CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s01e01 Episode Script


TAPE RECORDING: My name is Royce Harmon I reside at 7642 Carpenter Street Las Vegas Nevada I am 41 years ofage and I'm going to kill myself I'd like to say I love you to my mother Paige and my sister Gina I'm so sorry I never wanted to put you through this I just can't do it any more - I love you Mom - (Gunshot) (Helicopter overhead) (Siren) Here comes the nerd squad.
I hate the legwork.
I'm telling you, that Deputy Chief job better come in soon.
I don't know how much longer I can put up with these damn public appearances.
- Gentlemen.
- Hey, guys.
Take a break, huh? Suicide - You think so? - You got a sleeping bag for easy clean-up, bathtub to catch the bullet, open window so the stench alerts the neighbours.
God bless him.
(Coughs ) Oh, geez.
(Coughs ) Pupa, stage three.
I'm not an entomologist.
It's the third stage of larva metamorphosis.
This guy's been dead seven days.
That's a maggot and he stinks.
It's almost 11.
If I'm lucky, I can get out in time for a shot at the first rack of the Krispy Kreme.
I think we may have our suicide note.
I never wanted to putyou through this Ijust can't do it any more I've lost hope I love you Mom (Gunshot) - Oh, my God! - Go upstairs, Gina.
- This can't be happening.
- We're so sorry about this, Ms Harmon.
I can only imagine how difficult this must be.
No, you don't understand.
This is his picture but that's not my son's voice.
Hello? Ooh.
My God.
Welcome to Forensics.
Gil Grissom.
I'm your supervisor on Graveyard.
Holly Gribbs.
Nice office.
Would you mind taking off your jacket and rolling up your sleeve? - For what? - I need a pint of your blood.
It's customary for all new hires.
- Why? - So many reasons.
I haven't even clocked in yet.
One more, baby.
One more.
- Hey.
- Here he is.
What's up, bro? Ninety-nine! You and me.
Dead heat.
Next crime solved gets promoted - to CSl-3, man.
- Yeah, yeah.
Choice of shift, $8,000 raise, extra week vacation.
Oh It's all about Cabo, bro.
- Is there anything you won't bet on? - No.
It's college football season, man.
I won eight of ten this weekend.
Killed 'em.
Outside the Huskers and them punk-ass lrish, - I'm up about four Gs.
- Hm.
- What's the line on us? - On us? I'm like Tiger, man.
I'm heavily favoured.
Come on, give me a winner for tomorrow.
Green Bay.
Minus seven and a half over Niners.
Always go with the better quarterback.
Good luck tonight.
You too, man.
I hope you get that trick roll noise.
You'll never crack that in a shift.
- Never.
- Yeah, well, we'll see.
And I hope the Pack wins by seven.
We scrutinise the crime scene, collect evidence, recreate what happened, without ever having been there.
Pretty cool, actually.
I just got out of the Academy.
I already know this.
Of course you do.
Then if you'll just sign these waivers for personal injury or death while in the line of duty, we can begin our shift.
(Groans ) - What's the matter? - Oh.
I'm kinda light-headed.
Sit down.
Sit down.
You're probably low on blood sugar.
I've got just the thing.
Try one of these.
No offence, butl don't think I want to eat anything that's been in this office.
Is there a grasshopper in here? (Crunches ) Try and catch up on your reports.
I'm getting heat from the Sheriff's office.
There I said it Administration not my favourite thing Here we go Nick Stokes, 41 4, trick roll.
Victim found drugged and robbed at the scene.
Warrick Brown.
Person reporting crime fired multiple rounds at the suspect Suspect's condition is unknown.
Anyone seen Catherine Willows? Hey, give me a kiss.
Mommy's got to go catch some bad guys.
I'll pick her up in the morning.
Bye, sis.
- Bye.
- I love you! So your mother is Lieutenant Jane Gribbs from Traffic? - Yes, sir.
- Well, congratulations, Gribbs.
You're the You're the fifth person I've been forced to hire.
We're the No.
2 lab in the country.
We solve crimes most labs render unsolvable.
What makes you think you belong here? With all due respect, I thought the key to being a lucid crime scene investigator was to reserve judgment until the evidence vindicates or eliminates assumption.
You're prejudging me.
I graduated with honours in Criminal Justice at UNLV.
- Yeah, so? - That's not fair.
Fair? You think putting a juiced-in lieutenant's daughter on the shift is fair? I've been in the field 22 years I've seen it all I've seen people like you come and go And you know what? They don't amount to nothing but headaches and bad press.
Think you got through to her? You're due at an autopsy 12:30am.
They're cutting up that bozo that put a hole in his chest.
Take her with.
Every new hire should experience an autopsy on their first night.
(Baby cries ) Ma'am? Are you all right? She's fine.
She's just a little shook up is all.
Somebody want to tell us what happened? My wife invited her drunk friend to stay here so he could get back on his feet.
Two weeks tops, she says.
That was six months ago.
- (Laughs ) - Jimmy? Jimmy! Please take your sweaty feet off the head pillow.
They stink.
Here's a 20.
It's twice as much as you came with.
Hit the road.
(Shouts) Open up! (Woman screams ) - Call 911.
- (Baby cries ) That was it.
I feared for my wife and my baby Let's put the baby to bed.
What do you think? Oh, he's lying.
That's why I took this job.
I can always tell when whitey's talking out of his ass.
It's a gift.
It's also your 100th.
Yeah, that too.
So tonight you might say I'm extra suspicious.
Print that tread and see how good you are.
Why are you doing that? Just procedure.
We just want to make sure the shoe on the suspect kicked down your door - Wait.
Wait a minute.
- What's the matter? Sirafter you shot the deceased, did you move, redress or alter the body in any way? No.
Why? - Talk to me.
- Left shoe's tied differently.
Sir, in the six months that the victim lived with you, did you ever wear his shoes? No.
Why would I do that? - You want to sign a statement to that effect? - Sure.
Sir, what happened to your pinkie toe? I tripped over a rattle.
You've got to breathe through your ears.
First dead body, ma'am? Yes, sir.
But I'll be OK.
To tell you the truth, he looksfake.
I hate to put a damper on your night but it looks like we got ourselves a homicide after all.
If the victim had extended his arms like I'll show you.
Give me your hands.
and pushed the trigger with his thumbs , like so - (Gunshot) - the wound would look like this He's right, honey.
This wound's too big.
This person was shot from six to seven feet away.
It's like somebody stood over him and bam! (Gunshot) Criminal homicide Let's see what God has to say.
- Are you OK? - I'm sorry, sir.
I can't take the smell.
- Oh, God.
Rest room? - Right down the hall to your right.
She is cute.
How soon does the Captain want that one out? - Eight hours.
- Whoo! (Gasps ) (Muffled) Help! Help me! (Breathless) There werebodies I could feel thembreathing - Oh, God! - It's OK, Holly.
It's all right.
(Muffled) You assholes ! There.
OK? OK, let's go.
What's up, fellas? - We got a call about a trick roll.
- Right there.
Room 1413.
Mr Lafferty? (Sighs) Well, what's left of him, anyway.
I'm Nick Stokes with Criminalistics.
You mind if I ask you a few questions? She got everything.
My wallet, my ID.
Hell, she even got my wedding ring.
Did you have a nightcap? Could she have slipped you something? No.
I can't drink.
I've got this bum ticker.
- Look, Officer - Nick.
You call me Nick.
Nick I love my wife.
We've been married 31 years now.
I've never cheated on her before.
I come into town for this convention, and I'm sitting in the lounge minding my own business and this sweet-smelling brunette came up to me Next thing I know, she's nibbling on my earlobe and Well, my goodness, look at you.
For a second there, I thought I was your age again.
We've been seeing more and more of these the past 48 hours.
Let's take a look.
Open your eyes wide for me.
Sunny side up.
- Now say ahh.
- Ahh.
- Was she hot? - (Laughs ) Attaboy.
Mr Lafferty your eyes look OK but I noticed some discolouration around the inside of your lips.
Have you always had that? No.
What the hell is that? I'll swab your gums , see if we can find out what made you pass out.
You know my first robbery solve was a store like this When we caught the guy, the owner was so happy he gave me a dozen eggs out of his cooler.
- You're trying to cheer me up, aren't you? - Yes, I am.
How am I doing? Pretty good.
OK, look, this was a routine robbery.
Dust for prints, check the video tape, take lots of fun photos.
I'll be back in about an hour to pick you up.
If you get done early use channel 7 on your walkie.
- What's up? - Hey, rookie.
Hair fibres from the home invasion.
Take a look.
Tell me what you see.
I see a lot ofthings Look at the end of the follicles.
Oh, yeah.
I see like Iittle tiny seeds or or sacks or something.
That's pulp.
When the human hair is yanked out like this.
- Ow! Damn, man! - You see the seeds? Hair only comes out in that form when it's yanked or pulled, signifying a struggle.
You know what, I gotta go.
Tell Grissom, when he gets back, I went to Homicide to do a follow-up on the husband.
- Peace.
- Yeah.
How long is this gonna take? I'm losing business because of you.
If you let them in, they will contaminate the scene.
Oh, contaminate my ass ! What the hell difference does it make? You ain't gonna catch 'em.
You never do.
Sir, I'm on your side.
I just want to clear you.
Then clear me.
I told you everything.
I know, but the evidence is telling us something different.
So I'm going to ask you again, just one more time.
Before you shot the deceased, did a struggle ensue? I've got a gun.
What are you doing? (Woman screams ) Call 911.
I must have tied the laces wrong.
I'm sorry I I know I should have told you earlier, butl was nervous.
I mean .
l took a man's life here.
You don't believe me, do you? This is Holly Gribbs requesting backup at Junks on West Owens, over.
This is Catherine Willows Are you in danger? Er We're getting there.
This is my Popsicle stand.
I'll defend it to the hilt if I have to! So this is it, huh? The $8,000 Q-Tip.
Well, you're the chemist.
I just need to know what knocked the old man out.
In 20 seconds, this'll give us a complete chemical breakdown right down to the atom.
But I'm going to warn you, though, these mouth swabs don't always read.
Now, vaginal swabs, no problem.
Anal swabsmoney.
- Anal swabs? - Anal swabs.
(Machine whirs ) Dude, you got NFL 2K for Dreamcast? Bought it the day it came out.
Those graphics are killer, aren't they? My team's the Falcons.
Who do you use? Randy Moss.
(Machine stops ) It didn't take, did it? Hints of saliva, some denture adhesive That's it.
Sorry, man.
All right, put the gun down.
What? We're getting robbed again now? - Is everything OK here? - Yes, ma'am.
Control, Junks is a Code 4.
You the new girl? Yeah.
I'm Holly Gribbs.
Catherine Willows.
And I'm Lesley Stahl! Look, forget the formalities.
Which one of you's gonna clean my counter? Let me tell you something, lady, if you don't care about catching the suspect, neither do we.
We're outta here.
You can pick your gun up tomorrow.
- You can do that? - No.
Ow! Damn! Blunt force trauma case.
Bermuda Hills Country Club.
Pregnant wife caught her husband in bed with another girl What do you think? Malicious intent? Little bit, yeah.
- How's it coming? - It's coming.
Whose blood is that? The new girl's.
Would you like to donate? Hell, no.
How'd the follow-up go with the husband? - Boe tells me you were onto something.
- The story's changed a bit Now he says there was a struggle.
Said he stepped on his shoe while they were fighting.
You believe him? At first, no.
But now I don't know what to think You ever see the movie The Exorcist? - Yeah.
- The oldpriest and Father Karras are about to exorcise the demon.
Father Karras explains that he's recorded the little girl's voice and he's broken down the spirit into three distinctpersonalities But the old priest quickly corrects him.
"There is only one.
" Forget about the husband Warrick Forget about the assumptions Forget aboutyourpromotion These things will only confuse you Concentrate on what cannot lie.
The evidence.
Follow the reason we're having this conversation.
Follow the shoe.
Well, I'll be damned.
Tripped over a rattle my ass.
Remember this from the suicide case? The minute I pulled it, I knew something wasn't right.
The impression's perfect.
Maybe too pefect Take a gander.
- What are those red particles? - Latex flakes.
- From what? - Protective gloves maybe.
The way I figure it, this son of a bitch is smart.
Probably planted the prints.
So, on a hunch, I chemically tested the flakes.
Guess what it was laced with? - Lecithin.
- That chemical's found in cooking spray, isn't it? If latex rubber and cooking spray went on a blind datehow would the night end? - A lot better than ours did.
- I know.
Pink Floyd's not your thing.
I have on cowboy boots, I work in a lab.
What makes you think Dark Side Of The Moon synched to The Wizard Of Oz - is gonna warm my damn barn? - Just thought it'd be different.
Different? Pin me up against the wall, lay one on me like you mean it.
You're slacking, pal.
(Computer beeps ) - How long till we get a hit? Could be four minutes, could be four days, but you can bet your ass she'll give you something.
She always does Pin you against a wall? Look, erl gotta be honest.
This isn't me.
I was pushed into it by my mom.
She's a lieutenant in Traffic.
She's never gonna get out of Traffic, so er I'm fulfilling her dreams, not mine.
I can sit here and I can baby you, and I can tell you to quit, but I'm not gonna do that because I really love my job.
We're just a bunch of kids that are getting paid to work on puzzles.
Sometimes there's a piece that's missing, sometimeswe solve it in one night.
So you think I should stick with it? Stick with it? The cops? Forget it.
They wouldn't know fingerprints from paw prints , and the detectiveschase the lie.
We solve, we restore peace of mind, and when you're a victim, that's everything.
Stick with it At least until you solve your first, and if after that you don't feel like King Kong on cocaine then you can quit.
But if you stay with it, my hand to God you will never regret it.
RADIO: Catherine Willows cutyour lunch short you got a 428 Copy.
If you want me to call Judge Cohen at four in the morning, I need more than a damn toenail! Captain, you've got to make that call or he'll walk.
What have you got? Hair fibres.
Big deal.
So there was a struggle.
Who gives a corncob? He was protecting his wife and kid.
I've got the nail.
If I can get a warrant and match the shaving to the toe, I can prove that the suspect's foot was inside the victim's shoe.
- That alone will establish it was murder.
- The guy lived there! Maybe he put on the sneaker to fetch the paper.
I have a statement stating he never wore the shoe.
- You don't even know if the nail was the vic's.
- He was wearing socks.
- Not good enough.
- Not good enough?! I said no, Brown, damn it! (Phone rings ) - We're not done, Warrick.
You stay right there.
GRISSOM: We've got a name on the suicide case - He's local - I'll phone the Judge for a warrant.
Hey, Warrick, I guess we're all done now.
Do you mind closing the door behind you? I got to make an important call.
We'll talk about your little foot fetish later.
Judge Cohen, please.
White female, mid-20s.
Said she passed out behind the wheel.
- Thought you might want to check it out.
- Thanks, brother.
Nick Stokes, Criminalistics.
Mind if I take a look? I don't know what happened.
I remember the song that was playing on the radio, I just don't rememberpassing out.
Say ahh.
What? You know, ahhh.
No discolouration.
I don't see anything criminal here.
Take her to the hospital Have her checked out.
Well, might as well roll the dice.
Take that ass-whuppin'.
(Short burst on siren) Police! Put your hands on top of your head - and walk backwards towards me - I'm ID.
- I'm from Criminalistics.
- Keep it shut and follow my instructions.
Now get down on your knees I'm not getting on my knees.
You can shoot me.
I saidget down on your knees.
Hey! What the hell are you doing? That's Warrick Brown from ID.
- Put those guns away.
- Sorry Judge We got a call about a black man outside your house.
We responded.
All right, you caught him.
Clear out of here before you wake the neighbours.
Dispatch, please be advised Judge Cohen's residence a Code 4 False alarm - Brown, what the hell are you doing? - I'm sorry, Judge.
Captain Brass wouldn't call for a warrant.
I got a whopper on the line with a 100lb test.
You got a winner for me? I'll make it worth your while if you give me a name.
Oh, ho! I knew it.
Listen, kid, I'll make a deal with you.
You put $5,000 down on the Pack for me, I'll give you a blank warrant.
All I ask is that you have the ticket in my chambers before kick-off.
You do that, I'll square it with your captain.
No problem, Judge.
A staged suicide? You're kidding, right? I swear on my kids , I've never seen that man before in my life.
Then how the hell did your fingerprints wind up at the scene? We talked to the family.
The victim didn't know a Paul Millander.
I Hi sarge Would you mind if I er? Oh, you want a whack at him, Grissom? Be my guest.
Hi, Mr Millander.
My name's Gil Grissom.
I work in Criminalistics.
- May I ask you a few questions? - Sure.
Do you have any hobbies? Make model airplanes? Make toys? Wind chimes for the backyard, that sort of thing? No.
Why? Well, we found some particles of latex on your thumbprint.
Would you have any reason to have access to thatparticular substance? Well, yeah.
Sureat my job.
Wow! - You made all these? - Yes, sir.
Everything from scratch.
We mould, carve, shape, paint and authenticate.
Excellent work.
These seem very real.
You ever make any rubber hands? Sure we do.
This is our best seller.
Right here.
Sold 10,000 of those units last Halloween.
Even used my own hand for the mould.
- These are your prints.
- Yeah.
Why? What does that mean? It means you're free to go.
- He's not the guy.
- Grissom, are you sure? This explains the latex and the lecithin.
You need oil to make a print.
Anyone who purchased one of these hands could be the killer.
And what's worse he's proficient in forensics.
Hey, Dr Lever.
What's up, man? I got your page.
- Have you had any trick rolls lately? - A ton of them.
Why? I've had six pros come through the ER in the past two nights, all with distinct similarities.
Every girl has been mysteriously knocked unconscious and we found skin discolouration.
- Whoa.
Skin discolouration? - Yeah.
- Where, the lips? - No, their nipples.
We meet again.
May I see your discolouration? - You wanna give me 20 bucks? - You wanna do time? You know, I just came from a trick roll downtown.
The victim's mouth had similar blotching.
Chances are whatever he ingested orally, you absorbed through your nipples , knocking you both out.
So, I'll give you a choice.
You give back the old man his belongings , tell me what you use and I won't have you charged with attempted murder.
Which is it? Eye drops? No, it's scopolamine.
It's a chemical used for motion sickness.
This bottle's a front.
One drop of this stuff and she's out cold.
(Chuckles ) We're ruling out suicide.
The evidence leads us to believe it was a homicide.
Then he was murdered? I believe so.
You know this may sound funny, but I feel better knowing that he didn't take his own life.
For me that would never sit right - He was such a good man.
- We'll find him, Ms Harmon.
I promise you.
There is always a clue.
I'll find him.
Nurse, excuse me.
I'm Catherine Willows from Criminalistics.
I'm here for the 428.
Hi, Laura.
I'm Catherine How you doing, kiddo? What's that? Well, that is a camera.
I have to take a few photographs.
Before I do that, though, could you do me a favour? Could you take a look at this drawing, andpoint out to me where he touched you? Can you just show me? Could you hold my dolly for me? I'd love to.
Nonot just hold her, take her away to your house.
To my house? Why? Cos I don't want the same thing that happened to me to happen to dolly.
It's OK.
It's gonna be OK, sweetheart.
You're off the case.
- What?! Why? - You deliberately went over my head, Brown.
The phone call from the Judge saved your job but not your ass.
- You're shadowing Gribbs.
- But me and Nick are tied.
- Grissom.
- I don't believe this.
Have Warrick shadow Gribbs for three weeks or until Nicky makes his 100th.
I hate your ass, you know that? - People walk every day because of you! - That's enough, Warrick.
Let's go.
- Damn it, Grissom! I had his ass, too! - Yes, you had him.
And the minute you started thinking about yourself, you lost him.
There is no room for subjectivity in this department.
You know that.
We handle each case objectively, without presupposition, regardless of race, colour, creed or bubble gum flavour.
OK? Let's go.
Sorry you gotta baby-sit.
Yeah, I'm sorry too.
Control, P44-42 arrived.
OK, go inside, dust for prints , make sure you take plenty of photo .
photographs, be thorough.
I've had the speech.
Look, I gotta run an errand.
- You'll be OK on your own? - I'm fired up, ready to go.
Besides, there's an officer here.
(Knock on door) Morning.
Gil Grissom, Forensics.
I'm taking over the case for Warrick Brown.
Mind if I come in? How can I help you? - I need to give you a pedicure.
- Come again? I have a warrant for your toenails.
A warrant.
What, am I a suspect? I gave you a sworn statement.
A statement's just a public record of your version.
We still need proof.
Well, I'd love to help youbut I already cut them.
- May I see where you discarded the clippings? - I flushed them down the toilet.
May I see your toilet? I'll be right back.
Excuse me.
Control, this is P39-01.
I'm gonna be on a break for about 15 minutes.
Mommy? (Whispers) Shh.
We don't want to wake up Jeremy.
Mommy, what's wrong? Mommy just kinda had a rough night.
I couldn't drive here fast enough to tell you how much I love you.
I know, Mommy.
I love you, too.
Give me the next item up for bid.
- It's nasty.
- No, striation.
Whenever objects break, there is what we call "stria".
Two unique connecting points.
If I can match the nail and the sneaker to the suspect's clippings Alcatraz! The brother was right, wasn't he? - Uh-huh! - Yeah! Careful, Boe, you'll hurt your back.
Give me the Packers.
RADIO: Warrick come in - This is Warrick.
Go ahead.
- It's Grissom We got him Woo-hoo-hoo! Yeah! I'll be right there.
Who do you want now? Niners for five dimes.
- (Muffled shout) Open up! - Open the door.
- What are you gonna do? - Don't ask questions.
Open the door.
You son of a bitch! (Baby cries ) Aaah! Call 911.
Do it.
Hey, weren't you supposed to be shadowing Holly? Oh, she's cool.
She's doing prints on that 407.
There's an officer there.
I'm out.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Er Can I help you? I'm the neighbour from across the way and I just saw a cop car leave.
- Is everything OK? - Yeah.
We had a robbery but everything's fine.
Oh, OK.
(Knock on door) Room Service.
You're kidding me.
My stuff! You found my stuff! Yeah, your wallet, your cash, credit cardswedding ring.
Oh, thank God.
Next time, go to the dice table.
At least you can go home broke instead of busted.
Know what I mean? I sure do.
Thank you.
Congratulations, Nicky.
You are now a CSI level 3.
Whoo! Good job, Nick.
Hey, Warrick, listen, I heard about the whole thing with the shoe - Forget it, man.
It's all you.
- Thanks.
Let's go get some breakfast.
It's on me.
Sorry to break up your party but I need Grave to pull a double.
Holly Gribbs has been shot.
She's in surgery now Apparently the suspect returned to the scene They don't think she's gonna make it.
Brown, I'm putting you on administrative leave pending a full report.
So wash your faces You have a long day ahead of you.