Criminal Minds s15e05 Episode Script


1 I’ve never seen a hot girl shake it like this chicks don’t know when I’m liking them hips booty everywhere, yeah, I like it like this Yeah! You know, you’re just lucky, that’s it.
Oh, lucky? I just sunk two 3S in your face.
That’s skills.
Ha! Ball in.
Ok, my man, you ready? Ready.
You really ready? I’m waiting.
Ah, here it comes.
Which way I’m going? I’m gonna go this way? No, I’m gonna go this way.
Oh, yeah! Yeah, right, but no foul.
Nice try.
Come on, man, get your ass up.
Jeez, man.
What the hell? Come on, let’s see what you’ve got.
Play some "D.
" Come on, let’s go.
Come on, you gonna shoot or what? Ready for this, old man? You had your doughnuts? Ooh! Good dig.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
That was impressive, that you can still get that much air.
I did play a little college hoop not too long ago.
Yeah, that was before you had 5 kids.
In some ways the kids, their energy keeps me young.
Yeah, well, with all the running around, how do you and Kristy find the time for each other? It takes effort.
But, you know, it makes the times we do carve out for each other that much more special.
I don’t know if I could do it.
- But I do know that I want a rematch.
- Oh? Yeah.
In a boxing ring.
- Boxing ring? - Yeah.
Lewis: So Alvez, I heard you got smoked.
Ha ha ha! I did not get smoked.
Yeah, well, we’ve taken to calling Simmons the bus driver because he took you to school.
He kind of did.
He’s also been off for the past month.
He’s slept in.
He’s working out.
Whoa, he’s got a newborn baby and 4 kids to corral.
I don’t think so, buddy.
Rossi: Seriously, you got more sleep last night than Matt’s had in a month.
That’s actually not an exaggeration.
Research studies have shown that in the first 12 months of a child’s life, parents sleep less than 59% of the recommended 8 hours a night, hence losing the equivalent of on average, 50 nights of sleep.
Do you have any stats that might be able to help me? Nope.
It’s happening again.
We got a These was a double homicide this morning in Des Plaines, Illinois.
It appears our victims, Marko Salazar and Benjamin Blake, were shot by a sniper while playing basketball on a neighborhood court.
Des Plaines, Illinois? Garcia: I know what’s in your noggin, and what is in your noggin is correct to be in your noggin because two days ago a gentleman named Brian Nikolay was shot in a parking lot by a sniper.
Just like the Phillip Dowd case we worked in Des Plaines 15 years ago.
It is.
All single shots to the victims’ torsos, all in public places, and no one’s seen the shooter.
He’s a ghost.
There’s no way it’s the same long-distance serial killer because Because I killed Phillip Dowd.
So you think it’s a copycat LDSK? Lewis: Typically, LDSKs are skilled marksmen with a god complex.
And they pretty much revel in taking people’s lives from above and afar.
But copycats are out to prove their superiority by making a bigger bang.
Or to ride the wave of infamy created by the original killer.
But in this case, the original killer, Phillip Dowd, is a distant memory.
There’s not much of a wave to ride.
Dowd’s original M.
was to shoot his victims, then race back to the emergency room where he worked ’cause he thrived on trying to save them.
Yeah, typical hero homicides.
But we’re not seeing that here.
No, we’re not, but this unsub’s victimology is remaining consistent enough to suggest that his next victims will most likely be 3 visitors to one of the local parks.
I’ll make sure Chief Weigart has his officers stake out the parks.
Penelope, will you let Matt know that it’s all hands on deck? We are wheels up in twenty.
[Lawnmower running.]
Man: Hi, Jordy! Hey, there, buddy.
- [Laughs.]
- That will work.
Everything good? Terrific, thanks.
You know, we don’t have honey lavender lattes like this back home.
Well, then I’ll just have to get you two more, won’t I? [Laughter.]
Are you ok? Oh, no! Hello? There’s a man here, and he’s bleeding.
Just please get here as soon as you can.
Oh, my god! Alvez: "Now I know what a ghost is.
" Unfinished business, that’s what.
" Salman Rushdie.
Garcia: Guys, there’s been another shooting.
This new LDSK is sticking to the victimology, but he’s moving super fast.
In the last 3 days, there’s been 3 shooting incidents, 6 victims so far.
That took Dowd over two weeks.
So for some reason, this unsub feels the need to mimic the original crimes but at an accelerated pace.
Luckily, local PD was already on the way to the park.
They administered CPR to the victims.
They managed to save two of the three, but both of them are in surgery right now fighting for their lives.
The two surviving victims are Karen Wolf, an orthopedic surgeon, and her husband Craig.
They were having coffee at an outdoor café in McCarty memorial park.
Alvez: The victim who died was Timothy Donovan.
He was a groundskeeper.
So the ages and ethnicities of these current victims don’t exactly match the past victims’, but the genders and location types are the same.
Also, same increasing number of victims in both cases.
Except it seems like this unsub merged Phillip Dowd’s park and café shootings into a single event.
Guys, if that’s true and this unsub continues to follow the overall victimology, the last person that Phillip Dowd shot in the original series was McCarty, a local cop that this park was named after.
Garcia, I need you to notify Commander Rush at the HRT.
We’re gonna need their help setting up counter-sniper operations.
Yeah, local cops are gonna need their own security details.
Dave, take Spencer and Tara with you to the M.
’s office.
I’m sure shes got her hands full.
Matt, Luke, JJ, we’ll coordinate with Chief Weigart at the mobile command center that they just set up at the latest crime scene.
Prentiss: Chief Weigart.
Unit Chief Prentiss.
You remember SSA Jareau.
These are agents Alvez and Simmons.
I see you’ve already met HRT commander Rush.
We greatly appreciate all the help we can get.
As you can imagine, things around here are pretty tense.
My officers are well aware that they’re likely this guy’s next target.
That’s why Emily asked us to come back up your units.
Scott was a dedicated officer, and I can’t let this happen to any of my other people.
Jareau: Chief, that wasn’t your fault.
Dowd targeted the investigation because he knew we were getting close.
But we’re in the same damn situation now, aren’t we? The difference is we’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen again.
We know he’s coming, and we’re ready.
HRT’s counter-sniper operators will be backing you up all the way.
That’s right.
We already deployed my Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie teams here and around town.
Simmons: Chief, your initial report of the shooting here, you mentioned witnesses.
Yeah, Diana Lipscombe and Peter Charles.
Neither one of them saw the shooter.
But Diane is right over there, ready to talk.
Ok, she may have seen something that could be helpful to us.
Matt, Luke, go talk to Diane and assess the scene.
JJ and I will work with Commander Rush on logistics.
We’ll also bring in friends and family members of the victims for interviews.
- Ms.
Lipscombe? - Diane: Yes.
We’re with the FBI.
We know you’ve already given a statement to the police, but we’d like to ask you a few more questions if that’s all right.
What did you see? I was reading over there on the bench.
And I heard the man on the lawnmower yell hello to this young lady who was walking her dog.
And then I don’t know.
I looked up and the man was lying on the ground there bleeding.
So I called 911.
Did you hear any shots fired? Sorry, no.
Is there anything else that stood out to you? Anything at all? Um, there was a lot of commotion over here at this kiosk, but that’s about it.
I wish I could help you more.
That’s fine.
Thank you.
Can you please make sure she gets home safely? It’s interesting.
She was able to hear this victim say hello over the sound of the mower, but didn’t hear any shots fired.
Exit wound is in the right anterior abdomen.
Entry wound is in the left posterior lower back.
So that means based on the angle of the entry wound and the direction the mower was traveling, the unsub fired the shots from over there.
All 3 victims were shot just several yards off of the road, right here and over at the café.
In the original case, Phillip Dowd concealed himself in the trunk of his sedan and fired the shots from there.
But those cars and those shrubs would block the line of fire if the unsub tried that here.
There’s no place for a shooter to have taken a position to completely conceal himself, not across the street or over on the hill.
Not to mention, the angles would be wrong.
Yeah, they would.
Something’s way off.
Yeah, like maybe we’re not dealing with a long-distance serial killer.
All 3 victims were shot with 9 millimeters, not a rifle.
Then the unsub we’re looking at is actually a short-range killer.
Which is significant deviation from the original case.
I sent the recovered slugs for ballistic analysis.
My assistant should have the results shortly.
Anything special about the rounds? They were hollow points.
And as I’m sure you’re well aware, those are designed to expand on impact.
That’s another deviation.
This unsub has no interest in seeing if he can save the victims.
He has every intention of killing them with a single shot.
[Knock on door.]
Woman: Dr.
Zambetti, here you go.
Here’s the ballistics report.
It says two guns were used at the McCarty park scene Two guns outfitted with silencers.
Well, multiple guns could very well mean multiple unsubs.
I’ll let Emily know.
I can’t think of a single person who had a beef with Marko.
I mean, my brother was just an easy-going kind of guy.
So there wasn’t anyone who expressed anger or jealousy when your brother got his basketball scholarship? No way.
The whole damn neighborhood showed up for the celebration.
Everybody I know Was just so proud of Marko.
Prentiss: Peter, do you remember anything Dr.
or Mr.
wolf said that might help us understand why they were targeted in this attack? All I know is they said it was a kind of spur-of-moment trip from out of town, but they didn’t say from where, just that they didn’t know anybody from around here.
I was standing right next to them.
Was there anything else that you noticed? I heard that woman scream over by the lawnmower around the same time.
According to our eyewitnesses, the shootings in McCarty park were nearly simultaneous.
Couple that with the ballistics, and we’re looking at at least two shooters.
Close-range shooters, which would typically mean the unsubs have some sort of connection with the victims, but in this case, that doesn’t seem to be true.
So who’s the real target of the unsubs’ rage here? Well, whoever it is, combining the last two shootings into one make it seem like they’re in a big rush to get to their next target One of Chief Weigart’s men.
Even with HRT backing them up, there’s no guarantee we can protect them.
Well, it’s starting to feel like that was the point in copying Dowd’s M.
, to force local police to come out and make themselves vulnerable.
We got an anonymous tip from somebody who’s claiming they saw the shooters leave McCarty park in a gray sedan.
Dowd used a gray sedan.
Prentiss: You think the call’s legit? We have to check it out.
The caller said he followed a sedan to an apartment complex near the intersection of Denton and Oakhurst Roads.
Dowd’s old apartment is near there.
We need to approach that location with caution.
Prentiss: I agree.
Commander Rush, can you get your men out there and set up a secure perimeter? You got it.
Matt, Luke, Tara, I want you to keep a loose tail on Chief Weigart.
I’m worried since he was part of the original case, he may be our unsub’s ultimate target.
Look, I’d rather take the bullet than any one of my officers.
We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen.
Let’s roll.
Ready when you are, boss.
All right, everyone, let’s load up.
Prentiss, we’re currently exiting 14 to Northrup.
Running 10-40.
Prentiss on radio: Copy.
Grenade! Cover! [Coughing.]
[High-pitched buzzing.]
[Buzzing continues.]
[Muffled shout.]
No, no, no, it’s me.
It’s JJ.
Jareau: It’s me.
Luke Luke and Matt.
Take care of Tara.
We’ll check the SUV.
Jareau: Medical! Rossi: They took Luke and Matt.
Why not take Tara? Matt Simmons, why are you stopped on an off ramp and why aren’t you answering your phone? Pick up.
Please, pick up.
Please, pick up.
[Cellphone rings.]
Garcia: Thank god, Matt.
It’s me, Penelope.
They were ambushed.
Tara’s here.
She’s ok.
The boys are gone.
No, this isn’t happening.
Penelope, we have to get a handle on what’s happening here.
We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.
Sir, please find them.
Don’t worry, we will.
Whoever did this made sure we couldn’t track them using GPS.
No, no, we can’t go.
I have to help.
I have to help Luke and Matt.
Hey, they’re gonna be all right.
We’re taking you to the hospital.
Please, will you let this man help you? JJ JJ, please.
You have to help me focus.
You have to talk me through it.
Are you sure? Yes.
I have to try.
I know I must have seen who did this.
These unsubs are sophisticated.
They deployed lachrymatory agents, as well as phenacyl chloride, a type of flash grenade filled with CN gas and pepper spray.
That anonymous call we got was just a ploy.
When we got out there, there was no sedan, nothing.
Yeah, it was all part of the plan.
A plan that we originally thought was to target you.
But now it looks like they wanted to take a shot at the FBI.
Except they didn’t actually take any shots.
I mean, this is a total contradiction of their initial M.
They’ve gone from shooters to abductors.
It doesn’t make sense.
[Cellphone rings.]
Dave, what happened? The boys are gone.
Tara’s pretty banged up and on her way to the hospital.
Commander Rush and I are gonna make our way to you right now.
That crime scene is our new ground zero.
I’m telling you, Emily, I think all these copy cat killings are ruse.
To target the FBI, the BAU? Looks that way.
Maybe even to target the boys.
Think about it.
They copied a case we worked on before, accelerated the time line, and made sure we were all out in the open.
You’re right.
And as relieved as I am they didn’t kill Matt and Luke on the spot, it means they’ve got even worse plans for them.
Jareau: Ok, Tara.
Just relax.
So close your eyes, take a deep breath, and take yourself back to the moments before.
You’re in the SUV.
You’re following Chief Weigart.
Lewis: Yeah, they’re ahead of us.
And then he turned at a stop sign.
And that’s when the van cut in front of us.
Could you see who was driving the van? No.
But I can hear something.
I can see a motorcycle.
There was a motorcycle? There were two motorcycles.
The window shattered.
Jareau: Can you see the riders? Black leather, helmets.
Nothing that stands out to me.
But there’s smoke, and Luke tried to fight.
They injected him.
They drugged him.
Did they ever say anything? Yes.
"Not her, Alvez and Simmons.
" They’re pulling them out of the car.
He has a tattoo on the back of his hand.
Do you have a pen? Get some paper.
Yeah, can I have your pen and paper? Ok, here you go.
You did great, Tara.
Garcia, we sent you a photo.
It’s a sketch of a tattoo, and it’s rough, so we’re gonna need you to identify exactly what it is, and then run it through the tattoo recognition database.
Also, crosscheck it with cases Luke and Matt have worked together.
Running the sketch as is.
I can’t find any cases since Matt and Luke have joined the BAU where it pops up.
I mean, actually, there are no cases of them putting away any nefarious people that have even escaped or been paroled or anything like that.
Luke used to work on the fugitive task force.
Matt was IRT.
We should expand the search to before either one of them joined the BAU.
Ok, I am o-n-i-t.
I will get back to you a-s-a-p.
Ok, with HRT’s help, we have a lockdown on all the roads within a 4-mile radius of the abduction site.
And we have an APB out on a black van and guys in black leather on motorcycles.
I’m not sure what that’ll get us.
Since we didn’t pick them up on any traffic cams, they must have gone to ground as fast as they could.
Well, I’m ready to go door to door with my team.
Prentiss: Thank you.
Right now that’s basically all we’ve got.
But I’m not sure our guys have that kind of time.
Hey! What the hell? Get your asses in gear.
Soon as we burn these pigs and make the drop, we’re gone.
Let’s go! Fleabag.
You like giving orders when I’m not around? They’re slackers, boss.
I don’t want to let you down.
Look, I need to make sure everything goes smoothly for the delivery tonight.
It will.
How are our guests doing? The etorphine should wear off soon.
Matt? Matt! [Panting.]
What the hell happened? I’m not sure.
Where’s Tara? I don’t know.
Not here.
Man: FBI tough guys.
It’s been a long time.
Where’s Dr.
Lewis? We left that broad behind.
This isn’t about her.
Yeah, you don’t remember me, do you? Maybe I’ve confused you with the whole homage to Phillip Dowd.
You knew him? No, I just knew that if I copied the worst killer this town’s ever seen that you guys you guys would come running, right, as soon as bodies started dropping.
So here we are.
You’ve made a big mistake kidnapping federal agents.
Hey, you remember me now? It doesn’t ring a bell.
We’ve put away a lot of dirt bags like you.
Take a good look at me, Matt.
It’s the scars, isn’t it? Maybe they’re an improvement.
I got an old case that connects Matt and Luke.
The guy’s name is Louie Chaycon, and he was the go-to enforcer for the Sarnicola family in Chicago.
According to a file that Matt wrote about him, the guy is described as "brilliant, lethal", and criminally sophisticated.
" He likened him to the serial killer Israel Keyes.
I remember Matt mentioning him.
Like Keyes, after each hit, he’d leave America until any heat on him cooled down.
Keyes would usually hop on a cruise boat, Chaycon always went to Europe.
Yeah, Matt followed him there when he was a member of the IRT.
Somehow this Chaycon dude gets himself back into the States.
That’s when our very own Luke Alvez apprehends him back in 2012.
He was hiding out at his brother Bobby’s house in Nettleton, Mississippi when Luke found him.
Yes, and then he was sentenced to 30 years, and his brother Bobby was sentenced to 10 years for harboring a dangerous fugitive.
Well, if this Chaycon is behind bars, he can’t be our guy.
Oh, that would be true if Chaycon wasn’t extradited to Italy in 2017, where he also faced murder charges and where he escaped custody.
So there is a connection between this guy and our boys.
But that doesn’t explain why this guy is going to all this trouble.
Yeah, we’ve got to figure out what his personal grudge is with them.
Yeah, not to mention his connection to this particular city.
I’ve got my crime shovel.
I’ll keep digging.
Rossi: Any luck with the tattoo? Sort of.
I managed to tease out the symbols using a healing algorithm, and I put that through the national biometric center, but there’s nothing.
Actually, there’s nothing in any conventional databases.
And it’s a good thing for all of us that I’m fluent in unconventional ones, which I’m gonna go look at now.
[Speaks italian.]
Uhh! [Groaning.]
Son of a bitch.
You two are gonna pay for what you did to my brother.
What we did to Bobby? You don’t say his name.
He’s dead because of you.
They beat him to death right in front of me.
And then they made sure my face would be a reminder For the rest of my life.
Nah, that’s all on you, Louie.
You can’t be a hitman for the Chicago mob and not know that you and your family are gonna be marked.
No, you and you allowed them to put me and Bobby in general population with Los Reyes, because you knew exactly what they were gonna do to us.
Prison’s a dangerous place.
Ahh! I will watch both of you Suffer and die Just like my brother.
Go ahead, Penelope.
Garcia: Ok, I just sent you some more intel I found about Chaycon’s prison record before he was extradited to Italy.
It turns out that he and his brother Bobby were on the very wrong side of a gang fight while they were still in prison.
His brother Bobby was beaten to death right in front of him.
Wait a minute.
Los Reyes cut out the guy’s tongue.
That’s definitely a statement.
They must have thought he was cooperating with law enforcement.
If that’s the case, Chaycon probably blames Matt and Luke for his brother’s death.
We could be dealing with a classic case or aggression transference.
Chaycon will want to do to them what the gang did to his brother.
Sorry, I did what I could.
They’re not backing down.
Chaycon: Is there a problem? The Bandits want to change the location and time for the buy.
What? Why? They say it was one thing when everyone was running around hiding from a sniper, but now you got the feds and the cops.
They’re all over the place looking for those two.
Ok, look, you tell them that if they screw us, we know how to put them out of business permanently.
Will do, boss.
You know what, I’ll tell them.
[Dialing phone.]
Something important is going down tonight, and they’re not gonna keep us around for the main event.
Listen, taking us is only personal for Chaycon.
The other guys got no skin the game.
So we can drive a wedge between them.
All right, I have an idea.
Oh, what’s that? I’m gonna tell them that it was me that told the warden to put them in gen pop.
No, that’s not gonna make a difference, Luke.
Let’s It’ll focus his attention on me, ok? The guys will have to take their attention off of what they’re interested in.
Now, where were we? Oh, we’re standing now? You want to know the truth, Louie? Luke, stop it.
You two.
You’re like brothers.
Yeah, I wish I could say the same about you and your own brother.
Chaycon: You’re talking crap about my brother.
It wasn’t gen pop that got Bobby killed.
Your brother’s dead because he was talking to me.
Bobby couldn’t stand spending one more day in prison, so he reached out to me, and he said that he’d tell me everything he knew about you and your work, the Sarnicola family, everything The drugs, the hits.
Somebody found out.
They ratted him out.
Somebody from inside your crew, Louie.
That’s bull.
I didn’t know his name.
But Bobby was real worried about somebody they called Flea.
What? Oh, that struck a nerve.
Hey, shut up.
They’re lying.
They’ll say anything to save their asses.
Don’t you ever wonder why you only took a beating and Bobby was killed? You know we’d have to make it look like a rival gang so you wouldn’t suspect one of your own guys.
Come on, boss.
You know me.
I would never hurt Bobby.
You hear that? "I would never hurt Bobby.
" That’s what we call a protest.
That’s a non-denial denial.
Liars protest.
Innocent people forcefully deny till the end.
If I’m lying, Fleabag, how do I know your name? Yeah, Fleabag, how do they know your name? I don’t know, boss.
You know, he must have heard someone say it.
I mean, come on.
Can’t trust a fed, right? Flea, go get Carson.
Come on.
Come on.
Oh, dark web, thank you for helping me see the light.
Go ahead, Garcia.
Emily, my sweet, I have a confirmation from a tattoo artist in Chi-town that that tattoo was specifically designed for a biker group that is loosely associated with an outlaw biker club known as the Rolling Devils.
The Devils operate throughout the Midwestern United States.
Garcia, within our search area, do you know of any specific location controlled by the Rolling Devils? No, but we’re not looking for the Devils as in the outlaw biker group.
We are looking for a group of bikers that broke off with them because they were interested in devilier behavior, like slinging drugs as opposed to easy riding.
Thank you.
I know a guy in the gang task force.
He’s got people embedded in that world.
Let me see if he can give me something.
[Line rings.]
You wanted to see me, boss? Yeah.
Uh Carson, listen very carefully.
I’m gonna need you to start taking on more responsibility around here.
No problem.
Starting with taking out the trash.
Oh, and when you’re done with that, send Cyrus and Gunner in here to help me clean up.
Will do, boss.
[Rock music playing.]
My contact with the gang task force was right.
It looks like some local bike enthusiasts hang out here.
Chief, you and I will take the front.
Rossi and your guy can cover the back.
Ranglin, cover the back with Rossi.
Yes, sir.
I think I met you before I think you answered the door - Prentiss: Hey! - [Music stops.]
Listen up.
We need some information and we need it fast.
So we will be asking you some questions, and we are looking for your cooperation.
Everybody keep your hands where we can see them.
Look, I don’t mean to compromise any op you’ve got going here.
But I’ve got two members of my team that are being held by a group of Rolling Devils.
The Rolling Devils aren’t allowed anywhere near here.
This is strictly righteous bandits territory.
I get it.
But you hear things.
I’d like to help.
But I’ve been undercover for 3 years.
And I’m getting close to taking down the largest opiate distribution network in the Midwest, and I can’t help you.
Listen to me, Luca.
I’ve got two agents that are like my sons, and they’re in trouble.
You understand? I can’t.
You give me something or I swear I will walk out that door right now and blow your cover.
I’ve heard they’re using an abandoned warehouse as their stash house.
It’s somewhere in the southeast district.
I don’t have the address.
You did the right thing, Luca.
Hey, I still need to go back out there, so make it look good.
Where do you want it? This side.
This loser doesn’t know a damn thing.
Let’s get out of here.
Simmons: He’s coming.
Chaycon: Luke Is there anything you want me to tell your girl when I see her? Bastard.
I’ll be sure to pass that on.
And you Matt.
Anything for the wife? I swear to God, Louie.
Hey, guys, come on.
Look, I promise I will take as much care with them as my boys are about to take with you.
Commander Rush’s people have secured the perimeter.
Now we just need to find them.
Garcia, we need you to search the CCTV footage for men on motorcycles coming and going from a warehouse over the past few days.
Ok, I’ve got a foreclosed warehouse complex that fits your description.
It’s in your area.
I’m sending the coordinates now.
Thanks, Garcia.
JJ, Spence, start searching from the west.
We’ll start from the east.
Let’s hope were not too late.
All right, let’s get rid of these two.
Carson: You got it, boss.
Hey! [Grunting.]
Uhh! Get up! Get up! Alvez: Louie Tell your boys to lower their weapons or I’m gonna snap your neck.
Drop your weapons! Chaycon: No, just shoot him.
Uhh! [Gunshot.]
Clear! Get the medics in here.
Man: you reach out you stand and wait before you know it’s far too late you walk this path this bed you made there’s nothing left to say and if ever you fall too far too fast if ever you feel like time Well, you three seem no worse for wear.
I’m so glad you guys are all right.
I’m glad you’re safe and sound.
We’re all glad you’re ok.
And you are ordered to get better soon.
Here’s to the whole family being back together again.
All: Cheers.
You lift your wings heavier still they broke your back and then your will you turn and run to find a friend Can I get one of those? Oh, yeah.
But you can’t go back Thanks.
You saved me, man.
No man left behind.
That’s the ranger creed.
"I will never leave a fallen comrade to fall into the hands of the enemy.
" That’s the Navy creed, too.
"I will draw on every remaining ounce of strength to protect my teammates to accomplish my mission.
" Well, that was a brave move, turning Chaycon against Flea.
Gave us the edge we needed.
Now, was Flea really the one that ratted on Bobby? No.
It was your idea to drive a wedge between them that got me thinking if Flea wanted to be boss, he might have made the move to get rid of his biggest competition.
Chaycon bought it.
- Yeah, it worked.
- Yeah.
And I’m grateful.
Anything for my brother.
Come here.
Simmons, voice-over: "The only thing that makes battle" "psychologically tolerable is the brotherhood among soldiers.
" Sebastian Junger.

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