CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s02e03 Episode Script


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22a -\\- - You're late.
- Thursday night.
Traffic on the Strip.
Like every night.
We're on a deadline.
(Siren) Man versus gravity.
Man lost.
I think that was his point.
- Hello, Bob.
- Hey, Brian.
Grissom, what are you doing here? - What do you think? - I didn't alert Homicide.
Dispatch called.
The body's on county property.
Well, we're not looking at a crime here.
Bob explained it to me on the phone.
His guy was alone up there He jumped.
This is suicide.
- Then why are you here, Sheriff? - Look er Roger Valenti was an unhappy guy.
Money problems, family problems He took the easy way out.
It's a tragedy, but it is not a crime.
Suicide, huh? I don't know Brian On the day you decide to end your life, why would you go to work? off the street.
That old jail's maxed.
The prison population's increased by 10% in one year.
If this place isn't built soon, you do the math.
You look like the Sheriff, but you talk like the Mayor.
Mr Harris, do you get an extra bonus for early completion? Wow.
You must work your guys pretty hard, huh? - Where was Valenti's work station? - He had the whole floor to himself.
Valenti was usually my first guy up.
He would drill the holes for the safety cables.
No-one walks a new slab until the cables are looped around the perimeter.
(Car horns and sirens) Terminal velocity is 9.
8 metres per second squared.
He would have hit the ground in under five seconds.
- Did this belong to Mr Valenti? - Well, like I said, he was the only one up here.
This drill has shorted out.
Do you think he jumped before or after he got the shock of his life? GFCI would have prevented shock.
What is GFCI? The Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter.
Big words meaning he won't get electrocuted.
You see, if there's an electrical imbalance, then the GFCI trips the circuit and the tool's supposed to shut itself off.
But if the third prong of the plug is compromised, the interrupter won't work.
Will it, Bob? The third prong grounds the drill.
Without it, the interrupter's useless.
These prongs don't usually snap off by themselves.
Are all your workers this careless with their tools? Do you mind telling me what you're doing? These cutters may have been used to tamper with the grounding prong.
What happened to good old dusting for prints? When your crime scene is 12 storeys up I don't wanna take any chances.
I'm gonna lock in these prints.
Hey, O'Riley.
We got the 419.
Dylan Buckley.
14 years old.
The paramedics pronounced The coroner's on his way Was he home alone? Not alone.
Not his home.
Catherine Willows, Nick Stokes.
Crime Lab.
Dr Leigh Sapien.
This is her residence On good Then you can fill us in.
- We were in the middle of a session.
- You're a therapist? - Psychiatrist.
- And why were you seeing Dylan? Doctor-patient privilege.
Privilege doesn't extend post mortem.
We can get a warrant for your records.
No need.
Dylan suffered from reactive-attachment disorder.
Issues with his mother.
I'd been treating him for 16 months.
It's ten o'clock at night.
Is this your home? I see my patients whenever they need me.
On weekends, at night, at the office or here.
Why don't you just tell us what happened? Dylan had an argument with his mother.
He needed to unload.
He was complaining about his curfew blaming his mother for problems at school Suddenly he began to convulse I tried to stabilise his head, but it was a grand mal seizure.
Dylan was an epileptic.
He hit his head.
And when the convulsions stopped, he was dead.
Did you try to revive him? Of course Standard CPR Cleared his airway, worked his chest.
I take it this wasn't his first convulsion? He was diagnosed with epilepsy at age three.
W-What are you doing? Catherine, we need to get a tape lift here, please.
Look, I dialled 911.
I'm not hiding anything.
Well I can see that.
Name three human bones that can withstand a 12-storey drop.
The bones of the inner ear - malleus, incus, stapes.
High cellular density, completely protected by the skull.
Why? They appear to be the only bones not fractured or broken.
I wanna see the entry and exit wounds.
He wasn't shot.
This guy fell off the new jailhouse.
Are we on the same case? - He fell after he was electrocuted.
- News to me.
I didn't find any physical evidence of electrocution.
Faulty drill.
There should be burn marks on one of his palms.
Negative on the burn marks In most electrocution cases, capillaries rupture, haemoglobin leaks into the perivascular tissue.
Creating a fern-like pattern on the chest.
His body contradicts your crime scene.
I don't care what his body says.
This guy was electrocuted.
It was not an accident.
What? I don't know what I'm looking for.
Signs of charring or melting.
You've done this before.
Yean but we always go back to the body.
The body tells the story.
And, in this case, the body says there was no crime and you're not listening.
Why? Now and then we have to break the rules.
Start with the conclusion and work our way backwards.
Like when we don't agree with the coroner's report? Like, for instance, in the 1800s when surgery was Russian roulette and patients were dying on the tables.
- Germs? - Until Louis Pasteur theorised that something we could not see was attacking the patients.
- Relevance? - Bodies tell us stories because we interpret them how our predecessors taught us to.
Not seeing something doesn't mean that it's not there.
Wires are crossed.
Polarity's been reversed.
This confirms that someone tampered with Valenti's drill.
The rubber soles of his boots should have protected him from electrical shock.
That's why you're safe in a car during a lightning storm - you're insulated by the rubber tyres.
Rubber's an insulator, but metal's a conductor.
What form of metal hides in plain view at a construction site? A nail Hey How's that palm print Grissom got off those cutters? Good.
I'm running it through AFIS right now.
Good thing is, the jailhouse is a union gig, and all the union guys are already in the database.
What I did for the print was I lined up the ridge detail from the partial that I found on each handle.
(Sighs) So you think that guy fried before he fell? I don't know.
We found a nail in his boot.
It could have pierced the protective rubber.
It might have allowed electricity to course through his body.
Bobby Dawson's taking odds.
for shutting down that jailhouse.
- 10 to 1 - Fired.
(Beeping) Sounds like you got a match Hey Gris How long have you been there? Yeah.
Yeah, we do.
The um It's a former union guy, turned night-shift project manager.
Robert Harris.
Does that name mean anything? Yeah.
Especially if you bet against me.
My prints are on the cutters because they're on everything at the site.
I'm the project manager.
There's no mystery here.
You are, but you don't actually use all the tools, right? I'm vigilant about safety.
I'm always inspecting the equipment, tools Look, this is what's going to happen here.
The construction site is going to reopen and the investigation goes away.
After the lab processes all the evidence.
Excuse me.
For the record, I don't like being put in the middle.
Who does? I did a little homework on the guy who took a nose dive after he was electrocuted.
Three days ago he was voted union rep.
Demanded more overtime pay.
Pressed for a walkout.
- Motive? - Right.
Oh, in case you're interested, Bob Harris was the Sheriff's best man.
- What was that about? - Oh We're in a bowling league together.
- Can we wrap this up? - Sure.
Someone tampered with Roger Valenti's drill.
And I have only one suspect.
I read the coroner's prelim.
There is nothing in it about electrocution.
That's why it's a "prelim".
Mr Harris, were you against Valenti's union activities? Of course not.
I'm a union man myself.
You're fishing, Gil.
We're done here.
Moving on.
Mrs Buckley, do you have someone to drive you home? - Mrs Buckley? - Yes? Do you have someone to drive you home? Oh, er Thank you, I'll be all right.
- Mrs Buckley? - Yeah.
I'm Nick Stokes, Crime Lab.
I've been assigned your son's case.
- Crime Lab? - It's protocol.
We were just having pizza together.
He seemed fine and I dropped him off at Dr Sapien's and My husband passed away three years ago and now my my baby's gone.
I understand.
If you'll excuse me, I need to go and make arrangements.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
My youngest just turned 14.
Tough age.
Cause of death? Cranial cerebral injuries.
Comminuted fractures of the occipital bone.
Injuries consistent with a grand mal seizure? First blush, yes.
Waiting on toxicology.
In the meantime, check out his torso.
He's covered in bruises Possibly from being thrashed during the seizure? Possibly.
I found tan fibres on his boxers.
You, too, huh? His body's covered in them.
Fibres on his body, his underwear, but not on his shirt and pants.
Why? Maybe it's as simple as he wasn't wearing his shirt and pants.
Then, at some point, he was with his shrink in his underwear.
Exactly what kind of therapy was this? - Gil Grissom? - Yes.
I have information about Roger Valenti.
Call Jim Brass at Homicide.
I was the union rep before Roger.
The walkout was my idea.
Bob Harris threatened me and my family.
I wouldn't betray the union, so I gave up my position at the local.
Roger picked up where I left off.
Why are you telling me this? Because it could have been me.
Cheese milk sweaters.
What do these things have in common? Goat cheese.
Goat milk.
- Goat sweaters? - Angora.
Ding, ding, ding! Fibres from the lady shrink, fibres from the boy.
Both are angora Angora is processed goat hair? Mm-hm.
Sheared, washed, spun and dyed.
Angora is 100% goat.
You didn't know that, Nick? - Must be a chick thing.
- (Laughs) (Yawns) I need to see the body again.
- No can do.
Released six hours ago.
- Final report? Another 24, but there's nothing to support Valenti was electrocuted.
- Doc, please.
- You want to look at my notes.
So, what have you got? I mean, anything unusual, even the mundane.
His troponin enzymes are elevated.
They become elevated after ventricular fibrillation, which could be caused by electrocution.
Sure, but troponin is found in all victims of cardiac arrest.
Most of whom have not been zapped.
Work with me, will you? Er Vic also had an elevated concentration of iron in his blood.
Six, seven times normal.
- Life-threatening? - No.
What else? Well, it fits the bill of "mundane".
His skin looked jaundiced.
Postmortem deoxygenation? Dead or alive, your vic's epidermis is yellow.
- Tell me about his testicles.
- What? OK, I'm working with you.
Er I I don't remember.
I mean genetics can be fascinating and there are things I take note of.
But I didn't focus on his genitals.
Thanks, doc.
You're welcome.
Let's cool off with a blast from the past Here's Chubby Checker and Limbo Rock CHUBBY CHECKER: Limbo Rock What are you guys doing? Waiting for an assignment.
- You got a new case for us? - A new case? We heard the Sheriff put the brakes on the investigation.
I didn't say that, did I? Well, I think I er smell something burning in the DNA Lab.
- Love to stay and chat, but - Greg? I hope that's not the crossword puzzle.
Hey let's do the limbo rock! Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-ha! Don't move that limbo bar! You'll be a limbo star How low can you go? What about the nail we pulled out of Valenti's boot? - Dusted? - No, cos Process the nail, please.
If you get a print I'll compare it to Bob Harris's ten card.
Anything else? Yes.
Metal cutters.
I need you to prove or disprove whether they were used to sever the grounding prong.
And you're with me.
VIVALDI: Winter from The Four Seasons (Music builds) Mr Gesek! You're conducting.
- I didn't hear you come in.
- Vivaldi.
Four Seasons.
Vivaldi, Valenti.
Both Italians.
It's like being in Venice.
Why are you here? Do I need a lawyer? Have you prepped him yet? I was about to commence draining when I got distracted.
Yeah, I know - Venice.
I need to see his testicles.
I knew there was something weird about you.
Excuse me! You can't just come in here and look at my guy's goods.
If I let you see him, I have to let everybody see him.
- But perhaps we can work something out.
- What? Do you want us to pay to see him? That's a good idea, but no.
I'm starting a business: Crime Scene Cleanup.
I'll want some referrals.
I'll put you on a list.
Testicular atrophy.
They're the size of peas.
Poor guy.
Yeah, that's rough.
And the significance of this evidence? Haemochromatosis.
Valenti had elevated levels of iron in his blood.
Yellow pallor.
Shrunken testicles.
He's been ingesting trace amounts of iron over a long period of time.
Why'd he eat iron? Trace amounts are odourless, tasteless.
He probably didn't know.
- You're saying he was poisoned? - No.
Iron molecules take a long time to build up.
Could have been his diet, repeated blood transfusions, excessive smoking.
Possibly hereditary abnormalities.
So, where does this get us? One step closer.
Mr Gesek Stick a syringe in his carotid, all the way to his clavicle.
You want his blood? One pint.
To go.
- Warrick.
- Hey.
- I got a thumbprint off that nail.
- Cool.
Only a partial.
Print Lab's running a comparison.
Whatever happened with those metal cutters? Serrations didn't match up.
They weren't used on the grounding prong.
- What's in the envelope? - Roger Valenti's blood.
Grissom wants it packaged in plastic.
I don't know.
Don't ask.
You want lunch? Later.
- Hey, Catherine? - Yeah.
You ever been in therapy? Who hasn't? Didn't save my marriage.
You were OK sharing your problems with a complete stranger? You rather I tell them to you? Somebody order a warrant? - Yeah.
- Mustard and relish.
Hold the onions.
I hope it's a general.
Eyewitness physician dials 911.
Coroner's quiet.
You're lucky to get a limited.
What do you mean? We've got fibres on a 14-year-old and the shrink's clothing.
Which would have got you nothing.
But I did a check on the doctor.
She once had her licence suspended.
Sex with a patient.
Teen's parents filed a complaint with the APA.
Sex with a minor? Suspension's a joke.
She should have lost her licence, minimum.
Yeah, well, this time maybe she will.
OK, Gris.
Valenti's blood.
Ready to go.
Thank you.
You wanna fill me in here? I mean This wasn't covered in any science class I took.
Well, iron is a conductive mineral.
I wanna know if there was enough iron in Valenti's blood to conduct electricity.
- That's far out - Yeah, well We'll see.
Plug in the blood.
Angora fibres? What does that have to do with anything? Excuse me, I don't appreciate being treated like a suspect.
Then maybe you should wait outside.
Do you consider me a suspect? Because that's how I'm feeling.
Fine Don't answer me.
It's your choice.
Funny thing about choices.
Once you make 'em, you have to live with 'em.
Dylan Buckley was just a boy.
He trusted you.
And you abused that trust.
Linen closet.
Top shelf.
Was that blanket here? On the floor, with you and Dylan under it? It's gonna be OK.
That's it.
That's it.
That's it.
That's it.
He was a 14-year-old kid What's the matter with you? He resisted.
You persisted.
Then what? I don't know the basis of your allegations, but I have never crossed the line.
That's not what your rap sheet says.
Rap sheet? Sex with an underage patient.
L-I was a resident.
He was 1 T.
We were in Look, no criminal charges were filed.
It should have been expunged from my record.
It doesn't make you any less guilty.
Lady, I'm not a saint, but I am not a killer or a child molester.
Dylan Buckley was an epileptic.
He had a seizure.
He hit his head.
That's the truth.
You don't like it? You can leave.
We got what we came here for.
- What's going on with you? - I'm on a case.
We're on a case.
Hey, is that from the deli? Egg salad sandwich.
You want half? - No.
Can I have your pickle? - Yeah.
You can have it.
Oh, that's a nice one.
You've turned my pickle into a light bulb.
- I'm electrocuting it.
- You sure are.
That would explain that smell.
This is how I cooked hot dogs in college.
Check out the burn mark s.
There are none.
Just like Valenti's body.
No evidence of electrocution.
Pickles are high in sodium content.
Sodium is conductive, just like iron.
The flow of electricity through a body generates heat.
Burn marks are the physical evidence of that.
But if the body offers no resistance to the flow of electricity - no heat, no burn mark s.
Roger Valenti's body offered up no resistance because of the excess iron in his blood.
It conducted electricity Making his body one big wire.
Path to ground.
In through his hand from the drill, out through the nail in the boot.
No burn mark s but he was still electrocuted.
So you've just proved murder.
I wouldn't break out that champagne just yet.
Don't go shooting the messenger.
Thumbprint from the nail.
Bob Harris's prints were not on the murder weapon? They were not on the nail.
I think someone stuck a nail in the victim's boot and it wasn't Bob Harris.
So you made a suspect out of an innocent man.
Obviously that wasn't my intent.
Oh, good.
Maybe you'll wanna bring that up in the newspaper article.
What are you talking about? What article? The one I'm arranging for your public apology.
- I'm not making an apology.
- Oh, yes, you are.
You don't go after a friend of mine, sully his reputation and then walk away.
Actions have consequences, Gil.
Even yours.
I heard the Sheriff chewed you a new one.
- You get my message? - You want me to check out your Deep Throat.
(Printer beeps) Well, that was fast.
Ian Wolf.
Union of Electrical Workers, Local 3T.
He wanted to make sure that I stayed on Harris for the murder of Roger Valenti.
- Doesn't that tell you something? - I told him to talk to you.
I'll check out the guy.
(Sighs) Gil, why do you do this to yourself? - What? - The guy's dead Could have been suicide.
You always gotta push it.
It's just like any other case.
You know what I think? Adrenaline.
You need the rush But that's just me.
Thank you, David.
No sweat.
Hey, he asked for it.
How many swabs does it take to process a blanket? I'm thorough.
The lab tested Dylan Buckley's blood for creatine kinase which would be elevated post-seizure.
But Dylan Buckley's levels were normal.
I just got my own copy of the report.
Dr Sapien lied.
You're racing me, Nick.
We're driving the same car.
Nick! Nick, I'll have you removed from the case.
You're confronting suspects before the evidence is processed.
You're flying solo, cutting me out.
What's going on? OK.
There are some people you're supposed to be able to trust, you know.
I was nine and she was a last-minute baby-sitter.
All I can remember doing afterwards is sitting in my room in the dark, staring at the door, waiting for my mom to get home.
I've never told anyone before.
I'm sorry.
It's what makes a person, I guess.
I'm sorry, Catherine.
Check me out.
So what? The worst thing I've done is get a speeding ticket.
And take a pipe to Valenti's head four days before he died.
It wasn't on the foreman's report.
Valenti's widow told me.
Guys get in beefs all the time But he died Harris had nothing to do with it Despite your efforts to make it seem that way.
Look, I'm not saying another word till I talk to a union lawyer.
I pay my dues and these guys play hardball.
He's guilty.
Let's not make the same mistake twice.
Not realistic, all right? Even for me.
I thought you'd like the challenge.
What are we looking at here? Lots of epithelials.
There were skin cells shed all over the blanket.
Dylan Buckley's.
Dr Sapien's.
You're two-thirds of the way there.
I also isolated a set of cells from another individual.
Identity unknown.
But, when it's important to Nick here, I push further.
T of the 13 markers match your dead kid.
Familial DNA? Father's dead.
Means we're looking at mom.
A naked kid under a blanket at a shrink's late at night and his mother's there.
Your case just entered a whole new dimension of weird.
- Where's Mandy? - Cross-eyed from running our partial.
I didn't wanna lose any time so I took over.
The database is T0,000.
- It could take a while - If I narrow the scope? - To one.
- We got a suspect? Ian Wolf.
Like the animal, not the authors.
Partial overlay - perfect match.
Now we just gotta place him at the crime scene.
Warrick's on it.
I got a warrant for his tool belt.
Metal cutters included.
(Door opens) Doc? The kid in his underwear - tell us about the Y-incision.
Leftovers from my anniversary dinner.
- Congratulations.
- Thanks.
The same tan fibres I found on the outside I found on the inside.
Mouth, nasal passages, both lungs.
- He was wrapped in that blanket.
- Mm-hm.
Head to toe.
Mrs Buckley, we know that your son didn't have a seizure.
We also know that you were at Dr Sapien's house with Dylan the night that he died He was in his underwear, wrapped in a blanket, fighting for every breath.
I loved my son.
That's what every parent says.
This This was therapy.
I had tried everything else.
Taken him to so many specialists, but I couldn't reach him.
So we We tried the (Sighs) We I have to tell them.
It's called rebirthing.
Rebirthing? It's a technique used to treat extreme behavioural disorders.
The idea is to turn back the clock, wipe the slate clean.
Allow the child to re-bond with his mother.
What is the blanket for? It represents the birth canal.
So you wrapped Dylan up beat the hell out of him and hocus-pocus, he's supposed to love you again? Rebirthing may not be a recognised therapeutic procedure, but it's not illegal.
Last time I checked, murder is.
I begged her to do it.
All other methods of therapy had failed.
Dylan was becoming more belligerent, withdrawn.
Even dangerous.
I just wanted my son to love me.
That's all.
- Dylan was a willing participant.
- He was 14.
I instructed Dylan to lie down on the floor in the foetal position As part of the process, I asked him if he wanted to be reborn to his mother.
He said yes.
Now we're going to close the womb.
So, then what happened? Things got out of hand? He changed his mind? Somewhere in the middle of an angora birth canal? It is time to be reborn.
That's it.
Push harder.
Push harder! - Try to get out.
- (Fights for breath) A little harder.
Come on, Dylan.
I can't breathe.
I'm gonna die! Do you wanna be reborn or do you wanna stay in there and die? Let me outta here, please.
Mom, please! I want this to stop! - Maybe we should.
- No.
This is what happens.
We can't stop now.
Trust me.
This is a normal response.
- I thought it was part of the process.
- It is.
She said that that's what he was supposed to say.
That babies don't want to come out.
That's why it's such an ordeal for the woman.
So, you pushed on him, like a mother in labour? Come on! Push harder! Stop it! I can't breathe! Push harder! That's it! (Panting) OK.
Honey? Dylan? Honey? When we opened the blanket, his eyes were closed.
I thought he was pretending to be asleep.
So much for your therapy.
Excuse me.
And that's why we tried to hide it.
We knew you wouldn't understand.
The twin moons of Venus Overlap to one.
The striations match Wolf stuck a nail in Valenti's boot compromised the drill, and cut the grounding prong with his own cutters.
- That seems like a lot of work to kill a guy.
- Not for an electrician.
I'm gonna find Brass.
Hey, Gris I think I can speak for both of us when I say I'm sorry that we let you down.
- We quit before we should have.
- Yeah.
You did.
(Workmen shout) Mr Wolf! We got you for murder Premeditated.
You know this from my cutters? They're just part of the story.
You spiked Roger's boot with a nail compromised the insulation You reversed the polarity in his drill.
You cut the grounding prong planted evidence And killed a man.
You're under arrest.
Grissom! It's all you, man.
Thank you.
Well, you got the bad apple.
How about that? Just in time for my big public apology.
I may be changing the tenor of that piece somewhat.
You won't be the goat, but you won't be the hero, either.
I'll leave that to you.
That's why we will continue to work well together.