CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s01e03 Episode Script

Crate 'n Burial

Previously on CSI Congratulations, Nick.
You are now a CSI level 3.
Whoo! Mommy? I couldn't drive here fast enough to tell you how much I love you.
I love you too.
Sara Sidle? I know who I am.
I think you're a little confused.
I just got off the phone with the Sheriff.
He says he wants me to run the unit.
You're the boss.
They say I've got to let you go.
I know.
I don't care.
I lost one good person today.
I don't want to lose another.
(Gasping) (Groans ) (Screams ) (Distorted) Bring $2 million in hundreds to Charleston and 3rd in three hours oryour wife dies Stop me from taking He thinks it's some kind ofajoke - using that voice.
- He's altering his voice.
We don't consider it a joke at all.
Bring $2 million in hundreds to Charleston and 3rd Come on, guys.
You've listened to the tape 20 times.
Will somebody find my wife? Sometimes, if you listen closely, you can hear a lot.
(Rewinds ) (Low-frequency buzz) I don't hear anything.
Where do you hear nothing in Las Vegas? The desert.
And judging by what sounds like a low-frequency buzz in the background, possibly near power lines.
How did you hear all that? I listen.
BRASS: Right OK All right got it I just spoke to the FBl.
They'll back us up if we need it, but we have the handle.
MR GARRIS: Detective wa wait What are my chances here? Of Laura? F For Laura? It's a three-hour window.
Will somebody tell me the truth? A ransom message with a short fuse means that the victim's situation will cause her to expire by or before the deadline, regardless of what we do.
In a car trunk, that kind of thing.
It's a form of passive murder, if you want to be honest about it.
- Then you guys have got to move.
GRISSOM: Mr Garris? It's my experience that, in situations like this , if you want to go fast, go slow.
Get a picture of the security pad.
If someone touches it before it's dusted, I break their fingers.
Shoot the mirror, point of disturbance.
The lamp, point of disturbance You're standing in my crime scene.
- No, you're in mine.
- You're doing audio? I wanted that.
I outrank you.
Who did Grissom hand-pick to work here? Keep telling yourself that.
Hit the lights, will you? MAN: Got it Shady friends? No.
Laura surrounds herself with quality people.
Has her behaviour changed recently? Drug use, alcohol No, no, nothing like that.
She's a health nut.
We both are.
Look, I'm a rich man.
How do I let this guy know I'll pay? We don't want to go there yet.
Nick? Tell Lab to do a reverse algorithm on that tape, and then get it into enhancement.
I know what to tell the audio guy.
- You've been a level 3 for what, two weeks? - I've got it under control.
I swear.
SARA: Cursory call? Looks like a professional job.
A guy bypasses the security system surprises the wife in the back hall Drags her in here.
She grabs onto the doorway, sign of struggle.
No sign of sexual assault.
He's in, they're out.
Probably egress through those doors.
Excuse me? ls my evaluation interrupting you? No, no, no.
I barely heard you.
Glad I have a healthy ego.
Did you find something interesting there? Dirt.
You're sotechnical I can hardly keep up, but I'm sorry, but out of context, it's .
just dirt.
(Siren) Did you just slap on bad cologne? I never wear it.
It interferes with the job.
It's almost sweet.
Can't be chloroform.
Halothane, maybe.
We'll confirm it in GC mass spec.
"Looks like a professional job," I think you said.
Care to amend your evaluation? If the guy forgets the rag he used to knock her out, he can't be much of a pro.
I keep trying to be your star pupil.
Sara, that was a seminar.
This is real.
Pebbles tile The front is all concrete.
No dirt.
Context: there is dirt on the carpeting inside.
In an otherwise spotless house.
You're saying the kidnapper tracked the dirt in.
As of now, that's about all we have, so I guess we follow the dirt.
(Siren) CATHERINE: How many hit-and-runs this year? WARRICK: Too many.
One thing I can't stand is a punk coward.
My daughter wants one of these.
Says she's the only kid in the world who doesn't have one.
Want me to take this case alone? Are you feeling all right, Warrick? (Laughs) I'm fine.
I'm I'm looking after you.
It's that thing with Holly Gribbs.
It's made me think who I am to my partners, you know? This is your new leaf? Keep busting on me, you won't see any leaf.
Hey, relax.
I'll play nice.
Thank you for the offer.
I'm OK.
I can handle this one.
Be nice if this paint transfer had just one special property.
You want to call it? Vehicle's humming down Rochester Vic was on her scooter, heading eastbound.
Car brakes here impact here.
The vic was thrown, what? 20 metres? And all we've got is some paint that's gonna match up to about 20 million other vehicles.
Are you ordering me not to pay the ransom? It's a very strong suggestion, yes.
After you told me she could already be dead? I don't believe you guys.
This is my wife - I'm paying.
- If you give up the cash, the kidnapper has no reason to talk with us.
Does anyone on your team know where Laura is right now? - We have an entire forensics lab working on it.
- Yeah? Something tells me I'll see her first.
- Well, your job just got harder.
- Yeah.
I'll stay close to the money.
GRISSOM: The dirt is interesting The flecks that's easy It's gold.
The little grey squiggles , cyanide Cyanide? He poisoned her? No.
Did you know that Nevada produces 80% of the country's gold? Miners drop cyanide powder into the dirt, and it draws the gold to the surface.
How does a bug specialist know so much about dirt? I had a case five years ago.
We found a skeleton in a gold mine.
I thought it was a murder.
It turned out the guy had passed out drunk, and the cyanide leached into his system.
Gruesome, Grissom.
You know, it's funny, but every case teaches me something about the next.
- When you said follow the dirt - Gold mine.
That may be where he's got her.
There's got to be 1 00 gold mines in Nevada.
True, but how many are near power lines , within range of the drop zone? Three.
One, two, three.
This is your hit-and-run victim.
The bad thing about this job is you stop asking yourself why.
Here's the bruise I was telling you about.
Do you see it? (Screams ) Oh, my God! Plate numbers.
From the licence plate when it impacted her skin.
Looks like a four - and a J.
- Yeah.
Not like he left us any evidence.
- Call DMV.
- I'll get them to crosscheck this partial within a five-mile radius, see how many they find.
You'll have pictures for me? Yeah.
I'll meet you out front.
All right.
Is that what I think it is? It's a pack of coyotes.
The sensor picks up any form of body heat, two-legged or four-legged.
Captain Brass, hey.
- Jeez, you scared me.
- Sorry.
Grissom told me to hook up with you.
He says the drop place will be a crime scene.
We hope.
Come on.
Give us something two-legged.
Last mine.
We've circled it twice.
Yeah, well, we'll circle it again.
Why don't they move in on the guy? Why? Cos he's probably just walking his dog.
Well he's been there five minutes Dogs take their time.
Do you want to be rushed? RADIO: Male in a ball cap ten o'clock Here, kitty kitty.
Nobody moves, you got that? Rock solid till my order.
RADIO: Copy What was that? - Go back.
- Where? GRISSOM: There Swing around - My God, she's below the surface.
- OK, let's land! Take her down.
Down! GRISSOM: The ground team is right behind us.
Got to be right up here.
Mrs Garris? GRISSOM: Can you hear us? - Mrs Garris? - We're with the Las Vegas Police Department.
(Screaming) Here.
She's there.
Got something here.
(Siren) I got it.
Get that edge! Come on.
Give me that pickaxe.
Pull it! Oh, my God.
GRISSOM: You get up behind her.
Oh! OK, we're going to pull her up.
Sara, give me something to cut this tape.
Are you OK? - Here you go.
- You're going to be OK now.
I'll cut this off.
Are you OK? It never ceases to amaze me what people do to each other.
Transport the box to the lab for latents , hair fibres Victor 1 8.
Brass, do you hear me? Copy We got the package, and she's still alive.
Do you read me? Over Affirmative.
Way to go.
Major player is in our sight.
Will update Out NICK: Do you think that's him? Do you think that's our guy right there? Move on Ball Cap! Move! (Siren) Police officers! Freeze! I wasn't stealing the bag! Hands on your head.
Down on your knees.
Hold still.
Look at the bag.
It's not even leather.
Why would I want it? I can think of about two million reasons, Tiger.
- Can I help you folks? - Mr Charles Moore? We're with the Las Vegas Crime Lab.
We'd like to talk to you about your car.
We believe it may have been involved in a traffic collision earlier this evening.
I told the police when they called - my car was stolen.
That's why we have a search warrant, sir.
So that we can look in your garage.
It wa It was an accident.
I saw the girl and I tried to brake, but l accelerated by mistake.
I get confused I I shouldn't have left I was wrong.
Is she OK? She died at the scene.
Oh, my God! WARRICK: You're gonna be charged with manslaughter Mr Moore A felony hit-and-run.
WARRICK: Do you have a lawyer? Just got off the phone with the traffic guys.
They've impounded the car.
It'll be here any minute.
Is it me or did he give it up too easy? The old guy was scared.
You have to see the birthday present I got for your daughter.
How long do I have to be here before I start kicking in for gifts? When the spirit moves you.
So in your case, I guess never.
GRISSOM: I got one ofthese when I was six I almost blew up the house I hope you can return it, cos Lindsey doesn't want a party.
- Yeah.
What kid doesn't want a party? - My kid.
- What time is your little girl coming by? - She isn't.
Yeah, but I got her a chem set.
You keep that.
Might learn something.
Stop flirting with me.
When's the party? What do I have to do? There is no party.
My daughter doesn't want a party! Is everybody clear on that? (Beeping) WARRICK: Our car's here.
SARA: Burial box is in.
The victim's ready at Desert Palm.
We'll play with these later.
- Thanks, guys.
- No problem "Garris Winery.
" You never saw the person? Er, he grabbed me from behind.
There was something clamped over my mouth.
Tha That's the last thing that I remember.
Know how you got the bruising? I haven't quite I'm sorry I was knocked out.
I I just don't think I can help you.
She's had enough.
Can we cut it short? Sure.
I'd like to get a blood sample from you, though, if I could.
Wha What for? You've got scratches on your arm If we can find traces of your blood in Rundle's truck, we can match the DNA, make our case against him that much stronger.
Come on, you have the guy.
Isn't that enough? Yeah, well, we didn't get any prints off the duct tape.
Our audio guys are working on stuff.
We need something more concrete if we want to prove he did it.
- I want to help, Jack.
- OK.
All right.
Whatever it takes to put this guy behind bars , I'll do.
You want to talk to us with no lawyer? Why would I need a lawyer? Look, I told you - I didn't know there was any money in that bag.
I hit balls at that park twice a week.
Ask around.
And the fact you're Garris's trainer? How does that mean I kidnapped his wife? I know the dude.
And the layout of the guy's house.
He pays extra for me to come to him.
Why are your prints on the crate Laura was buried in? I Unless it was from Jack's vineyard, I don't know.
I helped him move some crates a couple of weeks ago up to his garage.
I can't believe it.
You've got nothing to hold me on.
Going once, going twice sold.
To the man walking out the front door.
Don't go too far, pal.
My lawyer's number, in case you'd like to communicate with me again.
Hey, didn't I see you on the news tonight? The chopper, digging up Jack's wife? It was amazing.
Hope you catch the guy.
Me too.
So? The kid didn't give up a thing.
Except the tape that'll break the case open.
Did you tell him you were recording him? Yeah.
The guy's no idea what you science types can do with audio tape.
Thank you.
How tall do you think Mr Moore is? Six feet, I'd say.
Old people must love hugging the steering wheel, cos this seat is pushed all the way forward.
(Groans ) Well, I'm six feet, and this mirror isn't helping me at all.
Start the car.
- Why? - Just do it.
(Rap music blares ) Wow! Mr Moore was not the last person to drive this car.
cellphone so they can hear everything that you say when you Turn the music off.
- What, this? - Yeah.
It's good stuff.
Nobody over 1 9 was the last person to drive this car.
(Sighs) Yeah.
Hey, just in time.
We're giving it a final run.
Bring $2 million in hundreds to Charleston and 3rd in three hours oryour wife dies Stop me from taking the money she still dies This is the end of the same tape, after a reverse algorithmic.
Stop me from taking the money she still dies Sounds like our guy to me.
Oh, it is.
Now, ransom tape against your exemplar.
Got it loaded up? Right here.
Unless it was from Jack's vineyard I don't know I helped him move some crates a couple of weeks ago up to his garage Survey says perfect match to the naked ear.
Now, where's my spectrograph, so the defence attorney can't claim our alterations were altered? Right here.
Yellow lines are the ransom message, blues are the interview.
Something's wrong.
There's just a green line.
That's cos the blue line's on top of the yellow line, which makes it green.
GRISSOM: It's a perfect match.
- We got our kidnapper.
- What do you do now, Nick? - I'll call Brass - tell him to go pick the guy up.
- And to drag his heels.
You still got work to do.
Grissom, can you look at something out back? Could be big.
Come see me after you raise Brass.
What did I do wrong? I'm not going to spoil Grissom's fun.
This is how he teaches all you guys.
Does anybody else drive your car, Mr Moore? I was driving yesterday.
Sir, that doesn't answer our question.
BOY: Pops? Hey, are you OK? What's he doing here? Your grandson is an approved driver on your insurance.
We had him pulled out of school.
So James you like Mos Def? Did you hit that girl? Pops, let me explain.
They should hear what happened.
They're going to.
From me.
I asked Jimmy to drive with me.
I don't do so good at night driving.
When I hit that girl, I got knocked woozy and James switched seats and took over the wheel, got me home.
He was worried about me, not the girl.
One more moving violation, and they'd take away my keys.
I'm not saying good judgment was used, but that's what happened.
James, you want to add anything to that? No.
That's how it was.
(Sighs) Please escort Mr Moore back to his cell.
I'll come see you with a lawyer.
Just not during school hours.
I won't.
James? Do you have family, someone you can call? - It's just the two of us.
- We can give you a lift home.
I'll take the bus.
You know that James was riding solo that night.
Like I know my middle name.
Well, let's go back to the car and find the proof.
What? It's just that we've got so much power in this job, which we use to get the bad guys.
Once in a while, I'd like to use it to help the good guys, like Mr Moore and his grandson.
And what? Forget about little Renda Harris? No (Sighs ) What I'm saying is thatputting James away isn't going to bring her back.
Mr Moore is willing to do the time.
The victim's family gets closure.
Hey, you don't think I'm feeling this? But we've got to follow the evidence, even if we don't like where it takes us.
It's the job.
I know it.
You know, we start making deals with the devil, then you don't get to walk away.
- You understand what I'm saying? - Yeah.
Momentary lapse.
I want you to find something new on that tape.
Like what? We already matched the guy's voice.
You know what the defence attorneys will do with that? - That's who you're up against in the end.
- You think I don't know that? You've been second-guessing me since I got on the case.
People leave clues , they speak to us in thousands of ways.
It's our job to make sure that we've heard everything they've said.
- Anything less is reasonable doubt.
- I'll go back to the tape.
Are you any better? What are you talking about? Your little major-minor blow-up about Lindsey not wanting a party.
Oh, that.
(Sighs) I'm just afraid that I'm making her weird, you know? No.
I work 24-7 , I have no time for my friends , my daughter rarely sees me having any fun, and all of a sudden, she doesn't want a party.
And that's because of you? Yes.
I'm her mother.
She mimics me.
Well, then, she'll be fine.
I mean, look at you.
You're just saying that to make me feel better.
Hey, Grissom, could you come tape me up? I love my work.
It shows.
So, you found Laura's hairs here? - Passenger side, front seat.
- Right.
Not in the back, which made me ask, "What kind of a kidnapper puts a woman bound and unconscious in the front seat?" The back of my arm isn't touching the sheepskin, see? - Yeah.
So? - But there is sheepskin fibre on the back of Laura's sleeve.
That tells us Laura sat back like a normal person would.
Cut me, Mick.
Like this.
- So, she wasn't bound at all? - Correct But would a kidnapper risk putting an unconscious woman in the front seat of his car even unbound? Answer's usually in the question.
You taught me that.
So was she unconscious? We found halothane on the patio.
Halothane knocks you out, ifyou take it.
So, you're saying she never inhaled the halothane? The proof would be in her blood.
It stays in the system up to 48 hours.
How pleased am I that I got a sample of her blood? Oh! Check at the lab, see how it turned out.
I wanted to carry the ball over the line.
I know.
BRASS: Just picked up our kidnapper - Chip.
GRISSOM: What's up? - His lawyer wants to make a deal.
- No deals - We know what Chip has to offer.
- Oh, yeah? What's that? - Laura Garris.
- The victim? The accomplice.
You got something that can't wait? I have the ransom tape, enhanced.
- Good.
I'll listen to it right now.
- All right.
Hey, I just How did you know there was more to look for? You did it.
It doesn't matter how we got here.
Just remember this.
When you want evidence, you can't find it.
When you don't want it, it's as big as Dallas.
What you got? Can you tell what that is? My Aunt Bertha could tell and she's legally blind.
You want to look at my teeth? What kind of investigation is this? A forensic investigation, sir.
Fine You look at my teeth.
Give them back when you're done.
(Clears throat) James? We found a tooth chip embedded in the steering wheel ofyour grandfather's car It doesn't appear to be er from your grandfather's teeth.
WARRICK: James? Do you have a chipped tooth? It must be an incisor, or we would have noticed.
Pops, I'm sorry, but I got to.
He's a good boy.
It was an accident.
I make him call, Iet me know where he is especially when he's out after dark.
# Rap music Hey, Pops, it's me.
Tips were good.
I thought I'd go check out a movie.
See you later.
(Phone falls ) (Screaming) (Tyres screech) He drove straight home, and wanted me to go to the police station with him.
I didn't know that little girl was dead.
I swear I didn't know what to do.
I knew Pops would know.
I wouldn't let him turn himself in.
That was my decision.
The boy's going places - college.
He's got a real future.
I'm very sorry, Mr Moore.
James, I'm afraid you're going to have to be taken into custody.
Miss, please.
I'm willing to serve his time.
I know you are, Mr Moore.
We can't let you do that.
I made him cover it up.
That was my decision.
He can explain all that to court.
I'll be your witness.
We both will.
Hey why don't you run on home? I'll handle this.
Is this more of your new leaf? Your daughter gets out of school in a half-hour, right? On her birthday.
Why do you want to pick a fight with me now? - I owe you.
- Don't think I won't collect.
Grateful Dead CD? Who's dead? No halothane in Laura's blood.
It proves she was never knocked out.
She went willingly.
She and Chip faked her kidnapping, which, of course, makes no sense at all.
Because she ended up underground in a box.
With a black eye.
Any theories? Greed.
That's ridiculous.
I don't even know Chip Rundle, except that he's Jack's trainer.
But you became pretty good friends, didn't you? No.
Jack! No.
I believe my wife.
Thing is, Jack, I tend not to believe people.
People lie The evidence doesn't lie.
You and Chip made a plan to run away together, with your hard-earned millions, Jack.
Divorce is just too long and messy.
Anyway, the plan was surprisingly well-thought-out.
Don't move.
LAURA: Go on, say it.
CHIP: No! - Say it.
- What? Say the words.
I love you.
Put this on.
You were in, you were out.
You dropped that rag to make sure we'd find it and know you were unconscious.
A real victim Jack all due respect, she's anything but.
Oh, really? Then how did I end up buried alive, scared to death? We're getting to that You and Chip drove out of town.
She sat in the front seat, unbound, fully conscious.
They stopped at a roadside phone.
Chipper called in the ransom message, and I think you were still in the truck then, right? Whatever.
This is your thing.
Pay attention.
It's about to become yours.
GRISSOM: You drove east toward Sand Fill Mine He probably told you about some line shack where you could stay while he picked up the money.
But then all ofa sudden he pulled over Probably made some excuse.
Chip? What are we doing? Switching cars, covering our tracks.
I got a Jeep up over this hill.
Where? I bet, right away in your gut, you knew something was up, and then just a few minutes later, you knew for sure.
That's when I believe you gotyour black eye I um - I don't remember.
GRISSOM: Then you were unconscious He duct-tapedyour hands and he buried you.
Guess he figured, why split two million? He can dump you and have it all.
Laura? Jack, it's not true.
I had no part in it.
Audio downloaded everything.
GRISSOM: Let's listen to Chip's message OK? Remember I told you you could hear a lot if you listen? Yeah.
Bring $2 million in hundreds to Charleston and 3rd in three hours oryour wife dies Stop me from taking the money she still dies I'm sure you all recognise Chip's voice unaltered.
Now, one more time with a slight variation.
It's amazing what we can do with the new forensic audio programs.
Enhance sounds , isolate them In fact, we can lift entire speeches , just to see what's underneath.
(Car) GRISSOM: That car went by when Chip was on the phone to you Jack Scared you, didn't it, Laura? Thought it might be the police.
Bring $2 million in hundreds to Charleston and 3rd in three hours , or your wife dies.
(Speech drowned out) Let's hear it once more, without that annoying car.
LAURA: Chip hurry up (Gasps ) You're my whole life.
Please, Jack.
Your work is your life.
How else do you think I started sleeping with Chip under your nose? Right, let's go, Laura.
Officer has a car waiting out front.
Just wait.
Just wait a second.
Grissom, I can help you.
I can give you Chip.
Not just on this.
He was into a lot of things.
Steroids, credit cards We already have you both.
For about 25 years, ma'am.
There's one thing you didn't explain in there.
As soon as you dug Laura up, why didn't she turn Chip in? Self-preservation.
She rats on him she rats on herself (Engine starts ) So, did you have a good day at school? Yeah.
- Three friends made me birthday cards.
- They did? Well, you have got some great friends.
So, Lindsey, how come you didn't want to have a party with them? I see my friends all day at school.
I never get to be alone with you.
Wow! Well, I'm really glad to be alone with you too.
I like this more than you'll ever know.
Are you going to get me one of those for my birthday? Ermaybe when you're older.
Like 40.
- Mommy! - Whatty? - That's not fair.
- I know it's not fair.
Life isn't fair.
Don't worry, Pops.
I'll be OK.
My grandson going to jail is never OK.
You stay alive in there.
Do you hear me? You too.
Don't be going downhill.
Hold on.
James the first couple of days are going to be the toughest.
Here's my cell number.
Ifyou run into anyproblems you call me.
I'll be right there.
All right? Keep your head up.
You didn't have to do that.
Give James your number.
I've seen other law enforcement people in my day.
My day.
Reminds me of my grandmother.
Yeah, I gave her a lot of rough nights too.
She used to call me her "work in progress".
Well, she did something right.