Criminal Minds s15e06 Episode Script

Date Night

1 Woman: I didn't like it.
What? What didn't you like about that? It was boring.
It was in black and white.
Yes, yes.
Black and white is good.
Long takes are good.
And it was projected on honest-to-goodness film.
Film, you should know, is actually more soothing to the brain than video.
It's called the flicker effect.
That wasn't film.
Yes, it was.
No, Dad, it wasn't.
When you were out getting popcorn, they projected the DVD menu and hit play.
The same thing happened last week when you made me watch that documentary on Michael Keaton.
Buster Keaton.
Ha ha! Excuse me.
Do you know what happened to Susan? Oh, uh, sorry, no.
We don't know a Susan.
The point is, that was a really great movie, and you're a better person for having seen it.
I still feel like the same old me.
Ha! What the hell? Woman: Dad? Get in the car.
[Knocking on door.]
Come in.
Boy, you, uh You cleaned.
I did.
Hey, uh, we're just getting coffee.
Why did you bleach your apartment? Well, even though it's our third coffee date, you wanted to see my apartment, which initially I actually thought was kind of odd, but then I remembered that I was actually the one that said you should meet me at my apartment, and then I realized I have not had company in 4 years, so, I should probably open up a window.
You know, air out the place.
Are you ok with this? With what? Taking things slow.
Oh, yeah, I'm I'm good with that.
Good, because, um Whenever I've taken things fast, I've been disappointed.
I know the feeling.
A-and I know what "fast" means to me, but in your book, when you say "fast," - do you mean - [Laughs.]
- [Cell phone ringing.]
- Sorry.
I'm so sorry.
- Please.
- [Ringing.]
Hey, what's up? We have a case that's urgent.
All right.
I'll be right in.
Spencer, there's something you need to know.
All right.
[Hangs up phone.]
- Work.
- Yeah.
It's ok.
Coffee can wait.
Go save a life.
[Door opens.]
Catch me up.
Early this morning, Garcia got an email from an anonymous server.
Rossi: She's not obscuring her face, telling us she's got nothing to hide.
- Any ideas on the victims or unsub? - No.
Only the unsub's demand.
That we release Catherine Adams in 24 hours.
I'm having her transferred here for questioning, but we have no illusions.
This is just a game to her.
We know that.
The question is, do we want to play it or not? Simmons: She's a contract killer? Yeah, but she's much, much more than that, too.
She's a black widow.
She preys on men she can seduce.
She thrives on psychological seduction.
Alvez: Had a body count which was never confirmed but it's believed to be in the hundreds.
She's one of the most dangerous criminals we've ever arrested, and she is obsessed with Reid.
He's the only man to ever outsmart her.
Classic negotiating technique.
First one who speaks loses, right? You arranged the kidnapping of two people and you did it the same way you did it before, through a partner on the outside.
But her demand, "release Cat Adams," that will never happen.
So, tell me what you want right now, before I send you back to prison.
You don't know, do you? I stopped fighting.
Fighting what? The United States versus Catherine Adams.
I had my lawyer plead guilty to all 73 counts And request the death penalty.
Oh, you've grown a conscience now? I don't think so.
I'm bored, ok? Boooored.
Death has to be more interesting than this.
But it is funny, you know, when you When you're counting the days left, you really do ask yourself, "what didn't I do?" And the only thing I could come up with was[Sigh.]
You haven't done me? Sexually violated me in Mexico.
I did? Are you sure? The drugs that made you hallucinate, they flood your brain with serotonin, right? So, what does that mean when it comes to [Whistles.]
It's similar to MDMA.
It's hard to [whistles.]
That's right.
Stop being the boy who cried rape, Spencie.
It's not a good look.
Plus, we we don't have a lot of time.
For what? I would like to go on a date With you.
- A date? - Yes.
I want to look pretty.
And I want to have fun.
And I won't even get physical, ok? Unless you want me to.
Come here.
The only date that I'll be there for is the one where they stick a needle in your vein.
You're gonna let a father and daughter die? I don't think so.
I never said father and daughter.
You're already slipping.
We'll find them.
We always do.
Not tonight.
Tonight I win.
The score between me and you is two to zero.
By tomorrow morning, it'll be a clean sweep.
Enjoy eternal nothingness.
It's a metaphor for your life.
[Door opens.]
Nice to see you, too, Spencie.
[Door closes.]
Aah! Reid, voice-over: "Psychotics, say what you want about them", tend to make the first move.
" David Foster Wallace.
- Victimology's off.
- Prentiss: How so? Father and daughter.
She's never done that before.
Lewis: She usually kills men that remind her of her father.
Children, even adult children, are off limits.
Do we have an I.
yet? No.
No one's even reported these two as missing.
You'd think a wife, a mom, someone would notice.
What do we know about the partner who was helping her? Simmons: It's got to be someone from her prison.
She hasn't had contact with anyone else.
We can start with known associates who were recently released.
Jennifer: Ok, can I tell you what's bugging me? Every time we've gone up against Cat, there's the presenting agenda and the hidden one.
If she sticks to pattern, this isn't just about going on a date with Spence.
Prentiss: Right now, she's a fixed variable.
We need to focus on identifying the unsub and her victims.
[Computer beeping.]
What the [Click.]
Man on recording: Yeah, I was calling about the flyer.
You know, the guy who killed that woman? Call me back, I guess.
Woman on recording: Hi.
I'm on Fourth Street and my car has been papered over papered with these flyers about this woman.
Man on recording: Who the hell put this flyer on my car? Different man on recording: I'm one of the small business owners on Fourth Street and I'm calling [Click.]
Different man on recording: I'm calling about the dead woman on the flyer.
[Cell phone ringing.]
Hey, you.
How's your day going? Amazing, actually.
I got a call from my headhunter about a position at the Smithsonian creating programs for people with disabilities.
I am drooling I want it so bad.
You're gonna get it.
Hey, um Are you ready to tell me about what's been going on, because there is something.
It's an old case.
A woman I arrested that I thought I was done with.
Well, we could talk about it tonight, maybe.
Could be our first nighttime date.
Only if we don't talk about any of this, ok? I don't want to waste another second on her.
Her? It.
I, uh It just it sounded like you said I have to go.
Keep me posted.
You you, too.
Well? What are her demands? She wants to go ice skating so she can skate circles around you.
She's wasting our time.
Garcia: Ok, something weird happened, but it could be a lead.
I just got a bazillion voice mail messages, all from the same address on Fourth Street.
The unsub leave these behind? Yeah, plastered everywhere up and down the street.
Well, that's the father that was abducted.
Framed like a wanted poster.
You think they're trying to make some kind of statement about injustice? No.
No, they're mocking us with this.
That's Garcia's direct line.
Thing is, even if this is a taunt, we still gotta follow the breadcrumbs.
So, who's Susan? [Crying.]
Dad, why is she doing this? What does she want? I don't know.
It doesn't make any [door opens.]
Man: Please.
Let us go.
You're making a mistake! Woman: No! We didn't do anything! Woman: Dad.
We don't know who Susan is! No.
No! Man: Please.
No, no.
What what are you doing? Woman: Dad, what is she doing? What are you doing? No! No! No! No, Dad, No! No, stop, stop! [Woman screaming.]
We I.
'd the unsub.
Her name is Juliette Weaver.
It took the prison all of 5 minutes to identify her.
Simmons: She was Cat's old cellmate.
Released from prison 6 months ago.
Off the grid a week ago.
What was she in for? Low-level possession.
She took the rap for her boyfriend, but according to the warden, she'd follow Cat around like a puppy dog.
Easily manipulated.
So, Cat groomed her, got her to take orders.
It goes deeper than that.
Cat and Juliette have something in common.
Juliette's dad killed her mom in a domestic dispute.
Then he fled and he was never caught.
That's exactly what happened with Cat's parents.
Yeah, so, we did a little digging into Susan.
We thought that she might've been Juliette's mom.
But she's not.
She's Cat's.
Susan Adams.
Unidentified cold case from 1987.
She was found floating in the water on the Potomac.
Thanks to that picture, the case isn't cold anymore.
[Door closes.]
Reid: Somehow you did it.
You found what I couldn't.
You found your father and you must have been furious when you discovered that he started over.
Had another daughter.
And that is why you deviated from your usual victimology.
It wasn't enough to just hurt him.
You had to hurt her, too.
When are we going ice skating? We're not going ice skating.
You know, we've been asking ourselves this whole time what your hidden agenda was, but you tipped it when you said that you were gonna win tonight.
Even if I let you out of here, you'll still kill them.
So, no ice skating? No ice skating.
You should tell Garcia to check her email.
Ok, this just came in, exactly 12 hours after the last email.
Completely untraceable and it looks like a video.
Here we go.
No! No! No! [Screaming.]
Dad! Dad.
Sweetie, I've got I'm ok.
- I'm ok.
- No.
No! Blanks.
She fired blanks.
We have fewer than 12 hours left.
I don't think she'll fire blanks again.
If we give Cat what she wants, we can profile what she says on the date.
She always trips up.
She always reveals her Achilles heel.
And she always does it with you.
Man: don't know why you did it why did you come for me? I hunt with no limits won't stop till I hear you breathe think you've seen trouble think you've felt the pain it's not at my level - it's a suicide fantasy - Don't wait up.
I can't get enough, I can't get enough I can't get enough, I keep hunting I can't believe this is finally happening.
Ha! What ice skating rink are we going to? - Spencie.
- Don't call me that.
God, your parents are so strict.
This isn't what I wanted.
It's the best I could do.
It's not what I want.
Skating is skating.
What does it matter? It matters because if I asked to hang out with a bunch of sixth graders, I would have asked to come here, but I didn't, did I? We put in the request, Cat, and the answer was no.
- Why? - Because we can't risk giving you access to a bladed tool.
What, I'm gonna use an ice skate to slice your neck open? Grow up.
- [Gun cocks.]
- Relax.
It's out of my hands.
It's either this or nothing.
Then nothing.
- Fine.
- Fine.
Get back in the van.
I will.
Had something special planned for our anniversary but whatever, forget it.
You remembered? Of course I remembered, but this date is over, so, let's get back in the van.
No, no, no, no.
I want to see it.
Come on.
I want to see it.
Give me something.
Give me something to help find your dad and half-sister.
That's nothing.
Give me something better.
You're smart.
You'll figure it out.
Let's go.
I want to see it.
Let's go.
Hold my hand.
It's dark inside.
You know we just had our first fight, right? [Door clatters.]
God, it smells so gross in here.
That's why I hate roller rinks.
Luke, can you hear me? Loud and clear.
Light it up.
Got it.
[Pop music playing.]
Spencie I'm a size 7 skate.
Could be 23 chromosomes.
That's how Cat found her father.
Jennifer: Matt and I went through Cat's prison mail.
Nothing says she ran a familial DNA test.
Unless she ran it through her lawyer, in which case it would be privileged and we wouldn't know about it.
Where are we on Juliette Weaver? Simmons: Dead end.
We've looked into her and Cat's known locations in D.
Prentiss: So, our best bet would be to get Cat to call Juliette or text her and maybe Garcia could trace the signal.
There's no way we could force Cat to make that move.
She'd see us coming a mile away.
Find a way she won't.
I'll get Cat's lawyer in here on that familial DNA test.
It's not much but right now, it's all we've got.
We've got a problem.
I know.
A big problem.
I know we've only found what Cat wants us to find.
The flyers.
Juliette's identity.
Pictures of the victims.
She is not making this hard for us.
From the very beginning, we profiled that there's a hidden agenda.
This isn't hidden.
Ok, so, that means Cat's got something bigger planned, but what? Last time, she pretended she was pregnant with Reid's baby.
Before that, she planted a bomb under the restaurant.
Both times, she got us with our pants down.
I'm telling you, the other shoe hasn't dropped yet.
Ok, so, this doesn't have anything to do with her family, even though she wants us to think it does, so, what else could What? Come on.
I represent Catherine Adams.
Attorney-client privilege means I can't talk to you guys.
Unless you have knowledge of a crime your client is currently committing.
Yeah, and I don't.
She has a partner holding those two people hostage.
We believe it's her father and her half-sister.
She could've only found them through a familial DNA search.
She could've only made that happen through you.
Ok, yeah.
She spit in a tube and sent it to me.
I thought I was helping.
How did she get the results? Did you send them to her in prison? No.
There was another address.
She wanted a friend to get them.
Emily, we've got something.
[Pop music playing.]
What's up? Can you skate backwards? I can barely skate forward.
Really? Just look up.
Not that far.
Someone having fun? I'm having fun.
If your stupid chaperone wasn't here, I would ask the DJ to put on some Savage Garden for the guy-girl skate and we could totally make out.
You, uh You realize what I have to do, right? Um, let me think.
Ask me a bunch of pointed questions and hope that I trip up? Go ahead.
Ask away.
What happened to your baby? - What? - The last time I saw you, you were pregnant with someone else's baby that you said was mine.
Why are you asking me about that? I don't want to talk about that.
Hormonal changes during pregnancy expand the brain's capacity for empathy.
I was actually just trying to see if I could use it against you.
Oh, really? What about, um, sex? Why don't you use that against me? Got the shot.
Cat, wait.
I can explain.
I have spent my entire adult life reading men.
I know when they're thinking about someone else.
Yes, I'm dating someone, but that doesn't mean Do you know what this was for me? I didn't ask for one last family visit.
I didn't want one final meal.
I wanted this.
And you can't even give me the courtesy of your undivided attention before I'm executed.
So, thank you very much, but this date is over.
You can turn off the stupid lights, boys.
Let's get out of here.
She's not you.
You're lying.
I'm not lying.
I wish I was, but I'm not.
There's some part of my brain, some Some part that you somehow inhabit and no woman, no matter how good, no matter how kind, no matter how Sexy she is can ever get you out.
Do you think about me when you kiss her? I don't know.
I haven't kissed her.
You haven't kissed her yet? You haven't kissed me yet.
So, what have you done with her that you haven't done with me? Come on.
Give me something.
She saw my apartment.
Then I want to see your apartment.
[Muffled speech.]
What's your name? Don.
Don Brenner.
She took my daughter! I don't know where! Ok, Don, I need you to listen to me.
Um The kidnapper, Juliette Weaver, she's working very closely with Catherine Adams.
Have you had any contact with her? - Who? - Catherine Adams.
Your your daughter.
I-I don't know who that is.
No, you don't.
Do you? JJ.
You got a knife.
Results from the DNA search.
Jennifer: "We've matched your submitted DNA" "to an unidentified male in Vancouver, deceased as of December 2016.
" Cat's dad was dead all along.
She and Juliette knew that.
Their whole agenda was just to throw us off track, waste our time.
Why? Spencer.
You sure you want to do this, man? Whatever it takes.
Did you really mean what you said? Yes.
Prove it.
And make it good.
Because I'm this close to letting them die.
What are you doing here? Get her out of here.
Get her out of here.
No, no, no.
She will kill them if I leave.
Kill who? My father and my sister.
Michelle? No, my my younger sister.
Look, I got a call from some woman.
I heard my sister screaming in the background.
She told me to come here, that there would be a key under the mat.
Spencer, what is happening? It's your family she kidnapped.
JJ and Matt recovered your dad.
He's alive and unharmed.
What about Eloise? She's still missing.
I say we get Cat, we put her in her cell, and we regroup.
Bring her in here and leave us alone.
[Dialing phone.]
[Line ringing.]
You can monitor us with this.
Follow my lead.
We can outsmart her.
Let her gloat.
She loves to gloat.
Just don't show fear or she'll use it against you.
Who? Her.
[Door closes.]
We're all here.
What do you want to talk about? [Scoffs.]
So, so much.
She's cute.
Juliette staked out Reid's life, found out he was dating somebody new.
He was probably so focused on Max every time they went out that he never noticed.
But if Juliette was able to find Max's family, it means she must have access to all of her publicly available information.
At least we found their hidden agenda.
No, we found Cat's hidden agenda.
Juliette doesn't care about Reid.
There's something we're missing here.
- Do a deep dive with Garcia.
- On it.
I'll go to Reid's apartment and monitor on site.
Is there a trap-and-trace on his landline? Garcia's almost set up.
Well, this went from bad to worse.
- Yeah.
- Female narcissists destroy their competition.
Maxine Brenner shouldn't even be in there.
We're putting her life at risk.
- Walk with me.
- Yeah.
Thank you, doctor.
So, the hospital just released the dad Don Brenner.
He's on his way here now.
Question is, why let him go at all? Matt's on that.
Juliette Weaver's real agenda should tell us where she's taking Max's younger sister.
Lewis: I still think the play here is to get Cat and Juliette to contact each other, but I have no idea how.
Prentiss: I have a plan, but first we have to talk about Max.
Did it make you mad that I was kissing your boyfriend? No.
Why not? Well, he's not my boyfriend and I kind of have some other things on my mind.
Like what? Are you gonna hurt Eloise? Not if I don't have to, no.
Honestly, if she follows instructions, she might even learn from this whole experience.
Max: What does that mean? What does that mean? Max's sister won't learn from Cat.
That means she'll learn from Juliette.
Bring up her record.
[Keys clacking.]
She went to prison when she was 20.
That's the same age as Eloise now.
She could be grooming her, the same way that Cat groomed Juliette.
Ok, grooming her for what? Well, it's not about punishing Dad.
She let Max's dad go.
It could be about the boyfriend she took the rap for.
What's that guy's story? Let's find out, shall we? Where are we going? We're gonna see the man who told me to go to prison for him.
We're gonna kill him.
You don't need me for that.
You could do it yourself.
I'll stay in the car.
I'll do whatever you want - I'm teaching you.
- [Crying.]
Just like Cat taught me.
All men are like him.
They're not.
I guess it runs in the family, huh? What? Naivete.
Your sister's learning that same lesson.
Normally, Spencie and I, we spend our time together playing games, but tonight, I've brought you all here to make a point.
You can do so much better.
With you? I'm not talking to you.
I'm talking to you.
Because, girlfriend, you need to know the truth about your boyfriend.
He's not my boyfriend.
Cat: No kidding.
You guys haven't even made out yet.
You told her that? I had to say a lot of things tonight.
Yes, he has.
He said that you're not me, that, um That no matter what, he can't get me out of his mind.
Everything I said I was lying to save your family.
Did our kiss look like a lie? No.
Thank you.
See, now we're getting to the heart of the matter.
You see, everyone thinks that Dr.
Spencer Reid is Is just this nice, bookish, uh, genius who, uh, always saves the day and has all the answers.
And has zero mommy issues, right? But, um I know the real him.
Oh, yeah? Who's the real me, Cat? The real Spencer Reid throws women against walls [Table clatters.]
And hisses that he's going to kill them.
I'm going to kill you.
- Stop it! - I'm gonna kill you.
That was a very different situation.
No, it wasn't.
What is she talking about? You tell her.
She's not gonna believe it coming from me.
How fluid is the situation? Don't think fluid.
Think flammable.
Reid: Two years ago, Cat had her partner kidnap my mother.
Just like tonight.
She got under my skin and And you threw her against a wall.
Don't skimp on the details, Spencie.
She deserves to know everything.
She was pregnant at the time and I knew that when I hurt her.
And? The next day I miscarried.
The end.
That's not true.
It is most certainly true.
Check my medical records.
That doesn't mean I-I would Stop.
I thought you were decent.
Pull the plug.
Come on.
Not yet.
[Beep beep.]
Rossi, where are you? We're almost at the boyfriend's apartment.
We'll stake it out and set up roadblocks in a mile radius.
If Juliet smells a trap, she'll kill Eloise.
We need to get the drop on her so she doesn't see us coming.
Prentiss: Reid knows what we need.
If he can get Cat to call Juliet, we can pinpoint her location and do exactly that.
I'm sorry.
Notice how your boyfriend is apologizing to you and not me.
- He's not my boyfriend.
- I'm not her boyfriend.
That's good.
Because men are all the same.
Aren't they, Maxie? Don't call her that.
What, are you gonna throw me against a wall and choke me, or do you only do that to pregnant women? Why are you doing this? Because I want you to see it.
I want you to see that he is No better than whoever hurt you before.
I can see it on your face.
What's his name? It's none of your business.
It is exactly my business.
In fact, it's my specialty.
I mean, I could have Juliette and baby sister go over there if you want.
They could take care of him.
Reid: Say yes.
Give her what she wants.
See, he wants you to get me to make a little phone call so they can trace it.
They're so good, the FBI.
What is wrong with the two of you? What is this sick, twisted thing that you have? Listen, I just want to save my sister.
Will you please just tell me what I have to do to do that? Tell me his name.
Tell me the story.
That's it.
And then if they can let Juliette exit stage right, then I promise you I will let her go.
What is she doing? Here.
Use this use my phone.
They can't trace it.
You'd be surprised.
I don't even need a call.
Just just a photo.
Something to prove to me that she's still alive.
Story first.
Max, Max, I have been here with her before.
She called the number and told the partner to kill my mom.
It is so tricky, isn't it? I mean, who are you gonna trust? The lying, cheating, violent psychopath Or me? His name was Mike Davis.
We dated for two years.
When did it end? Last year.
Was he good in bed? Shut up.
What? You have to know where you stand.
He was good Good at, um, separating me from my friends and my family.
Enough that the first time he punched me in the face, I didn't have anywhere to go.
And my first response wasn't "get out.
" It wasn't "go to hell.
" It was "I'm sorry, Mike.
" That's when he knew he had me.
How many hospital visits were there? None.
No, he He knew how to hurt me just enough, I guess.
But you found the strength to leave.
What did you do? I planned and I I waited.
Waited for what? I live here in D.
but I'm also a resident in Virginia.
It takes 60 days for the permit to clear.
Max, stop talking.
Stop talking right now.
No, don't stop.
Give me the phone.
Look, I'm gonna enter the text.
Stick the landing and I'll hit "send.
" [Keys clacking.]
When I was ready, I picked a fight.
Loud enough for the neighbors to hear.
And he came at me with his fist just cocked back, so, I pulled my Glock 19 out of my purse.
I shot him.
It was self-defense.
He was attacking you.
That's what I told 911 as he was struggling to breathe on his kitchen floor.
That's why the police never charged me.
But I after I hung up, I I shot him two more times.
Wow, you really have a type, don't you? Quite a dilemma, too.
She just admitted to murder.
She'll beat it.
But you two are done.
- [Phone beeps.]
- Oh, wow.
Look at that.
Your sister.
Alive and well.
Well, you're welcome.
I-I got something.
I got something, please, please, please help.
I win.
Do you know why I did this? Why I really did this? You wanted to prove I'm a monster just like you.
No Silly.
I just wanted to see you again.
I just wanted to make sure that you would never forget about me.
'Cause when they do put that needle in my arm, I just want there to be even the slightest chance that Maybe you're still thinking about me.
You didn't have to terrorize 3 innocent people.
You could've just written a letter.
Would you have written me back? Bye, Spencie.
I really enjoyed our date.
We need to debrief.
So, we have a lot to talk about.
Garcia: Yeah.
I know, right? What is this? How Lewis: We had to think fast.
But we, we pulled it off.
Pulled what off? - Outsmarting Cat.
- How? Rossi: Basically, kid, we had to keep you in the dark.
And if you knew what we knew, we were afraid that Cat would know, too.
When did all this start? It started when your date started.
Both times she had us with our pants down.
I'm telling you, the other shoe hasn't dropped yet.
Ok, so, this doesn't have anything to do with her family, even though she wants us to think it does.
So, what else could What? JJ said Spencer started dating someone new, and it's a coincidence that Cat Adams decided to act now? We've put the pieces together that Cat was doing this because of Max.
Simmons: And by the time we identified her, JJ and I had just found Don.
Jennifer: Just in time, too.
Max had gotten the message that her sister was in trouble.
That order to go to your apartment, the key under the mat? That part was real.
Max: Once they found me I was a little upset.
[Siren wailing.]
[Tires screeching.]
No, no, no, no, no, please.
You've got to move your cars.
It's an emergency.
Don: Max? Dad? Sweetie.
You're all right.
You're ok.
So, I rode with them to brief Max.
She was a really quick study.
She did what to him in Mexico? Yeah, and that's where the story gets even more convoluted.
Jennifer: All you need to know is her whole reason for doing this is to destroy Reid's life.
Simmons: And you're just the next pawn in her game.
Ok, so, she's, like, a mean girl, but more stabby.
Garcia, Jennifer, and Simmons: Yes.
You said that? I didn't put it exactly that way.
No, that's exactly what you said verbatim.
Or it's how I remember it.
Anyway, that doesn't matter.
The point is, we got to your apartment moments before you and Alvez arrived.
We'll be able to monitor you with this the whole time.
We'll all be listening, but Prentiss will be telling you what to say.
Thumbs up if you can hear me.
And we were in communication with her the whole time, so, we could feed her what she needed to say.
She's not trained for this.
Lewis: Yeah.
I was concerned about that.
We needed a strategy.
Look, our best bet is still to get Cat and Juliette to contact each other, but I can't figure out how.
I've got a plan, but first, we have to talk about Max.
Look, she's smart and tough, but we all know that Cat will see right through her if she says the wrong thing.
Abusive men.
This all comes back to abusive men.
We'd be out of work if it didn't.
But what if Max plays into that? This was the tricky part.
We had to ask Max to improvise.
How fluid is the situation? Don't think fluid.
Think flammable.
Max, listen closely.
We are gonna need you to lie.
I miscarried.
The end.
It's not true.
Fake tears.
If you can't fake tears, fake anger.
Cat: Look.
Guessing you didn't have to work that hard.
Right now, I'm disgusted with myself.
Hey, let me help you with that part.
Cat said check the medical record and I did.
She had a miscarriage but it was months later.
It had nothing to do with you.
That was another lie she said to make you feel terrible and throw you, so, I told Max and the rest of our furry friends this information.
Alvez: What we didn't expect was what Max did next.
I'm no profiler, but I know queen bees.
If she was willing to tell that kind of a lie, I knew who I was dealing with.
So, Prentiss told you what you needed to say? Not quite.
Max: That's what I told 911 when he was struggling to breathe on his kitchen floor.
That's why the police didn't charge me.
But after I hung up, I shot him two more times.
Don't mess with Max.
Reid: So, Mike Davis is Don: Alive and well.
Living in jersey.
Married, I think.
He's a douchebag but not an abusive one.
How'd you know that would work? She sees the world one way, that everyone's out to hurt you.
So, I just kind of played on that.
Rossi: And it all worked out.
Cat sent the text and because we were already in the area, we were on top of her before she knew it.
Now what? It's your lucky day.
Now you get out.
[Siren wailing.]
FBI! Hands where I can see them.
It's ok, Eloise.
You're safe.
It is very nice to meet you, Eloise.
Thanks for saving my life.
All of you.
I don't know what we would have done if it wasn't for this whole team.
Don: So, you're dating my daughter.
Spencer Reid, sir.
Not quite the way I was expecting we'd meet.
Well, Mike Davis aside, Max is pretty good at picking a boyfriend.
Team: He's not her boyfriend.
So, that kiss, though.
Yeah, that.
She's right.
You know, you can't fake that kind of thing.
No, you can't, but I've heard that with the right person, you can do even better.
You just like the bad girls.
Truthfully? Sometimes.
But right now, I like the good girl better.
Is your life always this exciting? No.
Well, my personal life isn't.
[Elevator door opens.]
Thank god, because this was probably the worst third date ever.
Is there anything I can do to salvage it? There may be one thing.

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