his close friends were killed as well, an Anthony Nakamura and a Shaun Tate.
Rossi: And we have reason to believe that this young man, Eddie here, murdered these men out of a desire to avenge your daughter's death.
Well, I'm really not sure how you expect me to respond to all of this.
Well, actually, we were hoping that you might know something about Eddie.
I hold on to two memories of my child that I shall never be able to let go Her precious face, the first time I held it, and what was left of her face when the coroner pulled back the sheet and asked if I could identify her.
We're very sorry for your loss.
And I'm very sorry that it is your job to hunt down this Eddie.
Because you don't believe the police conclusion about your daughter's death, you believe that Dennis Kirkwood murdered her and that his friends lied to protect him.
It is an absolute fact.
Rossi: Baltimore police would disagree.
And I would say that the Baltimore police is just a men's club that collects its dues from rich, entitled men like Kirkwood.
You want to talk about believe, Dr.
Lewis? Let's talk about the men who believe that they're untouchable because of their wealth.
I know the truth.
Robin meant nothing to them.
But she does mean something to this young man.
And if you're protecting him for any reason I wish I knew this man because I would thank him.
Simmons: There's no doubt that Dr.
Rhodes' grief is real, so she may want or even encourage someone to exact revenge for her.
Yeah, but wanting to do it and actually taking the steps do it are very different propositions.
Yes, they are.
Garcia managed to get ahold of her client list.
It's all here in these reports.
Edward Addison.
Alvez: What about him? I'm not sure.
Give me a second.
I knew I had seen something like these crime scenes before.
We both have, in Milwaukee 11 years ago.
But they were women, 6 women.
I can't believe I forgot.
It was a terrible time for us.
Gideon was gone, Hotch was suspended, Strauss was trying to tear up the BAU, and you were leaving.
[Sobbing] Their hearts were cut out, too.
Yeah, by Joe Smith, whose wife abandoned him after he was diagnosed with cancer, which triggered his psychotic rage towards all the women in Milwaukee.
I remember when we arrested him, he said he'd never stand trial because the cancer would get him first, but it didn't.
He died in prison last year.
So you think we're dealing with a copycat here? Worse.
Rhodes' client list.
So back then, you told me the Addisons were moving to Baltimore.
Yeah, after they adopted Joe Smith's son.
They renamed him Edward Addison and they Oh, my God.
The Eddie we're looking for is David Smith.
The son of a serial killer.
[Fluorescent light buzzing] [Groaning] Look, man, please.
I got a baby.
A baby boy.
Is that right, huh? Yes.
A baby boy? Yes.
Please don't do this.
You know, if you really think about what kind of man you are, if you're honest with yourself, you know your boy's gonna be better off without you.
No! That's not true.
Trust me, this is gonna hurt.
No! Uhh! Prentiss: When David Smith was 8 years old, his serial killer father used him as bait to lure his victims.
David became so inured to this behavior that he actually lured his father's last victim without even being prompted.
What happened to David after his father was arrested? Was CPS able to reunite him with his mother? They were.
She didn't want him.
So I kept tabs on his foster care and his therapy.
Fortunately, about a year later, Kate and Alan Addison adopted David.
They decided to change his name to Edward, and they moved to Baltimore in 2011.
Did you continue to keep in touch with him? I wish I could have, but Anyway, the last time I checked on David he was doing about as well as one could expect.
Simmons: So based on what we know about Robin Rhodes, there was neither a David Smith nor an Edward Addison that was ever part of her life.
The only connection they have is through her mother, Dr.
Rhodes, who took him in as a client last year.
Well, she couldn't be paying him to kill off Kirkwood and all his friends.
Jareau: No, David's inherited impulses wouldn't allow him to commit such a purely mercenary act of violence.
And we know vengeance isn't emotionally transferable, so why would David be killing these men to satisfy Dr.
Rhodes' need for revenge? Prentiss: Dr.
Rhodes was able to take advantage of the fact that David's internalized love map is in a state of arrested development.
Even when I first encountered him, he was susceptible to extreme maternal transference.
It's also why he's not inclined to harm his female accomplices.
Alvez: So David was worried that he shared his dad's violent urges, and he went to Dr.
Rhodes for help, but instead of helping him, she manipulated his trust in order to do her own bidding.
I bet she's telling him that these guys - are just like dear old Dad.
- [Cell phone dings] And if he has this urge to kill, the best way of working through it all is to kill them.
We just got another victim.
Body was just discovered in Georgetown.
James Baxter, a risk manager at Dellington Capital.
No doubt another gentleman off of Dennis Kirkwood's guest list.
Dave, Tara, I'd like you to bring in Dr.
Rhodes and Lean on her a little bit? A little bit.
Rossi: Not only do you know an Eddie, you know the Eddie we're looking for.
He was your patient.
Man: Ok, let's just state for a fact my client did not lie to you people.
You sure about that? Yeah, I'm pretty sure she has a deep understanding and appreciation for a little something called physician-patient privilege.
Rhodes, I've had the opportunity to read some of your published work on behavioral therapy.
And I'm quite sure when you started your practice, you did hope to alleviate your patients' suffering.
It was my hope, and it is my accomplishment as well, Dr.
But not for Eddie.
He came to you a year ago after his father died in prison, desperate for help.
And I get it.
You were still raw about Robin's death being ruled an accident.
But instead of easing his pain, you selfishly twisted it to gratify your own need for revenge.
I really did no such thing.
He's obviously one of those paranoid schizophrenic types who is targeting Robin's assailants all on his lonesome.
We both know that's not why he's killing these men, don't we? One reason he may be killing is pure genetics.
It's in the blood.
Lawyer: You've got nothing to arrest my client, so we're done here.
And if I find out you guys are following my client without probable cause, I'm going to sue your asses off.
Penelope, you said you had something on Edward Addison? Yeah, I've been backtracking how he's soliciting his female helpers online.
Looks like he tried to cover his tracks by bouncing around to different classified ad websites.
This is his latest ad.
It went live two minutes ago.
Can you stop someone from answering that ad? Done and doner.
I'm going to assume you can't pinpoint his computer's location.
Well-assumed, my love.
But we might finally get the chance to start playing offense.
I'm going to coordinate with our undercover tactical team.
We are going to answer this ad ourselves and bait David out into the open.
Yeah, we are.
[Carnival music playing] Agent Price in position.
Copy that.
We have eyes on you.
Matt and I are also in position, but nothing unusual yet.
Well, he's running late.
He knows we're here.
I expected he would.
[Cell phone rings] [Ring] Hey.
What's the deal? You're late.
Smith: Please, I need to speak to Emily.
Emily? Who the hell is Emily? Smith: Stop.
I want to speak to Emily.
It's ok.
Stand down.
Hello, David.
Are you David? I'm Emily.
Emily, I Just never thought I'd hear your voice again.
But you knew I'd be here.
It's your job, isn't it? Yes, it is.
You used to visit me.
I remember.
And if I got scared, you said you'd be there.
But you weren't.
Remember? I have no excuses, David.
I'm sorry.
Me, too.
But I have to do this.
No, David, please listen.
You don't understand what you're doing.
I do.
Matt, Luke, Price and I are on the move.
We're covering the south.
Smith: These men need to suffer.
They need to be punished for what they've done, just like my father.
You only think that because she told you.
She lied, David.
Simmons: David Smith.
FBI! [Tires squealing] JJ, cut off the access road that leads to Rialto Street.
Jareau: By the time we got there, David was gone.
He's in the wind.
Lewis: Well, Garcia finally has a list compiled of David Kirkwood's party guests.
We have federal marshals placing the rest of them into protective custody as we speak.
Good, only I'm not so sure those men are on David's mind right now.
But if he feels betrayed by his idealized maternal figure, he might just decide to kill himself.
Or devolve to the point where he finally subscribes to his father's psychotic rage toward women.
Which means you'd be his target.
No, not me.
[Cell phone rings] You really should answer my calls.
You lied to me.
Baltimore P.
confirmed a break-in at Dr.
Rhodes' home.
She's gone.
We're on our way there now.
Alvez: Emily, we've located the Addisons.
They're up in Lancaster.
They say they haven't seen David in weeks, that he actually moved out of their house over a year ago.
That would be right around the time his dad died in prison.
It definitely triggered him, and he probably wanted to make sure he didn't do anything to hurt his adoptive parents.
[Cell phone chirps] Penelope and Matt have something.
Simmons: So with that last crime scene and plus a list of addresses for our victims and potential victims We finally have enough data to calculate the probable comfort zone of David's horrible home away from home.
Jareau: Looks like somewhere in Briar Point, Maryland.
Probably someplace tied to the Rhodes family.
Say, something like the old defunct Freedman medical depot that's owned by Dr.
Rhodes' uncle? JJ, let's go.
I didn't lie to you David.
Kirkwood murdered Robin.
And those other men, they all helped him get away with it.
Emily, the police.
It was an accident.
These men were innocent.
And I You did nothing wrong.
It was justice.
Shut up! Look! I know you're old enough to understand this.
I will not always be around.
[Whimpers] Aah! [Yelling] [Tires squealing] [Glass crunching] David, please.
Don't Don't do this.
Prentiss: David, stop.
It doesn't have to end like this.
This isn't who you really are.
David: You take this.
I can't.
Take it! Look, you just You put your finger on the trigger.
Prentiss: No.
And you point it right at her.
This is their fault.
All right? This is their fault.
We're doing the right thing.
- All right? - Yeah.
We're doing the right thing.
Come on.
Point it.
Point it.
Point it.
Prentiss: No, David, listen.
This isn't who you really are.
But it is.
It's exactly who I am.
Rhodes: David, please Put down the gun.
Let me tell them the truth, ok? I made David kill those men.
I gave him gave him their names.
I gave him the money.
I gave him this place.
Prentiss: I won't lie to you.
The road from here is hard.
But there's hope.
Let me help you.
If you don't want to take my help, then you're gonna have to shoot me.
Is that what you want? Please don't make me do this.
I'm not gonna make you do anything you don't want to do.
Emily, no.
David, go ahead.
Do what you have to do.
Shoot me if that's who you really are.
[Gasps] Oh, my God, Emily.
[Sobbing] - I'm so sorry.
- Shh.
I'm so, so sorry.
It's all right.
I know.
I know.
This is who you really are.
Prentiss: It's been said that Mark Twain once observed, "history never repeats itself, but it often rhymes.
" Ohh, my heart hurts for David.
Fate was awfully cruel to him.
He was born and raised in his formative years by a psychopath.
What chance did he really have? The Addisons were good people, but the damage had already been done.
I can't help thinking that given different circumstances, I might have changed things for him.
Don't put this on or anywhere near you.
I know.
It's not really about that, though.
It's more about remembering what I intended to do and reconciling with what I had to do.
Anyway, it's late.
Or really early.
We'll get back at this in a couple hours.
Good night.
Good night.
[Line rings] Hey.
How do you feel about breakfast? [Doorbell rings] It's open.
Good morning.
So contrary to previous experience, I can actually cook.
Oh, wow.
I was looking forward to some leftover pizza, but, you know, it's all right.
Your instincts were correct.
About what? You know, about those times before.
I was blowing you off.
I mean, I did have to work, but I could have made the time.
And the truth is, it's just hard in this line of work.
It's hard to get close to someone.
And maybe I have some scars that haven't totally healed.
So do I.
That's ok, right? 'Cause somebody pretty wise once told me a person who doesn't have any scars hasn't lived.
So I'm wearing mine like a badge of honor.
[Timer buzzes] Well, sounds like something's ready.
You know what, let it burn, because I know this great pizza place that delivers.