CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s01e02 Episode Script

Cool Change

Previously on CSI Welcome to Forensics.
Gil Grissom.
I'm your supervisor on Graveyard.
Holly Gribbs.
- You're the fifth person I've been forced to hire.
- That's not fair.
Is hiring a juiced-in lieutenant's daughter fair? I'm fulfilling her dreams, not mine.
I can sit here, and I can baby you and tell you to quit, but I'm not gonna do that, until you solve your first, and if after that, you don't feel like King Kong on cocaine then you can quit.
Have Warrick shadow Gribbs for three weeks or until Nicky makes his 1 00th.
- People walk every day because of you! - That's enough, Warrick.
You had him.
And the minute you started thinking about yourself, you lost him.
- You'll be OK on your own? - Are you kidding? I'm fired up.
Besides, there's an officer here.
Captain Brass wouldn't call you for a warrant.
I got a whopper on the line with a 1 00lb test.
- You got a winner for me? - Favre.
You put $5,000 down on the Pack for me, and I'll give you a blank warrant.
Congratulations, Nicky.
You are now a CSI Level 3.
Whoo! Woo-hoo! Yeah! I'll be right there.
Niners for five dimes.
Weren't you supposed to be shadowing Holly? Oh, she's cool.
She's doing prints on that 407.
There's an officer there.
- Excuse me, ma'am.
- (Gasps ) Holly Gribbs has been shot.
They don't think she's gonna make it.
Hey, look.
It'll never happen.
You've got a better chance of going to the moon.
WOMAN: Oh give me a 20 Hurry ljust got a premonition You've got your own money.
Go play.
But I left mypurse in the room I'll play.
Wait here.
(Sighs ) - Is this your slot card? - No.
Your little premonition has cost me 20.
Happy now? Here.
Watch out! Here come the millions.
(Screams) Oh, my God! (Hooters blaring) (Screaming and whooping) MAN: $40 million You'll be having lobster tonight.
They gave us the Presidential Suite.
Can you believe it? Here, Richard Gere.
Why don't you let me help you with that? WOMAN: Oh! Look at our view! Wow! Take a hike.
Get lost.
Excuse me? Come on, Jamie.
I'm a millionaire now.
Now, why would I want to waste any more time with you? (Knocking) Room Service The minute you hear anything on Holly Gribbs's condition, page me.
All right? Bye.
RADIO: call back at 477 Desert hn Road - So he pulled a Luganis, huh? - Yeah, 1 50 feet.
The Giga Million's Curse strikes again.
The past four winners are dead or missing.
What do you think? It's a conspiracy.
I worked those four cases.
There was no evidence of foul play.
Was he in town with anybody? His girlfriend.
She's in custody.
Do you want to talk to her? Not yet.
Right now, I want to talk to him.
How do you talk to a dead body? I let him talk to me, actually.
In fact, he just spoke.
Didn't you hear him? He just told me that he didn't commit suicide.
No, youyou lost me.
This guy fell to his death wearing prescription eyeglasses.
Jumpers take their glasses off.
Suicide is the ultimate form of selfishness, Detective.
It's unlikely that anyone cowardly enough to take his own life would be brave enough to watch his own death.
- You can tell all that just from eyeglasses? - You have no idea.
Messages? Mm-hm.
I just got off the phone with the Sheriff.
He says he wants me to run the unit.
You're the boss.
- I can't say I didn't do it to myself.
- Where are they gonna place you? Homicide.
Believe that? Instead of moving up, I'm moving back in a time capsule, like it's 1 979 again.
So, I guess this might put you and me at odds.
Cop versus scientist.
Interesting, huh? Yeah.
- You got any advice for me? - Yeah Cover your assand hide.
They're all yours, pal.
Tragedy struck early this morning when an on-duty Las Vegas criminalist was gunned down It was her first night on thejob The victim Holly Gribbs was investigating a homicide in an apartment on the corner ofMLK and Warm Springs The crime lab now faces the daunting task ofinvestigating the shooting ofone oftheir own The wounded CSI has been taken to Desert Palm where she is in a critical condition The suspect is still at large In other news - Weren't you supposed to shadow her? - What happened? I left her to hook up with Grissom on that toenail case then I came back here.
You left Holly solo? It was supposed to be an easy print job.
Look, I feel bad enoughOK? Here's what we know.
Brass assigned Warrick to shadow Holly on a robbery.
He left her at the scene The suspect returned and Holly was shot.
The Sheriffphoned me earlier this morning Brass has been moved back to Homicide.
Who's gonna run the unit? For nowme.
I know.
We'll just play it by ear.
OK? All right Last night, a jackpot winner dived off the Hotel Monaco at the time Holly was shot.
I'm gonna work the leaper.
- Nick? - Yes, sir.
- You work the Holly case.
- Wait a minute.
Youyou can't give him the Holly case.
I mean, all due respect, Nick I want this one.
Nicky didn't have any contact with Holly.
I don't want you on this.
- Why? - Because you're emotionally involved.
She was gonna walk.
I convinced her to stay.
If anyone's to blame here, it's me, and I want this case.
Fire me.
I'm not firing anybody.
Look, I know we're pulling a double.
We're on edge.
I just want everyone to stay calm and to do their jobs for the next ten hours.
And, as of now, we're short of help, so I'm bringing in Sara Sidle to give us a hand.
Sara Sidle? - Who's that? - A CSI out ofSan Francisco She's a friend of mine, someone I trust.
She's going to handle our internal investigation.
I want to keep this in-house.
I don't want IA involved Great.
That's just what we need - somebody sniffing around.
Nicky, you can back me up on the DB at the Monaco.
You got it.
That's it.
That's it? What about me? You're on leave.
You get some personal time.
I don't want any personal time.
I want to help.
You're the boss now.
You can reinstate me.
Go home, Warrick.
Get your story straight before Sara gets here.
A little late for the brigade.
What do you think happened here? First blush? Don't move.
Hey, it's OK.
I'm not a cop.
I justl just analyse the scene.
(Gunshots ) (Exhales deeply) This is Holly's gun.
She shot back.
(Pager bleeps ) (Bleeping) He's all rigored up.
Now pull it like a slot machine.
It's been three weeks since my last jumper.
At least this one died a millionaire.
Jeez, these look like defensive wounds, maybe.
Somebody came after this guy with something pretty sharp.
You have any idea what it might be? Glass, maybe.
We found tiny shards in the incised wound.
Take a look.
GRISSOM: Not just glass.
Black glass.
Broken glass.
Blood drops leading tobloody towels.
No effort to hide.
Defensive wounds.
Champagne bottle.
Black glass.
I missed that What do you think, boss? You're a CSl-3 now.
You call it.
What? You want me to play it blind? You've read the woman's statement.
The room is full of evidentiary clues.
Talk it out.
What does the room say? OK.
Well, according to the girlfriend, they were on the balcony when they had a quarrel.
Come on, Jamie.
I'm a millionaire now.
Now, why would I want to waste any more time with you? (Knock at door) Room Service.
Thank you.
So, what was I this whole time, huh? Just someone to bang? Yeah.
(Screams) Why? (Whimpers ) Crazy broad.
And then what happened? He took off.
I cut him up pretty good.
He probably went to the lobby to fetch some first aid.
And he never came back to the room? No.
Are you sure? The Presidential Suite at the Hotel Monaco is a secured room.
They keep a log.
When someone enters with a card key Well, if they keep a record, check it for yourself.
Why are you bothering me? Nicky, what does the log say? Well she's right The only entry I see here is when hotel security checked them in.
Can I go now? Yes, ma'am.
Her story checks out She has no financial motive.
She was his girlfriend, not his wife.
Any money he won goes to the family estate.
Well, if he didn't fall from his own balcony, where else could it have happened? The roof.
Yeah, erEmergency Room, please.
The patient's name is Holly Gribbs.
(Bleeping) Warrick here.
Warrick Judge Cohen You bet the wrong team, you idiot.
I said Packers.
I got the 49ers for five grand.
The Spot in 15 minutes (Hangs up) OK, I think we're ready for Operation Norman.
You'll never get that off It's Meyer's Roof Dust.
All the hotels use it now.
It diverts the sun's rays.
Keeps the utility bills down in the summer.
Yeah? How do you know all this crap? It's our job to know stuff.
Nick, standing by for Operation Norman.
Let him fly.
(Cheering) (Crowd cheer) Yes, yes.
Norman pushed.
Norman jumped.
- Norman fell.
- Wouldn't you, if you married Mrs Roper? I don't even have to turn around.
- Sara Sidle.
- That's me.
Still tossing simulation dummies? There are other ways to tell, you know.
How? Computer simulation? No, thank you.
I'm a scientist.
I like to see it.
Newton dropped the apple; I drop dummies.
- You're old school.
- Exactly.
And this guy was pushed.
How's the girl? She's still in surgery.
She's not doing very well.
That's too bad.
- God, I have so many unanswered whys.
- There's only one why that matters : Why did Warrick Brown leave that scene? What are you? Dyslexic? You owe me ten grand, buddy.
All I've got is four.
Then what are you here for? Get out there and get my money.
Look, a girl was shot on my watch cos I was doing you a favour.
Hey, you came to me.
All right, Judge.
I'll get your money, but I need more time.
Give me a day.
You've got an hour.
Where can I find Catherine Willows? She's out in the field.
Let me guess.
Sara Sidle? I know who I am.
I think you're a little confused.
If you think you're taking my caseforget it.
Look, we can stand here and argue, or we can get out there and find out who did this to Holly Gribbs Two sharp women are better than one.
Found at the crime scene.
Where did you get the pager nest? Grissom.
He won it on eBay.
They're great for tracing, if you can rely on the suspect's honesty.
Er Desmond Tutu.
See what I mean? Don't feel bad.
My last four traces came back "Eminem", so Look, you seem to have everything under control here.
Where can I find Warrick Brown? Try one of the casinos on Blue Diamond Road.
Oh, I'll page you with any information.
There's our jumper.
You want to see everything before and after he won the jackpot? - Right? - Please.
Wait a minute Go back.
It looks like she's offering him his slot redemption card back.
Could I see the person that was sitting at this machine right before the victim? Sure.
Is there any way of telling how long he was sitting there? At three bucks a tug, he could have gone through 1 0, 20 thou.
GRISSOM: Nick call the slot host Get this guy's name from the slot card.
I'm gonna talk to this man.
All right.
Holly's weapon's already loaded, so point at the entry hole to do your test fire.
OK, thanks, Bobby.
OK, now, in order to eliminate Holly's gun as the possible weapon, we start by looking for imperfections in the bullet's stria Now that's odd - What's wrong? - We don't have an elimination.
We got a match.
(Sighs ) Shot her with her own gun.
It's OK.
I'm not a cop.
I justl just analyse the scene.
Throw the gun down! All right.
Now yank the phone out the wall.
I'm taking my prints with me.
(Pager bleeps ) Argh! (Gunshots ) I pulled the slot card for you.
That's the gentleman, right over there.
Thank you.
Hold this.
I think I'll play a little.
Coming down on that baby.
Oh, yes, a winner.
A winner.
Ha! Jacks or better! You're under arrest.
Oh, yeah? What for? First-degree murder.
On what grounds? Roofdust Sir, would you please come with us? (Bells ringing) Nicky, my boy, collect my winnings.
It's a CSl-3 initiation.
You're up 1 1 Gs.
Hit or stay? SARA: Stay.
I want to talk to you.
You were playing $100 on every spot You have a system? I'm counting cards.
Isn't that illegal? Not if you do the math in your head.
You play anything else? I bet sports from time to time.
So Iet me get this straight.
You were assigned by Brass to shadow a trainee.
A robbery comes up on MLK and you go for coffee.
- An officer was there.
- So you felt safe to leave? Do you know the policies and procedures for clearing a scene? Yes.
Then why did you leave? What was so important that you had to rush out? I told you.
I went for coffee.
Was that before or after you made your bets? Sunday VegasNFL footballa guy like you Are you telling me you didn't make a little pit stop? Look at me.
Did you log on and tell Dispatch where you were going? Do you know how many times I'd been left alone at a crime scene when I was a rookie? Yeah, well, this time is different.
Yeah? Why's that? Holly Gribbs died on the operating table (Sighs ) Mind if I get a soda? Oh, yeah.
I'm sorry.
You want one? Is there anything in there with alcohol? Root beer.
(Pager bleeping) (Bleeping continues ) OhGod.
What will you say, "Hi, I'm a criminalist.
I'm in the neighbourhood"? Shh.
It's ringing.
Hello? Er hey Who's this? ljust dialled my own damn beeper Uh-uh.
It's my beeper now.
I found it.
It ain't your beeper, girl.
It's mine I do a lot ofbusiness on that beeper What kind of business? Slinging a little something-something.
CATHERINE: Oh a little something-something? Or maybe a little "bling-bling"? MAN: So whatyou know about some bling-bling? Well, invite me over to your crib, baby, and you might find out.
It's on.
Three Aces Motel.
Room 202.
Three Aces Motel.
Room 202.
(Sighs) See you soon.
Did I just do that? What's a bling-bling? Got me.
Yeah, I was up on that roof.
I didn't push him off.
I did talk to him, though.
We know Hey, what did you drink? Gin and tonic or amaretto sours? Amaretto sours.
How did you know that? We got a record of the victim's room charges.
At 1 27am our victim, Ted Sallanger, made a couple of purchases in the gift shop.
Band-Aids and antiseptic At 1 40am we tracked a purchase at the La Promenade.
A $30 000 designer watch At 1 :45am, you both started knocking them back in the hotel bar.
- Hey, you won my money.
- What? That was my machine.
I put everything I had in that machine.
So, you're a degenerate.
What do you want from me? Hey, old-timer.
Come on.
Sit down.
I'll buy you a drink for second place.
What are you having? It's on me.
It's on you? All right.
In that case, I'll have aamaretto sour.
The first hour, you both drank tit-for-tat, but by hour two, Ted started ordering doubles andyou quit drinking You drank decaf coffee instead.
My guess is that you were getting him lathered up for your little elevator ride.
Have a nice life, huh? I know I will.
(Laughs ) And from there you went to the roof (Crying) I couldn't go through with it.
I'm a born failure.
I failed at my marriage, I failed at my work.
Hell, I couldn't even commit suicide right.
One pull away.
The story of my life.
Mr Carlton, we're not detectives.
We're crime scene analysts.
We're trained to ignore verbal accounts and rely instead on the evidence a scene sets before us.
But I have to be honest with you, Red, I believe you.
I do So here's what we're gonna do.
You're gonna stay here until we get back.
If you pushed this guy off the roof, he will, without a doubt, have roof dust on his shoes.
Ifhe does we'll have you arrested for murder But if dust is not present, you'll be free to go.
I like this guy.
(Cocks gun) - What are you doing here? - Guilt therapy.
Police officers! Open up! Get him down on the ground.
Putyour hands behindyour back! Get him down! CATHERINE: That's a bling-bling - That was you on the phone? Yep.
(Groans ) Where did you get that scratch? For a conviction, we're gonna need a DNA sample.
OK, let's sit him down.
Let's get a saliva sample Hey, guys, it's Catherine.
For whoever is listening, we got him Repeat Holly Gribbs's suspect is in custody You don't leave until I tell you to leave.
What? What are you gonna do? Hold me in contempt? You're already in contempt with me.
We're in bed, pal.
- I own you - Nobody owns me.
Yeah? Let me tell you something.
You ever heard of a wolf in sheep's clothing? You and me, we're gonna do business together, whether you like it or not.
Keep your cellphone charged.
You didn't have to come.
I know.
I wanted to.
In case you need me.
I probably do, but this is something I'd rather do alone.
We make a DNA match and it's over.
I'm sorry.
Will the real Red Skelton please stand up? You're too young to remember who Red Skelton was.
Hey! Nick At Nite.
You should check it out.
No dust.
I thought so.
Turns out he's a red herring.
There's got to be something else.
Nice watch.
Look at this.
These look like fibres - You think he was dragged? - Maybe.
I'll go back to the Presidential Suite, Iook at the carpet, see if we can match the fibres.
Get a hold of the girl while you're at it.
- Why? ls she a suspect? - She is now.
- What do you have? - Hey.
I thought you might like to see this.
What the hell's that? I found it after I shaved his head.
Hard, with a diamond insignia on the back.
You find that, I bet you find your killer.
Was this first blow? First and fatal.
Crushed his skull.
So he was killed then he was pushed? Without a doubt.
Nicorette? No, thanks.
Got my own.
Boss, your DNA results are back.
CATHERINE: Yeah? Well, according to my DNA data, the types are 81 4 quadrillion to one that your suspect is our killer.
Pretty good stats! Whoo! Yeah, considering there's only about six billion people in the world.
Ah, thanks.
Holly She gave me just enough just enough to catch him.
Don't move! Hey, hey, it's OK.
I'm not a cop.
I justl just analyse the scene.
This is my first day.
Believe me, I'ml'm no threat.
Erm look The phone with your prints on it.
Take it.
OK? Here.
(Pager bleeps ) CATHERINE: She held on long enough to give us a clue Argh! (Gunshots ) (Groans ) Nice work, Catherine.
Nice swatch, Nick.
Pizza box-sized.
(Phone rings ) Grissom.
It's Nick ljust finished the carpet-swatch comparisons Got a match GRISSOM: I'm starting to get that feeling NICK: Yeah so am I I'll meet you at the interrogation.
I've got one more thing to check.
OK Bye OK.
I'm ready to try this now.
Stand by, house.
- Did your security log record that? - Did you guys get that? No.
Well, I'll be damned.
The Curse.
Hell, I ain't playing those machines no more.
It's true.
You win, you die.
- Got me with what? - Capital murder.
- Oh, are you kidding me? - I never kid about murder.
What do you think, Nick? My turn to play it blind? Hey, Red, have a nice life, huh? (Laughing) I know I will! (Whispers) Loser.
What the? What the hell's with this thing? GRISSOM: Now the funny thing is if Ted didn't come back to the room why were Presidential carpet fibres found in the band ofhis new watch? Unless he did come back Andyou do the smart thing - afteryou throw him offthe balcony you clean up the crime scene You left blood-soaked towels in plain sight Your alibi? The blood came from Ted's forearms How am I doing so far, Nicky? Yeah, I'm into it.
According to your statement, you felt slighted, cos Ted hadjust won 40 million dollars and dumped you within half an hour, giving you motive enough to kill him.
And you exercised that motive.
Can I ask you a question? - Sure.
- How are you so cool? You took someone's life.
Don't you care? No.
Deputy, we're gonna have her arrested.
So, could I ask you a question? Maybe.
All that stuff you rattled off, how did you know about all that? Your boyfriend told me.
(Door closes ) I'll see you outside, OK? They say I have to let you go.
You violated the policies and procedures for clearing a scene.
I read Sara's report.
I know.
I messed up.
And Holly's dead.
I'm sorry, Gil.
I'm sorry, too.
I don't want to do this.
You got to.
You know where I was? I've got a pretty good idea.
I went to lay a bet.
I didn't even think I was doing anything wrong.
It never occurred to me.
It never occurred to me, either.
You know what? lf I let you go, I've got to let me go, too.
And Catherine and Brass.
We're all culpable in this.
I don't care what the book says.
I lost one good person today.
I don't want to lose another.
I won't let you down again.
Let's go home.