Criminal Minds s15e09 Episode Script

Face Off

Everett Lynch.
The media has christened him "The Chameleon.
" He is a con man and a murderer, who has targeted vulnerable middle-aged women, single mothers.
He's cut off their faces and kept them as his trophies.
A year ago, we nearly caught him, but his daughter Grace - Aah! - Aah! She sacrificed herself so that he could get away.
He broke Grace out of jail And again - Don't move.
- We almost caught him, if it hadn't been for his daughter.
She'd do anything for him.
But that wouldn't matter because Lynch couldn't bring himself to take Grace with him.
Maybe he couldn't bring himself to keep using her the way his mother Roberta had once used him.
Oh, god! Everett Lynch remains at large.
He is the FBI's most wanted, but there hasn't been any sign of him for months.
What's up? So I wanted you to be the first to know that my name is on a short list of candidates being considered to fill the director's chair.
Emily, that's incredible.
Oh, my God.
You're gonna be the next director of the FBI.
That still remains a definite maybe.
‭But I do know that I want the job.
But I would feel much better if my first directive as Director was to appoint you Unit Chief of the BAU.
And I I told you before, that really does mean a lot.
Enough to turn down being special agent in charge of the New Orleans field office? Um I'm not sure.
Now I feel like I'm I'm pressuring you into staying, and that's not what I Oh, no, no, no, see, and I'm feeling like if I do go to New Orleans, you might not decide to make history as the first female head of the FBI.
Oh, no, it's Don't worry.
If given the chance, I'm making history.
The truth is, I don't think Lisa ever got over what happened to Phil.
I mean, how could she, really? I'm so sorry, Luke.
Lisa and I'll still be friends, I mean, you know.
We were always honest with each other.
So, unfortunately, Rossi can't make it tonight, but JJ just texted to say that she and Emily are on their way over right now.
Great, and thanks for hosting, Spence.
Well, thank you for coming.
I'm embarrassed that it's taken me this long to have you guys over to my house to hang out.
Guys, I have something to say.
An opportunity has presented itself to me, and it is in the Silicon Valley.
Global Stratagem Development.
They're a private research group that's expanding their stratagem to include combating global environmental change.
Wow, that sounds perfect for you.
You get to do all the good work you do at the BAU - without the gore.
- Yeah, ok, but Are you trying to get rid of me? No.
I don't want anybody going anywhere.
Right, and I don't want to go anywhere.
I love I mean, this is my home.
Not this room, but, you know, the BAU is and Come on.
We're family.
Yeah, we're family, and our relationship to each other is not bound by wherever we show up to go to work.
If you have the opportunity to do something you love, Penelope, you should absolutely explore it.
You know why you lasted longer in this job than I ever did? You never really let the unsub get inside your head.
Is that your way of saying you were better than me, Jason? You tell me.
I'm inside your head.
I'm the unsub.
What do I want? You know, I never liked your games.
I know.
Remember? You and me? My yin to your yang? We were like Martin and Lewis.
Forget the unsub.
What do you want? I want you to ask yourself that fundamental question that's been nagging at you this whole time.
I already answered it.
I'm the unsub.
Why didn't I kill you when I had the chance? You kill me, you killed a federal agent, and that brings down That's the wrong answer.
You'd never been in that situation before.
He had you on the ground, knife to your face.
You resigned yourself to the thought of dying.
It scared the hell out of me.
Everett Lynch didn't kill you because he looked in your eyes and saw something of his father.
Sons kill their fathers, Jason.
Sure, they do, but not typically if they still have issues to work out.
Lynch's dad is dead.
His name was Douglas Moore.
He was an insurance man.
Lynch's mother was trying to grift him and got careless and got pregnant.
The guy drowned in a boating accident.
Drowned, huh? Kind of like how Lynch would describe Grace drowning.
Oh, look, the Moore story checked out, unless Roberta lied to me And if she lied to me, she probably lied to her son, and if he found out, he'd want to find his father, don't you think? I need you to find my father.
You start by tracking down these names.
Consider it done, Mr.
- Marilyn? - Eddie, I need you.
It's Jimmy.
He, um, he he hit me again, and I Slow down.
Where are you? Olivia and I are on our way to a motel, but I I was just wondering if maybe the offer was still good for us to move in together? - Uh, well - I know.
I should I should have never left you hanging and gone back to him It's not that.
It's just I'm out of town.
I get back tomorrow.
All right, so So I'll come by and pick up you and Olivia sometime tomorrow afternoon.
Thanks, baby.
I owe you.
You have the most remarkable facial structure.
Has anyone ever told you that? "Damaged people are dangerous.
" They know they can survive.
" Josephine Hart.
I don't know why it didn't occur to me yesterday that you'd come down here to recharge.
It's been a year since we first encountered Lynch.
Yeah, I'll probably forget my wedding anniversary, but I'll never forget that day.
And this is where the BAU began.
It's the one place I can still hear Gideon's voice prodding me to, um, "think outside the box.
" Something like, uh, "I am the unsub.
" "Who's my daddy?" That's what we've been missing.
- Roberta gave us the name - Roberta lied.
She just wants to appear to be helpful to everybody.
She's got her own agenda.
What are you thinking Get paroled, find her son, and get revenge for the death of her granddaughter Grace? The trifecta.
Killing her own child is far more common than most people think, and in filicide cases, mothers are just as likely as fathers to be killers.
Which is why Roberta doesn't want us to get in the way of her taking care of family business.
Still, filicide not only requires that she harbor deep resentment, but also that she disassociates from her relationship to her only child.
Which she did when I showed her the photo of Grace's dead body.
Were you gonna share all this with the rest of the team? It's just theories.
Dave, I completely understand your personal stake in this, but you and Gideon started something pretty good down here, and I think it's time that you let that legacy do what it's always done best Work together as a team.
Oh, wow.
- What do you think? - ‭Oh, my gosh! - Thank you.
- Yeah.
Thank you, thank you.
Mwah! Thank you.
You are truly a godsend.
Well, I rearranged some things inside the way I think you might like them.
You should go check them out.
Olivia, let Eddie help you with that.
Here, let me get this for you.
I can handle my own stuff.
Hey, don't be.
I get it.
This can't be easy for you.
Mom's been a lot worse, so Maybe this can be, like, a chance at a fresh start? I don't know.
Maybe? You mind telling me something? Ok.
What do you see in her? I see a sparkle that's trying real hard to shine bright.
I wish I could see that.
Oh, you will.
So, can I please help you with some of this stuff? Ok.
So, Rossi gave me the heads-up, and I was able to find stuff that confirms our very own silver fox's theory that Everett Lynch is on the lookout for his long-lost father.
You see, in all of the cities that Lynch has committed a heinous crime, I have uncovered an alias linked to a wired payment to a P.
who was retained to conduct searches for men we know were associated in a naked way with Lynch's mother, Roberta.
Including Douglas Moore, the man she claims is Lynch's real dad.
But all these searches are recent, like within the last 8 weeks.
Yeah, it looks as though they began a week after we found Grace's body.
It's fascinating.
He might not be a complete sociopath after all.
It could also explain his dormancy.
Wait a second, Spence.
You don't think he feels guilty, do you? Not guilt.
I think it's more like fear, as if maybe something in the act of taking his child triggered some deeply buried memory of his own father's violence towards himself.
If Lynch never really knew who his father was, or if he had reason to doubt what Roberta told him, then that would motivate him to search for the truth.
Well, there's only one person we know that knows the whole truth, and that's Roberta, and so she's been manipulating everything in order to get out of jail.
- Then - It worked, at least as far as the Louisiana state parole board goes.
I have just been notified that, despite our objections, Roberta is being granted parole, however, her lawyer is telling me he's willing to let us speak with her one last time.
Emily, I'd like to talk to Roberta.
I would prefer you observe, actually; I'd like to take her out of her comfort zone.
That means JJ, Tara, you two get to do the honors.
Hello, Roberta.
I'm SSA Jennifer Jareau.
This is Dr.
Tara Lewis.
Remember him? Uh, Dr.
Lewis, let me remind you that Ms.
Lynch is here of her own volition.
I don't understand why you are taking a tone with her.
Tone? Your adversarial tone, when she has done nothing but try to help you apprehend her very unstable son.
Do either one of you have children? We're not here to talk about our families.
We're here because, while the state of Louisiana believes you've been very helpful in this investigation, we know the truth.
The truth is that I'm profoundly sorry for what my granddaughter Grace did to you, Agent Jareau.
But it is my sincere belief that it was my son who really pulled that trigger.
Look, we know you think you're gonna get out of here and go punish your son for what he did to Grace.
And, I got to be honest with you, there is a real side of me that's sayin', "you go, girl.
" You're the one that brought him into this world, yeah, you should be the one to take him out of it.
But I'm an officer of the law, and it's my duty to see that justice is served here, not revenge.
Ladies As far as I'm concerned, my son is already dead to me.
Damn, lady.
You are good.
Ok, I would say we are done here.
Yeah, it looks like I got a solid lead on this guy named Delvin Weaver.
Oh, he wasn't on the list that I gave you.
Yeah, I know.
I'm just that good.
So he was supposedly just a friend of a friend of your Roberta, but actually there was a lot more than that.
Anyway, Delvin was, like, the bad sheep of the wealthiest mining family in Nevada.
About 20 years ago, he beat a man to death in a bar in west Wendover.
So, sounds like the guy we're looking for, am I right? Yeah.
Where is he now? Yeah, I'm still working on that.
I'll get back to you.
Don't worry.
Diabetes, not drugs.
Ah, come to me, my pretty.
Ok, I set up some digital tripwires for online searches and background checks on any names associated with Everett or Grace or Roberta Lynch.
And somebody just tripped The light fantastic? They did, sir.
Somebody has a keen interest in Roberta Lynch's aliases.
- Can you tell who that somebody is? - I cannot yet, but I can tell you that the I.
address of our mysterious searcher is coming from Reno, Nevada.
So, it looks like some of us are gonna be taking a field trip.
Godspeed, sir.
Do you see this? Can you believe it? What'd I tell you? I mean, this has got to be close to 70 grand.
I'd say that's more than enough to take us wherever we want.
I told you we make a good team.
Want me to tie up our loose end? Shh.
Your girlfriend, Charlotte, did you love her? Yeah, I I guess so.
Why? Maybe you'll understand why I have to do this.
You should never have been born.
You should never have been born.
Oh, ho ho ho Fret not, my intrepid crime fighters.
You're no longer flying blind into the silver state.
I have matched our mysterious searcher's I.
address to a business in Reno that touts itself as a "private security firm," and it's christened Castle Security.
Says here the company is owned and operated by Orlando Gaines.
What a piece of work.
He's a former Concord Bay narcotics cop who spent 5 years in prison for selling police-confiscated drugs.
It looks like 8 months ago, his company received a wire transfer for $25,000 from an offshore account connected to our old friend, Arthur Terrell.
Terrell was still alive back then.
He was, but that account has since transferred into the hands of an Edward Myles, and Mr.
Myles is turning out to be very elusive.
Yeah, 'cause although that could be a very likely alias for Mr.
Lynch, that name isn't popping up anywhere in Reno.
JJ, Luke, Matt, check in with Reno PD, also our FBI field office.
Dave and Spence, see if you can get a sit-down with Orlando Gaines.
What do you got? Well, I got what looks like federal agents poking around my business.
Thanks for the heads-up.
You're welcome, but I do have something else for you Home address for Delvin Weaver.
Which means I have the rest of your money waiting here for you.
I'm on my way.
You found a missing persons report? Coming across the wire now.
Ok, Marilyn Irwin, 45 years old.
Cocktail waitress at the Tangiers in Reno.
She has a 15-year-old daughter, Olivia.
Two days ago, Marilyn gets in this fight with her live-in abusive boyfriend, then she calls her mom, and then she tells her mom she's moving out and she's moving in with a guy named Wait for it Edward Myles, aka Everett Lynch.
So Everett Lynch is no longer dormant and he's escalating.
Letter copy.
Do you know where my mom went? Huh? Uh, no.
I don't.
Tried calling her? I would, but I can't find my phone.
Did you guys get into a fight? Yeah, yeah, we did.
I I tried to stop her, but she hopped in her car and she peeled out of here Of course she did, because that's what she does.
She runs from boyfriend to freaking boyfriend.
- Couples, they fight - Eddie.
Come on.
Did you honestly believe that you guys were, like, a couple? Hey, Olivia, if you want, I got no problem taking you to your grandma's place in Carson City.
No, it's fine.
I'll just wait here.
She'll be coming back eventually.
Yeah, sure.
Hey, Delvin.
Bobbie? Yep.
Heh! Found myself passing through, and so I got a little bit nostalgic, and I just thought I'd come by, see if you're still here.
Been a long time.
Come on in.
You know, I found this guy snoopin' around my property this morning.
Hmm, kinda looked like this P.
Now he wasn't with you, was he? He was not.
It's just awfully weird, you dropping in out of the clear blue sky after Like, 30 years, especially the way we we ended it.
That was not pretty.
Yeah, well, what's done is done, can't be undone, so nothin' I can say is gonna change anything.
What about your son? As far as I'm concerned, bringing him into this world was your decision.
It's not mine.
You know, after we separated I lied to the boy about who his father was.
But now I hear that he knows the truth And he's lookin' for you, wants to reconnect.
I got nothin' to say to him.
Your son has grown up to be a real chip off the old block.
He hurts women.
He's even killed a few.
Why are you telling me all this, Bobbie?! 'Cause every time I think about it, I think about that night that you tried to drown him in our bathtub, and I cannot stop hearing your voice, screamin' "You should have never been born!" So it sounds like I was right, right?! You're a son of a bitch.
Stinson, your misguided affection for Roberta Lynch has driven you into a blind and inconceivably stupid loyalty.
Apparently, after Roberta took care of business, you were planning to rendezvous at the Zalvos resort in the Cayman Islands.
We know Roberta skipped out on her parole to catch up with her son's biological father, and we know he lives somewhere near Reno.
We don't know his name, but you do.
I do not have anything to say to you today.
I have no knowledge of Ms.
Lynch's current whereabouts.
I'd say Roberta was definitely planning for her life after prison with you and with others.
What are you talking about? Open it.
Roberta solicited many male admirers with those what are they called again, boudoir photos? - Mm-hmm.
- ‭Mmm.
She said she loved me.
They always do.
Who's Everett Lynch's father? His name is Delvin Weaver.
That is what they call overkill.
At least 14 gunshot wounds, which suggests the killer reloaded, and then followed up with 47 stab wounds.
Yeah, this is Roberta's handiwork.
Doesn't take an expert to recognize that all this violence is most likely rooted in her own history of victimization.
But the overall message? That's for her son.
He took away Grace from her, so she's taking away his father from him.
Basically denying whatever answer he thought he might be able to salvage from their reunion.
But when Lynch finds out about this, it'll just confirm what he already suspects about his father's violent past, and that could help us because if killing Grace did trigger some sort of terrible memory, he might try to suppress whatever urges make him feel like his dad.
He might even try to prove that to himself by fostering a surrogate for Grace, like Olivia Irwin.
I'll check in with Luke and Matt.
Agent Rossi.
Is my father dead? Yes, he is.
Your mother killed him.
My mother? She charmed her way out of jail, and now she's out for blood yours.
I'm sure she is.
Listen, I need to talk to you, face to face.
‭You tell me where I can find Marilyn and Olivia, then we can talk.
Marilyn's gone, but Olivia, she's somewhere safe, for now.
All right.
Jasper's Ridge in 30 minutes.
Just you and me, and then maybe I'll tell you where you can find Olivia.
I can't believe we're even considering this.
We can't negotiate with a sociopath.
I'm with JJ.
It'll only embolden his sense of power.
It might, but Lynch is clearly in a very vulnerable emotional state of mind, and that provides us with an opportunity to manipulate him.
- How so? - We can give him hope, basically hope for redemption.
Lynch knows that his impulses are wrong and that they make him just like his father, and he hates that, so he's looking to a surrogate father in this case, Rossi To tell him that he can overcome his past and become a better man.
Spence, you give him way too much credit for being able to feel human emotion.
Well, I'm not sure about his emotional vulnerability, but I do think we should try to take advantage of what's going to be his physical vulnerability on Jasper's Ridge.
If he senses Dave's got back-up, the psychological games are over.
And we still don't have one clue as to where he's holding Olivia Irwin.
I just think there's a way that we can get the best of both worlds here.
Emily, what do you want? I want you to talk to him.
Come shoot with me.
You imagine that little bottle was me? I think, if it weren't for you not knowing where to find Olivia, you'd think about turning that weapon on me.
In self-defense, of course, not in cold blood 'cause you're able to control Those impulses in yourself, right? You can, too.
You're doing it now.
I don't have many memories of my real dad, actually, just one.
I was 4 years old, and he was washing me up in the tub.
I don't know what happened, but all of a sudden, he's got his hands around my neck and he's holding me underwater and he's cursing me: "You should never have been born! You should never have been born!" And I'll bet those were the same words you heard yourself telling Grace before you took her life.
Yes, sir Only she didn't have Roberta to come fly in and save her like I did.
After all these years, I've never been able to figure out why she did that.
She didn't love me.
All I know, Everett, is that if you surrender right now, you live.
In a cage.
Just to be clear Give me a reason.
If anything happens to me, and I'm unable to return to Olivia, she's gonna die.
Poor kid's got type 1 diabetes, and I spiked a dose of her insulin.
Not back around dinner Well, it's not gonna be pretty.
Just let me go.
You know, this doesn't have to end the way you think it does.
How does it end, Agent Rossi? You let Olivia go, and you realize you're not your father's son.
I'm still my mama's boy.
You made the right call, JJ.
If We can keep our eyes on him.
They lost him.
They lost Lynch.
Reno PD and the park rangers.
They blocked the access roads, but Lynch's Mercedes is still up there on Jasper's Ridge.
So he's got to be on foot somewhere in that wilderness.
Yeah, that's what I thought, too, but there's these abandoned mining tunnels that were dug out in the 1800s.
Maybe he took advantage of that.
First my phone, and now this.
You left it in the kitchen.
Um Has my mom called you? No, not yet, you know, and I really just think it's best if I drop you off at your grandma's because Because your mother is never comin' home, little girl.
Isn't that right, Everett? Who the hell are you? Olivia, this is my mom.
You are gonna tell this child the truth.
- Garcia find something? - Yeah, I did.
It looks like Roberta Lynch spent a significant part of her teenage years bouncing from family members to family friends, including the Duggans of Reno.
Now, they made all their money in the gaming industry, most of them moved away except for one Alexandria Duggan.
JJ, Reid, Garcia, sending you the address now.
All right, we got it.
Also, FBI SWAT officers are on their way to meet you.
You may not make it there in time to save Lynch from Roberta.
I'm only concerned with saving Olivia Irwin’s life right now.
I know Roberta thinks she can kill her son, but when it comes down to it, she won't pull the trigger.
I think she will.
You didn't see her react to that photo of Grace.
No, but I did see her sentimental side, and it's hard to see how she'd be able to completely disassociate from her relationship to her only child.
But if Lynch figures that out, he'll have the advantage, and I'm sure he won't hesitate to kill her.
You want the truth, huh? You want the truth? This is it.
No! No, Mom.
No, no! You didn't! Oh, yeah, and you You need to see this.
I didn't want to do this.
Something came over me.
I don't know what it is.
Something inside.
It's like a part of me and it's a part of you, too! You're a monster.
Ah, I bet you're wishing you let Daddy drown me now, huh? Ha ha ha! Van to Montero.
We need to surround and secure the perimeter.
Yes, ma'am.
No, no, no, no! Shh, shh.
- Relax, ok? - ‭ This is the FBI.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, I'm gonna talk to them.
- On the ground.
- OK.
Is this Agent Rossi? No, Roberta, my name is Dr.
Spencer Reid, and it's important that you listen to me right now.
Even though you have the gun, the moment your son realizes you're not gonna shoot him, he's gonna get the upper hand.
You're wrong 'Cause my son is going to pay for what he did to Grace.
Yes, but first you need to let Olivia walk out of there, ok? Yeah.
- Go.
Hurry, go.
- Now, wait a second Roberta? Don't you worry.
She's on her way out to you.
Roberta, that warning shot is what's about to give you away, but we can help.
Are you ready for us to come in? We can save you both.
Ha! Dave, they found this bag discarded on the side of the road.
Looks like it's Roberta's.
You realize how this has to end, right? Right? Roberta? Yes I'm ready.
I'm ready.
Captain Montero, breach.
Rossi? JJ, Roberta isn't there to kill Lynch.
She's there to die with him.
Spence! Stop! Spence, are you ok? No, no, no, no.
Stay down, stay down.
Deputy director Barbour.
Yeah, I was wondering if you had at least a preliminary assessment of the losses at the Lynch scene.
6 FBI SWAT officers are confirmed dead.
It appears, at some point, Lynch was able to detach a gas line.
The explosion itself seemed to have been triggered by a gunshot.
BAU never profiled suicidal ideations in either Everett or Roberta Lynch.
I mean, how could you miss that? Based on the behavior, we were able to evaluate there was never any indication of that predisposition.
Who gave the order to breach? Any action taken by a member of my team is executed under my order.
The buck stops with me, always.
Well, as you can imagine, the idea that we would promote you after Deputy director Barbour, am I still the unit chief of the BAU? Yes.
Then if you'll excuse me It doesn't make sense to me.
Captain Montero, breach.
I don't understand.
It doesn't make sense to me.
I don't understand how that kind of personality can choose to blow itself up.
If Roberta gave in to him - Just breathe, Mom.
- ‭ And if he took the gun away Aah! If he could get to a tunnel Lynch.
He's still alive.

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