CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s01e07 Episode Script

Blood Drops

Woman ( screaming ): Help me! Help me! Somebody, please! Please Oh, God! Somebody help me! ( sobbing ) Please! Help me! Help me! Help me! Help me! Please! ( indistinct radio transmissions ) Hey.
Heads up.
The press is gonna be all over this one.
Did the count change since you called me? Four dead: mother, father, two teenage boys.
The sisters were lucKier.
Teen girl heard a noise, hid in the closet.
Alerted the neighbors after all the shouting was done.
Younger sister's over there.
They couldn't have Killed their father tag team-- soaKing wet.
What's the matter with your guys? They've been inside.
( sighs ) Put your equipment down, son.
Put these on.
I'm going to do a preliminary walK-through.
You're going to taKe my notes.
Don't touch that! I want everything exactly the way it was.
The air smells liKe copper.
Lots of blood.
Breathe through your mouth.
Yes, sir.
Male Caucasian approximately 40 years old Iying in a pool of blood.
No drag marKs.
Body does not appear to have been moved.
Multiple stab wounds to the bacK and necK.
LooKs liKe a single-edged blade.
Force to such a degree that the left and right internal jugular veins have been transected.
Head faces west.
Feet pointing east.
Approximately two feet from the north wall, one foot from the south.
C-Could you taKe your own notes? I thinK that I'm going to be sicK.
I've got it.
Go get some fresh air.
I heard on the scanner.
Figured you might need a hand.
You don't sleep, do you? Mm.
Blood swirl on the wall.
Are you thinKing cult? Manson? Somebody left a message.
I need to see the rest of it.
Female Caucasian.
Appears to be one stab wound to the throat.
Transection of left and right carotid arteries with exsanguinating hemorrhage.
No defense marKs.
Cursory opinion: She was Killed in her sleep.
( dripping ) Do you feel this? Her soul's still in the room.
There's something else.
You want a barf bag? I want the paramedics that were in this house bacK here immediately.
Police escort.
Get them on this front lawn now.
You'd thinK I worK for you instead the other way around.
Call dispatch.
You tell my entire graveyard shift that I want them here A.
All of them, no exceptions.
Sara, those photos-- blown up times ten.
Tell the lab that we need every forensics tool available to us here right away.
This is the only crime scene in Las Vegas tonight.
Yes, sir.
The fear in this neighborhood just south of Las Vegas Boulevard is almost palpable.
Scott Collins, his wife and two sons were brutally murdered in their beds.
Authorities thus far have offered no comment fueling the fears of the neighbors that a Killer is on the lose.
It's oKay.
We'll give you clothes.
The lab guys just want to see yours.
Sergeant, may l? ( sobbing ) Tina I'm very sorry about what happened to you tonight.
But everything we taKe from your house can help us find out what happened to your family.
When can I be with my sister? She's so scared.
Is your name Brenda? I'm trying to find out who hurt your family.
Do you thinK you could help me? Did anyone come into your room tonight? Through the door? Through the window maybe? OKay.
( softly ): The buffalo.
The buffalo? Who's the buffalo? Brenda? First rule for this crime scene: do not do any interviews.
Second rule: don't talK to the sheriff either.
Media have it right? Four dead? The Killer was here not two hours ago.
He left part of himself behind.
Catherine, I need you inside, mapping and blood samples.
You got it.
NicK, WarricK-- the perimeter.
I want to Know how he got here how he got in, how he got out, and how he left.
I'll taKe the bacK.
You got the front? You got it.
Hey, O'Riley, Grissom wants to see you.
They said you were looKing for me.
Hey, stop! Evidence! We're going to hug the wall? This is the only room with no blood in it.
There's nothing to disturb.
You guys will never get it, will you? Grissom: Knife drawer.
One missing.
It's the only drawer open.
The Killer Knew where they were going.
I thinK the suspect's been in this house before.
And this is the first place they stopped tonight.
The best surface.
Best surface for what? O'Riley: You guys got some toys It's not a toy, O'Riley.
It's an Electrostatic Dust Print Lifter.
OKay LiKe a supercharged lint remover.
Only it lifts footprints.
Possibly our Killer's.
We did everything by the booK, sir.
I just want to Know where you walKed in the house and who you touched in there.
Well, we did use the main entry, and up the stairs.
But once we saw the husband, we grabbed the walls.
I felt the pulses in each room.
Once I found they were dead, we booKed.
Show me the bottom of your shoe.
Now yours.
You fellows were both in the Kitchen.
We didn't see bodies in there All right.
Yours are the only clean prints I found.
You can go bacK to worK.
News bim's waiting for you.
ThinKs you have an "interesting looK.
" that a cult may have committed these crimes? I don't Know that.
But you wouldn't rule it out? I don't rule anything out.
Sheriff: Grissom.
Sheriff? The Mayor has already called.
So what have you got? Nothing.
I'm not asKing you to lay out your whole case.
Just give me something I can run with.
I have got to feed the press and defuse the panic.
As soon as I have something, you'll have something.
Here's a thought.
Why don't you try being more liKe EcKlie? Maybe we need him and his day shift crew on this case with you.
I could speaK volumes about Conrad EcKlie but I have a crime scene to process so you'll have to excuse me.
Sheriff, can you tell me what went on inside? Let me assure everyone that the situation is well under control.
You want me inside? I need you to transport the little girl to the police department.
Brass is waiting for you.
You're Kidding me? Right? I'm a taxi service on the biggest case of the year? Sara I need one of us with that little girl.
I want to see all of their personal property.
Clothes, jewelry, whatever they have on.
If there's something under all this blood you'll be the first to Know.
This Kid should be out playing Pop Warner.
Catherine: I got the blood samples on the way to the lab.
You buy this cult thing? You mean the blood swirls next to the father's body in the boys' room? I studied pictures of the Manson murders.
This isn't butter.
It's imitation.
What's your taKe? Whoever did it Killed the mother first.
In her sleep, quicK.
Explains why the blood is confined to the bed and the floor under it.
Husband woKe up.
Ran to protect his Kids.
The Killer nicKed him here.
and then finished him off down the hall.
Gave his life for the little girl.
There should be more blood.
It's a hole.
We need to fill it.
If we start from the inside and fan out whoever's left at the scene The first suspect.
The teen daughter? She'd need help.
Maybe a boyfriend? I wonder if they call him Buffalo.
Sara: LooK, Brass, I don't see why I gotta taKe her.
I'm a scientist.
Catherine's the mom, asK her.
O'Riley was primary on this till it passed over to me, big deal.
What about Family Services? Can't they taKe her? They sent their case worKer over to the hospital so meet her there with the Kid.
I am not good with Kids.
LooK, I'm not asKing you to adopt her just taKe her over to Sunrise for a psych eval, will you? That's very pretty.
Or not.
Want to go for another ride? I'll taKe that as a "yes.
" Tina, do you Know what time you heard those noises? No, but they sounded liKe footsteps coming from the Kitchen.
And that's when you hid in the closet? Yes.
Does your family normally Keep the doors locKed at night? I don't Know.
My dad checKs the house at night.
It's always been a safe neighborhood.
Tina Do you go out with anyone special? I hooK up with different guys.
No one special.
Are any of them called Buffalo? Buffalo? No.
How about this, Tina? You live in a house with six people, right? You must be used to hearing footsteps in the Kitchen late at night.
Why so scared last night? I Know my brothers' footsteps.
And my dad's.
These were different.
NicK: How do you Know it's fresh? I checKed the sprinKler system.
It goes off every night at 0200.
And paramedics pronounced at 0240.
So somebody came out of the house and got on what looKs to be a step down from a motorcycle and drove it across the lawn.
And I bet he dropped the bidi I found in the bacK on the way out.
Bidi? Hand-rolled cigarettes? Probably a teenager.
They're always taKing shortcuts.
How's that hand? Hmm? I saw you beating up the door a little while ago.
You all right? Yeah.
It's cool.
I'll see you bacK at the lab.
Sara: Hey, Brenda.
One of you with Family Services? I am.
Connie Bellvue.
Doctor: Brenda's fine but I'd liKe her to have a consult.
I've paged the psychiatric resident.
He should be here within the hour.
I'll taKe it from here.
What's the head exam for? I said we'll taKe it from here.
LooK, if there's any forensic evidence found during this exam, I need to be there.
It's already going to be tense.
Go bacK to your crime lab.
I'll Keep you posted.
It's oKay, Brenda.
I'm not leaving you.
( thud ) Damn.
That you, WarricK? You need to tell somebody when you're cutting the lights.
What, are you worKing for OSHA now? Grissom, you remember those tire treads I found on the front lawn? Well, I ran them through the FBl register and they belong to a '93 Honda scooter.
That's good.
I DMV'd it.
A Kid four blocKs away from the scene owns the same maKe.
That's very good.
I might've just blown open the case and all you give me is a "that's very good"? If your whole family was murdered wouldn't you run to them to see if they were still alive? Yeah.
This is a Lady Macbeth.
Lady Macbeth? "Out, out, damn spot.
" There's not a trace of blood on the teen daughter's clothing.
Not a spot.
Linds? Lindsey? Lindsey Lindsey, hi, honey! Mommy, hi! Oh, am I glad to see you.
Daddy came to ballet tonight.
I Know.
I was just there.
Your teacher told me Daddy came to picK you up.
Oh, you feel so good.
Ed I'm worKing this quadruple.
Time got away from me.
I apologize.
I figured that's probably what it was.
When they couldn't reach you, they called me.
Yeah, thanK you, I really, really Cath, Cath, Cath She's my Kid too, oKay? All right? -Yeah.
Oh So, the case is bad? I saw it on the news.
Hey are you hungry? I made pancaKes.
You made pancaKes? Mm-hmm.
For dinner? Yeah.
( beeper sounding ) That would be Grissom.
How is your boyfriend? Ed.
( phone ringing ) Yeah.
Grissom, it's me.
I need you bacK here right away.
The Collins case is busting out.
OKay, I'll be right there.
Just let me throw on some clean clothes.
Please do.
Eddie She's going to asK where you are.
She always does.
I just got off the phone with the Sheriff.
He wants results, Gil.
He should go to a sports booK.
I hear the Stardust is good.
He should go to his first team-- my team.
Teams? I didn't Know this was a competition.
Well, it is, and my crew usually wins.
Really? Didn't graveyard beat day shift in softball last summer? You Know, you can joKe all you want.
It's your ass on the line.
I thinK it was 14-3.
LiKe I said, it's all about results and if you don't get them I will.
The tire treads from the scooter place you at the scene of the murders.
LooK, I was in Hoover visiting my father.
I don't Know about Tina's parents getting Killed.
Tina's parents? So you Know Tina Collins? Yeah, I Know her.
A lot of guys Know her.
She's a freaK.
You mean sexually? Yeah.
Where's your scooter now? I told him I don't Know.
It disappeared? LooK, it costs money, right? And my dad's been slacKing on support so I bought it with three other guys.
We share it.
Here's a pen.
Start writing.
Hey, heard you have a suspect.
We got about four just on the tire prints alone.
Homicide's grabbing them up.
Let's talK about what else we have.
Tina Collins' pajama top from the murder scene without a drop of blood on it.
How does she explain that? We're about to go asK her.
NicK, what did you find out about that stuff you collected at the bacK of the house? The bidi? DNA's still processing, but Tina said nobody in the family smoKed.
So a non-family member was out there.
Bidi? Bidi? I thought you found a cigarette and a match behind the house.
Well, it's just liKe a cigarette.
Kids smoKe them.
They thinK there's less carbon monoxide.
What did you find out about the psych exam on the little girl? The shrinK says the Kid is in a catatonic state from a trauma.
I could've told you that.
But she did respond to the name "Buffalo.
" Respond how? She freaKed out.
And what are you doing about it now? Going bacK to the girl.
I left her in the car.
The windows are cracKed.
Give me a little credit.
She's at the hospital.
I don't Know why I didn't get blood on my pajamas.
I just didn't.
But your statement says that you bent down and hugged your mother who was bleeding profusely.
Then you ran out, tripping over your father's body in the upstairs hallway.
But there was no blood on you.
I saw my family dead.
I was scared.
I ran to the neighbors.
That is the truth.
The evidence is telling a different story.
I did the nasty with her, yeah, but I didn't Kill her family.
Besides my dad grounded me last weeK.
I share the scooter with Oliver but I was camping last night.
AsK my mom.
She made me go.
Church group.
We had sex.
So what? I want a lawyer.
You want a lawyer? OKay, we'll get you a lawyer.
Investigator StoKes will stay with you just in case you remember where you left that scooter.
There's no smoKing in here.
Sharon Stone-- Basic lnstinct, dude.
Yeah, and I'm not your dude.
This ain't a movie and Sharon Stone's fine, so Matches? The Kid's name is Jesse Overton.
He time-shares the scooter.
He admits to having sex with your girl and he's asKing for a lawyer.
I want to get a warrant and search his house.
I'll Keep you posted.
I want to see my sister.
It's not going to happen, Tina.
It's a little too late to start coaching her now.
You don't understand.
I need to speaK with her.
She won't speaK.
The doctor says it's from trauma.
What happened, Tina? Did you catch your boyfriend Killing your family? StoKes: Ha-ha-ha.
Houston, we have lift-off.
Let me taKe a looK.
You see how each half of the match lines up? I see.
Ah who broKe the case? Well, if you believe what you hear in the halls-- EcKlie.
EcKlie? Day shift.
Day shift.
Sophisticated criminal, huh? Hmm? This is the getaway vehicle.
Tossing it in his own trash? What else is new? Whoa.
Is this a pair of jeans under all that blood? "Yet who would have thought the old man to have so much blood in him?" What was that? That's ShaKespeare.
The lawyer's pleading him guilty.
Had to, once I put the murder weapon in his mug.
Man: Remember-- yes or no.
Got it.
Did Tina Collins approach you at school and asK you to Kill her family? Yes.
Would you lie about that to escape the death penalty? No.
Did you Kill her family? Yes.
Did Tina let you in the front door the night of the Killings? till it was straight up.
Man: Yes or no? Sorry.
Man: Did she already have a Knife for you? Overton: No, she let me choose.
Man: Did you use that Knife to Kill Barbara Collins? Yes.
And Mr.
Collins? Yes.
And both sons? Yes.
Was Tina mad at her parents for not letting you see each other? Yes.
Did Tina Collins tell you she wanted them dead so you could see each other? Yes.
Well, the sicK bastard is on the up and up.
Except your last question.
Why? That they Killed the family so they could be together? Operator says his respiratory reactions were inconsistent.
He's lying.
StoKes: We got them both.
I don't much care why they did it.
I'm with you there.
I care.
I don't liKe holes.
What are they hiding? Did you collect the property from the Collins family? Right after the autopsies; sealed them myself.
Why? I told one of your assistants to maKe sure that I got them.
Well, I gave them to EcKlie.
He said he'd deliver them to you.
He was down here on another case.
EcKlie! I want everything right now.
I've been going over it.
The Collins case is my shift.
You are completely off base.
What, you're afraid I'll find something that might show you up? Oh, I'm sure if you could you would have by now.
Where is it? I don't care that you got some pimply-faced Kid to confess.
You Kept the Sheriff out of the loop.
That's a career-Killer, Gil.
That's what so sad, Conrad.
You thinK of this as a career.
The buffalo.
Yeah? -Sara.
When they examined the little Collins girl did they checK for sexual abuse? Sara: There were no overt signs.
Why? Grissom: Have some ultraviolet photographs taKen.
This is a very special camera.
It can see deep into your sKin.
It can see things nobody can see.
How about I taKe a picture of me first, oKay? See? It's oKay.
Are you ready? OKay.
Notes on mapping: Collins family murder, case #00-398.
Intruder Killed mother.
Father went to protect the little girl.
Got nicKed by Knife.
Killer subdued him as dad was entering the little girl's room to save her.
( KnocKing ) Catherine Willows? Who's asKing? Ted Goggle.
I'm with Family Services.
Were you worKing the Collins case? You Know, your department can't seem to get things straight.
If you're looKing for the little girl she's already got a case worKer.
I'm inquiring about your little girl.
My Lindsay? Why? What are you talKing about? Your husband, Eddie filed a report says you neglected to picK her up after dance class last night that you routinely neglect her for your job.
Is this Eddie's idea of a joKe? What, are you in one of his bands? I already made a field visit to your house.
Here's the form.
Lindsay seems oKay but there is going to be an investigation as to whether there was parental neglect.
You're on notice.
( phone rings ) Grissom.
It's me.
Something's off on the map.
Off? How? Uh, I'm looKing at dad's blood in the hall.
I found an interesting drop.
The droplet tells me that he wasn't running to the little girl's room.
He was coming out of it? Yeah.
I filled one of your holes, Grissom.
He Killed the father, then Killed the mother.
The dad's blood we found in the hallway must've dripped off the Killer's Knife.
Damn it.
LooK at all those bruises.
Grissom: Somebody was all over this Kid.
We have forensic evidence that your father sexually abused your sister.
We also Know that he was in her room the night of the murders.
How can you tell? Blood drops.
They fall a certain way depending on the motion of the victim.
Something horrible happened in that house, didn't it, Tina? Long before the night of the murders.
That was the last night he was going to touch her.
But why your mother and why your brothers? Because they should've protected me.
You? My father I was young.
I learned to deal but when he went for my daughter Brenda is? And who is The father? I was 1 3 and nobody noticed that my clothes were getting bigger.
Nice, huh? Brenda may hate me for what I did but I protected her.
I did that much.
Night, guys.
See you, Cath.
Good worK.
It'll be bacK to normal in 24 hours.
NormaI'd be nice.