Cruel Summer (2021) s02e06 Episode Script

The Plunge

Previously on Cruel Summer
The sheriff's been digging around.
- I had to strike back.
- Someone planted it there.
You know Iz. She's capable
of absolutely anything.
Maybe you aren't that into Luke.
That would be a good thing because?
Because I think I am.
Everyone already believes that
they saw me on that tape, right?
- Yeah.
- So let's make sure that it stays that way.
The more that they find out about
you on the night Luke disappeared,
the more that they find out about me.
You need to tell Isabella to leave.
I can't stand to be around her anymore.
But I think it's best if you stay
somewhere else while this all plays out.
There's something under my bed
that Megan wanted me to get rid of.
"When I heard that Luke drowned,
I knew I had to contact you."
"When I was in Chatham last summer, I
realized you didn't
know the full picture."
Oh, my God.
Oh ♪
You look great.
- I love your hair like that.
- Thanks.
Thought I'd try something
new for the party today.
So, about that.
- I broke up with Luke.
- You what?
- It's his birthday.
- Which is why I did it last night.
I couldn't keep seeing him
now that I know how you feel.
- I didn't ask you to do that.
- I know.
I wanted to. He clearly
has feelings for you.
And you guys are like
the end game, so
Why wait?
Are you sure about this?
I thought you liked him.
It was never going to be anything more
than a summer fling
between the two of us.
What did he say? Like,
how did he take it?
He was surprised, for sure, but, um
he took it pretty well.
The party's gonna be a blast.
He'll forget all about me.
Plus, one look at you,
and he'll realize that what he wants
has been in front of
him this whole time.
Almost ready.
- I'm so glad we're doing this.
- The Chatham Plunge is the bomb.
Luke and I have never missed one.
You're gonna love it.
Wait, how cold is it again?
Um, shoot, I, um
I'm gonna have to bail, actually.
- Why?
- I'm sorry, really.
It's, um it's this paperwork
that I have to send to U Dub
before the end of the year.
- You can't do it later?
- No.
Deadline's today.
It's for the scholarship,
so it's a big deal.
Um, we'll hang tonight. I promise.
Confess my faults ♪
To keep your conscience clear ♪
DEBBIE: Did you sleep at all?
Not really.
Luke would have been 18 today.
A year ago, I was planning
his 17th birthday party.
Now there's a memorial instead.
It's so hard to believe he's gone.
Where did you get the laptop?
A friend.
BRENT: Couldn't sleep?
Yeah. Me either.
You know, he
he would've loved being
the center of attention.
"All Eyez On Me."
God, he was the worst rapper.
Just what was it, DJ Just Stop?
Remember when he used to try to beatbox?
Yeah, it was just
spitting everywhere.
I was such a dick to him.
Yeah, you were.
But you're kind of a
dick to everyone, so
Still, you know, he didn't deserve it.
Finally. How long does
it take to get some ice?
Had to make a few stops.
Lily's staying at a friend's and my
mom's not getting home until like 10:00,
so we'll have the whole house
to ourselves for the party.
Something's different.
I showered. Did you
bring the saw horses?
- Yeah, I already set it up.
- Okay. Can you run this through the living room?
'Cause the socket
outside might blow a fuse.
Just relax, Sarge.
All right? We got this.
Okay. I just want this to
be the best birthday ever.
Get Luke's mind off of everything.
What, you mean being
dumped like a chump?
Just keep the import in
her trailer and it'll be fine.
- Dude.
- You know, I always say
that the best way to get over someone
is to get under someone else.
Right. Well, you say a lot of
crap and no one's buying it.
Just trust me. All right?
This party's gonna be something
that Luke will never forget.
Come on, come on, come
on. One more, one more.
Go, go, go. There you go, good!
Now, that's how you build
the power. (CHUCKLES)
I could I could be in here all year,
I still wouldn't look like you.
You see? That attitude right
there is part of your problem.
If you don't lead with confidence,
bullies can smell that from a mile away.
It's primal.
Yeah, well, Brent's more of a primate.
Yeah, well
family knows how to push
buttons better than anyone.
My dad used to be a "my way
or the highway" kind of guy.
Used to bully the hell out of me
and my sister when we were kids.
You? I can't see that.
Yep. He didn't want me to
go into law enforcement,
thought it was beneath me.
You didn't listen, though.
Biggest lesson I've learned
was to be my own person.
You know, don't let people
tell you what's what.
Unless it's a beautiful woman.
Then we'll just let 'em
think they call the shots.
But always make sure
you have the final say.
- Totally.
- All right.
Come on, one more.
TIM: Oh, these'll get you lit!
Whoo! Let's get this party started!
Yeah, let's go!
You've killed it, as usual.
Oh, thanks.
I'm not used to you with the ponytail.
But you always look fly, though.
Ah, let me grab some paper towels.
ERIC: Luke's here!
- Happy birthday!
Thank you, thank you.
- Happy birthday!
- Oh, wow!
This is rad, Megan, thank you.
- What are best friends for?
- Getting each other naked wasted?
Uh, is Parker here?
Yeah, she's out back.
He's actually being really cool today.
He's trying to make me feel
better in his own screwed-up way,
you know?
Uh, is, uh is Isabella here?
Brent thought it'd be
weird for her to be here,
so she's just laying low.
Tell her to come. I'm cool.
Yeah, I mean mostly.
I'll pace myself.
I'll help.
See? Slowing you right down.
What did you do with your hair?
I haven't seen it down
like this in forever.
Just felt like changing it up.
We have five shots
with your name on them!
- That's all!
ERIC: Ooh!
Are those the police
files on Lisa's death?
- From St. Barts?
- Yeah.
I thought Tom said those were sealed?
They were. But I found a way.
Someone who was at the
party said that Isabella
convinced Lisa to go
swimming that night,
even though she was clearly drunk.
People heard them fighting in the water
right around the time that Lisa drowned.
She left St. Barts
that night by helicopter
before anyone could ask questions.
So she's a fugitive?
The case was closed due
to insufficient evidence.
Seems pretty sufficient to me.
Her parents must've used
their connections to keep it quiet.
A falling out with her best friend,
and then someone drowns.
I mean, it's it's
Whidbey Island has the best trails.
I've been going camping there
with my parents since I was a baby.
(LAUGHING) I'm just picturing you in
your diaper, just filming everyone.
What you mean, in my diaper?
No, stop.
LUKE: What is this? What are we doing?
- It's called a Hurricane.
- Okay.
- Does it rip your top off?
- You'll see.
- Okay, hit that.
- Okay.
Do me next!
Did you see that?
So, um
My parents said I could bring a friend
when we go back to Whidbey in August.
Uh would you want to come?
- Megan?
- Hmm?
I get it.
A great party doesn't host itself.
Uh Find me later.
Yeah. Totally.
That boy has it bad for you.
I know.
And he's so nice.
I think I have to break up with him.
(HIGH-PITCHED VOICE) Do I sound silly?
- LUKE: Hey, are you not going to do the Hurricane?
Are you sure you're not
having second thoughts?
Yeah, I'm positive.
He's all yours.
I told you a couple days
ago, something's up with her.
Yeah. You were right.
I mean, she's never missed a Plunge.
She was totally coming
until she got that message.
It was probably from Ned.
I swear, it's like she'll take
any excuse to blow me off lately.
Guess you're taking your trash
out in public now, Chambers.
Hey, Isabella, can I plunge into you?
You're pathetic.
- Wait, you like an audience, right?
- We can just do it right here.
It's not like you've ever
done it with anyone ever.
So why don't you two go play with
yourselves and leave her alone?
Whatever, dude.
ERIC: You've changed.
Hey, they're assholes,
okay? Don't worry about them.
Eventually they'll move
on to something else.
(SIGHS) You give them too much credit.
But thanks.
All right, are we doing this or what?
- Race you in.
I can't believe you did it ♪
Oh-ho-ho ♪
In the end we both ♪
Played our part in a TV show ♪
There's something under my bed
that Megan wanted me to get rid of.
You should ask her why.
Another misty morning ♪
Another stormy night ♪
Happy birthday.
LUKE: Thanks.
Megan totally crushed this party, huh?
- Just like everything else.
- Yeah, so
traditionally, in our
culture, when you dump someone,
you don't crash their party.
It's whatever.
Ignore him.
It's all good.
I didn't wanna be tied
down senior year anyway.
"Traditionally, in your culture"?
Where is that, Douchebag Island?
We need to talk.
I've gotta go.
It's been almost two
weeks, still no arrests.
What the hell kind of
investigation are you running?
I know today must be incredibly
difficult for you, right?
Sit down, let's talk about this
Why are you not charging anyone?
I can't go jumping at
every half-baked theory.
So instead you sit on your
ass and you do nothing?
I'm following the evidence,
seeing where it leads.
It leads straight to
Isabella, if you ask me.
I mean, her fingerprints
were on the gun,
her bag of money was at the cabin.
Trust me, I am working around the
clock, leaving no stone unturned.
Um I'm done waiting, Jack.
I'm hiring an investigator,
someone who can get the job done,
someone who can get
Luke some real justice.
JEFF: Wanna team up?
Yeah, sure. Okay.
Welcome to the first annual
Luke Chambers Invitational
Beer Pong tournament.
Winner gets a beej!
What if it's a girl, you tool?
- Then you get to give one!
- Yeah.
Uh, it is teams of two, so
I call Megan as my teammate.
'Cause you have very
good eye-hand combination.
Coordination. Think you
need a break from the brewskis.
We're gonna drink right now, anyway.
Sorry, it's his birthday.
It's cool.
We're gonna crush this.
Hell yeah, we are.
Um wanna play together?
I was thinking about you.
Today must be really hard.
Yeah, thanks, um
I'm actually here to talk to Megan.
Jack said we should
limit our interactions.
Okay, screw Jack. He's
not delivering justice,
he's not gonna make any demands.
I just need to talk to her.
I'm hearing all the crazy rumors.
I'm gonna need some answers.
She's not here.
Her car's right there, Debbie.
This stuff in the news
Megan was pregnant?
Isabella's money at the cabin?
If the girls are hiding something,
I need to know what it is.
And I need to hear it
out of Megan's mouth.
I wish I could help.
She's not home.
You can't hide her forever.
Oh! You look like a drowned rat.
I grabbed the wrong towel.
Yeah, I almost feel bad for you.
- C'mere.
- (LAUGHING) Really?
- Yeah, you can share.
- Thank you, thank you.
This is a dumb American tradition.
Yeah, I know.
That's why we only do it once a year.
It takes us a full 12 months
to forget how cold the water is.
Oh, my God.
He wears that thing all year.
NED: I'm glad you could come.
I could really use your help.
MEGAN: Wow, Ned, your house is huge.
Thanks. I don't get a
lot of visitors here.
Whoa. Uh
Cool, you have fiber in here.
I've been reading about that.
Oh, uh
Let's get to work here.
So, uh, my security software.
Designed it myself.
I have window and door
sensors throughout the house
and they check in with the server
every minute, on the minute.
So, if anything happens
that's not supposed to,
like a door or a window
opens even just a crack,
the sensors don't call home
and the system locks down.
Okay. So
on New Year's,
when the calendar jumps ahead to 2000
and the system clock turns over
- you're afraid that the sensors won't call home?
- Right.
And the system won't
register the new time,
and it'll lock down the house?
Precisely. That's why I need
to kick the tires on this
ahead of Y2K.
So, why don't you go ahead
and roll the clocks forward,
and we'll see if it goes haywire?
I really appreciate you asking
me to do this, by the way.
Um you've been so helpful
the last couple of months,
answering all my questions
and giving advice.
I feel like I can trust you.
You can. I got this.
All right, let's go, baby bro.
Smash that ho.
All right, let's take it easy.
Shut your face, Brent.
Nobody beats Team Chambers, bro.
Megan's took all your
shots. You've hit, like, two?
Yeah. But this ball's got your name
written all over it, birthday boy.
Yeah, it does. Here we go.
- Aah! So close.
Luke talks big, but he can't deliver.
- Why don't you show them how it's done?
- Okay.
LUKE: Whoa! Oh!
Just bone, already.
Yeah, all this foreplay's
giving us blue balls.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
No worries.
Hey, this is cool.
You know, chilling with you.
I don't think Megan's into me anymore.
No, she loves you.
She's just
She's going through something.
Well, you were going through
something last summer too.
I don't get it, is it
something that I did?
No. Not at all.
Well, then what is it?
I broke up with you when I
found out that Megan liked you.
Don't look so surprised.
You liked her, it was pretty obvious.
You guys were just
destined to be together.
Sit right there and drink this soda.
I think your liver needs a reboot.
Oh Hide the booze, the cops are here!
in the air! Nobody move!
Please don't arrest me.
BRENT: Uh, what's your name?
That's not a real cop, you idiot.
(LAUGHS) What's your name, sweetheart?
I'm Officer Bunny.
- Who's the birthday boy?
Uh, right here, Officer Bunny.
Take him downtown for questioning.
Do a strip search.
Probe him with your night stick.
I hear you've been very, very bad.
You have no idea.
Yeah, you guys, you
can go in the Airstream.
Take as much time as you need.
My blood is a sermon
that burns upon contact ♪
Reminds you of wounds ♪
That you thought you'd forgotten ♪
Hi, Trevor, it's Megan Landry calling.
I got your letter.
We need to talk.
Happy birthday, sweetheart.
- Are you ready to get excited?
- LUKE: I'll just okay.
LUKE: You have taken
so many hits for Megan.
I mean
breaking up with me,
and taking the fall for the sex tape.
She's my sister.
I know that she would
do the same for me.
Maybe I do give up too much, though.
But loyalty's everything to me.
Do you ever regret it?
I still think about you.
- The hell?
- I'm-I'm Hold on.
Wait, I'm sorry, I thought
that you were feeling it.
You thought wrong.
We should go.
- Okay, girls, ready?
- Yeah.
Okay. So you throw
hip, right
hip Ooh, nice!
(LAUGHS) You step out, twirl.
Twirl You got it, you got it.
And then you do the genie thing.
Ow! You guys look so good!
No, get in here, Megan!
Uh, no, I can't dance.
Come on. Just follow me.
Follow me. I'm sure you'll get it.
Like this.
No, no, you gotta
control your hips more.
Looking good, it's looking good.
Like your body's made of caramel.
Wait. Why caramel?
Uh, because it's sweet and stretchy?
This is kind of fun.
Fun and hot.
It's not the worst way to
get somebody to notice you.
- BRENT: There's the man.
Give us all the deets.
You get a lap dance?
She danced on more than just my lap.
That's what I'm talking about!
Us Chambers men, we get it done!
Come on, dude, you're my hero!
BRENT: You see that? Did you see that?
Total stud.
Ned? I'm done.
This is really nice.
This is my shrine to the past.
Oh, that that was my baby.
- Can I?
- Yeah, please.
It never made it to market, 'cause
the company fired me and shelved it.
I grew up poor, you know.
I taught myself coding
and climbed the ladder.
So when I got fired, I
thought my life was over.
But now I make my own rules.
I'm in control.
Yeah, that's what I want.
My boyfriend thinks I'm obsessed.
Mostly he just doesn't really get it.
He hasn't found that
thing that he loves yet.
He'll probably just end up
joining the family business.
Ah, the Chambers dynasty.
Well, I wouldn't call it that.
They would.
His father thinks he's above the law
and everyone should bend to his will.
Fellow like that doesn't have a
lot of time for other opinions.
Yeah, well Luke's
he's not like that.
Maybe not yet.
But the apple doesn't
usually fall far. (CHUCKLES)
My body's saying let's go ♪
Oh-whoa ♪
But my heart is saying no ♪
Yo, Chambers.
- GUY 1: Ohh!
- GUY 2: Nasty!
- Is that Megan?
- TIM: "Landry Gone Wild."
ERIC: Did not know she
could move like that.
BRENT: I didn't know she had that body.
Hey, Jeff, you're a lucky guy.
- Oh, I love her!
Watch and learn, boys.
Oh, yeah!
That's my girl.
You're so friggin' hot.
PARKER: I know.
Waiting for someone who needs me ♪
My heart is beating
at the speed of light ♪
But that don't mean
it's gonna be tonight ♪
Baby, baby, baby ♪
BRENT: Yes! Oh, yeah.
Oh-whoa-oh ♪
Don't you all need a drink
or something? Come on!
Get it, Luke!
It's your birthday!
But my heart is saying no ♪
Do you wanna be with me, baby? ♪
There's a price to pay ♪
I'm a genie in a bottle ♪
You gotta rub me the right way ♪
I know about St. Barts.
About Lisa.
How did you find out?
His visit makes a ton more sense now.
I started to tell you a hundred
different times about Lisa
But you didn't. You know,
you have told so many lies,
and they're all to make you look good.
I'm telling you the truth about Lisa
You've been lying since
the day you got here.
Lying about your past,
lying about our friendship.
I've read the police report.
It was your idea to go swimming.
And then she drowned.
Lisa jumped in the water on her own.
She was drunk, upset.
I went after her to make
sure that she was okay.
And then she was gone.
It was the worst night of my life.
I should've told you.
I wish I had.
I'm not sure you're gonna be
able to top this next year.
Hey! You're not supposed to be in here.
First rule of birthday cake is
What? Don't talk about
birthday cake or something?
Okay, fine, screw it.
Whoa, this is so good.
- Did you make this?
- Mm-hmm.
This has been
like an almost perfect day.
You know I like getting
an A in everything.
Is there something else that
could make it more perfect?
You know, I've missed
hanging with you this summer.
Like just the two of us.
Yeah, me too.
Oh, crap, I'm sorry, I'm
I'm like, I'm gonna be sick.
You couldn't come to the Plunge, so
I'm bringing the Plunge to you.
'99 will make the annual
collection after all.
Thank you. It's sweet.
Did you and Isabella have fun?
Honestly, you were the
you're the only thing
that was on my mind.
You know, I miss you.
I miss us.
These last few days really sucked.
I miss you too.
Let's start fresh.
Okay? Let's catch up.
Tell me about your day.
What'd you get up to?
I have a better idea.
You've been kind of quiet today.
Just enjoying the show.
It's been really educational,
in a crappy kind of way.
I'm confused.
I saw it before, a while back.
But then it felt like
things had changed.
I thought we had something good.
What are you talking about?
You and Luke.
It's so obvious.
He's the one you wanna be with, not me.
It's his birthday.
Every time I turned around
today you were with him.
And when you weren't with him,
you were talking about him.
Worrying about him.
He's my best friend
and he just got dumped.
Yeah. Lucky for you.
That's not fair.
What's not fair is me being
used as your practice run.
That's not what it's like.
You can lie to yourself,
Megan, but you can't lie to me.
We're done.
Why should I believe you, Iz?
I never lied about us.
I tried to be a better friend
to you than I was to Lisa.
That's why I pretended to
be the one on the sex tape,
to protect you.
The whole time,
even after everything that
happened on New Year's Eve,
I had your back.
Did you?
Or were you just covering
your ass after what you did?
I think that you went back
to the cabin on New Year's,
and you killed Luke,
just like you killed Lisa.
I haven't laughed that
hard in a long time.
I will never look at a
pie the same way again.
I've got that wine that Wayne
Bright sent from his vineyard.
STEVE: Sounds great.
Hey! How was the party?
It was really fun.
Yeah? The birthday boy
didn't overdo it, I take it?
Nope. Brent had his back.
Well, if everyone had a good time
and the cops didn't come,
that is a hit in my book.
- STEVE: Mm.
What'd you guys do?
Got dinner, saw a movie.
It was really funny.
Did that look like a, you know?
A date?
This one time at band camp
Oh, yeah. Yeah, it's on.
I'm really glad you came over.
We needed time together, alone.
I'm sorry, I've been kind
of weird the last few days.
That's okay.
you and Isabella
when it comes to money, you guys are on
a completely different planet than I am.
It's not your fault, it's just
sometimes it's hard.
I get that.
But that doesn't matter.
Anyway, I just
I really appreciate
how you let me be me.
Even when I suck.
You couldn't suck if you tried.
Megan, something
something happened at the Plunge today.
What kind of something?
Me and Isabella
we weren't fighting,
you know. We were
It was like old times.
You know, we were cool.
Okay, you're kind of freaking me out.
What happened?
She kissed me.
And, uh
Look, I-I Look, I
shut it down right away
and I drove her right home.
I can't believe her.
I thought you should know.
Hey, sweetheart. This
is a nice surprise.
I, um I just heard something.
And I think you should know.
We need to talk.
Where did you get those?
They were in the Airstream.
Did Isabella give them to you?
Is that Luke's blood?
You think I killed him.
I love you.
There's nothing I won't do for you.
But I need to know what happened.
And what if you don't
like what you hear?
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