Criminal Minds s15e10 Episode Script

And in the End

Previously on "Criminal Minds" Our unsub is Everett Lynch.
He's a conman who slices off the faces of the women he seduces.
This was the first time that I was beaten by someone younger, faster, stronger than I am.
Everett Lynch was the FBI's most wanted.
He remained at large until we caught up with him.
Captain Montero, breach.
He died in an explosion, along with 6 of our agents.
It doesn't make sense to me.
I don't understand how that type of personality can choose to blow itself up.
If he could get to a tunnel.
Lynch is still alive.
Well, you know, you better thank your man upstairs for making it the whole team, otherwise you know they'd find a reason to bring us back up in here.
Why? They got other teams.
Ok, you can go on believing that if you want to, - but I am not answering my cellphone.
- Ok.
Oh, there he is.
Pretty boy.
Last chance.
I can get my man to swing you a hotel room for practically nothing.
Even you might get a little loving out there.
Thanks anyway.
Come on, Reid.
Live a little, huh? I have to go Going home.
Have a good one, guys.
He look OK to you? He looks about the way I would if I was gonna spend two weeks with my family.
Hey, don't knock family.
I'm gonna get nothing but for the next 336 hours.
Hey, good for you.
Haley's got a list of chores a mile long, and I can't wait.
The biggest decision I got to make is what I'm gonna do first.
I bet you she has a thought or two about that as well.
Bring it on! I'll be lost in a cabin in the woods for the next two weeks.
Do not call me for anything.
Have a great time.
You all deserve a break.
Seriously, don't call.
Gideon! Hotch! I hit my head and now I'm seeing things.
Section chief Strauss? Hello, Spencer.
You're dead.
Ha ha ha! I am.
Does Does that mean that I'm No.
Not necessarily.
I passed out in my apartment.
You have intracranial hemorrhaging.
My brain is shutting down? Parts of it are.
Parts of it are struggling to survive.
Which part are you? You need help.
What if this is permanent? My mom started out hallucinating.
You never displayed any signs of schizophrenia.
You know that.
This is a journey.
Some people see corridors of light, some people see people they love.
What you see is up to you.
You symbolize my guilt, the dead agents.
You have to make that decision yourself.
You'll be tempted about which way to go.
Don't be afraid.
6 agents blown to pieces.
You're gonna need a bigger boat.
I gotta ask, when they go kablam like that, do you have a guy that puts them back together or? I'm talking to you, doc.
Or it is special agent? Addict? Convict? Shut up.
But I have one more question.
How come when I kill people, they're called victims, but when you do it, they're called casualties? Dead is dead.
Am I right? Ooh, boy.
George Foyet.
He likes to attack them inside or near their cars at night on poorly lit, less populated roads.
George Foyet.
Why are we here? You think this is my hell? Doesn't matter what I think.
I'm not in control.
This is where you first met me.
Look at that handsome devil.
So Strauss was the angel, and you're the devil.
I never said that.
Just the handsome part.
Why would I picture you? Hmm? Of all the offenders that Because I killed that sweet Haley and old Aaron Hotchner was never the same.
You got me.
You know what that means.
None of you were.
I was the beginning of your end.
This Good vs.
Evil game is all you know.
And I'm the best your rattled brain could conjure.
Well, last night was the best sleep I've had in ages.
Tell me about it.
And what a way to start the morning.
What? You have a peace about you.
- I do, huh? - Mm-hmm.
With Lynch dead, you You seem different.
You know, all my time at the BAU, there were a lot of whales to catch, and Everett Lynch was one of the biggest.
And I needed to make sure he couldn't Hurt anyone else.
Otherwise I couldn't You couldn't what? Sleep.
No, no, no.
No, that is not what you were gonna say.
That is not what you were gonna say.
Are you Are you retiring? That's such an ugly word.
Oh, my god! David, we have to do something.
What, now you're planning my sendoff? Yep, it is gonna be the best, fastest sendoff you have ever seen.
Why fast? Because I don't want you to change your mind.
Now get out of here.
I don't want you to be late for one of your last days at school.
Because we got to document the lady bonding.
The lady bonding.
Do you have another one? I am both horrified and delighted there's evidence of last night.
Wait, what is this? It helps with hangovers, and that is all you need to know.
It tastes like you scraped the forest floor and juiced it.
Ha! Even that's too generous.
Hey, hey! Emily told me what you guys were getting into, and I figured you could use these.
Thank god.
Get this caffeine into my face hole.
This is from Lunacorn.
Luke Alvez, stop making me like you.
Ha! Never.
Vision boarding go well? Oh, you have no idea how many stickers were used.
Where's Reid? I want to talk to the whole team.
Oh, Spence probably slept in.
He took it really hard.
Well, let's start our after-action review now, and we'll fill him in when he arrives.
Ok, DNA results coming at ya.
Casualty count still hold at 8, including Roberta and Everett Lynch? Yes.
Wait, no.
Garcia? Yes, 8 casualties Our 6 agents, Roberta Lynch, and Orlando Gaines, the private investigator.
That's it.
Wait a minute.
That means that Everett Lynch is still alive.
Well, I hope somebody finds you.
That big brain's gonna be a bowl of mush.
What a way to go out, huh? Slow brain bleed.
And nobody knows you're here.
It's tragic and yet ironically fitting.
Of course.
It was good to see you again, Doc.
It's you.
It's really you.
It's me.
Let me take her place.
You would kill yourself for her? Yes.
Maeve, I'm so sorry.
For what? I let you die.
I wasn't smart enough or fast enough to save you.
Do you want to know my deepest, darkest secret? Mm-hmm.
I love nineties rom-drams and rom-coms.
The cheesier the better.
And my favorite one was about this angel who gave up his immortality because he fell in love with a human.
But they only had one day together before she was killed.
I always wondered why that one stuck with me.
And then we lived it.
Don't you dare be sorry.
I have no regrets.
I miss you.
Gah, I miss you, too.
But lucky for us, we have some time together right now.
I need that.
You've been holding on to trauma, a lot of it.
But what sent you on this journey is something different.
You're at a crossroads.
Can you help me through it? But first, I need to tell you something you don't hear enough of.
The world is a good place.
And it's even better with you in it.
You ready? Yeah.
Reno PD just confirmed they found supplies under Lynch's hideout.
So he must have built an escape to the tunnels under the house.
This guy's a planner.
He picked that target because it gave him an escape route.
We profiled Roberta would take them both out, but because of her love for her son, she hesitated.
And that hesitation gave Lynch the seconds he needed to execute his plan.
All right, so he escapes right before the explosion.
We got to get back to Reno before someone else gets hurt.
Garcia run a search on Lynch aliases, any credit card activity.
He's radio silent for now.
It's only a matter of time before this guy gets desperate enough to use one of his old aliases, and when he does, we've got him cornered.
Stop, stop.
Apply what we know based on our experience with Lynch and others like him.
That's all profiling is, that's all it ever was.
Now, you're Lynch.
You have the full force of United States law enforcement on your heels.
Where else do you go? Who else do you hurt? Us.
They come after us.
He'll get off on the power of attacking on our home turf.
We need security for our loved ones.
Alvez, Simmons, contact troopers at all state lines.
I'll notify the director that the Lynch case remains open.
JJ, Garcia, check in on Reid.
Fill him in on his way back here.
Perfect timing.
What kind of cake do you want? There's a flag on the play.
I'm dispatching security over to the house.
Is everything ok? I just want to be extra sure that you're protected.
I'll take it.
And hey, do what you have to do, ok? I'm the luckiest guy in the world.
Damn straight you are.
Spence! Spence, it's JJ.
Can you hear me? We need an ambulance immediately at 937 Hoover Street, apartment 23.
We have an agent down.
He's breathing.
Yes, we have an agent down.
That's what I said.
No, no, no, no.
No, no.
Why are we here? I made peace with Gideon dying.
When's the last time you saw him? 12 years, 7 months, and 23 days ago.
You're not keeping track of disappointments at all.
My dad wrote me a note when he left.
Gideon did the same thing.
He was the one that convinced me to join the team.
And then he left.
All to believe in happy endings, I just I'm sad he never got one.
Oh, no, he got one.
He's obsessed with this octopus named Mildred.
She's a prankster, and he loves hanging out an 8-limbed mollusk, trying to figure out how she became so playful and wise.
She evolved.
We all have to.
Turn around.
It's Dr.
Can you hear me, sir? How long has he been unconscious? I don't know.
There was an explosion 24 hours ago.
Could it be a concussion? So he's been under a lot of stress? Yes, he's an FBI agent.
I need to run some tests.
Are you family? Uh, not technically.
That would be his mom.
- Get him to CCU.
- ‭Wake up.
I need to talk to his mother right away.
I'll track down Diana.
She's at Brookfield.
It's Emily.
No, no, no.
I'm not leaving.
Spence will understand.
The team needs you.
I've got this.
Thanks for getting there so quickly.
What's the status? Nothing of incident, sir.
Great news.
She's expecting you.
Copy that.
Couldn't be any safer, ma'am.
Your husband made sure of it.
- Come in.
- Thank you.
Oh, Diana, hi.
It's Penelope.
I work with Spencer.
I've come to see you before.
You're almost as tall as I am.
Diana, Spencer fell and he hit his head really hard, and he's not conscious.
Well, let's wake him up.
Let's see him.
- No, wait.
- ‭He'll listen to me.
It's not him.
No, no, no.
This is not my son.
See this little star right there on your wrist? That's from when you feel when you were trying to balance on our backyard fence.
Oh, you were so determined to make it the whole way.
And I'll never forget looking out the kitchen window, watching you out there as you were trying to make a balancing pole from a broomstick.
Oh, my baby.
Oh, my baby.
Oh, please.
Why do you fight us? If I die, I'll let down my mom The team, everybody who depends on me.
Family is resilient.
And as for strangers, people were hurt before you joined the BAU, and they'll get hurt whenever you leave.
I guess I'm stuck.
More like frozen from grief.
Your father's physical absence, your mother's psychological one, me.
It's paralyzing.
How do you move through it when you can't move? You go back to the beginning.
I grew up telling stories about who I was Son, friend Student, teacher, genius.
You seek and gain approval by anyone.
It's time to stop.
You keep a nice house.
Oh, thanks.
Dave does his fair share.
I bet he does.
You know, you have a mom energy about you, caretakey thing.
My mom just died.
I'm so sorry.
You are? Thanks.
She was a nightmare.
But I love moms.
I had a daughter, and she loved her mom and my mom.
So I get the whole mom thing, you know.
Beard, different glasses, different hair color, different eye color, which means he's wearing colored contacts.
Conmen know how to change their look.
Take a look at this first identity again, when he was Mack.
I need to check with Dave.
What if my brain's bleeding out 'cause there's nothing left for me to do? The world needs you to do what you love.
Have you done that? I don't know.
Sure you do.
What do you love? I love magic and ghost stories.
Fiddling with your pen like me.
What else? Jell-o Kumquats Uh Teaching, learning, books, hope Making connections Making Making a difference.
I love you.
That's a lot to love.
Reid? The conservative approach would be surgery.
It may reduce the swelling around Spencer's brain faster.
There is risk.
It could cause seizures and even more bleeding.
I thought it was Tuesday, and it's not Tuesday.
And so I can't tell you.
Could we have a minute? Sure.
What would he want? I don't want to make the decision.
Diana, you know, one time Spencer told me that you and I are two of the smartest people he knows.
I guess there's some study that shows that the heart and the stomach have like cells of consciousness, like a second brain.
And I get it that your brain has done things to attack Spencer sometimes, but your heart and your guts have always known what's best for him.
Am I right? Yes.
So we're just gonna use our brilliant insides to make a brilliant choice for Spencer right now, ok? Ohh! What's happening to my boy? What is happening to him? Look, there's no wrong choice, but you have to decide.
You can stick around on the blue marble or travel out into the great unknown.
It's time.
What are you gonna do? You remember our one and only fight? About the world's greatest poet? We were on the phone for, I think, 4 hours.
You need to find that kind of passion with someone again.
First I need to know if your favorite is still E.
"Whenever you think or you believe or you know, "you're a lot of other people, but the moment you feel, you're nobody but yourself.
" "To be nobody but yourself "In a world which is doing its best night and day "to make you everybody else "means to fight The hardest battle "which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.
" Spencer.
Can you hear me? Hi.
That's a good sign.
Is he gonna be ok? He's putting up one hell of a fight.
But it's still too early to know for sure.
I need to keep him here for tests.
Excuse me.
- Hey.
- ‭How is he? - He's stable.
- Thank god.
Is he awake? He opened his eyes for a second.
It's progress.
Please tell him I will be there as soon as I can.
You bet I will.
What's going on with Lynch? We're thinking Grace's mom might be a clue to where he's going.
I remember we didn't have a lot on her.
Liz Coster.
She gave birth to Grace when she was 22.
And she OD'd on oxy 5 years ago.
What's up, Dave? Lynch wrote me into his story.
I've got to be part of his end game.
I need more security for Krystall.
I saw his badge, I just opened the door.
I'm so sorry.
You figure it out yet, David? I've got something you need, and you're holding my wife hostage until you get it? Call in all your favors.
It's gonna be a doozy.
They're near centerport.
We need a plan.
- What kind of plan? - A great plan.
I know what he wants.
Call the director, no one else.
This only works if it's need to know.
What is it? We're gonna have to make a trade.
Has he been here before? In the hospital, like this? Yes.
Were you here for him? Yes.
Aw, how awful.
It was, actually.
And then there was the time Agent Hotchner was in the hospital.
And Morgan's wife.
And JJ earlier this year and me.
Let them know we're coming in.
Code 3.
Yeah, I've I've actually been in hospitals more times than I am caring to admit.
Sometimes I think there's got to be a better way, you know.
There's got to be a better place.
There is.
There is for all of us.
Spencer, I saw some cumuliform heaps today.
His favorite clouds.
I plucked that for him.
Everything is up there.
And we pluck what we want when we want and we let go what we don't.
That sounds very good.
Ok, I am plucking a memory about Spencer's eyes, and they are brown with gold on the outside.
I think they're gold on the inside.
Gold on the inside.
Gold on the inside.
Hey, we were just plucking eye memories of you.
I heard you.
Forgot how much I loved those clouds, Mom.
You helped me remember.
I did, huh? Well, maybe I can come back tomorrow and we can watch clouds together.
Am I alive, or is this heaven? Sweetie, you are very much alive.
There's gonna be two SUVs pulling in.
I'm in the first one.
Fall in behind me.
No, no, no, no.
Nope, nope, nope.
- Ahh! - No.
Put them away.
You ok? He didn't hurt me.
Lynch, we need more time.
Our pilots refuse to leave U.
You didn't profile that about me? You see, the wealthy ladies that I seduce, they are suckers for a real-life pilot.
Ha ha! So you got the keys? You fueled up, ready to go? One condition.
Take me.
She's got nothing to do with this.
I need a hostage, Dave, not a martyr.
No! You put me on that plane with you with you and nobody's gonna shoot you out of the sky.
They'll let you land, you'll disappear, and you'll never hear from me again.
How do you know you'd live to tell about it? I'm willing to take that risk.
Yeah? All right, let's go.
Pat your husband down for me, will you, doll? And lose the vest.
Let's go.
We're wasting time.
My gun's in the car.
This can't be how it ends.
I love you.
I love you.
All right, put these on, old man.
Come on.
I love you.
There's no shot.
Lynch won't give us a line of sight.
Sit down.
Ground, this is Gulf November 3-4 Juliet Echo 1-1 requesting permission to taxi for departure.
Ground to Gulf November 3-4 Juliet Echo 1-1.
We are currently clearing the jetway for your departure on runway 2-5.
Please stand by.
Roger that.
You know, there's so many bright sides to what I do.
I guess you can call me a lifelong learner.
When I was 19, I taught myself Spanish.
I always figured the beaches of Mexico would be a beautiful place to spend the rest of my days.
Prentiss, come on, you said we needed a great plan.
And we have one.
It started 20 years ago when David Rossi and Jason Gideon submitted their first requisition for a private jet.
There are things none of you know about that jet.
Think you'll be satisfied? Laying low in Mexico? Yeah, yeah.
I'll keep myself busy.
Ground to Gulf November 3-4 Juliet Echo 1-1.
Taxi to runway 2-5.
Hold short of delta.
Roger that.
I mean, just think about all those lonely beauties down there.
No, no, no, it's definitely the perfect place for a guy like me to disappear, get on with the rest of my life.
Ahh! Ha ha ha! Ok.
Ah, thank goodness.
Rossi, come on.
Fire at the fuel tank.
Get back! Take cover.
It's gonna be a hell of a party.
You ok? I will be.
It's just Hard to believe, you know.
Hey, someone knows how to throw a party.
They say that good things happen to good people.
How many parties have you thrown? Not near enough.
Ha ha ha.
Now this is a perfect backyard.
You two house hunting? In Denver.
Don't worry, I'm not leaving.
I'm keeping my place here, but we are looking at land out there.
It's a good time to invest.
Hey, looking good, Dave.
How's the leg? Well, it's been a long month, but I'm back in business.
But how's that little Rose doing? She's the best baby ever.
Maybe because it's number 5 and not much can surprise us anymore.
Maybe it's because we're actually getting sleep.
Oh, not tonight you're not, my friend.
This is gonna be the celebration to end all celebrations.
Full commitment from everyone.
You got it.
Can't believe it.
The band is breaking up.
How you feeling, kid? I'm feeling great, and I'm starting back next week.
Can't let the team be down two members.
Oh, come on, teaching and consulting? You're making me look bad.
Just doing what I love.
Hey, I will drink to that.
Uh, you're not supposed to start the festivities until the Belle of ball has arrived.
Don't worry, ok, 'cause this is gonna be the first of many.
Penelope, congratulations.
Here I thought we were coming to celebrate Dave's retirement, but Matt said it is your farewell party.
And you had like a hundred offers.
Oh, that's only if you round up, but yes.
Anyway, it's nonprofit, it's close to here, and the dress code isn't all FBI conservative like I've been having to do.
I'm still in denial that you're leaving.
It won't be the same without you.
Better not be.
Dave decided he wasn't going to retire.
He didn't want the team to go through too much of a transition all at once.
That's 'cause Dave's never gonna actually do it.
Hey, look, being with you all, doing what few others can, that's where I belong.
But this night is not about me.
To our beloved Penelope.
Ohh! - A salut.
- A salut.
Just for one day, baby.
Just for one day.
And again! Kiss! The shame! Shame! Thank you.
So, uh I was thinking since we're not gonna work together anymore, that, uh, maybe I could take you to dinner.
Yeah? Yeah.
We'll eat.
I yeah.
- Cool.
- Mm-hmm.
Penelope reminds all of us that change is good Painful, but good.
And as much pain as Lynda Barnes caused all of us, she has inspired me to change.
So I'm cutting all my hair off.
Get ready.
So, um, I've grown up with Penelope, not as kids, but as adults.
And she has become my sister There for me wherever I've found myself.
Once she said that I was the glue that kept this team together.
But we all know that that was really you.
So we're at the beginning of the end.
And this time next week, we're not gonna be together like we have been for as long as I can remember.
I need you each to know that you hold a really special place in my heart.
And I want to freeze right now.
I want to soak this in.
There, I did.
Thank you for letting me be a part of this for so long.
And thank you for reminding me that there is an infinite amount of heroism and kindness in the world, no matter how bleak it seems.
My favorite band says the love you take is equal to the love you make.
So instead of a toast, I want to make a promise.
Can we please promise that no matter where we go after this that we keep this feeling in our hearts? Cheers.
Salut! Salut! Ok, lady and gent, I know they just look like boxes, but one of those is a vintage stapler collection, so be careful.
Thank you so much.
What's with the box brigade? I thought you weren't leaving till the end of the week.
Wait, moving out of here like the Colts did Baltimore? Ok, no one knows what that means.
So you weren't gonna tell us? It's just that last night was such a perfect good-bye, right, and I thought why not end on a high? Penelope.
I can see I was wrong.
Look, I got some treats for the movers.
And I could put the kettle on and we could have tea like civilized people.
Yeah? We can try.
Don't balefully look at me.
I'm really sorry.
So you expecting the Queen? Always.
I bequeath this To you.
Please take care of her.
And here I thought I was out of tears.
Oh, and, um, I know that there's not 8 of us anymore, but I'm gonna name her Mildred.
We will debrief on the jet.
Wheels up.
We got a new one? Yes, and this will be her maiden voyage.
I love the smell of a new jet in the morning.

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