Criminal Record (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

Two Calls

Unit V7 from DS Lenker.
I'm entering Hatherway
Flats, ninth story.
I'm headed to flat
942, suspect at large.
- [COP] DS Lenker, from Unit 7, received.
- Inside.
We're on our way. ETA three minutes.
Please proceed with caution.
- Entering flat.
- [COP] Copy that. Two minutes away.
[ONLOOKER] Call the police.
No, stop!
That's him. [SIGHS]
"Clive Silcox."
One hundred percent that's him.
He's on the database,
what's his previous?
Sundry assault claims, domestic assault,
membership of a proscribed organization.
Oh, and some far right
outfit, I think combat league.
Yeah, nothing that led to a conviction.
How far back do they
go? The assault claims?
August 2009.
Police called to a
disturbance on Michaels Street.
Michaels Street. He's local.
Why? What's your interest?
The victim, Maria De Souza.
I believe she was my Hayes
Lane caller. Tuesday night.
The anonymous 999?
Yes, sir.
Violent boyfriend, implying
he killed Adelaide Burrowes.
I asked for extra
support, do you remember?
- June
- And now
He could have neighbors,
friends from work, ex-partners.
- If he has a history of coercion
- Look
No, I had him.
You did your best.
Main thing is you're okay.
That's what matters.
Well, I'll tell you what, if there
is anything in this other murder,
Adelaide Burrowes
we will investigate.
Got my word on that.
We'll spare nobody's blushes.
[CHAMBERS] Bigger they are
Kim. What can I do you for?
harder they fall.
Bri. I hear you have a
murder in your parish.
[PARTNER] Excuse me. Hi, excuse me.
I'm looking for someone
called June Lenker.
- She was bought in here quite a while ago.
- Fuck. [SIGHS]
Over there.
Okay, bye-bye.
- Hi.
- Hiya.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
[SIGHS] What have they What have
they, uh, done with your clothes?
Well, they've taken
them. It's just for
It's for evidence and fibers and DNA
- It's normal.
- Oh, okay.
Normal? Normal. There's
nothing normal about this
Leo, it's all right. It's
just It's all cuts and bruises.
[SIGHS] Sorry, I don't
know what's wrong with me.
No, it's okay. Just wait
[STAMMERS] wait a second, okay?
- Excuse me. Sorry. Excuse me, um.
It's all right, baby.
[LEO] Are there any
doctors working here today?
Are there 'Cause my wife,
she's a police officer
and she's been assaulted.
Leo. [SIGHS]
Leo, they've already
given me the all-clear.
I'm just waiting for the
consultant to sign me out.
Yeah. Okay. She needs to see a doctor.
- Okay?
- [NURSE] Okay.
- So, can she see him now, please?
- Yes, one second.
Thank you.
[SIGHS] It's okay.
It's okay.
Babe, what are you doing?
Is that what I think it is?
- Are you posting that on your socials?
- No.
Oh, my God, you are. Let me see.
- Come on, Mum.
- Oh. Oh, wow.
Jacob. I mean, you're you're What?
You're literally You're
fetishizing your mum's injuries.
I hope your dad's not following you.
[SCOFFS] No way, I blocked him.
Although, I got 13 likes
and rising. Is that good?
[CHUCKLES] You sound about 80 years old.
Oh, someone just called me a badass.
- I can actually live with that, "badass."
- Ow.
- Sorry. [CHUCKLES]
Is this what it takes for
you to be proud of me, hmm?
[JUNE] This is him.
Clive Silcox.
This is, um, him, Clive Silcox.
So, anyone that might
have come across him.
Ex-girlfriend, sister, family.
Anything could help.
And this is, uh, my direct line.
This is my new number.
Oh. Thanks, babe. Lifesaver.
White, one sugar?
Two, actually. I'm slipping.
No, it's fine. [CHUCKLES] Can't
believe you're still on nights.
[SIGHS] You get used to it.
I'm not here for me. It's just work.
It's a long shot,
but I'm trying to trace
this man. Clive Silcox.
[BECCA] I'll ask around.
[CHAMBERS] June, there's
been a development
with Hatherway Towers. I'm
sorry. Just give us a call.
Sorry, excuse me. Excuse me.
Sir. You know I was first
responder on the scene?
Let me stop you right there.
As it turns out, this man, Silcox,
is already the subject
of a live investigation.
Yes. Apparently, a young
woman assaulted on her way home
from work last October.
T and C came to the view
it was better to fold this
murder into the existing team.
Have you found him yet?
Any questions I would refer
you to my colleague, DI Gearing.
She's the organ grinder, I'm
just a bit of window dressing.
Wait, so sh
Does she still think he's here?
I don't like the look of that.
Sir, before she died, the victim, Maria,
she identified herself
to the emergency handler
as the Hayes Lane caller.
- The Hayes Lane caller?
- The anonymous call that I
- I brought to you on Wednesday.
- Oh, yeah.
So, if you manage to
apprehend the suspect,
I would like your
permission to interview him
regarding those allegations.
- Allegations?
- The murder of Adelaide Burrowes.
Two calls, same woman.
That's your hypothesis?
- It is.
- That's very, very neat.
No. Maria De Souza, she
She told the call handler,
"We talked before "
Yeah, we talked before. Talked before.
Didn't say where. Didn't say when.
Well, we can't just rule it out.
I mean, there are physical
similarities between these women.
They have a a similar
build. They are both Hispanic.
They s sound the same.
I was told you saw her come off.
Well, I don't wanna talk down to you,
but I heard a playback of the
call and what you said, okay?
Advice you gave in the
last moments of her life.
That was spot on.
You stood up.
You were with her.
She's the caller. [SIGHS]
- Okay.
- She's the Hayes Lane caller.
- And there is a good chance
- You see what you want to see.
We all do it.
I just I just wanna
interview the man.
You and me both, Detective Sergeant.
Alas, he is nowhere to be found.
It's been 10 hours.
You are wasting time.
I'm gonna put that down
to the bump on your head.
I'm fine.
No. You were the victim of an assault.
- What makes you think he's still here?
- It's not a hangover.
You're wasting time, wasting resources.
- You should be out there looking.
- Go home. Get some sleep.
We're on the same side here.
[CALLER] Listen. He He had
a girlfriend a long time ago.
Same like me.
He said, "Dumb bitch. Never listen."
Never keep him, you know, happy.
- [JASMINE] Can you tell me your name?
[JASMINE] Maria. All right, Maria.
[MARIA] I call you.
I talk to you before.
[JASMINE] Yeah, I remember.
[CALLER] He stabbed her
many, many times with the
same knife he put in me.
There's a man in prison doing
24 years for killing her.
And And he keeps saying this guy
in, um, Whitecross [BREATHES HEAVILY]
He says he's such a loser
- [CLIVE] You dumb, stupid bitch.
- [JUNE] Tell me you understand.
- [MARIA] I understand.
- [JUNE] Get her
- [CALLER] "That dumb bitch. Never listen."
Never keep him, you know, happy.
So, we've made a log of your vehicle
searches on the national database.
As you see, there's no case number
for any of these. No attributable crime.
So, what we need you to do is to go
back through each of these searches
and find and input the
corresponding case number.
As I'm sure you're aware,
it is a violation
Walk back through your duty log,
dig out the case numbers, get
this all squared away, all right?
Sir, I want to request
a forensic voice analysis
to test the two emergency calls.
Hayes Lane and last night's victim,
to confirm is it or is
it not the same woman.
Not our case, June. Think
that's been made very clear.
Sir. Sir. The Hayes Lane caller, it
was flagged by Command and Control.
You asked me to follow it up.
If the caller was Maria De Souza,
then we can close the
file. That's all I'm asking.
Okay, look.
I can see you're upset.
All right?
Honestly, frankly,
spare a thought for Jim.
He's a man down on the Oakmoor
burglaries. Aren't you, mate?
- So, maybe just do that. Yeah?
- [JIM] Yes, sir.
[INSTRUCTOR] Are we ready?
And again! Let's go!
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
Now, here we go.
To the side. Come on.
[PERSON 1] Everything's
gonna be fine for you.
[PERSON 2] I just don't
want people staring.
[PERSON 1] Oh, come on.
You're the bride, sweetheart.
It's your big day.
- You've gotta flaunt it. [CHUCKLES]
[JUNE] Are you Doris Mathis?
Yes. Uh Uh, we're almost
done here. Just go on through.
[PERSON 2] I don't
know. I just don't know.
[DORIS] Come and have a look at
the mirror. [GRUNTS, CHUCKLES]
- [PERSON 2] Oh. Oh, wow. [CHUCKLES]
- [DORIS] Yeah, you see? [CHUCKLES]
[PERSON 2] Well, it's-it's a bit big.
[PARENT] Oh, it's amazing. [CHUCKLES]
- [BRIDE] See you next week.
- [DORIS] Okay. See you next week then.
[SIGHS] How can I help?
She's gonna look amazing.
[DORIS] Oh, thank you.
Uh, my name is DS June Lenker.
I'm sorry to bother you.
All right. [SIGHS]
Latisha, give us a
minute, will you, love?
We're trying to trace the
whereabouts of this man.
His name's Clive Silcox.
He's wanted by police.
We're trying to get a steer on
where he might be sheltering?
He's local.
So, we're just reaching out to
anyone that might have come across him
or might have been acquainted with him.
- So, do you think that you might
- Tell me,
what's a nice woman like
you doing in the police?
What about your son?
I mean, maybe they knew
each other back in the day.
You've been talking to my Errol?
No. I mean, why? Do you
Do you think they knew each other?
I mean, might he have gone to
Errol's flat? Maybe he knew Adelaide?
Adelaide? Why are you
bringing up Adelaide?
Listen, love.
I'm not new to this. My bullshit
radar is better than most.
I'm just I'm just trying
to get some help here.
card, Miss DS What is it?
Lenker. June Lenker.
You listen to me, DS Lenker,
if you think you can come up here,
trying to pin some fresh
trouble on my Errol
- No, that's not what I'm trying to do.
- Get out, please.
Who sent you?
Did he send you?
- Who?
- Hegarty.
[DORIS] And all his boys.
His crew, they lie and they lie.
And they
They took away my son, you know.
And when you try
standing up, very polite,
"I'm sorry, I think you've
made a mistake here."
A mistake! That's all.
You tell him You tell him from me,
"I'm still here."
[KIM] Right. Clive Silcox.
March 2011, he's residing
at 24B Lake Street.
Lake street. Round the corner.
Employed at Rudin's. Deliveries.
The old Yiddish place?
Christ, that takes me back.
Any alibi?
Not that I could find. [SIGHS]
Pity. And we never
interviewed him at the time?
Of course not.
W-What? We We gotta go chasing
after every toe-rag in London?
Yeah, we had our man.
Look, anything that puts
Silcox near Adelaide,
Errol Mathis or that flat
Anything that she can use to
get at me or the investigation,
I need to know.
[JUNE] I wasn't harassing her.
[SONYA] Well, that's how it felt to her.
So either you tell me right now
what has my client got
to do with Clive Silcox?
Or I swear to God, my next call is
to the Police Complaints Authority.
There is a chance that
Silcox might have information
relevant to Adelaide's murder.
So anything that connects Silcox
to Adelaide or Errol, anything at all
"Information relevant?"
What are you saying? He's a witness?
Or a suspect?
[STAMMERS] I-I can't
I can't. It's confidential.
[SONYA] For God's sake. Ugh.
- Chloe?
- Yeah?
You've got mates at
Hackney Downs, right?
I need a favor.
Look, if this is about
your murder case
- Oh. Come on, Chloe.
- And I'm not getting involved.
You know I can't get into it,
all right? It's confidential.
Please. I wouldn't ask
if it wasn't important.
How big is the favor?
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
Strongest Java in Dalston. Don't
thank me until you've tried it.
So, anyway, I spoke to Doris,
and Errol went to school with him.
- With who?
- Clive Silcox.
St. Joseph's Academy.
But Clive was like two years
above, so not friends exactly.
But Doris said she
knew the family. Kinda.
Kinda? Kinda as in?
Errol had a cousin, Jameel, who
had the hots for Silcox's sister.
But Doris put her foot down, so
So Errol knew him?
Errol knew him.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I come over as, um
Do I come over as aggressive to you?
Aggressive? As in? S
As in antsy.
Arsey. Shouty. Crazy. I mean,
feel free to jump in at any point.
Roy said I was upset.
But it's just code, isn't
it? It's just crazy-lady code.
- June.
- What?
You've been through a trauma, all
right. So, he's entitled to ask.
So I'm overthinking.
You're a sexy parker, you know that?
That's a weirdly niche compliment.
- Like that?
[LEO] Nah.
- [JUNE] Like that?
- Oh, fuck. [SIGHS, CHUCKLES]
- Do you wanna finish yourself off?
- No, no.
- I can get an ice cream if you want.
You okay in there?
I'm in a bit of trouble actually.
Come on.
Here, here, here!
I don't understand. So, you
searched the database, so what?
Every search has to be work-related.
You're supposed to attach a case number.
wasn't for me. It was for Mum.
Okay, so how many times?
Don't know. Eight?
Eight? June. [STAMMERS]
Why didn't you tell me?
Because I knew what you'd say.
And I can't have her being
sectioned again, okay?
I'm not doing that to her. Not anymore.
Okay, so this is the big fix? You
make illegal database searches?
None of this would have happened
if it wasn't for that fucking man.
- Hegarty. Blah-blah-blah.
- You just said that it was a random audit.
He He gets around. He knows
people. He knows everyone.
[LEO] All right, so you nip it in
the bud. Talk to your line manager.
- Roy?
- Yeah. Tell him what you did, big deal.
That is literally the
worst thing that I could do.
- Why?
- Because he's a policy nut.
He'll think he's duty
bound to report it.
[LEO] Okay. So, go up the food chain.
Talk to that assistant commissioner.
You know, the one you
were going on about.
The one that pushed you for CID.
Oh, just pick up the phone?
"Yo, remember me?
I'm that woman that you were nice to
at a recruitment weekend in Hounslow."
- Why not?
- Because I'm not you, okay?
I don't get to just walk through
life taking myself for granted.
It's not a crime to be assertive.
See, I'm not 100% sure what that means.
Right. So this is
This is a privilege thing.
I don't know. I don't know, Leo.
I-I I guess what I do know
is that I wouldn't shout
at some poor A&E nurse
who happens to be there just 'cause
I felt like blowing off some steam.
- Is that being assertive? I don't know.
- I'm sorry, what?
Maybe. Probably. I don't know.
- Ref!
- Again. Listen, come away. That's a foul.
What's going on?
- Fouled him.
- Did he?
Yeah. Tripped him.
[LEO] Jake, just listen to him, mate.
You're gonna get a warning now, okay?
Any more of that and you're off. Okay?
Right. Come on, play on.
[LEO] Come on, Jakey. Head up, mate.
Look, listen, all right.
- I apologize, okay?
If I was rude to some nurse,
but I was in a bad way.
I was upset because I just
I just got a call, yeah?
And for a minute
Are you even listening?
[SIGHS] I thought you were dead.
[LEO] Come on, mate. Come on, mate.
- You know
sometimes I don't know if we're
on the same fucking planet.
- Hello?
- Hi, June.
It's Becca here from the
Shelter Moore Street.
- Yeah. Hi.
- You were inquiring about Clive Silcox?
- [LEO] J?
- The thing is, we found
It's work.
Oh, okay. Well, then we'll
get the bus, shall we?
See, someone's come forward, uh, um
It's okay. It's fine.
Hi, um, are you Dawn? Dawn Taylor?
- That's right.
- Sorry to bother you.
My name is DS June Lenker.
I'm trying to trace a man you
were acquainted with, Clive Silcox?
I gather you knew each
other back in 2018.
Do you have any idea
where he may be found?
Or any friends? Places he might
No? Okay. Okay.
[WHISPERS] Come with me.
Okay. Well, thank you for your time.
[WHISPERS] Why not?
Zero Yankee Delta.
This is DS June Lenker.
I am at 70 Verlaine Road.
I believe I have a
sighting on Clive Silcox.
[DISPATCHER] All received, over.
Support vehicles are on their way.
How far away?
[OFFICER] Zero, delta,
bravo. ETA six minutes.
[DISPATCHER] Six minutes
away. Remain where you are.
Wait for the support team, over.
Zero Delta Yankee. There is a
disturbance inside of the house, over.
[DISPATCHER] Stand by.
Support team's on its way.
Oh, fuck this.
Police! Open the door.
- Police!
Zero Delta Yankee. There is
an assault inside of the house.
- [NEIGHBOR] What's happening?
- Can I get access to your garden?
- Yeah.
- Stand by for the unit support.
[OFFICER] All units. All units.
Zero Delta Yankee. Urgent
firefighting assistance requested.
Yankee, please repeat.
Yankee, please repeat.
Yankee, please repeat.
I said the house is on fire!
Requesting urgent
firefighting assistance.
[COUGHS] Dawn?
Is anybody in here?
[DAWN] Help! Help! We're in here!
Get away from the door!
Get out! Go downstairs!
[CHLOE] June.
- June.
- Yeah?
This did not come from me.
You got the pathology report?
I swear.
Delete it the second that you are done.
He does know that I'll
be attending the meeting?
Yes. As a matter of
fact, he suggested it.
Well, thank you both for
taking the time, um
- Oh, it's the least we could do.
- So, breaking news.
Clive Silcox confessed to the murder.
[HEGARTY] He rolled over
easy, didn't he just?
Murder of Maria De
Souza. Evading arrest.
Well, he picked on the
wrong officer there.
We asked, "Why did you kill
her?" You know what he said?
She spilt paint on the rug.
- Paint on the rug.
[CHAMBERS] Just when you
think you've heard it all.
CPS gave us the nod, so we
charged him as of three hours ago.
So, we're good to go.
I'd like your permission
to interview Silcox.
- Regarding?
- The murder of Adelaide Burrowes.
It's an old case. It's, um,
twen Two thousand and
Uh, 2011.
2011. Eleven. It's an old murder.
Boyfriend, Errol Mathis, serving
- Twenty-four years.
- Yeah. I just want to talk to him.
Yeah. Okay, I think we should
clear the air here, you know?
And thrash this one out.
Okay, Detective Le Do
you mind if I call you June?
- Sure.
- Okay, June.
What new information do you have
putting Clive Silcox in that flat
with Adelaide Burrowes?
He was local at the time.
24B Lake Street.
That's right.
- Only 500 meters from the Towers.
- The big old neighborhood.
Silcox had a history of allegations
of violence against women.
Once in 2009, and then
May 2011. Yeah. What else?
They went to school together.
Silcox and Errol Mathis.
St. Joseph's. Two thousand plus kids.
A couple of years apart.
Silcox had a sister, Leanne, who
was close with Errol's cousin.
Cousin? Yeah, we've all got
cousins. Some more than others.
Did you even interview him?
- June
- To eliminate him from your investigation?
Tell me, June, are you familiar
with the term "unconscious bias"?
I did the away day, for
my sins. I got the badge.
It was all very, very instructive.
Now, you see, the thing
about unconscious bias
I'm aware of what unconscious bias is.
Yeah, well it's for the slow
ones at the back. No offense, Roy.
- Sometimes, you see, an officer
can bring to a case a
certain distorted view.
Owing to their own, dare I
say it, preexisting prejudice.
Pr Prejudice.
[CLICKS TONGUE] Prejudice?
Okay. All right. Well, let's
split the difference. Faith?
Conviction? How about that?
See, June here, she's got a
conviction that this Errol Mathis,
for the record, of
West African heritage, yeah?
Has been hard done by for,
uh, reasons that are opaque.
Except there was an
emergency phone call.
Once more with feeling.
Two phone calls. Two women.
Two phone calls. One woman.
We can't We cannot rule it out.
You are aware of how many women
were the subject of domestic abuse
in this city, last year
alone? Of course you are.
- Almost a quarter of a million.
- Yeah. Wow, almost a quarter of a million.
Both Portuguese speakers.
Portuguese, that's a broad church.
We're talking about 80,000,
90,000 right here, right now.
Which is why we should commission
forensic expert analysis
Oh, for God's sake.
to confirm is it, or is it
not, the same woman on both calls?
Okay, um
And what about her? Maria?
Who? Oh, the victim. Not
to mention the lab costs.
We're running a five-figure
overspend as it is.
We've got a man in custody willing
to plead guilty for her murder.
Saving her mother, her brother,
her two orphan boys
the agony of a trial.
Her body is already on its way home
to São Paulo. This is good news.
Yet you want to risk blowing
all this up over some hobbyhorse.
Maria had two two old stab wounds.
Shoulder. Abdomen.
The Hayes Lane caller also reported
receiving stab wounds from her partner.
And she said, "he stabbed
her," meaning Adelaide,
"many, many times with the
same knife he put in me."
Sorry, where is this coming from?
- These are her words from the call.
- I'm not talking about the call.
I was talking about
Ms. De Souza's injuries.
Tell me, June, have you
seen the path report?
I think what matters here
No, no. I'm sorry to labor this,
but that path report
was sent confidentially
to Viv and her team, right?
- Mmm.
- Yeah?
So, unle Viv, did you
share it with DS Lenker?
- No, sir.
- "No, sir."
So, I'm bound to ask, how
did it come across your desk?
It didn't.
Someone share it with you?
So, what? You're a hacker then, and
you're in league with North Korea?
You're telling me you
didn't read the path report?
No, sir.
So, where are you
getting your information?
I saw them.
You saw them?
I was first responder.
When I found Maria, naturally,
I checked her vitals.
I saw them.
I saw her injuries.
Two faded injuries. Split second.
[CLICKS TONGUE] Two callers.
Matching stab wounds.
Does that shorten the odds at all?
- Go.
Clean contact. Right, so
it's all in the timing.
Gotta [GRUNTS] You see?
Go again. That's perfect.
[GRUNTS] Yes! That's great.
- Try again.
- [JACOB] Okay.
Come on. Yeah, that's good.
[JUNE] What's this? What's
this? Extra training?
Right. Come on then.
Hold on. Right there.
Wait. Okay, wait. Wait.
[GRUNTS, CHEERS] Oh, what a goal!
- Oh! You learn everything from me.
- Everything from me. [CHUCKLES]
- Mum, Mum, Mum, Mum, it's a handball.
- You're embarrassing yourself.
Let's go again.
[CHAMBERS] Well, you've got your wish.
Given, I quote, "The exceptional
nature of the circumstances."
Prisoner coming out.
[CHAMBERS] You are cleared
to interview the suspect.
[JUNE SCOFFS] Thank you.
[CHAMBERS] Yeah, but, the interview plan
will be vetted in advance, all right?
[JUNE] Okay.
[CHAMBERS] Specific reference to
the murder of Adelaide Burrowes
is off-limits. Understood?
[JUNE] Fine.
[CHAMBERS] Other than
that, you're good to go.
[JUNE] Thank you, sir.
Clive Silcox, you've confessed
to the murder of Maria De Souza.
But I'm here today to ask for your
cooperation with another matter.
In March 2011, you were residing
at 24B Lake Street. Is that correct?
Do you recognize this man?
Do you know him?
Errol Mathis. You went
to St. Joseph's together?
[JUNE] You knew the family?
You're aware that Errol Mathis
- is serving a lengthy prison sentence?
- Thanks.
Twenty-four years, right?
Correct. Do you know where?
- Whitecross?
- Whitecross Prison, yeah, that's correct.
- So what?
- DS Lenker.
Do you know why?
- Sorry
- It's common knowledge.
[LAWYER] If you're trying
to entrap my client
No. No. I just want him to say it.
What's her name?
- [VIV] Right.
- [JUNE] Say it. Say her name.
[VIV] I am now
terminating this interview.
The time now is 14:36.
The fuck is she on about?
- He knew 'em. He knew them both.
- [CHAMBERS] June.
- Dan, do you wanna, um
- No, no, no. You go ahead.
In light of your request,
DCI Hegarty thought it
prudent to go the extra mile
and run a complete forensic
analysis on the two emergency calls.
It's definitive.
The phonetician and the engineer
both reached the same conclusion.
Different stresses.
Different vowel sounds.
Different women.
- What?
- There was absolutely no doubt.
Your Hayes Lane caller
was not Maria De Souza.
There is nothing whatsoever to tie
Clive Silcox to this old murder.
Let's put it to bed once and for all.
All right?
What is it with you?
I mean, look at Chloe.
She hasn't got a problem.
She just gets on with it.
And what about Professional
Standards? You got back to them? No?
Get on with it.
They'll be on you for misconduct.
[CHLOE] June.
was right. I was wrong.
Fuck. I fucking hate that.
There's There's a rumor.
The day after Silcox
murdered Maria De Souza
Hegarty had that forensic report
on the two calls fast-tracked overnight.
He knew the two callers
were different and he
He sat on the report.
Wait. [SCOFFS]
That whole meeting.
Agreeing to the interview.
Why? Why would he do that?
Never waste a good crisis.
[JUNE] He played me.
[JUNE] It was a trap and
I walked right into it.
He thinks, knock me down so
hard I won't get back up again.
Not me.
[CALLER] He He had a
girlfriend, long time ago.
Same like me. [INHALES SHARPLY]
He said, "Dumb bitch. Never listen."
Never keep him, you know, happy.
He stabbed her many, many times
with the same knife he put in me.
There's a man in prison doing
24 years for killing her.
And-And he keeps saying this
guy in, um, Whitecross
He says he's such a loser and that
When was this?
[JUNE] Last Tuesday.
Listen, these calls are confidential.
If you tell anyone about this,
they will fucking destroy me.
[SIGHS] Here.
I thought you were Muslim.
I'm Sikh, you knob. Singh? Sonya Singh?
We drink this shit like it's Lucozade.
[SONYA] All right. You were wrong.
You lost the battle, boo-fucking-hoo.
You know what?
She's alive.
[SONYA] She's the one person who
can help Errol and she is alive.
And we're gonna find her.
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