Criminal Record (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Emergency Caller

No, I-I actually think she was
looking at you to be honest.
I think she was just
doing her job. [CHUCKLES]
- Shut up. Shush. [CHUCKLES]
- Funny.
[CHUCKLES] I'll just,
uh I'll roll with it.
- Go with the flow, babe. Yeah. You know?
Oh. Oh, yeah. Uh,
Michael, he said that, uh,
you can take off as long
as we need on Saturday.
No, I won't be that late.
- Well, we'll see. [SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY]
So, maestro
Daniel. His name's Daniel.
Oh. Oh, yeah. How long you been
chauffeuring for then, Daniel?
Couple of years.
And are you full-time?
No, no, no. They just
wheel me out for, you know,
bespoke clients like yourselves.
- [PASSENGER 1] Mmm.
- [PASSENGER 2] Mmm. We're honored.
Yeah, and I'm your personal
protection for the evening as well.
- Ah.
- Well, our very own walking Trojan.
- Yeah, I've heard all the jokes, sir.
- Police detective.
- Oh, God. Are we under arrest?
- [SCOFFS] Not tonight.
- [PASSENGER 1] Well, that's a relief.
[PASSENGER 2] Retired?
Oh, still at it.
Well, what are you doing slumming
with the likes of us then?
[DANIEL] Oh, you know,
gets me out of the office.
Oh, right. They They've got you
got you behind a desk, have they?
- [PASSENGER 1] Still.
I bet he's got some good
stories, haven't you?
I'm just saying it's interesting.
Well, Kelly, it's like,
you know what they say.
[SNIFFS] It's a young man's game.
- [PASSENGER 2] Hmm.
- Yeah.
[DANIEL] Doesn't matter how fit you are.
- Criminals are always 18.
- [GROANS] Tell me about it.
[CHUCKLES] Still, I bet you've
come across some dead bodies.
- Jesus, Kel. [CHUCKLES]
Goes with the trade, I'm afraid.
- Really?
Well, come on then.
Don't keep us hanging.
- See here, just off the high street?
- [PASSENGER 2] Yeah.
- The next turning. Marcia Villas.
- Uh-huh.
Going back a few years now. 2004, 2005.
Christmas Eve.
Fella's in on his own,
watching the telly.
Wee lights twinkling on the
Christmas tree, all that.
Anyway, thieves break in, rob the flat.
- About 80 quid on him.
- Hmm.
They gag him,
tie him up to his chair so
he won't come after them.
Well, they must have
thought someone's bound
to look in on him, aren't they?
I mean, it's Christmas, after all.
- Oh, no.
- Oh. Nobody came.
New Year rolls in.
In the end, the neighbors,
you know. [SNIFFS]
- They smelled him?
- Oh, no.
There he was, still tied to his chair.
[EXHALES HEAVILY] Poor bastard.
Did you get 'em, at least?
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, we got them.
[KELLY] Over Christmas as well.
I suppose you gotta
look on the bright side.
At least he had the telly on.
- Joke. I'm joking.
Well, come on then. Must have
some more ghoulish tales for us.
I got a million.
[DISPATCHER] Hello. Emergency services.
Can I have your name, please?
gonna need a name first.
No names.
I need police. [CRIES]
Please. I need police. [CRIES]
[CALLER] They're back again. They've
been parked there since I woke.
- Look. Mum.
- [PARENT] I don't know what they're doing.
- Mum.
- Or what they want.
Are there Are there any markings
on the van that you can see?
Not that I No.
I've got the number plate written down.
No, Mum. I can't keep doing
this. You'll get me into trouble.
Maybe you should stop looking
outside of the window for a while.
You know, you're working yourself
up for literally no reason.
[PARENT] You don't know that.
I'm stuck here completely on my own.
I've got no one with me.
A bit of sympathy for
your old mum would be nice.
Do you want the number plate or not?
Yeah. All right. All right. Fire away.
- Have you got a pen?
- No, it's all right. I'll remember.
You're so clever.
Yeah. All right.
[PARENT] It's A-E-6
[JUNE] God's sake.
June. Cup of tea for you.
Thank you, sir. What's the catch?
There was an emergency call on last
night's Command and Control log,
got flagged by the reviewer.
Domestic violence.
Needs a woman's touch.
Oh, thank you for the tea.
[DISPATCHER] Hi. I have a caller
from a phone box off Hayes Lane
refusing to give her name.
- [CALL HANDLER] Time-waster?
- [DISPATCHER] Possibly.
I can't get any details from her.
She's insistent she wants the police.
[CALL HANDLER] Okay. Got it.
- [DISPATCHER] Putting you through now.
Hello. My name is Jasmine.
- How can I help?
- [CALLER] Police?
I am a police call handler.
My name is Jasmine.
- How can I help?
- Okay. Can you talk?
He says
[JASMINE] Who says?
- [CALLER] My boyfriend.
- Your boyfriend?
I'm gonna need his name if
[CALLER] Why do you people keep
saying, "Give me name, give me name"?
[WHISPERS] Please.
Is he there?
No, but he's looking for me.
[JASMINE] Are you safe?
Caller, did your boyfriend hurt you?
[CRYING] He says he's going to kill me.
- [JASMINE] Okay. Just hold on one moment.
Andy, I've got a caller
at a call box in Hackney.
Boyfriend's been violent
tonight. He's threatening murder.
- [ANDY] Got it.
- I'm sending you the address.
[ANDY] Okay. Dispatching a
unit. Just keep her on the line.
- Hello, caller.
- [CALLER] Hello.
- [JASMINE] Stay where you are, all right?
- [CALLER] Yes.
[JASMINE] Do you have a
mobile number I can call?
threatened me. He hurt me.
- [JASMINE] How did he
- [CALLER] With a knife.
All right. Stay with me, caller.
[CALLER] Wait, I have to tell you
He He had a girlfriend
a long time ago.
- Same like me.
- Okay, and
[CALLER] That dumb bitch.
Never listen.
Never keep him, you know, happy.
He stabbed her many, many times
with the same knife he put in me.
And now she's dead. [BREATHES SHAKILY]
[JASMINE] What was
her name? Do you know?
[CALLER] And then he's
bragging about it, you know?
Like, uh, "If you don't treat me nice,
I'll get you the same way I got her."
[JASMINE] Andy, where's the unit?
- [ANDY] Haven't they arrived?
- No.
[ANDY] Okay, I'll find
out and get back to you.
Hello. Hello. Caller?
I need to tell you.
There's a man in prison doing
24 years for killing her.
Please, if you could just
give me your boyfriend's name.
[CALLER] No. No, no, no. And And
he keeps saying this guy in, um,
- He says he's such a loser and that
- [JASMINE] Caller?
Hello? Caller, stay on the line.
Caller, hello?
Hello. Stay Stay on the line. Caller.
Caller, stay on the line.
Hi, this is DS June Lenker.
I'm trying to trace a
woman, possibly Hispanic,
- aged between 25 and 40.
- We're not sure, but we think
- Yeah, patterned hoodie and jeans.
- Hang on. One sec.
- Yeah, that's right.
We think she may have attended an
A&E last night, 10:00 p.m. onwards.
That's right.
Domestic violence.
Hi, Jasmine? My name's June Lenker.
This is just a follow-up
from your anonymous caller
up in Hayes Lane last night.
[JASMINE] Did you find her yet?
Well, we put out an area trace. There's
nothing yet, but it's early days.
Look, I listened to the
audio from your phone call.
But you spoke to her. You
were there. So I have to ask
Was it a hoax? Nah, no way.
So a definite threat to life?
- Yep.
- Scale of one to five?
- Okay.
- She said, "falou."
[JUNE] Falou?
It's Portuguese. Like, "okay".
So you think Portuguese?
Or Brazilian.
All right, I'll update the file.
I think you were incredible,
the way you dealt with her.
Really? I don't know. I thought
maybe I pushed her too hard.
No, not at all. I-I think she
just got spooked to be honest.
And what about the wrongful
conviction, the woman he killed?
[GASPS] Oh, well. [SIGHS]
First instance, let's find
her, get her out of danger.
You didn't believe her?
No, it's just I
I'd say I have
reservations at this point.
I mean, he may well have just
been trying to frighten her.
He managed that.
Yeah, he did.
But, you know, if you
feel scared or helpless,
sometimes people make
all sorts of claims.
It sounds like I'm
doubting her word. I'm not.
It's just I worked in the
DV unit for a long time,
and sometimes it's easier to call out
the violence against somebody else
than recognize the harm
being directed at yourself.
Eighteen years I've been
doing this. I believed her.
[JASMINE] Hello. Hello. Caller?
I need to tell you.
[CALLER] There's a man in prison
doing 24 years for killing her.
Sir, that call from the C and C log
I'm not sure if it came
up in the T and C meet?
- No.
- But the caller,
she made a tip-off regarding
a possible wrongful conviction.
A murder.
A man was convicted back in 2012.
Except this caller, she says
her boyfriend, in fact, did it.
She claims.
Uh, have you got a name for the caller?
Well, we're still looking.
Nonstarter, sounds like.
It's just, I spoke to
the call handler myself.
- Okay.
- Well, she raised it with me as a concern.
You know they record their calls, right?
You're thinking if, God forbid,
something were to come out
one day, conviction overturned,
you don't wanna be the
one who sat on her hands.
That's smart.
It's very smart these days. [STAMMERS]
Okay, here here's
what we do. Due diligence.
Find out who the SIO
was, set up a meeting.
- "Thought you'd want to know."
- Face-to-face?
- Can't hurt.
- Oh, good. 'Cause I I looked up the SIO.
- [SIGHS] Course you did.
- Original officer was a DCI Hegarty.
- Dan Hegarty?
- Yes. Uh, victim was an Adelaide Burrowes.
Man convicted was her boyfriend at
the time of her death, Errol Mathis.
Do you know the case?
Aware of it. Sure.
So I'll I'll go seek him out.
You know, on second thoughts
[SIGHS] drop him a line, I would.
E-mail. Friendly, formal.
Allegation's been made.
Here's the link. Move on.
- Really?
- [CLICKS TONGUE] E-mail, I think.
It's better, don't you? That
way you've covered your
Right. Okay.
- Thanks.
- Sure.
- Oh, Chloe.
- Hmm?
Are those the, um, witness statements
that are meant to go to Hackney Downs?
- Yeah. Sorry, I
- Well, I'm going that way anyway.
Should I take 'em? Save
you sending a courier?
- DS Lenker? He's ready for you.
- Yeah.
- Sergeant. Daniel Hegarty.
- June Lenker.
Come on through.
Thanks for seeing me.
Oh, anything for my friends at
the People's Republic of Dalston.
- Department?
- CID.
CID. Where the action is.
"Information relevant to a case."
Good of you to come in person.
- Well, I was in the neighborhood.
- Oh, some neighborhood.
I also had to run some, uh, papers
over for a colleague of yours.
Oh. Let me guess.
Inter-branch task force.
The trouble on the Parkhill Estate?
- Am I warm?
- Warm enough.
Working with my colleague, DS Flaherty?
My team is, yeah. Yeah.
Good, that's good. Joined-up policing.
So, um [CLICKS
I'm investigating,
uh, what was initially
a DV case regarding a-a phone call,
emergency phone call, last
night in the Hayes Lane area.
Anonymous caller.
Portuguese speaker,
assaulted by her boyfriend.
Active threat to life.
- Have we got him?
- No, not yet.
How can I help? Have I come across him?
Well, we don't have a name
yet, but the reason I'm here
The caller, they made an allegation
regarding wrongful conviction.
It was an old case that
you'd worked on as SIO.
- Okay.
- A murder.
The victim was Adelaide Burrowes.
Burrowes? Two thousand and
Case went to trial 2012.
2012, yeah. [CHUCKLES]
- The man charged?
- Errol Mathis.
Errol. Poor man's O.J. [CHUCKLES]
Excuse me?
And your caller's come forward
as a witness, has she? Or
- No. No.
- No? So
Well, uh, this caller [SIGHS]
she says her boyfriend,
on a number of occasions,
has claimed responsibility
for the killing.
Oh, you got a statement
from her to that effect?
No, like I said, the
the the call was anonymous.
You know, I think that
this calls for a
cup of tea.
Yes, sir?
- [HEGARTY] Would you like a cup of tea?
- No, thanks.
- You sure? It's no bother.
- Yeah, yeah, absolutely.
No, it's fine.
- [HEGARTY] One tea please. Thank you.
- [VALERIE] Of course, sir.
Does your boss know you're here?
It's no It's not a
judgment. It's just You know.
And this caller referred
explicitly to the crime?
Well, she knew enough details
to leave no room for doubt.
Try me.
Well, she knew the prison he
was serving in, Whitecross.
She also knew the length
of the sentence, 24 years.
I thought he got life.
No, 24 years. That was the minimum
recommended sentence by the judge.
Good. Yeah, good.
She also knew the weapon.
A knife.
Right. Was never recovered, I think
Seven-inch kitchen
knife is easy to hide.
Well, this caller's boyfriend
says he still has it. The weapon.
Does he now?
How long have you been in CID?
About a year and a half.
[VALERIE] Sorry. There you are, sir.
[HEGARTY] Thank you.
Year and a half? [CHUCKLES]
Um [CLICKS TONGUE] okay. Right.
One, it was a very long time ago.
Two, I don't know if you're aware,
but the case when it went to trial,
it caused quite a lot of noise.
And that man, Mathis,
in the minds of certain
twisted individuals,
pen pals, offers of marriage, cash.
Anyway, what I'm saying is,
everything that you've just
said is already out there.
It's in the public domain.
So it sounds to me like either your
caller, quite justifiably, thinks,
"Jump on the bandwagon,
land this guy in hot water."
Yeah, yeah, I know
Or this so-and-so who's
knocking her about is,
you know, likes to big himself up.
A violent coward, you know, with
a sideline in fucking fantasy.
- It's hardly niche, is it?
- Yeah,
except this call that was
made, it was made on Hayes Lane.
That's like a ten-minute
walk from Manningham Flats.
- That's where Adelaide was murdered.
- Well, there you go.
It's local history. He's a local fan.
You are aware that he confessed
the whole nine yards, as they say.
- Confession that he later retracted.
- Retracted.
Yeah, they all do that once you get them
in a room with a defense lawyer.
Yeah, well, Errol's team seemed to think
there was, you know, grounds for appeal.
His team? [SCOFFS]
You do know why Mr. Mathis got 24 years.
There were aggravating circumstances?
Her little boy Patrick, not his boy.
Patrick, six years old.
He heard everything Mathis
did through the wall.
The injuries. Completely
out of control, that man.
But we go on.
We go on.
Look, I'm
I'm sorry. I don't
I don't want to embarrass you, you know.
But some caller out of the
blue doesn't give her name.
He said, she said, it's
Frankly, at this point, it's
starting to sound to me like a prank.
- Sorry.
But that said,
thank you very much
for coming along here
and giving me this information.
Duly logged, Detective Sergeant.
Now, if you don't mind,
I need to crack on.
Weekly Task and Coordination
Committee, for my sins.
Well, thank you for your time.
And if you find your
caller, send her over.
Oh, DS Lenker.
Next time, do as you're
told. Send an e-mail. Okay?
[HEGARTY] Yeah, she actually
says, "I was in the neighborhood."
- [PERSON] What?
- [HEGARTY] Yeah, really.
Delivering papers for my
colleague Brian Flaherty.
Yeah, he's never even heard of her.
And, well, she's young,
you know. Ambitious.
- Axe to grind, all of that.
- [PERSON] Unbelievable.
[HEGARTY] Nothing to fret about.
But listen, if someone rings
you out of the blue, some woman,
give her the old CYB, yeah?
Cover your back.
And then, you know what he called him?
A poor man's O.J.
A poor man's O.J? Wow.
What does that mean?
Well, you know, Black
man, white girlfriend.
She's not safe. He can't be trusted.
Sooner or later, he's gonna
- you know.
- Wow.
Poor man's O.J. I mean,
that's pretty lazy.
Sure, still, I mean [SIGHS]
- What?
- Well, it I don't know.
It seems like a lot to
unpack from what, three words?
[CHUCKLES] Well, it was
the way that he said it.
So you think he's a racist, this guy?
Maybe. I-I don't know. [STAMMERS]
- Well, if the glove fits.
- That was a joke. That was an O.J. joke.
- Yeah, I know. I got it.
Just go on. Say.
I honestly think, sometimes,
isn't the world fucked
up enough as it is?
You don't always have to look for it.
Is that what you think I do?
You think I-I look for it?
Not always.
I'm just saying. Like, some guy
makes an off-the-cuff remark,
- doesn't matter how misjudged
- [CHUCKLES] Misjudged?
It's just
[SIGHS] I know, okay?
I get it. I do. I just
- Never live with a shrink, right?
- Yeah.
Hi, Chloe. Did you find anything out?
Nothing, I'm afraid.
I chased the four possible IDs with A&E.
No matches with the emergency caller.
Well, what about the women's refuges?
Same. They promised to
keep a lookout. Sorry.
It's okay. Thanks for trying.
No problem. Bye.
Okay, bye.
- [SIGHS] Mum, time and a place. That's
- I don't care.
Do you know where my phone is?
- [PARTNER] Hey.
- Oh, shit.
- You forgot your phone.
- Oh. Thank you.
Okay. Oh, your top's inside out.
- You're just loving this, aren't you?
- I am actually, yeah.
All right. Okay.
- Thank you. Bye.
- Have a good day.
- Chloe?
- Yeah?
Are you having a
problem with your log-in?
Hello. DS Lenker.
[HEAD DETECTIVE] June, would you
mind stepping in for a minute?
DS Lenker.
Uh, this is DI Markham from the
Professional Standards Department.
- Uh, my colleague, DC Jackson.
- Hi.
Hi. What's going on?
- Diane, do you wanna, um
- Okay.
I'm not sure if you're aware,
but from time to time we vet
certain officers' conduct.
My conduct?
Any online searches, handling of
police data, that kind of thing.
- What have I done?
- It's a completely randomized process.
Oh, it's just You
just completely randomly
pick my name out of a hat?
My colleague will set you up with
some temporary log-in details.
being accused of anything.
We appreciate your
cooperation, DS Lenker.
[CHLOE] What the fuck?
What they going after you for?
It's a message.
He's sending me a message.
It's an officer at Hackney Downs.
I think he wants to pick a fight.
I can do that.
[PERSON] Hello?
- Uh, it's DS Lenker.
- Yeah, come up.
Hi. June.
Sonya Singh. Welcome to my wilderness.
[CHUCKLES] Thanks for taking the time.
They've asked me to update the file.
Part of our Best Practice Review.
Yeah, I know. Don't ask.
All right.
How did you get involved with the case?
Local girl, Twin Towers born and bred.
Did you know Adelaide Burrowes?
We were, like, three floors down.
Everyone's got a lost cause, right?
Errol Mathis is mine.
What's yours?
got a 12-year-old son.
Good luck with that.
Anyway, Errol's mum Doris sought me out.
This is the fight of her
life, her meat and drink.
Come on.
How much do you know about the trial?
- Assume ignorance.
- [SONYA] Okay.
Prosecution made a big deal
about bite marks on the victim.
They have this star expert
witness named Dr. Haushke.
Testifies the bite marks are beyond
doubt a match with Errol's teeth.
[CHUCKLES] So suddenly Errol was
like, "Black guy, rage issues, help."
I mean, they were practically
measuring the shape of his skull.
- What?
- Nothing, sorry. Go on.
So four years back, I
did a bit of crowdfunding.
Got my own dental expert onto
Adelaide Burrowes's bite marks and
"The bite marks on the victim
cannot be reliably said to
- match with cast 26A."
- Match with cast 26A.
- That's Errol's teeth.
- So
[STAMMERS] Why confess?
Well, what does Errol say?
Can't remember, can't
explain. Yeah, I know.
What about, um, Adelaide's
son? Was it Patrick?
- Mmm.
- He was in the flat at the time.
Six years old, he was a kid.
Well, what happened to him?
We're not in contact.
So, come on. What are
you really doing here?
- Oh, I told you, we're
- Bullshit.
I'm just crossing the T's.
Mmm, crossing the old
T's? Okay. [CHUCKLES]
You ever come across the SIO?
You've heard about the Sixty-Twos, yeah?
The what?
He had a crew, Hegarty,
Tony Gilfoyle, Kim Cardwell.
Don't write that down.
Hegarty top dog?
And like any self-respecting
crew, they had a name.
- The Sixty-Twos.
- Twos.
- But what does that even mean?
- [GRUNTS] Hmm.
Look, I mean, whether there's an agenda,
it's not for me to say.
What do you mean by agenda?
What do you think?
So, are you gonna help, or
are you gonna fuck us over?
- Thank you for your time.
- No problem.
- [CHLOE] Hello?
- Chloe, can you run a PND search for me?
Hang on.
Okay, go ahead.
Patrick Burrowes.
[CHLOE] Patrick Burrowes.
Okay, got him.
August 2017, Jubilee Park.
He was picked up for possession
with intent to supply.
He was a minor. Twelve years old.
[JUNE] Jesus.
[CHLOE] Arresting officer
was a DS Michael Hargreaves.
Hey, Usain! Come on, lad,
let's get in the back.
[CHLOE] Huh.
No charge. They must have let him go.
Any arrests after that?
[HARGREAVES] Right, we got a
runner. Well, kind of a runner.
[CHLOE] No, that's it.
That's all there is.
Maybe he got out? Turned a corner?
[JUNE] Maybe. Have you
got contact details?
Last known address for this kid?
- [CHLOE] No. Nothing listed. Sorry.
- Patrick.
- What?
- I've got this, yeah?
- Yeah.
- I've got this.
- Yeah?
Just Uh, no, okay.
No, okay, I can't watch.
So, yeah, this is how
you tie a tie, yeah?
- Yeah?
- Okay.
Around and then up.
And then through the hole.
How'd you learn to do that?
I know. I'm kind of like
a Zen master at this shit.
- Yeah?
- [GROANS] Duh, we did 'em at school.
Come on, put your jacket on, move.
- Posture, yeah.
- Yeah?
- Okay.
You are gonna smash this, yeah?
Yeah. You're more
stressed out than I am.
Yeah, someone's gotta be.
- Oh
I'm literally peeling
potatoes for rich people.
Well, I for one bloody love potatoes.
Yeah? [SIGHS]
You look
Yeah, I know.
Oh, my God, the ego
on him. Fucking hell.
Fucking hell. Patrick! [SCREAMS]
Patrick, stop. Stop. [LAUGHS]
- Bruv, where you going dressed like that?
- Work. Where do you think, bro?
- Yes, yes. What's everyone saying, fam?
- [RESIDENT 1] Oi, oi. There's the waiter.
Let me get a shot.
- Yeah, you, man. In a bit, yeah?
- [RESIDENT 2] Bring me some chips, bro.
Patrick? Sweetheart?
Look at you. Angel.
- You're not supposed to be here.
- I know. I know.
Listen [STAMMERS] I wouldn't ask.
- Go away.
- It's just, he gets so down.
He just wants to wish
you happy birthday, love.
- [STAMMERS] It was last month.
- I know.
But you know you mean the
world to him. You and your mum.
Hang on, Errol, love.
Talk to him.
[ERROL] Patrick?
[HEGARTY] For the tape, the officers
present are DCI Daniel Hegarty
and DS Tony Gilfoyle.
The time is 00:13 on the
25th of September 2011.
Also present are Errol Mathis
and his solicitor Ross Cardona.
I understand that the
defendant would like
to revise his earlier statement.
[ERROL] Yeah.
Tie and a jacket. What are you?
- Barry.
- [BARRY] Yes, Chef.
Show him a locker. Get
him some real clothes.
[HEGARTY] Errol. In
your own words, Errol.
Like you told me.
[ERROL] I killed her.
[HEGARTY] Name. Please.
[ERROL] I killed Adelaide Burrowes.
I took the knife from
the kitchen drawer.
[ERROL] I put it in her.
[HEGARTY] Where?
[ERROL] Throat.
[HEGARTY] You put the
knife in her in her throat?
[ERROL] Yeah.
else that you remember?
[ERROL] Chest.
[HEGARTY] The chest?
[ERROL] Yeah.
[HEGARTY] The throat and the chest?
[ERROL] Yeah.
[HEGARTY] Okay, that's good.
How many times did you
strike her, would you say?
- [ERROL] I don't I don't know.
- [HEGARTY] Well, roughly.
[ERROL] Ten? Twenty?
[HEGARTY] Twenty times?
[ERROL] Thirty.
[HEGARTY] Thirty times, more or less?
[ERROL] Yeah.
[HEGARTY] Thirty times, that's, uh
[ERROL] Yeah.
[HEGARTY] So what made you
hurt her like that? Any idea?
[ERROL] I lost my rag.
[HEGARTY] You lost your rag?
[ERROL] I lost my rag.
[TONY] So, mate, what's the news?
- [HEGARTY] Nothing to report.
- [TONY] Oh.
That's a bummer.
- How's work?
Yeah. Do you fancy, um, takeaway?
Pizza or Chinese or something?
No, no. I can't hang
around. You know how it is.
What's up?
Look, Tony
This investigation into Errol Mathis,
I've been meaning to say, if there's
there's anything you've been
holding on to after all these years.
It's like I said to Kim,
we need to cover our backs.
You've come to the wrong house, mate.
- [HEGARTY] Sure?
- Hundred percent.
'Cause if
Well, now would be a
good time to get rid of.
You know me. Never look back. [CHUCKLES]
All right. [SIGHS]
I'll see myself out.
[TONY] All right. Night, mate.
[HEGARTY] Good night, Tone.
[RADIO HOST] With us to
answer that question,
Assistant Chief
Commissioner Claudia Mayhew.
Beth's experiences, that
could be a whole number
of people on the street
today, couldn't it?
[CLAUDIA] Honestly, Manda, I
agree 100% with your caller.
- Yeah, no more talk.
- Mmm.
We-We need a modern police service
worthy of the values of
this great city, of ours.
- And in fact I would go ev
Don't you start.
[CLAUDIA] And yes, if that
means root and branch reform
- then bring it on.
[RADIO HOST] Hmm. Okay, well.
Thank you for taking time to an
[DIANE] Hello, this is DI Markham
from Professional Standards.
Oh, right.
Listen, we've been trying
to get hold of you.
Yeah, sorry. I've been,
uh, up to my eyeballs in it.
Just a few things cropped up
as part of our investigation.
Things? What kind of things?
There's a few Well,
a number of details
we'd like you to walk
us through face-to-face.
Uh, would you mind
holding on for a minute?
- I've just got another call.
- No problem.
Hello. DS Lenker.
[JASMINE] You said to
call. I think I've got her.
Sorry, who is this?
It's Jasmine Peters, Command Center.
That caller we talked about,
it's her on the line right now.
Her name's Maria De Souza. Hang on.
- [JASMINE] Maria, stay on the line.
- Jasmine, is she safe?
No, he's in the flat with
her. Unit's on the way.
- Eighteen minutes.
- Eighteen?
- [JASMINE] Local teams are all backed up.
Right. Send me a pin
drop for the address.
[JASMINE] Uh, Hatherway, Twin Towers.
Right. I'm closer than that.
[JUNE] Okay. Jasmine, can I
join the call? Can you do that?
Sure. Hold on. I'll patch you through.
[JUNE] Hello. This is DS
Lenker, can you hear me?
- Maria, is your life in danger?
[JASMINE] Maria. Remember, like we said.
Tap once for no, twice for
yes. Do you understand?
- Did you get into the bathroom?
- Is the door locked?
Okay, Maria. Is there any way
out of the room that you can see?
Is there a window you
can safely fit through?
[JASMINE] She's on the ninth floor.
- [MARIA'S PARTNER] You dumb, stupid bitch!
Maria, this is what I want you to do.
I want you to take a
toothbrush, all right? Or keys.
Look in your pocket,
do you have house keys?
- Okay, good.
All right. Now, Maria,
I want you to stand up.
- Maria, stand up. Are you standing up?
- Good. Now, this is what I want you to do.
He's gonna come through the door.
The second he comes through,
I want you to take those keys,
take the sharp end of those keys and
shove them directly into his face.
Okay? As hard as you
can. And then you run.
All right? You run and you
shout. You shout for help.
- I'm coming for you. Do you understand?
Maria, do you understand? Tell
me. Tell me you understand!
- [MARIA] I understand.
- Okay.
- [JUNE] Get her back, Jasmine.
- [JASMINE] Trying her number now.
[JUNE] Calling all units. We
have violent domestic in progress,
with threats to kill.
Flat 942, ninth story,
Hatherway Flats, Twin Towers.
- Urgent assistance requested. Over.
- [OFFICER] Received Zero Yankee Delta.
All units, proceed with caution.
Assailant is still on the premises.
[OFFICER 2] Control confirming.
All units, stand by.
[PANTING] Maria!
Maria. [PANTING]
Got an IC2 female fallen to her death,
southeast perimeter at Hatherway Flats.
Suspected assailant
flat 942, ninth story.
Heading up now.
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