Criminal Minds s17e02 Episode Script


Previously on "Criminal
Minds: Evolution"
I should have known that
a couple who met at Al-Anon
would have boundary issues.
I hate how we ended, I really do,
but I thought we could be friends.
PRENTISS: My theory is
Gold Star is a killer
trained by the government.
He's leaving a calling card.
You transfer me to help you
stop the spread of a contagion.
What I can give you, Director,
is why Gold Star kills.
MADISON: If you provide
actionable information,
the DOJ is prepared to offer you a deal.
You're going to agree
that I'm never charged as Sicarius,
and I'll tell you everything I know.
TYLER: I think these
victims were a strike team,
and Gold Star wants revenge.
The BAU will work with Elias Voit.
We will not. We will resign.
- Fine with me.
- We'll cooperate.
Tyler Green. We'd like to
add him on as a consultant.
No badge, no gun.
The more time we spend with Voit,
the more opportunity we
have to get ammunition
that we can use against him.
So you think we might
be able to get Voit
to incriminate himself?
ROSSI: Could be an
admission, a slip-up.
There's no deal in the world
that's gonna save his ass.
Who wants first crack at him?
Let's get started.
What do you want?
Do you know where you are?
No, I don't
I don't understand.
Do you know who I am?
Then this will remind you.
Please, no.
Please. No, no, no, no, no. No, please.
ELIAS VOIT: "A powerful monster
living down in the darkness
growled in pain, impatient."
Let's get started.
Seven days. Seven days,
he's been doing that.
He will not engage with me.
It doesn't make sense.
Voit's immunity is
contingent on him cooperating.
- So why isn't he?
- Narcissism.
He'd rather turn his back on
us than admit we caught him.
Except our whole strategy is
to get him to run his big mouth
so he can implicate himself.
Look, if we don't get him
to talk soon, we're boned.
You know, the first
thing that I ask myself
when I talk to a convict
is, what does he want?
What does Voit want?
He's already got it.
His deal gets him out in five years.
You said he wrote letters
to his family, right?
Sydney returned them all, unopened.
Right, so the thing
that Voit wants most,
he's never going to get back.
Marriage, kids.
You could remind him of that.
Get under his skin.
Do you think you can give me a hand?
[SCOFFS] Yeah. You know it.
Okay, you. Step it out for me.
How are you doing it?
'Cause I'm a withering rose here.
Doing what, Garcia?
Tara, our former paramours who
used to be up in our business
are currently all up in our business.
- How are you managing?
- What? [LAUGHS]
I mean, come on,
people people break up.
Life goes on. Alright, it's fine.
Look at me. I-I'm completely fine.
Wh-What are you doing?
I'm using my empathic powers
to stare into your soul and
No, you aren't fine.
Well, no, I'm not fine now.
Oh, spill your feelings to me. Now. Go.
Okay. Geez.
I just, I tell myself
if I don't have to spend
any alone time with
Rebecca, then I'll be okay.
So, uh, I avoid the
elevator, I avoid stairwells,
I avoid the ninth floor 'cause
that's where her office is,
and also the eighth and the tenth
because you can never be
too safe. Are you happy now?
Yes. Thank you.
Why, because I'm insane?
Uh-huh, and I'm in good
company with my crazy.
[GASPS] Speak of the devil.
You know a guy?
Yes, I know a guy.
[SCOFFS] I need more than that
if I'm gonna sign off on
whatever you want to do.
My background is in
psychological operations
for the Army. That means disinformation.
So I have friends who do
off-the-books work for me.
So far off, it's illegal?
Of course not.
But one of these friends
dug into the escrow account
used to pay the strike
team Gold Star killed.
And the escrow account also rents
a storefront office on K Street.
Who's running the office?
That's what I want to find out.
I want to stake it out,
question whoever goes in or out.
Uh, you're a consultant.
You can't bring a
suspect in for questioning.
I mean, I wasn't gonna
bring them infor questioning.
Oh, and now it's illegal.
I'll make sure we stay
on the right side of this.
A lead's a lead.
I have to run this up the flagpole.
Be prepared for the answer to be no.
It's hard for me to help you
when you put me in handcuffs.
Hey, kid, I know playing by the rules
- is not your strong suit
- Yours either.
Ah, touché.
But the difference is you're
here in my good graces.
We got a case. Don't move
until I give you the green light.
Meet Caroline and Timothy Leo,
school teachers from Provo, Utah.
Well, actually, we can't meet
them, because this morning,
state police found their
bodies at a local campsite.
And why are we being called in?
Uh, the why is because
Timothy Leo was enucleated.
Whoa! Whoa.
This new 8K really lets you see
all the gooey details, doesn't it?
I asked ViCAP to flag
any cases overlapping
with Gold Star's M.O.
Okay, well, Gold Star is an assassin
who kills other assassins.
And Voit said he would
go back underground
after he eliminated
the strike team, so
We're not taking anything
Voit says at face value.
I absolutely agree,
but how do two schoolteachers fit in?
GARCIA: That that's
not crystallized yet,
but I've done a cursory search.
I've got zilch so far.
There's no fishy bank transfers,
no secret weapons bunkers.
The cause of death is a
nine-millimeter to the chest?
Also part of Gold Star's M.O.
Well, did he leave
behind an engraved bullet?
Uh, no, he did not.
Well, I mean, that's
that's his signature, right?
He wouldn't deviate from that.
No, the eyes are his signature.
That's the behavior
he's compelled to repeat.
We're taking the case.
Problem is, one of us is
gonna have to babysit Tyler
on a stakeout. Oh, not you, Penelope.
I don't want to do it.
Um, I'll do it.
Okay. Looks like it's you and me.
If we can stop Gold Star in Utah,
maybe we can keep Voit in prison.
Hey, you.
It's me. Pretending to be your husband.
How's it going?
Pretty slow. I'll
definitely be home for dinner.
What are you making?
The boys want breakfast for dinner.
Of course the boys want
breakfast for dinner.
They always do.
No, it's your frittata.
Oh, come on, it's so good.
You got him?
Yes, I do.
Okay. I'll see you tonight.
Okay. Bye.
Excuse me? Bullshit.
"A," you would never
have that conversation
in front of me, and "B,"
no wife talks to her husband like that.
Not after kids.
Not your wife, maybe.
Why are you doing this to me?
Doing what?
Taunting me like this.
You have over 50 bodies
in two shipping containers,
and I'm taunting you?
I am not Sicarius.
You made a deal admitting you were.
No, I made a deal admitting
that I connected like-minded
people on a network.
- Like-minded people?
- Yeah.
You mean serial killers?
They weren't all serial killers.
Explain something to me, Elias.
You talked about Gold Star with Rebecca.
What's wrong with me?
I don't know, I guess
over the past seven days
I've realized that the BAU
is never actually gonna
work with a man like me.
Probably end up Jeffrey Epstein-ing me
in my cell before I ever
see the light of day again.
Whoa, that that
hurts my feelings. Aw.
That you think I care enough
about you to betray my oath.
Then why are you here?
Of all the agents they
could have sent in here,
why did they send you in to talk to me?
The agent who used my
family to manipulate me.
That was you, wasn't it?
Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Yeah.
So, fool me twice?
If you're here, it's 'cause you have
some sort of ulterior motive.
I don't know what it is yet.
But I will.
So, there's nothing I
can do to earn your trust?
There is one thing you could do.
You could bring my family to me.
I would like to talk to them.
Yeah, I'm I'm not doing that.
Well, then, there's nothing you can do.
What if I got Sydney to
open one of your letters?
After you cooperate.
Alright, let me see that file.
Where are the crime scene photos?
We don't give those to felons.
Well, I need them.
I'm a visual learner.
This is bullshit.
He just wants as much
information as possible
so he can make up whatever he wants
and keep us chasing our tails.
JENNIFER: We agree.
But it's also an opening.
Gold Star's last victim, Isaac Sanchez.
He cut out his tongue.
He'd never done that before.
PRENTISS: Yeah, we were there.
He severed the lingual artery
at the base of the tongue.
Sanchez drowned in his own blood.
Yeah, that's an awfully
specific technique.
So we checked it against the bodies
in Voit's shipping container.
And we found a working
girl named Desiree Caldwell.
Cause of death was her tongue
being severed at the lingual artery.
We profiled Voit and Gold Star talked
on Voit's network, and it sounds like
this is what they could
have been talking about.
They were trading techniques
like cooking recipes.
Exactly. If I can get
Voit to admit to that,
we have tied him to the bodies
in those shipping containers.
Right. Voit's deal is only
for federal prosecution.
The local jurisdictions
will make sure that
he never gets out of prison.
Here's my concern.
The director of the FBI
made a deal with Voit
before he came to us.
He is not gonna let us throw a bomb
into his carefully laid plans.
If you get a confession from
Voit, it has to be airtight.
We'll get him on the record, Emily.
- Okay. [SIGHS]
You okay?
Yeah. I just want to
catch Gold Star in Utah.
I hate even thinking
about us talking to Voit.
Yeah. Me too.
You only hate it because you
and I both know the truth.
This guy's not Gold Star.
Victimology is off,
signature is off, M.O. is off.
Why don't you tell her what
you're actually thinking?
The day I listen to you over Emily
- What?
- W-What what?
Did you just say my name?
No, no, I-I was just,
uh, thinking to myself.
Since the dad was the only one
enucleated, it's safe to say
he was the target of the UnSub's anger.
And the mom was collateral damage.
- Gold Star's never had a problem with that.
Oh, the M.E. just
emailed his final report.
Apparently, Timothy Leo's
shoelaces were removed.
Well, the wife was wearing slippers.
Could be just OCD behavior
on the part of the UnSub.
Or it could be military training,
which we know Gold Star has.
Oh, that's a reach.
This is what you see in
involuntary commitment
to keep the patients
from hanging themselves.
What about rehabs?
Some. Why?
Well, the night the Leos were killed,
they surrendered their son
to a detox slash rehab school
in Sundance Valley for opiate abuse.
Maybe that's a trigger for Gold Star.
I gotta be honest,
I'm still stuck on "no bullet."
We have the enucleation.
And there's a lot of nutjobs
out there with a thing for eyes.
We can't silo our thinking.
Fair enough.
I'll tell you what.
I will consider that
this isn't Gold Star,
if you'll consider that it is.
And how do we prove it either way?
We start with the son. Philip.
- Commitment was involuntary.
He might have some thoughts.
- Good news?
- Yeah.
Tara and Tyler have permission
to stake out the building,
so maybe they can find out
something about Gold Star
that even Voit doesn't know.
So, who'd you piss
off to keep me company?
Oh, you kidding me?
I haven't been on a stakeout
since I was a field agent.
This is awesome.
Well, just watch what you eat.
Fast food smell lingers
in a car like this.
Actually, there's a vegan place
a block back we could try.
That's worse.
- Too much fiber.
So, how many off-the-books
friends do you have?
Eh, a couple ex-agency guys.
Trained with them overseas.
Oh, yeah? Where was that?
All over, really. But, uh
got my start in Afghanistan.
Nuristan Province.
You were in Nuristan?
Not Wanat, I hope.
Bad as they say?
What What are you doing here?
The attorney general ordered
DOJ oversight on your stakeout.
And sent you?
Trust me, I didn't volunteer.
Please tell me that's not perfume.
- It's not. I don't wear perfume.
- It's her deodorant.
What do you see?
Your obsolescence.
Serial killers were all
the rage in the '90s.
But now? Come on.
What budding sociopath wants
to be an unknown subject?
That's not where the clicks are.
So what are you saying?
Gold Star wants attention?
- No.
- He's an assassin. He's too controlled for that.
I didn't say he was an
assassin. You said that.
- Trained killer.
- Mm.
National security threat.
Took out a strike team.
Uh, a profile we built
partially off the information
you gave Rebecca.
But not an assassin.
Oh, my God.
You don't know anything.
Yes, I do.
No, you don't. [SCOFFS]
Y-You've been tap dancing
since the day we arrested you.
I know what I'm talking about.
Well, then prove it.
I talked to Gold Star.
You talked to Gold Star?
- Where? On your network?
- Mm-hmm.
What'd you talk about?
Social contagion.
- Social
- Contagion.
The spread of behavior based
on what you're exposed to.
How it manipulates you and infects you.
Gold Star was more infected than most.
I know what social contagion means.
I also know you used that specific word,
contagion, with the
director to get your deal.
You know, you never get
the privacy you deserve
in federal custody.
This is why the director
came to you for help.
You must have seen a
lot of social contagion
on your network, right?
I mean, that's what the whole
network is for, isn't it?
One killer infects
another with his thinking,
his process.
You could say that.
So who infected Gold Star, then?
Because his sadism
escalated with every kill,
ending with Isaac Sanchez.
Is that the one with the tongue?
He severed the lingual artery.
Where would he learn that?
What's a lingual artery?
It's a very precise
place to cut someone.
It's not something
you teach an assassin.
That is all for today.
Uh, no, I still have more questions.
I have no more answers.
But I'll let you know when
I'm ready to talk again.
Thanks for coming in.
Detective Shah. Good to see you again.
This is BAU team leader Emily Prentiss.
We have a conference room ready for you,
and Philip Leo is in the interview room.
Since he's a minor, we'll
need a lawyer in there with him.
MAN: Actually, you don't.
Max Cody. With the Patton School.
Philip enrolled yesterday.
You don't have any
jurisdiction here, Mr. Cody.
Uh, no, he does.
Utah is the only state in the nation
where parents can legally
assign custodial rights
to a private institution.
In light of what happened,
the school is granting you
permission to talk to Philip.
Do you think he had anything
to do with his parents' murder?
What, like one of his dealers?
No. Philip's a good kid who
just needs a kick in the ass.
Is that part of your
program? Corporal punishment?
No. But tough love is.
And I've never seen anyone
kill their parents over that.
We have.
I'm Agent Emily Prentiss with the FBI.
Are you up for some questions?
Yes. I'll talk.
They're dead because of me.
They are. How?
Do you know how many times I fantasized
about murdering my mom and dad?
And now that it's happened, it's
[VOICE BREAKING] It's all my fault.
Just because you wanted this,
it doesn't mean you did it.
You sure? 'Cause it feels that way!
Yes. I'm sure.
What you're feeling
right now, that's guilt.
And whoever did this,
he doesn't feel guilt.
So let's start there, okay?
Can you think of anyone
who would be capable of doing this?
Maybe somebody who was
mad at your mom and dad
for some reason?
Nobody was ticked off
that Mom and Dad sent you away?
Dad didn't send me away. Mom did.
Dad hated places like Patton.
He did. Why?
He used to teach at one.
At a rehab?
It wasn't called that.
It was called a
a behavioral modification program.
But it was a really bad
one, one of those places
where they kicked the
shit out of the kids.
They had to close it down.
Philip, this is very important.
Can you think of the name
of the program where your dad taught?
Come on. That can't be a coincidence.
Maybe our UnSub went
to one of these schools.
We pulled the family's W-2s.
There's no record of a
place like his son described.
If it was abusive, he might not
want to publicize he worked there.
We also researched behavioral
modification programs.
The only place that matched
was an LLC named Stuart House.
But they pulled up roots in 2015.
We're checking, but
that place was granola
and equine therapy.
They had zero records of abuse.
PRENTISS: So then it was another
program. And somebody's hiding it.
Yes. What do we know about Gold Star?
He's driven by vengeance.
If he was abused in
one of these programs,
he's come back to complete his mission.
And just like the strike team,
these victims don't want us
to know what they did to him.
I'm sorry, who is Gold Star?
Uh, it's another UnSub.
We're not sure it's him.
No, I-I am.
Detective, assemble your officers.
We are ready to deliver the profile.
No. We're not.
We're not.
You know, it's called
silent mode for a reason.
Which is fine,
unless you carry your
phone in your purse.
[EXHALES] Can we turn
the AC on in here, please?
You can leave.
Alright, I get it.
You don't want me here.
Jesus, you don't have to be such a
Such a what, Rebecca?
- Nothing.
- No. Please continue.
It was the one word we said we
would never say to each other, but
- That was a different time.
- Yeah, it was, okay?
So why don't we just
get out in the open why I
- am such a that word?
- I know why.
Tyler, would you like to know?
I really don't.
I made mistakes. I made mistakes, sure.
But my mistakes got a
man off of death row.
While your mistakes, Rebecca
How many times do I
have to go over this?
I was under orders.
I couldn't tell you.
And Doug Bailey is
dead. Okay? He's dead.
Did you ever think that
maybe if he came clean
from the beginning,
he'd still be alive?
Every day.
Who wants vegan?
You never would have
done that to Hotch. Never.
Alright, convince me.
Give me your profile.
Gold Star was handed off to the school
where Timothy Leo taught.
He suffers horrendous trauma.
Beatings. Deprivation.
Possible sexual abuse.
He gets out. He becomes a hired killer.
And when he takes the strike force out,
it awakens something in him.
He becomes an injustice collector,
and he goes back to
where it all started.
Okay. Here's mine.
Somebody's angry at parents
who give their kids
up to reform schools.
Bing-bang-boom. No Gold Star required.
Dave. It has to be him. It has to be.
Because we have one
job. We catch killers.
And if we have to rely
on Voit to do that job,
treat him like he's one
of us, like he has value?
Fuck that noise.
That's not profiling.
That's confirmation bias.
And you know how I know?
Because I have it, too.
You think Voit isn't making me crazy?
Of course he is.
Then why did you agree
to that goddamn deal?
So you wouldn't quit.
Is that what you're mad about?
That I took the deal?
He buried you in the ground.
I know.
He shot one of our own in
the face like it was nothing.
I know, and that's why I'm seeing
well, let's just say some weird shit.
And when that happens,
I have to dig down
and see what's there and
not see what I want to see.
And, Emily, I don't see Gold Star here.
Then who is it?
And where is he?
No, no, no, no, no!
- Please.
- This isn't fair!
Well, it's not the end of the world.
I just don't want your friends
driving you home from the party.
I can take an Uber.
I'm not crazy about that.
I hear horror stories about girls
in the backs of those things.
Then Beth's mom can give me a ride.
I don't love that, either.
Beth's mom's wrecked three cars.
Dad would let me.
Well, we're not at dad's house.
We're at my house.
So let's talk about this
tomorrow, okay, Rubes?
I love you.
- [THUD]
- Ahh!
What? What's wrong?
No, no. Uh, it's been empty all night.
Where's Tyler?
Oh, the vegan didn't agree with him.
So, uh since we have a second,
I thought maybe we could talk?
Um, because you deserve to know
what I know about Gold Star.
The short answer is nothing.
Gold Star was code word classified,
and I wasn't part of the in-crowd.
I didn't know Doug Bailey
would get killed over it.
You didn't think to ask though, either.
No, I didn't.
I was being set up to take the fall.
[SIGHS] Sometimes, in my job,
it's just it's better not to know.
Well, now we do.
You want to know the real reason
why I've been such a bitch to you?
I thought we covered that.
No, we did not.
The real reason is that everyone
everyone who's known about
Gold Star has been killed.
I was just worried that could be you.
Funny. I was worried about you.
Yeah, and that food really
did a number on Tyler.
I mean, listen, it was
pretty fibrous, you know?
- What?
Hey, man. This is a stakeout, alright?
It's not a children's party.
- What took so long?
Uh, my burrito had flaxseeds in it.
That's all I'm gonna say.
Well, that, and uh,
I think in the interest
of our gut health,
we should call it.
No one's showing up. Sorry
to waste your time, guys.
Wait, wait. Stop.
What the hell?
What's wrong?
Voit's up to something.
JJ, go ahead. Rossi's here.
So you're saying Voit
and Gold Star did talk?
They did.
I tried to connect him to
the shipping containers,
but he saw me coming.
Now he's shut us down.
So he stopped talking again?
His lawyer filed a petition
with the attorney general.
According to the e-mail,
"Agent Jareau has proven
herself untrustworthy,
and my client will not
communicate with her further."
Fine Let him rot.
It's not that simple. Rebecca called.
She said the director told her
that if the BAU can't get it done,
he's gonna find another unit that can.
What the hell is this?
Why is he out to get us?
It seems like as long as
Voit dangles Gold Star,
the director will bend
over backwards for him.
Okay, so Voit's petition only named JJ.
This is what we're gonna
do. Luke, you're going in.
What makes you think
he's gonna talk to me?
You arrested him. But
here's the hard part.
You need to pretend to be scared of him.
[CHUCKLES] Seriously?
We have to give him the
illusion of power and control.
So JJ, you have worked
with Voit up till now.
I want you in Luke's ear.
I want you both
profiling every syllable.
You got it.
This is not getting better.
I know.
We got something.
Kidnapping just got reported,
and could be your guy.
Based on what?
According to the witness,
the victim, Nancy Daley,
worked at a mental health facility.
- He left a witness?
- Yeah, her daughter.
I'm sorry.
I didn't even see his face.
He was wearing a hoodie.
Ruby, it's okay.
Now, why don't you
tell me what you did see?
There was one weird thing.
God, this is gonna
sound so stupid, but
his boots, they didn't
have any laces in them.
Ruby, that's not stupid.
That's incredibly helpful.
Now, your mom
you told Detective Shah
she worked in mental health.
Was she a doctor?
No, a receptionist.
I don't know, a lot of places.
I'd have to go through her computer,
but she saved every email ever.
I need the world's best
hacker to make sense of it.
we might have somebody like that.
Alright, cat and cougar,
hang on to your flea collars,
because I may have found a place
that Timothy Leo and Nancy Daley
both worked at.
And I did. It's called the Stuart House.
We took them off the list.
Well, of course you did. This
place looks squeaky clean.
But, see, I never
trust the squeaky clean.
It always means there's dirtier
dirt underneath their rocks,
and in this case, that dirt
takes the form of a secret annex
where they employed
special adjustment
methods for their youths.
- Do you have an address?
- No, there's nothing in Nancy's file.
There's nothing public either.
- Crikey.
- What?
Well, somebody with fast pockets
and a very fancy internet scrubber
went to great lengths
to hide this place.
A big man can admit when he's wrong.
Okay, let's work backwards.
If there was abuse,
there were police records.
Whoever's hiding this can't hide that.
I love the way you think.
I'm cross-referencing Salt
Lake criminal records and oh
Aiden Keller.
He was arrested for
removing the eyeballs
of an orderly who molested him.
I am pinging where
his cell phone is now.
It's there. It's at that very same annex
where all the eyeball
vengeance happened.
It was leased by Stewart House
and it was abandoned in 2015.
Garcia, is there any overlap
between Aiden Keller and Gold Star?
Maybe. What am I looking for?
Does Aiden Keller's GPS overlap
with the strike force murders?
Okay, I'm gonna have to go
through multiple jurisdictions.
- Can I hit you back?
- Okay, hurry. Let's go.
Agent Alvez.
It's your turn, huh?
I'm not thrilled about it either.
Alright, buddy. Let's
see your best impression.
Time to act small and scared.
What's the matter, Lucas?
Didn't bring some muscle in case I bite?
Well, I don't, so have a seat.
Now let's get started.
Does it bug you?
LUKE: Does what bug me?
Does it bug you that your
entire team is smarter than you?
Ouch. Take a second,
Pretend your ego's hurt.
That'll give him a
false sense of superior
Actually, I know my
team is smarter than me.
I also know they're smarter than you.
Because you're in a
cell, and me and my team,
we're gonna sleep in
our own beds tonight.
Ah. Fair enough. Fair enough.
JJ came in here and she wiped out hard.
And now, the agent who put
me in handcuffs is in here.
So what am I supposed to think, Luke?
The only reason I'm here
is because Agent
Prentiss ordered me to be.
She thought that if I
could get you to feel like
you were in control,
that maybe you'd open up.
- Hm.
- But you don't want to play games.
That's fine by me.
- I don't want to play games either.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, hey, hey.
That is the first true
thing you or Jennifer
has told me the entire
time I've been in here.
So why don't you come
back in, have a seat,
and I will pay you the same respect.
Would you like to know why
your team is so bad at this?
Says the guy behind bars.
Well, you are bad at
this because, for example,
when Jennifer was in here,
she never once asked me
the one obvious question.
Which is what?
Which is, why is the
behavioral analysis unit
assigned to investigate a
national security threat?
We weren't assigned. We
stumbled into it, thanks to you.
Yeah, which only proves my point.
You are out of your depth.
Because Gold Star is
more than a serial killer,
more than an assassin.
Then what is he?
What is Gold Star?
To answer that question,
we're gonna have to
accept one simple fact.
That is, all this, the
little profile here,
it's all wrong,
and it's gonna get people killed.
You remember this?
They used to use it
on us when we were bad.
You know, we learned really quickly
what we were supposed to
do with this thing came out.
But the worst was when it
would come out just because.
So Nancy, if you're wondering
why I'm doing this
it's just because.
No, no [SCREAMS]
How are we gonna get
people killed, Elias?
You've got a tunnel vision problem.
You only know one way
to catch a bad guy
MO, victimology, signatures.
It's fucking boring.
Social contagion.
Is that how we're
gonna catch Gold Star?
You're getting warmer.
Keep him going. This is
where he traps himself.
Great. Um, then let's get into it.
Because I got to be honest,
I had to Google the term.
Allow me to educate you.
It used to be difficult to
convince someone to take a life.
But now, today, it's easy.
All you have to do is go on the
internet and tell a big lie
so big that some people
don't know it's a lie.
You know, I thought I was going crazy.
I actually thought that maybe
none of it had even happened.
But it did, didn't it?
I have a daughter.
Tell me you didn't hurt her.
Hurt her?
Why would I hurt her, Nancy?
I'm doing this to save her.
I'm doing this to
save all the children.
There's a term for that kind of threat.
Jennifer couldn't see it. But
you can, can't you?
He's a conspiracy theorist.
I guess you are the smart
one on the team after all.
Imagine a man a soldier, if you will,
who was groomed by
his abusive upbringing
and indoctrinated by his training
to believe this lie.
Come on.
Stand by for breach.
That man would be so dangerous
that he would have to be killed
before he could spread it.
And if that failed
if that man killed the
men who came to kill him,
well, then maybe, just maybe,
the director of the FBI
himself would make the BAU
work with a man like me to stop him.
The question is, will you?
[CRYING] I have no idea
what you're talking about.
You see, I want to believe you,
but you didn't save me last time.
Aiden Keller, FBI.
- Help me!
- Drop the knife.
Wait. No, no. You don't understand!
Wait, wait, wait. We will listen,
but you got to drop that knife.
You don't know. You
don't know what they did.
We do. We do, Aiden.
And that's why we need you
to tell us about Gold Star.
Can you do that? Can you
tell us about Gold Star?
You want to know what this is about?
I'll show you.
- Dave!
Oh, my God. [CRYING]
Oh, my daughter!
Oh, God. Is she alright?
She's fine.
She's at the station. These
men will take you to her.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
VOIT: And now we are
back to where we started,
which is how you will get people killed
because you don't understand
how conspiracy theories work
not really.
What are we missing?
- PRENTISS: Go ahead, Garcia.
- I have terrible news.
There was no way that Aiden
Keller could be Gold Star.
He was voluntarily committed
up until a week ago.
Well, a week ago is when Gold
Star was doing his disgustingness.
So all this was about Aiden's revenge.
Gold Star was never a part of it.
Afraid so, boss.
You were right.
I saw what I wanted to see.
No one's immune, not your team.
Not even you.
I got all my shots and I'm pretty sure
that my vote was counted correctly.
So what am I missing?
I have a secret,
and you have to decide
if it's true or false.
What is it?
Well, it's not the sort of
thing you want to be overheard.
So come closer. I'll whisper to you.
It'll help you figure out what
you're missing with Gold Star.
Hey. It's your funeral.
Luke, do not get close to him.
What's your secret?
Injure, Jean, Fear, dot, Z, Y, Q.
I don't understand that.
That's not true.
There's only one way to find out.
You're gonna have to
do your own research.
- That'd be fun.
- It's not true! Son of a bitch!
- You know that's not true!
Hey, Luke! Come on!
No! You're a fucking liar!
Let's go! Come on.
You know it's true,
Lucas. You know it's true!
What did you say to him?
Oh, you're gonna have to talk
to your buddy about that one.
Hey, Jennifer?
Who's infected now?
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