Criminal Record (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Kid in the Park

Oi, oi! Are you listening to me?
I've been telling you, I've
got some observations of me own.
No, no, no, man. I'm not
Yeah, there's been a
shooting in Rowntree Park.
Okay, caller, are you safe?
[CALLER] The There's a lad.
I I think he's been shot.
Are there shots still being fired?
[CALLER] I don't know!
He's just lying there. He's not moving!
[REPORTER] Well, yes, John,
here I am at Rowntree Park
in London's Hackney Downs area.
Uh, a young boy is believed
to have been shot on
his way home from school
in what witnesses describe
as a drive-by attack.
This would appear to be just the latest
in a string of violent gang-related
incidents in recent months.
And as you can see, the entire park
[CHAMBERS] All right,
listen up, everyone.
Okay, I've just had word that we're
now looking at a major incident
- following the shooting at Rowntree Park.
Possibly-slash-probably gang related.
Hackney Downs are looking
to deploy extra officers.
So, if any of you are able to
volunteer, it would be appreciated.
The SIO is a DCI Hegarty.
That's the only details
I've got right now,
but just know that
we're gonna be pushed,
our resources are gonna be stretched.
So, you need to focus here.
[SIGHS] At least the lad's alive.
Alive? Sure. What's left of him.
Gabby, show my friend here the X-ray.
Feast your eyes.
Nine millimeter.
It's still in his head?
They've patched him up, but they're
waiting for the swelling to go down
like it's a fucking sore thumb.
- I told the surgeon we need that bullet.
The sooner we have it,
the sooner we can start
searching for the firearm.
- What's the paperwork?
Outsider officers all available
for immediate deployment.
Yeah, I will be the judge of that.
[HEGARTY] No, I talked to the mother.
We can't safely put her
in front of the cameras.
[CLAUDIA] Are you sure?
I think it would really resonate
and give 'em a full picture.
Ma'am? Would you give
me a moment, please?
- Okay.
- Thank you.
DS Lenker. Welcome aboard.
[JUNE] Thanks, sir.
Here. Pick a winner. For the press.
Thanks for coming out.
Glad to see you putting your hand up.
Yeah, well, um, I've got
a son of my own, so
I just wanna help.
[HEGARTY] Good. Good.
- Valerie.
- Yeah?
- [HEGARTY] For the Comms Office.
- Sure.
You okay?
Zoom link's all set up
for you in the wagon.
Uh, how are you getting on
tracking our Hayes Lane caller?
Oh, well, I I flagged it with
emergency services, you know,
in case she makes contact
again, but, I mean,
- beyond that
- You did your best.
Don't beat yourself up.
No, sir.
What are you doing here
anyway? I thought you hated him.
[KIM] Leaving in five. [SIGHS]
June Lenker?
- Uh, no. Um, sorry, uh, D
- Just my little joke.
- I'm with you today. For my sins.
- Kim Cardwell. [SIGHS]
- Yeah, I know who you are.
Oh, good.
Do you know how many gangs
are operating in this area?
- Seventeen.
- Wow.
That we know about.
And they are superheroes
to the kids around here.
- Right.
- [KIM] I mean, we could do our bit.
We can knock on doors, but I'm
telling you now, no one will talk.
- Not here.
- So, what's the point? [CHUCKLES]
[KIM] There is no point.
Now, when it comes, if it comes,
we'll get it from underground.
Informants. Covert sources.
- Gather round! You too, DS Lenker.
Come on. Right. [SIGHS]
It's so great to have gotten
so many officers before me.
Hi. It's Hegarty.
Yeah, this kid in the park.
I know. Nine. Nine years of age.
Oh, yeah, you're a
mother. Of course you are.
Yeah. Give or take. I
don't care. I don't care.
Listen t
Yeah, I can do you a favor,
but you gotta do me a favor.
I could put a word in for him.
Listen, I wouldn't normally do this,
but you're the only one I can ask.
Yeah. Put the feelers
out. See what comes back.
[JUNE] Who are those boys Jacob's with?
They're just boys, love.
Yeah, I know that, Mum.
But where's his usual gang?
Naveen and that lot?
Well, they were a
bit What's the word?
[LEO] Nerdy.
Hmm. Maybe they had a falling out?
He never told me about it.
[CHUCKLES, CHEWS] You're hilarious.
- Could you eat any louder?
- He's trying stuff out.
- It's normal.
- [REPORTER] Police in East London
are appealing for
witnesses this evening,
after the shooting of a schoolboy
in Rowntree Park earlier today.
Nine-year-old Isaac Whitlow, who
remains in critical condition
Oh, my goodness. Is that him?
- [REPORTER] was found to have suffered
- What?
- a single gunshot to the head
- [MAUREEN] The boy from your work?
- as he made his way home from school
- Oh. Yeah.
just after 4 p.m.
Oh, shit. I forgot to
say. Jacob's father called.
Zac? What does he want?
- [REPORTER] Police in East London
- They know the family.
Um, Morowa's on the PTA with
the boy's mum apparently.
Of course she is.
They were like, "Is he gonna
be all right?" You know?
I'll call him.
Do you think they'd make such
a fuss if he was a Black boy?
Yeah, I was thinking
the exact same thing.
Oh, God, you two. What
do you want? A gold star?
Into their investigations on the ground,
police have released images
of several men they believe
You know he's got a
bullet stuck in his brain?
- His
- He'll be fine, Mum.
Another a cup of tea?
[REPORTER] Still no
arrests have yet been made.
- Glass of wine?
- [MAUREEN] Oh, go on. Twist my arm.
Which bit?
Of what?
The brain?
Right frontal lobe.
Well, what does that
What you two gossiping about?
You, Mum. We're gossiping about you.
Oh, well, that's all right then.
Um, well, it controls
some cognitive function.
I mean, it's hard to
tell, especially with kids.
When do they operate?
Good. That's good, you know?
Sooner it's out
[JACOB] See you later, bruv. [CHUCKLES]
[SONYA] Wait. What?
You're working for him now?
[JUNE] No. No, it's just
for this investigation.
[SONYA] Jesus Watch yourself, yeah?
[JUNE] It's fine. It's just a
chance to see him up close, you know?
See how he works. Get him on our
side. If that's humanly possible.
- [SONYA] Was he okay? Was he weird?
- Did you find anything out?
- No. Not yet.
But he had Kim Cardwell babysitting
me every step of the way, so
How comforting.
Yeah. Okay, so, come
on. What's your news?
Oh, I roped in some of Doris's
volunteers, from the campaign.
- Okay.
- It's fine. We've known 'em for years.
And how did you explain this?
The Hayes Lane caller?
Well, I said she's someone who may
be able to help with Errol's case.
That's all you said? Nothing
about the emergency call?
No. I swear.
All right.
[SONYA] Anyway, they're out
there now, spreading the word.
- Cafés, drop-ins, you name it.
The full Brazilian.
Thank you.
Hang on. Before you race off.
Well, what's that?
Evidence. Errol's old trial.
Sonya. No.
No. I thought we agreed we'd
work on the Hayes Lane caller.
I know what we said.
Just take a peek, okay?
I shouldn't even be here.
For God's sake.
I swore to my boss I
wouldn't go near Errol.
So, no. Hayes Lane caller,
that's our priority.
That? "Famous helpline"?
- It's a joke, right?
- No.
- No. She's out there.
- Just have a look.
I'm not a police officer.
I'm not in the giant's
castle. You are, all right?
So, please, just spare us a
crumb of your fucking expertise.
Thanks, babe.
[TONY] Come through, mate!
All set for your What is it?
Taxi all booked?
Yeah. All sorted. You can
chalk me off your to-do list.
- You're a permanent fixture, you are.
Any trouble, call me.
So, how's it all going
with the investigation?
What are you? Nine years old?
Don't knock peanut butter, mate.
That's a good staple food, that is.
Listen, mate. Um, I've got
something for you in the spare room.
But, um, you ain't gonna like it.
So you reckon your little lady friend
said she's thrown in the towel, yeah?
No fucking chance.
[ERROL] I killed her. I
killed Adelaide Burrowes.
There's a fight going on
in one of the flats downstairs.
- [OPERATOR] Can I get your address?
Can you hear that? She's
screaming! Oh, my God.
[PATRICK] Where's Mummy?
[HEGARTY] Your mum's not here.
[PATRICK] Where's Errol?
[HEGARTY] You hungry?
- [HEGARTY] Well, that's a good sign.
What do you like to eat?
Pasta? Fries? Ice cream? Jelly?
[PATRICK] Don't like jelly.
[HEGARTY] All right. Well,
we'll go easy on the jelly then.
- [HEGARTY] Who does the cooking at home?
[PATRICK] Errol.
[SONYA] So, what's the verdict?
Well, I'm being impartial. Just
looking at the evidence, but
Well, it's not all good.
I mean, there's history, right?
Errol stealing money
from his own parents.
- Police got called, what was that?
- It was debt, drugs.
I-It was a bad patch
he was going through.
[SONYA] He got played by
people he was trying to impress.
[JUNE] Various arrests after that.
- Yeah. And released every time.
- [JUNE] Yeah, I know what you're gonna
IC3 male, wrong place, wrong time.
Do I have to spell it out to
you? They were rounding him up.
And what about the riots?
[SONYA] Oh, fucking hell.
Tottenham High Street. August 2011.
I mean, that is a matter of weeks
before Adelaide died. What was that?
Was that a mistake too, or
Listen. Fine. He was looting.
I mean, fuck's sake. Do you know
how many people got arrested?
[SONYA] Anyway, I thought
you were being impartial.
[JUNE] All right, look.
If you park his confession
just for a minute,
this is more about what I don't see.
I mean, Errol's got no
- Sonya.
- history of violence,
there's no battle scars on the victim,
there's no neighborhood testimony.
There's no motive, actually.
Except money. Money troubles.
But, again, where's the history?
Where's the narrative?
Where's the evidence?
[JUNE] There's just her blood on him.
And he he fled the
scene with Patrick.
- [SONYA] The crash.
- Yeah, what was that?
Errol can't remember.
Prosecution say murder-suicide.
He takes her life, then tries to
take his own and the boy's with him.
And what do you think?
[SONYA SIGHS] I mean, I get it.
You wanna go out in flames, you
hit the gas, you drive like hell.
But, here's my problem.
When the van hit him,
the car was turning.
E Errol, he was turning right
He was heading to the one place
he was always, always welcome.
He wanted to be safe.
He wanted to be held.
He was going to see Doris. His mum.
Do you wanna meet him? I can set it up.
[SCOFFS] Yeah, right.
I get a visiting order
with Errol's name on it,
I'll be back in front of
Professional Standards. Again.
And that is exactly what he wants.
June, I'm a lawyer, all right?
I know the criminal justice
system, I know how it works.
And honestly, I've been in and
out of Whitecross that many times,
I know how they work.
I've seen the cracks.
- If you wanna see him
I can get you in.
And I swear to God,
Hegarty will be none the wiser.
Yes? No?
I've got to, um, take this.
- Hello? [SIGHS]
- [HEGARTY] DS Lenker. DCI Hegarty.
I'm here at the hospital.
Look, I'm sorry to ask, but could
you get over here first thing?
[JUNE] Is everything all right?
[HEGARTY] Well, the
surgeons still won't operate.
- Jenny Whitlow?
- Ballistics have to wait for that bullet.
- She's through there.
- Isaac's mum was asking for you.
- [JUNE] Me? Why?
wondering the same thing.
Oh. Oh, June?
- Yeah.
- Hi. Um, Morowa sent me a text.
She said, um, that you're
nice and I can trust you.
Yeah, well, full uh, full disclosure,
Zac, her husband, is the
father of my child, so
Oh. Is it a boy or girl?
It's a boy.
thinks we should move him.
You know, try another hospital.
- [JUNE] Really?
- Mmm.
Well, you know, he's in
good hands here, Jenny.
Yeah, you know, he's
getting excellent care.
Yeah. [CRIES]
But, I just I just want it
out of him. You know? [SOBS]
I just I just want
them to take it out.
- I'm sorry.
[SNIFFS] So, what is
she? A friend, or what?
A friend of a friend.
Well, it's good that she's got
you marked down as a normal.
Little does she know.
It's frustrating, about the bullet.
The surgeon called me a bully.
See? You're in good company.
I wasn't even that bad.
I was just doing my job.
Well, I'm sure he knew.
She. She knew.
Surgeon was a she?
Afraid so.
- Oh.
- Hang your head.
Yeah, I am busted.
Hang on. [SIGHS]
- Okay, I gotta go.
- Mm-hmm. Yeah, sure.
- I'll see you later.
- [JUNE] Yeah, no problem.
[JUNE] Okay, I'm on my way.
[SONYA] All right then. I'll be ready.
- [OFFICER 1] Name, please.
- Hi.
- June Lenker.
- And who are you here to see?
- Samson Michaels.
- [OFFICER 1] Right. [SIGHS]
Thanks. [SIGHS]
Take a seat and, uh, wait
for his name to be called.
Arms up.
- Okay. In you go.
- Thanks.
- [OFFICER 2] Peter Arnold.
- [VISITOR 1] Yeah.
[OFFICER 2] Samson Michaels.
- William Downs.
- [VISITOR 2] Yes.
[OFFICER 2] Errol Mathis.
- [OFFICER 2] Errol Mathis.
- Yeah.
Come through.
How's work?
[PASSENGER] Oh, I can't complain.
I mean, that's why God invented wives.
The kid in the park. Can you help?
Does my mum know you're here?
Actually, I'm a friend of Sonya's.
[ERROL] Oh, really?
What do you want?
Are you one of the do-gooders?
Why, do you get a lot
of those? [CHUCKLES]
[ERROL] Yeah, one or two.
What's your name?
Oh. It's like that. [CHUCKLES]
So what are you? Police?
Do they know?
Hmm. I mean, it's not
like you can hurt me.
I'm already here, aren't I?
- Well, I
- [STAMMERS] You got questions?
- All right. Ask away.
- Okay.
When you were first interviewed,
you spoke to an officer and
told him that you had an alibi.
- He said you were looking for work?
- Barbershop. Maxine Road.
He said you spoke to a guy called
[ERROL] Mustafa.
said he didn't know me.
Well, actually, they said
your alibi was unsound.
So we need to find out what that means.
We tried to look for him
when we were doing the appeal.
- He'd gone back to Turkey or whatever.
- Do you stand by what you said?
That was definitely the
guy that you spoke to?
So, what about the confession?
I mean, when you were first interviewed,
you said you had no memory
after you entered that flat.
But then, the third
morning you're in custody,
you confess to killing her?
- What, you you don't remember confessing?
You do remember confessing?
Thing is [STAMMERS]
What it is They had me on
that many drugs that [STAMMERS]
Do you think you killed her?
I have bad days.
How do you mean?
Like, I'm I'm hanging in there.
I'm I'm trying to keep
it all together and
Like, people mean well, and
I'm trying to s-stay positive.
But, like, at the end of the day,
whatever happens, like, she's gone.
And she's not coming back.
So So, what's the point?
I mean, is that what you're saying?
And what about your mum?
I mean, what about Patrick?
Pat. You've seen him?
- Is he [STAMMERS]
- No.
- Did he say anything?
- No, I didn't. I
Sorry. No, I didn't see Patrick.
[SIGHS] Do me a favor.
When you see my mum, please
give her a kiss from me.
- [SIGHS] Thanks.
- [OFFICER] Thank you.
- Give us the log.
- [OFFICER 3] Huh. Thanks.
So, what happened?
He refused to talk?
Is he back on hunger strike?
Is he planning another OD?
Felicitations. It sounds to me
like you caught him on a good day.
Why did you want me to meet him?
- What was the point?
- I need you to get it.
He's done.
He's done carrying the cross.
We've gotta carry it for him.
I'm sorry. Doris God-speak.
Y-Y-You know what I mean.
I know I can be a bit extra sometimes,
but the fact is,
we never had one of your lot
give us the time of day before.
[CHUCKLES] Well, it's
It's an adjustment.
Here. Did you know about this?
Hegarty's got some kind of side
hustle as a I wanna say "chauffeur."
- I know. I know.
- Wow.
This is seriously fucking
off-brand. [STAMMERS]
Does he wear a hat?
I can't confirm or deny.
[SONYA] Is that normal?
A senior officer moonlighting?
I mean, it's not completely unheard of.
Older officer topping up their pension.
Maybe he needs the money.
- What for?
[KIM] Oh, there she
is. Nice holiday, love?
Where the fuck have you been?
Sorry. What's going on?
[SIGHS] Snitch gave us a name.
Go! At an address in Whitechapel.
You know, just [SIGHS]
just go with Dawson.
They can stick you
with Community Support.
- [OFFICER] Sir.
- About your level, yeah?
- [OFFICER] Obs team ready for you.
- Good. Let's go.
Uh, Chloe. Chloe.
- Who's the suspect?
- Jason Reeve.
[SIGHS] Hegarty had a tip-off.
They think he's the shooter.
Just get in, quickly.
[ON RADIO] Alpha team in position.
I would remind you, subject may
be in possession of a firearm,
so caution, please, at all times.
Units, secure all entry and
exit points of the premises.
I don't want any neighbors wandering in.
[KIM] In position.
Okay, Kim. When you're ready.
Go, go, go!
- [OFFICER 1] Police! We're coming in!
- [OFFICER 2] We're police!
- Jed.
- Pictures!
- Uh
Visuals down. Do we have
sight of the subject?
- Kim.
Jesus. Fuck. Kim, what
is going on in there?
- Do we have the suspect?
- [KIM] Hey. Quick.
[HEGARTY] Do you copy?
Kim. Repeat, visuals down.
Jed, for fuck's sake.
[OFFICER] Down! Stay down!
Stay down! Quiet down.
- [KIM] Individual is detained.
- [HEGARTY] Do you have him?
- Do you have him? Kim, confirm.
- [OFFICER] Coming out!
[KIM] Boss, it's the girlfriend.
Jason Reeve's not present.
[HEGARTY] Where is he?
Does anyone see the firearm?
[KIM] No sign. Searching property now.
[HEGARTY] Kim, get out of there.
Ask the girlfriend, "Where
is he? Where is the firearm?"
- Jed! Oh, for fuck
- [JED] I'll check the the relays.
[SIGHS] So, am I talking to
you in this world or the next?
- It's fine. I'm fine. Listen, um
- [HEGARTY] Yeah.
Uh, yeah, I'll talk to you later.
No, d Hold on a second.
I gotta tell you something.
It's June Lenker, right? She's
been up at Whitecross. Today.
Okay? It pains me to say it, mate,
but I did tell you so. Didn't I?
She's going behind your back.
She's on the warpath, mate.
And she ain't gonna stop.
So, uh, she needs
sorting, that one. Yeah?
[KIM] Still searching for the firearm.
But the girlfriend says
he took it with him.
Repeat, we believe Jason Reeve
is in possession of the firearm.
[JED] Sir?
DS Lenker, fall back.
Subject is approaching.
- June, take cover!
- Wait!
[OFFICER] Shot fired outside, over.
June, you okay? Are you hit?
- No. I'm fine. I'm fine.
- Okay.
- [JUNE] Yeah, I'm fine.
[KIM] Suspect apprehended.
No further shots fired.
Unit 24, this is DCI Hegarty.
Did you recover the firearm?
- [KIM] No, sir.
We think he may have dumped it
on his way through the tunnels.
[HEGARTY] Thank God he
couldn't shoot straight.
We missed you at the briefing.
Oh, yeah. I was at a court
hearing. Sorry, I did flag it.
- Okay.
- It was an old DV case.
You know what it's like. It
just gets stuck in the system.
Just stuck in there.
[CLEARS THROAT] Stuck in there.
Sorry. Actually, that's not the truth.
What? So, you weren't at court?
No. I was conducting a prison interview.
Which prison?
Whitecross. This old collar of mine.
I I believed he had links
to one of the Tottenham gangs.
- So, intel?
- [JUNE] Yeah.
- For Isaac?
- Oh, yeah.
[HEGARTY] Did he tell you anything?
Well, he's he's not in the game
anymore, so it was a wasted trip.
I should've just said, but I just
I got it in my head that if you
heard the word "Whitecross," you'd
Sorry, it was stupid.
Anyway, thanks for
saving my life, kind of.
Forget it. We're all marching
to the same drum, right?
[HEGARTY] Glad you're in one piece.
[KIM] We've got it.
We found the firearm.
[HEGARTY] Well done, you.
Jed, can I have a word?
Bit of a fucking car crash
of yours in electrical goods.
I know. She could have got hurt.
But look, she's okay.
So no harm done, eh?
Now, am I gonna have to
write this all up or what?
- Life's too short, eh?
Good lad.
"An individual is under arrest.
Significant development."
- Significant breakthrough?
- "Breakthrough" is better, yeah.
Uh, gang-related? They're bound to ask.
Play for time. He's not been charged.
Uh, be careful not to deny it.
Dan, who are we putting on the platform?
- For the press conference?
- Mmm.
- Well, myself, as SIO.
- Sure.
Perhaps you could lead
us off with a few words.
Could you give us a
minute, please? Thank you.
Thanks, everyone.
- Uh-oh.
Elephant in the room here.
A nice blue-eyed boy gunned
down by criminal gang members.
- Most of them, none of the above.
- Claudia
It's not just Jason Reeve
who's under scrutiny here, okay?
- So are we. This institution is.
- Claudia.
- We need to be seen to be
- A mirror.
A mirror to the community
that we serve, right?
In all its Technicolor diversity.
I get it. It's smart.
Thank you.
So what's our move?
Who do we put in the shop window?
June Lenker. Claudia Mayhew.
- Oh, yeah. I I know who you are.
- [CHUCKLES] Nice jacket.
Oh, really? They said it was smarter.
Uh, yeah, it's, um
it's actually one of mine.
- Oh, shit.
- [CHUCKLES] It looks better on you.
Uh, listen. Thank you for this.
- No, don't don't worry about it.
- No.
You're giving something of yourself
that we have no right to expect. So
Excuse me.
Who's that?
Round-the-clock protection officer
for Claudia's online fan base.
- She has her fair share of detractors.
It's all right. Go ahead. Take it.
- Hello.
- [HARGREAVES] DS Lenker. Mick Hargreaves.
Uh, you, um, left me a message last week
about an old "possession
with intent to supply." Yeah.
Collar was a Patrick Burrowes.
Uh, yes. Thank you for calling
me back. Do you remember the case?
- [HARGREAVES] Weirdly, I do.
Uh, it was a big, big day.
300 grams worth of Class A.
Eight individuals arrested.
Seven were charged, all convicted.
lad, let's get in the back.
- [JUNE] Yeah, but not Patrick.
Well, why? Why would you do
that? Why would you let him go?
[HARGREAVES] Well, we,
uh We had an intervention.
Some DI just walks in off the
street and says, "Let the lad go."
- [JUNE] What?
- As a personal favor.
- [JUNE] And you just let him?
- [HARGREAVES] Well, look,
I I don't know if he
was a friend of the family
or if he was running the boy for intel.
But, uh, he leant pretty
hard on the boss. [STAMMERS]
And then he comes out,
he looks me in the eye and
says, "I can vouch for him."
Vouch for him?
[HARGREAVES] I don't know.
That That's all he said.
Do you remember this officer's name?
[HARGREAVES] Not local.
CID. Glasgow.
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