Criminal Minds s14e11 Episode Script

Night Lights

1 [Beep] [Sighs] Uh, hon, you ok? This motion sensor alert on my watch, - it keeps going off.
- Ohh Turn those notifications off, would you? What if somebody's outside? It's the cat.
It's always the cat.
I don't understand how it's not the damn cat.
Ohh, it's 3:30 in the morning.
[Pounding] - That's not the cat.
- Call 911.
Wait, Tim.
Let's check.
Man: Come on! Please let me in! Please Man on phone: HNA security.
How can we help? We have a I don't know Some crazy man banging on our door.
Man on phone: Ok.
We have an officer on the way to your address.
This looks like he's in trouble, like, real trouble.
Maybe we should try to help him.
- No.
- Man on phone: No.
For your safety, do not open the door or engage with this man.
Oh, my god, Tim.
Somebody is after him.
We have to We are not opening the door.
Man: He's coming! Please open the door! He's gonna kill us! Please save us! Alvez: I'm telling you, I don't want a housewarming party.
What is wrong with you? Who doesn't like ribbon-adorned potted plants and veggie crudité and hummus with your face carved in it? Do you even fondue, bro? We've got bigger fish to fry here.
It's life and death, and a housewarming party just seems stupid.
Lewis: Ooh, who's throwing a housewarming party? Oh, please say it's you.
I'm dying for some frivolity, joy, and some overpriced snacks.
Not me, ok? Lisa wants one.
She wants to get to know all of you guys a little better.
In fact, you're the only ones invited.
I think someone is afraid of formal gestures that might insinuate a commitment.
Alvez: Oh, is that not the kettle one calling the pot black? Hey, I'm a reformed kettle, and what is it they say? The fourth time's the charm.
JJ: What are you guys talking about? Lewis: Oh, hey, Luke's throwing a housewarming party.
I'm not having a housewarming party.
JJ: What? I love a good housewarming party.
Matt, help me out, please.
Uh, what does Lisa want? [Chuckles] Lisa wants a party.
You're throwing the party, dude.
Oh Prentiss: Let's meet in the round table.
- We have a case.
- [Sighs] Lisa put you up to this, didn't she? Mm! Mm! Take a look at this.
He's coming! He's coming! Please open the door! Please help us! He's gonna kill us! Please save us! Portland, Oregon PD needs our help locating this man.
They believe the abduction might be connected to a local couple who were killed in their home last week.
That first couple was found bound with duct tape on their heads, necks, wrists, and hands.
Both crimes involve duct tape, and duct tape is pretty common.
Yeah, but abducting couples isn't.
I mean, “Save us.
Help us”? There's definitely another abductee associated with this second victim.
Simmons: Well, this guy is barefoot and wearing boxer shorts, so either the unsub surprised them in bed or this could be a sexual encounter gone wrong.
Rossi: If this starts as consensual, it certainly doesn't stay that way.
This guy fights for his freedom, fled for his life instead of going back for his partner.
Must be some sadistic games this unsub's playing.
I hate to say it, but the other victim could be dead, or maybe they split up, and this guy was lucky enough to get on camera.
Did they use facial recognition to I.
the victim? Garcia: Yeah, but nothing's come up yet.
So we have two confirmed murders and two more potential ones.
We're gonna have to move fast to stop him.
Fortunately, we will have reinforcements on this case.
Wheels up.
- Reinforcements? What reinforcements? - Him.
You're back? Why are you back? What happened? Nothing happened.
The seminar wrapped early, and I missed you guys.
Rossi: Well, you're just in time to help us reel in a nasty one.
Prentiss: We'll brief you on the way to the jet.
Let's go.
And we'll catch up later.
Go, mighty professor.
Go! [Breathing rapidly] J.
, are you awake? Can you hear me? Yeah.
Did anyone see you? When you got out, did anyone Please say yes.
I I don't know.
I tried.
I tried, I swear.
How bad does it hurt? It's bad.
I'm really scared.
I am, too.
I love you.
I need you to know that.
If we don't get out of here, I need you to know that, ok? - Don't say that.
- [Clicking] - Oh, no.
- [Whirring] Wait.
Is that Oh, god.
[Clicking] Don't do this.
Oh, wait.
Don't J.
: Not again.
Not again.
No, no, no.
Not again.
Nik, Nik, look at me.
This isn't fair.
We didn't do anything.
Nik, look at me, please! Nik, look at me.
You're the last thing that I want to see, ok, you're the last thing that I want to see.
This isn't fair.
Don't do this.
Just don't do this.
Don't do this.
[Groaning] Stop! Aah! Aah J.
, voice-over: “Revenge, the sweetest morsel to the mouth that ever was cooked in hell.
” Sir Walter Scott.
Still no I.
on the man in the video or any other potential victims, so we should start by looking at the files on our murdered couple from a week ago.
We need to confirm a connection.
Garcia, on video conference: On your tablets, you'll see William and Sarah Mendelbaum of Perri Park.
William was a beloved doctor in the community.
He retired 3 years ago.
And Sarah volunteered at a local bird sanctuary.
Both of them were in their early 60s.
Drastically different physical victimology than the guy we saw last night, who was I don't know In his late 20s, early 30s.
The duct tape tells the tale.
The first couple was bound around the wrist, ankles, and neck.
So was our guy in the video.
This had got to be the same unsub.
Simmons: The M.
determined the weapon to be some kind of a hunting knife.
On the Mendelbaums, we have 5 stab wounds on each 3 on the torso and two on their necks.
Lewis: Their eyebrows were singed, their eyelashes completely burned off.
The tips of their eyeballs were severely burned, and the skin around their eyes sustained second-degree burns antemortem.
Whatever it was that burned them couldn't be found at the scene.
Must be from some kind of localized heat source, maybe a lighter or butane torch, something so finite and precise that he didn't melt the eyeballs or destroy the eye sockets.
Reid: Garcia, can you show us the video from last night? Unfortunately, I can.
Help! Help! Please let me in! Pause it right there.
His left cornea.
You guys see that? Easily written off as reflector glow from low-light video conditions, but I think the unsub burned it, and the skin around the area isn't affected like on the Mendelbaums.
He's getting better at this.
Prentiss: Except he lost control of his victim last night, so he's not that good.
When we land, Spencer, JJ, Matt, go to the Mendelbaum crime scene.
The rest of us will set up at the local PD.
Let's hope we find this unsub before he perfects his technique.
Lewis: So the first victims, the Mendelbaums, they lived up here in the west, and then the Aldridge house, where the second victim rang the doorbell was down here in the south, so what are these two neighborhoods like? Both quiet.
The south part is adjacent to downtown, and the west part is more well-to-do and secluded in the hills.
But the blood trail found at the Aldridges' went from the porch to the curb, so our unsub had a waiting vehicle, but which direction did our victim come from? Well, our guy had mud on his feet.
How he got that would answer your question, Emily.
Police chief: The west part is right at the edge of a huge wooded forest.
All right.
So that means our victim would have had to have approached through here from this neighborhood, I'm assuming.
Roxy Heights? That would track.
If he would've just made a right when he came out of the cul-de-sac, he would've run smack dab into a police substation.
He would've been saved.
Prentiss: Maybe he didn't know the area.
Police chief: It's not like we kept it a secret.
We do all kinds of neighborhood outreach.
It changes our profile.
He picked a victim or, more likely, a couple that isn't local.
If they're hard to find, he's hard to find.
So was that on purpose, or did he just get lucky? Maybe the Mendelbaum crime scene will help us figure that out.
: Thank you for letting us into your parents' home.
Are you gonna catch the son of a bitch that did this to them? Well, we won't leave until we do.
So how long did your dad practice medicine here? 35 years, retired for only 3.
It's quite a legacy.
Can you think of anyone who would want to hurt him or your mom? No.
My dad was a pediatrician.
Everyone loved him and my mom.
I don't get it.
Why Why what? When my parents wouldn't answer my calls or texts, I came over to check on them, and You found the bodies.
Yeah, but before I did, the whole house was dark.
I was stumbling around, trying to find them, and when I got to the fuse box, all the breakers were tripped.
So the killer turned off all the lights.
This wasn't in the police report.
Did you tell them? Is it important? Uh, it might be.
Uh, excuse me.
[Indistinct conversations] So we ruled out the son, right? Yeah.
He was home all night.
Why? Well, the unsub cut the power to the house, and Ray didn't mention it to the police.
It's odd, but he did just lose both his parents.
And that tracks with what we found.
Well, what did you find? Reid: Well, the unsub secured them here and not very well.
How can you tell? Butane burns on the table.
They squirmed as he brought the lighter down.
Well, why blind him, then stab? He has them secure.
It's already dark.
What is he trying to accomplish? Simmons: This.
So we asked the police to dust for prints, but we were not expecting this.
Oh, my god.
The prints all belong to Mr.
and Mrs.
JJ: Yeah.
They were trying to feel their way around blind.
And he was watching them with his goggles on.
He wanted to see them struggle.
He wanted to see them panic.
He wanted them to know that at any point, he could stab them, which he did right there and then here.
We thought that last night's victim got lucky and escaped, but this crime scene tells an entirely different story.
He let them go on purpose, first in a controlled setting like this, then out in the wild.
So last night's victim didn't get lucky.
Our unsub's a hunter.
[Sobbing] Nikki: It's ok.
Baby, it's It's ok.
Nik, I can't see.
Just I can't see.
Focus on my voice.
I I Think about the place that we met.
Remember? Balboa.
Balboa Island.
Remember that sunset? Otherworldly, right? The pinks, the blues.
: I was hoping that if you noticed me noticing them, you'd have coffee with me.
Nik: It worked.
It did.
What was the name of that coffee shop? The Balboa Island Coffee Company.
We're gonna go back there, ok? Yeah.
I promise you, we're gonna make it back.
[Door opens] Shh, shh, shh.
Shh, shh, shh.
He's coming.
He's coming.
I hear him.
Shh, shh.
[Nikki sobbing] Uh Uh J.
: Nik.
Nik? No.
Nik? No, no.
It's my turn.
Hurt me.
He's got a knife.
What? Oh Oh Oh [Breathing heavily] Come on.
Get up.
[Groans] Now let's see you get out of here.
Go on.
Get going.
Nikki: J.
Reid: Based on the video, the unsub's goggles use a process called amplification which increases the available light in order to make it bright enough for eyes to see it.
Now, he can see his victims, but they can't see him, but here's the part that doesn't make sense.
Once they're blinded, he shouldn't need to wear that anymore.
Or it could be symbolic, or he's making a statement Colorblind.
Love is blind, blind justice.
Garcia, you're on speaker.
Garcia, on phone: Ooh, I live for speaker.
I have found additional security footage of our video guy running Or should I say sprinting? Past 3 houses in Roxy Heights.
Sent it to your tablets exactly now.
Lewis: Wow.
But he's really moving.
This is after two miles across open forest, he's still sprinting.
Well, that could be just adrenaline, but this guy's got perfect form.
Prentiss: He's also wearing an exercise watch.
This victim trained regularly.
Lewis: Well, maybe he's a runner from out-of-town.
Are there any upcoming marathons? Police chief: Yes, tomorrow.
There's a half-marathon for breast cancer research.
I've run it a few times myself in memory of my aunt Joyce.
Garcia, I want you to run the entrants' names.
Cross-reference them with their bib photos and the video stills of our missing man.
Look for romantic couples running together, married or domestic, spanning sexual preference lines.
All over it, boss, like beanies on man buns on hipsters.
[Beeping] Oh.
Here we go.
McCoy 32, Nikki Pareno 29, recently engaged, from Huntington Beach, California.
He's a financial planner.
She's a vet tech.
Looks like they were staying at a home-share rental they got off Cozynest.
It's just like Airbnb.
It's temporary rentals, having to trust strangers.
It's pretty risky if you think about it.
Address sent.
[Computer beeping] Nik Nik, is he gone? I think so.
: Ok.
I got to get you free.
No, no, no, no, no.
He's gonna be right back.
Please, J.
Now is your chance.
I'll try and help you.
There's a staircase about 12 feet ahead of you.
Keep going.
That's it.
Lewis, Rossi, take the back.
Wait for my mark.
Now be careful.
Take the hand rail and just take one step at a time, ok? One step at a time.
Man: Moving into position.
[Indistinct conversation] Nik, Nik, Nik, I hear voices.
You can do this, J.
Just head toward their voices.
We're ready.
1, 2, 3.
[Panting] They're not here.
Uh! Huh He cut off the power here, as well.
This is how he gains control.
So they run outside to check the fuse box.
He gets inside.
They come back in, and they're immediately at a disadvantage in the dark.
Just like the Mendelbaums.
Yeah, but that's where it ends.
I mean, there's no stumbling around in the dark here.
There's no handprints at all beyond the usual.
He did not kill them here.
So the unsub moved them to a secondary location.
It's risky to move two people.
Why do it, and how do you do it without being seen? All right, so we know this guy likes to take big risks, which he's done here by coming all the way across town to this house, but we still don't know why this house is so special.
Israel Keyes evaded capture for decades because he cracked the code.
Don't kill anybody connected to you, and don't kill in a space that can be connected to you.
Well, maybe this unsub did his research and figured that out, too.
All right, so maybe this guy's smart enough to have created a special layer of protection by using Cozynest to find and attack strangers, or it's the opposite, and there's some kind of an emotional tie and he chose this house purposefully.
Alvez: Your daddy said you're sort of a night owl around the neighborhood.
I have a hard time sleeping, and I like the night.
Anything happen last night that's a little out of the normal routine for around here? Our neighbors like to rent their place out on Cozynest, so it's always a mixed bag next door.
Well, did you see anyone coming or going? Well, earlier, I was in my room, and I saw the guy and a girl come home, must have been from a run.
What about after that? I thought they invited a friend over because I saw this guy helping the runner dude into a car.
The new guy, what did he look like? Dark clothes, a hoodie.
Something about him made me assume he was a dealer, you know? He had these weird sunglasses on and everything.
These sunglasses, what was weird about them, I mean, other than he had them on at night? Had something shiny on them, like a stripe or something.
It caught my eye when he opened the car door and the overhead light went on.
If I were to show you a picture of these sunglasses, would you be able to I.
them? Yeah.
That's them.
Thanks, man.
We need to deliver the profile.
The unsub we're looking for is believed to be a white male in his late 20s to early 30s who is visually impaired.
Alvez: Now, based on eyewitness confirmation, he's wearing these.
They're electronic sunglasses that help him see in the dark.
Woman: So he's blind? That should make him easy to find.
Reid: No.
He's impaired, not fully sightless, and with the aid of the glasses and the night-vision goggles, he most likely has close to full vision.
What's more relevant for our profile, however, is that behind this disability lurks a psychopath incapable of feeling empathy.
But his rage over his condition is now externalized on his victims, including anyone who shows him any empathy.
Lewis: It's also possible that this unsub has learned how to weaponize his disability in order to make himself seem less threatening to his victims.
Rossi: However, this unsub has limited social skills.
His disability has kept him withdrawn and isolated.
That's why he's taken his own impairment out on his victims.
He wants them to know what it's like to be him.
Bringing them to his level allows him to draw out the torture and engage in cat-and-mouse-type play with them.
Psychopaths get bored easily.
That's why they take bigger and bigger risks.
That's why he released J.
, and we expect him to continue to escalate with Nikki.
What does that look like? Reid: It could be pretending to care about her or pretending to let her go after he blinds her.
Nikki might have a chance if she can prove that she sees him as a human being instead of a monster, which is how he feels.
, you made Oh Oh Oh Did you hurt him? Did you? Oh, please.
Oh [Panting] Uh Uh You don't have to kill me.
Let me go.
I won't say anything.
Look at me.
Are you repulsed by me? What happened to you? I want to know.
Please tell me.
[Whispering indistinctly] Whoa.
Reid, on phone: What'd you find, Garcia? Well, the first two victims were very well-respected, just like their son reported, but Dr.
Mendelbaum was not without a checkered past.
I'm sending you a news clipping now.
You are, I'm sure, aware of exposure therapy.
It's a form of cognitive behavioral therapy that's been around since the 1950s in which a patient is forced to confront their anxieties.
Take arachnophobia, for instance.
Under the guidance of a doctor and/or a psychologist, a patient is methodically introduced to spiders in a controlled setting, the idea being that the more familiar they are with arachnids The less you fear them.
Well, it looks like Dr.
Mendelbaum was trying this out with his patients.
Garcia: Two correct me if I'm wrong, and I want to be wrong Were children, no? Reid: They were, and exposure therapy with children has to be administered with extreme care, or it can be interpreted as negative reinforcement, compounding the problem.
Ray withheld details about his parents' murder from the police.
Consciously or unconsciously, he may have feared that this played a part in it.
Well, if the unsub was one of his dad's patients, he might be right.
One of these kids took his own life only after a few sessions of exposure therapy, but that was enough for your father to discontinue his work and take a leave of absence.
That case has nothing to do with what happened to my folks.
We settled with the family.
We agree, but your parents' killer could have been another kid he treated.
Ray Ray, we know your father was a good man and a good doctor, that he regularly gave free checkups, and medical care to at-risk kids.
Reid: Even good men make mistakes.
You need to help us fix what your dad did because right now, his killer has two more victims someplace.
He kept detailed records.
We still have them.
JJ: We're gonna need to see those.
What do you want from me? Is there something I can help you with? Aah! Aah! [Tape ripping] [Groans] Is this another game? No.
No more games.
[Gasps] You're gonna be my eyes.
He kept all of his old patient records, even the not so successful ones.
He was writing a memoir about his research, even admitting his failures, in hopes to find a better way to help these kids.
If you don't mind, I'll leave you to it.
Hey, um I know this is really hard for you.
We really appreciate it.
Oh, talk about a needle in a haystack.
And they're anonymized, no names.
Ok, well, a needle in an ocean.
So according to Garcia, the study took place from the late nineties to the early 2000s, so let's just pull everything from that time frame.
Mendelbaum seemed to focus on patients suffering from separation anxiety, which is a common condition in childhood.
And this sort of therapy can be effective with proper supervision, but without the proper guidance, it can have the opposite effect.
It can take an otherwise effective form of therapy and turn it into an endless form of torture.
And how would that anxiety manifest? Crying in school, fear of drowning, refusal to sleep alone.
Fear of the dark? Absolutely.
This file might be our unsub Number 20411.
One of the primary treatments is desensitization, incremental, nonthreatening intervals of darkness, kind of like being in solitary confinement.
That's not good.
It is not.
Ok, so it looks like he was a patient for 14 months before the study was stopped.
The doc was trying a more aggressive approach Longer periods of isolation in the dark, the use of blindfolds within hypnosis Since this patient had such a severe case.
That's not long enough for irreversible brain damage, but it the doctor stopped his therapy after his other patient's suicide, the unsub's parents might have decided to continue the therapy unsupervised.
Or even as a way to punish him when he acted out, locking him in the dark, thinking they're helping him, toughening him up Their pseudo, amateur version of the doctor's treatment, completely dangerous, upping the ante and retraumatizing him.
We need to crack this code and find patient 20411.
So now that you know the truth You still want to help me? Yes.
I promise that I'll help you, but first, I want to see J.
, please.
[Click] Prentiss: I just got off the phone with Garcia.
The owners of the Cozynest house where J.
And Nikki were abducted are out of town.
However, we were able to track down their daughter, who manages the rental in their absence.
She's on her way in.
It's got to be here.
I've applied every potential numeric algorithm, and so far, nothing.
Simmons: Well, if this exposure therapy was the unsub's stressor, why wait until now to take his revenge? He could have been locked up.
Or moved away or had been hospitalized.
More to the point, why go after a seemingly random couple like J.
And Nikki? It just doesn't add up unless it was about the home they're staying in and not about them specifically.
This guy absolutely lives for the hunt, so what if this isn't only about reenacting his trauma but it's also about unfinished business? Simmons: But with who, though? I mean, who's left for him to hunt? Where are we going? You help me, I'll help you.
These codes represent children, but they're obscure to protect them, personally connected but supersedes numerical logic.
Home address.
Lewis: Do you recognize this man? No, but I'm confused.
You said these people were abducted by this man.
Are they dead? Right now, they're missing, but the last place that they were seen alive was at your parents' rental house.
You take care of that for them? Yeah.
I mean, I just make sure people get checked in and out and that the place gets cleaned up in between guests.
You ever have any problems with any other guests? You ever have to go out there? No.
With the website, it pretty much runs itself.
This was just a way for them to make some extra money.
We don't believe the suspect went to your parents' house by coincidence.
You think they were the target? It's possible.
Did you grow up there? Yeah, but my parents are quiet, homebodies.
I don't know who would even do something like this.
Does the number 20411 mean anything to you? Christian, what does it mean? I haven't talked about this in I don't even know if It's all right.
Take your time.
In high school, I went to this bonfire party in the woods.
There was a lot of drinking, you know, typical high-school stuff.
This boy convinced me to take him to Inspiration Point, the local overlook.
Mars was supposed to be visible, and he wanted me to describe it for him.
I felt bad for him, so I went.
Because he was blind? I mean, not completely.
He He tried to hold me down, even wrapped tape around my wrists and tied a scarf around my eyes.
I kept fighting and managed to get away, but he came after me, laughing.
I have never been so scared in my life, and I started screaming, and, thankfully, one of my friends heard me and came running, but the look on this guy's face, he was clearly enjoying it, and he could see better than he let on.
His house was right by my school, and every day, I was reminded, every single day.
It made me sick.
He lived at 20411 Mansard Lane.
What was his name? Could I possibly ever forget it? It's Dustin Eisworth.
Garcia: Dustin Eisworth son of Troy and Patricia Eisworth of 20411 Mansard Lane.
He ticks all of the troubled-youth boxes.
Sending you directions now.
Lewis: All right.
We're on our way.
Prentiss: Garcia, what else do we need to know? Garcia, on phone: Well, he was kicked out of school for a cornucopia of disciplinary issues, including Christian's account of the assault.
Then he went to reform school.
Then he went to prison for getting in a bar fight that left one man permanently blind.
He was only supposed to serve 3 years in prison.
He ended up serving 10, most of those in solitary confinement, after killing another inmate.
Let me guess.
He just got out.
Garcia, on phone: 3 weeks ago.
So Dustin sat in prison for over a decade, his resentment building up.
Reid, on phone: Not to mention, his visual condition would be severely deteriorated due to all that time in solitary.
Alvez, on phone: Well, if he's staying at his parents' house, he killed them, first blinding them so that they could know how he felt, then off to the Mendelbaums'.
Next, he went looking for Christian Russo because she's the one that got him kicked out of school but found Nikki and J.
P instead.
And now he's recreating his cat-and-mouse power play with them.
He won't go down without a fight.
Do not underestimate this man.
Do you see them? I tried to forgive them just like I tried to forgive Dr.
You know what they said? Dear old Mom and Dad, you know what they said? They said I was sick.
Well, they made me sick, and then I went to get Christian, but I found you there, you and J.
[Gasps] No.
P J.
, J.
[Sobbing] No! Dustin: What did you think? What, you thought I would keep him alive? You thought I would let you go? You thought I needed your help? I might be going blind, but I'm not stupid.
I could see right through you.
[Panting] Everyone thinks they're better than Dustin.
Everyone thinks they're stronger than me and they're smarter than me, that I'm still that scared little boy afraid of the dark.
Yaah! Ah! Uh Dustin: Uh! Ah! Uh Help! Someone! I'm in here! [Groans softly] Help! I'm in here! J.
: Stay with us.
We're coming in.
Where is he? I don't know.
Somewhere in the house.
[Loud thud] Go, go, go! Checking rooms.
Have medical standing by.
All right.
Let's get her out of here.
The house isn't secure.
I'll finish checking upstairs.
[Click click click] FBI.
[Gunshot] Thanks.
Lewis, voice-over: “we're all going to die, all of us.
“What a circus.
“That alone should make us love each other, but it doesn't.
“We are terrorized and flattened by trivialities.
We are eaten up by nothing.
” Charles Bukowski.
I always had a vision in my head Reid: Did you guys know that the presumption about blindness causing your sense of smell to heighten is actually a myth? The fact is, your memory of smell sharpens, but not your actual sense.
Keep going.
You got anything else in there you want to let out? Reid: There's never been a single documented case of anyone who was born blind developing schizophrenia.
Oh, interesting facts for 200, Alex.
Tell him what he's won.
Garcia: Hey, hey, hey! Hey! Hey! Ha ha! Ok.
Methinks thou dost protest too much about this whole not liking a housewarming thing.
Where's Lisa? Alvez: She got called away at the last minute to cover night shift, so I guess E.
doctors come with a perfectly built-in, acceptable excuse to not be at their own parties, even if it was their own idea in the first place.
As do FBI agents.
Anyway, don't be rude.
- Open my gift.
- Ok.
Come on.
Just open the gift.
Ooh, ok.
Yay! All right.
Well, look.
I'm beginning to understand the value of a housewarming party.
Thank you.
Prentiss: Hey.
Since Lisa can't make it, you need to be sure to tell her this is from all of us Bread, salt, and wine.
Don't make me quote the whole movie.
Alvez: Uh, am I missing something? I mean, I thought we were all off the carbs.
Garcia: Guys never get this.
Since you apparently were sick on the mandatory viewing day of “It's a wonderful life,” we're all gonna help you out.
May your home always have J.
: Bread that your house may never know hunger Salt that life may always have flavor Simmons: And wine, in which joy and prosperity may reign forever.
Oh, yes.
There will always be wine in this house.
- To Lisa.
- To Lisa.
To Lisa.
- Cheers.
- Rossi: Salud.
Reid: In 1947, the FBI issued a statement discrediting “It's a wonderful life” because they said it promoted communism.
Alvez: So good to have you back, doc [Music playing]