Criminal Minds s15e03 Episode Script

Spectator Slowing

1 Girl: Hey, Mom, can Amber come over tonight? Woman: I don't know.
What about your homework? I already did it in school.
- Really? - Yeah.
Well, let's talk about it after dinner.
Ok, Mom.
[Car turns off.]
[Opens mailbox.]
We still got left over meatloaf.
You want to do that? Girl: Sure.
What's wrong? [Car alarm sounds.]
[Dog barking.]
[Kids laughing.]
- Jake: Mom! Mom! - Chloe: Mom! Hi, guys.
You don't look sick, Mom.
Oh, I'm not, sweetie.
I'm I'm just resting.
Are you going to throw up? [Laughs.]
No, no, I'm fine.
Here, Mommy.
She made you a sandwich.
Why, thank you, Lily.
It's tuna fish.
And peanut butter.
Yeah, I see that.
All right, kids.
That's enough.
Come on, your mom needs some peace and quiet.
Let's go.
Come on.
David: I want to play monopoly.
- Phew.
- Mm-hmm.
All right, so you remember the ground rules? The doctor said 24 to 48 hours complete bed rest.
Not here and there bed rest, complete.
And if you need anything [Bell dings.]
Just ring and I will come and take care of it.
Well, let's test this thing out.
[Bell dings.]
I need a kiss.
Boy: I'm telling Mom.
And I'm telling Dad.
You sure you're up to this? Well, administrative day at school, no sitters, so I better be up to it.
I might be the first woman to give birth to a beach ball.
Well, just hang in there.
Number 5.
Number 5.
Have we totally lost our minds? You start resting.
- Now.
- [Laughs.]
- I'm gonna - Yeah, thanks.
Appreciate that.
Reid: You're back.
Yeah, thought I'd get in early, stake out my spot.
Feels like old times.
It does.
That's good, right? It's great.
Garcia: JJ, oh, my god, oh, my god, oh, my god.
JJ! Oh, my god.
Look at that.
- Look at you.
- Ohh, hey.
- Hi.
- It's me.
- [Laughs.]
- Hi.
Missed you.
Hey, there.
Welcome back.
So good to have you back.
Great to be here.
We did discuss you maybe easing back into things slowly.
Emily, I'm good to go, really.
I even brought a permission slip from my doctor.
Promise me, no jumping out of helicopters.
Only as a last resort.
You have my word.
So what have we got? Well, the two mail bombing deaths we've been monitoring in Ohio and Kentucky, third one just happened in Memphis.
We aren't monitoring anymore.
This case is now our top priority.
Two victims are Rhonda Kirkman and her daughter Sophia, but unlike Joseph Ainsworth and Sheila Stecher, both of these sweet souls have survived.
Apparently that blast wasn't as strong as the others.
Mother and daughter are in critical condition, though.
And we still don't know how these bombs were sent? None of the traditional mail carriers sent any packages to the victims on the days of the attacks.
Well, good chance he dropped them off himself.
Well, that'd be a significant deviation from the traditional M.
of a mail bomber.
Most don't get anywhere near their victims.
And I wonder why the third bomb didn't pack the same punch.
Device malfunction, maybe? That would be my guess.
Guys like this don't usually dial down the violence, they escalate.
Well, if this latest bomb was less powerful, hopefully we have more forensic evidence to sift through.
What I'm worried about is a pissed off unsub.
He botched this one.
We can be damn sure the next attack will get the job done and then some.
Kristy's on mandated bed rest, so Matt will stay behind and consult by phone.
His military experience with munitions should be helpful.
For the rest of us, wheels up in 10.
It's 250, right? Plus tip, if you're so inclined.
Ok, let's do this.
One red hot, stone cold cadaver coming up.
You said this would be a woman.
Body stealing business, sometimes you take the No, man, we agreed that this would be a woman.
Dead's dead.
What the hell's the difference? Oh, you don't got to go this route, buddy.
They've got online dating sites now.
Spruce up a little.
You're not a bad-looking guy.
Learn a little ballroom dancing.
I'm joking, man.
Just yanking your chain.
Ok, uh, this transaction, the merchandise being what it is, all sales are final.
So you want the stiff or not? Yeah, put it in.
Free shipping stops here.
Put it in yourself.
[Bag zips.]
[Door closes.]
Prentiss: "Life is under no obligation" to give us what we expect.
" Margaret Mitchell.
Rhonda Kirkman and her daughter are still in the ICU.
Garcia: Friends, packaging received from the latest bombing had U.
postage, but curiously, no cancellation marks.
Well, the unsub put them on just to make them look legit.
So it's what we theorized.
He's hand delivering the bombs.
Risky business exposing yourself like that.
Most bombers are cowards who do their dirty work from the shadows.
You know, there's something else missing that we usually find with this type of killer A manifesto, some sort of cause they wish to espouse.
Ted Kaczynski, Eric Rudolph, Timothy McVeigh, bombers tend to be fanatics driven by extreme ideologies.
Victimology's also tough on this one.
Garcia, still nothing to connect the victims? They are homo sapiens on the planet earth, but besides that age, race, ethnicity it's one big mash up.
Well, they had one thing in common The unsub wanted them all dead.
Tara, you and Luke go take a look at the latest crime scene.
Reid, JJ, you'll head to the hospital.
Dave and I will set up with local law enforcement once we land.
So how's Kristy's bed rest going? She's complying, but she's not happy about it.
And I am being that hard-ass hall monitor that everybody hates.
Rossi: Have you had a chance to review that bomb evidence we sent you? Yeah, that's why I'm calling.
So we're definitely dealing with one unsub here.
The assembly and packaging in all 3 attacks are identical.
Those bombs didn't look especially sophisticated.
No, they're not.
You stumble across the right website, and your average person could probably put these together.
One more thing.
It looks like each package contained a book of some kind.
Maybe that's what set off the explosive.
You open the cover, boom.
That was my initial thought, too, but I'm not seeing any spring-loaded triggers.
Then what then, a timer? No, no timing devices, either.
[Children laughing.]
I think these explosives are being detonated via remote control.
Ok, I'll let you go.
So what are your kiddie plans for today? Oh, we're gonna go big.
Uh, cook a fancy meal, maybe play a board game.
Board game? Yeah, I've got one here I bought in Thailand years ago, haven't opened yet.
Attenzione alla varietà.
Translation? Roughly, deviate from video games at your own risk.
Buona fortuna.
Photo album.
This must be the book Matt was talking about.
Yeah, similar albums were pieced together at the other crime scenes.
We're trying to track down where they were purchased.
Any actual photographs recovered? Only this one from Rhonda's house.
But check this out.
He sent Rhonda a picture of her own house.
Her house, but What else? Simmons: So what do you think? Huh? We're gonna choose something we've never eaten before, we're gonna make it from scratch together.
Why can't we eat something normal? Like pizza.
Because we eat normal all the time.
Come on, you guys, it'll be fun.
We'll make extra for your mommy.
We're gonna surprise her.
Here's what we'll do.
I'm gonna close my eyes and move my finger, and when you say "stop," the book I'm pointing to, no matter what, we'll fix what's on the cover.
Sound good? Loving the enthusiasm.
Ok, here we go.
[Children giggle.]
"Modern Moroccan.
" Basila with dejaj dajaj daja All right, it's a little complicated.
We're gonna check and see what the ingredients are.
Ginger, ok.
Turmeric, crumbled saffron threads? [Mutters.]
Crumbled saffron threads.
How does pizza sound, you guys? [Children cheering.]
Yeah, let's do let's do pizza.
- Yeah.
- Yeah! Pizza.
and Mrs.
Kirkman, I'm Dr.
I'm SSA Jennifer Jareau.
We're with the FBI.
The doctors said you'd be coming.
We're very sorry about what happened to your daughter and grandchild.
Thank you.
We know that this is a difficult time, but No, no, ask your questions.
Neither one of us has had much sleep, though.
Flights were all booked so we drove down from Michigan.
Yeah, straight through the night.
Do you have any idea who might have done this? Woman: Not at all.
Everybody loves Rhonda.
She didn't have an enemy in the world.
Kirkman? My wife cuts people too much slack.
Rhonda's got an ex you need to check out.
No, these people need to know, Laura.
Randall Gilman.
Rhonda divorced that SOB last summer, and when she got custody of Sophia, he said he was gonna make her pay.
That's not what he meant by that.
No, no, exact words.
Make her pay.
Excuse me, Mr.
and Mrs.
Rhonda's still in surgery, but if you want to see your granddaughter for a few minutes, come with me.
Oh, my god, Sophia.
Please find who did this.
Ok, so we spoke to Rhonda's neighbors, and they echo what people said about the previous victims Quiet and well liked.
Yeah, she worked a normal job, middle of the road politics, not involved in any controversial causes.
Ok, so we have no obvious shared ideology among the victims that might have angered our unsub.
Well, maybe it's an internal ideology unique to him.
You know, they crossed some line only he understands.
It's rare with bombers, but maybe our killer's choosing his victims randomly.
JJ said Rhonda had an ex we were looking at.
Looked at and cleared.
Solid alibi.
And he had no motive to kill the other two victims.
So we're back to square one.
Reid's working up a geo profile, but for now, it's anyone's guess where our unsub will strike next.
[Car engine starts.]
Jareau: So it looks like this resists traditional geo profiling.
Attack sites are often like spokes emanating from a single hub, but that isn't the case here.
It's more random, scattershot.
I think the unsub lives in a different part of the country altogether.
That might be why he's reluctant to mail his packages.
He's out of his element.
Jareau: He's also sadistic.
He wants to watch his victims die with his own eyes.
Agents? I went to the post office to pick up Rhonda's mail, and Alvez: "Your presence is requested" "at the funeral of Rhonda Kirkman.
Fun and games to follow.
" This was enclosed.
[Vehicle approaching.]
[Car door opens, closes.]
[Camera shutter clicks.]
We contacted the family members of the first two bombing victims.
They found posthumous funeral notices in the mail as well.
Same message? "Fun and games to follow.
" Well, let's just hope it's a taunt - and not a warning of things to come.
- [Cellphone rings.]
Matt, how are things going on the home front? So far so good.
And how'd that Michelin-starred meal pan out? Well, it's hard to go wrong with pepperoni and cheese.
So listen, I took another look at the evidence from the Rhonda Kirkman crime scene.
And while the dimensions of the device look the same as the previous bombs Height, width, and length The actual blast radius had diminished by almost half.
The thing is, I'm not seeing anything that suggests a misfire.
So he deliberately made the bomb less powerful? And less deadly.
The shrapnel from the first two bombs were nasty Thumbtacks, razors, nails But Rhonda's bomb was filled with ball bearings, small ones, like BB gun pellets.
Increasing the chance that Rhonda and Sophia would survive.
I don't know why he'd do this except to prolong the trauma.
If they don't survive, how can they suffer? Thanks, Matt.
Another bomb just went off about an hour south of here.
One confirmed fatality.
ATF is on site.
It looks like our guy.
Back-to-back attacks on consecutive days.
He's accelerating.
Law enforcement's breathing down his neck.
He must know his window to wreak havoc is closing.
Apparently our unsub's back in the saddle.
This blast was full octane, so whatever the hiccup was with Rhonda Kirkman, he fixed it.
Man: Not laughing now, are you? Not so funny, huh? I don't hear you laughing.
Aah! [Screaming.]
What's so funny? Stop! No! [Woman screams.]
Mom! Help me! [Grunts.]
Prentiss: Ok.
Garcia still can't find a link between the victims.
Maybe we're looking in the wrong place.
What are you thinking? There's no logic in sending funeral notices to people he already killed.
I think they were meant for somebody else.
That's why Garcia's coming up empty.
The connection here isn't among the victims, but in the pool of surviving loved ones.
Couple of hours ago, police responded to a noise complaint in Millington, about 10 miles north of here.
They found a blown-up shed in a field.
There was a male cadaver inside.
[Bell dinging.]
I just wanted to see that stunningly handsome face and admire those broad, squared off shoulders.
No what? No, you can't get up and move around for just 5 minutes.
Kristy: Fine.
How's the board game going? Labor intensive.
For starters, the instructions are in Thai.
Then the dice turned out just to be blank cubes that you have to lick and stick dots on by hand.
You're kidding.
No, and it took us half an hour, then the very first roll, they just [rolls tongue.]
Fluttered off like confetti.
So now Jake's trying to draw them on with a pen, but the ink won't stick.
Something else is bothering you.
We have a little girl in Tennessee who's fighting for her life.
Sometimes I wish I could just [Snap.]
Snap my fingers and make all the bad in the world go away.
Lily: Dad! Oh! They're playing my song.
[Children playing.]
I love you.
Now go out there and show them how to do it old school.
Will do.
Chloe: What did you do? Lily: I didn't do anything! [Door closes.]
Is everything ok, Dad? Yeah, everything's fine, son.
Ok, let's start with Lily.
Jake: I think we need to find another game.
There's nothing on the dice.
Of course there is.
You're just not looking hard enough.
All right, Lily.
Thank you so much for coming in.
They said you wanted us to take a look at some pictures.
If you don't mind, they're right in here.
Laura: I don't recognize any of these people.
Me, neither.
Reid: Take your time.
Try focusing on one group before moving on to the next.
Fred: Who are they, anyway? Family members of the other 3 victims, like you.
So I think 2, 3, 4 Lily has 8 to win.
Yeah, but 2, 6, or 7, and you're dead.
No pressure.
Here you go.
8! [All cheering.]
We have a winner! Nice! Yes! I'll be damned.
Fred: Yeah.
How did you do this? Reid: How do you know these people? We met on a cruise last month.
Went up the St.
Lawrence river in Canada.
Yeah, the boat docked for the day in Montreal, and the 5 of us decided to rent a car, go drive around the countryside on our own.
So here's what we know.
These 5 people rented a car together in Montreal on October 2.
And within weeks, all of them had loved ones who were attacked by our unsub Joseph Ainsworth, Colin's father, Sheila Stecher, the sister of Wanda, and Joel Reynolds, Meg's father.
And this is the route they took.
They stopped for lunch, then went back to the boat.
Somewhere along the way, they encountered the unsub.
Must have.
We should bring Fred and Laura in for a cognitive with Dave.
We should also place them in protective custody.
We don't know who's next, but this unsub isn't finished.
Ok, do you remember the male cadaver they retrieved from that shed? Not the sort of thing one forgets.
Well, allow me to make him a little more unforgettable.
Turns out our boy was wearing a bright yellow dress, and they retrieved vintage lady's sunglasses.
So the unsub dressed him up to resemble a woman A surrogate.
And then blew him to smithereens Overkill.
Yeah, this guy's approaching the ultimate source of his rage.
We could be looking at an end game here.
Ok, Luke, get down to the hospital, beef up security.
Got it.
Getting some coffee.
Want some? Mm-mmm.
[Telephone rings.]
[Indistinct P.
Visiting someone? Yeah, my, uh, daughter and granddaughter.
Unsub: I'm here for my mom.
She was in an accident.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm hoping maybe this might cheer her up.
I'm sure it will.
Which doctor do you guys have, um, your daughter and granddaughter? Dr.
That's my mom's doctor, too, actually.
Everyone says he's amazing.
You have a nice evening.
You, too.
All right, let's see if you can have one of your officers post up here in the waiting room.
I don't want anybody going into this room that's not authorized medical personnel, no exceptions.
We're gonna need a police officer to take Mr.
and Mrs.
Kirkman down to the police station, make sure that they understand what's going on.
Officer: Yes, sir.
What's that? I don't know.
It wasn't there when I made my rounds a minute ago.
Get the patient out of here now, and clear this entire floor now.
Shouldn't we wait until the bomb squad gets here? No, there's no time.
He's using a remote.
Alvez: Let's go.
Get her out.
Hang on a second.
JJ's walking in.
Does anybody know what happened? No, Luke was there, and then everybody started evacuating, and then no one was there but Luke, and I don't know what happened to him.
The hospital's on lockdown, but there's no signs of an explosion.
Emily and Dave should be there by now.
I'll let you know if I find anything.
You let me know if you find anything, but we need to find something.
[Indistinct police radio chatter.]
Luke, are you ok? I'm fine.
I won't need any caffeine for a while, though.
Did it misfire? No, it was never rigged to go off.
I think it was just for show.
Jareau: He came out of Sophia's room.
He's got to be our guy.
Laura already ID'd him as the man who sat and talked with her in the waiting room.
She'd never seen him before? Nope, not here, not in Canada.
If the unsub's goal all this time has been to punish and eventually kill Rhonda and her daughter, he just had his best chance to finish the job.
Why didn't he take it? The same reason he made their initial bomb less lethal.
He wants them to survive in order to suffer, string out the pain.
Why only them, not the other victims? We're missing something.
Well, Dave's about to start his cognitive with Fred Kirkman.
Maybe we'll find some answers there.
You rented a car in Montreal and you left right away.
Everybody wanted to go see the leaves changing.
Did you stop along the way? Yeah, lots of times.
Everybody had to get out and take pictures.
Well, where did you stop for lunch? A little mom and pop type place off by itself.
Now picture the man your wife talked to at the hospital.
Is he there? Could have been an employee or someone else who was having lunch.
All right, um, after lunch, then what, you drove back to return the car? Yes, I was nervous we'd be late getting back to the cruise ship.
Were you feeling anxious about that during lunch? No.
Then what happened to make you start worrying? I don't know.
Uh Wait, I remember now.
This other guy that was with us, we were practically back to Montreal, maybe 10 minutes away, uh, he made us stop and take another picture.
Other guy, as in Colin Ainsworth? Yeah, I guess that was his name, yeah.
What did Colin want to take a picture of? It was it was just this house.
There was tape around it.
- Tape? - Yeah.
You mean police tape? Yeah.
I didn't pay that much attention, but this guy, this Colin, he He said the place was famous.
Let's take a little break, Fred.
You're right, they would have gone right past manner street.
- That has to be it.
- I don't understand.
What's manner street? A couple of months ago Canadian police found 8 bodies in the basement of a house there.
Murdered? Poisoned.
The homeowner rented a spare room to pensioners and people on disability, killed them, and kept cashing their government checks.
What happened to the guy? When the police zeroed in, he blew himself up in front of his house using a homemade explosive.
Garcia's on it.
We need to find out everything about the people connected to that case The killer, victims, friends, and family.
Let's see if I can get some more from Fred.
Let's get back to the house.
[Cellphone rings.]
Yes? This is she.
Well, they told me I needed to stay here at the police department.
All right, Dr.
I understand.
I'm on my way.
He didn't say anything.
All he wanted was his damn picture.
He had a regular camera, not one of those those phone things, so he needed one of us to take it.
Thank you.
This is so cool.
Laura said she'd do it.
Your wife took a picture of Colin? Yeah.
Damn near broke her ankle doing it, too.
How? The lawn was all overgrown, and she tripped over a clump of grass.
You all right? Laura: Yeah.
Now, this is very important, Mr.
I want you think very hard.
Was there anybody else there? Wait.
Wait, there was somebody, off by himself, on the other side of the yard, standing next to a car.
He was staring over towards Laura.
Rossi: Towards Laura or at Laura? Not right at her.
He was staring down, like where she was walking.
Where she tripped? Yes, where she stomped on the It was a bouquet of flowers.
Kirkman, what was your wife wearing that day? Wearing? Um A yellow dress.
Rhonda and Sophia were never the ultimate targets.
He's after Laura.
Where's Mrs.
Kirkman? [Indistinct police radio chatter.]
[Woman whimpers.]
[Electricity crackles.]
[Muffled screams.]
Kirkman was supposed to be in police custody.
What the hell happened? Miscommunication during shift change.
So apparently the unsub posed as a doctor to lure her out, said she needed to sign some forms - at the hospital - [Cellphone rings.]
What is it, Garcia? I think I got the who, but I don't have the where.
I looked into everybody involved in the Manner Street murders, and nothing interesting has come up until I got to the final victim, Sally Baker.
What's interesting about her is she's a total blank.
Why is she a blank? Turns out Sally Baker's not her name, but Audrey Mattson.
An assumed name? Why, was she in trouble? Eh, more like getting out of trouble.
30 years ago she falls in love with this guy, Karl Blair.
Karl is a total drunk, he's an abusive stalker.
She tries to get away from him, the system fails her, so she has to change her name, go underground, move up to Canada.
Karl Blair profiles too old to be our unsub, though.
But their 26-year-old son Shelby does not.
According to child services, he did everything he could to try to protect his mom, but unfortunately, he inherited his father's violent nature and he's been in and out of jail.
Here is his most current mug shot.
Prentiss: And we don't have Shelby's address? No, that's the only thing I haven't been able to figure.
He was born in Texas, but he's been a drifter his whole life.
Ok, thanks, Garcia.
The mother he adored and tried to protect ended up murdered anyway.
He must have brought the flowers to commemorate the spot.
Only to find a group of lookie-loos using the tragedy as a backdrop to a photo op, trampled his flowers, and continued on their merry way.
So he found out who they were and decided to give them a dose of the same pain.
This is Agent Prentiss.
I need to speak with the security detail at the Kirkman crime scene asap.
What is it? They've been trying to contact the officer guarding the crime scene for the past 10 minutes.
He isn't responding.
Please don't do this.
Unsub: Have you ever been to New Orleans? Listen to me.
Well, when I was a kid, I lived there with my mom for a little bit, like it was right after Katrina, like right after.
I mean, this place was like you can't even imagine.
And, uh, she worked in one of those fancy hotels, and her job was to pack the lunches for the hotel's disaster tours.
What what are you talking about? Seriously.
I mean, they didn't call them that, but that's what they were, you know.
You pile in a minibus, and you go gawk.
Bourbon Street, check.
Garden District, check.
Its human misery, double check.
Please! These lunches, they were gourmet.
You know, they even had little Chardonnay bottles, you know, something nice to sip on down there in the lower ninth.
Hey, look, that's where so and so drowned like a rat, next to the old lady who starved to death! I don't know who you think you're talking to, but you have the wrong person.
I have the right person.
But the sad thing is that I could get pretty much any person off the street and I'd kind of have the right person, because people are all the same.
Everybody loves bad stuff when it happens to someone else.
It's like when there's a car crash and everyone's got to stop and rubberneck.
You know, my mom said that, um, making those lunches is the most shameful thing she ever had to do.
What are you gonna do? Take a photo and scrapbook of my own.
No! [Whimpering.]
Prentiss: Shelby Mattson, FBI.
Hands in the air now! You come any closer and I'm gonna release this trigger.
Don't do it.
I release this, none of us are going anywhere ever again.
I swear to God! Go ahead.
What? Go ahead.
Need an ambulance now.
You ok? Yeah, I'm good.
[Laura whimpering.]
[Sirens approaching.]
[Monitors beeping.]
[Sophia laughs.]
Rhonda's also out of surgery.
Doctor says they're both gonna be ok.
That's really great news.
So how did you know Mattson was bluffing? I wondered the same thing.
What if the device he was holding had been the actual detonator.
"Fun and games to follow.
" Shelby Mattson wasn't suicidal, he was on a mission.
And if we hadn't shown up, it wasn't gonna end in Rhonda Kirkman's front yard.
Sophia: Me, too, Grandma.
I love you more.
[Opera music playing.]
Jake: Dad? Hey.
What's up? Is Mom gonna be ok? Your mom's gonna be fine.
She's just getting strong for when your new brother or sister shows up.
You really couldn't see the numbers on the dice, could you? No.
I couldn't.
That'll be our little secret, ok? But, hey, it was fun anyway, wasn't it? Yeah.
Right? Mm-hmm.
Yeah, it was.
[Bell ringing.]
I am being summoned.
Hey, hey.
I love you.
I love you, too.
[Bell ringing.]
I could get used to this.
Emily called from the jet, and the little girl I told you about is going to be ok.
- Aw.
- And her mom, too.
That's wonderful news.
Nice music.
Before bed Lily asked me what opera was, so I told her the whole story.
Of Madame butterfly? Mm-hmm.
How an American sailor came to Japan and they fell in love, they had a baby, but back in those days, it was hard for the two cultures to come together.
And did Lily understand? I don't think so.
Because at the end of the story, she asked me if the American sailor was Popeye.
Oh, don't do that, you'll make my water break.
I can't I was just out there thinking about how much trust our children have in us.
And how at the age they are now, their lives are totally in our hands.
What prompted that? A pair of dice without any dots.
I'll tell you about it later.
Well, I've been doing some thinking of my own.
After this one, what do you say we call it a day, kid-making-wise? 5 is a nice round number.
Hmm? - Mm-hmm.
- Sure.
I'll drink to that.