Criminal Minds s15e04 Episode Script


1 [Alarm blaring.]
Woman: Aah! [Metal scraping.]
Drop your weapon.
[Trigger clicking.]
Oh! And that's when I wake up.
It's been the same dream for the past week.
What do you think? - I've heard it before.
- You have? It's a very common anxiety dream among law enforcement.
Sometimes secret service agents have one about not taking the bullet.
What do you think it means? The axe murderer comes across having schizo-affective disorder, which is odd because of Spencer, that's a profile.
What does the dream make you feel? You know, when we started a few weeks ago, you said you wanted to dive into the deep end, trying to resolve feelings toward a co-worker.
JJ and I have worked through it.
We're actually we're doing great, especially after what she's been through.
It's kind of amazing But we we're not talking about her, we're talking about you.
You've been at the BAU for 14 years? At a job that dominates your time and focus.
Must take a lot out of you.
Sometimes, but I love it, though.
But we all need healthy outlets, so, what are yours? Uh, well, I read, I, um Who do you talk to? I, um well, JJ, Rossi, Luke.
Who do you talk to outside of work? Nobody.
All right, time's almost up.
Take today.
Don't think about work.
Don't think about work? What do you mean? Not even a little bit.
I want you to have one normal conversation with one normal person, then come back and tell me about it.
Or I could come up with a plan about what I was going to say, you know, before actually executing it Just do it.
[Elevator bell dings.]
I'm here.
Just some guy in the elevator.
Oh, my.
The holes don't line up.
And the color really Announces itself.
And don't start.
I accidentally ordered Red online.
It's custom-made.
There's absolutely no returns, so I'm pretending to love it.
Can't you paint it anything else? I tried that.
It's made out of some kind of, like, some kind of space-age polymer and the paint won't even stick.
Oh, man.
This used to be my office, and now I'm working at the kitchen table.
We're holding this together with scotch tape and bubble gum.
Looks like we've got our work cut out for us.
Where's Prentiss? Oh, I'm here.
But not to work.
I put myself on refreshment duty.
Oh, what? It's my Saturday, too.
And doughnuts are an anytime food if you've done pilates with your boyfriend, which I have.
Kristy: All right.
The kids are off to my mom's.
How can I help? Prentiss: No, you're off-duty.
Also, the more you look at this crib, the more you might consider a divorce.
Kristy: Yeah, I checked the color on the web site.
It's called "Daddy issues red.
" I made a mistake, ok? Mm-hmm.
Babe, it's It's a good crib.
[Cell phone ringing.]
It's a good crib.
Uh, yes, I approved Penelope Garcia's use of the BAU office, as today she's hosting a weekend workshop on What? How loud is the music? [Tweet.]
Let's bring the house down You just hacked into the he-man/woman-hater web site.
In order to run your password sniffer, you had to drop your firewall.
You have been back-hacked! What are you gonna do? So you have, like, 30 seconds before he broadcasts your I.
To all his boys! Hey, wait.
Um, heh! Look at that.
You are out, number 2.
That's pretty good.
That's ok.
You've ruined everything.
You two are doing good with 4 hands.
[Knock on door.]
Woman: Excuse me.
Hey, number 4.
Elizabeth, right? You were the first across the finish line.
You're really good with this.
Think the workshop has helped.
Uh, I was wondering if you could show the class how to use a VPN to mash an onion router in, say, Romania.
Romania? Yeah, you're not gonna need that unless you got to hide your signal, I mean, like, hide-hide your signal.
I know.
Who are you hiding from? Uh, I have a, you know, stalker.
Heh! But it's all online, so it's probably fine, right? Maybe, probably, but Do you need my help? Maybe Probably, yeah.
Yeah? Ok.
Um, let's start with this.
Do you think it's a stalker or just, like, a troll? 'Cause sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.
Check for yourself.
It's bad Right? Uh Yeah.
Yeah, it's bad Garcia: "The only reason why" "we ask other people how their weekend was is so we can tell them about our own weekend.
" Chuck Palahniuk.
I sent the rest of the class home.
Thank you, guys, for coming.
I know you have the day off.
JJ: Well, Will totally has the sleepover covered, so I'm happy to be here.
Lewis: Yeah, and as long as I make it to dinner with my dad, I'm good.
I mean, we should be able to knock this out by the end of the day.
Now, should we bring in the rest of the team? Because we do have that holding us up.
Do you remember, like, 30 seconds ago, when you thanked us? Yeah.
We were so young then.
Anyway, Elizabeth Wise.
Uh, she lives alone, currently single.
JJ: Has she gone to the police? Many times, and they haven't been able to find who is doing it, let alone stop them.
The violent content of the messages seems to be escalating: "You ruined the good thing we had.
You bang everyone else, but not me.
" Sounds to me like an incel.
Icky online culture of the involuntary celibate.
Usually they just stay behind the screen.
They're too cowardly to have a personal confrontation.
Yeah, these surveillance photos really raise the threat level.
I mean, if he knows her routine this well, it's got to be an ex-boyfriend.
I've compiled that list.
Tara, JJ, see what stands out.
Alvez will be going with me to Elizabeth's apartment.
Now, she says no one's broken in, but I'm not convinced, so let me get her keys so we can check it out.
And now we will Wheels up.
We're not going anywhere.
Shut up, shut up.
Just because you look like that doesn't mean you can do whatever you want with this part of your face.
How does Prentiss make this look easy? Ok, come on! Geez! Mmm, have fun.
Why are we doing any of this work? Don't you have so many kids at this point that the big ones raise the little ones, like on those reality shows? How many kids do you think we have? [Scoffs.]
I don't know.
15? Kristy: Uh, Emily, there's someone at the door for you.
All right.
Hold my beer.
I got this.
How much has she Rossi: Two glasses, 8 doughnuts.
Prentiss: 7 doughnuts! Ooh.
Emily Prentiss? Yes.
You have been served.
Hey, wait.
How'd you find me here? Ha ha ha ha ha! So, your old neighbor is suing you, even though you haven't lived next door to him in years? I guess.
Uh, he's named me and the government as co-defendants in a fifth amendment Civil Rights violation.
He says he's being watched.
Oh, boy.
Brian Garrity.
He I think he worked at a fish hatchery.
He had a wife who was way out of his league.
Oh, and he had a large cat that he would walk on this leash-type thing.
And what do you want to do about it? I I I want to Uber home and, uh, sober up and change my clothes and then I'm going to call him in to Quantico.
I have to defuse this before it gets worse.
What? Say it.
He sounds like a conspiracy theorist, and we need to be careful of how much oxygen we give those types.
Please, Dave, a little credit.
I've talked the guns out of hands of psychopaths.
I can handle one kook who hired a lawyer.
[Line rings.]
JJ, on phone: Hey, Spence.
Hey, I got Garcia's text.
You guys need me to come in? No, it's a stalking case.
I think we have enough hands on deck.
Are you sure? I I can totally come in.
All you have to do is say the word.
You know what? Just say that.
Just say "the word" and I'll Say any word and I'll come in.
Want me to come in? Do you want to come in? That's a strange haircut.
Excuse me? I said that's a strange haircut for a grown man.
Is that me you're talking to? Most men don't have hair like that.
Did you know that? Hey, let me call you right back.
Are you you lost? You ok? You have a very slender neck.
It makes your head look big.
Did you know that? That's why I noticed the haircut.
Where are your parents? Can I touch it? Uh, you know what? Maybe not.
Woman: No, no, no, no.
Don't touch this guy.
We don't know him.
Seriously, dude? I I was worried that he was lost.
He asked to touch my hair.
I was trying to not have him touch my hair.
Oh, no, no, no! Please, stop, stop, stop! I was just there for 30 seconds! No! Signs are clearly posted, and once the wheels are off the pavement, it's going to the impound lot.
I, uh, I work for the FBI.
Do you think there's any chance you could maybe show her some professional courtesy? Are you ordering me to let it go? No, no.
'Cause if you are, that's a violation of title 5 code of federal rules.
If you're trying to intimidate me, pal, that ship has sailed.
Look, I I'm not trying to intimidate you, and I completely understand that you're just doing your job, but, I mean, it's a it's a mom and a kid.
She's not my mom.
She's my aunt.
You didn't know that.
Address is on the form.
We're stuck here! We're gonna die! Look, buddy, just breathe, ok? Yeah? - We're gonna be fine.
- Ok.
Ok? I promise you.
No, no.
You having a panic attack? Here.
Let me show you something.
Oh, wait.
Behold, an average penny 97% zinc, 3% copper.
Now, if you focus all of your attention to the center of my hand, you will create a beam of energy strong enough to make this penny Disappear.
Wha how'd you do that?! Man: What the hell, man? You hit me with this penny.
I'm sorry.
Ha ha ha! Sorry.
Um All right, honey.
Uh, say thank you to this nice man.
Thank you.
Um I don't know.
Let's just go to the park, and I will call your mom, and then I will get my car and pay for it with money I don't have.
- Can he come with us? - Nope.
- Uh, no.
- No.
Boy: Please! I need to know how you did that! Boy: Please? Please, please? Technically, I do have a free afternoon.
Yes! Uh, ok, but let's just do us both a favor up front.
Let's agree not to exchange names or phone numbers, and then, when he goes, we can just both go our separate ways.
That sound good to you? Yes.
- Great.
- All right.
The FBI has, like, what, 35,000 employees? Did you know that? You know what? I actually did know that.
[Door opens and closes.]
So what do we know about this guy? His name is Billy Hanes.
Elizabeth dumped him 6 months ago.
Exactly when the messages started.
Right, and he is a Twitch streamer, so he makes his living playing video games day and night for an online audience.
Technologically savvy, so he fits that part of the profile.
Plus she said the break-up was messy, so he fits the whole "I'm pissed I'm not having sex" part, too.
You want to tag-team him? Ho ho! Come at me, sis.
[Door opens.]
We met in line at the grocery store.
She dropped a lemon, I picked it up, made a lemonade joke.
Lewis: Smooth.
Why'd you break up? She was that special blend of clingy and bitchy, and I was like, "man, I'm not puttin' up with this.
" Yeah, that's not what we heard.
What'd you hear? You bought an engagement ring after 3 months of dating, and it was a little fast for her, right? Yeah.
Lewis: That would be a little fast for anybody.
What can I say? I thought it was true love.
It wasn't, so I made sure not to make the same mistake twice.
Like last night, I was having a threesome with two fans from my channel.
Can we get their names? Uh I can give you their usernames.
Never got around to asking the real names.
Oh, but I got photos.
Just give us a sec.
[Door opens.]
Oh, yep.
That's a that's a threesome.
All right.
Who would do that with that guy? Well, but he doesn't fit our profile, so We're looking for an involuntary celibate, and Billy here seems to be having a lot of the sex.
Well, let's keep him anyway.
He might know something that can help.
Plus, it's Saturday; If we have to stay here, so does that guy.
[Door opens.]
I don't know what I was thinking, donating our perfectly good crib and spending money on this.
How did you swing it, financially? I mean, you were living paycheck to paycheck.
But I had different priorities than you have now.
I didn't have kids That I knew of.
So how bad is it? No, we're good, we're good, for now, but we did some back- of-the-envelope math.
College tuition Times 5 kids.
What does Kristy think? Kristy thinks we'll figure it out.
There's student loans, there's state school.
Can I see it? See what? Well, the envelope, the the numbers.
No, absolutely not.
Hey, come on, come on, come on.
It's uncle Dave.
All right.
[Phone keys beep.]
Is this a real number? What's going on here? Why is everyone working? Oh.
Stalking case.
I texted you 28 minutes ago.
Alvez and I are going to the victim's apartment.
Oh, you did.
I'm sorry.
Uh, just a little distracted.
Because of that guy in your office? He's already here? Yeah.
He was escorted in 20 minutes ago.
Prentiss: And what is that thing he brought with him? His own crime board, and it is complete with crazy-man string.
Oh, um Open.
" Ah.
You're gonna need that.
You have wine breath.
Garrity: Well, well, well.
Long time, no see.
Please, come into your FBI office.
[Drops folder.]
Good luck, boss.
How did he get past that? Probably didn't.
My guess is he hijacked an already existing device the camera, like, her cell phone, or her computer which means that Elizabeth just revealed her whole life to him without even knowing.
[Alarm blaring.]
- Hey, that's good news.
- No.
No, this is not good news.
This is terrible news.
This means that he's not piggybacking off an already existing device.
This means he put his own listening thing or a camera in here.
He was in here.
Oh, that means we can find some physical evidence, and that's good news.
Ok, I'll give you that.
That's your one for today.
[Alarm blaring.]
[Alarm blaring.]
There's something under the bed.
- Help me move the bed.
- Yeah.
[Garcia grunts.]
What is that? Oh, my god.
Oh, my god.
He's been stalking her from in here.
I mean, let's start with the obvious.
This unsub would have to have a key, or 4, to get into Elizabeth's apartment and plant this.
And then take pictures.
Elizabeth's been locked up tight for 6 months.
She would have seen anyone coming and going.
Garcia: Correct, and we know that because of this, which is a hard drive inside a box with its own transmitter.
Alvez and I found this in that coffin thing of the unsub's.
With what was he storing on it? Everything about Elizabeth and Billy's relationship.
He documented it all: Their mundane moments, their fights, their Billy: [Sighs.]
Babe, slow down there.
Garcia: And this goes on for 23 more minutes.
Got it.
Got We're good.
Thank you.
And what's weird on top of weird is that all that listening and watching, it abruptly stopped 6 months ago.
When they broke up for good.
Yeah, and that's when the violent messages started.
Alvez: Now, are we sure that it's not Billy? I mean, the timeline matches up perfectly, and he was in and out of the apartment.
Garcia: Yeah, but he's not connected to the messages in any way, and he's a gamer, not a carpenter.
He couldn't have cut a hole in the floor like that.
JJ: It seems to me the unsub waited for Billy to be out of the picture before he made himself known.
Right, and becoming more and more insistent that she pay attention to him.
I mean, look, maybe she rejected him in some way, some innocuous interaction that he took as a personal affront.
Alvez: Yeah, we need to talk to Elizabeth again.
I can do it.
Please, let me do it.
I can ask those questions, and she's freaking out already.
The last thing she needs is some random person who won't understand, making her feel bad about something she's already really scared about.
Ok, sure.
[Drill buzzes.]
Stripped the screw.
Give me 5 minutes.
I'm gonna run to the hardware store.
Take your time.
Hey, what are you doing? Let me do that.
Feel free, but these are all for me.
This baby's gonna be chunky.
You know, I don't want to pry, but I was just curious what This is.
Aw, "the Simmons stories.
" I love those.
Go ahead.
When, uh, when Matt would come home from his international travels, he'd tell the kids these amazing stories about everything he saw.
And I begged him to write them down, and he fought me at first, but then he discovered that the kids loved them even more when he read them out loud.
Well, that's a good dad right there.
That's what I fell in love with.
And that doesn't explain the traffic cameras pointed at me that the FBI uses to surveil me.
They are not pointed at you.
And you know where else I found them? In my smart TV, so any time I'm watching something, my TV's watching me? Cui bono, Emily? That's Latin for "who benefits?" Yes, Brian, I I know what it means.
And yes, there are cameras around you.
They're around all of us, but the FBI is not watching you with them.
Well, isn't it interesting that the moment I take steps to expose this, you decide to sit down with me? I mean I am sitting down with you because you're suing me.
Please, have a seat.
I'm How have you been? How's Patricia? Not good! She left me.
She did? I'm sorry.
You two were such a couple.
Now this is gonna be an odd question.
Have you been feeling a weird, burning sensation, as though you're being heated from inside your body? Yeah, like a county fair corn dog.
How do you know this? It's called targeted individuals.
These are men and women who are convinced that they're being watched all the time, and it usually happens after a sudden emotional loss.
I promise, you aren't.
Here's a question: Why did you fake your own death? What? In 2010, ya died.
I watched them empty out your apartment.
Then, in 2016, you're magically back at the FBI? I, um, it's complicated.
I just thought he was watching me from outside.
But he was inside, lying under my bed in a hole this whole time, and I had no idea? Don't think about that, ok? You have to focus on what we can do to catch him.
Did someone ask you out that you said no to? [Stammering.]
No, I don't talk to anyone like that.
It might not have been a rejection on your part.
No, you don't get it.
I don't talk to anyone.
I I don't open my front door.
I'm, like, locked inside my own life.
I I lay awake all night! I haven't slept in months! I'm unsafe in my own apartment, and I'm not where do I go? I I'll tell you where, ok? There is an office down the hall, and it's got a super-comfy couch and a really warm blanket.
He cannot get to you there, I promise, ok? We are gonna go find him, and you're gonna hang out there and relax.
Sound good? Woman: So then, yeah, I decided to parlay a highly lucrative art history degree into teaching, so I I teach.
Art history? I teach art, just to first-to third-graders.
Oh, that's amazing.
Amazing? Really? Would you call turkeys made out of hands amazing? I I would call turkeys made out of hands amazing, and I also I think that the world needs more teachers.
Good ones, at least.
Ok, what's going on here? Is this part of some kind of long-con pickup move? - No.
- No? Ok, then what is it? I'm supposed to have a normal conversation today with, uh, a normal person, and you strike me as being normal.
What? Ha! All right, so let me get this straight.
I'm part of your homework to locate someone normal.
Well, it sounds weird when you say it like that, but what I I I've been having this recurring, uh, workplace dream No.
Just I don't like it when people talk about their dreams.
Well, I was I I wasn't going to tell you about my dream.
I was basically just, uh, talking about my dream to illustrate the point that dreams can provide a lot of insight.
To you.
A workplace dream means there's something stressful going on at your work, which I think you said was the FBI, so yeah.
FBI stuff, crime, go.
Let me ask you this: Is it weird if I don't tell you what I do? Because this is the first conversation I've had in a long time where I'm not defined by my job, and it is nice.
Woman: Max! Max? Yes, short for Maxine, which I hate.
Here you go.
Mom, this is Spencer.
This is your magic penny now.
Aw, thank you.
Why is my child exchanging money with a stranger? It's a long story, but I I vouch for him.
Your son is remarkable, by the way.
She's single, by the way.
Good-bye, Michelle.
It's our father's dream to marry her off.
There's a super sad dowry, if that sweetens the pot.
Good-bye, Michelle.
- [Whispers.]
- Bye.
I still don't know what normal is, but This has been nice, so thank you.
That dream of yours Yeah? Do you want to tell me about it? Oh [Breathing heavily.]
I really want to find this perv, and I don't know what I'm missing.
Hey, stop for a second.
I know you take our cases personally, ok, but not like this.
Want to talk about it? There's this guy, Alexei Stanovich, and he's been bothering me, messaging me and asking me why I'm not barefoot and pregnant and explaining in detail how he's gonna kill me.
Hey, why haven't you told anyone about this? Alexei Stanovich lives in St.
Petersburg, Russia, so he's ungettable, and the thing is, it's not even the worst thing I have to deal with.
Like, the interactions I have on the web, I It's just part of my job.
How is that possible? You don't even like to look at crime scene photos.
I don't think I've ever told anybody this But the reason why I don't look at crime scene photos is because I kind of have my own version.
Sometimes the places on the web I need to go are riddled with rape jokes and racial epithets, and if you can't take it, get out of the chat room, you stupid, fat B-tard.
I can't stop Alexei Stanovich, but this guy I'm gonna find this guy.
Prentiss: I can't fully explain why I left the FBI.
I was undercover.
Emily, I'll make it simple for you.
You have two choices.
You can tell me the truth now or in court.
Sorry to interrupt.
- Um, do you have a second? - Prentiss: Yeah.
If you'll excuse me.
Look, Garcia's in a tailspin trying to find Elizabeth's stalker.
It looks like you are, too.
You ok? No.
He's dug in.
Well, that's the problem with targeted individuals.
You can't convince them their delusion isn't real, and the only strategy that works is just to indulge them until they're no longer a threat to themselves or others and Why are you looking at me like that? Did you notice how he checked you out? Yeah, yeah, it felt like I needed a thick coat or some kind of taser.
That's because you look like his wife who just left him.
I look like that man's wife? Somebody married that man? It's more of an attitude strong, forthright, convincing.
Tara, he's gonna sue me.
Please? You owe me a lot of drinks.
Lewis: Brian.
- I'm SSA Lewis.
- Mm-hmm.
I guess you could say I'm the woman behind the woman, if you know what I mean.
Oh, yes, I do.
You know, since you've uncovered so much, I feel comfortable leveling with you.
You are being watched I knew it.
But not by us.
Think about it.
NSA? Shh.
All you need to know is that it's not the Bureau.
But if you move forward with this court case I risk exposing the wrong people.
Man, Brian, you are a smart guy.
So Let's you and I discuss next steps.
Oh! Don't Do that! I'm sorry.
I thought I could help, maybe be another set of ears? But first - Oh, it's been hours.
- Well Reid: And then the axe comes down and Thank you so much I wake up.
Ok, so the guy with the axe do you recognize him? No, it's like an anonymous face.
All right, look You don't want to tell me what you do, and that's fine, but it's very clear to me that something at work is really stressing you out.
I mean, last week I did think that my co-worker got blown up by a mail bomb.
Then the week before that, my best friend was shot and put into a coma.
Weekend before that, she and I were in a hostage situation, so Yeah, I, uh, I think you might be right about my job being stressful.
Hey, what's that, um, that hormone that gets released, the fight or flight thing cortisol.
It seems to me you have to find a way to ignore that at work.
Remember when you were a kid? You could just get on your bike and just ride until you had to come home for dinner? Conceptually, yes, but practically, no.
Ok, but look, you understand that people don't really do that anymore because somewhere along the way, something got lost? Trust? Yeah, exactly.
So take today, for example.
I see a strange man talking to my nephew.
Boom! There goes the cortisol: Risk, danger, threat.
But then, you performed a magic trick.
That actually it wasn't magic.
I just I took the penny and I threw it behind his head.
No, not that.
You took time out of your day to calm down a little boy, a kid who you didn't know, who you'd never met before, and you know what I call that? I call that decency.
[Sprinklers spurting.]
Magic penny.
What do you mean? [Grunts, shrieks.]
Oh, my gosh! Not decent! - Worth it, though! - Oh, man.
Don't touch me! Oh, my oh! [Shrieking.]
Oh! Right in the face! There! You like that? Billy, on tape: No, it's my turn Wait.
Wait, wait, wait.
Do you notice that? Notice what? [Typing.]
Billy: No, it's my turn to get a back rub, not to give one.
Elizabeth: Ok, fine.
Where's the clicker? I hate this show.
Take it.
Watch something you want.
Do you see that? The audio levels.
Is that consistent with the other recordings? Billy: Babe, slow down, there.
Elizabeth: Hmm.
I can't right now.
Garcia: Every single one.
Did we do it? Did we find it? - You found it.
- I found it.
I found it.
Billy's voice is louder than Elizabeth's in all of the recordings.
Could that be a mistake, I mean, a faulty recording? No, absolutely not.
It's intentional.
Why? 'Cause the microphone is on Billy's side of the bed, not Elizabeth's.
It was him he was listening to the whole time.
The unsub wasn't stalking her, he was stalking him.
Homophobia runs rampant online.
If he was deeply closeted, he could have been too scared to tell Billy how he feels.
But I'm not gay.
Ok, it's it's not that simple.
Uh, this is a mutual friend that made a point to stay in your life after the breakup.
She got most of the friends.
- Billy, come on.
- You did.
Garcia: Ok, we don't need to re-litigate the breakup.
This is someone who is good at computers and locks and carpentry; That's how he was able to do this.
If he's like what you're saying, why did he go after her, and why not me? Because You live on the fourth floor.
I live on the first.
JJ: He did to her what he couldn't do to you.
Billy, what is it? Well, he wasn't a friend, but Elizabeth had this neighbor.
You remember Hayes, on the second floor? He's he's harmless.
He No, I thought so, too.
He was a locksmith.
When we started dating, he told me he was into live-streaming, and I got the sense that He wasn't into streaming as much as He was into you.
I'm going to track down this Hayes.
You guys were right.
We can't let our baby sleep in this.
Actually, I was talking to Kristy about your financial situation.
- You were? - Kristy: Uh, I I told him we don't take handouts.
Now, my idea is more in the "teach a man to fish" vein.
I I was looking at some of your journals.
"The Simmons stories"? [Chuckles.]
I did those as a lark for the kids.
Hey, there's a talent there, and that talent could be the answer to your problems.
How? I've made a very good living writing true-crime novels from our cases, but it's time to pass on the baton to you.
Write a book? I I wouldn't even know where to start.
That's where I come in.
You'd be doing me a favor.
We'd both get paid, and I don't have to do half the work.
Say yes.
- Kristy: Say yes.
- Yes.
And thank you.
Thank you.
- Rossi: Fantastico! Mwah! - Ha ha! And my name will still be first on the cover.
Kristy: Oh! Oh, my.
What is it? Is that Yeah, uh, my water just broke.
You know, I don't normally wear stuff like this, but I think I look pretty cool.
Yeah, I think, uh, triple-X is a good look for you.
Heh heh! Do you feel normal? No, not in the slightest, but I feel decent, so - [Beeping.]
- Sorry.
[Keys beep.]
Kristy's in labor.
- Who's Kristy? - My my friend's wife.
I, uh, should probably go.
I look, I know that we said no, uh, names and no phone numbers, but I would really like to do this again sometime, preferably with you.
So, uh What do you do for the FBI, for real? I'm a profiler.
I use psychology to find people.
Find me.
Well, if the rains come around to drown us down and the sun can't be seen no more Lewis: So did you call your lawyer? Yes.
We're dropping the case against the FBI, but the NSA, that's gonna be a tough nut to crack.
Do you know anybody over there, a deep throat who could deep-throat me? Uh, no, um, no, I don't, but this is my friend, Dr.
Hoyer, and he can definitely put you in touch with people who can help.
Finally, someone who gets it.
Ha ha ha! Let's talk about psychotronic weapons 'cause that's where they get you.
Then we'll hunker down and wait it out - and face what we have in store - Guess who.
Together we're brick our flesh is like steel our hearts like a knife Heh! I love him.
That others will feel - We got him.
- Oh! Ha ha! Elizabeth: Thank you so much.
- Kristy: Red! - Yeah.
You chose red?! What do you want? The crib, I can I can I can paint it, I can duct-tape it - Just burn it, burn it! - Ok, ok.
Kristy, Matt, time to start pushing.
Anything? No, not yet.
Hey, you.
Moi? You Took your whole day off to help Elizabeth.
And that was very kind of you.
[Puts down magazine.]
How about this? You get a lead on Alexei Stanovich, you keep me on speed-dial.
[Baby crying.]
That feel good? That feel good? Oh.
- Simmons: Aw.
- Yeah.
It's a girl.
[All cheer.]
Prentiss: What's What's her name? Her name is Rose Mary Simmons.
Closest we could get to Rossi.
Ah! Oh! [Kiss.]
It's a beautiful name, and it goes with her rose-red crib.
- When can we meet her? - Right now.
Kristy can't wait to show her off.
Wait, wait, wait.
Um, so this is a new look for you.
What do you think? I like it.
But what did you do on a Saturday to get you into it? Just, uh I had a conversation.
Oh Conversation.
Well, whoever this conversation was with Just put a smile on your face I haven't seen in a really long time.
Our hearts like a knife that others will feel So You know, there's only so many people they can fit in the delivery room, so I'll wait.
I, uh, I should say hello to the baby.
And you will, you know, a a week from now.
The baby will still be a baby and will have two very tired parents that will want your help.
Yeah? Yeah.
If the wheels fall off and we screech to a halt and night turns against us all then we'll circle up and fend it off and use our bodies as a wall together we're brick our flesh is like steel our hearts like a knife that others will feel together we're brick Took you long enough.
Our flesh is like steel our hearts like a knife that others will feel