CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s02e04 Episode Script

Bully for You

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22a -\\- See you, bro! Later, losers! I see the rifles coming over the hill And if you shout, maybe they stop and won't kill But if they think like me You'll be as dead as can be (Click) Barry Schickel.
Wallet's still with him.
With cash.
"A" student.
Recently voted class clown.
People aren't usually scared of class clowns.
Who said his shooter was scared? He shot him in the back.
With his zipper down and hands otherwise engaged.
We're looking for a coward.
Hey! Whoa! - Whoa, whoa! What are you doing? - Removing graffiti.
There's been a murder.
Nothing gets cleaned.
School policy.
I have to get the graffiti down Everything is evidence.
Las Vegas Crime Lab policy.
Shall we call the sheriff? No.
Thank you.
- I bet you were like that in high school.
- Worse.
You were the girl I ran away from.
Till you caught me.
(Laughs) So football practice was over at 5:45? - That's right.
- And it was OK for a student like the victim to return to the school property to use the rest room? - Hand me a bindle.
- The place isn't locked up till the janitor leaves, end of the shift 800830 - Until then the kids use the facilities.
- Brass.
Excuse me! Are we interrupting you? Yeah.
A little.
That's OK.
I'll drop by your office.
We'll finish this up.
You found the slug The treasure hunt paid off, huh? Yeah, it better.
We have a point of reference.
Well, the nerd squad is off and running.
I'm going to burn a little shoe leather, see if the vic had a beef with anyone.
Rescue One approaching drop site We nave a visual Baker One Stand by for eastern approach CSI ready for descent You're good to go! OK, there he is! Let's get down there! Ready? I'll race you! CSI is in the air CSI is on the ground Stokes, Sidle.
Crime Lab.
Did you open the bag? Long enough to see one gnarly hand.
Well, skeleton of a hand.
- Anyone touch the bag since? - With that smell? I thought you guys were tougher than that.
Hey, I'm plenty tough.
Down, boy.
It was a joke.
Nothing like flirting over a DB! You want to airlift the body to the coroner's? We'll radio ahead.
- Sure.
- Wait.
- Are you supposed to do that already? - Body's coroner's.
Property's ours.
We nave the basket Copy that Rescue One returning to base Hi.
- Construction on Flamingo.
- Give me a hand, will you? - .
38? - .
Here, take this.
- Brass said the victim had a can of spray paint.
- Orange By my kit.
It was in his backpack.
- Did you get something? - Paint from another source.
I'm going to find out who belongs to that locker.
Kinda weird, being in a high school, huh? They do have a timeless quality.
Were you a jock or a brain? I was a ghost.
There The shooter was standing right there.
And? Reconstruction guys can give us a more precise angle measurement, but I'm thinking 5' 4" Maybe 3".
We got ourselves a shortie.
Let's see what metal shows up.
There's no gun on our dead body.
Wouldn't it be easier to unzip the bag and see what shape our vic is in? I like to put that off till the last moment with you cops.
I see a coin - Looks like a half-dollar.
- Silver Whole I've done a few of these.
What's that? There.
About four inches long.
What is that? That looks like a pin.
That's a medical implant.
And that's a plate in the skull.
Head's been rolled I'd say we're dealing with a male.
By the sound of it, he's been dead about two months.
Sound? (Sloshing) - You weren't here when ESD brought this in.
Oh, it wasn't from lack of trying.
Let's go to the VIP room.
I'll show you what I mean.
That's Dennis Fram's locker.
Has the deceased spray-painted his locker before? I'm the school counsellor.
I don't know every move these kids make.
Well, that's obvious, or a young man wouldn't be dead.
Tell me what "stick" means.
Is that a polymer sensor proboscis? Cyranose 320.
Company sent it to me gratis for a week.
They figure, if it helps, CSI will buy one.
Electronic noses run like ten grand.
Yeah, well, what if the shooter chooses a certain kind of tobacco, or has a unique halitosis and the e-nose picks up on it? If that thing bit the shooter in the ass, the county would not approve a $10,000 purchase order.
I thought it was our job to speak for the victim no matter what it took, and to hell with the budgets.
Our job is to think, Warrick.
Machinery should never matter more than our mind.
Try this.
Glass tube.
- Air pump.
- Air pump.
Costs about ten buck s.
Absorption agent? Fresh out.
And Miss Barrett says that a Dennis Fram had been bullied by the deceased all year.
He spray-painted his locker.
Always something to do with his build - skinny, shortie.
- That kind of thing.
- Dennis is slight and Barry always picks on him.
- Can you arrange for us to meet with Dennis? - Of course, but he would never hurt Barry.
He's a good kid.
He's totally non-violent.
Well, then, this'll be brief.
(Sighs) We can call him from my office.
You coming? Oh, I'll catch up to you.
Hey! - I need to talk to you - I didn't clean anything.
It's not about that.
How tall are you, Dennis? Five three and one quarter.
Have you washed your hands in the last hour? Yeah.
Why? Changed your shirt? - No.
- I'd like to do a test on your shirt, if I may.
What kind of test? Forensic.
What is that? GSR When someone fires a weapon, gunshot residue plumes back onto their hands and clothing This means that you fired a gun within the last three to six hours.
- Dennis! - The police are gonna want to talk to you.
So you admit you fired a gun I was over at the shooting range on Desert Way.
The same night Barry Schickel was shot, you were out taking target practice? I go every Monday night.
Ask my sister.
- She goes with me - Where's your gun? - I rent different ones there.
- Did you ever rent a.
44 calibre? I'm sorry I nave to keep people out - Sometimes.
I want to see my brother.
Get out of the way! - Denny, are you OK? I got your call.
- I'm fine.
I'm fine.
We're conducting a police investigation.
My dad's back in town tonight.
You'll be sorry you harassed my little brother.
A student was shot and killed in this building tonight.
You know what? Dennis has explained to you about the gunpowder and his sister will vouch for his whereabouts And he's a minor Jim.
We'll be in touch Remember, breathe through your mouth.
Eurgh! Metal plate.
Silver dollar.
Gambling chip.
And Jacket.
- Government issue, army.
- (Sara gasps) Pile of bones, and that's it.
That's it? No organs? No tonsils? No Soup Human soup.
Well, we are T3.
5% liquid, eh, Dave? Add some bacteria, a couple of gases, and voilá! OK, I'll take Liquid Man's jacket.
See what I can find.
I'll cremate this.
What if we find the family or they find us? A bad decomp can stink up the entire building for ever.
The sooner we dispose of this, the better.
Not for our investigation.
(Gasps) Let me guess.
Decomp in an enclosed space.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, the zip bag.
- Lemons? - What? Use lemons.
BLIND FAITH: Can't Find My Way Home But I can't find my way home Still I can't find my way home And I ain't done nothing wrong, no-oo But I can't find my way home How's your new toy working out? It's been downsized.
I know how you wanted to see that thing work.
Well, it's the same difference, really.
Air is drawn into the glass tube.
Chalk absorbs the chemicals from the air.
And mass spec will break it down at the lab.
So why did you need the expensive one in the first place? Cos it was cool.
- I'll see you in homeroom.
- All right.
Barry Schickel from the high school.
Dug three of these.
44s from his back.
First one cracked his infraspinous fossa.
Second one entered past the interior angle of the scapula, punctured a lung.
And the last one entered just right of the right anterior serratus muscle, pierced the heart.
The heart? That makes no sense.
This is a special case.
See the scar? This guy was attacked before.
I'd say in the last six months.
Well, not with a knife.
It looks like prongs.
Whatever it was, it would have killed him if his heart had been there.
Where was his heart? Barry's upper body, all his internal organs are on the opposite side of typical placement.
Dextrocardia? Like Dr No? That only presents in, what, .
01% of the population? Good for this guy, till his luck ran out.
How long ago did you say he was stabbed? Six months.
Hand-to-hand combat.
Sound like something your suspect would do? No.
(Exhales) Hey, how's Liquid Man doing? You mean Mr Cartsen? I found this.
It's a name tag.
You know, Sara, a lot of homeless guys get these army jackets.
Salvage stores.
Well, it's a start.
I'm gonna get Homicide to check the VA medical database for a W Cartsen with plates or pins.
Eurgh! What have you got? I don't know.
Can't read an address or a phone number.
God it reeks! QD should be able to to bring something up.
(Vomits) Don't tell anyone.
About what? Sara? Hi.
They told me out front I could find you here.
Um I'll be right out.
- Give me a mint.
- You're gonna need more than one.
Just gimme.
- This is a nice surprise.
- I wanted to see if you'd like to have dinner.
Um when? Now.
I'm on break.
I'm in the middle of that DB from the gully.
He's still a John Doe.
We don't know the circumstances I smell.
Well, not that bad.
I'd change clothes, but the problem is that it's human fat reduced and it's attached itself to my follicles and my pores, so - You don't look good.
- I need some air.
- OK.
- Er, no, you stay.
You've got that John Doe to worry about, and I can always stop by another time.
- You smell like death.
- I've heard.
You know, a real man wouldn't mind.
- Have you talked to Barry's parents? - I did.
They had no idea he'd been stabbed.
The older kids get, the less they talk to their parents.
They talk to you, though, right? Who else may have had it in for Barry Schickel? Look, he was very popular, but he was a bully.
So there was probably a dozen kids who wanted to see him dead.
Really? I'd be walking by and he would punch me.
Everybody started calling me Flinch.
Even the teachers.
Move! He was the meanest guy I've ever known.
But the way he put you down, it sounded funny.
If it wasn't you.
He'd wait for me, every day.
Lunchtime, fourth period.
Take my food.
Hungry? Till I fixed him.
It was about half a year ago.
- I went at him.
With a fork? Stabbed him above his left pectoral.
It still didn't stop him.
I mean, today was the first day I could come to school and not feel like a moving target.
Where were you last night about six o'clock? When Barry was shot? Boxing practice.
I can protect them from being called a derogatory word for homosexual, or the N-word.
Everything else falls under free speech.
No-one's blaming you.
I am.
You know who did this, don't you? You have no idea what these kids go through.
I listen to them every day.
Working parents.
And all they need is just one person to believe in them.
But where does that leave Barry Schickel? That's your job.
Shut up.
She was not? I saw her in action.
- Really? - Yeah.
She was Catherine?! I was what? I was just telling Nick how you were a big bully in high school.
Oh, bully? All right, I guess I was.
But not the kind that people want to take a gun out and shoot.
- No.
No, no.
You were the kind guys fall all over themselves trying to impress.
Like you, Nick, huh? Oh, Nick, what were you in high school? Me? I was er I was dependable.
Dependable? Dependable jock? Dependable stoner? No, never a strap, never a smoker.
Just all-around dependable guy, I guess.
He's trying to say he was unpopular.
I was popular with the right people, I can tell you that.
I can also tell you what I wasn't.
I wasn't a Mac Daddy wannabe with a Members Only jacket, putting the swerve on all the ladies.
Members Only jackets were cool back in the day.
Hey Ronnie's got something on Liquid Man.
Says it's hot.
Hey, Sara, what were you in high school? Science nerd.
(Sniffs) Are you changed? (Whispers) You still smell.
Let's go! So that leaves you, Warrick.
What were you? Oh, I was short.
I had big feet, thick glasses.
- You? - Yeah! I got pushed around by all the guys and never got any play from the girls.
The girls didn't even notice your eyes.
They used to tease me about my eyes, call me names.
Well, what do they know? They're your best feature.
I didn't have a best feature in high school.
Looking back on it now, I could say I could see both sides of it, thinking about this guy, Barry Schickel, and how he was shot and whichever kid did it.
I'm not saying it was right, but I kinda understand, you know? Yeah.
I wanted to hold off on this matchbook until it dried out, and then realised Human fat never dries out.
Just gets waxy.
Exactly What I'm doing is adding pixels at some points and erasing pixels at other points.
- Got it.
- Roma - Romanini's.
Never heard of it.
I have.
Nightclub for boomers off the Strip.
Thanks, man.
Hey Stokes! Your W Cartsen - he's a Second Lieutenant William Cartsen.
Served in the war, wounded in action.
Got sent stateside after they put him back together.
They put a pin in his spine and a plate in his head 31 years ago.
Walked out of the hospital, hasn't been heard of since.
Come with us? - What's the matter? You don't trust me? - I trust you.
I got a boatload of chemical components here.
Marijuana, bubble gum, cigars.
- It's like every guy's bathroom in America - What doesn't belong? How can I help you people? Valet guy said you were the manager.
Detective O'Riley, Las Vegas PD.
- Stokes and Sidle from the Crime Lab - Crime Lab? What's going on? This man a patron of your establishment? Name's William Cartsen.
Not that I recognise, no.
Are you sure you haven't seen him around here? Wore an army jacket.
May have been down on his luck.
Oh, you mean Moses.
- Moses.
- That guy had a beard down to here, wore a robe, the army jacket.
Stood out here scaring every patron I had.
Hey! The whole world is watching! Speak out! Speak out! - The guy was ruining my business! - So what did you do? Tried to reason with him.
Hey buddy You got to leave my customers alone, OK? Here.
Cash that.
And move on - That's the last I saw of him.
- When was that? I don't know.
About two months ago.
That's funny.
We found his body.
Coroner says he's been dead two months.
We're gonna want you to take a little ride with us.
I checked out those kids you talked to.
None of them was even near the school when Barry Schickel was killed.
- The one who doesn't check out is Dennis.
There's a reason I can put him at the crime scene.
Can you call from the car? - Sure.
Let's go.
- Put him there how? - Well, I'll explain on the way.
- No no I'll stay here, with this, close to Warrick.
Bet you miss all the firework s.
I know I must sound like the typical parent, but my son had nothing to do with this death.
We placed him at the murder.
What? Here's a fingerprint that I recovered from Dennis's locker.
These are Dennis's prints on file at school.
The missing kids prevention drive Has a match.
His own fingerprint on his own locker doesn't prove anything.
It proves a timeline.
The alkyd particles in the victim's spray paint adhere and dry in 30 seconds.
Oxidation Dennis had to nave swiped the paint within seconds of Barry putting it on his locker for his print to take.
- How do you know? - The janitor He keeps timed records of graffiti.
Job security.
And Dennis left paint on the doorjamb in the bathroom where Barry was shot.
That's the timeline of the murder Mr Fram We know every move your son made up until the gun, so we want to see your collection.
- You're registered as having 24 weapons Denny It's OK.
It's OK.
Come on.
We'll fix it.
This does not belong in a guy's bathroom.
Can we prove this? There's got to be 1,000 brands.
You still got that $10,000 e-nose you were using? Now you want my tricked-out toy? I just want the software.
Come on, drink up.
There you go.
Just hold this to your face, OK? I'll be right back.
He's got a bleeding ulcer from being bullied by Barry Schickel.
Hey, Shrimp, wanna go for a ride? You don't know now nard it was for him Trying to work up the courage just to go to school.
(Vomiting) I thought my little brother was gonna kill himself.
Then someone killed Barry.
How tall are you? Why? No reason.
You grabbed a top note of floral Now we ask the software to break it into ingredients You recognise any of these? That's all from one perfume? Some of these perfumes have, like, T50 ingredients.
We can narrow it down to one brand? The original application for this program was perfume companies.
You know, testing new brands, stealing from the competition.
(Cellphone rings) Grissom.
Grissom, we got a suspect, but it's not who you think.
Let me guess.
Denny Fram's sister? - How did you know? - Vapour molecules See if you can get a warrant for her perfume and have Brass bring her in.
Her perfume? Let's get back to my first question, Miss Fram.
Where were you the night Barry Schickel was killed? I told you.
I was out, driving around.
So what, your perfume just wafted into the boys' room - all the way from Highway 10? - Yes.
I wear Chanteuse.
What's that got to do with anything? My mom used to wear it.
- And after her car accident I started to wear it.
Well aromas nave fingerprints They're like a unique combination of vapour molecules that linger in the air long after the source has gone.
We isolated a combination in the rest room where Barry Schickel was shot.
It matches your perfume.
A high-end woman's perfume.
It's doubtful that any other girl at the school wears it.
Wait, wait, wait.
She has no reason to hurt Barry Schickel.
What about revenge for her little brother? I can't believe this! That bastard Schickel dogged my family.
Now he's doing it from the grave! Come on, Kelsey.
You come near us again, you do it through my lawyer.
Wears her dead mother's perfume.
- Nice touch.
Might be true Scent triggers memory most acutely of all the senses.
Yeah? Well, I smell a rat in the Fram family.
So, you didn't hurt him.
You just put him in your car.
Back seat.
And I drove him out of town.
- I left him on the roadside out by Red Rock.
- You didn't maybe zip him up in a bag because he was giving you trouble? Anything like that? No.
These are the handles from the bag that he was found in.
You see these prints here? Can I see your right hand, sir? Look, he was drunk.
He was rolling all over my back seat.
So I put him in a bag from my trunk Once we got out of town, I just tipped him down a hill.
I figured he'd get out once he slept it off.
The guy always shows up! What am I looking at? Homicide.
Look, I was just doing my job.
Hey, treating another human being like garbage is not a job.
It's a choice.
Dennis? I need to talk to you.
You have to understand.
Anything my sister did was to protect me.
You said that you went back to school that night after target practice.
I forgot a book I needed for homework.
And I knew Barry had been there.
I wasn't looking for him.
I had to go to the bathroom.
My dad's freaking out.
My sister won't come out of her room.
I figured if you can get the police to make some kind of deal for her Well, Dennis, you haven't told us that you explicitly saw Kelsey shoot the victim.
She was in a stall.
I couldn't see her.
- Can I talk to you for a minute? - Excuse us.
He copping to anything? - He says that his sister did it.
- I don't think so.
Kelsey was otherwise disposed.
She got a parking ticket the same time the vic was shot.
In an alley behind a motel off Fremont Street.
In fact, a lot of cars got tickets that night.
Who's Jeremy Spencer? Football coach.
At a motel with the high school coach.
No wonder she wouldn't talk.
I paid Coach a visit.
The guy's 23, just got engaged.
He'll testify as long as his fiancée doesn't find out.
He says that Kelsey gave him a roll in the hay, asked him to intercede with Barry the bully and get the kid to leave her brother alone She didn't kill anyone.
So why is he saying she did? Ever smell a fart and end up blaming the wrong guy? Why do you think your sister shot Barry? Because.
Because why? Because of the last time he beat me up.
I'll protect you.
I'll fix things so he never comes near you again.
She always keeps her word.
She asked Barry's coach to help you.
That was her protection plan.
She was nowhere near the high school I smelled her perfume.
I saw Barry I saw the gun And I smelled my sister's perfume No.
You smelled her brand of perfume.
Then who was it? We recovered this from your townhouse on a warrant.
We also found the gun.
It hasn't been cleaned.
Well, I don't know how to clean a gun.
That was my husband's.
You know how to shoot one, though.
Do you know how many kids go to school and kill, just to get relief from the bullying? You talk to them Boxing lessons and target practice How long before one of them came in here and opened fire on a hallway full of kids? I just thought that one life was better than 20.
Or 30.
Or 11.
Captain Brass ran a search on you.
Tetrick High School, Tetrick, Arizona.
You were the assistant principal.
I watched them die at my feet.
Just because some sophomore couldn't take the jokes about his glasses.
It says that you were left with post-traumatic stress disorder.
You might want to mention that to your lawyer.
I did this for my kids.
You know, Miss Barrett, as difficult as high school can be for kids, eventually it's over.
But too soon for Barry Schickel.
(Bell) Rest in peace, Lieutenant.
Rest in peace.