Cruel Summer (2021) s02e09 Episode Script

The Miseducation of Luke Chambers

Previously on Cruel Summer
Ride or die.
- Ready?
- You're the most important
person in the world to me.
- He knows about our lie.
- Which one?
That you're the one on the tape.
If the cops find that footage
I know, that's why we have
to get it before they do.
He got a video camera for his birthday.
He's always bringing girls to the cabin.
Maybe he'd make the tape,
but he wouldn't play it.
So you think Brent made the tape?
I cannot believe you would
humiliate Dad like that.
I don't know who put that tape in,
but it sure as hell wasn't me.
And so your brother is
Delta Sierra, he's a dipshit,
and what he did is reprehensible.
He would never intentionally
humiliate our family.
Since the world is ending,
this could be our last chance.
So many things.
What the
Brent didn't make the sex
tape between you and Megan.
- Who did?
- I did.
Or did you just kill Luke because
he was about to reveal the truth?
The lie became this thing
between us that we just
couldn't escape.
I guess, yeah, that would take a toll.
I advise you to tell me everything
you can about what Isabella did
and what Megan did
that night at the cabin.
Unless you want to go down for this
You had sex with Luke?
LUKE: You always say how
possessive she is, right?
How smothering?
Don't let her come in between us.
Shut up!
Operation revenge!
Megan, go right!
Gonna get you!
Brent, don't get the camera wet
Hey! You get away from there, mister.
Funny guy. Come here.
All right.
Smile. (GIGGLES)
STEVE: Ah, you're going
into enemy territory.
Is he gonna make it through alive?!
Here he is, get him!
STEVE: Oh, I'm hit!
Man down!
Okay, who wants cake?
I want this I want some of that.
JANE: We're not getting
any cake here. (LAUGHS)
I have the best boys in the world.
'Cause it's a bitter sweet ♪
Symphony ♪
That's life ♪
All right, that's enough, Brent.
Let him up, now.
You asshole! I could've drowned.
Ah, you're okay. Don't
get dramatic, Luke.
- Puss.
- You know the one that takes you ♪
To the places where
all the veins meet ♪
How old would Mom have been today? 43?
It's crazy that she's
been gone eight years.
You remember the time we went
to the park down in Florida?
Yeah, that place was rad.
Remember, they had, like,
that two-mile-long lazy river?
- It was insane.
- Till it closed.
Yeah, she was not happy about that.
- And they had that huge fountain.
- Yeah.
She jumped in, fully dressed.
- Yes.
- God, she was a badass.
She kept telling us to get in, but that
guy came out and he
started yelling at her?
Well, he was yelling but she
didn't care at all about it.
She just wanted us to have fun.
You have the same sense of humor as her.
You really remind me of her sometimes.
Yeah, you definitely
are more in touch with
your feminine side.
And you should probably be
starting your period soon.
- Shut up.
- STEVE: Brent.
Who's ready for tennis?
I'm good.
No, mandatory. Family games, let's go.
Come on, dude, you gotta end
that losing streak at some point.
Let's see, Luke, come on!
I never thought that there'd
come a day when all we had ♪
So, was your first day of school
everything you expected it to be?
ISABELLA: Um, sort of.
Just louder, more crowded.
Oh, and my locker smells like baloney.
(LAUGHS) Yeah, they all do.
Ooh, a compatibility quiz!
What? No. These are so embarrassing.
Also educational.
Okay. Uh, "What is your
partner's idea of a fun night?"
That's easy, playing video games.
- What?
- Why is that so funny?
You love playing Super Smash Bros.
Yes, I do. For, like, an hour or two.
What? Well, why wouldn't
you say something?
- It's not a big deal.
- No, but I don't want to get a bad score.
Luke Chambers is competitive.
- Who knew?
- Yeah, next question.
- Okay.
Um, "Are you the dreamer or the
realist in your relationship?"
BOTH: Realist.
Dude, you are such a dreamer.
Mr. Everything's Gonna Be Okay.
Okay, yeah, but, I mean, otherwise
everything gets depressing.
Oh, you may want to rephrase that one.
What, so I'm just a big bummer?
More like a very cute one.
- Mm-hmm.
- Aww.
All right, let me get that.
Well, if it isn't the Spice Girls.
(LAUGHS) Getting good tips on
"How to Treat Your Man" Chambers?
Uh-huh. And don't worry,
I'll pass along the best ones.
We were gonna head over to my house,
shoot some hoops. Wanna come?
- Nah, I'm good.
- All right.
"Ho's before bros," huh?
You can go if you want.
Yeah. We can "ho it
up" all by ourselves.
Honestly? I'd rather
kick it with you guys.
But this is trash.
- What the hell is wrong with you?
You shot me, you crazy bitch!
You could have killed me!
- No, it wasn't supposed to go off, I swear!
- That is bullshit!
You wanted me out of
the picture for months,
you knew what you were doing.
Oh, my God.
Okay, it just nicked the surface.
Ugh. You're lucky.
Oh, my God. It's really bleeding.
- Ow! Aah!
- Sorry, sorry!
Stop, please, just look, just please,
I can do it myself if
you just untie me, please.
Okay? You've made your point.
No, someone could have heard the gun.
Look, we have to leave now.
And just leave him here?
What if it gets worse?
ISABELLA: He'll be fine, okay?
You said it yourself,
it's just a surface wound.
Let him stay here tonight and
think about what he's done.
I've had plenty of time to think!
Please! Megan, please, don't go.
Um, I don't know
What if somebody finds him?
Then we have this.
You don't want anyone
seeing this, do you?
No. No.
Don't say a word about tonight.
To anyone.
I know I screwed up, okay?
I know I totally screwed
up, but, please, just
God, I love you so much, please.
Please don't go, please?
ISABELLA: Come on, Megan, let's go.
Megan, she's nuts. She
almost just killed me.
I know, I know. This is insane.
This is not how tonight
was supposed to go.
There's something I need
to talk to you about.
But I don't know because now
I'm pregnant.
LUKE: Brent called last night.
Yeah? How is he?
How's Branson?
Well, apparently
his fraternity is at
war with another house.
So they woke up yesterday,
all their cars got egged.
Eww, gross!
It's kind of awesome, though.
You know, it sucked having
him home for the summer,
but it's even worse now that he's gone,
'cause my dad and I have
literally nothing to talk about.
It can't be that bad.
Uh, it is.
We watched a nature
documentary about hedgehogs
just to avoid having
to have conversation.
Come on.
I'm serious.
Did you know that hedgehogs
are lactose intolerant?
- No.
- They are.
(GIGGLES) You're exaggerating.
I can never get you to shut up.
I'm not, not with him.
You know, Brent and him,
they can talk about
sports or business stuff.
But us, it's just crickets.
It's honestly a relief when
he has a business dinner
or he's out with your mom.
I'm sorry.
It's fine, it's fine.
It's just, like, ever since
my mom died, like, this
rift between us.
Anyway, my class is going to
the Science Center next week
(GASPS) Their planetarium is epic.
- Can I be your plus one?
- (LAUGHS) Are you kidding?
You might be the only person in history
to ever ask to come on a field trip.
They have a laser show!
And a flight simulator!
- Okay, you are adorable.
You know, I was filling
out my permission slip
and when I got to the
"emergency contact" stuff,
I realized technically, it's my dad.
But really,
you're my "in case of everything."
Y-You believe in me
more than anyone else.
At least since my mom.
And I don't know what
I'd do without you.
(KNOCKS) Hey, Dad, you ready to go?
Yeah, hey, c'mere. I want
to show you something.
(SIGHS) This is the
Northland development.
So, this is the hotel,
the casino's down here.
Shops, restaurants over here,
and then the boardwalk,
which can be extended
if things go really well.
- Cool.
- This is what you call
a multi-use development, right?
Because vacationers
will come, as well as,
you know, normal day-trippers.
Which is something you're gonna learn in
the fall at Branson when you go there
- If I get in
- When you get in.
Don't do that when you get
in, they're going to teach you
all the technical theories
behind a lot of this.
I think you're gonna be surprised
about how much you already
know about business.
You need to finish the
application, by the way,
the deadline's coming up, right?
Yeah, but, um
About that
Look, Dad, I love being
outside, you know, on the water.
And so I was thinking, you know,
I want to join the Coast Guard
instead of going to Branson.
Absolutely not.
Being outside is what weekends are for.
That's why they invented golf.
I just don't think I'm gonna be happy
if I'm stuck behind a desk all
Happiness is overrated.
You want to have a wife,
you want to have a family?
- Yeah.
- Do you want to provide for them?
Do you want to give them all
the advantages that you've had?
Yeah, Dad, I get all of that.
Do you? You sound so naive right now.
All these things you
take for granted, Luke
the car, the house, the
boat, the vacations
you're not gonna have that
life on a military salary.
- Right.
- Right.
Yeah, being on the water
all day sounds nice.
That's a hobby, that's not real life.
Let's go.
Oh, hey, there you are.
This came for you.
It's an application for
the Coast Guard Academy.
- Thank you for letting me use the address here.
Coast Guard's something to be
proud of, not something to hide.
I agree, but not according to
the Steve Chambers playbook.
Mm. So what's your game plan?
Uh, get in,
and then let him know that
I'm going to the academy
instead of Branson.
Oh. So, an ambush.
No, an ambush would be not telling
him until the night before I go.
Which is also an option.
That really how you want to play it?
I tried being straight up with
him, okay, he shot me down.
So try again, if it's what you want.
(SCOFFS) He's never gonna go for it.
Come on, it can't be any worse
than going behind his back.
My family's not really a democracy.
You either get on board the
Chambers train, or you get out.
If I do this, I'm pulling the rip cord
and blowing up my life.
Sometimes that's the only
way to live your dream.
I could stay right here forever.
Sign me up.
Next year, um
I know we're going to different schools.
But I don't I don't want
anything to change between us.
'Course not.
You're gonna have all these new friends,
and they're all gonna be
super computer geniuses
and you're gonna talk in
your top secret language.
It's called Nerd.
It's not gonna be like that.
I promise.
Just like you're not gonna turn into
some Bro-Monster at Branson.
Yeah, well, I can't promise that.
But if I do, I'll get you a translator.
Wow. That's very generous of you.
Yeah. What can I say? I aim to please.
You do.
I hope so.
I just want to make you happy.
You worry too much.
You're joking, right?
Um, I wish. I took a test.
B-B-But we were so careful.
Not every time, clearly.
I just That's
just I mean, we're
Look, we're in high school, I don't
- We can't exactly
- Luke, don't
I'm trying to be realistic.
I'll talk to my dad. He knows how
to get this taken care of, I'm sure.
Just stop.
Megan, come on, I
- Megan, I didn't mean it like
- Yes, you did.
Yes, you did.
I just couldn't
You are not the guy
that I thought you were.
You're a liar and a jerk.
And I'm just the idiot who loved you.
Megan, just
untie me, please.
- No.
- So we can talk about this.
- No. No. (SNIFFLES)
- Come on.
There's nothing left to say.
And honestly, after tonight,
I never want to see you again.
Oh, Megan!
Megan, wait!
Megan, wait, wait, wait, wait!
Megan, come back, please!
Hello, Neo.
I don't care how you know my name,
'cause you look crazy hot, Trinity.
- What is this, leather?
- Latex.
It's like wearing a ginormous condom.
Maybe we should get you out of it, then.
Hey, party people.
Look, I still don't get this movie,
but these costumes are fly.
Even you look fierce, Chambers.
Locked and loaded.
(SIGHS) Man, this fake ID is
the gift that never stops giving.
Thank you.
Mm! I forgot.
I can't believe that this is
our last high-school Halloween.
There's a big world outside
of Chatham, Luke-ifer.
(CHUCKLES) And what does that mean?
Oh, just that, uh, Megan's
following her dreams.
So should you.
You wanna be the hero in your own story.
Can't I just be her charming accomplice?
That role's already taken.
And there isn't room in her
life for both of us. (LAUGHS)
- Cheers.
Let's do this.
BRENT: But college girls
love to get their freak on.
I mean, they are all
about getting filmed.
Dude, you're my hero.
But some girls, they do
perform better in stealth mode.
Pizza's here.
So what, you, like, hide the camera?
That's awesome.
Hey, you know, if you know what
you're doing, you don't need a gimmick.
Okay, yeah, whatever you say, Dong Juan.
Haven't gotten any complaints yet.
Yeah, like you'd hear them.
Your ego's so big,
it's blocking your ears.
Yeah, dude, Megan is
smart, and she got hot.
So you're gonna need to step
it up or she's gonna get bored.
Not your problem, last time I checked.
Well, you don't have the
stones to make a tape.
Yeah, Chambers, there's no way.
No. Not in a million years.
GIRL ON TV: Mommy?
The look on that dude's
face when you were like,
"Uh, yeah, no" (LAUGHING)
Rejection is good for guys like that.
Keeps them from getting too cocky.
- Hey.
Hi. What are you doing here?
- Debbie let me in.
I thought that we were
hanging out tonight.
- Oops.
- Oh, shoot.
I'm so sorry, you're
right. I totally spaced.
We went back to that Brownsville Pub.
Why didn't you just call
me? I would've met you there.
Yeah, I don't know, it
was kind of last minute.
Plus, you couldn't even
get in the door last time.
Yeah, I know. Lesson learned.
There was a live band.
And the lead singer was
obsessed with Isabella.
He dedicated, like, every song to her.
Only, like, one or two.
But his friend was, like, all over you.
- What?
She's exaggerating. Like always.
No. No, I'm not.
Luke, you should have seen it.
He was following her around
all night like a puppy.
I'm surprised that he's
not outside waiting for you.
Sorry who is this guy?
Nobody, nobody. A total loser.
He was pretty cute, actually.
Maybe with your beer goggles on.
Anyways, um, next time you'll come.
It'll be so much fun.
Okay, I'll go make a copy.
Hey. What'd they get you for this time?
Parking ticket.
Aw, that's the worst.
So, you going to the homecoming dance?
Uh, no, I'm gonna pass on that.
Why? You should go. I mean, ask Amy.
She's had a thing for
you for, like, months.
Don't do that, man.
Whatever this is.
What's your deal?
Look, man, you and Megan are together
and it's fine.
She chose you, but
don't make it like you
didn't have any part in it.
Okay, I thought that that
stuff was ancient history.
You should've come to
me, friend to friend.
I may not have liked it,
but I would've respected it.
Respected you.
But you changed, man.
Here you go.
Look, man, your brother
might be an asshole,
but at least he's honest about it.
You're worse,
'cause you actually think
you're this good guy.
Ah, that was so close. Here.
I knew you were a rocket scientist,
but this is, like, the
best idea you've ever had.
To my first ditch day.
First of many, hopefully.
You know, I like Felonious Megan.
Me too.
Tickets for No Doubt
go on sale on Monday.
(GASPS) Oh, my God!
We should ditch again, go line up.
Yes, absolutely. I'd kill to see them.
Maybe they'll be touring
when we're in Madrid.
How awesome would that be?
Madrid? When are you going to Madrid?
- Uh
- Next summer.
Maybe. It's not definite.
She applied for a passport.
Why didn't why didn't you tell me?
I was going to.
If it happened.
When it happens.
She needs to travel, get
out of her comfort zone.
Staying in one place too
long is bad for your soul.
Well, I think you've had enough of this.
Oh, no way.
I'm just getting started.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Uh, do you have a minute?
I'm actually kind of swamped. What's up?
I got into Branson.
That's fantastic!
I'm so proud of you.
What did I tell you? Ha!
Dad, I also got into
the Coast Guard Academy.
Oh, come on, not this again.
I've thought about it
a lot, and I want to go.
It's really important to me.
If you wanna chart your
own path, be my guest,
but I'm not bankrolling it, that's it.
- Dad
- No, no, no, that's it!
I'm sick of having
this conversation, Luke.
I'm sick of trying to fix you.
That's bullshit!
You don't care about me,
you've never cared about me.
- Excuse me?
- Brent is your only real son.
I'm just this constant
disappointment to you.
We gonna have a little pity party now?
You've just resented me ever since the
night of the accident and you know it.
You wish I was the one
that died that night.
Okay, that is not true.
You should have been
driving that night, not Mom.
You were supposed to
take me to get new cleats,
but then you had some work thing
that kept you busy and she had to.
- That is enough!
- I'm sick of keeping your secrets.
We all would've been better off if you
were the one that was
driving that night.
- Hey.
- Hey.
This is a surprise.
I was just, um
driving around and I ended up here.
What's wrong?
Can't a guy come visit his
girl for no good reason?
Sure. But I also know when you're lying.
So spill.
You know me too well.
What's going on?
Just since that fight with
my dad, we talk even less.
Which I barely thought was possible.
I'm sorry.
What'd you tell the Coast Guard?
Nothing yet.
You ever feel like running away
starting fresh, no
pressure, no expectations?
Only all the time.
Sometimes it's all I think about.
Principal Bowers, it's
so good to see you.
Your dad was just telling
me how excited you are
to be following in his
and Brent's footsteps
at Branson.
It's the Chambers way.
Branson has a great business
program and he'll love it.
Sorry to interrupt. I
need to steal you two.
- Judge Fallon wants to say hi.
- Okay.
Luke, Luke, come here.
- What?
- Cut the crap.
- What are you talking about?
- "The Chambers way"?
I'm so tired of you
talking about Branson
like it's a damn life sentence.
You're embarrassing me,
you're embarrassing yourself!
I don't care what other people think.
You should.
Reputation is important.
Yeah, I know, it means more
to you than your family does.
- Listen to me.
Branson is happening, end of story.
Stop whining, start
appreciating it. Effective now.
- Yeah.
- Okay, look at me.
another word about this.
Hi. Um, excuse me?
Could you put this in
the VCR player, please?
It's the holiday tape.
My father's favorite.
You got it, Mr. Chambers.
Thank you.
What the hell is this?
Someone turn it off!
Luke, turn it off!
- Ah!
You're a stealth stud, Chambers.
You know, watching on the big
screen the other night (WHISTLES)
How long you been seeing
Isabella on the side?
Ha! Well, on the side,
on her knees, on her back.
Come on, we don't have
anything better to talk about?
- Not really.
- Dude, I was expecting a sex tape with you and Megan,
but Isabella that's next level.
Baller move, man.
Wait, do you have a tape with Megan too?
No, I don't.
Yeah, Landry's competitive, but
you could not pull that one off.
- Give me time.
- The tape is all smoke and mirrors.
Jealous is not a good look on you, Pope.
I mean, don't hate the
player, hate the game.
Way to go, baby bro.
Ladies love Cool Luke, am I right?
That they do.
I I can't I can't do this.
Megan, we've been here a thousand times.
I know, I know, it just
it feels different now.
How could we not have known
that we were being filmed?
Shouldn't there be some
Spidey senses that tingle?
You know, like a warning bell that
tells you you're being watched?
Yeah, well
you know, it's a camera,
it's not a predator.
Is there really a difference?
Hey, look at me. Look.
That was a one-time thing.
That's never gonna happen again.
I promise you.
Just don't let it ruin everything.
I'm not trying to.
I know. I know.
We're in this together.
Okay? You and me.
I love you.
Still not used to hearing you say that.
Well, you better get used to
it, 'cause I'm not gonna stop.
I love you too.
Before you know it, this is
all gonna be ancient history.
Like it never happened.
- Hey, thought you were going to Megan's?
She bailed.
Everything okay?
Yeah. She said I'd see
her at the Plunge tomorrow.
I don't know, things are
just different since the tape.
Well, I would imagine that's
a hard thing to come back from.
I've tried.
I've apologized to her, told
her how much she means to me.
It's just
there's this wall between us now.
Well, you guys are still young.
- Dad
- No, no, hear me out.
Megan has that scholarship,
and everything that comes along with it.
- I know.
- I'm not sure that you do.
I mean, she could take that and
I don't know.
All I'm trying to say is,
there's plenty of fish in the sea.
Maybe it's time to cut bait,
see what else is out there.
I tried so hard ♪
And got so far ♪
But in the end ♪
It doesn't even matter ♪
STEVE: I'm sick of trying to fix you!
I had to fall ♪
To lose it all ♪
But in the end ♪
It doesn't even matter ♪
JEFF: You're worse than your brother
'cause you actually think
you're this good guy.
MEGAN: You are not the guy
that I thought you were.
You're a liar and a jerk
and I'm just the idiot who loved you.
I never want to see you again.
I've put my trust in you ♪
Pushed as far as I can go ♪
For all this ♪
There's only one thing ♪
You should know ♪
I tried so hard ♪
And got so far ♪
But in the end ♪
It doesn't even matter ♪
I had to fall ♪
To lose it all ♪
- But in the end ♪
It doesn't even matter ♪
I've put my trust in you ♪
Pushed as far as I can go ♪
For all this ♪
There's only one thing ♪
You should know ♪
It starts with one ♪
I didn't think you'd come.
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