Cruel Summer (2021) s02e05 Episode Script

All I Want for Christmas

Previously on Cruel Summer
You would be okay if
I hooked up with Luke?
MEGAN: Yeah, go for it.
Being a computer nerd
has its advantages.
In boarding school, your
friends become like your family.
At least Lisa did.
Cuba Libre, please?
It was the first drink I had with Lisa,
and she's my best friend.
- What happened?
- Old pipes.
Guess they just gave out.
- It's $5,000.
- But we can't take it.
You should have taken my money.
MEGAN: She just whipped it
out like it was no big deal,
like it was nothing to her.
Yeah, I get it.
How? A window gets smashed here and it's
fixed overnight, like nothing happened.
I mean, it's the same for Isabella,
if something goes wrong, then
somebody just writes a check.
DEBBIE: Anything good?
MEGAN: Uh, no, no, just junk mail.
Why don't we just claim diplomatic
immunity and get on a plane?
I'm afraid that would look very bad.
Especially after what happened in St.
Barts last winter.
Luke was the love of your life,
but your relationship was never the same
when you found out you were pregnant.
He rejected the idea of a baby with you.
So you killed him.
ISABELLA: "Hey, Lisa. I'm
having the most epic summer.
The Landrys are incredible,
all I could ever want in a family.
Megan and I are getting so close.
If the three of us were together,
it'd be out of control.
Luke's sweet a real American boy.
Today we're all going
to 'Christmas in July'.
You'd make fun of it
with me if you were here.
I wish you were."
Yeah, we're gonna let it slide ♪
WOMAN: Christmas time is here ♪
This is amazing.
I remember that one.
Thanks so much.
It's not fancy or anything, but
No, it's it's perfect.
(SIGHS) Santa left
yours behind the chair.
They said that it was the latest
hi-res LCD screen or something.
It looks so professional.
Wait, um is it
is it the wrong kind?
The geeks at Circuit City,
like, promised that this was
No, no, it's great. Really.
It's just so expensive.
Well, yeah, I
I wanted to get you something amazing.
It is. Thank you.
Uh I'm gonna go set it up.
You said you'd talk to
me before you told anyone!
I had to strike back after they
found your money in the cabin.
That was a huge blow.
I told you, someone planted it there.
It's the truth.
The money and the bag were
both still in the Airstream
before they found Luke's body.
Then they just
Someone's trying to frame me,
to make me look guilty.
All the more reason for me to
stay one step ahead of them.
We both know you have a lot to hide.
Okay, Ned, three fish sandwiches to go
and four extra containers of mustard.
You asked for two but you
always end up wanting more.
You know me too well.
Don't know what I'd do without you.
Did Captain Cray Cray just hit on you?
No. God, no.
He's just lonely. Needs
someone to talk to.
Hmm. Maybe you're his special someone.
More like I'm the only one with
the patience to deal with him.
And now he won't let
anyone else serve him.
First Jeff, now him
you are on fire, girl.
You're such a dork. (LAUGHS)
The monitor's amazing. It's so clear.
It's too much.
I get it.
But, like, you deserve it.
I I can't compete with that.
We just have very different budgets.
I know, but
you don't have to.
Oh, is, uh is Luke coming over?
Uh, we never really made a plan.
Things are good between the
two of you, though, right?
I mean, they've been better.
Wanna check out the
Christmas lights in the town?
Uh, actually I have to work.
But it's it's Christmas.
I-I thought we were gonna
spend the day together.
I know, I told Jerry
I'd pick up a shift.
- I need the money.
- Cool. Raincheck then.
Count on it.
ISABELLA: I'm sorry.
How'd you find out?
I saw the test in your bathroom
on New Year's.
Didn't know "ride or die"
included digging through my trash.
We were in a bad place,
I wanted to know why.
To understand.
Pretty convenient that
the news took the heat
off of your money
being found at the cabin.
That was my lawyer's move, not mine.
You really expect me to believe that?
It's the truth.
That's a line that I
wouldn't have crossed.
Because of what, girl code?
"Ride or die" still
means something to me.
You can blame me or
hate me all you want
but we're tied in this together.
The more that they find out about you
on the night that Luke disappeared,
the more that they find out about me.
I haven't given up on our friendship.
You're completely delusional.
Our friendship died a long time ago.
And there's nothing you can
do or say to resuscitate it.
Is Jeff meeting us later?
No, he's spending the day with
his family on Whidbey Island.
You guys have been seeing
each other a lot lately.
Have you made it official?
What, you mean, like,
is he my boyfriend?
Among other things.
- Uh I don't know.
Trouble in paradise?
Not at all, I mean
he's cute and nice and smart.
I'm having fun, I just
I don't think he's my
soulmate or anything.
(SIGHS) Yeah, Luke
definitely does not like
seeing the two of you together.
It's written all over his face.
I think you're seeing things.
I don't think so.
Are you sure there's
nothing between you two?
Oh, my God, no, no,
for the hundredth time.
It's not like that with us.
Okay. It just feels like there's
more of a vibe between you two
than me and him or you and Jeff.
We're old friends.
That's all.
Seriously, if you're picking up
on anything, it's just history.
But you could tell me if you did
have feelings.
I know. But I don't.
MEGAN: Who's that?
Thank you for saying
so. Oh, here they are.
Isabella, honey, you've got a visitor!
I had a layover in Seattle.
I only had your address,
so I couldn't call.
I can't believe you're here.
Trevor was telling me you know
each other from Switzerland?
Yeah. Yeah, he's, uh,
he's Lisa's older brother.
Hey, I'm Megan.
Um Trevor.
- Nice to meet you.
- Yeah.
You should stay for lunch.
Yeah. That'd be great.
Oh, I don't want to
bother you, Debbie
It's no bother!
You guys must have a lot to catch up on.
And we can all get to know Trevor.
But, I mean, he also
came all the way here,
he should see Chatham, right?
Bring him to Christmas in July!
I'm not sure that,
like, cheesy Americana
is really Trevor's thing, though.
Yeah, well, a year ago,
I would've said the
same thing about you.
But, yeah, that'd be great.
You sure you have time
before your flight?
For you? I've got plenty of time.
Let's do it.
You and Megan going ice skating today?
No, she has work.
Her shifts aren't too long.
You can do something fun later.
I guess. (SIGHS)
Any word from Steve?
We agreed to take time apart,
so that is what we're doing.
Want to give it a shot?
It's surprisingly therapeutic.
See you later.
- You know what?
Actually, I'm gonna go check
out the Christmas lights today.
Can I borrow your car?
Thanks. (SIGHS)
VENDOR: Cookies, candy canes!
(GIGGLES) You did not need
to see that much of Chatham.
Izz, remember that nude
beach we went to in Santorini?
You went to a nude beach?!
Yeah. Nude beaches sound great,
but they're filled with people
that you don't want
to see naked, trust me.
- Eww!
- Right?
I didn't even think of that.
So, where do you live now?
Uh, London. I'm at university there.
Oh, man, you guys are so lucky.
You've been everywhere. I
haven't even left Washington.
You will. Even if I have to
cram you into my suitcase.
Oh, there's Luke! Hey!
What are you doing here?
I've been searching for you for months.
But clearly I should
have looked in the mall.
What is this, Abercrombie?
It's a long way from Milan.
Were you ever gonna call me?
- Hey, sorry I'm late.
- Hey.
Uh, Izz, are you gonna introduce us?
this is Trevor.
He's an old
Cool. Nice to meet you.
- You too.
- Yeah.
Was this a planned visit?
Total surprise.
Yeah. Just, uh
wanted to see my girl.
It's a long way to come.
Yeah, she's worth the trip.
I couldn't agree more.
Dashing through the snow ♪
In a one-horse open sleigh ♪
So you and Luke, huh?
He's not your usual type.
Well, maybe I'm trying to grow.
Learn from my mistakes.
MEGAN: Hoo, what? That was epic!
I know, it was like the best day ever.
Totally worth all the punishment.
- Hi.
- Hey, guys.
Hey! Yeah. Have a Yule Log.
It's a Chatham specialty.
It is, yeah. Megan once
ate six of these on a dare.
Okay, he ate seven, but then
he barfed so it didn't count.
- I did.
- Try one.
They're fantastic.
What happened to you being a vegetarian?
You know, not eating
anything with a face?
Changed my mind.
Yeah, I guess, um
I guess we inspired her.
Isn't that what traveling's all about,
opening up to new experiences?
Also, I'm not really sure
corn dogs have a face.
Deck my balls with
thongs and glitter ♪
Fa-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la ♪
Whoa. Who's this bowl of yum?
Hi. I'm Trevor, Isabella's friend.
You know, why don't you guys join us?
The more the merrier, right, Izz?
Of course.
Wait, can I have corn dogs?
What are you doing, Megan?
You need to tell Isabella to leave.
I can't stand to be around her anymore.
Where will she go?
Um, anywhere else.
A hotel. A bus station. I don't care.
Is Isabella the one who?
So it's true.
You were pregnant?
- I wish you would have told me.
- I didn't need any help.
How did it
- resolve?
- Just don't. Okay? Not right now.
I'm always here for you, baby.
Are you?
- Of course.
- I don't know,
'cause lately it seems like you're
so worried about staying neutral
that I think you forget
sometimes there really are sides
and you have to pick one.
Megan, you know I'd do anything for you.
If that's true, then pick mine.
Hey, so, uh when was the last
time that you guys saw each other?
Uh, five months ago.
Huh. That's not a long time.
MEGAN: He's Lisa's brother.
Oh, yeah? How'd you all meet?
Um, I met Lisa at boarding
school in Switzerland.
We ditched together,
like, five minutes later.
MEGAN: You're such a badass.
I feel guilty if I skip gym.
Yeah, Izz and Lisa came home
for fall break together that year.
Anyways, I started planning
Ditch Day for school this year.
Who's coming with me
to see the Backstreet
Boys in Seattle in October?
- Oh, my God.
- Me!
Oh, my God, yes.
- Yeah, hard pass.
- Perfect.
- That music will give me boobs.
- Booyah! Double D's!
You know, I thought that you
were more Moby than boy bands.
Well, it's a woman's
prerogative to change her mind.
And yours apparently just
changes with the wind now.
Yeah, or maybe her taste just improved.
How long have you even been here?
I mean, I don't remember
when you left, since
you didn't even say goodbye.
You know my parents don't give
me a say when it's time to move.
- Hey.
- Hi.
What the hell.
- Just a little
- You didn't have to do that.
Look at that.
NED: That's wonderful.
- Some hot chocolate?
- Okay.
- Hey!
- Ooh, what's that?
Uh, iced hot chocolate.
So, basically,
overpriced chocolate milk.
Got it. Can we spike it?
- Yes.
- Duh.
Wait, you still drink after last winter?
What happened last winter?
Holy shit.
They have no idea.
MEGAN: What's he talking about?
It's actually so embarrassing, but
once got too drunk at a club in Ibiza
and got arrested for
public intoxication
and urination.
In a park.
Trevor had to bail me out.
I got kicked out of school,
and that's the real reason
why I had to leave Europe.
- No way! That's hilarious.
KELLIE: I would die.
MEGAN: Trevor, is that true?
Uh, yeah. Yeah.
I mean, you know Izz.
She's capable of absolutely anything.
We we need to talk.
Of course.
We are gonna go grab sodas.
They have no idea, do they?
It wasn't the right time.
So what was your plan, to move here
and start a new life and
pretend nothing happened?
Your parents wouldn't even
tell me where you were.
I was starting to think that, you know,
maybe you were
maybe you were hiding from me.
Trust me, you're the only
person I wanted to talk to.
I missed you.
So much you replaced
me with that Luke guy.
A guy your best friend's close with.
Yeah, I've seen that movie before.
- Trevor
- You've been here a minute,
and you're acting as if these are
your best friends in the world.
Megan is.
I know I haven't known
her very long, but
she means a lot to me.
I can be myself with her.
You and I both know that
that's not really possible.
You're wrong.
I can trust her.
And Luke?
You don't get to tell me
who I can and can't like.
You shouldn't have come.
I'm glad I did.
Helps to see what really matters to you.
Last winter
things got out of hand.
We shouldn't have kept it from Lisa.
I wish we could go back.
I'd give anything to do it differently.
Me too.
The police had so many
questions about that night.
There've been rumors too.
You don't believe them, do you?
What am I supposed to think?
- You left.
- My parents didn't give me a choice.
Yeah, but you never even called.
Look, I needed you, Izz.
I'm sorry.
I'm really, really sorry.
I never meant to hurt you.
I love you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Thanks for coming.
Yeah, of course.
Trust me, I was glad
to get out of the house.
Ever since that Northland
deal fell through,
my dad's been at Defcon 2.
Where is everybody?
Debbie and Lily went
to a cookie exchange.
Well, that's why I called you.
What's going on?
Luke, something's wrong.
I mean, she used to tell me everything,
but lately it's like she's
hiding things from me,
shutting me out.
Things have been so strained with us
ever since that night at your house.
Yeah, me too.
There's been, like
this arctic chill.
Then, earlier, she snuck out.
At first, I thought to see you.
Yeah, I know, I
She was acting strange,
like she had a secret.
(SIGHS) I followed her.
No, "I love you" isn't
gonna cut it this time.
- Trevor
- I came here for an answer.
You've already made up your mind.
So it doesn't matter what I say.
You need to go.
You're unbelievable.
DEBBIE: I'll do those later.
We should chat.
I didn't mean for the news to get out.
My lawyer went rogue.
It's the talk of the town.
I've told you many times
that this is your home.
I meant it.
And I still do.
But I think it's best if
you stay somewhere else
while this all plays out.
I had the same thought.
I'm already packed, Parker's
on her way to pick me up.
This doesn't have to be permanent
Debbie, there's something under my bed
that Megan wanted to get rid of.
You should ask her why.
LUKE: I can't believe this.
It gets worse. She went into his house.
Like, willingly?
Mm-hmm. I wanted to get closer,
but I was just scared
that they would see me.
Holy shit. What do you
think they're doing?
I don't know; ever since
that dinner at your house,
it's like she's jealous.
Of us.
That's crazy.
I really miss her.
She'll come around, she always does.
Merry Christmas.
- Thanks.
- Of course.
Am I interrupting something?
Just waiting for you to get home.
How was your shift?
Uh, it was pretty good.
People pity-tip on holidays.
I'll trade my self-esteem
for cold, hard cash any day.
Well, I'm just glad you're back.
Um, I'll see you guys later.
- Megan!
- What was that?
I was trying to say goodbye,
and he just made it more.
Didn't seem like you were complaining.
- Looked like you were into it.
- I swear, it was a slip-up.
Are things not over between you two,
is that why you never told me about him?
No. No, trust me, Trevor
and I are done for good.
Where is, uh, Trevor? Did he leave?
(SIGHS) That guy's intense.
You okay?
Never better.
Good. Um
This place is kinda beat.
You wanna get out of here?
Maybe head to the cabin?
It's cool. You guys go.
I'll get a ride with Kellie or Amy.
You sure?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Uh, we're still on to
hang out tonight, right?
- Sure.
- Okay.
Wait. I'm sorry.
About Trevor.
Don't worry, there's
nothing to worry about.
No, I just
I want you to know that he's not
gonna be a part of my life anymore.
Look, I get it. If I was him,
I wouldn't want to see you
with another guy either, but
he's not gonna be a
problem for you, is he?
No, I made my feelings clear.
He won't be back.
No pressure, but
I thought maybe, if you're ready
Sorry, I was just
putting some laundry away.
Why haven't you sent these?
Lisa's sailing the Caribbean.
I'm sending them in a few weeks
when she docks in St. Barts.
Yeah, it's what we do when the
other one's traveling, so
Oh. That's smart.
Yeah. Yeah, I read them
all at once when I get them.
But Lisa's hella patient,
she doles them out,
like, one day at a time.
(LAUGHS) I'd be the
same way. Make it last.
I haven't seen you get
any letters from her.
Oh, I have.
Yeah, I must've just
beaten you to the mailbox.
You know, I, um
I never thought that I would
have another friend like Lisa.
Megan's become
practically like a sister.
The past few days, it feels
like something changed, though.
She's pulling away.
Have you talked to her about it?
I tried.
Didn't really get anywhere.
Just let Megan know that
you're there for her.
She'll come around.
She always does.
Hey, sleepy head.
I didn't realize that I fell asleep.
Hmm, you weren't out long.
That was, um
(LAUGHS) That was incredible.
Was it for you?
My first time, and all
I can think about is
When your next time is gonna be?
Look, this
this might not be a huge deal for you.
It's not not a huge deal.
I haven't exactly been
with that many people.
It's like
I don't know, ever since you
got to town, it's like I've been
living in the Matrix before.
But now
it's like I took the red pill.
That's sweet.
- I think.
- Trust me, it is.
Megan's obsessed with that movie.
She's watched it like five times.
All right.
Where are you going?
I have to go.
But I, uh, promised Megan
that we'd hang out later.
Raincheck for next time?
You can count on it.
You and your mystery novels
If I ever need to bury a body,
I'm gonna call you for help.
Just get a shovel and some lye.
- What's lye?
- It's a chemical.
I think it speeds up decomposition.
Exactly why I'd call you.
I'm sorry about the monitor.
I get now how it was way too much.
- It's okay.
- But it's
it's not, though.
I didn't even think about
how it might make you
feel uncomfortable.
Instead of making it about you,
the person who was getting the gift,
I made it all about me.
I know you meant well.
I will let you get back to your book.
Good night.
What's wrong?
You have that look on your face.
I hate that look.
That was the Paris office.
The sheriff has been digging around,
asking a lot of
questions about St. Barts.
You can contain it though, right?
That's your job.
I'm trying.
And I've succeeded for the last year.
(SIGHS) But sooner or later,
someone's going to talk.
It's only a matter of time.
I figured you'd be all cocoa'd out.
My kryptonite. Thanks.
So, um, you and Luke at the cabin.
Did you guys have fun?
Yeah, we did.
when you saw me with Trevor earlier
I wasn't cheating on Luke.
I was just trying to
be a good friend to him.
MEGAN: I know.
You do?
You're one of the best friends
I've ever had, so, yeah, I know.
Are you okay?
Okay, um
You know earlier,
when you asked me if
I had feelings for Luke?
when I saw you and Trevor together,
I thought, um, like,
maybe just for a second,
that things weren't
over between you two.
I was kind of
I don't understand
Because it meant that maybe
you aren't that into Luke.
That would be a good thing because?
Because I think I am.
I'm sorry. I I don't
even know why I said that.
- I shouldn't have
- No. No, no. You had to.
- No secrets.
- But it's stupid.
You guys are together, it's,
like, it's going so well.
Why would I
Oh, can we just pretend
that didn't happen,
just do a brain wipe, please?
- Megan, are you sure?
- Positive.
Chalk it up to too much sugar.
There's a reason Christmas
only comes once a year.
All the small things ♪
True care, truth brings ♪
I'll take one lift ♪
Your ride, the best trip ♪
Always I know ♪
You'll be at my ♪
As if.
Can't take just one.
The monitor is kind of incredible.
I'm glad.
The photo album's one of
the best gifts I've ever received.
I don't even know when
you found time to make it.
I have excellent time management skills.
And I'm pretty sneaky.
(SIGHS) Well
good night.
Good night. Merry Christmas.
You too.
Come home ♪
Work sucks, I know ♪
She left me roses by the stairs ♪
Surprises let me know she cares ♪
You're up late.
Yeah. I couldn't sleep.
I kept thinking about what you said.
Wha I thought we were
taking the blue pill.
You know, pretending
that never happened.
It's from The Matrix.
Of course it is.
You know, um
Luke's fun and all, but
I'm not really interested
in a relationship right now.
Oh. Are are you sure?
Seeing Trevor again reminded me of that.
But you two?
That's soulmate territory.
Meant to be.
You got a letter.
From London.
It's from Trevor.
Isabella's friend?
"Dear Megan, when I
heard that Luke drowned,
I knew I had to contact you.
When I was in Chatham last summer,
I realized you didn't
know the full picture.
I'm sorry I didn't fill you in sooner.
Oh, my God.
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