Criminal Minds s17e05 Episode Script

Conspiracy vs. Theory

Previously on "Criminal
Minds: Evolution"
This is where you and I end.
Don't leave me down here.
WILSON: It's over.
Can we talk about this at home?
I'm not going home.
Who did this to you?
She did.
ROSSI: Garrity dropped all charges.
- Where is he?
- Nobody knows.
Emily, I'm sorry. I had no choice.
They said they'd hurt
Sheila if I didn't blame you.
Who is they?
It involves a program called Gold Star.
Whose phone did you clone?
Sebastian Gasper,
a financier of a strike team
contracted to kill Gold Star.
Sebastian Gasper's phone
files had assignments.
Each of these members of the strike team
had a specific target.
LUKE: Gold Star isn't just one person.
It's a program, and these
are its participants.
VOIT: Five members,
five points of the star.
And it all goes back to Stuart House.
ROSSI: Damien is the one
we've been profiling as
Gold Star this whole time.
What if we lure him into a trap?
We get one, we get them all.
Can't exactly reach
out to this Damien guy.
But we know who can.
You talked to Gold Star
on the Sicarius Network.
Can you contact him?
- I can contact Damien.
- Guards.
Take this prisoner to the FBI.


WILSON: This acknowledges
transfer of criminal informant
Elias Boyd from U.S. Marshal Service
to Department of Justice custody.
Any misdemeanor or felony
criminal activity committed
while in said DOJ custody will render
the previous immunity
agreement null and void.
Any questions?
Sign here.


Six little agents up all night,
one's not here because of his fright.
One, two, three,
four, five.
- Look, we have important
- Dave? Hey, Dave?
- Voit
- No, no, no, Dave.
- Come on.
- We're not playing this game.
Aw, Dave. Come on. Are you here?
Hello? It's been too long.
I just want to say hi.
Are you there, Dave?
It's me, Elias.
It's been a long time
since my last confession.
I'd really like to talk to you.

What took you so long?
You weren't easy to find.
Well, you found me.
We're in trouble, aren't we?
I missed you too.
If you're here, we're in trouble.
Count me in. [SIGHS]

The men who were hunting us
I killed them.

But Peter and Dane are missing.
What about Aiden?
He's dead.

How did he ?
He tried to stop it
from happening again.
The FBI got to him before I could.
They assassinated him.
Of course they did,
because that's what they do.

If he's dead, we're next.
maybe you haven't noticed,
but a lot of people are
waking up to the truth
about what happens to kids like us.
I have friends. You can trust them.
When have we ever been able
to trust anyone, Damien?
Do you trust me?


I was just about to come out.
No need. We're good. It's good.
We're on it.
Wait, stop. Just Just stop.
- Dave
- You don't tell me I'm benched.
I am not telling you that.
I'm saying it's under control.
And with Voit, we need
to control every variable.
And you can't control me?
You've been talking to yourself.
I've talked to myself for years.
That's how I profile.
But you always stop
when the case is over.
And this time
Has anyone else ?
Get out.
Look, I don't mean it like that.
I I need a moment.

What's going on?
Voit won't contact Damien.
[SIGHS] Won't or can't?
Oh, I can, but your plan's idiotic.
I reach out to Damien.
He reaches back and I, what,
show off my improv skills?
He's not really the kind of
guy you can just yes "and."
When he makes contact,
how long do you need
to track his location?
It depends upon the protocol,
but a couple of minutes, tops.
Aw, come on, Elias. You
can't bluff for a minute?
You've been bluffing you're
not Sicarius for a month.
Okay, so first, you send the message,
and then we'll tell you what to say.
Okay, uh,
but I'm gonna need a T-1 connection.
Mm, you'll have to walk
one of us through it.
We're not letting you touch a computer.
I'll do it.
It's not the first time I've crossed
ethical and legal
boundaries for this case.
I didn't hear that.
[SIGHS] Alright, I'll come with.
Just make sure you behave.
- Let's go.
- Great.
Hey, do you think we
could take these off?
They're starting to chafe.
- No.
- No.
- I was only asking Prentiss.
- Everybody's a comedian.

VPN is up. Now what?
Well, it's two-step authentication,
so you send him a
message on the open web,
and then he sends you
a link to the darknet.
What's the open web domain?
The online bulletin board
where people post their
not-so-secretly racist opinions?
Yeah, that is the one.
It's such a cesspool now,
law enforcement can't monitor it.
It's perfect for guys
like Damien and me.
- I'm in. What's the message?
"Searching for the modern Prometheus.
Please respond."
He'll know what that means.
Could get used to a room like this.
It's comfy, no windows.
Could definitely do
without this, though
Hey, hands off, asshole.
Put it down.
Oh, that's okay. I was
going to burn that mug.
What's up with you two?
Because there is a vibe.
I cannot. Nope, nope.
I can't stay in here.
I'm going to Yes.
I set up a hardline in the bullpen.
You smell.
There's not a lot of
showers in solitary.
That's not what I mean.
It's It's like you pooped yourself.
Yeah. She's not lying, man.
I mean, you you reek.
Not showering, I get,
but not wiping? Ew.

PRENTISS: Let's brainstorm
what Elias will say to Damien.
What do we know?
Well, we know Gold Star is a
unit of five, and one is dead.
LEWIS: We've ID'd Jade Waters.
Her signature is tattoo needles.
She abandoned her car in Utah.
Our best guess is that
she had help escaping.
And based on her profile,
she would only trust another
Gold Star, probably Damien.
He's the most trained.
I'd say it's a good bet
that they've teamed up.
Most conspiracy theorists
see the FBI as the enemy.
I'm assuming that Jade and
Damien are no exception.
You are assuming correct.
Then that is your play.
You tell Damien that
the FBI has been onto him
since the strike team.
You have information
about their investigation,
but you're only willing to
give it to him in person.
Is that enough to improv for 90 seconds?
I will talk slowly.
Modern Prometheus?
It's the subtitle to Mary
Shelley's "Frankenstein."
Why is it important, though?
I suggested Damian read it,
to better understand himself.
To understand he's a monster?
He's not a monster.
In the movies, sure.
But in the book, he's hyper-intelligent.
The doctor that created
him is the monster.
So who created him?
I don't know.
Neither does Damian.
That's not true, though.
We do know who created him, don't we?
LEWIS: Whoever was behind Stuart House.
They used a conspiracy
theory to create a killer.
Dr. Lewis, what is the
difference between a conspiracy
and a conspiracy theory?
Conspiracies are provable.
Conspiracy theories aren't.
So for example, child
sex trafficking happens.
That is a conspiracy.
But it does not happen in
a pizza parlor basement.
That is a conspiracy theory.
Now apply your logic to Damien.
How could a conspiracy
theory create Damien?
He was groomed, uh, put
in Stuart House, abused,
and then
He was selected by a
private military company,
who sent him on missions
that mirrored his trauma.
That's what, like, a 10-year
psychological project?
I mean, at least.
Coordinated, organized.
It would make the Stanford
prison experiment look quaint.
And again, I ask,
what is the difference
between a conspiracy
and a conspiracy theory?
Because nowadays, it's
awfully hard to tell.
It's been two hours. He's not calling.
Transfer him back.
Wait. Someone responded.
PRENTISS: With what?
Uh, they sent a link to
an encrypted peer-to-peer
messaging site.
I'm running diagnostics.
It's called Code Carriers.
This is legit. It's not a trap.
Can you back-hack it?
As soon as he logs in,
I'll have him in a minute.
There he is.
You don't want to keep him waiting.
I'm starting my router trace.
The longer you delay, the
sooner he'll sniff you out.
Just ignore him.
Do what you need to do, Penelope.
You're going to lose him, Penelope.
I'll risk it.
Oh, Jesus Christ.

DAMIAN: I'm here.
DAMIEN: Prove to me it's you.

Beware, for I am fearless,
and therefore powerful.
Mary Shelley.
It's been a while.
What brings you out of the woodwork?
Well, you made quite a mess.
Seven bodies in less than two weeks?
Why is that your problem?
It's a little loud. Law
enforcement has noticed.
That's not good for me.
I thought you said you
were good with OpSec.
I am good with OpSec.
"Paranoid," I believe,
was the word you used.
It still is.
But when a brainless cop
brought his eyeless wife
into a police station,
I decided it was my job to find
out everything the FBI knows.
And my friend, they know a lot.
How much?
I can't say here.
We're gonna have to meet face to face.

You told me there's only
one real OpSec measure.
That's anonymity.
But now you want to meet face to face?
I'm just a friend trying
to help out a friend,
as I always have.
Giving me the strike team
when we talked on your
network was one thing.
This? There's something else.
Well, are we going to do this or not?

[GASPS] He disconnected.
You gave him the strike team
and neglected to tell us that?
You neglected to ask me that.
Okay. Take him back.
- Wait.
We got a meeting time and a location.
Davenport, Iowa.
So I guess we are doing this.
Should I pack a toothbrush?
- Oh, that sounds like a yes.
- No.
This has nothing to do with you.
Oh, my God.

Politico got their
hands on your arrest record.
The charges were dropped.
Yeah, it doesn't matter.
They've got the mugshot, the report.
It's bad.
How much time before you bench me?
As soon as the director finds out.
In 24 hours, maybe?
Can you give us a moment?
Voit's gonna use this to his advantage.
I know he is. Let's profile him.
Think through his moves. starting here.
Voit wants to be let out into the field.
The answer will be no.
Even the director
wouldn't be that reckless.
Getting Voit to Quantico is one thing.
Arranging transport to
Davenport is a hard no.
But Voit has the means
to turn a no into a yes.
Starting with what?
This meeting place.
What do we know about it?
It's a public park in Iowa.
There's a lot of open space.
Good. Plenty of sightlines.
We'll see Damien coming.
Great. And Damien will see you too.
Then we will think
through all the options
that keep Voit in that cell.
But he will have already
thought his way around them.
What if we pose an agent as Voit?
Mnh-mnh. Damien knows my voice.
The minute the plant opens
his mouth, he'll be gone.
- It needs to be me.
- He's got us boxed in.
That's where he's most
comfortable, in a box.
He took out extra
insurance on that call.
You son of a bitch.
- Who, me?
- Yeah, you.
You gave a secret message to
Damien right in front of us.
That little tap-tap-tapping
he was doing on the desk
as they were talking was Morse code.
You didn't stop him?
Well, I wanted to see where
he was going to go with it,
but now we use that to
put him on his back foot.
- I can explain this.
- What did he say?
"Final target, code name is North Star."
What the fuck is North Star?
- It's nothing.
- LEWIS: Nothing?
Nothing just magically
made Damien change his mind?
How do you convince
a conspiracy theorist
to do whatever you want?
You take them further
down the rabbit hole.
You promise them more of the conspiracy.
North Star is nothing.
But it worked, so you're welcome.
So now we're back to where we started.
2:00 p.m. tomorrow,
Damien will appear, and
he'll only accept Voit.
With one small change.
I won't be in the field. You will.
- Me?
- Yes, you.
I thought you needed
to control all the variables.
Well, the variables have changed,
so we need to change with them.
This is the closest
Voit gets to freedom.
If he senses an opening, he'll take it.
And we won't let him.
Unless we do.
I mean, if he were to run
We can apply 7 pounds of
pressure to a 6 pound trigger.
This plan is a non-starter.
Voit's too great a flight risk.
The DOJ is never going to
let him out of his cell.
Oh, yes they will. He's
going on the goddamn jet.
Tell the director this is the
only way to stop Gold Star.
He'll do it.
There you are.

What do you need?
Can you do that?
Without fingerprints?
[Zion on the wire]
- Step out.
- This ain't no revival ♪
Not praying for salvation ♪
- But praying for survival ♪
- Alright. Let's go.
Who's gonna save you now? ♪
How'd you get Damien the strike team?
Well, he wanted to
know who's hunting him.
I figured online drug deals
are made by putting Bitcoin
into escrow accounts.
Maybe assassinations
worked the same way.
Same deductive work as
the BAU, just faster.
So you know
the director already
has the NSA searching for
anything or anyone called North Star.
Waste of time, but go ahead.
Holy shit.
I read about that in
Dave's books. That's real?

AGENT: Feet together.
He's secure.

How do you put it in your book, Dave?
"Wheels up."

Come in.
It's done.
Reached out to a couple guys.
They used this known GPS to
triangulate burner signals.
Once they had a positive ID,
they let the locals know
they had a person of interest
in a federal case in their jurisdiction.
- Anonymously?
- Yes.
Beyond that? Don't ask.
I want you in here as an observer.

How you doing, Brian?

Hey, guys?
What do you think the carbon
footprint is on this thing?
Jeez, and you think I'm a killer.
Ooh, ooh, you want to
hear something crazy?
Remember that guy I had
to shoot in self-defense?
Uh, Ty Tyler Green?
Well, my lawyer told me that
a local cop gave a statement,
and in that statement,
that local cops stated
that he saw one Penelope Garcia
whispering in the ear of one Tyler Green
in what seemed to be a romantic way.
That's crazy, right?
Maybe not that crazy.
That's enough.
Why is that enough, Luke?
Because prisoner transport
protocols mandate we don't engage.
So do us all a favor
and shut the fuck up.
Anyway, I just want to make
sure I have this straight.
Um, Tynelope is a thing,
and that drives Luke crazy?
What What is this? Are
we doing a staring contest?
Who caught you, Elias? Huh?
You got something to say? Say it to me.
Okay, I do have something to say.
Actually, I have something to confess.
Hold up. Penelope, start recording.
- Recording.
Please continue.
I've had a lot of time
over the last few months
to think about this moment
this moment when you and I would
finally see each other again.
I haven't thought about you at all.
All that time in my
cells made me realize
when I locked you in
that shipping container,
you must have been so scared.
So my confession is I'm sorry.
I'm so, so sorry.
Do you accept my apology, Dave?
I'll let you know on the way home.

- Stop recording.
- [BEEP]

Let's try this again.
Garrity, Brian J. I
demand to see a lawyer.
You're not under arrest.
You're here on a 24-hour
hold as a person of interest
while I decide if I'm
going to arrest you or not.
Garrity, Brian J. Lawyer.
Do you want to know how I found you?
We have a consultant who
is good at locating anyone
who thinks they can stay off the grid.
Brian, I'm trying to help you.
[SIGHS] Emily, that was not a yes.
I thought you were one of the good guys.
I am one of the good guys.
Good guys don't violate
the Fifth Amendment.
Do you even know what
you're up against here?
And they warned me you would
try something like this.
Okay, let's think through
their actions so far.
They beat the shit out of you.
Then they leaked my arrest record.
Do you know why?
Because they want me off the board.
And once I'm off the board,
what do you think they're
going to do to you?
There is a term in
Russian for you, Brian.
Polezneyy idiot. "Useful idiot."
Who are they?
And what did they tell
you about Gold Star?
Gold what?
Gold Star. What did they tell you?
I don't know what that is.
You most certainly do.
I do not.
You mentioned it in our last phone call.
You know, because someone
fed it to you to destroy me.
Are you listening to yourself right now?
Do you know what you sound like?
Because you sound like a
crazy conspiracy theorist.
Garrity, Brian J. Lawyer, now.

Right there, that's your meeting spot.
When Damien makes contact
with you, SWAT will move in.
Um, Alvez and Lewis,
you gotta broom them.
- Forget it.
- They scream federal agents.
The moment Damien sees
them, he's going to bolt.
And you need to pull back
surveillance a quarter mile
in every direction.
Not happening.
We're going to keep all eyes on you.
But when this thing goes tits up,
I want it on the record that
I upheld my end of the deal.
Put him in position.
Department of justice is now
sharing custody of the convict
with Iowa State Police.
He'll walk to the drop-off point,
which is the park bench, unaccompanied.
Plainclothes officers will
have eyes on him at all times.
Oh, and Voit, HRT snipers
will have a line of sight
on you from three different directions.
Don't get smart.
Okay. I'll be on my bench.

RADIO: All snipers, eyes on.


ROSSI: Do you have
line of sight on Voit?
SNIPER: Yes, I do.
No matter what happens, stay with it.
- It's 2:00 p.m.
- Hold. Damien won't be late.
There's a vehicle incoming, northbound.
It's barreling right towards you!
- Target approaching!
- Open fire.

He's got Kevlar on the windows!
He's headed to Voit, fast.
HRT, aim for the tires.
Aim for the tires!
Don't move.
I won't.

Secure the vehicle.
Tara, Luke, secure Voit.
Hey. Ow.
You got him?
I got him.
FBI. Come out with
your hands up right now!

[SHAKILY] Please. Help me.

Explosive ordnance is on their way.
- They're 10 minutes out.
- Luke, say it again.
Bomb has a backup trigger
wired into the vest.
We can't cut it out.
Pull Voit and Tara back.
Is the backup wired
through the cell phone?
No, it's attached to the vest,
but it's on a separate signal.
Okay, Luke,
I need you to find me
the source of the backup.
If it's an RF or a half-duplex,
I might be able to disrupt it.
JJ, pull Tara and Voit back.
Damien put that cell phone
on the hostage for a reason.
I think it's to make contact.
My call is to keep Voit on site.
But I'm not the one on the line.
You are. What do you want to do?
We're not going to get
another bite at this.
We're staying.
What's your name, man?
Eddie. Eddie Dayton.
Alright, Eddie. How did you end up here?
I did some freelance
work for a guy and a girl.
LEWIS: You get their names?
He's Damien. I don't know her.
They didn't have enough cash,
so I pulled out of the sale,
and they got the drop on me.
And when I woke up, I had
this thing strapped to me,
and they were telling
me what I had to do.
Drive like hell through the
park is what you had to do?
He said there's be a guy on a bench.
Is that you?
- Jesus fucking Christ.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Won't that set it off?
It's Damien.
We're here.
JADE: Put him on or I detonate.


You must be Jade.
You brought some friends.
I wouldn't exactly call them friends.
You know what I do to friends like that?
I do. I do.
You and Damien and Aiden
take their eyes out.
But you got a little
thing for tattoo needles.
No ink on your victims.
Which means you draw
on yourself, don't you?
- Am I right?
- You are.
You got one picked out for me?
I do.
Well, if it's a yin-yang
or a crown of thorns,
I'm gonna kill myself.
Well, I was thinking a North Star,
since you lied about it.
That wasn't a lie.
Why should I believe the FBI's bitch?
Because I know something
that you don't know.
What's that?
I know why you draw on yourself.
What is he doing?
He's baiting her.
He's gonna get them all killed.
Come on, Luke, give me the backup.
I'm working on it.
You've been surrounded by
shitty men your whole life
your dad, everyone in
uniform at Stuart House.
You had it worse there than Damien did,
but that was okay,
'cause he was different.
Damien was your protector.
But where are you now, Jade?
You're on the phone with the FBI.
He's in the wind.
That's what those tattoos are for.
You know, deep down, you
are your own protector.
Hey, hey, hey. Watch it.

Garcia, I found the ground wire.
It's connected to a beeper.
It's that bad?
It's just weird.
No. It's functional.
Beepers don't work off a cell tower.
They only have a one-way signal.
I can track it, but by
then, it'll be too late.
LEWIS: But they're shorter range.
Can I borrow your phone?
I'm sorry in advance.
Why are you so quiet?
I'm thinking.
Oh, what are you thinking about?
About how fast you'll die
when this thing goes off.
Too fast. Ergo, you won't do it.
- Yes, I will.
- No, no, you won't.
Because when you're this angry,
it's because you need something from me.
You need my eyes.
WILSON: What are you doing?
If my figuring is correct, I
can use your phone as a jammer.
It'll disable all the signals
coming in and out of the park.
And disable the bomb.
Yeah, but it'll also cut the
phone call off with Jade, too.
Do it.
So I'll tell you what.
Let's make a deal.
I don't make deals.
Nah, you're gonna make this one.
Because like recognizes like.
You look me in the eyes,
I'll tell you how to find North Star,
and then you can kill me.
We both know that's not happening.
Neither is you setting off this bomb.
On the third try, it goes off.
Oh, come on.
- That's one.
No, you're not gonna do it.
EDDIE: Get it off. Get it off.
Hang on, okay?
Take Voit and go.
Garcia, where are we?
Oh, please, please, please.
Please, please, please,
please, please, please, please.
Almost Almost

GARCIA: You're clear.
She can't set off the vest
remotely, but it's still armed.
You need to detach the
detonator from the explosives.
- Black is the ground, yeah?
- LUKE: Yeah. That's right.
Tell me when you're ready.
- Where are Voit's hands?
- Out of view.
If I say send it, you send it.
His body language is tensing up.
He might be making a move.

- Got it?
- No, not yet, wait.
Yeah, go.
Okay. Okay.
- You good?
- Yeah.
You're not gonna die.

PRENTISS: If he were to run
We can apply 7 pounds of
pressure to a 6 pound trigger.

I'll let you know on the way home.

Hey. The fuck are you doing?
What's your deal?
You can never be too careful
when the FBI's your enemy.
Dave. I guess my profile was off.
I was certain she wouldn't
detonate that if I said
that her tattoos represent
Apology accepted.
Put this piece of
shit in the prison van.

AGENT: Hands apart.


AGENT: Show me ID, sir.
Staties got to sign this guy
out of custody, back to DOJ.
Release docs are in the front seat.
It'll just take a second.
Alright, go ahead.

I'm looking you in the eye.
How do we get North Star?

- Anything?
- Nothing.
Where are we?
The director wants me to call him.
I'm out of time.

You are free to go.
I've lost everything because of you.
I'm not asking you as an FBI agent.
I am asking you as a friend.
Help me. Please.
[QUIETLY] They gave me four words.
What do you mean, four words?
Four words that are a
"Get Out of Federal Custody Free" card.
What were they?
"Teresa is in trouble."
Who is Teresa?
I don't know.
That's just what they
told me to tell you.

Hi. It's me. Call me back.
You might be in trouble.



I don't want to be alone tonight.

Yes, sir. Understood.
I will let Agent Rossi know.
How bad is it?
Oh, that bad, huh?
Restricted duty until he sees fit.
The BAU is yours.
Ah, I don't want it.
We don't have a choice.
Hey, you're on the bricks. So what?
We both know what that
means. It's temporary.
You'll be back in the
saddle before you know it.
Dave, this is happening.
I need you to step up.
Emily, I'm I'm not
at my best right now.
[SCOFFS] Look around. None
of us are, me most of all.
What are you talking about?
I asked you to assassinate
Voit in the field.
I might as well have told
you he was molesting children.
It's not the same thing.
Besides, it didn't happen.
It doesn't matter.
Ever since I was arrested,
I have sold out every
value I've held dear.
And when you do that,
it gets harder and harder
to tell the difference
between a conspiracy
and a conspiracy theory.

Hey, hey. It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay.

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