Criminal Record (2024) s01e04 Episode Script


[JUNE] Um, we would like
to appeal to anyone
that might've been in the Rowntree Park
area on Tuesday afternoon.
If you think you might have seen
or heard anything,
anything at all, please get in contact.
Call the helpline.
It's completely confidential.
- What's this?
- It's your mum, okay?
She wanted to see the thing.
[JUNE] Everybody deserves
to feel safe and secure
- Hi.
- Hi.
- [JUNE] This could've been your family.
- It's not the same on my telly.
This could've been your child.
There is no excuse
- I thought you hated the police.
- I love my daughter.
Oh, that's good to know.
[JUNE] in any community.
- [CLAUDIA] Thank you, DS Lenker.
- I used to watch all her school plays.
- Mum in plays?
- [PARENT] Well, you know, assembly.
[CHUCKLING] So embarrassing.
What was she like? Was she good?
- Oh, well, she was very clear. Very loud.
- [PARENT] You had to stand well back.
- [CHUCKLES] Oh, mum.
- Oh, for God's sake.
Isaac grew up in that park.
You know, um, he loved that park.
Every day coming back from school,
he'd be tugging at me hand, you know.
"Please, Mum. Just five minutes.
Just five minutes."
So, Nana Mo,
what's your beef with the police?
- [JENNY] Yeah, he was
- It's not my
- [CLAUDIA] Thank you so much.
- Well, what do you call it
- It's your granddad.
- [CLAUDIA] we appreciate you taking time
They hounded him every day
of his adult life if you must know.
Just for the You know
Just for the fun of it.
- Mum.
- [PARENT] What? He has a right to know.
- Not today.
- Oh, for God's sake.
I run you home? Come on.
You know, the thing about dad,
he didn't go on and on and on about it.
No, he didn't, did he?
He'd sit there putting up with it,
not making a fuss.
It made me so mad.
Why you had to run
off and join that lot,
- I will never ever comprehend.
- [SIGHS] I was trying
Oh, you think you can change them.
You can't change a bloody thing.
I can confirm that an individual
has been arrested,
and I would class this
as a significant breakthrough.
Um, we're working hand in hand
with community leaders,
but it is a
an ongoing operation as we speak.
[CLAUDIA] Thank you.
As you know, Isaac remains
in a critical condition.
He is receiving excellent care
- [HEGARTY] Jason.
We've got eyewitness testimony
of you carrying the weapon.
We've got CCTV footage
of you discarding the said firearm.
What I want to know is,
how did it come into your possession?
[HEGARTY] Did somebody give it to you?
Yeah, he got shot, innit?
[LAWYER] Jason, I'd like
to suggest you use your right to
[JASON] The yute got wigged on accident.
Now, man never meant for him
to get caught up in all that.
Just meant to scare the opps.
So, you were in a dispute
with a rival gang?
And if I could go back and change shit,
So, you are admitting
to the shooting of Isaac Whitlow?
Yeah, I am.
[HEGARTY] Okay, gather round.
So I spoke to the lab.
Isaac's bullet is a match
with Jason's firearm.
All right, so what's our move? [SIGHS]
Well [SIGHS]
- [HEGARTY] Not you.
- Did you review the interview tape?
- [JUNE] Yes.
[JUNE] I think ballistics
plus the confession
We'll get onto CPS, charge the suspect.
You buy it? The confession?
Yeah. I mean, I was convinced, yeah.
Yeah, but he didn't need to confess.
He just gave it up, easy.
He's 17. He's a kid.
Yeah, arrested how
many How many times?
- Seven.
- Seven.
Seven times.
But not for attempted murder.
He was as calm as you like.
He ran circles around his brief.
Uh, well,
maybe he's thinking cooperate now
Get in early. Guilty plea.
Go for a softer sentence.
You bet your life on that?
It's objectively a fair assumption.
[HEGARTY] Objectively?
I see what you're saying.
I mean, confession,
it's a silver bullet, right?
That's the gold standard.
The jury, they won't think twice.
That boy's done.
Eighteen, 20 years gone.
[STAMMERS] You're okay with that?
Physical evidence, the weapon.
It was his weapon.
Jason Reeve is a member of a gang.
I mean, you shoot a kid in the park,
who in their right mind hangs
onto the fucking weapon?
Well, he did, evidently.
Fine. Fine.
He had the gun.
But did he fire it,
or was he holding onto it for a friend?
I mean, he's belting up Cannon Road,
fleeing arrest.
He finds time to make a phone call,
34 seconds to an unregistered number
no longer in service.
You gotta ask yourself,
"Who is he calling?"
Who's he calling?
Do you know what I see?
I see a kid, 17 years old,
bribed and threatened
into following orders.
[CASHIER] See you next week.
[CALLER] I saw her. I know that woman.
What makes you think
the person in the flyer
is the same person you met?
Here. Rio Grande,
up in the north country.
Did she say what she did for work?
- A cleaner, I think.
- [JUNE] Do you know whereabouts?
[SIGHS] No. But she liked it,
bettering her English.
Then her boyfriend
told her to give it up.
Some Englishman.
She moved in with him and after that
- She stopped coming.
- Right.
Do you know what her name was,
Mrs. Odinaka?
Carlita? Carla? [SIGHS] Carla.
And you're sure this is the same woman?
Okay, well
We had a barbecue
here last summer. And
Here. Here she is. At the back.
[OPERATOR] Hello. You're
through to the inquiry team.
[CALLER] Uh, hi. I'm-I'm calling
about the shooting in Rowntree Park.
Uh, you know, the one that was on
the TV, that they were talking about?
- I saw them shoot that poor kid.
- [OPERATOR] Okay.
- How many assailants did you see?
One was a Black lad.
[STAMMERS] He was driving.
But the other one, the one that
shot him, he was a white guy.
We've had a call on the helpline.
- Jed.
- Sir?
Your turn on the
dentist's chair. Come on.
We know you didn't fire the gun.
But you tell me who did fire the gun,
we'll keep you safe.
Are you deaf? I said
I shot him, didn't I?
We have an eyewitness.
[SIGHS, SNIFFS] Like, these men
they're ruthless, innit?
Like, came out of nowhere, started
sending down orders, plugging us.
Like, they wanna run ends,
and they don't want no rivals.
So, this is about turf?
Come on. The word gets out that
we're still looking for the shooter,
rightly or not, they're gonna
leave the blame at your door
or your family's door.
The witness gave us
a partial description.
What is he? Armenian?
Uh, living locally?
Yeah, so we're just making inquiries
into an incident
that occurred Wednesday the 28th?
[JUNE] Looking for a man
of Turkish descent. Thank you.
Hi, sir. This is just about the incident
in the park
with the little boy that happened.
Any information at
all would really help.
- Hi. Yeah, do you
- [VENDOR] What is it?
Hello, sir. This is just about
the incident that happened in the park.
We're trying to find a boy.
He may be of, um, Turkish descent.
[VENDOR] No. What's going on?
- Why are you here?
- I'm here to help.
[VENDOR] Always the police come here.
We're just here collecting
as much information as we can.
[VENDOR] You always come here.
- You harass us. Why?
- [JUNE] Step back. No, we're not.
We're not attacking you.
I'm gonna need you to just calm down.
Over here, please. [SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY]
- Relax. Move away.
- [KIM] Hey!
If you have any questions,
please do let us know, okay?
- Thank you for your cooperation.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
- Sure?
- Yeah.
[KIM] Do you remember
Dan McCabe out in Eltham?
Now, he put in 17
17 years of service.
And they've gone and sacked him,
all because of a couple of,
I don't know, lively messages.
Look, Kim, this is totally irrelevant.
I've got other things to do.
I don't need to be talking
about fucking Dan
in fucking Wrexham or wherever it was.
I tell you what,
I'm counting the days, mate.
World's gone mad.
Kim, I'm waiting for a phone call here.
[STAMMERS] And what about all
that bollocks at the press conference?
[STAMMERS] With your pal, Meghan Markle.
- Who?
- [KIM] June Lenker.
Look, I get it. I do. She fits
the optics. I'm not having a go.
I told 'em that would be her nibs
Claudia Mayhew
and the bleeding heart brigade.
[HEGARTY] Listen,
I need all the help I can get, right?
But what is she doing?
What What What does she want?
Oh, who cares? Who cares what she wants?
Listen, okay? This is it.
This is the world we live in.
Get used to it, all right?
And stop worrying about Errol Mathis.
It's sorted.
Ancient history. Get off my back.
I was having a fucking rare good day
until now.
[VENDOR] You lot always come to me
whenever anything happens around here,
like I'm the voice
of the streets or something.
Okay, Hasad.
How many times you been arrested?
That's not the point. [CHUCKLES]
All I'm saying is, just please call me
if you do hear anything.
Please. The kid's nine years old.
Shot in the head.
I'm not taking that. I'm not taking it.
Look, I don't know
shit about no shooting.
And you lot are wasting your time
with this anyway, man.
Some pricks in Downing Street
who need arresting.
Okay, how about I take your number?
Just in case I ever need
a voice of the streets.
All right.
Okay. "Hasad"?
First fed to spell my name right.
[JUNE] Sorry?
Well, they usually
spell it with two S's.
They're not wrong,
but two S's ain't how you spell my name.
Turkish names trip people up a lot.
Yeah. Thanks.
- Hi.
- Water?
Yeah, thanks.
That would be [SIGHING] great.
Listen, Errol's alibi,
the guy at the barbershop
- Mustafa Demir?
- [JUNE] Yeah.
Yeah, it's all up here filed away
under "kill me now."
- Are you sure he went back to Turkey?
- Yeah.
- What, you you confirmed that?
- Yes. Jesus.
I spoke to his old boss,
checked his last known address,
- trawled the Internet, la, la, la. Why?
This is gonna sound wild,
but just go with me here.
Turkish names, they trip people up.
Trip people up how?
[JUNE] I just googled the name Mustafa.
You can spell it, like,
seven different ways.
[SONYA] Okay?
So, what if the officer wrote
down his name with the wrong spelling?
What if we've been looking
for the wrong Mustafa?
[FRIEND] Here. Yours for a tenner.
What do you reckon?
[SIGHS, CHUCKLES] Yeah, yeah. Whatever.
Listen, I can, um I
can come with you.
No, I've got this.
Look, I know this is a big day for you.
You're all right, tough guy. [CHUCKLES]
Happy birthday, Mum.
She was a young girl when she had you.
I remember when Errol first
brought your mum round.
You came too, so shy and skinny.
I knew I had to fatten you up
with my bammy and escovitch.
[CHUCKLES] Yeah. Them Scotch
bonnets were spicy. [CHUCKLES]
- Mmm.
Oh, but your mum could take it.
She'd be so proud. Yeah, she would.
To see you now doing so well,
looking so tall and handsome.
No thanks to me.
- Oh, I know I let you down.
- It's okay.
We tried, love.
We tried for adoption but
It doesn't It doesn't matter.
I couldn't turn my back on Errol
- [INHALES SHARPLY] stop all contact.
'Cause that's what they said. Look.
I'm sorry. You do see that, don't you?
You know, I shouldn't say,
but [SIGHS]
things are finally moving
forward in that department.
What? What do you mean?
There's a lady we're looking for,
someone called Carla.
She's got new information.
- Information?
- [DORIS] Mm-hmm.
- What information?
- Don't you worry.
But I tell you,
we're getting Errol home soon.
[ERROL] So, this is them.
A bit "My Little Pony."
Go in, walk tall.
[CHUCKLING] No one's gonna laugh.
[PARTYGOER 1] Hey, fuck off, man!
- [PARTYGOER 2] Hey, fuck off
He likes you.
Yeah. I'm good with dogs.
Right, come on. Sit down.
Over here.
Try that on your eye.
Head back.
So, how's the other guy look?
The other guy? Come
on. Worse, of course.
- Work okay?
- Yeah.
Yeah, it's fine.
It was just some guy at my lodgings.
- Anything I can do?
So, what's up?
Feels like it never goes away.
What happened? Was somebody
bothering you about your mum? [SIGHS]
Who was it?
A police officer?
No. What do you mean?
Doris. What fresh hell is she
cooking up for you now?
I don't know.
Some woman they're looking
for who's got information.
Yeah, I know about that. That's nothing.
That's the wrong end of the stick.
Who is she?
[HEGARTY] Nobody.
You okay?
Do you want me
to walk you back through it?
We entered the flat.
A neighbor had called 999.
They'd had a big fight.
Errol and your mum,
shouting and, uh screaming.
I saw your mum in the kitchen.
Do you remember the car accident?
Right. Well, you were in bad shape
with your legs.
Errol was, um
Errol, he was okay.
He had blood on him.
But it was her blood. Okay?
Not Not his.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
What are we doing, Mostapha?
[MOSTAPHA] Yeah. Yeah.
My VIP, he decides.
Right. Do you wanna carry on?
They'd been having some trouble at home.
Money, job, you know.
People lose their rag.
Well, you know that, right? [CHUCKLES]
But Errol, he denied it, of course.
Blocked it out.
He even had an alibi.
Oh, yeah.
But we found the man.
We traced him. We talked to him.
And he said no.
Errol He never saw Errol.
This is it. I'm in London.
- [PERSON] You're living the dream.
- [MOSTAPHA] Yes, my friend. Life is good.
[HEGARTY] He just made it up, you see?
The neighbors, the fight,
the blood, the postmortem.
I don't
You don't need to know any of that.
In the end, it was overwhelming.
The fight just went out of him.
He confessed.
He confessed all of it, the whole thing.
And, you know [STAMMERS] people,
they can say whatever they like,
but I was there.
Those are the facts.
[JUNE] God, I had a job finding you.
Your old boss seemed to think
that you'd moved to Istanbul.
Got some questions about an old case
from a few years back. Errol Mathis?
you were unable to provide an alibi.
Errol claimed that
at the time his girlfriend was murdered,
he was actually in your barbershop
inquiring about work.
Mmm. People used
to come in all the time.
[JUNE] Oh, so someone did come in, then?
Look, I don't want no trouble.
Yeah, sure.
It's just there's a man sat in jail
for a crime I don't think he committed.
So, were you lying? Were you threatened?
Mostapha, something you wanna tell me?
It It was
The police asked me
to identify him from the pictures.
Yeah, and?
- The pictures?
- The faces.
[STAMMERS] To me they all look the same.
I'm not racist. I swear. [SIGHS]
You couldn't tell them apart.
They showed you a load of Black faces.
You picked the wrong man.
Y-You know, when I When I
saw him on TV When I saw Errol,
I thought, "Was that him?
Was that the man I saw?"
So why didn't you go back,
say you made a mistake?
C-Come on. You know the detectives
down in Hackney Downs.
Coppers with friends
in these far-right groups.
Fascist people, combat league.
- Yeah, but you could You could've
- Listen.
People see, people talk.
didn't want no trouble.
You know, I-I think
about it every day
what I did.
Tell him
sorry for everything.
[SONYA] And you're
sure he's our Mostapha?
- He didn't deny it.
- [SONYA] Unbelievable.
I think he was relieved, on some level,
to finally get it off his chest.
Do you think he'd be willing
to revise his statement?
Confirm it was Errol he saw?
[SIGHS] I I don't know. Maybe?
But, Sonya, come on. Tell me.
Twelve years down the line,
is that really gonna move the needle
with an appeals panel?
Listen though, you know,
a man just looked me in the eye
and told me that he doesn't think
that Errol was there in that flat.
[PANTS] He's innocent, yeah? So
[GASPS] Wait a minute. That's my car.
That's my car!
[LEO] You okay?
How long is he gonna be here?
to make sure you finish your homework.
[CHUCKLES] H-Hilarious.
Not a word to Nana Mo though, okay?
You know what she's like.
Still, I mean,
24-hour protection's pretty cool.
No, it's ridiculous actually.
It's a total waste of money.
Oh, my God.
Don't move. Both of you.
[HEGARTY] Don't stress.
You didn't have to come.
I'm sorry about all this,
but it was my decision.
Well, we We don't need it.
If there's someone out there
making targeted threats,
trying to warn you off of, you know,
going after Isaac's shooter,
God forbid they get a hold of
your address.
My fault. I should never have put you
in front of the cameras.
We're gonna have to stand you down
from the investigation.
There's been some activity online.
Some act What?
Gang stuff. Showing off what
they'll do next, you know?
We're trying to get it taken down
but it's not a walk in the park.
It's pretty standard fare.
Just don't look, all right?
It's nothing to worry about.
Okay. Thanks.
[LEO] You got it?
[JACOB] Hmm.
[LEO] You can maybe start
[GANGSTER 1] Flip the camera.
Flip it, flip it, flip it, flip it.
Yeah, man. Yeah, we're out here.
- [GANGSTER 2] Hurry up, hurry up.
- [GANGSTER 1] Back up, back up, back up.
[GANGSTER 3] Fuck the
feds. Fuck the feds.
Don't ever mess with us again.
I wanna help you, Jason.
I wanna protect you.
Will you let me do that?
Just give me the name.
- Sir?
- [CHAMBERS] June.
Can you give us a shout
as soon as you get in, please?
It's a matter of some
urgency, I'm afraid.
Look, is this about the log sheets?
Because I filled them in.
That's still under review.
But I do have a duty to inform you
that a new complaint
has been made against you.
Sorry, what?
It's an allegation of
workplace bullying.
June. I know, it's a lot to take in.
Yeah, I'm not gonna argue with that.
I've got to be fair to all parties.
- What parties?
- You know I can't get into that.
Right. Sorry, sir.
It's just, um, another thing, you know?
I know.
You know, he had me taken off
the investigation. Do you know that?
"He" being?
Yes, I'm aware.
My car, torched.
- I know. And we are all here for you.
- I mean, you've got to admit [SCOFFS]
Well, it's a bit convenient, isn't it?
Sir, how did that guy
know where I was parked?
I know how this sounds.
I know this sounds a bit mad.
- But our vehicles, they're all tracked.
- Oh, for crying out loud.
Hegarty makes a
call. He pulls in a favor.
- Come on.
- And then now, today, I'm a bully?
I mean, come on. You've got to admit
- the timing is perfect.
- Stop.
Tell me something. Have you ever
heard of a man named Amit Çeker?
No? Twenty-eight years old,
Turkish descent.
Well, back here on planet Earth,
as of, I don't know,
about two hours ago,
a man of that name was
picked up on suspicion
of the shooting of your victim.
Your lad, Isaac Whitlow.
Yeah. Hegarty was fed a name.
The team worked
literally through the night.
Model policing.
Tracing the fellow to a trap
house off the old Kemp Road.
And is it Is it him? The shooter.
Well, how do they know?
It's all there.
Physical evidence, sworn testimony.
Lawyer's trying to cut a deal,
but Hegarty's having none of it
'cause he's pushing
for attempted murder.
- Good.
Jenny, Isaac's mum, she'll be, um
Wish I'd been there.
[CHAMBERS] I know.
Look, take a steer from your old boss.
Let it go.
Because despite appearances,
Dan is one of the good ones.
And not without a friend or two.
So there's that.
Hey. We had some
leftovers at work, so
- What, you made this?
- [PATRICK] Yeah.
- Listen
- [PATRICK] It's lasagna.
To say thank you or whatever.
you can't keep showing up like this.
Listen, you can't, okay?
Oh, this is my daughter, Lisa.
Nice to meet you.
Why don't we see if we can try
and get you out of those lodgings, yeah?
- [HEGARTY] Lisa.
- One second.
Look. [SIGHS] It was me.
I never said
you were bullying me. [STAMMERS]
I-I never used that word. But
[SIGHS] I had Roy all over me.
Blah, blah, blah,
"Did you give her the path report?"
- The path report. [SIGHS]
- [CHLOE] Yes.
For Maria De Souza. Clive Silcox case.
[STAMMERS] But they were all over me
for leaking it, and I was
I was trying to explain.
[STAMMERS] I mean, let's be honest here,
you were pretty demanding.
Yeah, but I didn't bully you.
I mean, Jesus, Chloe.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
But listen [STAMMERS, SIGHS]
if Roy's gone all nuclear and
and escalated everything,
that's on him. That's It's not me.
- No. I trusted you. I mean, what the fuck?
- [CHLOE] It's
- What? Sorry, what what what's that?
We're not all as Teflon as you. [SCOFFS]
- What?
- You and your new friends.
- Greasing the ladder.
- I'm sorry. I
No, no, no, you know damn well.
That press conference?
I get it, I do. Black, yeah,
but not too Black.
- What? [SIGHS]
- Yeah, not too threatening.
- Fuck you, seriously.
- I mean, fair play. I couldn't do it.
It's like they say,
it's all a game, right?
- [CHLOE SCOFFS] You know,
just don't expect anyone
to like you for it.
Seriously! Do you know what
Actually, you should
see what they call you
in the group chat. They s
Just enjoy your coffee.
Hi, June. It's Becca here,
- from Moore Street Shelter.
- [BECCA] Sorry, are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine. How can I help?
[BECCA] Did you ask a colleague to
call up about someone called Carla?
[SONYA] June. What's up?
Did anyone start calling up shelters?
For our misper.
[SONYA] N-No, we were waiting for you
to send the list over. Why?
Right. Yeah, it's just I just had a call
from one of the refuges in Leyton.
They had a male police officer
call up looking for anyone
on the register that might have been
sheltered under the name of Carla.
Uh, sorry.
Someone else is looking for Carla? Who?
Well, the officer didn't give his name.
Which is weird in itself.
That's why they called me.
I mean [SIGHS] am
I missing something?
Did you tell anyone
we were looking for her?
No. No.
Well, somebody said something.
If not us, then who? Doris?
Or one of her little helpers.
[SONYA] Marcia.
[SONYA] Joe?
[SONYA] Latisha?
So, Tony Gilfoyle.
He arrested you for shoplifting,
and then he dropped the charges.
In exchange for what?
- I tell him stuff.
- Stuff?
You were reporting on Doris?
Spying on the campaign?
Not spying. I just said how
we were getting on, that's all.
How long?
How long have you been doing this for?
Eight years.
- Eight.
- But I only said good things.
I never said anything bad.
She's been so good to me.
She She helped me with my kids.
I could have lost them with my record.
But she didn't judge.
She did everything to make sure
I could carry on being a mum.
Jesus Christ.
Right, so what was the agreement
with Gilfoyle? Was he paying you?
No. He got me on a list, that's all.
- List?
- For a flat.
Okay, okay. So, you-you've told him
about Carla, obviously?
- Yeah.
- And what about me?
Did you tell him
that I was helping you out?
All right,
you're gonna call Doris tonight
- [SIGHS] No. I can't.
- and you're gonna tell her,
sick aunt, new job. Tell her the truth.
I don't care. You quit.
You stay away from her,
and you do it tonight.
What do I say to Tony? [SIGHS]
[JUNE] You can say what you like.
Chances are he knows already.
Mmm. Latisha. Hello, love.
Sorry. Are you busy?
No. How can I help?
Okay. Well, uh, I wanna talk to
I'm so sorry, Doris.
[TONY] Look, I'm sorry about all this,
boss, okay?
Um, I'll see you tomorrow, all right?
Ta, mate.
The thing about Tony,
all right, the job is his life.
He's ten years into multiple sclerosis.
I've got him on school visits
and disability protocols.
Good luck telling that to the IOPC.
He's harmless.
[JUNE] Really? Harmless?
Eight years running covert ops
on a defenseless woman.
Is that normal for you?
You and your old boys.
Listen, they were planning an appeal.
We wanted to know
what they were going with, that's it.
You have no idea of
the of the damage.
- Damage?
- [JUNE] Yeah. Damage.
Let me ask you,
do your new friends
know about certain claims
made on that emergency call?
No. No.
[HEGARTY] Well, just so I'm clear,
if I found out you shared it,
any part of it, then I won't hold back.
You will need every friend
that you've got.
I will fucking have you.
All good? [SIGHS]
That was what he called it. "Harmless."
It's like nobody matters.
Not people like Doris anyway.
I'm sorry, I'm j I'm going on and
No, you're right.
I'm just I'm just
[SIGHS] Okay, so what do we do? Right.
Right, I mean do you
d-do you wanna blow the
whistle on these arseholes?
Because I mean, if that
If that is what you wanna do,
- then that's fine. I'm I'm in.
I'm serious. Right. If this is
the medicine they need, then
We're already under house arrest.
I mean, wh What
What else can they do to us?
It's up to you.
[STAMMERS] Make the call.
Uh, I tell you what, call
Call that, um That
boss lady off the telly.
The, uh The The The redhead.
Uh, what's her name? Claudia.
[CHUCKLES] "The redhead off the telly."
Should I be worried?
[SIGHS] Just make the call.
Okay, fine. So I make the call.
They They log a-a complaint.
They set up an inquiry.
It goes on for months
and months and months,
on and on, and then what?
You should've heard him on the phone.
Hegarty. He was nasty,
but he was rattled.
Why? What is he hiding?
What exactly did they do
to that poor woman's son?
- It's, um, Sonya. I should go.
- Okay.
I think what I'm trying to say is
You need to keep pushing.
[JUNE] Are you sure?
Course, whatever you need.
Thank you.
What now?
I should get that.
Hello, can I help you?
[CALLER] Stop looking.
Sorry, who is this?
[CALLER] You don't know what
you're messing with.
- Carla?
[CARLA] How do you know my fucking name?
Carla, where are you?
[CARLA] Please, stop.
- [JUNE] I promise we can help you.
- [CARLA] No! Just forget me.
[CARLA] Forget who I am.
'Cause you're gonna get me killed.
No. No. We can keep you safe.
[CARLA] You You don't believe me.
He's done this before.
He will do it again.
[JUNE] We believe you.
You just need to tell us his name.
[CARLA] No goddamn names!
Do you understand? [BREATHING HEAVILY]
He's protegido.
- Protected.
How? Who's protecting him?
- Carla?
- [CARLA] Just stop.
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