Criminal Minds s17e04 Episode Script

Kingdom of the Blind

Previously on "Criminal
Minds: Evolution"
BAU-Gate They made you
the focal point of their porn.
GARCIA: It's called the Stuart House,
where they use special
adjustment methods
on their patients.
Aiden Keller, he was
voluntarily committed
up until a week ago.
Well, a week ago is when Gold Star
was doing his disgustingness.
So all this was about Aiden's revenge.
Gold Star was never a part of it.
Our lives are shattered.
What might help them is
saying goodbye to their father,
on two conditions.
We get into witness
protection immediately.
And I talk to Elias first. Alone.
Gold Star.
- I'm the money man.
- Exactly, to a six-man strike team
paid through an escrow account.
I know nothing.
- I need your help.
- With what?
- This.
- Tyler
Sebastian's phone can
tell us about Gold Star,
except it's locked.
I need the Black Queen.
GARRITY: Your boss made
a deal with Elias Voit.
Brian, who is giving
you this information?
Meet me in the parking garage.
Drop the weapon.
Who did this to you?
She did!


You alright?
Yeah, my my car just
conked out for no reason.
Pretty a girl like
you shouldn't be alone
out here in the middle of nowhere.
Um yeah.
Tell you what.
I'll take a look.
I can't fix it, I'll
drive you back to town.
No, no, that's that's not necessary.
Um, I-I can probably just

Yeah, that that would be great.
Um, I think I have some
tools in my trunk and

I think I found your problem.
Fuel line's got a kink in it.
You weren't getting any gas.

I'm telling you, Deputy Ulrick
a nice guy like you
shouldn't be out here
in the middle of nowhere.

PRENTISS: Philosopher
Desiderius Erasmus wrote,
"In the kingdom of the blind,
the one-eyed man is king."
HINES: You have the
right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford an attorney,
one will be appointed
I know my rights.
- Brian? Brian?!
- What is this?
- Ma'am, come on.
You said you're in the
FBI. Please don't resist.
I'm not resisting.
[SCOFFS] Look, there were three men.
They were on foot, and they got away.
Let's add two and two here, okay?
Look at me and look at him.
Do I look like I kicked
the shit out of him?
It looks like we're going
to get this all sorted out
at the station.
Watch your head.

- OFFICER: Turn to your right.
- Left.

Hey, it's me.
You are never gonna
believe what's happening.
Look, I get it. I know
you don't want me here.
No, you don't get it, 'cause you're
But, Penelope, look,
I wouldn't have come
unless I thought this phone
could help solve the case.
Did you tell Emily
you were gonna do this?
Did you tell David?
Okay, why won't you go?
The data I copied on that
phone has an encrypted key.
You are the only one who can break it.
You break it, we find out
who paid to kill Gold Star.
We follow the money. We get him.
I don't work for you.
So you don't have
access to my hack magic,
and even if you did, I do my
best work when I feel safe,
which I'm assuming you
would want me to feel.
But I have asked you to
leave, and I have said no,
and you're ignoring me.
I'm sorry.
I'll go.
Is there anything I can
do to make this better?
Bring what you have to the team
and just accept the consequences.
Which means this might be goodbye.

It's late.
Turn on your alarm, okay?

It helps keep out intruders.

It's almost adorable that you
thought I'd leave you alone.
Hey, what's the over-under on
if Emily smiles for her mugshot?
Some would pay a pretty penny for that.
All it takes is one person to
slip it to the outside world,
make a few hundred bucks.
- That won't happen.
- Mm, I bet you it will.
You know why?
Because everything about this case
is falling apart around you, Dave.
I mean, Emily's getting arrested.
Jennifer and Luke are
jumping through hoops
to give me whatever I want.
And you're hallucinating.
This is how I figure you out.
Me riding shotgun with you
is how you figure out
how I will slip up?
Have we met?
You're not the first one
to ride shotgun with me.
Hi. Who were you talking to?
Garrity dropped all charges.
Good. I'm going to arrest him myself.
- Where is he?
- Uh, nobody knows.
He checked out of the
hospital about an hour ago.
Why do you think he set you up?
I don't know.
And a-as crazy as he is,
it just doesn't make sense.
And there were three
men roughing him up.
You think somebody's using him?
Maybe. Possibly. Probably.
Feeding him a conspiracy theory?
Oh, don't say that.
First, Voit mentions
it, then this happens.
Yeah, stop.
A conspiracy theory is a bunch
of nonexistent connections
between random events.
No. We stay focused on what we know.
You need to go home?
No, I have a change of
clothes at the office,
and I'm not sleeping until
I find that little prick.
We've got a BOLO out on
Brian Garrity's vehicle,
but speaking to his so-called
friends and his neighbors,
no one's seen the guy in over a week.
Well, do you remember any of the faces
of the guys who attacked Garrity?
Oh, no, it was too dark,
and it went down too fast.
JJ, were you able to pull anything
from the surveillance
cameras in the garage?
Yeah. Uh, turns out
there was only one camera
in the parking garage,
and it was lined up on the ticket kiosk.
So this was a setup from the start.
Okay. But by whom?
I mean, this thing, it was premeditated.
It was staged.
Brian Garrity is a
tinfoil-hat-wearing truther.
He couldn't have coordinated
all of this if he wanted to.
What are you thinking?
I mean, maybe Voit is right
and a conspiracy theory
is behind Gold Star.
That same conspiracy theory
could be manipulating Garrity.
Do you have any idea
how many rabbit holes
Brian Garrity has been down in his life?
The moon landing, the
Kennedy assassination.
Oh, my personal favorite
that the 1985 launch
of New Coke was a cover
to swap out cane sugar for
high-fructose corn syrup.
So, no, we are not
going to mix his bullshit
with Voit's bullshit,
because then we're just
investigating bullshit
that is not there.
Sorry. I'm sorry.
Um, where are we with
Sydney and the girls?
Apparently, the director
lit a fire under WITSEC.
They have a placement ready.
And now all JJ and I have to do
is stage a family reunion with Voit.
Okay. Keep me updated. Thank you.
- I believe that Coke shit.
- Yeah.
- You got a sec?
- Yeah, sure.
Excuse me, Emily?
I need to talk to you
and Rossi. It's urgent.
Not now.
Gold Star urgent.
It can wait.

Whose phone did you clone?
His name is Sebastian Gasper.
He's a financier for different
private security groups
around the world.
- You mean mercenaries?
- Yeah.
And he's the guy who makes
sure everybody gets paid
through secret escrow accounts,
including, I'm pretty
sure, the strike team
contracted to kill Gold Star.
Do I want to know how
you got that information,
and does it involve you pretending
to go to the bathroom?
No and yes.
I'm here. You texted me.
Oh, huzzah. You came clean.
Penelope, last night,
Tyler approached you
and asked you to jailbreak this phone?
- Yeah.
- I would like you to do that.
- Come again?
- Get the key.
Hang on. Anything in
there is inadmissible.
Hey, I was just arrested and booked
for something I didn't do, okay?
If it happens again, I'd like
it to be for something I did do.
Alright, may we all
take a cleansing breath
before anything else?
Let's inhale [INHALES] peace,
exhale [EXHALES] bullsh
Hey, we're breathing. We're breathing.
What are you going to do?
You don't want to fall on the sword.
I get it. I will.
But you don't know how to do
You don't know how to do computer stuff.
I do not.
Is this that important to you?
It's that important.


ALVEZ: Don't accept
anything he says as true.
- Don't commit to anything.
- Got it.
He'll try what's worked before.
He'll pretend to be a
loving, supportive husband.
No, I believed that for 17 years.
I'm done.
When he realizes he's
no longer in control,
you'll see the real Elias Voit.
He might be verbally abusive,
possibly physically violent.
But remember, you'll have an
armed guard in there with you,
and we will be here
watching the whole time.

Let's open the door.

You're not wearing your ring.
They tell you why I'm here?
Yes, they said you want to go over
what I'm going to say to the girls.
That's right.
So, what are you gonna say to them?
The truth.
I'm gonna tell them that I made a deal
and I'll be free in time
to see Harlow graduate,
- maybe even walk Holly down the aisle.
- Stop.
Do you have any idea what
you have done to them?
Harlow is regressing.
Holly is cutting herself.
Wait, what?
They need new lives and
a shit ton of therapy.
And if I'm gonna be able to do that
No, stop, stop, stop.
Wait, where is she cutting herself?
Excuse me?
Is it on the fleshy part
of her body or on the bone?
Oh, you want the gory details?
Yes, I want to know
whether it's a cry for help
or if she's actually
trying to commit suicide.
I'm her father. I need to know this.
You are their father, unfortunately.
So here is where I tell you what
you are going to say to them.
You're going to say goodbye.
No, I'm not.
Yes, you are.
We're going into witness protection
and staying there forever.
So if you have any love
left for your daughters,
for them to have any
chance at a normal life,
you have to let them go.

I'll find you.
Okay, okay, I-I'll say it.
If it really has to be goodbye, though,
I need to hold them in my
arms just one more time.
That's not up to me.
I wasn't talking to you.

What does Sydney think?
She thinks he means it.
But to be safe, she wants
to have an extra guard.
One thing we do know, Voit keeps turning
a pair of 2s into an inside straight.
So how will he use
this to his advantage?
You know, I debriefed
him after Sydney left,
and he says that this
is his last request.
Once he sees his children,
he will give us his full
cooperation and serve his time.
But it's Voit. So who knows?
Did he say anything else?
No, he didn't.
We need you. All of you.
GARCIA: Elko County Sheriff's Department
reached out about an hour ago.
The two victims are George
Kelby and Adam Ulrick.
Both of them were sheriff's deputies.
Both were off duty, and
they were murdered separately
off of Route 22 just
outside of Jackpot, Nevada.
They were both beaten and enucleated.
Were there Gold Star
bullets found at the scenes?
No. And the blunt-force trauma
to the head and upper torsos
is not consistent with any of
the previous Gold Star victims.
And the geo-profile's way off.
This could be another coincidence,
like Aiden Keller in Utah.
Except that the UnSub
took both of their badges.
Same way Gold Star took Isaac Sanchez's.
Dave, Tara, look into it,
but this is not Gold
Star until we prove it.

NEWS ANCHOR: Law enforcement officials
have confirmed the identity
of off-duty sheriff's
deputy Adam Ulrick.
Ulrick is the second
homicide victim found
in less than a week along Route 22
just outside Jackpot, Nevada.
Checking your local weather,
the skies should remain
mostly clear for the day.
Look for some clouds
rolling in this afternoon.
Highs in the upper 60s.


Oh, you are a worthy
nemesis, tiny machine,
but I will best you.
Oh, yes, I will. Oh, yes.
How's it going?
Can you get me another
one of these, please?
Thank you.
Sebastian Gasper's phone
has a countermeasure on it,
and if I have one more wrong guess,
it's going to self-delete.
Okay. How can I help?
"Star light, star bright."
One time, you and I w
That doesn't matter.
You told me about an arms
deal that you helped arrange.
And if I remember correctly,
there was a "go/no go" thing
where if your person
said the deal was a go,
they would text you "star light,"
and if it wasn't, they'd
text you "star bright,"
and I'm assuming that
person was Sebastian?
He was.
So what was it, light or bright?
Neither. He texted me "wish tonight,"
which, once I got boots on the ground,
I discovered meant
"I'm ripping you off."
"Wish tonight."
The ASCII value on
this prompt has all caps
and no special characters.
Touch a rock, think
of David Bowie, and
Yeah. It worked.
I'm, uh I'm gonna wait outside.
Hold on.
Each root directory is locked,
so I may need more help.
I don't want to have
to keep getting back up.
But you right here vexes me.
could you wait in the server room?
Why is it so hot?
The electromagnetic radiation.
Prolonged exposure can make you sterile.
Very funny.
That was a joke, right?
Thank you.
You ready?
Um, are we?
- Okay, come on.

MAN: Give me 438.
438 clear.
- Daddy.
- Baby.
Come on, Holly.
It's okay.
I Yeah, no, take your time.
It's a lot.
It's a lot.
The UnSub attacked
the deputy right here.
With a tire iron.
No prints were recovered,
but the coroner did find
something interesting.
Apparently, they recovered
dichromatic salts,
cobalt, and mercury from the
back of Ulrick's eye sockets.
Tattoo ink?
This UnSub used a tattoo
needle to gouge out his eyes.
- That's a new one.
- Yeah.
If Ulrick was a one-off,
I'd assume he was a
victim of opportunity,
but two deputies in a row?
This UnSub is definitely hunting them.
No damage to their cars.
There's got to be some
kind of ruse involved
to get them to pull over.
VOIT: What do you think
I'm doing right now?
You think I'm finding a way
to turn my family against you?
Be my logical next step, right?
Convince them to
retract their testimony,
and then another piece of
your case against me is gone.
Look at me when I'm talking to you.
I said I think the UnSub is female.
Do you agree?
H-H-How did you get there?
Well, a physically imposing UnSub
wouldn't have to attack from behind.
And then there's the tattoo needle.
38% of women in this country
have a tattoo, compared to 27% of men.
You add in a Good Samaritan ruse
that entices these men to pull over,
I mean, that gets me to female.
Yeah. Y-Yeah, that tracks.
Okay. So we need to warn the
locals to be on the lookout
for a woman who's trying to flag
down their deputies for help.
- Right.
- And we need to tell Prentiss,
because if he's a she, she's
definitely not Gold Star.
Good idea.

Emily, are you alright?
No, Brian, I am not alright.
I spent the night in
a cell because of you.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I had no choice.
They said they'd hurt
Sheila if I didn't blame you.
Who is "they"?
I'm getting to the bottom of that.
There's nothing like a
little internal bruising
to focus the mind.
But what I do know is that it involves
a program called "Gold Star."
What did you just say?
A program called "Gold Star."
I don't have all the details yet,
but I'm close, very close.
Since they jumped me in, they trust me.
No, no, no.
They don't trust you.
Whoever they are, they're using you,
and they're dangerous.
Uh, I will find a place for us to meet,
and you can tell me everything, okay?
I will, as soon as I finish my recon.
Garrity out.
- N
I can't believe how big you've gotten.
You have a growth spurt or something?
- Dad?
- Yeah?
When are you coming home?
It's complicated.
Is it because you shot at us?
No, no, no, I wasn't
shooting at you, baby.
I was trying to protect you all.
Then Then when are you coming home?
He's not.
You're not, are you?

Your mom and I both agree
that it would be best for now
if you all went into witness protection.
It'll keep you safe.
It'll be a fresh start,
new school, new friends.
And new names, right?
That's what Mom said.
Yeah, that's right.
Why do we need new names?
Because I shot at federal agents.
In self-defense.
Why would we need new
names for that, Dad?
Honey, I think what he's trying to say
is that we shouldn't be
punished for his actions.
Is that what he's saying?
Because I don't think it is.
Whatever you have to say
you can say it.
I don't have to. I wrote it down.
I want you to read it.
Out loud.

Read it.
You owe me that.
"Dad, I know the truth.
I know you are a serial
killer murderer "
- That's not the truth.
- Liar!
- Holly! Holly! Holly!
- Why would you do this?
- Hey!
- Hey, it's gonna be okay.
- Alright, let her go.
Holly, I love you. Holly.
- No.
- MAN: Sit the fuck down.
- WOMAN: Let's go.
- MAN: Get them out. Come on, move, move.

JENNIFER: Do you think you could tell me
why you wanted to hurt your dad?
I didn't want to hurt him.
You didn't?
I wanted to kill him.

Hell of a thing
when you see your worst traits
reflected in your children.
Some parents, they,
uh, pass on their anger.
Some pass on their cancer.
But you
you passed on you.
Holly's already self-harming.
Sneaking weapons past guards.
That takes skill and planning.
Did you see the way she came at you?
Shit, man, I-I've seen that before.
How does that make you feel?
You have to help her.
Holly, talk me through this.
Why did you want to kill him?
You must have known that
there would be consequences.
Yeah, I did.
But you know what it's like now?
Last week, my mom fell
asleep at a stop light.
She's that tired all the time.
You know why?
Because she stays
awake all night crying.
She doesn't think I can hear her.
So, you think if you killed your dad,
your mom would stop crying?
It would free her from him.
From who we know he is now.
Holly, you called him a serial killer.
What made you say that?
I know my dad's a killer
because I heard one of the
detectives talking to my mom.
Dad had this storage
locker in our garage.
He kept stuff in it, ropes
I listen to podcasts, so I know
those things are like trophies.
Serial killers keep them
to relive what they've done,
remember who they've hurt.
But none of that made sense,
because sometimes on Sunday mornings,
I'd wake up before Mom and Harlow.
Dad would, too.
He would make a special
pancake breakfast
just for the two of us.
And when he would do that
I felt
I felt loved.
So when I said I wanted to kill him,
it wasn't that dad.
It was the other one.

VOIT: You know what the
research says about my daughter.
She won't be clinically
labeled till she's 18,
but the patterns of her
adolescence are in place.
She's primed based on
what she's gone through.
The stress of it all can
turn her from from
From what? Lee Duval to Elias Voit?
Stop! Stop!
Stop trying to fucking
bait me into a confession
and fucking listen to me!
Holly is in trouble.
You have to intervene.
You have to do it now.
And not not with therapy.
Therapists, they don't
they don't understand this.
But you do. You do,
because you study it.
If she goes into WITSEC, she
will not get the help she needs.
There's still time to turn this around.
So just please do not wait.
You will lose her.
No, we won't.
We will hunt her down,
just like we hunted you down.
What do you want me to say, Luke?
You want me to lie, say I'm Sicarious?
You want to put the
needle in my arm yourself?
Just save my daughter.
I'll let you.
But don't punish her because of me.

Harlow, I'm sorry that
you had to see that.
But Dad was a bad person.
How worried do I need to be?
Honestly, there's really
no way to know for sure.
But there is a field of
study in our line of work.
It's called epigenetics.
It's the examination
of how your environment
can shape your genes.
So I can still shape hers.
You're doing the right thing.
That's our ride. Um
Thank you.
You can call us anytime.

How are they doing?
SYDNEY: Hey, girls. I
know today was really hard.
I think they're gonna be okay.
How about you?
Ugh. Garrity called.
I've gone from wanting to arrest him
to being worried he's
gonna get himself killed.
Oh, boy.
He said I should let this go
and that all he knows is it's
about a Gold Star Program.
- Program?
- Yeah.
Well, do you think he's onto something?
Honestly, I don't know anymore.
Hey, what did you want to talk about?
Nothing. It's not important.
- Okay.
- Mm-hmm.
Come on. This cannot be a coincidence.
Look at that.
Before our victims got to Jackpot,
they were both deputies
in Salt Lake County.
Nights and weekends,
they did private security.
At Stuart House, where
we found Aiden Keller.
The very same.
Emily thought the Keller
case was related to Gold Star
because of the enucleations,
but I talked her out of it.
No, no, you didn't. He did.
Keller's MO and ritual didn't
match Gold Star's at all.
Whoever killed that strike
team, they were meticulous.
They were trained.
But Keller was acting
out of pure emotion.
And now we've got this female
UnSub doing her own version,
but the one thing they
all have in common?
- Just like Voit told Rebecca.
- Right.
Salt Lake City isn't far.
We need to revisit Stuart House.
She was celebrating a brand-new life ♪
Just getting over
being somebody's wife ♪
Sayin', don't leave
me here when you go ♪
Honey, that'd be a crime
I said, believe me
when I tell you, baby ♪
You don't wanna cross that line ♪
'Cause I don't know
what I'm looking for ♪
Or tryin' to forget ♪
That's enough of that.
Drop it.
Stand up now. Real slow.
Turn around.
I heard about those two
boys you took out in Jackpot.
You did?
Figured it was only a matter of time
till you came looking for me.
Of course, you knew I would
never pull over for you.
What can I say?
I always was my daddy's girl.
So you better not miss.
Oh, I won't.
Now, get in.
And done.
- Did you get it?
- I did.
You may depart.
Can you give me like 30 seconds?
Because you clearly don't
want to work alone with me,
but I'm here for the foreseeable future
and I'd rather not say this
in front of the entire team.
There's all these men,
right, who got canceled.
Wow. You're going there with this?
Bear with me.
If you're a man, you always
think in the back of your mind,
"That's not me. I would never do that."
Then one day, you see it on the
face of someone you care about,
this look in her eyes that you
didn't think you were capable of.
And you go, "Shit.
Maybe it is me."
So when I say I'm sorry,
that's what I'm sorry about.
Huh. The patriarchy.
Well, yeah.
Kind of.
Sounds like you're sorry
about what happened last night.
And, um, you're neglecting to mention
the boatloads of my trust
you smashed weeks ago.
And honestly, Tyler, I don't
need an apology for any of it.
I want amends.
What does that mean?
An apology is, "I'm sorry,"
and amends is
"This is what I'll do different."
So what's your amends?
I'll stop taking advantage
of our really intense,
incredible connection.
I'll help you forget that
part of us ever existed.
I'll leave you alone.
'Cause the truth is
I don't deserve you.



This jet is getting a
lot of action lately.
Hey, what's your gut feel on
this whole Stuart House thing?
Is it related to Gold Star
or just a wild-goose chase?

So, Salt Lake PD is
reporting a kidnapping.
Witnesses saw an older man
force a young woman
into a car at gunpoint.
How do we know this is related?
Car belongs to a Rick Waters,
retired county sheriff.
He's got a daughter, Jade, 27 years old.
She spent time in juvenile custody.
One guess where.
Stuart House.
Starting to feel like
that was the foundation
of some shared trauma.
Question is, how many are there?
Well, we got a BOLO out on Waters' car.
We should have a lead when we land.
They found Rick Waters' car.
And Rick Waters.
Where's the daughter?

Drove all night so you could
kill me where you killed Mom?
Like I should have a long time ago.
Start walking.

Get up.


I'll see you in hell, Daddy.


So, good old Rick Waters didn't
exactly retire with honors.
He had dozens of excessive force
complaints filed against him,
and then when his wife disappeared
under suspicious circumstances,
they encouraged him to
take an early retirement.
Let me guess He had
an estranged relationship
with Jade.
She tried to report him
for her mother's murder.
He responded by having her
committed to Stuart House.
Unfortunately, all those
records are long gone.
So we're never gonna
know who was sent there
or who worked there.
And that means we still need Voit.
Let's go.

- Make it happen.

Yes! Oh!
All hail the Black
Queen! Mwah! Still got it.
Now, open up for Mama and
give me payroll records.
Give me payroll records.
Oh, my

What'd I tell you?
Never let your guard down.

Bad girl.
You get it out of your system?
That depends, Damien.
Did you get the scalp I asked for?
Belonging to one Isaac Sanchez.
Whose job it was to hunt
down and kill Jade Waters.
Now that you got a complete set,
I think it's time for us to go.
Follow me. I know a place
where you can ditch the car.

Sebastian Gasper's phone
files didn't just have payroll.
They had assignments.
It turns out that each of
these members of the strike team
had a specific target, two
of which you've already ID'd,
Aiden Keller and Jade Waters.
So, this Gold Star isn't just
one person, like we thought.
No, it's a program.
I-It's a program, and
these are its participants.
Five members, five points of the star.
Chances are they're trauma-bonded,
and it all goes back to Stuart House.
Does any of this help us figure out
who started the Gold Star Program
or who funded the escrow account?
That's all negatory.
Gasper told me this isn't some
rogue government operation.
I don't think he was
trying to bullshit me.
This looks like the work
of a private contractor.
So, Aiden Keller is dead,
and Jade Waters is on the run somewhere.
That leaves us with these three.
How do we find a ghost?
We deduce.
My big question was,
why did Don Bertoli get
punished more than the others?
Well, now we know.
Bertoli was sent to kill Damien.
So Damien made him suffer.
That means Damien is the one
we've been profiling as
Gold Star this whole time,
and he took out this entire strike team.
Actually, Bertoli and
Sanchez got it the worst.
He cut out his tongue
and took his badge.
What if Damien gave his
badge to the other person
who's been collecting them like scalps?
So you think this Damien
might be teaming up with Jade?
What I'm saying is, they
could all be reuniting.
And this is the
beginning of a new spree.
Perfect storm.
We cannot let that happen.
If we are right, Damien is the leader.
He's the protector.
He eliminated the strike team
so his friends wouldn't be killed.
So, what if we were
to reach out to Damien
and lure him into a trap?
We get one, we get them all.
That's a beautiful pitch, boss,
but we can't exactly reach
out to this Damien guy.
No, we can't.
But we know who can.
PRENTISS: You implied
you talked to Gold Star
on the Sicarius network.
You talked to one of them Damien.
Can you contact him?
What do I get if I do?
The FBI has a counseling
program called Safe Guard
for agents that have been traumatized
by working certain types of cases,
undercover work, cases involving kids.
I've arranged for Holly to
get one-on-one treatment.
But only if I cooperate.
You should be doing that anyway.
I can contact Damien,
but it's on a complicated
rotating protocol,
- which means
- Oh, can I guess?
- You need to be let out of this cell.
- Mm-hmm.
Transferred to the
sixth floor at Quantico
so you can be treated
like you're one of us.
Like you have value. Like a profiler.
Wow. Am I that easy to predict?
You are.
You already called, didn't you?
- MAN: 438.

Take this prisoner to the FBI.

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