CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s01e06 Episode Script

Who Are You?

What's taking you so long? I just wanted you to fix the leak.
Look, lady, to fix the leak I need to find the leak.
(material ripping) Hold on.
You find the leak? (grunts) I found something.
Okay, I'm ready up here.
Hang on a minute.
Okay, I'm there.
Can you confirm it's human? Medicarpal, phalanges No question about it.
Hold on, Nick.
There's got to be an easier way.
When a body decomposes in concrete it leaves an air pocket, vacuum-sealed.
If we do this right, it'll open like a jar of pickles.
Ten bucks says the owner sells the house.
By law, you've got to disclose everything three bedrooms, two baths, and a skeleton.
Okay, I'm late again.
Nick's going to work with me on that unidentified body at Summercliff.
I hear it's just bones? What a rush.
At the Jockey Club.
Officer-involved shooting.
I'll take a piece of that.
Good, I want you to double up.
Listen, these deals are never easy so keep me informed, please.
Will do.
- I drive.
Picture that.
So what do you have for me? I could use a rush.
Well, this qualifies, 4-26.
But I can't give you the case.
Because? Conflict of interest.
The alleged rape victim's an exotic dancer.
Because I used to be one, I'll be biased? No.
The suspect's your ex-husband.
He's asking for you, but you can't take it.
Just let me do the prelim.
All right.
Do what you can.
But after the preliminary, you pass it off, okay? Thank God you're here.
I didn't rape that girl.
According to the police report she's telling a different story.
I wonder what the rape kit's going to say.
We had sex, okay? But she was there with me 100%.
In the parking lot behind the club.
Well, some women like the outdoors.
Melanie know about this? Mel and I split up a while ago.
You might want to call her anyway.
She can loan you the money for an attorney.
You're not going to help me? Cath, I am in a jam here! A detective from Sex Crime's been assigned.
I'm going to place another CSI.
What about Lindsey? What about her? You want her spending Sunday afternoons with me at Nevada State Prison, or the mall? Based on the auricular surface I'd say she died when she was about 20.
She? It's in the hips.
The pelvic bone is definitely female.
You know, for a ladies' man you don't know much about bone structure.
I know all I need to know.
I figure she was killed before her cement bath.
Yeah, how? She was stabbed at least a dozen times a screwdriver maybe or a spike.
No, the gouges on her ribs are unusual.
The instrument had to be slightly curved with some kind of serrated edge.
Like crocodile teeth.
Whatever killed this girl it was not a traditional weapon.
Well, stabbings are personal.
She knew her attacker.
That's the rule.
Who are you? Sara Sidle, Warrick Brown Officer Joe Tyner.
Officer Tyner.
How are you doing? Tell us what happened here tonight.
He responded to shots fired the suspect fled the scene.
Why don't you tell us what happened here.
(tires squealing) Unit Five.
I'm in pursuit of the fleeing 413 heading southbound on the Strip.
(tires squealing) Get back into the car! Drop your keys to the ground! Put your hands on the wheel! I didn't do it! Whatever you think I did! I'm looking at three strikes.
I'm not going back.
I'll show you my registration.
No, put your hands on the wheel! (fires gun) Then he turned the weapon on himself and one shot, right through the forehead.
Where's his gun? I left it in the jeep.
I'm going to go bag it.
Officer, we're going to need your weapon as well.
I never fired.
Drawn but not fired.
It's just standard procedure.
It's okay.
It's all right.
We're going to need to seal off this lot.
Tyner told you what happened here.
Whose side are you on? The officer told me a fleeing suspect committed suicide.
I'm just verifying his account.
You know how this works, Brass.
Can we clear the jeep so I can do my job? Well, at least test the dead guy's hands for gun residue.
At that proximity G.
's invalid.
They'd both be covered, no matter who fired.
Can we get back to work? Yeah.
(light buzzing) (door opens) You brought the foundation of the house to our lab.
It's a six-by-three-foot section.
When the concrete dried it preserved a partial impression of our Jane Doe.
Did you find out anything about the house? I pulled the permits.
Summercliff was built five years ago on nothing but desert.
That would explain why the body was so desiccated.
House was sold subsequent to completion so the homeowner isn't a suspect.
Homicide is running a missing persons check.
(clears throat) Well, if it wasn't for a leaky pipe she might have been down there forever.
I think our killer was counting on that.
Why would a guy speed it all the way down the Strip just to pull over and cap himself? What are you getting at, Warrick? Officer's weapon, Smith and Wesson 5906.
Standard issue.
One bullet missing.
Nothing standard about that.
Brass isn't going to like this.
I don't give a damn what Brass likes.
Like I do? If Tyner's dirty, he goes down.
I just know what happens when you piss off the P.
Yeah, it's war.
Gil Grissom? Or should I call you Spider Man? It's harmless.
Of course it is.
Orange-kneed tarantula.
Nice specimen.
The tarantula's touch is very gentle.
It leaves no prints.
They move without a trace.
May I? Maybe I should introduce myself.
Teri Miller does not need an introduction.
I need you to make me a face.
I didn't kill him.
That's what I told IA.
It's what I told my superior.
It's what I'm telling you.
Officer Tyner, your gun there's a bullet's missing from the magazine.
I don't top off.
I know it's against regulation, but the 14th bullet puts pressure on the spring and the gun can jam.
Can anyone confirm your story? It's not a story! And no I don't tell people how I carry.
Do you? Check the other magazines.
What the hell's going on here? We're just having a talk with Officer Tyner here.
Next time, don't start without me.
I'm the union rep on this one.
Then you should know.
Tyner's magazine one bullet shy.
Is the expended round still missing? It's not in the body, bullet's a round point wound was a through-and-through.
I did not fire a single round.
And with a record like yours we're supposed to just take your word? Five civilian complaints three for excessive force.
Two IA investigations.
I was cleared.
I'm sure you were.
What is that supposed to mean? I don't have to take this crap! Tyner sit down, sit down.
What you do need is for these guys to go out and find the missing bullet.
So what are you waiting for? I guess it's a good thing I sealed off that crime scene.
It's like a human Jell-O mold.
The impression's only a partial.
It's not going to be easy.
They told me you were the top forensic artist in the country.
And Canada.
I didn't say I couldn't do it.
Give me your hand.
You'll enjoy this.
It's as much science as art.
It doesn't really look like anything.
No light, no shadows.
No shadows, no perspective.
Now look.
So teach me.
First I'm finishing off the plaster mold.
We can't give her life with only half a face.
Although not actually symmetrical most faces appear that way and the thin layer of slip makes the plaster and clay appear seamless.
Her cheekbones and nasal spine indicate Nordic descent.
I've seen a few Norwegian brunettes but your girl's probably a blonde.
Brown eyes? I thought you decided she was Nordic.
But in this country, brown is a dominant eye color and more importantly, brown photographs better.
You want to get her face out there, don't you? Yeah.
I'm sure someone needs closure and somebody else needs to go to jail.
There she is.
As we first reported yesterday the remains of an unidentified Caucasian female were unearthed in Summercliff.
The 5'4" woman was approximately 20 years old.
Here you go.
Authorities are asking for the public's help in identifying the victim.
If you have any information please call the Las Vegas P.
Hotlines hit or miss.
I don't know.
In my experience people usually remember a beautiful woman.
Uh, Nick, weren't you going to go and do the, uh at the? Yeah.
Yeah, okay, I'll do that.
So I saw Eddie.
He actually seemed scared.
Did that make you happy? Um, no.
I'm not really sure what I feel.
You're not still in love with Eddie? Catherine, you have to hand off the case.
Warrick can just double up.
Uh, Grissom, Dr.
Robbins wants to see you.
Something about your skeleton.
You have to pass off the case.
If you compromise the investigation there's no going back.
You could hurt Eddie just as much as you could help him.
I've already seen the marks on the ribs.
Uh-huh, but did you see the hairline fracture on the posterior skull? No.
Easy to miss, but it screams blunt-force trauma.
Also, the middle ear has three bones.
They're dusted with sodium and lodged against the malleus I found a tiny ball of earwax with grains of sand.
Salt and sand.
Killed at the beach? Not ruling it out.
Hey, Doc.
Hotline's lit up.
Five callers all ID'd the same woman and her mother just confirmed.
I need to know what happened to my daughter.
We're trying to figure that out for you.
She was quite an athlete, huh? Mm-hmm, yeah.
Did she scuba dive? She'd just been certified.
Did, uh, Fay before she disappeared, go on any vacation go diving or spend time at the beach? No, not that I recall.
And she, uh lived here with you until she disappeared? No, she had just moved in with her boyfriend, Jason Hendler.
He still lives on Medley Place.
And the, uh police interviewed him after she disappeared? A couple of times.
He had nothing to do with this.
Well, how do you know that? He loved my daughter.
He was good to her.
Did they ever fight? The first few months of a relationship nobody fights.
She was crazy about him.
(sobbing) I've given Eddie Willows He never got rough till last night.
In the parking lot.
Yeah, he asked me to go for drinks you know, but out in the parking lot he starts kissing on me and I kind of laughed it off, but then he grabbed me and he slams me against the wall and that pig.
Hi, Evans I'm sorry I'm late.
I'm Catherine just Catherine.
I'm a forensic scientist.
Scientist, wow, you look so normal.
Catherine, you sure want? Yeah.
Are those bruises from last night? Yeah, a guy pinned me against a wall.
Sexual assault nurse collect a kit yet? She just finished.
Why don't you see if you can catch her.
I'd like her to get a sample from under her fingernails.
Uh what kind of sample? Anything that might, uh, show up from a a struggle.
You'd think what that nurse took down below would be enough.
The weird thing is I liked the guy.
It's not here.
Bullets just don't disappear.
Excuse me.
No one's allowed inside the tape.
I saw what happened.
Have you talked to the police? Police make me nervous.
You guys aren't cops, are you? We're crime scene investigators.
We need to know what you saw.
I was kind of taking a break, hanging out in a PT Cruiser.
I was laid back in the heated driver's seat when I heard the siren.
(siren blaring) Put your hands on the wheel! I didn't do it! Whatever you think I did! Man, I'm looking at three strikes.
I'm not going back.
Just let me show you my registration.
No! Hands on the wheel! And just like that, the officer fired? Just like that.
Missing bullet, eyewitness we better tell Grissom we got a war.
I heard about your eyewitness.
A valet who joyrides.
He sounds reliable.
So, uh, how's the thing going on Eddie Willows? What thing? The thing that I told Catherine to pass off to you.
Oh, good, um We just put some stuff through the lab.
Get hold of the DMV? I was just about to.
Warrick? Why would you call the DMV on a rape charge? Okay, I didn't hand it off.
Really? I'm sorry, Warrick.
If you want me to suave anyone, I've got to know the shot.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I'm doing this for Lindsey.
You so much as breathe on the evidence, it's contaminated and I end up the bad guy.
Eyes, no hands.
What's the status? Skin samples from under the woman's fingernails are consistent with Ed's.
I saw some bruises but Eddie's style has always been very involved vigorous.
Vigorous? She's trying to tell you Eddie likes it rough.
Thank you, Warrick.
Eddie said that she was into it.
He said, she said? It's about the evidence, Catherine.
And you may not like where it takes you.
So how many grains of sand in the ocean, huh? I don't care about the ocean, just the sand in my skeleton.
Can you pinpoint a beach? I don't know.
I might have to do some field research.
Hey, you think Grissom would send me to Hawaii? Why don't you ask him yourself? Ask me what? Oh, nothing, I, uh I was just telling Nick about your sand.
Well, it's not sand.
It's not natural anyway.
Here, check this out.
Now, if this were natural sand, the surface would be smooth.
Now this looks more like Fremont Street on a Saturday night rough.
Could the particles be sediment from the concrete where we found her? No, no way.
I analyzed the mineral content.
It's feldspar and quartz.
That's crushed gray sandstone.
It's man-made, in a rock crusher.
What does that mean? It means she wasn't killed in Hawaii.
Other than that he has no idea.
Is this payback, Warrick? Is that what this is? I was tough on you, so Officer Tyner takes my heat? That's how you think I work? Brass, this has nothing to do with anything.
The D.
Has filed charges and on the testimony of a bleary-eyed car jockey who was 40 feet from the jeep.
Eyewitness is a bonus: Your cop's magazine was one bullet shy.
That's you CSls, always counting bullets.
What's he doing here? You show up with your latex gloves and your little fancy metal boxes and your little powders You have no idea what it's like to put your life on the line every day! Oh, you mean dealing with punk-ass cops who hide behind their union reps? Hey! You're just a psycho.
You don't deserve a badge.
Cut it out! Not in my lab, pal.
Scientists! I bet you've never even drawn your weapon.
Yeah, I hope I never have to.
Nick, walk this guy out the door.
Now, let's go.
Yeah, come on, Warrick.
Let's cool down.
This is your fault, Gil.
Your nose is so far down a microscope you have no idea what your people are doing.
Yeah, I know one thing: My guys will not bend and they will not be intimidated.
Yeah, I sat in your chair.
Your guys have one job: To find the evidence.
So where the hell is the missing bullet? Huh? Eddie? Catherine.
I'll take a root beer.
What are you doing here? I knew you'd be here.
You got a routine: Turkey club, no bacon.
You could be a detective.
Thank you.
(sighs) Well, you obviously made bail.
Did you get a lawyer? I got you and the truth.
Who needs a lawyer? I came to tell you how great you are.
It always comes out wrong.
When I married you, I married up.
I know that.
It wasn't all bad.
You think the bullet's somewhere in the jeep.
It's not in the body.
It's not at the crime scene.
I like our odds.
Let's do it.
(wrench grinding) (metal clanging) We have searched every single piece of metal.
I think hide and seek is over.
(sighing) Yeah.
We've searched every piece of metal.
Spare tire.
You've got to be kidding me.
The tire sucked up the bullet and the treads covered its tracks.
We match the bullet to the cop's gun, the case is airtight.
There's a match.
We got Tyner.
One bad cop going down.
Well, actually, Warrick, the evidence round wasn't from the cop's gun.
It was from the suspect's.
No way.
(hard rock music) These guys never give up anything on their girls.
Well, let me give it a try.
Excuse me, sir.
Can we see your permits? Oh, hi, gorgeous.
How are you? Okay, Ted.
How are you doing? I'm okay.
- Hi.
You should've seen this lady dance.
Was she good! You still working with the cops? Can't seem to get off the night shift.
You dressed like that? If you want to call that dressed.
Yeah, Evans.
Hey, Ted, you heard about this thing with Eddie and April? Yeah, the night guy told me about it.
Boy, Eddie never changes, huh? Bring back memories? You mind if I look around? Help yourself.
Thanks, Ted.
(doorbell rings) Can I help you? Ma'am, my name is Gil Grissom.
This is Nick Stokes.
Honey, who's out there? Mr.
Hendler, we're criminalists from the Las Vegas Police Department.
What's this about? We're investigating the disappearance of Fay Green.
May we come in? Yes.
Thank you.
Did you find her? Yes, I'm afraid we did.
She'd been dead for quite a while.
You always hope Mr.
Hendler? Would it be possible for us to look around? Fay only lived here for about a month, five years ago.
I've got nothing to hide.
Thank you.
A trigger and a lionfish.
Yeah, that's right.
Interesting choices.
Violent, carnivorous predators.
(floor squeaks) It's just a warped floorboard.
It's been like that forever.
Hendler, at any time, was your fish tank over here? Maybe, a while ago, why? Did it ever overflow? Or break? Not that I recall.
You said I could look anywhere, right? Yeah.
Got a pocket knife? What are you doing? Pops out, pops in.
What do you find inside an hourglass? Mr.
Hendler, I think the tank was over here.
I think it broke.
I think you got water and artificial sand all over the place.
I'd like you fellows to leave now, please.
Fine, we'll go.
We'll be back with a warrant.
So what did the rape kit say? Nonoxynol-9, polyvinyl alcohol, and Glycerin? Yeah.
It's a contraceptive film.
What are you drinking? Chamomile.
May I? - Sure.
Thank you.
So you used to work at the French Palace, huh? That's right.
My friends and I used to go there.
- Really? Payday Fridays.
- Uh-huh.
Maybe I saw you perform? Oh, I doubt it.
Why? You would've remembered.
So, this film it's kind of hard to detect because it dissolves with body heat.
And, as you know, Greg sex can make a body pretty hot.
This stuff has to be inserted before sex.
Which means that April inserted the film while she was still at work.
But how could she have known to put the birth control in before she was raped? Exactly.
Guess where Jason Hendler was employed five years ago? Summercliff housing development.
A plumber, perhaps? Close.
A subcontractor.
How'd you know? Why else would you be so excited? Hey! You weren't going to say good-bye to me? I'll meet you outside.
Thought I'd let you off easy.
But I did tack up my number on your big fish corkboard Under "cold cases.
" The ones that got away.
Let's hope not.
So, check it out the laser is the path of the bullet.
If you were Officer Tyner and you approached the suspect from the driver's side of the vehicle Vic was shot in the frontal lobe through the windshield.
There's no way I could shoot the guy from here and mimic that trajectory.
The laws of physics trump the eyewitness.
There's only one way this could've gone down.
show you my registration.
No! Put your hands on the wheel! (gunshot) Officer Tyner was telling the truth.
So I bet you think I owe you one, huh? We work.
We get paid.
You don't owe me anything.
Fine with me.
He promised me a million things.
I got tired of him lying.
Like what, marriage, kids? Music videos.
He kept telling me he'd put me in one but he never delivered.
And for that you set him up for rape? (sighs) No, it wasn't supposed to go this far, okay? I got this friend over at the Trop.
She got this high roller on a rape charge.
He paid a ton to make it go away.
Wait a minute.
You think that Eddie's got money? He is in the music business.
He reps some bands Off-Strip.
No, I met a producer friend of his from L.
And he's always throwing money around this place.
(laughs) What? What's so funny? Nothing.
Unless they're trying to hide something? I see you've cleaned house.
I thought you might.
I vacuumed up the sand.
Big deal.
Will you at least tell me what you're doing here? I'm working, sir.
Officer, would you hit the lights, please? You're getting my floor wet.
It's luminol, sir.
It dries quickly.
Surface is non-reactive.
I know what you're doing.
You're looking for blood.
My husband didn't do anything.
Why are you harassing him? Let's try the ALS.
Why use the alternate light source if the luminol didn't pick up anything? Luminol works on the surface ALS chases the protein molecules in blood.
It actually penetrates the wood.
These floorboards are all made of maple.
High-end, but they've been lacquered.
Who lacquers maple Turn it off, Nick.
Officer, hit the lights, please.
Hendler let me tell you what I think happened to Fay.
On the night of her disappearance the two of you got in a heated argument.
Don't you walk away from me! Suffering a concussion, Fay falls to the floor.
In the heat of the moment you decide to make it final.
But Fay surprises you: She fights back.
She pushes you off.
She crawls a few feet away and you move in for the final attack.
One thing that I don't know though what did you use to kill her? I didn't kill her.
Well, whatever the weapon it wasn't a knife, but it worked.
You drove her body over to Summercliff where you were employed the Summercliff job less than a week.
Ask Amy; she worked for the same contractor.
That's right.
He got a better job in Reno.
Jason wasn't even in Vegas when Fay disappeared.
Yeah, you painted the floors, covered your tracks for what, aesthetic reasons? Five years is a long time but eventually the past catches up to everybody.
I didn't kill Fay! I loved her.
I still love her.
Amy, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
You still love her? Officer, would you please arrest Mr.
Hendler? Call my father.
He'll get a lawyer.
I'll ride along with the cops.
Bring Homicide up to speed.
This is now a fresh crime scene.
I'll get to work.
"the instrument had to be slightly curved "with some kind of serrated edge like crocodile teeth" Mrs.
Hendler, do you and your husband do much rock climbing? (gun cocks) Yes.
That's what I killed her with.
I can prove I was in Reno when Fay disappeared.
I've got records.
You don't want to talk, fine.
But I've got a question for you.
Why do you care so much about the floors? I mean, Amy paints them every spring.
It's no big deal.
Jason was in Reno.
I came here to tell Fay that we would be together again one day.
Hendler, put the gun down.
Do you know he was engaged to me when he met her? Where are you going? Stop it! There was blood everywhere.
No one else could see it.
But I knew it was there.
A dead body is so heavy.
Hendler, I'm a good listener.
You've got to give me the gun.
I can't! I'm sorry.
No, wait.
But you arrested my husband.
Wait! Mrs.
Nick, don't move.
I don't want to fire my gun any more than you do.
For five years, you've been washing the blood off your hands.
Let's put down the guns.
You okay, Nick? Yeah.
Come on.
(bike bell rings) Morning.
Please don't tell me that you're in trouble again already.
You weren't home.
I figured you'd be here.
Lindsey loves this park.
So, I thought I'd take you out to breakfast.
Say thank you.
You're welcome.
I don't think that's such a good idea, though.
Cath, when are we going to talk about what happened between us? What's to talk about? You cheated on me.
I caught you.
I've got a new life.
Cath Come on why do you fight the one thing we're good at? Daddy! Daddy! There's my little girl.