Criminal Record (2024) s01e06 Episode Script


[BEE BOY] Mr. Gilfoyle, I
unpacked all your shopping.
I left the paper out for you too.
I-I took the fiver, I hope that's okay.
Is that honey?
Yeah. Do you wanna have a look?
[BEE BOY] Can I?
Here. Put this on. [GROANS]
Don't worry. They won't hurt ya.
What do you see in there?
- Nothing.
- Uh-huh.
[BEE BOY] Is that bad?
It means the queen's getting old.
There should be eggs in
there, but she's running low.
[CLERK] DS Lenker? Errol Mathis
files requested from the 2011 archive.
[TONY] Now have a little listen.
It's higher pitched.
They're in a frenzy.
They can feel a change coming
and it makes them nervous.
- What are they gonna do?
[TONY] Well [SIGHS] the
workers will try and make a new queen
so they can keep the hive going.
But the old one,
she'll try and stop any
challenger she sees as a threat.
And that's 'cause there
can only be one queen.
[BEE BOY] So, what happens?
[TONY] They fight, of course.
They don't stop until one
of them kills the other one.
it. Stop it, Preston.
Ah, gifts from the outside world.
Thought you might have had enough
of powdered caffeine and UHT milk.
You're a life saver, aye.
Um, so, what's so important that
you couldn't wait till after lunch?
Well, when we first met,
uh, I said that, you know,
I can't take the pain away.
But all I can do is work all the
hours I've got to make sure that the
[INHALES DEEPLY] the man who
did this to your family
[SIGHS] spends the rest
of his life behind bars.
I'm pushing for a charge
of attempted murder, okay?
We've got a meeting
with the CPS tonight.
No promises.
Just like I said, you know,
sometimes these things take time.
- Right?
- And this is from the archived stuff?
Yeah, it's Hegarty's logbook.
So, Errol is vehemently denying
everything, fighting for his innocence.
And then less than 48 hours later,
he's volunteering confession.
Then in between, there's this
visit to the crime scene, right?
- Something happened on that visit.
- Definitely.
I mean, it's useless, but
yeah, something happens.
You don't think this is suspicious?
I didn't say it wasn't suspicious.
It's old news. They had it at the trial.
We had it at the appeal. I
mean, it's not sympathetic.
"Hey, fancy a field trip
to where your girlfriend
was brutally murdered two days
ago?" But it is aboveboard.
Right. So, what's with the "Huh?"
Well, you You said it like
something was interesting.
Maybe. I don't know.
It's a reach, but 7:30.
7:30, clearance comes
through from Dr. Hollingworth.
Errol okayed for interview.
- Then?
- Well, then they do it.
10:30, interview with
Errol Mathis under caution.
What happens in between?
Nothing happens in between.
Medical clears him at 7:30.
There's no new evidence after that.
They're under pressure for an arrest.
Why don't they just interview him
straight after the doctor
gives them the go-ahead?
Instead they wait for three hours. Why?
Maybe he's not a morning person.
Maybe he fancied a lie-in, or
They were waiting for the
duty solicitor to change.
- Working their way down the list until
- Until they got an SNE brief.
- A lawyer they can work with.
- See no evil.
[DORIS] And this caller,
if they can find her
I mean, you see what
I'm saying? This is big.
They've got her on the phone, you know?
On the phone saying
she knows who did it.
I'm gonna get everyone on this, okay?
I'm gonna
- Darling, this is good news.
- Mum [STAMMERS] I can't.
Don't you get it? I can't.
Every time you do this,
it makes it harder for me.
- [STAMMERING] No, darling, I
- No, I d I don't want your help.
Can't you get that?
I don't
I don't want hope.
I want to forget, Mum.
So just let me forget.
You're tired. You need
to get an early night
- No, every time you do this
- Have a shave.
you just make this worse.
You make this worse.
[SCOFFS] Oh, God.
Jus-Jus-Just leave me alone.
How am I supposed to tell these
screws tell apart, like
[LAUGHS] Maybe you don't need a table.
- How'd you even know him?
- [LISA] Are you serious?
How'd you even meet?
You don't get to tell me what
I can do, okay, who I can see,
who I can fucking spend my time with.
You're both volatile, vulnerable.
I'm trying to look out for you.
No. You're trying to control me,
like I am some case to be managed.
- I have done my best. Rehabs, methadone
- [SCOFFS] Best?
paying off flat deposits
when you've left them wrecked.
I'm doing what I have
to do to find a solution.
Oh, is that what this is?
Is that what this is? That what it is?
Feeding your daughter gear every night
so she doesn't leave you on your own?
- I am your dad.
- You're not my dad.
- I'm here to look after you.
- You're my fucking dealer.
I mean, do you have any
idea how fucked up that is?
If I wasn't doing this, you
would be dead. We both know that.
- You know what the worst thing is?
- Get in the car.
- You know that you're going to do it.
- You like it like this.
- What?
[BREATHES HEAVILY] I mean, you're
You're terrified I'm gonna leave you,
and you'll just be another
sad, lonely old man.
I wish you were in a state to
leave, so don't even go there.
I mean [SCOFFS] I mean, you've got
You've got no friends,
no fucking family
- Get in the car.
- No. Am I wrong though?
- Get in the car.
- You know what? You're the one who's sick.
Get in the car. Put some
Keeping me hooked like
I'm your fucking pet.
And you know what?
No wonder Mum gave up.
I mean, who would go on living
if it meant being with you?
Go and put some fucking clothes on.
- Fuck off. Fuck off.
- [LAUGHING] Yeah. Fuck off. Fuck off.
How'd you think we fucking met?
[JUNE] So it was back in 2011,
I'm not sure if you remember,
but you were defending a
guy called Errol Mathis.
[SOLICITOR] He confessed, if I recall.
I'm interested in your relationship
with the investigating police team.
Like, did you know any
of them prior to the case?
- I'd have to look at my records.
- Oh, that's There's no need. I, um
So, i-it seems that two weeks before,
you were defending a
Mrs. Destiny Bolasie,
uh, against a charge of
possession with intent to supply.
And the investigating
officer was the same guy.
It was DCI Daniel Hegarty.
I don't know what you're fishing for.
Did anything happen on your
visit to the crime scene?
- Excuse me?
- Were you with your client at all times?
- Of course I was.
- And did DCI Hegarty ever make it clear
how he got a confession from Errol?
Look, I'm afraid, Officer Lenker,
that asking me to go any further
is asking me to waive
professional privilege,
which belongs only to my client,
as set out in Section 1.3e of
the Legal Services Act of 2007.
I assume you already know that.
But if you continue to push me,
I'll have no choice but to
contact your duty inspector
and ask him to explain it to you.
Well, thank you, Mr. Cardona.
Perhaps you could ask him to explain
the part about that privilege being void
if the solicitor is found to be
in conspiracy to perpetrate a fraud
or, by analogy, any other crime.
I'll show myself out.
Lisa. Where is she?
I was literally just gonna te
Wait. I thought she was with you.
What's going on?
- What happened?
She didn't call?
- What did you say to her?
- Oh, don't fucking start, okay?
- Listen
- [SIGHS] I'm gonna go look for her.
No. No, no, no, no. She's
probably on her way home.
Don't you go anywhere. I'll go home.
She'll be there sat on the doorstep.
I lost my keys, or I won't have
- Have you got somewhere to be?
- Yeah, I've got a meeting in 45 minutes.
Yeah, the bloke you
arrested. The kid in the park.
- Yeah, she was saying
- She being my daughter?
She was gassed about it.
- Gassed?
- Yeah.
- I hardly think so.
- She's proud of you, man.
No, she's not.
Make yourself useful. Call
around, call her friends.
She hasn't got any friends.
Doris, please.
- Goodbye, Latisha.
- Let me [STAMMERS] Let me explain.
No. You told me you were losing
your kids. I supported you.
- That was true.
- I don't want to hear it.
- I wanna help. I swear.
- No, you don't. Nobody does.
Not you, not my husband, not Errol.
And you know what? Who cares?
I don't need you.
I'm not giving up.
[CHLOE] See ya.
Do you remember my first day in CID?
"Chloe will show you around."
Hmm. "Any questions, just,
uh Just ask Chloe."
"Chloe, do you mind just
showing the new girl around?
Just making her feel really "
- Yeah, yeah. "At home." Yeah.
- "At home."
Classic Roy.
It's not personal.
You know? I just
Have a massive stick up your ass.
[CHUCKLES] I was gonna
say, "Work better alone."
And you think I'm a people pleaser.
No, I don't think that. It's not true.
It's not about you, actually.
It's not about me. It's about this job.
- It's all of it. It's
- It's in the walls.
Do you know what gets me most?
You know, Claudia
Mayhew politely suggests
reform and have you seen all the shit
that she deals with online?
It's disgusting, man.
Death threats. She's moved
house, I think, twice.
You You looked at that stuff?
- Yeah.
- Why?
Why would you give
them the satisfaction?
I don't know. I [BREATHES DEEPLY]
I tell myself it's
about knowing the enemy,
but the truth is I just find
myself, in the middle of the night,
so angry I can't resist.
I'm that kid with the lighter.
Just like that
Till I get burned.
I know what you're thinking, all right?
No, no. You don't talk, okay?
You just do as you're told.
But I'm good for her.
Right, some guardian angel you are.
She talks to me. She tells me stuff.
The idea of you two, sneaking
around behind my fucking back!
Oh, for f She wasn't She
wasn't going behind your back!
She's scared of you. She
You're so fucking You're just
She looks up to you,
but you're never there.
You don't You don't listen. You
don't talk. You give her nothing!
What? What's going on?
What's wrong?
What's going on?
It's no big deal.
Um, okay, just change of plan.
Just get me phone numbers.
Any of her cronies. Her hangouts.
You stay exactly where you
are. Think you can do that?
Stay in contact.
What about your meeting?
[JUNE] Hi, Jakey. Listen,
um, I can drop you somewhere,
if you wanna go hang. As
long as you're back by 9:00.
No, I'm good, thanks.
- [MAUREEN] I won't risk it.
- Okay.
- [LEO] All right. Well, thank you.
- [MAUREEN] Call yourself a scientist.
- [LEO] Well, I do have a PhD!
- Hello, sweetheart.
I'm just going to go up.
- Okay.
- I'll be down for bed in a sec.
Thank you.
It's just for a few days,
I promise. [CHUCKLES]
- [LEO] Yeah.
- Just till she gets her strength back.
Yeah. Yeah. No worries. It gives
me a chance to learn more about
What does she call them
again? Sell-by dates.
Uh, I did wanna talk to you
about something, actually.
Mm-hmm? [CHEWS]
I just wanted to say no hard
feelings about the other day.
[STAMMERS] I think
we both said things
Oh, that.
Yeah. Oh, yeah. Me too. I agree. [CHEWS]
It's water under the bridge.
Have we got any [SIGHS]
We haven't got any mustard.
She's thrown that away as well.
When you say "that".
- Huh?
- I mean, when you say "Oh, that," do you
- I don't know. [STAMMERS] Never mind.
- Okay.
[STAMMERS] Do you want some
dinner in a bit or are you
Sorry, when you say, "Oh,
that," it just kinda sounds
like it wasn't really
a big deal, that's all.
- And it was kind of a big deal.
- [SIGHS] Okay.
I'm sorry. It's just you see
what I'm [SIGHS] saying.
You know, your instincts telling you
that my son and his
friends were in the wrong.
[JUNE] I mean, that's not a
It's not a missed wedding
anniversary or something.
It's quite big.
Yeah. I know that.
So, I'm just trying to understand
why you did that.
I dunno.
I dunno.
- We okay?
- Yeah.
really like to be at home.
I mean, maybe-maybe-maybe you and
Jakey would [INHALES DEEPLY]
come to mine.
Just for a few days. You
know, just until I get my, uh,
my head back on.
All right?
[HEGARTY] This is DCI Daniel
Hegarty, please leave a message.
- Dan, are you fucking kidding me?
I am sat here, sipping piña coladas
with the Chief Crown
Prosecutor at the CPS,
and I am running out of small talk.
So you better have a seriously
fucking good excuse up your sleeve.
Uh Anyway, um
Amit Ceker. Uh, what are we
saying? What do I tell him?
Attempted murder, ABH? [SIGHS]
Christ's sake, Dan, where
are you? [SIGHS] Call me.
[LISA] Hey, you've reached Lisa.
Sorry, I can't get to
the phone right now.
But if you leave a message or
if I know you, drop me a text
- and I will try and get back to you.
- [NURSE] Hello?
[HEGARTY] Yeah, is that
the A & E streaming nurse?
[NURSE] That's correct. How can I help?
Yeah, this is Detective
Chief Inspector Daniel Hegarty
from Hackney Downs Police Station.
I-I'm looking for a white woman.
She may have been
admitted this evening.
Young, slim, blonde hair, early
mid looks early mid-twenties.
[NURSE] Okay, we'll post a notice.
Yeah, she may have been admitted
tonight. Possibly with a
- With some kind of drugs issue.
- Okay.
If anyone matching that
description turns up,
- will you please give me a call?
- Okay. Uh, sure.
[ROSS] Hello, mate.
It's Ross Cardona here.
It's been a while, hey?
Listen, something
happened today. Bit weird.
I had a visit from a DS June
Lenker. Call me back, okay?
closest available car
to attend to the King's Arms
Club on Erskine Road for a 22A.
[DISPATCH OFFICER 2] 115 to dispatch.
[DISPATCH OFFICER 1] Go ahead, 115.
going north on Caydale Drive.
- [HEGARTY] Patrick.
- [PATRICK] No. Nothing here.
Listen to me. If she turns up,
if she comes back to your flat,
if she calls you or anything at all,
I need to know. Do you understand me?
No messing about, okay?
[PATRICK] Yeah, I said I would.
- I am responsible for her, understand?
- Yeah.
Imran said he sent you this photo.
You saw her tonight, this young woman?
[PERSON] Lisa? Hadn't seen
her in years. It was so nice.
She was on it with some guys I
didn't know, but they went off,
talking about Signum or something.
What's that? Signum,
what's that? Is that a rave?
Too cold for me.
Where is it? Where is it?
Epping Forest or somewhere.
[HEGARTY] How'd you even know him?
How'd you even meet?
[PATRICK] To what? I just
keep an eye out for her.
And if she comes round trying
to score, I message you.
Easy money.
Who is that girl anyway?
[ERROL] Where you gonna go?
Where are we going?
[PATRICK] No, it's me.
She's okay. We're at yours.
Uh, where are the kids?
My sister's got 'em.
Oh, good.
Why are you sleeping in your car?
He had organized the flat
for me. Paying all the rent.
Once I couldn't be with
you, he took it back.
I don't have anywhere to go.
[DORIS] Who was this man, Latisha?
Who was this man?
- Oh, piss off, will ya?
- Oh, nice.
This is the second time in four
days you've been harassing me.
If you've got a question,
go through the rep.
Uh, you don't wanna do that.
I know how much trouble
you're in as it is.
Twenty-four hours,
Errol Mathis went from
protesting his innocence to confessing.
Plus, I'm a cripple,
so it's a very bad look.
What happened to change his mind?
What did Hegarty do, @TBDT?
Oh, does that scare you?
It should.
[CHUCKLES] I've got absolutely
no idea what you're talking about.
You can tell that to digital
forensics when they chase the accounts.
- Get off my property.
- Probably have a root around the IP address.
See what else it's been
doing. Chase down the VPNs.
- Get deep, if you know what I mean.
- I'm warning you.
Your career, over, Tony.
Your pension, gone.
You tell me what happened,
and I can think about what
to do with that information.
- You're loving this, aren't you?
- Tell me what happened.
You and all your muggy little mates?
- Hegarty can't protect you from this.
- Coming for me like I'm the problem.
You are living in a dreamland, Tony.
Me? No, love. You're
the one fucking dreaming.
I've worked East London
for 35 years. You're a joke.
You think the world is a
United Colors of Benetton ad.
It's a war zone, love.
Go down any estate in Tower Hamlets
and see if you can find a mixed gang.
You can't. You know why? 'Cause
they all fucking hate each other.
The whites hate the Blacks.
And the Blacks hate the Turks.
And the Turks hate the Pakis.
So don't come round here,
trying to threaten me or
tell me how the world works,
'cause I ain't the problem. I'm
the solution. And you, look at ya!
You're just a token
copper! Now, fuck off!
Let her sleep it off. [BREATHES DEEPLY]
There's some aspirin in
the drawer by the fridge.
Nothing stronger
without checking with me.
Please, just listen.
Please. This information
would only be known
by somebody that has worked with you.
And we've already put the IP address
within a mile of Tony's house.
[SIGHS] It's not enough. You're
talking about a serving officer.
Ma'am, this is one of the
men that threatened you.
It's not a fishing expedition.
We just pick up phones and
computers, and we get him.
You don't need a magistrate. You
just need to go in and prove it.
Yeah. Okay, yeah.
You! Hey, you. Hey! I'm talking to you.
[CHUCKLES] Now's really not
the right time, love. All right?
I want an apology. [BREATHES DEEPLY]
Listen, disappear, love,
before you get hurt.
You asked my friends to spy on
me! Call yourself a policeman?
You're a disgrace. You
understand me? A disgrace.
You lied then, and you're lying
now. I know what you did. I know.
I know. I know what you did!
- [TONY] Go away!
[NEIGHBOR] Are you okay? [GASPS]
Oi! Get out of the car. The
fuck do you think you're doing?
Get out of the car!
Fucking maniac!
[DORIS] Hiya, this is Doris.
I can't come to the phone, but please
leave a message after the beep.
Hi, Mum. It's me.
[ERROL] I hope you slept all right.
I just I just wanna say
I'm sorry.
I cleaned myself up.
[CHUCKLES] So, you know, I'm more
smart for the next time you come.
You know I love you.
Delta, Yankee, Alpha.
I'm calling all eastbound units.
We have a victim at the
scene, an IC3 female,
name of Doris Mathis, pronounced dead.
Paramedics in the final stages now.
[HEGARTY] Setting aside
the Doris Mathis charge
- what are we looking at?
Trolling, you know. Well,
banter, really. That's all.
- That's all?
- Yeah.
Look, I might have took
it a bit far at times,
but that's just that's just, like,
the way it is. Everyone
does it, you know?
You let off steam. [STAMMERS]
That's the sense of humor.
- Did you make threats?
- No.
I mean, you can't take
everything too serious, can you?
They'll be trying to say that
you posed a credible threat.
Can they?
[SIGHS] Look, I did drop a drawing of,
uh, of the yard where
her office is and
and a picture or two, yeah.
But hold on, it's not like that.
- I wouldn't have actually, sort of, like
- That's not the point.
Mate, she's come at me,
right? People like me
It's like, you know,
come on, people like us
Uh, don't start, Tony, okay?
Listen, she started the war,
right? What did she expect?
I said not now.
If there's something that needs
to be done, I will do that.
Oh, you better.
But they are searching your place
right now. Do you know what that means?
So, if I'm gonna help, I
need to be able to help.
So, do you need to tell me anything?
[JUNE] Give me a minute.
This is, um
- Yeah.
- Yeah, it's a tragedy.
Spent her life fighting
for what she believed in.
Yeah. It's a great shame.
Died for it.
I wonder whether perhaps recent events
might have stirred things up for her.
Perhaps she's been led to a place
where emotions were running high.
Can't help thinking about
her husband, poor man,
and how he was desperate for
her to forget about it all.
So, if you've come to protect
your mate's little troll cave,
I'm afraid you're too late.
We're just finishing up here.
No, no, no, of course not.
I wouldn't dream of it.
Turns out he was quite active online.
I had no idea.
Really? Because a few days
ago you told me that all that
was strictly to do with
his undercover work.
- So I believed.
- So, he managed to keep all that from you?
Despite the fact that you
were his supervising officer
for nearly 20 years?
A double life.
God, that sounds fucking
stupid of you, sir.
Well, I could hardly disagree,
given the circumstances, can I?
I suppose I'll know more once I have
a chance to review this evidence.
Oh, no, I'm afraid
that's not gonna happen.
On the contrary,
this falls under the extension
of the original undercover work
for which I was, as you
say, supervising officer.
So I will send you the
report once it's done.
- No. No, that's not
- Thanks very much for getting us started.
I want every scrap of paper
here itemized and accounted for.
- Sir.
- [SIGHS] Gonna take the carpets up.
Sir! I was the first
respondent. This is mine.
I'm sorry, DS Lenker, not this time.
I have an email from ACC Claudia Mayhew.
It sets out the chain of command.
As you can see, according
to the superintendent,
your long-standing close relationship
with the racist, misogynistic,
death-threat-sending officer involved
means that you are completely
unsuitable for the role.
However, I would be happy to
let you have a copy of the report
once I'm done.
Alleged racist, misogynist,
death-threat-giving officer.
You can't have thought
she'd let you take control,
so why are you here?
To pay condolences?
To protect your friend?
No way.
Wait! We're not done here.
Cheers! Cheers!
Thank you. You too.
Loosen up, Chief. We're celebrating!
I tried calling. Cruella
came through, God bless her!
CPS have finally grown a pair.
Attempted murder. That's the charge.
Come on. [CHUCKLES]
Boss Boss, we got the shooter.
Never mind. [SIGHS]
[HEGARTY] For the tape,
the officers present
are DCI Daniel Hegarty
and DS Tony Gilfoyle.
The time is 00:13,
25th of September, 2011.
Also present are Errol Mathis
and his solicitor, Ross Cardona.
I understand that the defendant wishes
to revise his earlier statement.
[ROSS] That's correct.
[HEGARTY] Errol, in your words.
Go ahead, just tell me.
Tell us like like you told me.
I killed her.
[HEGARTY] Name, please.
[ERROL] I killed Adelaide Burrowes.
I took the knife from
the kitchen drawer
[ERROL] I put it in her.
[HEGARTY] Where?
[ERROL] Throat.
[HEGARTY] You put the knife
in her in her throat?
[ERROL] Yeah.
[HEGARTY] Anywhere else you remember?
- [ERROL] Chest.
- [HEGARTY] The chest.
For the tape, the officers
present are DCI Daniel Hegarty
and DS Tony Gilfoyle.
The time is 00:13,
25th of September, 2011.
Also present are Errol Mathis
and his solicitor, Ross Cardona.
I understand that the defendant wishes
to revise his earlier statement.
That is correct.
Errol, in your own words.
Go on, like you told me.
Uh, yeah.
I killed her.
Name, please.
I killed Adelaide Burrowes.
[ERROL] Throat.
[HEGARTY] In her throat? You
put the knife in her throat?
[ERROL] Throat.
In her throat? You put
the knife in her throat?
[ERROL] Yeah.
Anywhere else you remember?
- [ERROL] Chest.
- [HEGARTY] The chest?
[HEGARTY] In her throat?
[ERROL] Yeah.
[HEGARTY] Anywhere
else do you remember?
- [ERROL] Chest.
- [HEGARTY] The chest.
Her chest and her throat.
Her chest and her throat.
They won't stand up.
You were giving him the answers.
There's not a jury in the
country that will ever see that.
That's not a denial.
The footage from this
interview was reported damaged.
- I don't need to explain
- That's not a denial.
There is a man in prison.
There is another man out there,
somewhere, with a woman
whose life is in danger.
Can you comprehend,
even for just one second,
that this is not about you?
What happened between you and Errol?
How is it that his memory
just suddenly returns?
And why does it feel like he's
looking to you for guidance?
There are parakeets in Epping Forest.
Did you know that?
Apparently, two birds escaped
from an aviary in Essex
over 100 years ago.
Now they're everywhere.
What happened?
DCI Hegarty, it's time.
Tell me what happened.
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