Cruel Summer (2021) s02e08 Episode Script

Confess Your Sins

Previously on Cruel Summer
No pressure, but
I thought maybe if you're ready
- I broke up with Luke.
- You what?
ISABELLA: One look at
you and he'll realize
that what he wants has been in
front of him this whole time.
Everyone already believes that
they saw me on that tape with Luke.
- Yeah, but
- So let's make sure that it stays that way.
Something happened at the Plunge today.
Okay, you're kind of freaking me out.
What happened?
She kissed me.
I can handle both of them, no problem.
Okay, I've got them
wrapped around my finger.
I busted a major move with Isabella
after the Plunge, and
she couldn't get enough.
MEGAN: He's not gonna
get away with this.
Back when Luke first disappeared,
you were ready to leave
town the moment school ended.
ISABELLA: But Debbie got sick so
I decided to stay and help out.
MEGAN: Have you always
had those cameras,
looking out towards the road?
I never lied about us.
I tried to be a better friend
to you than I was to Lisa.
That's why I pretended to
be the one on the sex tape.
Even after everything that happened
on New Year's Eve, I had your back.
Did you, or were you just covering
your ass after what you did?
I think that you went back
to the cabin on New Year's
and you killed Luke.
I just heard something that
I think you should know.
- What are you thinking?
- I want to make Luke wish he'd never met us.
ALL: Happy New Year! Whoo!
Why don't we go back to
the cabin and celebrate?
Just the two of us? Hmm?
Yeah, let's go.
NINE DAYS: This is
the story of a girl ♪
It was perfect, even better
than I thought it would be.
I'm so glad.
Thank you.
For what?
Um, everything?
This never would've happened
if it wasn't for you.
You and Luke were, like,
destined to be together.
I was just your love sherpa.
You're the best friend
I could ever have.
I feel so lucky.
Me too.
That's him! (GIGGLES)
Your hair never falls
in quite the same way ♪
You never seem to run
out of things to say ♪
This is the story ♪
Of a girl ♪
Wait, wait. I wanna
try something different.
Different? What do you mean, different?
Wow, uh
I just figured, y'know,
since the world is ending
this could be our last chance.
Whatever chatroom gave you this idea,
I offer my sincere gratitude.
Come on.
We need to talk.
What are you doing here?
Sheriff Myer called my lawyer.
He knows about our lie.
Which one?
That you're the one on the tape.
Who told him?
What, did you cut a deal
for yourself or something?
No. No, the truth makes
me look just as bad as you.
Look, I don't know how he found out,
but all that matters is that he did.
Well, we have bigger problems.
Steve thinks that Ned killed Luke.
He's got the cops looking
into him and everything.
That just takes the
heat off us, doesn't it?
Not exactly.
Ned has a ton of security cameras
right outside of his house.
One of them looks out on the road,
the one that forks to his
house and the Chambers' cabin.
Were they filming on New Year's Eve?
They're always filming. 24/7.
If the cops find that footage
I know. That's why we have
to get it before they do.
I'm headed over to Ned's right now.
Not without me you're not.
Hey, you're early.
Yeah, I'm sorry, I
couldn't wait. (LAUGHS)
Uh, I'll just grab my stuff
and then I'll be ready.
Um, actually, uh, Luke and I were maybe
gonna hang out for a
bit before the car wash.
You don't mind, do you?
No. No, of course not.
Take your time.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Where are Megan and Luke?
I saw his car outside.
They're upstairs.
So are they together now?
- I think so.
- DEBBIE: Ah, it's not that big of a surprise.
They've been close
since they were little.
You doing okay?
Yeah, of course. I'm
really happy for them.
I just, um
don't totally know where I fit in.
Right alongside Megan still.
Plus, school's starting soon.
Yeah. Yeah, you're right, I'm excited.
Not about the homework part, but, um
the football games, the pep rallies
I didn't have any of
that at boarding school.
I'm guessing no car wash either.
You should head over.
See what it's all about.
I think I will.
Listen, you're gonna have
a terrific senior year.
Steve Chambers has been all over me.
He's convinced Ned Faunce killed Luke.
I'm not sure I'm buying it, but
there's definitely something going
on between him and Megan Landry.
Think it's criminal?
Well, six months ago I would've said no.
But now I wouldn't
put anything past her.
Or Isabella. They've been lying
about the sex tape for months.
Puts a whole new light on their
relationship, on all their statements.
Have you finished going through
Jeff Pope's footage from the party?
Still in it. Uh
So far, there's been nothing
worth mentioning with the girls.
Yeah, keep looking.
If they've conspired about
the tape all this time,
who knows what else they're hiding?
There's something there beside me ♪
There's something that I see ♪
I left the engine running ♪
I used to think it would
be so weird, kissing you.
Dude, I've seen you in diapers.
Yeah, when I was, like, two.
Well, yeah. Thank God.
it's not weird at all.
Actually, it kinda makes it
I know pretty much everything about you,
but there's still stuff that's
Uncharted territory?
And I want to explore
all of that.
With you.
I like the sound of that.
Gosh I'm so glad that I waited,
you know, that we get
to be each other's first.
It's gonna make it so much more special.
Don't you think?
Yeah, I do.
How many times have we been through? ♪
Is this where we find ♪
I don't know what I did to deserve this.
So many things.
I'm starting to get goosebumps.
Hmm. About to have a lot more than that.
Should we have, like
should we have a safe word?
What's that?
It's like, uh, it's a word that you pick
so that, you know, if things
start getting too intense
and someone wants to
stop, you can say it.
Like something like "Lasagna."
How about
(LAUGHS) You got it.
I'll try to be gentle.
Not too gentle.
It's kinda tight.
Hmm. Don't want you escaping.
Just try to relax.
What the?
- Whoo!
PARKER: Hey, boys.
JEFF: All right, all right.
This is our senior kickoff event.
Tell everybody what it's about.
Washing cars, yo!
We're seniors now, we rule the school!
- Whoo!
- Yay!
Leave the dirty work to us
and come support the class of 2000!
- We're wet and wild!
Hey! Yo, Isabella, you wanna get wet?
Um only if it's for charity.
Which I guess is you.
- ERIC: Ooh!
- Uh, but still, nah.
I'm good.
Wow, Tim and his limp hose.
- Ooh!
- Come on, let's get you a bucket.
- Watch out, bro
- Bye.
GIRL: Hey, guys!
- Nice sign.
- Thank you.
More cars means more money,
and we definitely need
it for homecoming, so
What happens if we don't raise enough?
Then we're stuck having
it at our smelly gym.
Let's make it rain, then.
Damn girl, okay!
Uh Wait, where is Megan?
She's with Luke. They'll
be here a little later.
Oh. Wow, that's kind of
weird, not seeing you with her.
You guys are, like, attached at the hip.
Except, now we're not.
It's the new normal, get used to it.
- Is Brent coming?
- No.
No, you are not the only
one who's Chambers-free now.
I just kicked him to the curb yesterday.
- Finally.
Freedom looks good on you, girl.
Thank you.
Okay, let's do this thing.
- All right.
- Let's do this.
All right, you ready to get wet?
- Fund fact: I've never done this before
- Baby, I'm ready to roll ♪
Okay, okay. Okay, what's going on?
Wh-Why is she here?
We need to talk.
About what?
The Plunge.
Megan, I look, I told you
You both told me what happened
and your versions don't line up.
I love you guys.
I just want to know the truth
so we can all move forward.
Okay, well, are you
gonna tie her up too?
I'm sure you'd love that, wouldn't you?
Damn it!
ISABELLA: Stop fighting, Luke.
It's not gonna help, okay?
Try to relax.
It would be a lot easier
if you just untied me, okay?
- So not happening.
- Okay, both of you, chill.
I'm gonna make us all some drinks,
and then we can get
to the bottom of this.
He's so nervous.
Not for long.
LUKE: (STRAINING) Come on! Guys!
Guys, can you please let me out?
- Guys, seriously, it's not funny.
- Voilà.
- Truth serum.
- LUKE: Please.
And liquid courage for us.
LUKE: Okay? Look,
it's not funny anymore.
LUKE: Come on, let me out.
One more for good measure.
LUKE: Come on!
You gotta be kidding me.
I'm already pretty drunk.
Uh, drink.
- How?
- Oh, don't worry.
We gotcha.
Wait, he gave you his security code?
I watched him punch it in once.
I think I remember
how his fingers moved.
ISABELLA: Impressive.
Okay, this way.
(SIGHS) I don't know how he labelled the
outside cameras or where he put them.
They're not in the same
folder as the interior ones.
Well, yeah.
I mean, I'm just saying,
if I were hella paranoid,
I'd put them somewhere
completely unlikely.
Like with my taxes, or in a
totally different database, right?
That's actually really smart.
You could be less surprised.
Reading people is like my superpower.
You do have a talent for it.
I expected this place
to be way more creepy.
Why'd you, um
Why'd you hide your
whatever it was with Ned?
You really think you're in a
place to be comparing secrets?
When I first started working with Ned,
the tape had just happened
and me and you were at
eleven, like, all the time.
It was
it was a lot.
I think that
I wanted something that was just mine.
I would've let you have it.
whatever, but
lying about it made it so much worse.
Oh, here we go. I
think I found something.
Me too.
Yo! I've been dyin' to see this!
My sister says it's really funny!
Hey, if anybody asks,
it wasn't me, all right?
Yeah, for sure.
I wanna join the social committee,
help plan parties.
And don't laugh, but I'm
super stoked to have a locker.
Oh, my God.
You know, you're like a low-key dork.
No. I just I love to decorate stuff.
Okay, well, seniors get
way more than just lockers.
I mean, we're like the
rock stars of the school,
and, like, everyone looks up to us.
I'm really sorry for being such a
bitch to you when you first got here.
You were?
I hadn't noticed.
Oh, hey, check it out.
TIM: Landry and Chambers,
finally doing the deed?
Isn't that, like, awkward?
Not at all.
I'm, like, legit happy for them.
My experience, three can be tricky.
Kinda ends up, like, two against one.
But, hey, uh, senior year's
all about having fun
- Mm-hmm.
- playing the field.
Yes, and I am so down
to be your wing woman.
Hell yeah.
Hey! How's it going?
- Wet and wild.
The soap and buckets are over there.
Okay. Cool. Be right back.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What do you do with all your footage?
Well, I'm making a video time capsule.
So we start in senior year,
then we talk about
our goals for the year.
And we see how much has
changed by next summer.
what does Isabella LaRue
want to get out of this year?
Well, it is my first and last
American high-school experience.
So good friends and good times.
I wanna go hard, leave
it all out on the table.
I have no doubt that you will.
MEGAN: No, no, no, no. Stop! Stop!
There's nothing that you
could've done, you know?
They were kinda inevitable.
It's go time.
Before he falls asleep.
Wakey, wakey. (ECHOING)
Isabella, what did you tell Megan?
The truth.
Megan, what are you what
are you doing with that?
What do you think?
you want to film me?
What happened between you
and Isabella at the Plunge?
- I told you, we kissed.
- I thought she kissed you?
See, what I remember is you kissing me
and then me pushing you away.
Yeah, okay Maybe it
was more on me, yeah.
But it didn't it
didn't mean anything.
So you lied.
And blamed Isabella so
you wouldn't look bad.
Yes. Yeah.
Yeah, but, Megan, I didn't
I just I didn't want to hurt you.
Okay? I didn't want you to be mad.
And I know what I did was shitty,
but I didn't want you looking at
me the way that you are right now.
What other bullshit have
you told people about us?
And before you lie, remember
we're "wrapped around your finger."
That's not what it sounds like.
Ever since the sex tape, you've
acted like you've had our back,
but in reality, you've
just been bragging
about what a stud you are, haven't you?
- Haven't you?
- Yeah, yes.
But I didn't mean it.
I wanted to sound cool.
I know that that's dumb, but
Come on, Megan, come on.
You know me. You know me, Megan.
You know that I I'm not that guy.
I don't know who you are anymore.
Just Just tell us
everything you've said.
What are you
What're you gonna do with this?
Give you a taste of your own medicine.
You're gonna confess all your sins,
and we're gonna make sure
everyone in town sees it.
My dad's gonna murder
me. Please. Please.
You don't seem to understand
what we've been through
because of that stupid tape.
But you will.
Start talking.
What else have you done?
- Debbie.
- It's not a good time, Steve.
Debbie, please, please, please!
Did you know
that it was Megan on
that tape, not Isabella?
It was private, between the girls.
Uh-huh. I didn't think we were hiding
things from each other back then.
- I guess I was wrong.
- Except for Brent's tape collection.
I was protecting my son.
- And I was protecting my daughter.
- Yeah, Megan I understand.
What about Isabella?
I'm the reason she's here.
The entire town turned
their backs on her
the minute that tape played.
No one was looking out for her.
Baby, I'm just trying
to get justice for Luke.
Of course you are.
But I am not gonna let Megan go down
for a crime she didn't commit.
You sound so sure of that.
Can you say the same
thing about Isabella?
You said you were gonna
sleep with both of us at once.
For practice.
For the girls at Branson. I know.
What else are you lying about?
Nothing. I swear.
The guys egged me on tonight, okay?
And I was just trying to sound cool.
Okay, I know that it's stupid,
but I wanted to impress them.
What about Brent's tapes?
Did you watch any of them?
- No.
- Don't lie!
- I didn't mean to.
- But?
The guys came over to the house one day,
and I
Look, I saw I saw a little.
You knew Brent was making tapes?
That's a yes.
Did you know he was filming them here?
Say it!
To the camera, Luke.
Okay, yes, I knew.
So you knew Brent was
hiding a camera here
and you still brought me
here and had sex with me?
You let him record us?
You're lying!
No, I'm not! No, I'm not!
Look, Brent doesn't
He only records himself.
He didn't even record us.
If Brent didn't make the sex
tape between you and Megan
who did?
I did.
- What's up?
- 'Sup?
You will never guess what I just got.
- An STD?
Nice try, testicle breath.
But no.
I got the Pam
Anderson/Tommy Lee sex tape.
- Booyah!
- I thought that was, like, banned!
Yeah, more like sold out.
Well, I-I've got connections.
Was it dope?
Oh, it's greater than you
could have ever imagined.
I mean, it is going to be
a killer addition to my collection.
And because I'm a generous
guy, I will let you borrow it.
For a fee.
Come on, you rule, dude.
You know, homemade porn,
it's like the new frontier, you know?
'Cause all you need is a video camera
and you're all good to go.
I mean, well, you should
have good lighting.
Okay, now that right there, Jeff,
that is why you, my friend,
are going to die virgin.
- Just a teenage dirtbag, baby ♪
Yeah, I'm just a
teenage dirtbag, baby ♪
He's ready for you now.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Did you see that
slip'n'slide that Tim rigged?
He wiped out, like, crazy.
It was it was classic.
Listen, um
So, Megan and I were hanging together,
and she was talking about
us being each other's firsts.
What'd she say?
When you told her that we
You know, I thought you'd told her.
You know, but when I
realized that you hadn't
I was going to.
Then she started telling me
that she had feelings for you.
So I didn't.
I don't know, I mean
You know, I'm kinda just hoping that
I don't have to tell her, like, ever.
So you're saying we should lie to her?
I-I don't I don't want to.
Okay? But (SCOFFS)
She was so happy, you should have
seen the look that was on her face.
I don't know.
She's my best friend.
It feels wrong, not telling her.
She's a lot more
sensitive than she seems.
I guess.
The last thing I want to
do is make her feel bad.
But what if she finds out?
Who's gonna tell her?
Cool. It's the right move.
I promise.
Aside from breaking and entering,
what were you and Megan
doing in Ned Faunce's house?
Luke was our friend. We
went to ask if he killed him.
Kind of risky,
approaching someone you
believe to be a murderer.
Did you honestly think he'd confess?
ISABELLA: It was a long shot, but
We had nothing to lose.
SHERIFF: That's what Isabella said.
Almost word for word.
You rehearsed well.
Or, it's the truth.
You've stated that your
friendship with Isabella
ended last winter.
You still stand by that?
We are no longer friends, that's right.
And yet I found you together,
and you both maintained the lie
about who was on the tape. Why?
Admitting it was Megan after the
fact wouldn't have changed anything.
Maybe. But if you thought it
was important enough for you two
to keep it a secret after all
this time, despite everything
it makes me wonder.
Is it just a coincidence
that the only other person
who knew about the lie is dead?
Or did you just kill Luke
because he was about
to reveal the truth?
Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
Oh, my God, Luke!
This this whole time, you just
you just let me think that
You're worse than Brent.
At least he doesn't
pretend to be a good guy.
I made it so that we
could watch it, okay?
Together. Look
No one else.
I-I thought it would be fun. Okay? Hot.
I was gonna tell you.
After the party. But you were so upset.
Did you play it at the party?
No! No, I don't know who did.
Please, Megan, please.
I'm sorry, you have to believe me,
I'm sorry, okay? I love you.
- Just shut up.
- And I love you
Just shut up!
Can we go? Can we just
let's just leave him here.
LUKE: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!
Wait. Wait, wait, wait!
She's lied to you too.
- What are you talking about?
don't do this.
Okay, um
Okay, Isabella and I
had sex. Once.
Last summer. Before
you and I got together.
Luke was always on board with the lie.
It had nothing to do with him.
It was about me. For me.
I don't follow.
The tape was gonna ruin my scholarship,
destroy my future.
Isabella took the blame to protect me.
Big lie to take on.
It was.
I don't know anyone else in
the world who would've done it.
But I was desperate.
So when she offered to say
that it was her on the tape,
I let her.
So, if you never cheated with Luke,
what was the real reason your
friendship with Megan broke down?
Being called sluts.
It wore us down.
The noise got into our head.
The lie became this thing between us
that we just couldn't escape.
I can see how that would take a toll.
And by the time of New Year's
Eve, when Luke disappeared,
how would you describe
your friendship with Megan?
I've already told you, it was over.
We had our last fight that night.
After the party.
You didn't make up
after, come to a truce?
You sure about that?
I'm positive.
All the signals you sent ♪
I can't comprehend
what's happening to me ♪
Hey, you.
You know, it's kind of creepy
- how you only hang out with high-school kids.
- Hmm.
What, you don't have any
friends your own age to harass?
Nice sass.
Yeah, but, uh
Now that you're done with
Luke, I was just thinking
maybe you wanna upgrade,
take a spin on the OG Chambers bro?
I'd rather eat glass.
- You're a jerk!
Oh, come on, you know that you want it.
Not in any universe.
Okay, well, you're
there tossing it around,
okay, you're asking for it.
You're a tease.
And you're a pathetic asshole.
Where's he going?
You all right?
He likes to push the envelope, huh?
He's totally harmless.
Boys will be boys, right?
You're okay.
- Hey.
- How's it going?
My fingers are starting
to pucker. (GIGGLES)
- You okay?
- Yeah.
You sure?
You seem a little off.
I'm just dehydrated.
Okay. If you say so.
You'd tell me if
something was wrong, right?
Of course.
No secrets.
Well, I think Luke and I are
probably gonna bounce soon.
So, I'll see you later?
Can you run me through what you
did after the party one more time?
You have my client's statement on this.
Humor me.
Luke and I went to the cabin.
We hung out for a while
and then I left him there, went home.
The next day when I went back to
take him to the train, he was gone.
I wasn't feeling well, so I left
the party early, went to bed.
When did you last see Megan?
I guess the next day.
And when was the last time
you saw Isabella that night?
At the party.
This is Jeff Pope's
footage from the party.
We went through it
when Luke went missing,
searching for clues to as
why he might have run away.
Based upon what we now
know, a second watch was
REBECCA: What are we watching here?
It's not so much what we
see, it's what we hear.
It took some doing, but our tech was
able to isolate your conversation.
MEGAN: No, I'm not going to
let him get away with this.
I'm not gonna let him off that easy.
What are you thinking?
I think we should get
some serious revenge.
I want to make Luke wish
that he'd never met us.
ISABELLA: What's your plan?
- Friends, co-conspirators.
Call it what you like, but
you were clearly plotting
against Luke on New Year's Eve.
You had sex with Luke?
Megan, look
- I wanted to tell you.
- LUKE: Megan
No, I wanted to tell you, okay?
But he told me not to say anything.
He said that it would hurt you too much.
No, no, no, she said that you
were too insecure to handle it.
ISABELLA: That's bullshit!
No! No, you told me that
she wouldn't get over it!
Megan, I didn't want
to ruin things with you,
so I went along with it, I swear.
Because keeping a
secret with my boyfriend
while I walk around clueless
wouldn't do any damage?
- Megan!
- Don't. Don't.
- Isabella.
- Megan, Megan, I'm sorry.
Look at me, please. I'm sorry, okay?
Look, I thought I was protecting you.
I thought you were my
best friend, my sister.
What a joke!
- Megan, talk to me.
- No.
No, we can talk this out, okay, we can.
Don't let her come in between us.
Screw you, Luke!
No. Look
You always say how possessive
she is, right, how smothering?
Look, she's gonna say anything
that she can right now.
I mean, we we can
talk this out, okay?
We can, we can together, okay? Okay?
Look, I know I screwed up, I know.
I would not intentionally
hurt you, you know that.
I wouldn't do it. I love you.
Shut up! (COCKS GUN)
Do they really think
they're being, like, stealth?
(LAUGHS) Maybe.
I don't know, but they suck at it.
Oh, my dad's kind of always
had a thing for your mom,
so I'm not, like, shocked.
Yeah, still, it's
He's her boss. It's It's
a bad idea, in every way.
Okay, go with me on this.
If they're happy
and, I'm sorry, but those
are not unhappy noises
Eww! Gross.
I'm just saying
then they'll get off our backs.
And then "family time" will mean that
we just get to be together.
So, it's kind of a win-win.
Okay. There is some logic there.
It's creepy, but it might be sound.
See? I'm a genius.
And what happens if
they break up, Einstein?
What then?
that would be ugly.
When Megan saw this, she admitted that
you were with her and Luke
at the cabin after the party.
That proves nothing.
It's her word against my client's.
You may recall, the toxicology indicated
the presence of
benzodiazepines in Luke's system
at the time of his death.
She also accused you of
bringing pills to the cabin
and drugging Luke.
TOM: You don't need to answer that.
He's just fishing.
I'd advise you to tell
me everything you can
about what Isabella did
and what Megan did
that night at the cabin.
Unless you want to go down for this
Dear, I fear we're facing a problem ♪
You love me no longer, I know ♪
And maybe there is
nothing that I can do ♪
To make you do ♪
Mama tells me I shouldn't bother ♪
That I ought to stick
to another man ♪
- What are you doing?
- Looking for you.
- We wanted to figure out what to do tonight.
- Oh.
- Cool.
- What are you up for?
You always have the best ideas.
Absolutely anything.
Love me, love me ♪
Stick with what we
discussed and that's it.
I'm ready when you are.
Yes, Isabella was with me and Luke
at the cabin on New Year's Eve.
We wanted to confront Luke
for talking trash about us.
But everything that
happened that night
was her fault.
Including Luke's death.
Including Luke's death.
MEGAN: What are you doing?
Isabella, put it down!
- Now!
- Are you insane?!
Oh, my God!
Take back what you said.
- Megan
- Take it back, Luke!
She's literally crazy.
No. No, tell Megan
that I'm a great friend!
Tell her that you made me lie,
that I didn't want to do it!
You made me, Luke. Tell her!
Isabella, stop! Please.
Then you see that she's
crazy. She's crazy.
Megan, please. Megan,
don't listen to him!
I know, it's okay.
It's okay, just put it down. Okay?
Isabella, what do you want?
You want Megan all to yourself?
- Is that what this is?
- Luke, shut up!
Megan, you and I have known
each other our entire lives.
We have. She's only been
You've only been here
for a minute, okay,
and you're gonna be gone soon.
She's gonna forget you, she's
not gonna pick your side,
so why don't you just
just put the gun down?
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