Criminal Minds s15e08 Episode Script

Family Tree

Get out of here! What happened? Idiot asked if he could pay with a roll of stamps.
Stamps? Like from the post office? Hell, yeah, from the post office.
They were still in that little dumb, crinkly package.
Were they at least forever stamps? They was some stick-it-where- the-sun-don't-shine stamps.
I told him, how am I supposed to put food on the table with that? I'll find somebody else.
Most people in life deserve better than they got.
That's a plain and simple fact.
But I truly believe things can get better if you only wish it hard enough.
And that way, I guess you could say I'm an optimist.
What happened to your leg, sweetie? I tore a ligament.
Want me to help make it better? 50 bucks.
Extras, the price goes up.
Can I ask you a question first? Personal question? Sure, honey.
Fire away.
If I were to give you a chance to get away from all of this, fresh start, would you come with me? You'd you'd really do that? I absolutely would.
But why? Look at me.
- I'm just a - I know what you are.
Doesn't matter.
Come away with you? I don't need to be reformed, hon.
I just need the 50 bucks.
But all the optimism in the world doesn't mean a thing if people aren't ready to help themselves.
I know what I do is wrong, but There's not always a good choice to be made in life.
Sometimes, you need to pick the lesser of two evils.
Each time I do this, I can feel something die inside of me.
It's awful.
I don't think you appreciate how awful it is.
And what scares me the most is I'm going to turn into something evil, too, bit by bit, gradual, so slowly, I won't even notice until one day, suddenly, that's all I am Pure evil.
Nothing else.
I I hardly know what to say, sir.
Well, we hope you'll say yes.
I don't need an answer today.
Our transition timeline is still several months down the road.
I just wanted to make you aware for now.
You've got that deer-in- the-headlights look, Agent Prentiss.
It's just It's a lot to consider Director of the FBI.
Well, I'm not gonna sugarcoat it.
It's a political position and the vetting process can be grueling, but you wouldn't be on the short list if we didn't think you could handle it.
I'm honored, sir.
And if I can offer a personal aside, after 100-plus years, I think it's high time the Bureau had a female at the helm.
Ah Think about it.
Now, until I have an answer, I'm gonna have to ask that this remains confidential.
Of course.
Thank you, sir.
Spill, why don't you? How was New Orleans? Oh, it was wonderful.
The boys had a ball getting to know their cousins, Will reconnected with his old crowd, and I ate so many oysters, I'm pretty sure I have pearls growing in me.
More likely what's growing inside of you is vibrio vulnificus.
It's a bacterial contamination caused by eating raw seafood.
There's 52,000 cases a year in the United States alone.
I forgot we invited the fun police.
Ignore him.
That's what lemon juice is for.
You squirt that on stuff, and it kills all the bacteria.
I'm so glad you're not my primary care physician.
Ok, that was gross and I'm gonna change the subject.
Can the two of you keep a secret? He can.
I can't.
Tell us anyway? Ok, so the field office down there has an opening.
The job's mine if I want it.
- In New Orleans? - Y‭eah.
You're leaving? I didn't know you were looking at other things.
I'm not.
I put my name on the OP list there, like years ago, and I completely forgot about it, but apparently my name has worked its way to the top.
Why I don't know how to feel about this.
I mean, I should be happy for you, but that means you're there and not here with us.
And what are we gonna do if you're not here? And that's Emily.
We have a case.
This conversation is not over.
I didn't say I was gonna take it.
Deputy director didn't beat you up too much, did he? Uh, no.
Just the usual bumps and bruises.
Penelope? Today's toke of ick has been brought to us by Beaumont, Texas, where a businessman, Tom Mitchell, was found last night in the dumpster.
Coroners say he was there at least 3 days.
Earlier in the week, the body of a prostitute named Elizabeth McBride was discovered in a shallow grave less than a mile from that dumpster.
Why do we think the murders are connected? Because both of them were missing their tongues and their ears and their hands.
And can someone start talking so I can stop thinking about It doesn't look like that's the end of it.
In the last 48 hours, Toby Stemple, a prominent local attorney, and another prostitute, Cindy Wilson, have also gone missing.
Affluent men and street prostitutes.
This unsub's targeting two distinctly different victim types.
Oh, maybe the men were clients of the women.
This could be about revenge.
Or someone who disapproves, a moral enforcer.
Yeah, hands, ears, tongues.
The mutilation is rough.
Hopefully, this is all post-mortem.
Before, during, or after, this is personal any way you slice it.
Pardon the expression.
Well, let's get on it.
Wheels up in 20.
Give me credit for trying to do the right thing, but you need to find me.
You need to stop me.
There's a Scottish proverb: "They talk of my drinking but never my thirst.
" So, the victimology between Tom Mitchell and Elizabeth McBride could not be more different.
And he was a wealthy, well-respected member of the community, churchgoer, coached his son's basketball team.
She, on the other hand, had the sadly familiar trajectory of a troubled youth, addiction, sporadic homelessness.
Ears and tongues removed.
And We're talking about hear no evil, speak no evil? But he leaves the eyes.
So it's ok to see evil? You guys, we were right to be worried about that thing we were worried about.
The police just found the bodies of the two missing people.
Where? Well, the attorney, Toby Stemple, was found in an abandoned incinerator, and this Cindy Wilson was found buried in the woods like the other woman.
As far as the missing body parts go, suffice to say second verse, same as the first.
You know, there's a stark contrast in disposal methods as well as victimology.
The women are buried with care in secluded areas.
The men he discards in public places like trash.
Yeah, big-time anger imbalance.
Luke, Spence, go to the M.
's office.
, Tara, see if any other women who work the streets have anything to add.
Matt, you'll talk to the families of the male victims.
Dave and I will set up with the local P.
We're going through our missing persons reports for the past few months, see if somebody else jumps out.
Were you familiar with the victims? Cindy and Liz, yeah.
They were in all the time for solicitation.
They were good girls with big hearts.
They just went down a tough road is all.
What about the men? No, sir, but they both have money and come from old, established families.
I mean, the Mitchell clan, the Stemple clan, they been part of Beaumont since forever.
Uh, you folks can set up in here.
- That's perfect.
Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Excuse me.
Chief, you need to see this.
Did this come in the mail? No.
One of our officers stopped for coffee, and it was on the hood of his squad car when he came out.
Let's run them for prints.
Both ears.
But then he only took one hand from each of the victims, the left hand.
Mercifully, the victims were already dead when the body parts were removed.
So we're probably not dealing with a sadist.
Were you able to determine the COD? The women, manual strangulation; the men died from multiple stab wounds.
It's not easy to disarticulate a hand at the wrist.
Did they demonstrate any surgical skill? With the women, yes.
If not skill, at least care.
Removals were clean and precise.
Amputations on the men were much cruder.
Any defensive wounds? No.
The men did have blunt force trauma to the back of their skulls, though.
Blitz attacked.
No such injuries on the women, but sedatives did show up on both their tox screens.
Given their history of substance abuse, it's gonna be difficult to say with any certainty whether or not the unsub drugged them.
They might have self-medicated as part of their normal daily routine.
One more thing The women were nude but didn't show any evidence of sexual assault.
And their burial was what I guess you could call ceremonial.
In what way? They were wrapped in a white sheet and buried face-down.
A white sheet? Could be a symbol of purity.
You know, try to restore their lost innocence? Well, I talked to Tom Mitchell and Toby Stemple's wives, and they both swear their husbands would never frequent a prostitute.
Well, they never do until they do.
I brought in Kayla Jackson.
She worked the streets with Cindy Wilson.
She saw the unsub with her the day Cindy disappeared.
This is her description.
Kayla said it was such a good likeness, it sent chills down her spine.
No, no, wait.
That wasn't the deal.
Corey agreed to pay half, and he hasn't sent me a dime.
I don't know how you can defend him.
I really don't.
Get you a refill? No, I'm good.
I'm good.
Everything ok? Trust me, you don't want to know.
Sure I do.
Tell me.
Just same old, same old.
My ex moved to Florida and left me with a pile of bills, bills he ran up.
And now, even my own mother's taking his side.
That's not right.
Oh, my ex can play the victim card very well.
Anyhow, sorry to unload.
Bartender's supposed to be the one listening to your troubles.
Ha ha! Family is everything.
Without family, nothing makes sense.
Are you car shopping? Yeah, yeah.
Pickup I've got now can't handle the mud.
Cab's too low.
- How's it going? - Doing good.
How are you? Hey! Good luck! With the truck.
Good luck with the truck.
Give me credit for trying to do the right thing, but you need to find me.
You need to stop me.
Results come back? Yeah.
No surprise.
Forensics confirmed the blood on the earring belongs to Cindy Wilson.
And unfortunately, his prints aren't in the system.
Ok, well, we should get this tape out on the airwaves right away.
The voice is distinctive enough that someone might recognize it.
Good eye.
That one just came on the lot yesterday.
Bo Zachary.
What's it gonna take for me to put you in this vehicle today? Well, I'm not here to buy a car, actually.
- You're not? - No.
I, uh I came to show you something.
What's that? It's from Lydia.
Lydia Parris.
You remember her, right? I'm not gonna read that.
Well, I'll tell you what it says.
On that night, 31 years ago, under the big oak, the two of you conceived a child A little boy.
That boy was me.
It's been so many years, I T-that doesn't matter.
It's never too late to fix things.
What can I do to make it right? I mean, how could I ever So, what do you say we take this baby out for a spin? None of the body parts have been recovered.
And what's this guy doing with 'em? Normally, you'd think souvenirs, but that's a lot of rotted flesh to have hanging around the house.
They're probably trophies meant for display.
Yeah, but display where? Well, the men were in their 50s, but the female victims both have a 25-year age variance.
Making it less likely the females are surrogates.
Or there's some confusion in the unsub's mind as to what the women represent.
Elizabeth and Cindy might mean different things to him.
Well, he aged up a generation with Cindy Wilson.
So sexualizing a mother figure? That would explain the face-down burials.
He feels remorse.
Well, this unsub's taking feeling guilty to the next level.
I mean, he sent a tape to law enforcement begging us to stop him.
Just got a phone call from a car dealer downtown.
Owner took a customer out on a test drive 3 hours ago.
Never came back.
Car salesman guy isn't my father, but what else can I do? I feel bad and I blame myself, but it's only because my will isn't developed enough.
I haven't fully committed to the power of visualization.
I'm getting stronger, though Stronger and better.
Which means that to catch me, you'll have to get stronger and better, too.
I wonder if you will.
So, apparently Bo Zachary was a pretty big guy, 6'2", 220.
Not so easy to blitz attack someone like that.
Unsub must have had a gun to control him.
Looks like he's sticking to his pattern of alternating victims Businessmen, prostitutes.
Except the other two men were affluent, and according to his employee, Bo was having a hard time paying the bills.
So money isn't part of the unsub's victim selection criteria.
What is? Tom Mitchell and Toby Stemple came from long-established families here, right? Yeah.
65 years would qualify, I think.
This has nothing to do with wealth.
All of his male victims have deep roots.
They're called mother trees.
They send out nutrients to seedlings around them.
You can see why it's my altar, can't you? Thanks.
Jennifer checked in.
Looks like this unsub is targeting men who came in Beaumont's version of the "Mayflower.
" Anything new? Oh, he's all over the place.
He says, "I'm weak, I'm strong.
Stop me.
No, don't stop me.
" It's the same way he ping-pongs between victim types.
You know, clearly he sees these murders in terms of pairs, not one-offs, two halves to a whole, but how do the halves fit together? I mean, one group is ingrained in the fabric of the community.
The other is marginalized and shunned.
And the unsub keeps referring to this tree as an altar.
He said it several times.
The church reference makes sense to me if the unsub's punishing his victims for moral indiscretions.
He could be utilizing religious iconography to justify his murders.
Ok, so what else happens in front of an altar? Let's think about what he does to his female victims.
He wraps them in white, he cuts off their left hands.
The hand that traditionally holds a wedding ring.
Removal of the tongue could symbolize silencing spoken marriage vows.
What if the unsub sees these women as brides? The unknown subject we're looking for is a white male in his late 20s to mid-30s.
He is physically fit, mobile, and organized.
This unsub is targeting two victim types Female prostitutes and businessmen who come from families with long-standing ties to the community.
This individual is unique in that he's reached out directly to us and seems to have a genuine desire to have us put a stop to his crimes, however, his compulsion won't allow it.
Excerpts from recordings he's made have been disseminated to the public.
Anyone who thinks they recognize his voice needs to come forward immediately.
While operating in public when hunting and abducting his victims, the actual murders almost certainly take place in a remote, secure area.
Certain ritual aspects of the killings lead us to believe the unsub is trying to re-create or perhaps make a mockery of an actual wedding.
Given the victimology, this person's anger probably stems from being the product of a marriage that ended because of a father's infidelity with a prostitute.
Because one of the prostitutes appears to be a mother surrogate, another possibility is that he is the child of a prostitute himself.
Now, we cannot stress enough the need for heightened caution and awareness in the community, especially among the two high-risk categories.
Police patrols will be out in force in areas that prostitutes and their customers are known to frequent.
This press conference is for law enforcement, media, and the general public, but we are also addressing the perpetrator of these crimes himself.
You pleaded with us to stop you.
Allow us to help.
This can end now, if you want.
Full disclosure.
Fear of change is forcing me to continue to eat frozen dessert foods.
What do you need? We think our unsub is the son of a couple who used to live in Beaumont.
Oh, my gosh.
Do you think that, newbie? Oh, my gosh.
You just narrowed the candidates to like 1.
2 million people.
It's just the sugar talking.
We also think that his mother may or may not have worked as a prostitute at one time.
But dad is probably a member of one of the prominent, long-entrenched families here.
Mom and Dad married? It's unsure.
I mean, aspects of a wedding ritual are tangled up in his M.
, but it could just be projection on his part, you know? Wishful thinking.
This could have been an engagement that fell through.
Ok, I am on it.
By the way, is J.
there? No, why? All right, you pulled this out from me and you did not hear it from me, but she's thinking about taking a job in New Orleans.
- What? - I know, right? Hence forthwith, my lips are sealed, but you only know that information so we can gang up on her and talk her out of it.
I'm so mad that you made me tell you that! Not my fault, J.
I told you I wasn't good at keeping secrets.
I told you.
I told you.
One beer, Shawn? I don't know.
I might have to cut you off after this.
I'm kidding! How's your wife doing? I need to talk to you.
Give me two seconds.
I need to talk to you now.
Whoa, not cool! That was really rude! This is gonna sound crazy, ok, but there's this place nearby in the woods.
It's this tree like no other tree you've ever seen before in your life.
It was where I was conceived, actually, and I'm sorry.
I can tell by the way you're looking at me that I'm going way too fast, so let me back up.
Um, it wasn't a mistake that we met, that you told me about your family before I even knew who you were.
I need to get back to work.
You're not hearing what I'm saying.
Come with me Now.
What are you talking about? I can't just leave.
This is my job.
Forget this place! What I'm talking about is so much more than this.
I'm talking about the chance for a brand-new start.
How do I know I can trust you? Look at me.
I would never try to deceive you, not about this.
A new start.
All right, sport.
It's time to go.
Thank you, Nick.
Wait, what? I said it's time to go.
Just get off.
Get off! What are you doing? You show your face around here again, I'm calling the cops.
You still got it, baby girl.
What is it, Garcia? I searched birth records in Beaumont from 1987 to 1992.
There were 20,000 babies born.
But when you apply Garcia's law of diddlysquat, things narrow down considerably.
Law of diddlysquat? Simply stated, where there should be gobs of information about someone or something and you find diddlysquat, there is gold in dem der hills and dig down.
The gold this time being In 1989, there was a 16-year-old girl Let's call her girl X.
She got pregnant, father unknown Let's call him boy X.
She had a history of drug issues.
She was arrested twice for solicitation.
Do we know her name? Not yet.
They're both juveniles, so those records are sealed tight.
Beaumont is a decent-size city.
That couldn't have been the only birth during that timeframe that raised eyebrows.
So I followed the money.
Girl X filed for child support, a lot of child support.
Obviously, she thought she was gonna get it.
Boy X’s parents were well-off.
That's where my mind went.
Ooh! And Sealed tight is just Garcia-speak for unsealed waiting to happen.
The girl's name Lydia Parris.
Do we know where she is now? Not yet, but we will.
Does it indicate whether she got the money? No, but she got it.
Before baby, Lydia was hustling for drug money.
After, mother and son moved to Houston, lived in style New car, nice apartment.
You sure you're ok? Yeah, yeah, that guy was a nut job, but he was harmless.
Hey, Nick, you mind giving me a hand? Just be careful, all right? Ok.
Aah! Mmm! Oh! You are a lifesaver.
Thank you.
What do you got, Penelope? I have the sad conclusion of the Lydia Parris saga.
Life did not improve for her once she left Beaumont.
What happened? More of the same Drugs, alcohol, homelessness.
She died of cirrhosis 3 months ago in Galveston.
- There's your trigger.
- What about her son? I'm still trying to track him down.
He left home early and then fell off the grid.
And the father? Boy X remains boy X.
Money'll buy you a lot of anonymity.
I'll hit you back when I have more.
That's the guy.
And the name of the bartender is Becky Silverman? Look, something bad happened.
Her car's still parked in the alley.
Her handbag's on the ground.
She's not answering her cell.
And you said that she had an encounter with this man earlier in the afternoon? Guy had been hanging around the bar past few days.
- Becky said he was crazy.
- How so? He went off about this tree they had to go see.
But up until the last few days, you'd never seen this man before? No.
Becky said he was looking through a car flyer.
He needed a pickup that could handle mud? Mud? Has it been raining recently? It's been bone dry for months.
Come on.
Shh Please! Please don't hurt me, please! Shh Shh.
It's right nearby.
I'm gonna show you.
And then we'll come back here and get ready.
So wherever he's taking his victims has got to be somewhere private, a place he knows others wouldn't disturb him.
There's lots of places like that around here.
Turns pretty rural, you just get a couple miles outside of town.
Ok, apparently he needed a truck that could traverse deep mud, but it hasn't rained around here for weeks.
Yeah, well, this is Bayou country, remember.
There are some areas that are prone to on-and-off flooding year-round.
Which places? Oh, southeast of I haven't done anything to you! Come on! Hey, hey, hey, this is it.
Uhh! Hey, hey, hey, this is our place.
Ok? We can make a fresh start here.
Ok? Ok, just the two of us.
These are the flood zones.
I sent a copy off to Garcia.
There must be 15,000, 20,000 acres here.
We need to narrow it down.
All right, let's think.
Imagine you are boy X.
You're from a prominent family, but your girlfriend is a wrong-side-of-the-tracks type.
Where would you go for a tryst? You can't risk being seen.
You'd go off to the countryside.
Ok, but not just any countryside.
A place you know, ideally, a place you control.
Probably the boy's family owns.
- Garcia.
- I know, I know, I know! I got the flood map, but it's a lot to wade through.
Excuse the Rossi school of being unintentionally punny.
Narrow your search to land that's been owned by the same family for at least 3 generations.
Oh, that helps enormously.
The ones closest to the city limits are Crawford, Stanford, and Bowman ranches.
Check the families' histories, see if any flares go off.
Please let me go.
I won't tell anybody, I swear! See that tree? It's where I began.
A place like that, it It should have been the most beautiful thing in the world Like you.
Why did you put those things on it? To honor what happened.
What? Bringing together what should always have been together but wasn't.
See, all my mother ever wanted was a family.
She wasn't good enough for him, though.
But trees, they're They sense things.
They regenerate.
I know how this sounds.
Don't! Don't! Do not touch me! Didn't you hear what I said? I This is our chance to make something wrong right again.
You are insane.
You're not any different, are you? It's not too late.
Take me back.
I'll You're no different at all.
I thought you were.
But you're not.
You've got a sickness, but you can get help.
I'll help you get help.
You had your chance.
What's happening? We asked Garcia to look for flares.
She may have found one.
Billy Crawford.
That's our unsub? Father of our unsub.
Boy X.
30 years back, Billy was known as a wild kid who slummed it with Lydia's crowd.
Same time she got pregnant, he was abruptly shipped off to a boarding school in Connecticut.
Family paid off the girl and that was the end of it.
We know where Billy is now? He died of cancer 5 years ago.
So with Lydia's recent death, the unsub, in effect, was orphaned.
And came back to Beaumont where it all started to try to fix it.
The family owns a ranch just outside of town.
It's mostly dense wood, but Garcia has a satellite photo of a clearing with one very large tree.
Help! Somebody! Scream all you want.
There's nobody out here.
Ok, let's do what you said out by the tree.
Let's make a new start.
No, you're just scared.
Scared people will say anything.
Now I need to find a branch just for you.
Stop! FBI! Drop it! Uhh! ‭ Damn it.
Uhh! What's happening? I heard gunshots.
One last chance.
We leave now, together.
This is it.
What? I said ok.
Let's do it.
Well, how do I know you're Kiss me.
Do you believe me now? Yes.
Yes! I love you.
I've loved you from the moment I saw you.
What? W-what's happening? What's happening? What's happening? Dave, are you ok? Yeah.
Matt saw a cabin over near the ridge.
We should go assist.
This was never gonna end any other way.
I know.
Becky Silverman's shaken up, but she's gonna be ok.
Rossi said the police found more recordings in the unsub's cabin? Yeah, yeah, we've got 'em.
We're gonna take 'em back to Quantico.
It might shed light on the murders we don't know about.
That tree had a lot more body parts than 5 victims could produce.
Tackle those tapes tomorrow.
I think all of us have had more than enough for one day.
May I bug you for a second? Please do.
There's a rumor floating around Ha.
Is New Orleans something you're seriously considering? I don't know.
It sort of came out of nowhere.
But believe me, I'm not gonna do anything without consulting all of you first.
They would be lucky to have you.
But something to factor in, you know, should things get serious.
If I were to move on from my position, I had you in mind to take over as unit chief.
Whoa, wait.
Are you No.
At least not until I've consulted with all of you.
But I wanted you to know that when you weigh your options.
That's all.
Emily Um, thank you.
That means a lot that you said that.
I'm not crazy.
I know these people I find.
They're not my real parents.
But the weird thing is, sometimes pretending isn't just as good as the real thing.
It's better.
Anything interesting? It's strange.
On the one hand, the unsub was torn apart by remorse and living in the worst possible hell you can imagine, but then in the next instant, it was like he was in some kind of a fairy tale filled with wonderment and delight.
Earlier tape reflected the same duality.
He was split by a deep psychological and emotional fissure.
Yeah, but he wasn't a schizophrenic or even a sociopath, really.
I mean, his M.
was well-organized and efficient.
Could just be the two separate and conflicting realities co-existed inside of him.
Yeah, almost like he had some kind of a fantasy life that would take over from time to time, you know? Like a coping mechanism.
Well, can't wait to hear what you find.
- Yeah.
- Sleep well.
You too.
There's this feeling that comes over me right before I know I'm going to do it.
If only I knew how to describe it to you.
We still on for shooting range practice tomorrow? Right now, all I want to do is get home and have a drink with Krystall.
Can we play it by ear? Of course.
Everything ok? Yeah.
I guess I'm feeling a little rattled.
What's going on? You know, it took the whole flight back to figure it out, but then it hit me.
The last time I chased an unsub through the woods, I damn near died.
Everett Lynch.
I know that PTSD is real.
God knows, we've both seen enough of it in wartime.
Unfortunately, we have.
But because I never fell victim to it myself, I guess I've lived my life with a sliver of Arrogance.
Which is? That I was immune to PTSD.
It's mind over matter.
Well, thanks to Everett Lynch, I'm not immune now.
Well, Lynch has been quiet since he killed his daughter.
Could be he's gone dormant.
That happens sometimes.
BTK, Zodiac.
No, not Lynch.
He's a different kind of animal.
I think he's adjusted his M.
, and we're just not aware of his activity.
Well, I hope to hell you're wrong.
But the one thing I still can't figure out, is why he let me live.
It certainly wasn't out of the goodness of his heart.
What matters is that he did, and because of that, you are going home tonight to a great woman and a cold, cold Martini.
Krystall's drink, not mine.
Oh, ok.
But I take your point.
And as for me, I'm also going home to a great woman and a bucket of dirty diapers.
I'll see you tomorrow.
I've heard that gamblers don't really want to win.
The only time they feel alive is when the darkness starts to crowd in from every angle and it doesn't look like there's any way out.
But people like me know, there's always a way out.
What you do is go in deeper.
That's the trick.
The only way out is to go further in.
Remember how I said before I felt something die in me every time I do this? Well, that's the truth, but at the same time, something else grows.
And the way it feels, this growing thing, there's nothing like it in what you people call "the normal world.
" And for that, I pity you.
'Cause once you know this feeling, you never, ever want it to stop.
Here you go.
Hey, that looks wonderful.
So, is it everything I said it would be? Everything and more.
What's the matter? Oh, I don't know.
I'm just I'm thinking back on my life and The things that I've done and who I am.
I don't deserve all of this.
Don't be silly.
Of course you do.
Really, I don't.
Sweetheart, we've all done things we wish we'd done differently, but you are the best man I have ever met And I love you.
I love you, too.
So, I'm going to make us a delicious breakfast Oh, ok.
And we're gonna celebrate this new phase of our life together.
- Hey.
- What? You have the most remarkable Facial structure.
Has anyone ever told you that? No.
It really is quite lovely.
I think you should be preserved under glass forever.
Flattery will get you everywhere.
Ha ha ha! Ok.
I'm just Ok.
"We serial killers are your sons", "we are your husbands, we are everywhere.
And there will be more of your children dead tomorrow" Ted Bundy.

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