Cruel Summer (2021) s02e07 Episode Script

It's the End of the World

Previously on Cruel Summer
This is security footage
from the Chambers' driveway
from midnight till 7 a. m.
I have a warrant for Megan's computer.
It's so obvious.
You and Luke.
He's the one you want
to be with, not me.
Race you in. Come on.
Megan, something
something happened at the Plunge today.
She kissed me.
Yes ♪
DJ: Good morning, Chatham!
Time to wake up and get on out there,
soak up some of the last rays of summer.
Tell me it was just a bad dream.
I wish I could.
Mm, my God!
It was so awkward.
Oh, it just
sounds a little sloppy.
Izz, he almost barfed in my face.
Well, maybe someday you'll tell people
that that's the moment that you
realized how much you loved him.
- Yeah.
Maybe it's a sign that we're
not supposed to be together.
Or it's just proof
he has a weak stomach.
What do I do now?
Just just pretend it never happened.
One day, when the time is right
the universe will give you a do-over.
Happy last day of the 20th century.
Ready to party like
the world's gonna end?
More like ready for it to be
tomorrow so people stop asking that.
How was the Plunge?
It was cold.
I'm glad I did it, but I
don't need to do it again.
My big New Year's resolution
this year is to start fresh.
You know, really put last year behind.
And try to be less of
a slob, of course, but
Well, you do like it messy, don't you?
Good morning.
Wh-What's going on?
I got a call from the sheriff.
We need to go down to the station.
He didn't give many details.
Just that you're
officially being charged.
I swear I'm never drinking again.
Everybody says that.
But after a couple days of detox,
you'll be ready to retox.
You're such an optimist.
Not about this house.
We have a lot of cleaning to do.
Yeah. Debbie found a cup
of beer in her closet.
At least I hope it was beer.
Eww! What kind of animal
leaves one sock behind?
Probably a species named Tim.
Eww. I don't even wanna think
about what happened to the other one.
check Debbie's closet.
Maybe don't?
- LUKE: Hey.
Um What what are you doing here?
Good morning to you, too.
Sorry. Hi.
Hey, Isabella.
He lives.
Yeah, I, um
I just I came by to
To help clean up?
What a gentleman.
Yeah, so Tim got a keg, but
I kinda wanna crank it up.
Get some Y2-Kocktails,
make 'em Y2-Krazy.
Get people Y2-Krunk.
Y2-Kut it out.
You're like a walking dad joke.
I can't believe people actually
think the world's gonna end.
Yeah, I know, uh
Some guy at the station was
talking about UFOs landing.
I'd be more worried
about computers crashing
than little green men.
Hey, um
yesterday, at the Plunge
what do you think Isabella
was after when she kissed you?
I don't know.
Why? Did she say something?
MEGAN: No. Not a word.
I don't know, it's just, she was
all for us getting
together in the first place.
It doesn't make sense.
now, put this on.
Okay. Now now you're perfect.
You know how Isabella
is, she's kind of jealous.
She doesn't really like it
when we do stuff without her.
I've never felt that.
Really? I thought it
was kind of obvious.
I feel like the truth
is that she is always
happiest when we're in a rough place,
'cause then she gets to, you
know, swoop in with her cape
and play Super BFF.
But things are so good with us now.
Things are hella good.
And when we're strong,
nothing can come in between us.
Not even her.
Maybe that's the problem.
Maybe she wants to break us up
so that she can have you all to herself.
Spend money on a good
PI, you get real results.
- What the hell?
- Yeah.
Apparently Megan has become
some kind of hacker for hire.
She breaks into websites,
she steals information,
she sells it to interested buyers.
- Wow.
- Hmm.
And look who brought her into it.
Oh, she
she's working with that nut job?
STEVE: Apparently.
You know, Ned Faunce has
been after me for years.
Complaints, lawsuits, threats.
The guy's unhinged.
Yeah, for sure.
Yeah, but why would
he want to kill Luke?
Okay, remember that
scuffle in the parking lot?
That was about Megan Luke
was trying to defend her.
So what if Faunce finally snapped,
he bumps into Luke at the
cabin and he kills him?
Um, there's a ton of soda
left if you want some.
No, I'm good.
I think I'm off beverages
for, like, a year.
Yeah, the same.
This morning was gnarly.
That party, though
it was one of the greats.
- Hall of fame level.
- (LAUGHS) Good. I'm glad you had fun.
LUKE: Yeah, big time.
Even if, you know,
some of it was a blur.
The end of the night, especially.
Hey, it's your party
and you'll black out
if you want to. (LAUGHS)
All right, the house
is officially clean.
I I should get going anyway.
Uh, I gotta lock up the
cabin before the storm.
Megan, you should,
uh, go and help. Right?
Well, I'm sure Luke can
handle it on his own.
Actually, it would go a lot
faster with an extra set of hands.
Yeah? Okay.
You have no case against Megan, no proof
she had anything to
do with Luke's death
This isn't about the Chambers case.
We found evidence of fraud
linked to Megan's computer.
You may have protected your files,
but we went in through the
Department of Licensing's website,
traced the activity back to your house.
She is being charged with a
misdemeanor for making fake IDs.
May we have the room?
- I'm gonna lose my scholarship.
- Don't get ahead of yourself.
No, there's an "honor"
component to it
if they find out I
have a record, I'm done.
It's It's the only way
I can even go to college.
I'll never get enough loans
to make it work otherwise.
There's gotta be something
that you can do, please.
Can't you Can't you, like,
appeal it or get it reversed?
No, I'm afraid not.
You reproduced a watermark
from a government website.
You're lucky you were 17 at the time,
otherwise it would be
a felony and jail time.
So that's that's just it? It's over?
I'm sorry.
Your dad knows this is a thunderstorm,
not a class 5 hurricane, right?
He doesn't care.
I mean, you know how it goes
control freaks love preparation.
(LAUGHS) I'm gonna choose
to take that as a compliment.
Okay. We've brought in the firewood,
turned off the gas.
Now we gotta do the flashlights.
Do any of these work?
I don't know.
I'm starting to see why you
get such good grades, though.
Can't remember the last
time that we hung out,
you know, just the two of us?
Yeah. It has been a while.
Before Isabella got here
You doing okay with all that?
Yeah. Yeah.
I didn't really see
it coming, but, um
it was probably the right call.
This is cool.
Old school.
I'm gonna look for candles.
Oh, hey, sorry. I left my
wallet back at the counter.
- I'll meet you at the car, though.
- Okay.
This is not a joke. I
thought you got that.
Real, irreversible
disaster is mere hours away.
- I know
- No, you don't know.
Y2K is not a party, it's a crisis.
- Hey, what are you doing? Get your hands off her!
- Don't you touch me!
Just because you're doing
some computer thing together
does not mean you can lay hands on her.
Didn't realize you were her keeper.
Do I need your permission
to talk to her too?
- Screw you.
- You know, you deserve a lot better than this.
- Both of you, come on
- Megan is headed for greatness.
You are just a spoiled little
loser that's pulling her
MEGAN: Luke, stop it! What the hell?
Well, you're just like
your father, aren't ya?
You steamroll anything
that gets in your way,
as if the rules don't apply to you.
Well, you know what?
You are gonna get a very harsh
wake-up call, little Chambers.
And it might just be your last.
- What?
Getting ready for dorm life?
(LAUGHS) Yeah.
My parents are driving
me to USC next week.
We're gonna make a couple
of stops along the way,
make it a real road trip.
That's cool.
What about you?
When do you leave to U Dub?
Um I'm not sure that's happening now.
I got charged with a misdemeanor
for the fake IDs.
Pretty sure I'm gonna
lose my scholarship.
Oh, shit.
I'm sorry, Megan.
It's, uh
it's my fault.
What are you talking about?
I got busted trying to get
a six-pack with my fake.
The sheriff offered me a deal
if I told him who made them.
So you narc'd on me?
And did you tell them
that it was all your idea?
I tried.
For real.
But I couldn't explain to him
how I copied the watermark.
So you gave me up, even
though I kept your secret?
Look, I didn't know what else to say.
I'm really sorry, Megan.
Yeah, you said that.
Have fun at college.
MEGAN: I mean, since when
do you even get in fights?
He was practically foaming
at the mouth, Megan.
I was just trying to protect you.
I don't need a bodyguard. He's
my friend. You just made it worse.
I was just I was worried about you.
Okay, and maybe I
overreacted. Forgive me.
Yeah. Just I don't know chill.
I've never seen Ned like that.
I knew he was spinning about Y2K, but
- that was a lot.
Tim's parents came home early.
The party's off.
Maybe it's a sign. An omen.
No, wait, Megan, look,
it's the end of a century.
We have to do something legit.
Okay, it might rain, so the cove's off.
And Casa Chambers is a no-fun zone.
maybe we could have it here?
No, my mom has the flu. Let's just bail.
Wait, you know the old
cannery down by the water?
My dad just bought it
to turn it into stores.
It's a perfect place for a party.
Or we could just forget about it.
I'm not really feeling
that great anyway.
No way, come on.
I'll figure something out.
I want this to be a night
that we remember for
the rest of our lives.
Yeah, well, that's a
17-year-old boy for you.
More testosterone than brains.
Isn't it incredible that
any of us live past 21?
No, I appreciate the heads-up, Mike.
That's you did the right thing.
Okay, bye-bye.
Look, it's Chatham's
own Oscar De La Hoya.
- Dad.
- You know, that's the third call
I've gotten on this thing?
Trying to break a record?
I mean, do you enjoy making shit storms?
First your little tape
blew up my Northland deal,
now you go around
assaulting the town lunatic.
- Dad, he started it.
- Are you five years old?
You don't go around hitting people.
I have to say that to you?
Especially not litigious
jerks like Ned Faunce,
whose little war with
me over his property line
is already costing a fortune.
What were you thinking?
You always say being a man means
standing up for what's right.
He was being handsy with Megan,
and I tried to put a stop to it.
Well, good instinct, lousy execution.
You gotta be smarter.
Look at me.
Your actions have
consequences for this family.
Do you understand that?
Do you understand it?
- I
- No, that's it.
Haven't you caused enough damage?
I'll see you at home.
I can't find it.
Uh, check under the island.
Great. Now all we have
to do is secure the kayaks
down by the docks and we're done.
No way.
You kept yours too.
Yeah, of course. These
things are classic.
Dude, these had crazy range.
They worked all the way
to the dock. (LAUGHS)
I mean, how many hours did we
spend out there in the woods
playing secret agent?
Oh, like, a million, at least?
We never did finish those missions.
No, but we probably walked
every inch of that forest
with these things.
And then you were still so scared
that you were gonna get lost.
My internal compass is broken.
True, but I would have found
you, I always found you.
(LAUGHS) Wait do you remember
when we stuck one of these
things under Brent's tent
and then he was convinced
it was an alien invasion?
That was my tent.
It was? No.
- That was my tent.
- No, it was
Oh, my God, you're right!
You're right, 'cause me
and Brent pranked you!
And then you got so
scared that you literally
ran into the lake in your pajamas.
Yeah, keep laughing,
keep laughing, real funny.
Just scarred for life, that's all.
I feel like half my
childhood was spent up here,
just you and me.
The best parts of it, anyway.
Hey! Mine still has some juice left.
Should we finish that mission?
Your dad hired someone to spy on me?
- That's not the point.
What the hell are you
doing with Ned Faunce?
It's none of your business.
And Ned never would have hurt Luke.
It did not seem that
way on New Year's Eve.
I mean, you saw him attack Luke.
Okay, that that's not
exactly how it went down.
Okay, well, did you know he stole
millions of dollars' worth
of intellectual property
from his last employer?
Or that he assaulted his boss?
He put him in the hospital.
Just, my advice, stay far away from him.
Look, you're like family,
so I know that you didn't kill Luke,
but Ned, he's going down, and
if you're not careful,
he's gonna take you with him.
Dad called me down here.
You might not want to go
in there for, like, a month.
Yep, uh, I've been there, done that,
got the "You're a disappointment" shirt.
Look, my advice?
Just keep your head down, don't argue.
'Cause even if you are right,
you're just gonna dig
yourself a deeper hole. Hmm?
Yeah, I heard, I know.
I know, but I assure you
Hey, look, I was gonna
maybe snake the keys to
the cannery for tonight.
You know, it's quiet down there,
especially this time of year.
Even the sheriffs are gonna avoid it.
Well, maybe there is hope for you yet.
Yeah, but if Dad catches me, I'm dead.
BRENT: Okay.
Then don't get caught.
Seriously, if you do get busted,
I'm will serve you up on a platter.
Oh, and, uh, happy New Year.
MEGAN: Come on!
(LAUGHS) You really pulled this off.
This is gonna be fun.
Are you feeling better?
Um, yeah. Yeah, mostly.
Good, I'm glad, I'm glad.
I just want to do a quick cheers, okay?
- To the new millennium.
I can't wait to make
history with you tonight.
Whoa. Someone's prepared.
I mean, do you actually think
that something crazy's
gonna happen at midnight?
Hmm, I mean, the banks might
be screwed up for a while
and the sheriff's radio
frequencies might malfunction.
But that means that we
don't have to worry about
the party getting shut down.
Well, if things do turn
to Armageddon, I got you.
All right, party people.
It is three hours till midnight.
Any thoughts or concerns about Y2K?
I've been holding out
for the right guy, y'know?
But, uh
if the world ends, I
don't want to die a virgin.
- Hey, I can, like, totally help with that.
It would be my civic duty.
Oh, she said "right
guy," not mouth breather.
I'm afraid of the Robopocalypse.
What's that?
You know, when machines
take over the world?
It's totally coming.
Guys, no. Why are you laughing?
MEGAN: This used to seem a lot bigger.
- "That's what she said."
- She said
You're such a dork.
It did, though, didn't it?
Yeah, it did.
I guess it's like
I don't know, when you've
seen something a million times
and you know what it is,
and suddenly, one day, it
looks completely different.
You know?
Yeah, it's like, when
you were a kid, and
you know, something's
gross or seems weird.
But now it's
now it's awesome.
Race you to the dock!
- Are you serious? Megan!
Megan, wait! Wait, wait, wait! Hold on!
- Wait!
- MEGAN: Run!
Hey. You've been MIA.
Yeah. Party duty never sleeps.
Here, have my Y2-Kocktail. In
two hours, it'll be obsolete.
Hmm. Not bad.
You're not gonna having any?
Uh, I've already had several.
Just trying to pace myself.
Yeah, don't want to peak too early.
MEGAN: Yeah.
Nice crib.
Major upgrade.
Luke made it happen.
He's a real magician.
Is there something that
you want to tell me?
Yesterday. At the Plunge.
What did Luke say?
That you kissed him.
Last time I checked, "ride or die"
didn't include macking on my boyfriend.
Yeah, that never happened.
He kissed me.
Then why wouldn't you say anything?
I just didn't want to make
things a mess between you two.
What about your loyalty
to me? Having my back?
Did that even cross your mind?
I just figured that he made
a mistake, so I let it go.
But you clearly wouldn't
have believed me anyway.
- That's not true.
- Isn't it?
You always pick his side over mine.
No, I don't.
You're literally doing it right now!
Megan, you're supposed to trust me,
give me the benefit of the doubt.
But you can't even do that anymore.
Hey, have you seen Luke?
I think he and the guys
went to get more beer.
I got hit with a misdemeanor
for making those fake IDs last summer.
That's a bunk charge.
Maybe, but it's on my record now.
If U Dub finds out about
it, my scholarship's toast.
Do you think that you could
hack into the court's database
and erase it? I just
I wish I could, but, I mean,
once something like
that's in the system,
there's a paper trail.
- It's too late.
- Damn it.
You were my last hope, my last chance
Yeah, but, you know, a
diploma's just a piece of paper.
(LAUGHS) Plenty of famous coders
never even finished college.
I can't count on being one in a million.
I need a degree.
Only if you insist on
playing by their rules.
Th-The scholarship isn't the
only reason that I'm here.
Steve Chambers is convinced
that you have something
to do with Luke's death.
He's investigating you.
Your past.
- Claims that you stole IP,
that you attacked your boss
You can't steal what
was yours to begin with!
Yeah, but Megan's been
really chill about the tape.
You know? We're all good.
ERIC: I once dated two
chicks at the same time.
Takes mad skill.
Wouldn't think you had the fire power.
TIM: You know, I've
been ponying up Isabella,
but I can take Megan
for a ride if you want.
Yeah. In your dreams, dude.
ERIC: Let me know when
you wanna level up, okay?
I'll give you some tips.
Nah, he's not ready yet. He's
still got training wheels on.
I can handle both of them, no problem.
Okay? I got them
wrapped around my finger.
ERIC: Better if they're
wrapped around something else.
At the same time.
Ménage-à-Luke, baby. (LAUGHS)
Yeah, you know, I've
actually I'm teeing it up.
Yeah. I busted a major move
with Isabella after the Plunge.
She couldn't get enough.
ERIC: (FALSETTO) Ooh, there it is! Okay!
TIM: That's what we like to hear.
LUKE: You saw me with
Isabella on the tape.
I've done it before, I'll do it again.
TIM: He's growing up so
fast, look at Chambers go!
LUKE: You know, I gotta get
some practice in for college.
If Chambers is looking into
me, I'm gonna look into him.
Have you always had those cameras?
Looking out towards the road?
Ever since I moved in.
Is that Steve Chambers?
He can't know I'm here.
I'll take care of him.
You slip out the back.
STEVE: Faunce!
Megan Landry is a teenage girl.
You had no business
dragging her into your mess.
- It's okay.
- Megan's not your concern.
She is. I wanna know the truth.
I wanna know how it went down.
What, so Luke found out you
were doing something illegal
so you killed him to keep him
quiet, keep him from talking?
- Get the hell off my property!
- Come on, Dad.
Hold it, it's okay. It's okay.
I know you had something to
do with the death of my son,
and I'm going to prove it.
NED: Go ahead and try.
Yeah, every time you turn around,
I'm gonna be watching,
I'm gonna be waiting.
I'm gonna be waiting
for you to screw up,
because I know you will.
Take your threats, and your kid,
and get the hell out of
here before it gets ugly!
BRENT: Dad, come on.
Don't touch me!
You're not gonna do anything.
LUKE: Hey, where'd you go?
- I took the shortcut.
- Okay, that might've been cool
when the Morgans lived
there, but, careful,
Ned's like the Unabomber.
Chillax. I know the code
to use if I need to abort.
- But I'll keep my eyes peeled for any landmines.
- Okay.
I don't wanna be the
one that has to explain
to Jeff why you lost a leg.
You there?
Actually, um
Jeff and I aren't together anymore.
Uh, what do you mean?
You're not the only one
who got dumped this week.
I joined the club last night.
You know how competitive I am.
Didn't want you to be alone.
Are you okay?
I mean, at first it
kind of sucked, but
I'm okay now.
Did you copy all that?
MEGAN: Luke?
That feedback is terrible.
You should try a different frequency.
There's more than one?
Look, I'm really sorry,
okay? I got turned around.
I didn't realize that
I was on your land.
I value my privacy,
and I don't appreciate
anyone trespassing on my property.
Try it now.
Wow. Thanks.
MEGAN: Luke?
Stay on your side of the line.
Dude, where'd you go?
Uh hey, sorr
I just took a detour, but
I'm on my way back to you right now.
Just so far away ♪
Let me be the right one to ♪
Ten minutes till the millennium!
Hey. Uh, Luke was
looking for you earlier.
I'm sure he was.
Uh, where is he?
Uh, that way, I think.
Hey, uh
last chance for New Year's resolutions.
Uh, what can everyone expect
from Megan Landry in 2000?
I'm gonna take charge of
my own life, my destiny.
Stop being played.
Did I miss something?
No. It's all good.
It's just
no matter how well you think
you know someone, you don't.
They can still surprise you.
Hey, I need to talk to you.
- Yeah, right now is not a good time
- Please! It's important.
You were right about Luke.
About everything. He's a total liar!
- I'm sorry.
- No, I'm sorry.
I I never should've doubted you.
No, just forget about it.
God, I feel so stupid. How
could he do this to me now?
He just he wants to be the good guy,
to everyone, but especially to you.
Still, I should've seen it.
Hey. Don't beat yourself up.
Okay? He's not worth it.
Let's just jet.
Come on, we can still salvage
the night, just the two of us.
- No. I'm not letting him off that easy.
- JEFF: Hey!
- He's not gonna get away with this.
- All right, I see you.
What are you thinking?
I think we should get
some serious payback.
I wanna make Luke
wish he'd never met us.
So tired of playing ♪
Playing with this bow ♪
LUKE: I didn't know what it
was, but I didn't think it was
- Hi!
- There's my girl.
- Where have you been?
- Just getting some fresh air. I'm back.
Whoa, save some of
that for midnight, yo.
- Damn right.
- No way.
Gotta live each moment
like it's our last,
especially tonight.
Don't you think?
For sure.
Where is Isabella?
She bounced.
PARKER: Guys! Five minutes to midnight!
- Give me a reason ♪
To believe ♪
Megan, it's Principal Bowers.
Sheriff Myer told me
about your legal situation.
Per school policy, I was required
to inform the University of Washington.
I'm afraid they're going to
have to rescind your scholarship.
I'm so sorry.
Megan, are you there?
You sure you don't need
me to come find you?
No, I figured it out.
I just, uh I got a little
distracted for a minute.
(LAUGHS) Story of your life.
When did we carve these?
When we were, like, I don't know, 11?
- Yeah.
- I don't know, I remember I cut my hand on it.
I still got the scar from it.
MEGAN: Ooh. Ouch.
Those were the best
times in my life, too.
Other things were lousy or great.
You were always there.
Yeah, you too.
I can't even picture a
world without you in it.
Even if I could, I
I don't think I would
want to hang there.
Smart man.
It would be super lame.
I remember what happened last night.
What what almost happened.
It was a crazy night. (LAUGHS)
Everybody had way too much to drink.
They were all acting like idiots.
I was being an idiot.
You ever wish you could go
back, just undo something?
Hmm. Yeah.
Pull me out from inside ♪
Uh, look, I know that
I am ready, I am ready ♪
I am fine ♪
I am fine ♪
I am ♪
Fine ♪
Hey! Hey, it's starting. Come on.
Everyone, everyone, it's time!
- Okay, okay!
Here we go! Ready?
ALL: 10, 9,
8, 7,
6, 5, 4,
3, 2, 1
ALL: Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
Why don't we go back to
the cabin and celebrate?
Just the two of us. Hmm?
Yeah, let's go.
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