CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s01e04 Episode Script

Pledging Mr. Johnson

Ah! These green worms ain't worth a damn.
(Thud) - What the hell was that? Probably one of those eight-foot carp.
(Thud) (Thuds ) Let's get outta here.
Something's probably caught.
Check the prop.
I'm not sticking my hand in that water.
Move out of the way.
Yeah, I got something.
- Throw it back.
- What the hell is it? Femur.
The strongest bone in the body sliced clean through.
Like a ginsu through a banana.
- So, drowning? - Probably But under what circumstances? You don't wear flippers at a five-star restaurant Why wear three-inch heels to a lake? So, Watson the game is afoot.
What do you think, bro? Breakfast on me? I got a court date.
- Straight off Graveyard.
- Ouch! Well, time and a half.
A cup of Java and you're set.
Fine suit! And, welljust fine.
That's harassment! Hey, we have one locker room and it's my job to be observant.
Evidence vault opens in five.
- See you guys later.
- Easy.
So, you and me, 41 9 Western LVU.
I know.
A dead body at a fraternity.
I know, we don't have all day.
Are you gonna wearthat? Yeah.
It's likehideous.
Thank you.
Barge propeller.
Blade cut clean through.
No epidermal bruising.
The leg was severed postmortem.
Well, that's good news.
How do you figure? Do you want to be alive when your leg's being cut off? I believe this goes with that.
Divers recovered the body about half a mile east of Calville Marina.
Female Caucasian, mid-thirties.
Left thighbone connected to nothing.
I believe this is our victim.
And she's wearing a wedding ring.
- Will you collect a rape kit? - Always do.
How's it look for prints? Her skin's shrivelled like a Shar-Pei.
No pressure and no prints.
No! No way.
Use your own hand.
Come on, Catherine, my hand's too big.
- No! - It's the only way we can print her.
Her skin on your hand should fit like a leather glove.
May I take your hand? On behalf of the decedent, I thank you.
I think we're gonna know who she is by lunch time.
I can't believe I used to live in a place like this.
It seems like 1 00 years ago.
And here I had all this respect for you.
Guys, I'm Nick Stokes, this is Sara Sidle.
We're with the Crime Lab.
How are you doing? I'm Matt Daniels.
James is upstairs.
If you guys want to follow me.
(Sighs) Good God.
You see a suicide note? We didn't find one.
Don't release anyone downstairs.
We'll want to talk to them.
- All ofthem - Coroner pronounce? Let's get him down.
She's our floater.
Wendy Barger, 34.
Local, Green Valley.
We should contact the family.
Already did.
Talked to the husband.
Never reported her missing.
The coroner said she'd been in the water for two days.
Where's the husband now? With the coroner, ID'ing the body.
Hey, results are back on the rape kit.
- Positive for semen, vaginal penetration.
- You're confirming rape? Well, there are signs of a struggle.
The victim's right shoulder is dislocated, her skull is fractured.
- Give me a little more time with the body.
- Sure.
Thanks, Jenna.
Mr Barger.
My name's Gil Grissom.
- Hello.
- This is Catherine Willows.
We're forensics investigators.
Sit down.
- We need to ask you a few questions - All right.
Might anyone have wanted to harm your wife? No.
Everybody loved Wendy.
- When was the last time you saw her? - Tuesday morning She needed some time away.
To get perspective.
She did that sometimes Oh, we have a cabin up by Calville Bay And when was the last time you had intercourse with your wife? - Oh, that's personal.
- That's part of our investigation, sir.
Well, the average is only once a week.
Mr Barger Probably three or four months ago.
Would you be willing to give us a DNA sample? What's going on? Erm I thought Wendy drowned.
We're still trying to piece it all together.
A sample would be helpful.
By law, we need a warrant.
Unless you volunteer.
- Was James depressed? - You could say that.
Could you say that? I mean the kid's 1 8, he's got his whole life in front of him.
- Why would he hang himself? - I don't know.
He didn't get in? Get in? The fraternity.
- Pledging, I mean, It's not easy.
- Apparently not.
So, you guys let James know he wasn't getting in.
I told him last night.
I ding pledges.
Big job? How did he take it? I think you know.
Hey, Judge.
What's going on? We're due in your court.
- Called for a continuance.
- Well, nobody told me.
Nobody was supposed to tell you.
You're going to do something for me.
Judge, I thought we were even.
How much longer am I under your thumb? You do what I askslate's clean.
Henderson rape case.
State's evidence.
I knew you were in tight.
Judges aren't appointed on a whim.
I owe it to the family - I need you to compromise the chain of custody - Just like that? We got a slam dunk on a three-time rapist and he's just gonna walk.
I have to have this case kicked.
I'm already on probation.
Give them an excuse.
You're good at that.
You worked the Graveyard, you pulled a double, you're tired.
It could happen to anybody.
Don't worry, I've got your back.
Yeah, I feel you back there, believe me.
# Rock music (Raises volume) Hey, Maestro, what's the deal on our floater? (Music down) - Excuse me! Professor! - What's up with our floater? - Come hither.
CATHERINE: DNA doesn't match and not one matches the husband's types.
That's funny.
I liked the husband for this.
Well, you were wrong.
My client's been through enough distress.
Winston, come on.
When you find out what happened to my wife, I want to know everything.
I promise.
Let me ask you something.
Would you want to know everything? You're asking the wrong guy.
Barger as much as told us that he and his wife were having problems.
What are the chances she was seeing someone else? You were married, you tell me.
Very good to excellent.
I need to see the Henderson rape case, 421 7.
In here.
- Sign here.
- Thanks, Mike.
Hey, how was court? Damn case was continued.
Clerk never called.
Look, go home.
Take a day.
You've been working your ass off.
Nature of the beast.
I'm grateful, Warrick.
I'm glad you're back.
And I owe you a party.
Party? I made you a CSl-3.
You'll see it in your next pay cheque.
More money, more problems.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
I appreciate it.
If Wendy Barger was sleeping around, none of her friends knew about it.
Anybody seen her since Tuesday? No.
As far as I can tell, the husband was happier with the marriage than she was.
She had something on the side.
I can tell you first-hand: when you don't cheat, you don't suspect.
Oh, my.
I wish I'd been married to you.
Not a chance.
Oh! Mm! - Coroner just called.
They're waiting for us.
- OK.
Brass, are you coming? I still got half a burger.
Besides, I prefer live bodies.
Hey, Grissom, you got a second? I'm in purgatory.
I need some guidance.
BOTH: Meet you at the car.
OK, here's your frat boy.
We have a petechial haemorrhaging synonymous with asphyxia.
NICK: So he asphyxiated by hanging - Aren't you ruling suicide? - Not yet.
When a victim is found hung, we usually find some teeth marks on the tongue.
- No teeth marks.
- But we found him swinging from the ceiling.
So, the question is, how did he get there? Speaking of how did he get there How did this get on his penis? Is that a tattoo? No, it looks like ink.
- Nick, do you want to take a look at this? - Oh, no, l I don't have to.
I have a pretty good idea what this is about.
- OK.
- Knock yourself out.
Does your fraternity practise hazing? No.
Yeah, it took a long time for Phi Alpha to get its charter.
We have a no-tolerance policy And as president I enforce that to the letter.
Come on, man, I was a Greek.
We had all kinds of policies too.
Guys still hazed.
We found ink on James's penis.
Are you trying to say he was practising his penmanship? State passed a law.
No hazing.
It's six months injailplus expulsion We do not haze.
But there is an initiation.
Pledges, turn and face your active chapter.
(Jeering) (Shouts ) In the past 1 0 weeks , you guys have accumulated points.
Some ofyou are way ahead Some of youare way behind.
It's time to get signed.
(Cheering) I could tell right offthe bat James was nervous you know He was kind of a shy guy I mean, he He wanted to pledge He wanted to belong Yeah, he wanted to belong.
But I questioned his chops.
I think we all did So yeah we gave the pledges an assignment.
They were to go to Sorority Row andget different parts of their bodies signed.
KYLE: I mean the menu was straightforward Arms and legs, five points.
And 1 00 points for your johnson.
- Your johnson.
- Yeah, you know, your I know what it is.
Don't stop now.
And, Johnson your sorry ass is so far behind in points , that you'd better get your johnson signed a couple of hundred times or you're history.
(Jeering) Kyle caught him cheating in the bathroom.
He was signing himself.
Oh, man! What a fake! You humiliate him in front of all the other actives.
Poor kid was so scared, he had to sign himself.
You give him a beer shower? And you don't call that hazing? Answer the question, guys.
I had no choice.
I had to ding him.
You're only as strong as your weakest link.
We didn't pledge him, he pledged us.
He knew what to expect if he didn't measure up.
Humiliation, initiation, - appreciation KYLE: That's what it's all about We're sorry, but we didn't kill him.
I don't buy it.
Judge? Warrick.
Listen, erm I've got a little problem.
No, I can't talk about it over the phone.
We've got to meet in person.
There's something in the evidence I think you should see.
I'll start at the top.
Head contusion right temple.
Embedded with wood splinters lime-green paint - What does it give us? - Nothing yet You can compare it to the murder weapon.
Moving down Three words Write them down Minimal pulmonary aspiration.
There was no water in her lungs? If she died by drowning, her lungs would be flooded.
JENNA: But her lungs weren't flooded - She was raped - killed, then dumped in a lake.
- After a very nice dinner.
Which brings me to her stomach.
Fried calamari.
Based on the extent of the digestion, she died about three hours after she ate.
CATHERINE: Now, tell me, why are we here? Cos it's the only place within 1 0 miles of Calville Bay that serves calamari.
And you know this because? I come here for calamari.
- Oh.
Alone? - No.
Sometimes I have a beer with it.
Do you recognise this woman? She might have eaten here Tuesday night around this time.
Ordered the calamari.
Miss, everyone orders calamari.
Well, I don't care about everyone.
I care about her.
Yeah, I remember her.
She came in with a guy.
Good tipper.
Would you happen to know this good tipper's name? CATHERINE: Mr Swelco are you all right? I can't believe she's dead.
(Sniffs ) Could you tell us about your affair with Wendy? Nobody knew we had one.
What about your wife? We were separated and we filed for divorce last week.
I thought Wendy was going to do the same thing And when she didn'tyou got angry? No.
That's not what I meant I loved Wendy.
She said the marriage was over.
It's just that Just She was scared.
Scared? Why? She didn't want to hurt Winston.
She thought if she left he'd break.
Tuesday night, you and Wendy had dinner at The Grill.
Where did you go after that? We went back to the marina in her car, and then took the outboard back here.
Why did you take the boat? Wendy didn't want anybody to see her car in my driveway, so we always met at the marina then we'd take the outboard over here What happened once you got here? We made love.
Then she left.
Took the boat back.
Where is the boat? At the marina.
Do you believe him? I believe he had an affair.
Is that the husband? Mr Barger, what are you doing here? You didn't call, so I was following you.
This isPhil Swelco's house, isn't it? Do you know Mr Swelco? Informally.
Has he something to do with Wendy's death? We're interviewing a lot of people.
Most of it's follow-up.
Mr Barger this is a time when you ought to let us do our job.
You've been through a terrible ordeal I promise we will keep you posted.
- I wanted to see if you have anything new.
- When we know, you'll know.
All right.
Drive safely.
(Starts car) You know, eventually, we're going to have to tell this guy that his wife was having an affair with somebody he knows.
No, we don't, Catherine.
We have to tell him how his wife died.
Just the facts, without the other stuff.
When Eddie was cheating on me, I sure wis h somebody would have said something.
- You mean me.
- Who else? (Knock at door) New pet? The African red baboon tarantula, most feared of all arachnids, but basically harmless.
Yeah, well, just keep a lid on it, OK? I think you scared him.
His hairs are standing up.
If you're through amusing yourself, I have some news on the boat.
- Was it at the marina? - What do you think? My spider sense says it wasn't.
We need to find the boat.
The coroner's prelim - on the frat hanging - Bust it out.
What's that smell? I'm nuking a burrito.
Mm! Junk food and radiation.
Good combo! "A strip of raw calf's liver was found lodged inside a cleft of victim's throat.
Cause of death: choking.
" Mm.
That's interesting.
"Microscopic threads of fabric were found embedded in the liver.
" Microscopic fabric? I have no idea what you're talking about.
You just lost me.
Kyle, I'm getting that hazing feeling.
Did you stuff him? Suffocate him? Shove towels down his throat? No.
Look, lady, I have no idea where you're going with all this , butyou're way off Tell me about the liver.
What about the liver? Kyle Kyle I was you, man.
Smoking cigars in closets, playing tanks.
I wore a trout in my jean pocket for seven days till my leg went half numb.
I've been there! So don't Don't tell me, "What about it?" OK.
James begged us for one more shot So we came up with a challenge.
Swallowing raw liver Oh, man.
Oh, man, he's choking.
Give him the Heimlich.
Give him the Heimlich! He's turning blue.
How does a kid choke to death and end up hanging from a rafter? OK.
We freaked.
We had a lot to lose here.
We could lose our charter or get kicked out of school, or even go to jail.
So, me and Matt, we strung him up and made it look like he committed suicide.
You do realise you just admitted to killing him.
We didn't kill him.
It was an accident.
It was an accident.
But now it's beginning to look like Christmas.
Look, my dad's a top defence attorney.
- If charges are filed - Don't worry they will be.
It'll be manslaughter, not murder.
And me and Matt will wind up with community service.
We could hold him for manslaughter.
Are you kidding? Are you willing to settle for that? You know as well as I do there is more to this.
You're going 80mph in second gear.
Let's slow down.
- They said they performed the Heimlich, right? - Yeah.
I don't believe them.
Well, if they performed the Heimlich, there'd be evidence of trauma.
Yes, there would.
You're right.
If they gave this kid the Heimlich, chances are we'd find a broken rib.
- Not even a fracture.
- What about abdominal or thoracic bruising? Photos are all negative.
They lied.
When this kid was choking, no-one tried to help him.
Take a look at this.
Nowwe magnified Mr Johnson's privates.
The ink is from a felt-tip.
It's a Papermax thin tip, to be exact.
Jill W.
Two triangles.
It's two deltas.
Greek letters.
She's a Delt.
Oh, freaks.
NICK: Jill we need to ask you a question Is this your signature? Oh, my God.
Where did you get that? Where do you think? You don't think that has something to do with what happened.
That's what we're trying to find out.
How well did you know James? Er, he was pledging my boyfriend's House.
A Greek.
I mean we sign them they sign us Of course you do.
Who's your boyfriend? Kyle Travis.
SARA: Sowe're looking for fibres.
Yeah, fibres , Iiver anything to implicate these guys What the heck is that? The murder weapon.
Dingle dangle.
Let me guess.
Radiohead? Or Rage Against The Machine? Actually, it's an audio book on restriction enzyme analysis and DNA typing.
PCR fingerprinting.
Choice! What's Grissom doing in the garage? WARRICK: He's working that Wendy Barger case - the floater The only clue he's got is a missing boat, which sucks, cos it's missing.
He thinks he's going to find it in a bathtub? It's a simulation tank.
He's re-creating the conditions the night she died.
The body was dumped a half mile from Calville Bay.
The boat must have drifted.
Let me guess.
Catherine got bored.
You know Grissom.
The shortest distance between two points is science.
For Catherine, it's pounding the pavement.
I thought Grissom gave you the night off.
Something came up.
See you.
(Phone rings ) - Yeah.
- It's me I found it Just south of Barring Point Bridge.
How? I took a walk.
Just south of Barring Point Bridge.
What colour is the boat? It's white with lime-green trim Like the splinters we found in Wendy Barger's head wound.
Well done, Catherine.
Well done.
- (Giggles ) - Let's get the boat back to the garage This better be good.
I need some assurances.
It's a two-way street, pal.
Did you do what I asked? I checked out the evidence, yeah, but I'm not sure about the rest.
What's the big deal? You break the seal on the evidence box, it's over.
We put it to bed, I tell Henderson.
Mission accomplished.
- Why don't you let me do that? - (Siren) What's going on here? Judge Cohen, you're under arrest for obstruction of justice, tampering with State's evidence and violating seven articles of scumbag.
I told you.
Nobody owns me.
Move on.
Nice work.
(Sighs ) Hey, Grissom.
I hear Catherine beat you to the boat.
We work as a team, we're not competing.
But ershe found it first, right? "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both.
" Robert Frost.
Very good, Greg.
But actually, in this case, Mr Frost does not apply.
When you have a partner, you each take a road.
That's how you find a missing boat.
Level with me.
Who do you think killed her? The husband or boyfriend? You've narrowed it down to two suspects? Actually, you did.
In my second week at CSl, you told me that when a cheating spouse is murdered, there's always two suspects at the top ofthe list The lover and the betrayed.
I told you this? Mm-hm.
I'm thinking that the husband caught Wendy with the boyfriend and when she left his house, he killed her in a jealous rage.
And this theory is based on Nothing.
I'm just trying to help.
I'm going to the garage to meet Catherine You keep thinking, Butch.
That's what you're good at.
Hey, if this theory checks out, er maybe we should talk about a raise.
I think I may have found some skin.
Where Wendy hit her head.
Did you hear what I said? Blood.
Blood? You read the autopsy.
The head trauma wasn't a bleeder.
Maybe she fought back.
Either way, we gotta call Brass.
Tell him to bring the boyfriend in Could you wait right here, please? Stay with Mr Swelco.
- How's it going? - Oh, you know, the usual bit-bap-bop.
The guy said he cut his hand cleaning fish, got a tetanus shot.
That's his excuse for the blood we found in the boat - But I'll call the lake clinic to confirm.
- Damn, you're good.
Oh, shut up.
Stevie, hang with him.
Phil? Phil Swelco? Winston.
I heard about your wife.
I'm sorry.
What are you doing here? Why are you questioning him? Mr Barger, why don't you come over here with me? Mr Swelco, why don't you go in here and sit down? Have a seat.
I always knew she was seeing someone.
I just didn't know who.
I'm sorry.
She was having an affair with Phil Swelco.
And you think he killed her.
- You compromised our investigation.
- He deserved to know the truth.
Knowing that she had an affair? How does that bring closure? You have to be on the wrong end of an affair to understand.
You can't make this about Eddie.
You hurt our case because your ex hurt you.
We bring ourselves to our cases.
I knew how Barger felt.
- Relax! I didn't give him chapter and verse.
- You can't give him anything.
We're scientists, we're not psychiatrists or victims' rights advocates.
You're right, I should be just like you.
Alone in my hermetically-sealed condo watching Discovery on TV.
Working genius-level crosswords , but no relationships , no chance any will slop over into a case.
I wanna be just like you.
Technically, it's a townhouse.
And the crosswords are advanced, not genius.
But you're right.
I'm deficient in a lot of ways.
But I never screw up one of my cases with personal stuff.
Grissom what personal stuff? Matt, I gotta know.
How much did it tick Kyle off? What are you talking about? Jill.
Man! Kyle must have been steamed! His girlfriend signs a pledge's privates?! Yeah, Kyle can take a joke.
He didn't think it was funny enough to share with us.
I never met a guy who could just laugh that off.
Hey, Matt, do you know why I joined a fraternity? Because I wanted to belong to something, the brotherhood.
That's what it was all about for me.
You know what I mean? So I'm going to cut to the chase, bud.
You come clean you might be able to save your House, save the brotherhood.
But if you don't You and Kyle both get charged with murder, - and the House goes dark - Everything you're trying to protect you'll destroy.
Matty I found the string.
Now, are you ready to tell us what happened after James got back to that house? OK.
Let's see what Johnson came up with.
(Laughter and shouting) Dude it's your girlfriend.
- She signed it! - Good.
Meet me upstairs, pledge.
You're still behind in points ! So this is what we're gonna do.
I'm going to put this down your throat.
You're going to swallow it and trust me to pull it back out.
Where's Johnson? - Oh.
Oh, this is crazy.
- All right, all right, listen to me.
Anything goes down, my father will bail out the chapter.
You're just gonna follow my lead and keep your mouth shut.
(Door opens ) Is my dad here yet? No, but when he gets here you can tell him "new charge".
- First-degree murder - No way.
Come on, that's ridiculous.
Your boy rolled over on you, slick.
One thing about the fraternity upstate: - the brotherhood's fantastic - Oh yeah They're gonna love you.
(Hollow clang) She ran out of gas.
Get in the boat.
Pull the engine cord.
- What? - Get in the boat.
- Why? - Just indulge me, please.
- There's no gas.
It's not gonna start.
- That's not the point.
As long as there is one.
Pull it again.
Go on.
Come on That's it.
What's your point? - How does your shoulder feel? - It's sore.
You already knew that.
I know what happened to Wendy.
She says good night to Swelco and gets in the boat Halfway home the boat runs out ofgas Stranded in the lake she panics pulls the engine cord She pulls so hard she dislocates her shoulder and falls Wendy goes under where she remains until a barge's propeller severs her leg She died before she ever hit the water.
It was just an accident.
Sometimes it's about what didn't happen.
Well, I guess we'd better go talk to the husband.
I mean, unless you think I'm going to compromise the integrity of the case again.
Look, could we have a truce? I would love to.
But let me do all the talking to the husband and the boyfriend.
He had to say it.
Hey - I'll meet you outside.
- OK.
- Hey, Warrick.
- Hey, Cath.
- Did it go OK? - Yeah.
Thanks for letting Brass handle it.
The fewer people who know about this the better.
I'm proud of you.
Judge Cohen's got a lot of soldiers.
That's what I'm afraid of.
You know, I can only help you out so much.
After that it's up to you.
Yeah, I know.
(Knock at door) Hello? Mr Swelco? Mr Swelco? (Sobbing) He killed my wife.
We just came from your house.
We wanted to tell you that your wife's death was an accident.
What? He didn't kill her.
(Whimpers )