Criminal Minds s17e03 Episode Script


Previously on "Criminal
Minds: Evolution"
- Aah!
- TYLER: I think these victims were a strike team,
and Gold Star wants revenge.
Each one of them has a record
of a third-party escrow
account tied to a foreign bank.
And the Escrow account also rents
a store-front office on K Street.
I'm going to stake it out,
question whoever goes in or out.
LEWIS: How many off-the-books
friends do you have?
Couple of ex-agency guys.
So there's nothing I can
do to earn your trust?
There is one thing you could do.
You could bring my family to me.
It used to be difficult to
convince someone to take a life.
But now, all you have to
do is go on the Internet
and tell a big lie.
Gold Star is a conspiracy theorist.
- No one's immune. Not even you.
- What am I missing?
I have a secret. [WHISPERS]
It's not true, you son of a bitch!
Hey, Jennifer. Who's infected now?
We get that it was a
heightened situation.
But facts are facts.
Your little cage match with
Voit has led to a new demand.
He won't cooperate further until
he sees his wife and daughters.
And he wants you and
JJ to hand-deliver them.
Me and JJ?
Yeah, he was, uh, very
specific on that fact.
Yeah. I'll bet.
Are you okay?
[SIGHS] This whole time,
he was angling to see his family again.
And I let him trigger me
into giving them to him.
W-what did Voit whisper to you?
- Don't answer that.
- Emily, we need to know.
Okay, here's what we do
know about Elias Voit.
He's a killer, liar, and
manipulator, in that order.
And we are not sending Intel up
the chain until we've vetted it.
So, Rebecca, if you don't mind
Okay, what did he say?
Injure. Jean. Fear. Dot-X-Y-Q.
What? I don't understand that.
Voit said it's a site on the Darknet.
Something called BAU-Gate.
It involves pictures
and memes of this team
in deep-faked pornography.
He also said you knew about it.
- Are you kidding me?
- It's complicated.
Why didn't you tell any of us?
Because it was a problem I inherited.
Homeland Security,
they flagged it in 2014.
They took it down, and they
archived it for evidence.
What's the one god-awful
thing we know about porn,
thanks to this job?
Child porn, fake porn, whatever, right?
That once it's out
there, it stays forever.
When I found out what it
was, I had to make a call.
Do I upset the team or not?
Do you need to know or not?
I decided to keep it a secret
because it's best for everyone involved.
Voit went on about Gold Star
being a conspiracy theorist
who believes in a lie
that's based on a half truth.
He's guessing.
Conspiracy beliefs have been
low-hanging fruit since the pandemic.
But why did he whisper
it to me and not JJ?
Because he knew that a
secret would worm its way
between us and fracture this team.
Then don't play his
twisted little mind game.
Nothing good will come
from her finding out.
I'm ordering you to
stay silent about this.
Luke? I won't say anything.
No, it's not that. It's
Did you look at the site?
I'm gonna go tell JJ about Sydney.

GARCIA: "One of the most
striking differences between a cat
and a lie is that a cat
only has nine lives."
Mark Twain.
The deep state wants you to
believe things that aren't true.
They want you asleep.
- Well, wake up, sheeple.
- I really don't have time for this.
Keep watching.
The FBI fabricated a manhunt
in Burney, California.
Why? As a false flag
to cover up the assassination
of one of their own,
Deputy Director Douglas Bailey.
- [GASPS] Goddamn it.
- Mm-hmm.
I have it on very good authority
that Bailey was preparing
to reveal our government's
deepest, darkest secrets.
He goes on like this
for four more hours,
alternating between
some truly wackadoo ideas
and hawking his hemorrhoid cream
that the FDA doesn't
want you to know about.
Does he mention Gold Star?
- No.
- Okay.
Um, a crackpot found out
about Burney. So what?
Uh, he's not just any crackpot.
His VPN was traced back to this guy.
Oh. Oh, no.
Apparently, he's your neighbor.
Was. Brian Garrity. Before
the pandemic, he hit a rough patch.
But he he's harmless, mostly.
Director Madison disagrees.
The fact that Doug Bailey
was murdered isn't public.
Somebody is leaking to him.
What am I supposed to do about it?
Come on.
Madison's direct quote
was, "Tell Agent Prentiss
her top priority is to shut this down."
- Great. Wonderful.
I have ambivalent news. We have a case,
and it has nothing to do with Gold Star.
These atrocious photos you behold
are of Adrian Jackowski, Ian
Henderson, and Mora Profeta.
All three were murdered via asphyxiation
with stretch-wrap plastic,
and all three had just
moved into rental properties.
Despite Houston PD's
most valiant efforts,
both local news, Insta, and
TikTok are calling these
forgive them, for they
know not what they do
the Moving Day Murders.
Ah. Well, I mean, you can see why.
It's the kind of plastic
wrap that movers use.
It could be an M.O. of opportunity.
He's using a weapon that's on hand.
Which means he could be
part of a moving company,
but what about moving
is triggering to him?
Well, it's a fresh
start, right? A new life.
It's exciting. It's hopeful.
Perhaps, it's a new
life he maybe was denied.
Not to mention, you're in a new house.
It's an unfamiliar environment.
Something goes wrong, you don't
know where anything is yet.
Any idea where those
circuit breakers are?
WOMAN: Um, not a clue.
The UnSub would have the advantage.
He could get off on that.
PRENTISS: But would that really
be enough of an advantage?
Three victims in less than two
weeks and suffocation?
- Man, I feel like shit.
- That isn't easy.
- Or fast.
- You okay?
He must be subduing them somehow.
[CRYING] No, no, no! No!
No! Please, no!

Whatever his methods, he's
getting more confident,
which means he will get more aggressive.
And once again, we are shorthanded.
So, Dave, Tara,
you're gonna have to handle
this one by yourselves.
- What are you going to do?
- Put out fires.
U.S. Marshals just gave me
Sydney Voit's safe house address,
so memorize this and destroy it.
She'll be expecting
you tomorrow morning.
Look, I know that Sydney trusts us,
but we're asking her to put her
daughters back into the lion's den.
We need a plan "B" in case she says no.
Well, we're headed to Seaford, Delaware.
Looks like we've got a nice long
drive ahead of us to figure it out.
You're driving.
Penelope, a private moment, please.
That was fire.
- A word, a private moment,
which is great because helping,
as you know, is my kink.
I am sitting in the chair of helping.
And go.
I need to discuss Tyler with you.
See? I love it. I love
anticipating a need.
I've already I've
severed all ties with him.
Like, I don't even
Like, does he work
I don't even know who He's
not even He's just a shape.
I need you to talk to him.
I don't want to say no to your face.
But no.
Tyler has gone to AWOL
since the stakeout with Tara.
Well, yes. Yes. That He does that.
Well, Tara also wrote up a
detail in her after-action report
that caught my attention specifically
that Tyler was gone for 30
minutes going to the bathroom.
No. No. He would not take
30 minutes to do that.
Okay, so that's why I think
there's something else going on.
He won't return my calls or texts.
Can you reach out to him?
Can I drink lighter fluid instead?
Can I be living in a
house made of Styrofoam?
Can I be surrounded by circus clowns?
Okay. Okay. I'll tell you what.
When you call him, tell
him he either reports in,
or we are severing ties
with him as a consultant.
That I can do.
- Thank you.
- Welcome.
I can do it. I'm gonna do it.
Not yet. Not yet.

No defensive wounds
on any of the victims.
No signs of sexual assault
which asphyxiation is
typically a precursor for.
I mean, this guy's entire
M.O. is suffocating them.
How are we coming with the movers?
They all used different
moving companies.
Garcia ran all the employees,
None of the workers cross over.
It doesn't make sense. I
go back to what you said,
the UnSub has the
advantage in a new house.
So the logical conclusion is
That he knows the layout
better than they do
because he's been in the house before.
Now, think how many people
go in and out on moving day.
It's pretty much Grand Central Station.
Right, utilities,
contractors, subcontractors.
We'll have to expand the
suspect pool when we land.
- Yeah.
- [LAPTOP CHIMES] Terrible news, my doves.
- Houston PD just discovered two more victims.
- Two?
Yeah, th-th-they were roommates,
and they just moved into their
first post-college apartment.
Penelope, the, uh,
officer handling the case
is, uh, Captain Pamela Soto.
Let her know we'd like to
meet her at the crime scene.
Will do. Godspeed, my darlings.
- The other victim is in the primary.
- Mm-hmm.
Agents Rossi and Lewis?
I'm Captain Pamela Soto.
Appreciate your help.
This guy's escalated in a big way.
Two people at once, and
now he's communicating.
Hell of a message.
Our fear is that he's responding
to the online attention.
Well, if you're right about that,
he'll continue to
escalate with each attack.
- Who found the bodies?
- We did. Anonymous tip.
This guy was able to smother two women
without them fighting back,
without either one calling for help?
I mean, are we sure
he's not drugging them?
Well, our coroner ran a tox
panel on the other victims.
She checked for GHB, Ketamine, benzos.
- She didn't find anything.
- Have her expand the tax panel
to look for heavy-metal
narcotics. They're easily missed.
- Okay, I'll let her know.
- The power was cut off at some point.
It was on when my officers entered.
He shut it off on purpose.
Ah. Insecure. Guy needs every advantage.
But that would also mean he
knew where the breakers were.
So he's stalking his victims, right?
Scoping out the house
before they move in?
Could be. Or he's doing
it just under their noses,
and they're so busy,
they don't even notice.
Wow! Jesus! When did
we get so much stuff?
After you decided to knock me up.
- Oh. Well, it was my pleasure.
[CLEARS THROAT] Excuse me.
Just, uh, need your sign-off.
I'm sorry. Who are you?
HVAC. Central air.
W-what's wrong with
the air-conditioning?
Don't look at me. Utilities
was your job.
- I I didn't I didn't call you.
- Oh, hey.
- Your landlord did.
- Oh. All right.
Uh w-w-what is this
charge for an air system tank?
What is that?
It's an auxiliary filtration tank.
Every new system has one,
and I had to replace yours.
You'll probably get rebate or something.
- Keith, I need you in here.
- Uh, all right. Where do I sign?
- Just, uh, right there.
- Okay.
There you go. Thanks.

Are you ever going to tell
me what Voit whispered to you?
I'm under orders not to.
From Emily?
Okay, y-you're going to
have to give me a hint
so I know how bad this is.
There's a website on the
Darknet involving the team.
- Is this BAU-Gate?
- You already know about it?
Yeah. Before I became a profiler,
I was the media liaison,
and I heard rumors of something
like this floating around,
but it was cleaned up, wasn't it?
Voit and his network buddies,
they got their hands on it.
- Of course, they did.
- Doesn't bother you?
Hell, yeah, it bothers me.
But since the dawn of the Internet,
there have been trolls
making disgusting images.
So if a group of sad,
lonely perverts want
to make, I don't know,
anime, wasn't it?
What if it was dangerous,
okay? Would you want to know?
Doesn't Emily have a
responsibility to inform us?
Why did I have to hear it from Voit?
So this this is
the secret he told you.
You see what he's doing, right?
Forcing us to go on this long road
trip together to find his family.
He's testing you to see if you'll tell
or you'll lie to protect me.
Because if you lie,
you're just like him.
He lied to protect his family.
And if you tell me
I get hurt.
It's a win-win for him.

So let me relieve you of this burden.
It's all okay.
I'm glad you got this
off your chest, but, Luke,
Emily practicing discretion isn't a lie.
It isn't a conspiracy theory.
It's good leadership.
You still didn't answer my question.
Which one?
If it was dangerous,
would you want to know?
If it involved my kids
or was a threat to my life,
then, yeah, absolutely.
But otherwise?
You see enough rough stuff in this job.
Why let something
like that in your head?
That's the problem. It already is.

- Struggle all you want, earthling.
Holly! You've been in
there for a while now.
Are you okay?
You think a minute of privacy
wouldn't be such a big deal.
[SIGHS] Okay, I'm sorry.
It's just that Agents Alvez
and Jareau are coming ,
and I thought maybe you'd
want to come out, say hello.
I'm sorry. Are they here? I
didn't know they were here.
Hi. How are you?
Oh, wait.
Okay, maybe you, uh, want
to take the hoodie down?
Drag a comb though your hair, something?
Yeah. That's the problem.
Not that Dad's a murderer,
that our lives are gone.
My hair is the issue.
What are you, 3?
Stop sucking your thumb.
Hi, Sydney.
Please tell me you've got good news,
that you're getting me
out of this purgatory
and into some great digs
and witness protection.
Uh, we should speak
outside. Luke, could you?
Yeah, I'll watch the kids.

How's it going?
How do you think it's going?
Fair enough.
No. I won't. I-I won't do that.
Sydney, I-I hate hate that
I am here asking you this.
I cannot even imagine how
hard this has been on you.
But we're we're getting,
um, a lot of pressure.
And you are the only one
- The only one who, what, Elias will talk to?
- Yes.
You said that to me already. Remember?
You promised me that you'd
get me into witness protection
if I helped you find
Agent Rossi, and I did.
I helped. And this is Look around.
This is This is what all
that help got me, this shithole.
Waiting for the U.S. Marshals
to get their act together?
And then you have the nerve to come here
and ask me to give more.

The only thing I'm doing right right now
is keeping that monster as far
away from my girls as I can.

I got an idea. Why
don't you turn that off?
Yeah. Great. You know how to juggle?
Mm, maybe.
I'll show you.
Get this out of the way.
All right. Let me see.
Like this, right?
Just 1 2 3.
Okay? Your turn. See what you got.
That sucked!
No, come on. That was great.
How about you, Holly? You want in?
My soccer career is over.
[CLICKS TONGUE] Come on. Heads up.
I said no.

All good. It's all right.
We got the next Megan Rapinoe over here.
Nice! [CHUCKLING] Nice!
Okay, wait.
Elias, he, um, he warned me.
- Warned you about what?
He told me that you'd,
uh, promise me a new life,
- but it wouldn't matter.
- And he's right.
Had some fun playing soccer
with Harlow in the living room.
Um, if you don't mind me asking,
how long has Holly been lashing out?
Has she been angry the whole time?
Have you been able to get through it?
Oh, my fucking God. Are
you fucking kidding me?
You were in there for a few minutes,
and now
Our lives are shattered.
They can't reach out to their friends.
They have no support.
They lost their dad.
The only one they have left is me.
And news flash, I'm not
doing so great, either.
I can't even be a mom to them
because they trust nothing and no one.
I can't promise them t-that
this is gonna get any better,
because even if it does,
it's going to be years from
now years of therapy
to unpack this trauma.
So I'm sorry that Holly was rude.
I'm giving her a long leash.


I was just trying to
Were you followed?
Oh, Brian, just stop.
Whoa! What, are you crazy?
We can't use real names.
We can, and we are,
starting with the name
of whoever is leaking to
you about Douglas Bailey.
Oh, how dare you? I don't
have leaks. I have sources.
And it is my journalistic
duty to protect them.
Your videos are not journalism.
Oh. Everybody's a critic.
If you won't tell me who's
giving you information,
can you at least knock it off?
Oh, struck a nerve at the gulag, eh?
Let me explain something to you.
I knew Douglas Bailey.
I worked with him.
I knew it!
I knew you were one of the good
ones working against the deep state.
There is no deep state.
There is only a tragedy
that you are making worse.
I will tell you what I told
his parents at his funeral.
Douglas Bailey died a hero.
He did not die trying to
expose non-existent secrets.
And when you say that,
you are hurting a family
that doesn't deserve it.
He has parents.
And a brother.
It's funny. Um you
remember my ex, Sheila?
- Yes, of course, yeah. How is she?
- Good.
I mean, she's filed a restraining order,
but she's good.
Anyway, Sheila always used to tell me
that my problem was
that I couldn't accept
that there wasn't a problem.
You should take that advice.
- What was that? You were followed.
- No
Shh, shh. Brian, calm
down. There's nobody here.
Sorry. Occupational hazard.
I'm I'm writing a book, by the way.
It's a biography. Bill Shepherd.
The guy who replaced Paul
McCartney in the Beatles
after Paul died in that
car accident in '66?
- That sounds like a book.
- Yeah.
So that means I won't be able
to post new videos for another
like four to six weeks.
Stay frosty.

- Hey. Almost done with a suspect pool.
Phone and Internet hook-up,
electrical, you name it.
How about the cable guy?
Hey, not all of us are
ready to cut the cord.
Now, what do you make of that?
Oh, right. The extended
tox panel came in.
Yeah, he's drugging his
vics but not with a narcotic.
Using a gas carbon monoxide.
It looks like the C.O. levels
in the body cavity fluids
are higher than in the bloodstream,
which would indicate acute exposure.
I'm thinking he's funneling
the gas in gradually
so that they're too weak to fight back.
Right. But wait a minute.
At the first three crime scenes,
he could have tapped into the gas lines,
but the girls' apartment
had central air.
- So
- He's bringing in his own tank.
Right. And if he's
bringing in his own tank,
he's got to bring in
his own oxygen, right,
like in a-a tank or a rebreather
so that he could be inside the house
while he's gassing his victims.
But then the question becomes,
is this just an aspect of his M.O.,
or is the guy's self-esteem
so low that he has to hide?
Something tells me that this is a guy
who can't charm and harm.
He stays in the shadows
until his prey is too
weak to be a problem.
Right. But then he kills
them with clear plastic
because he wants to be the
very last thing they see.
But not the real him.
Not the real him.
H-he's modifying that gas mask
into something even more terrifying
so that he can see the terror
in his victims' eyes as they die.

We've got to drill down on employees
that would have access to
these kinds of materials
uh, gas line technicians, central air.
Seems like we're ready. We ready?
Oh, yeah. We're ready.
The UnSub we're looking for is a male
between the ages of 18 and 25.
We believe he may be part of
a building trades profession.
LEWIS: We should put our
focus on heating, ventilation,
and air-conditioning companies.

[GASPS] God!
- Sorry. Sorry. You okay?
- Hey.
Yeah, you scared me.
I was reading on Nice-N-Neighborly.
There's somebody attacking
people on moving day.
Please, delete that app.
All it is is neighbors
scaring each other.
I know, I know.
It's just, first night in a new house
is always the worst, you
know? There's weird noises.
You're never sure if
you locked everything.
- Forget sleep.
- Tell you what.
What if I cook you dinner?
We haven't unpacked the kitchen.
Take two. What if I order pizza?
[GASPS] And they say romance is dead.
Hmm? Not bad, right?
It's my specialty, huh?
[SINGSONG VOICE] Extra cheese, please!

Hey, Tyler, it's me. No. Um
Hey Hey, Tyler. It's
This is Penelope Garcia.
Hey, Tyler. No. No. No.
Of the BAU. Of the BAU.
TYLER: Hi. It's me. Leave a message.
Hey, Tyler. It's me,
Penelope Grace Garcia.
Uh, you might not know
that that's my middle name,
but it is a good reminder
that I'm full of it grace.
And, um, look, word on the street is
you have ghosted the FBI,
which is Tyler
Cannon, and you do you.
I've just been told to tell you
that the BAU is giving
you another chance,
but you need to report in.
However, I need some things stepped out.
They said to me that you
disappeared during the stakeout
for 30 minutes to go to the bathroom.
And we both know that's not you.
So what exactly are you up to?
Are you trying to look for
these off-the-book friends?
And did you find these
off-the-book friends?
And what are you doing? Really?
Because if you're
doing something stupid,
just stop doing the stupid thing.
- Okay? Just st


You feel that, Sebastian?
I've got my thumb on about 50
units of clostridium botulinum.
We used that in Darfur, you remember?
- Here I thought we were mates.
- Gold Star.
- I'm unfamiliar with the name!
- I'm not fucking around here.
I squeeze this, It'll take just 90
seconds for you to lose bowel control,
followed by total respiratory failure.
I do appreciate the threat.
But you're wasting your time.
I know nothing. I'm the money man.
Exactly, to a six-man strike team
paid through an escrow account
managed by KDBC Bank who
paid to kill Gold Star.
- The agency?
- No. No.
The blood is not on your
government's hands this time.
What does that mean?
It's been a while.
This isn't really like you.
As I recall, you never
really had the stomach
for the wet work.
So I would wager that that syringe
is filled with saline.

Can't have me arrested for
a crime that never happened.
Oh, you are clever.
You almost had me.
Bit of friendly advice?
Whatever you think we're doing
you need to let it go.



My guys used your profile
to dig up a potential lead.
A few months ago, there was
a carbon monoxide accident
at this motel off of Highway 34,
place called the Cosgrove Inn.
A damaged gas line ended
up killing seven guests.
It was ruled an accident, but
the motel closed as a result.
- I know it's not moving day, but
- But it's close,
and we can't ignore the
carbon monoxide connection.
- Go for greatness.
Penelope, we're going
to send you some info
about an accident at the Cosgrove Inn.
There was a multiple-fatality
incident there.
We want you to cross-reference
the decedents' known relatives
and any prior employees
with our UnSub's profile.
Yeah, hang on to your bolo
ties. Actually, burn them.
And I will hit you back as
soon as I find something.

- No.
Need to see your own butt
is what you need to see.
All right, I'm gonna do
it really tight tonight.
Just like you like it.
You're getting so big.
I hate it.

- Oh, my God. What are you What is this?
- Mom, I
What are you ?
No, no, no. No, no,
you're not in trouble.
[CRYING] Holly!
I don't want to live like this anymore.
I don't, either.

You sick of this place, too?
I just want to go back to school.

The suspect you're looking for is
Kai Veneer. He's in his early 20s.
He and his family lived
at the Cosgrove Inn.
His mom was one of the seven people
who died from prolonged
carbon monoxide poisoning.
Uh, it looks like Kai's father
was the manager of the motel,
and then when it was shuttered
he and Kai were thrown
out onto the street.
What's Veneer's connection
to the crime scene?
That's the thing. He is the
off-the-proverbial-books handyman
at each and every one.
He and his father applied to be
tenants at all of these properties.
But then the heartbreaking
double whammy of low income
and bad credit meant that they
were turned down at every one.
And then two weeks ago, Kai's
father took his own life.
Are there any more rental
properties we're missing.
Let me see. Uh Yes. Yes.
There's a townhouse in Willowbrook.
A couple just moved in yesterday.
Keith and Charlotte Noyer.
I am sending you the address.
- There it is.
- MAN: All units, all units, please be advised.
Suspect's name is Kai Veneer.
Possible location
Oh, no. No. No! Oh, my God!
Cravings. Don't question, just accept.
- Oh.
- Ohh! Mmm!
That is so good! Do you want to try?
No. Just Just thinking
about that makes me want to
Are you okay?
Uh, yeah, I think.
It's just m-my stomach's a little upset.
Ooh. I'm not feeling great, either.
- Gee, I wonder why.
- No, no, it's not that.
It's It's pizza
isn't settling with us.
Did you pack any antacid?
Uh, I-I'll I'll find some.
Fear not.
- Great. Now this?
- Generator. Generator.
Uh, I'm on it. Antacid. Mm!
Jesus Christ.
Charlotte, run!




[CRYING] Aah! No!
No! No! No!

Charlotte, run!
Oh, no!
Kai Veneer, FBI!
MAN: Freeze! Freeze!
- Open the windows!
- Let him go, Kai.
Listen to me. You let
him go, we let you go.
Last chance, Kai.
- You all right?
Where's Charlotte? Where's my wife?
Open window, huh? I got to tell you,
I'm impressed you hauled your
ass through it so quickly.
You know, Pilates, upper-body
work, little help from SWAT.
Just give me a second. I
think I pulled everything.
Ice, Dave. Lot of ice.
ELIAS: This whole thing you do,
it's diminishing returns, really.
How many more are still out there?
None of them will ever be as good as me.
Here you go. That should help.
Hey, you doing all right?
Oh, yeah.
I-I was just thinking, I I
haven't thought about Elias Voit
since we took this case.
Yeah. Wow. Me neither.
You want to talk about him now?
[SIGHS] I cannot think of a
plan "B" for Voit, can you?
I say we tell the director of the truth.
Sydney doesn't want to cooperate.
It's her prerogative.
WOMAN: All right, you doing okay?
Can I get you anything?
- No?
- Okay.
Or maybe not.

The girls are with the Marshal.
Can we talk?
We've been struggling
the three of us, but it's
different if you're an adult.
You know, it's not forever.
But if you're a child
you might, um hurt yourself.
Hey, we are here to help however we can.
I can't believe I'm about to say this,
but I think what might help them is
saying goodbye to their father
and whatever else they want to
say to him, on two conditions.
One of them is that we get into
witness protection immediately.
I'm not going to see him
until I know we're safe.
Okay, we'll we'll tell the
director to expedite placement.
You said there are two conditions.
I talk to Elias first. Alone.
Uh, t-that could be more difficult.
That's not my problem.
If he wants to see my girls,
I'm going to establish
some ground rules,
and if he's still their father,
then he's going to agree to them.
She's a strong woman.
What we're asking her
to do, it's not easy.
It's not even fair.
Yet she is willing to
face her worst nightmare
so her girls can have a better life.
I'm telling you, can never underestimate
the strength of a mother.

Hey, I need to disobey some orders.
Oh, yeah?
I don't know what it was in 2014,
but I-I know what it is now
that Voit's network updated it.
It's not pictures of other agents.
Wait, i-it's not.
It's pictures of you.
Just you.
Like you said, you
were the media liaison.
You were on TV more than anyone else.
And they made you the
focal point of their porn.

Uh it's [CHUCKLES] not anime, is it?
No, it's not.
Look, we've all read
the threat assessments
of how convincing AI can be, and
this is this
is pretty convincing.

you've been happy not looking
at it this whole time, right?
You want to go on not looking. I get it.
But you should make that call
instead of having it made for you.
There's an encrypted link
in my report, and, uh
you do whatever's best for you.

Uh, I-I-I need a-a minute here.

GARCIA: Okay. Okay.
That's good. That's nice.
It's like snowfall on the pastries.


Disarmed. Ready to arm.
Uh, hey.
- Tyler, what are you
- I know you said no.
Yeah, I said no, N-O, which is the
opposite of, "Sure, come on over."
But you also said not to do anything
stupid, and that's why I'm here.
- I need your help.
- With what?
This. T
Hey, you can't just
- What is that?
- A phone.
Yes, obviously, it's
a phone. Whose phone?
Mine. Sort of.
- Tyler
- What's on here can tell us about Gold Star,
except I didn't get it legally.
So if I bring it in, you know
what Rebecca is gonna say?
- No. No. No.
- That's exactly what she's gonna say, but
- but if you bring it in
- No, no, no, no. No. No.
I am not doing that. Not now,
not ever. That is not who I am.
Penelope Grace Garcia isn't.
But the Black Queen is.
And if we're gonna catch Gold Star
I need the Black Queen.

BRIAN GARRITY: The situation
has turned critical.
We need to talk.
Okay, I'm here.
No, in person. I'm getting close.
I just learned the director
of the FBI, your boss,
made a deal with somebody
named Elias Voit.
Meet me in the parking garage.
20 minutes. I'll tell you everything.

They used an anagram for my name.


- Hey!
- Okay. Brian? Brian?
Hold on. You're gonna be okay.
I'm gonna get you help right now.
- Bri?
- MAN: 911. What's your emergency.
Uh, parking garage
1200 G Street Southwest.
- There's a male
Okay, they're here somehow.
Ma'am, I need you to drop the weapon.
I understand.
My name is Emily Prentiss, FBI.
I'm the unit chief of the BAU.
Can I please get you to step
back here with Officer Doble?
I-I Shit. My I.D. is in the car.
That's okay. I just need you to
come right over here by my partner.
3-Bravo-7-4 requesting
10-52 to my location.
WOMAN: Roger. 3-Bravo-7-4.
Medical en route.
- Okay, sir.
I need you to focus
on me right now, okay?
Keep your eyes open
and on me. All right?
That's good. That's good.
Now, sir, tell me, who did this to you?
She did!
[STAMMERS] F-fucking Brian!
That's not true! I did not.

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