Criminal Record (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

Possession with Intent

[JUNE] Seriously, though.
Thank you for coming.
[GUEST] Honestly, it's a pleasure.
Yeah, but there's no such
thing as a free supper.
- Is there, June?
- [JUNE] Leo.
- [LEO] I, uh
I gave her the gist of it
on the way home from work.
Mmm, mmm.
No, it sounds intriguing.
- [SMACKS LIPS] So, all right. Your man.
Well, go on then.
Who says Rioja and
neuropsychiatry don't mix?
- Thank you. Uh, he is a man, right?
So, he comes to after a car crash and
claims to remember nothing.
He has complete memory loss from
the moment he enters the flat
to when he wakes up in the hospital.
And then, let me guess, he
remembers and confesses all.
Yeah, but f from what I gather,
that's neurologically tricky.
So, the hippocampus
the part of the brain where we
store and retrieve memories
it's shaped like a little legume.
- Legume?
- [GUEST] Mm-hmm.
Yeah, a bean, which actually
shrinks after trauma,
making it harder to recover memory.
So, how did Errol have the recall
to make a detailed confession?
I told you that this is what
keeps her awake at night.
[GUEST] Okay.
We tend to view memories
as dependable things,
like videotapes of our past.
But it's more accurate to
think of them as oil paintings.
You go back. You paint over
them, layer after layer.
And so do others.
For So other people can
sort of edit your memories?
Mm-hmm. Yep. [SMACKS LIPS]
It's all on my podcast.
- Well, that seems a stretch.
Oh, really, June? Okay.
So, why don't you pop
by my lab at some point?
- And I bet you I could hack your memory.
[GUEST] Have you believing
that we were old friends.
Perhaps, we had a snog in
your grandmother's tree house.
My grandmother doesn't
have a tree house.
Are you sure? What if
I showed you a photo?
You see, here's the thing, when
a memory has been repainted,
you only have access
to the latest version.
Not the original.
[GUEST] Given enough trauma,
people really don't have access to
the contents of their own minds.
So, "Is it possible someone planted
a false memory in Errol's head?"
Yes. Theoretically.
Easier than you think.
[LEO] She likes you.
I like her too.
- [CHUCKLES] No, no, no. "Like" likes.
- What?
[LEO CHUCKLES] You are so old school.
Oh. I see what you're trying to
say. I'm quite flattered actually.
- I thought you were a detective.
- Shut up.
Yeah, she was pretty smitten.
She's got good taste though.
You know you can tell me stuff, right?
I'm always on your side.
In spite of appearances.
[JUNE] I know.
You know, I've been thinking
about you a little bit.
You been thinking about
me a little bit?
- Clive.
- Yeah?
Can I ask you a question?
But it needs to be,
like, our little secret.
[CLIVE] All right.
Combat League.
You joined up as a
teenager, didn't you? Yeah?
Well, I wanna show you some photographs,
and I just want you to tell me
if any of them were ever a
member of that organization.
Got it?
- What is this?
- Just tell me.
Are you sure?
[CLIVE] No. No way.
At least, I never saw him. [SIGHS]
[JUNE] What about him?
Or him?
You knew this man.
[SIGHS] Yeah.
We all knew Tony.
[JUNE] Tony Gilfoyle.
I'm DS June Lenker. Dalston Lane CID.
Could you just, uh, grab
the box for me, please, love?
Yeah. Um, sorry to bother you.
Really appreciate your
help, but it's a bit tricky.
- [TONY] And And that as well.
- This as
A witness has mentioned
your name in connection
with an ongoing investigation.
Could you put that
one on top of that one?
I've got to get the, uh, wheelchair in.
See, there's been an allegation
that you were a member of
a political organization.
And as you know, membership
of any political grouping
is proscribed for serving officers,
but this was Combat League.
It's a neo-Nazi group.
Also known as Bloodline?
So, are you or were you
ever a member of that group?
Is, uh, Roy Chambers still the
man in charge down at Dalston Lane?
I'll just get him on
the blower, shall I?
Tell me about the
Errol Mathis confession.
Oh, there it is.
Just tell me, and then I can
forget about what I heard.
Yeah, I heard you was a bully.
Listen, the thing about bullies is,
my dear old mum used to say is
that you can't give them any ground.
You have to look 'em dead in the eye
and tell them where to go shove it.
See, you?
I couldn't give a monkey's what
you think, all right? Ta-ra.
- [KIM] Yeah, hello.
- Hi, mate. Uh, listen.
Um, it's not good. [BREATHES HEAVILY]
Fuck's sake. She's been round
there. To Tony's. She's got it
Come. Walk on.
Boss, she's got it in for us.
How do you come into this?
He's sick, right? He deserves better.
After all the time that he's put in.
Kim, I've got this. Seriously.
Tony had our backs.
I think he deserves us
to step up to the plate.
[HEGARTY] See, this is what
you always do, you and Tony.
- You wind each other up.
[HEGARTY] Hi, yeah.
[HEGARTY] There he is.
- I hear you made an arrest.
So, what's the problem?
Oh, it's all good.
I'm here about a flat.
Starter studio for a friend
of mine. A guy called Patrick.
That should take care of the deposit.
- [STEFAN] Tomorrow soon enough?
- Yeah.
I got pictures of a visit Hegarty
made to this address last week.
He visited a cashpoint here and
withdrew quite a wad shortly before.
Shit. Sonya, you
you're following him?
What are you so scared of?
- I can't spy on a colleague.
- Well, it doesn't stop us though, does it?
What about Tony Gilfoyle?
- I think we should be
- Look, Hegarty's off.
We both know it. What is
it with all the driving?
What is he doing with all that extra
cash? Finally, we have something.
What? He goes to a to a carpet shop?
Drugs, not rugs, June.
It's all run by a man
called Miras Mansur.
They're dealers. Wholesalers,
really. Large quantities of heroin.
[RAJAN] And Hegarty's a regular.
I I need to get back to work.
You don't wanna see.
He's either being blackmailed
or maybe he has a sideline
in the drugs trade.
I mean, you said it yourself,
June. He is capable of anything.
- Come and get it. Come and get it.
- [FRIEND 1] Hey, give me a sweet, fam.
- [FRIEND 2] Let me get one.
[WAITE SIGHS] Here we go.
[FRIEND 1] This yout.
Such an odd little child.
[SPITS] Rank, bro.
That's it for your mouth.
Bro, you ain't never
even used a toothbrush.
Like you're sweet
- [FRIEND 2] Whoa.
[OFFICER 1] Police.
- [OFFICER 2] Hands by your sides.
- Come on. Do it.
[OFFICER 2] Backpacks off. Turn around.
[WHISPERS] What's this?
What's this?
- [FRIEND 1] Shit.
- That's not mine.
[OFFICER 2] Just
resting in your bag, eh?
[OFFICER 1] All right.
You two can be off.
- [FRIEND 1] Go.
- [OFFICER 1] Go.
[COACH] Ah, Jacob? Where
is our number seven? Jacob?
Jacob, I'd put that away if I were you.
- [OFFICER] What have we got?
- Picked him up, Harpes Lane.
Behind the line.
- [OFFICER] What's the offense?
- Possession with intent to supply.
[OFFICER] Oh, right.
Name, please.
Jacob Taylor.
[OFFICER] Step forward.
Write down on there the names
and numbers of three people
you're gonna wanna call.
You can use your phone.
Come on, Mum.
[VOICE MAIL] The number you have
dialed could not be connected.
Please try again later.
The number you have dialed
could not be connected.
Please try again later.
Anyone else you can call?
- Where's my phone? Where? Jesus.
Where the hell is it?
- Hello.
- [JACOB] Nana, I've been arrested.
- What?
- [JACOB] Can you come and get me, please?
[STUTTERS] Where, darling? Where?
The police station.
Give me the address. I'm coming.
I'm-I'm co I'm coming to get you.
- Can I go now?
- [OFFICER] Step back.
Jacob, do you understand that I'm
going to authorize you for detention?
Okay. Feet on the prints.
[PEDESTRIAN] Excuse me.
Oh, come on, Jakey. Pick up.
- [JUNE] Hiya.
- [LEO] Where have you been?
[JUNE] Sorry, work. Haven't
had signal for a bit. Why?
Where is Jacob? He's half an hour late.
- [JUNE] Well, have you tried calling?
- [LEO] About six times.
- Have you tried the school?
- [LEO] Yeah, he left at the usual time,
but it doesn't stack up. There's
nothing more important to Jake.
[VOICE MAIL] The person you
have called is unavailable.
[OFFICER] Incident at Mare Road E1.
IC3 male aged between ten and 14.
Multiple stab wounds. All units.
[OFFICERS] It's all
right. Don't worry, mate.
- Zac?
[JUNE] Hi.
- Hey. You okay?
[OFFICER] Right. Jacob Taylor.
Well, the good news is
he's been refused charge
Good news? My son was
processed for intent to supply,
his DNA was taken, he was banged up,
and all without the presence
of an appropriate adult?
As per regulation, he tried
all his nearest relatives.
- You have made things infinitely worse.
- No, all-all I did w
His DNA is on the system now.
[OFFICER] I wasn't the
one who brought him in.
So, who was? Who were
the arresting officers?
- A Roskill and Waite.
- [ZAC] June.
- [JACOB] Dad!
- Jake! Oh, my God. Come here.
- Jake. Jake. [SNIFFLES]
- [JACOB] Sorry.
- Yeah.
- I was with Max and Shakil,
and then the police
came, and it wasn't mine.
- I wasn't doing anything.
- You don't say that.
You don't even think it,
okay? This is not your fault.
- I promise I wasn't doing anything.
- It's okay.
- [OFFICER] Excuse me.
- [JACOB] I promise.
- [ZAC] I know. I know.
- [OFFICER] Thank you.
- And the top, please.
[NURSE] Hi, there. We
have a Maureen Lenker
here at outpatient, at A&E?
[MAUREEN] That's very
kind of you. [SNIFFS]
- Mum.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- [JUNE] Thank you.
We have to collect Curtis.
They keep arresting him.
- And you know why. Because
- Mum, Dad's not been arrested.
- Because they don't like his hair.
- He's not the one at the police station.
There's nothing wrong with his hair.
it's just a style. It
- Mum, listen. Listen. Listen. Listen.
- No. No.
You know Dad's passed away, remember?
Come on. Put this on.
It's a long time ago now.
[JUNE] Thanks for doing that, Morowa.
We haven't told the girls. They
don't need that in their lives.
Yeah. Not yet.
[JACOB] The trials are, like, never.
They're, like, next year or something.
Now I'm gonna lose my edge.
And I'm gonna steam in there
tomorrow, doing my best cross Dad,
- and speak my mind to Coach
- Attwood.
- [CHUCKLES] Attwood.
- [MAUREEN] Okay.
You're the best football
player I know, Jakey.
Mmm. Talent like yours
cannot be hidden away.
[ZAC] You'll have more opportunities,
I promise. There's still time.
Hear, hear.
That's right. That's right.
Your, um, ball skills are
[STAMMERS] just brilliant.
- [ZAC] Ball skills, Mo?
What? Well, I can talk, uh,
football talk. Can't I, Jakey?
- Just gonna open another bottle of wine.
Chigwell. Those two cops were
on Kim Cardwell's old team there.
- Kim who?
- He's a shit.
Hardly narrows it down, doesn't it?
So, two buddies of Kim
Cardwell go way offbeat
to search a bunch of 12-year-old boys.
And what do you know, one
of them finds meth on my son?
Okay. Yeah, yeah. [STAMMERS] I
mean, that does sound a bit dodgy.
- But, um, I don't know, it might be
- What?
I don't know, like, um, cops in London,
not Texas, driving across town to
No. This is Hegarty.
[JUNE] What? What's
that supposed to mean?
- [LEO] Him again, yeah?
- Yes, him again.
Please don't act like I'm losing
my mind. I'm not losing my mind.
This is him all over. Right?
He's-He-He's He's deniable.
He sends one of his minions
to do his dirty work.
I go after one of his boys.
Hegarty goes after my son.
[JACOB] Who's Hegarty?
Do you want some Do you
want some more kung pao?
I don't understand though.
Why is he going for me?
Uh, it's just It's
[SIGHS] I think it's work.
I think it's something from work
that might have spilled over.
Look, Jake. [STAMMERS]
Now I mean, we trust you
100%, right? You know that.
[STAMMERS] And we know that
stuff wasn't yours. But
- What?
Do you think maybe someone
[STAMMERS] placed it in your bag?
Like who?
One of your mates, or
Uh, Jake, do you wanna
take these plates back in?
No, no, no, Maureen. Maureen,
that is sacrilege, that is.
- [MAUREEN] What?
- Ketchup on Peking duck? No.
- Can we please go play? Can we, please?
Yes. Okay.
- You said you were on my side.
- Of course I am.
Because it feels like every
time you need to make a choice,
back me and my son, or
- You choose the other side.
- I get it.
And the worst thing,
the very worst thing,
is I want to tell him
that it's not his fault.
I get that.
But inside he thinks that it is.
I get it. I do.
So, the one thing you
do not do is blame him.
- I didn't.
- You just said it.
Look, we're both strung out, okay?
But it's better for Jacob to stop
because that boy, he's got
everything going for him
to stop and think for a second,
rather than growing up with this mindset
that the whole fucking
world's out to get him.
Mindset. Mindset? Wow. What do
you mean? You mean like my mindset?
That is That's not what I'm saying.
What, like irrational? And aggressive?
It is not about you.
Would you have said that about
one of his old gang? Rohan, say?
I see. Right. Yeah. I get
it. You're implying that
Do you know what?
Mental health issues in your
family, they're not color coded.
You fucking what?
Where do you think the
paranoia comes from?
- You going after my mum now?
- Huh?
- I'm on sufferance with you.
- That it's like a family curse.
Every little fucking thing I say
is under the fucking microscope.
Then say better stuff!
- We're gonna get going. We got a
- Yeah.
[LEO SIGHS] Fucking hell.
You all right?
Thank you for coming. Thanks for
coming. It meant everything to Jakey.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
definitely had one in the '80s.
Bowie. Truth or lie?
That is a truth. And that opens up
Earth, Wind & Fire,
Madness, Mariah Carey.
had one, it was gonna be late '80s.
Earth, Wind & Fire, massive in the
'70s. They might have early '80s.
The Madness are absolute
in the early '80s though.
[PRESENTER] Madness, truth or lie?
- Police.
- [RESIDENT] What do you want?
- [JUNE] Move.
[JUNE] Miras Mansur,
I'm arresting you on suspicion of
possession with intent to supply.
[JUNE] Hey. If that's who I
think it is, St. Leonard's Docks.
Tell him.
Fucking hell.
So, what is it with the two of
you? Some sort of arrangement?
What? You think you're protected?
You think he's got your back?
Not anymore.
I'm taking him in.
What's the charge here?
[JUNE] Possession with intent to supply.
- Yeah, that's not happening.
- Oh, really? You're gonna stop me?
Well, see that guy there in
the back of your car, Mansur.
He's one of mine.
He's a trusted asset.
Yeah. Nice Nice try.
I ran the address past a
contact in counterintelligence.
Oh, good for you.
Friends in high places.
- Yeah. And the name's not been flagged.
- [HEGARTY] Well, of course it hasn't.
Welcome to the fucking twilight zone.
Not that it's any of your business.
You literally give that
man bundles of cash.
- I don't know where you are getting
- What do you get in return?
- your information from.
- Drugs?
Or what? What exactly?
Enough. Okay?
I'm asking you very nicely.
[SCOFFS] You came after my son.
Your man, Kim, had methamphetamine
planted on a 12-year-old child.
Don't act like you don't
know what I'm talking about!
Why would I go after your son?
Oh, sure.
Just let him go, right? This See
this? This is not rational behavior.
Oh, neither is buying
heroin from a carpet shop.
And what about Tony?
Hmm? Fits in nicely with
your 62s thing, doesn't it?
Combat League? You're
wrong. You're so wrong.
Tony is undercover.
- [SCOFFS] No.
- Yeah, always has been.
No, he wasn't even on the
force when he joined up.
Yeah, I know. 'Cause we hired him
straight from the Coldstream Guards.
Errol Mathis. That's what
this is all about, yeah?
That case was investigated fairly
and impartially. We got our man.
No, you got a confession.
But just let him go.
Sorry. I know that you've
had a really hard night.
You know what Don't.
That's your career, right
there in the back of that car.
My son's DNA is on the fucking PNC!
That's a permanent record!
See, I can help you with that. I
can sort that out. I can have a word.
But, you know
Let him go.
Out. Get out.
What? I can't walk. Look
how fucking cold it is.
For fuck's sake. What did
your last servant die of?
- Hi. Is Kim available?
- Oh
- Uh, he's, um Ah.
- [KIM] He may come in.
So, you decided the smart move
was to plant drugs on
a 12-year-old child?
No. That is not what happened.
Get your keys.
Can I Can I get changed?
[SIGHS] Can I get my coat? Cheers.
[HEGARTY] In what world
In what fucking solar system
was that showing her?
Don't you get it? I had her.
- She was hounding Tony.
- [HEGARTY] Precisely.
Right, so it's her or us.
I had the power to arrest her
for harassing a disabled man.
A fellow police officer. She was done.
She was gone. She was
packing up her bags.
Off to be a fucking
social worker, or whatever.
[SCOFFS] Now where are we?
Everybody thinks she's
a pain in the arse.
How are you still talking?
Oh, come on. We've done
worse back in the day.
Look, this is what we do.
All right? I [STAMMERS]
I don't I don't tell you stuff,
because you don't wanna know.
But I'm there for you. I have
I have always been there for you.
It's always been about protecting you.
[HEGARTY SCOFFS] Yeah, okay.
Remember I asked you if I could
take your motor for a spin?
Remember that?
[CHUCKLES] What, now?
Now is as good a time as any.
- [KIM] Whoa! Hey! Hey, hey, hey!
Stop. Stop. Oh!
What the fuck? Fuck.
Handles like a dream.
[GRUNTS] Oh, fucking hell!
You know, I can't
afford to pay for this.
Better learn to live
within your means then.
[KIM] But it's
It's fine, love. Okay? Go to bed.
- [STEFAN] Here we are, then.
- [PATRICK] Thanks. Yeah, it's great.
[STEFAN] Thank Dan Hegarty.
He paid the deposit.
IKEA special,
that way no one gets to spy on
you in your birthday suit, eh?
Here's the keys to
the kingdom. Good luck.
- Body odor special. [LAUGHS]
What's this?
You know, to let
to let yourself in whenever
it's raining or whatever?
Why are you so nice to me?
Why do you think?
You like me?
Well [STAMMERS] you shouldn't.
I'm no good for you. You know that?
[JUNE] Here you go.
Jake, listen, um
Sometimes people The police might
- People make assumptions.
- Yeah.
[JUNE] Assumptions based
on their own prejudices.
[SIGHS] And-And these these cops,
they won't see you as a sweet
little boy who would never
[STAMMERS] Mum, come on.
They'll see you as a Black boy.
And, well, um
They're racist.
So, I just want you to know
how to protect yourself in
case they give you any hassle.
- Mum, you don't need to tell
- No. Listen, I do.
- I know about this stuff.
- [JUNE] Okay? Listen.
You have to be, um
you have to be smart.
So don't wear your hood up.
Don't put your hands in your pockets.
If the police stop you, don't run.
Be polite and tell them that
your mom is a police officer.
[JUNE] Doris, it's me, June. Look.
Is it okay if Sonya and I
pop round later, tonight?
There's just something you need to hear.
There's something you
deserve to hear about Errol.
About your son.
- [JUNE] Hi.
- [DORIS SIGHS] Come in.
This is Carla. The woman
we've been looking for.
[CARLA] He He had a girlfriend
a long time ago. Same like me.
He said, "Dumb bitch. Never listen."
Never keep him, you know, happy.
He stabbed her many, many times
with the same knife he put in me.
And now she's dead.
[JASMINE] What was
her name? Do you know?
[CARLA] He's bragging
about it, you know?
There's a man in in prison
doing 24 years for killing her.
[JASMINE] Please, if you could
just give me your boyfriend's name.
[CARLA] No, no, no, no, no. He
keeps saying that this guy in, um,
Whitecross He says he's such a
loser and, uh [GASPS, SCREAMS]
[JASMINE] Caller?
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