CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s02e05 Episode Script

Scuba Doobie-Doo

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22a -\\- You'll like this apartment.
My wife says it's the best of the lot.
The tenants moved out quick.
I don't normally show apartments before I've had a chance to look.
So, use your imagination.
Oh, my God.
Call 911.
I worked in a slaughterhouse one summer that looked a lot like this.
The lease is in the name of Clifford Renteria.
Lived here with his girlfriend till they snuck out - Gee I wonder why - For all we know, this is animal blood.
Yean sure Deer, sheep, llama.
Deer hunter comes home from the mountains drunk.
Decides to play butcher, clean his kill.
Chops his game up into oven-size pieces for the winter.
What does he care? He's renting.
The victim's human And a human has only eight pints of blood.
So, whoever the victim is is now dead.
Any uniformity in the spray? Well by and large the average diameter's about one millimetre.
Blood drops this size are characteristic of high-velocity impact like gunshot trauma, but there's no bullet strikes in the walls, ruling out murder by gun.
Just acquaint yourself, Sara.
Don't interpret just yet.
All right.
This looks like a multiple.
More than one vic.
Acquainting myself.
Check out the voids.
That's the real evidence.
We've only got 30 seconds till this Luminol disappears.
(Camera click s) (Shutter click s) Television, maybe.
Magazine? Triangle.
Coat rack? Guys.
What do you think that is? Looks like it could be an electric saw.
High-velocity small spray.
GPS coordinates four-niner-six Commencing drop Pine Ridge Command go to White Fire 3 Dozer Tender 1441 Air attack 140 (Siren wails) Zero humidity.
Record highs.
'Tis the season.
- Hi.
- Hey.
I don't even know where to start with this one.
Take a look at that A scuba diver up a tree Wow.
How the hell did he get there? He couldn't climb with all that crap on He got up there somehow.
Well, you know, Lake Mead is just over the hill and the copters are dropping water.
You're serious? That's a total urban legend.
We're scientists, Nicky.
No way that happened.
And I suppose you believe in Santa.
After today oh, yeah.
When I said Renteria and his girlfriend skipped out in the middle of the night, - I didn't have the whole story.
- I haven't seen Alison in a month.
- Any idea where she might be? - Renteria said she left town.
- So you noticed that she was gone? - I manage the complex.
I notice everything.
Did you notice if Mr Renteria left an address? Just a letter saying he was moving on.
If you find him, tell him he is not getting his deposit back.
The blood'll never come out.
Hopefully not.
It's all the evidence we have.
What do you make of that void? Green vegetation There's a consistent burn over this whole area.
Except for that one spot.
The Chief says the original fire was a class C.
Downed power line.
Winds keep shifting, not spots breaking out all over.
Well well.
Downed power line, huh? Good eye.
A matchbook time-delay device.
Well, don't touch it.
It'll disintegrate.
That's the only reason I carry this stuff.
Hairspray Extra hold Difference between walking and running.
Guy lights a cigarette, sticks it in a matchbook, takes a stroll.
It buys an arsonist a five-minute head start.
Monaco Receiving.
Clifford Renteria, platform manager.
Gee, Brass, all in one shift.
I'm impressed.
Are you Clifford Renteria? - Cliff.
Who are you? Las Vegas Police.
Crime Lab.
Do you have any knowledge of the whereabouts of Alison Scott? She's in Canada visiting her parents.
Why? We just came from your old apartment.
We found some disturbing evidence there Would you care to explain that? Hey, he had it coming.
I'll tell you that right now.
The apartment stank, there were flies everywhere, no water so I trashed the place.
- Who had it coming? - The manager.
- The lazy bastard.
It serves him right.
- Mr Renteria your apartment walls are covered in human blood.
- Are you aware of that? - Yeah.
- Do you have an explanation? - It's my blood.
- Your blood.
- You got a stigmata? No.
I get nosebleeds.
- Nosebleeds.
- From hepatitis C.
I got blood to spare.
My nose is like Old Faithful.
It finally came in handy.
You expirated blood from your nose all over your apartment walls to get back at your manager? Yeah.
I hope it made his cleanup job hell.
- That's not supposed to go anywhere.
- What? These ones here? Yean those This guy blows ten quarts of blood from his nose onto his wall? You want to ask for a demonstration? He's lying.
Expirating from your nose would leave oval-shaped blood patterns.
The ones we found in his apartment were V-shaped.
Mr Renteria.
We're gonna need a sample of your blood.
From your arm, not your nose.
And a visit to your new apartment.
That's home to me now.
Been staying there about a week Well, may we see your furniture? Sure.
Electric saw Used to do some landscaping.
It's an interesting lamp Mr Renteria, with your permission, I'd like to move some of your property to my lab - for a closer inspection.
- Hey, save me $250 a week truck rental.
Keep it as long as you want.
I'll sleep in the break room.
And that's after you come down and give us that blood sample.
You checked Nosebleed's tools yet? No observable blood.
Not even with Pheno.
He probably ditched them after he used them on the victim.
We just gotta figure out which one.
How long did Firearms give us these for? Let's do it.
THE CHARLATANS: Judas Ooh, can you tell me how you feel today? I found love Sweet, sweet music Can you tell me how you feel today? I found love Sweet southern bliss Ye-ah, ye-ah So? DNA results.
Erm 16 samples from the apartment walls and one we just took from the guy's arm.
This cannot be right.
Hey, I always double-check your stuff.
- All the results point one way.
- What about the blood on the lamp? That is my next run.
Just a little backlogged.
Well, get through it.
I thought you said the blood on those walls couldn't be his.
I also thought the metric system would catch on.
Everything that starts with a faulty premise is bound to fail.
I saw V-patterns and I foolishly ruled out the nose.
I told you I had a condition.
Hepatitis C.
I was diagnosed at 18.
This relates to your magic nose how? Hepatitis C destroys the liver and a whole host of clotting functions.
Cliff indeed has blood to spare.
Thanks for coming around to my side.
Which way's out? Nobody released you.
Mr Renteria, I can't sign off on a case until I fully understand it.
So let me get this straight.
You had a beef with your landlord and you decided to pay him back by blowing blood out of your nose all over the apartment walls.
- Is that about right? - Yeah.
A day? A week? A couple of months? How long did this take? I don't know.
About a month.
You get up, make some coffee and go, "I'll blow some blood on the kitchen wall today.
" Get out of the shower, grab your towel, go, "Hey, this looks like a nice spot to expirate a couple of pints.
" It wasn't like that.
Something would set me off.
The disposer was backed up.
No hot water.
The toilet was broken.
I knew the landlord wasn't gonna fix it.
So you made your statement through your nose.
I wasn't getting anywhere with words.
Look, if it'll get me out of here any quicker, I'll show you.
Erm It's really not that big a deal.
(Clears throat) You might wanna back up.
(Renteria expirates) Same high-velocity spray Same short V-pattern too.
Didn't you say expirating through the nose made oval patterns? Yeah, well, as it turns out, our guy stands very close to the wall and blows almost sideways.
This is on the real? You saw him do this? Right through his Jimmy Durante.
Both nostrils.
Our big murder's a nosebleed.
Oh, not necessarily.
The sample from the Nosebleed's lamp.
It's not his blood.
And I don't know whose blood it is, but the amelogenin came back with something pretty interesting.
Female blood.
- Our guy's girlfriend is still missing.
- That may have nothing to do with it.
Or everything.
So, you got an ID on the scuba guy? Jacques Cousteau.
Coroner humour.
But I'll tell you what I do know.
He didn't die in that fire.
No carboxyhaemoglobin in his blood He didn't inhale carbon monoxide.
He stopped breathing before the fire started.
Probably killed someplace else and dumped.
Oh, he was dumped all right.
Out of a chopper.
Right, Doctor? The victim's injuries are inconsistent with a fall of that magnitude.
No fracture of the pelvis, no compression of the lumbar vertebrae.
No shortening of the body.
There goes your theory, Nick.
Good try, though.
- So what was the cause of death? - His heart stopped beating.
Heart attack, consistent with being scooped out of Lake Mead.
The human heart beats in a four-beat rhythm, like a foxtrot.
The two atria contract, then the two ventricles.
Ba-boom, ba-boom.
- So what happened to this guy? - Commotio cordis.
Cardiac concussion.
The guy short-circuited.
It's rare, but I've seen it.
A few years ago a minor leaguer took a line drive to the chest.
Interrupted the impulse to the heart turning it into a bag of worms.
So, our scuba diver took one to the chest.
He could have been clipped by the chopper's Bambi Bucket.
Did you find anything between his toes, like sand from Lake Mead? Sorry Nick But I did find something between him and his wet suit.
Soap residue.
Like he'd started to shower.
Soaped up, never soaped off.
Something on your mind, Greg? Oh, it's I heard about your case.
Sounds interesting.
Hey, you wanna make yourself useful? Drop this off at Trace.
Must be some kind of soap.
Robbins got me halfway there.
Bet it's liquid dishwashing soap.
Yeah? State your source.
I used to do a little diving myself, actually.
Belize, Maui, Great Barrier Reef.
OK, maybe I took that one a little too far.
But the point is that these rubber suits aren't very easy to put on.
Neoprene and skin need a little romance to get together.
A capful of liquid soap works like a charm.
So, you wanna check the safety valve? It's sealed closed.
- And what about the pressure gauge? - Hose melted.
Catherine found it at the base of the tree.
It's 3,000 psi.
That tank was full.
Guess it was like anything pressurised.
These things blow for one of two reasons - too much air or too much heat.
- You just made yourself useful, my friend.
- Yeah? - Oh, yeah.
- How? What are we looking for exactly? Same thing we always look for.
Evidence of a crime.
- Failing that, we have to release the apartment.
- What about the missing girlfriend? Brass got a hold of Alison Scott's parents in Canada.
They said she never arrived.
They had no idea she was even going to see them.
What if Nose Man blew blood all over these walls to cover up Alison Scott's blood? I don't see any evidence of that.
- You're not finding another layer of blood? - No.
You don't think maybe he offed his girlfriend? (Flies buzzing) How many flies do you count in this room? I counted four on my first walk-through Fly spots Regurgitations.
The problem is, flies don't feast on dry blood The place is sealed and they don't spontaneously generate.
So they're feeding on fresh blood.
Could be a rodent, though.
Or bad garbage.
Or something higher up the food chain, like Alison Scott.
(Flies buzzing) The preponderance of flies is in this room They can egress a space less than .
001 centimetres.
Behind you.
Hey! Coffee boy! Where's my DNA? Cigarette butt? Matchbook time-delay device? Hairspray? Any of this sound familiar? Bags under the eyes, coffee cup, stressed face.
Any of this look familiar? I'm working on it.
Did Grissom put his stuff in front of mine? No.
I'm working on your case with Nick.
I just talked with your partner.
- You're working this case without me? - Hm? Greg Sanders.
Let go of my Grego.
He's a CSI wannabe.
Check out the bottom of this tank.
- Fissure.
- We had a little explosion here.
That explains a lot (Fizzing) Acid etching.
Not bad.
If I get the tank serial number, I could talk to surf shops, track the renter through a credit card.
Pretty smart thinking there partner.
Well, we still haven't ID'd the vic, but it's worth a snot OK N4002 let's see what kind of lead you are (Doorbell) Hi.
Whatever you're selling, I have no interest.
Maybe you should find out what we're selling first.
I'm Catherine Willows, Las Vegas Crime Lab.
Detective O'Riley.
Is there a Jerry Walden lives here? You're looking at him.
- What? - Are you missing a scuba tank? Come in.
Let me get this straight, Mr Walden.
You lent Bruce Skeller a spare tank? (Sighs) Yeah.
I just I can't believe what you're telling me here.
Bruce was an experienced diver.
Well, he didn't exactly die in the water.
Bruce and I were about to break ground on this project.
It really meant a lot to him You were in business together? Oh, we've been best friends since we were kids.
We used to We used to build these forts together, like our imaginary casino.
Now we're gonna build the real thing.
Partner up with this big development company - Adventures Excuse me.
You said that Mr Skeller was an experienced diver.
Why would he be borrowing a tank? Someone being experienced doesn't make them any less of a freeloader.
Oh, you know, he was just down on his luck.
We were like brothers.
We shared everything.
What was mine was his.
What was his was mine.
You said he didn't have anything.
Well yean but he would nave you know And I kept telling him that That's what kept him going And then this happened There used to be something here.
Oh, yeah, that's my coffee table.
Interesting furniture.
What is that? - Ash wood? Yean And the coffee table? Made them out of the same piece of wood.
- Where is the coffee table? - I sent it out to get it refinished.
The guy said it would be back in a week I er think it needed a little more than that.
Fly egg casings.
I thought I heard some banging around.
You er you find my tenant? You can contact Captain Brass for that information, sir.
- Here, sir.
- Oh.
What have you got? Either Paul or John.
Very important beetle.
The most important.
The silphid beetle.
Typically feeds on decomposing human flesh.
There's a dead body in here.
Mr Evans, could you get permission from the owner to let us break into these walls? Our original warrant didn't cover that It depends.
How many walls and what for? We can't divulge that.
But it may be all the walls.
- In every room? - Yeah.
You CSIs gonna pay for the replastering? We don't do that.
You can submit a form to the city for reimbursement.
Yeah, I'm still waiting for my tax rebate.
I don't have to bother the owner with this.
He's not gonna let you bust out these walls.
Now what? DNA lab.
I don't want to hear any rumours that Paul is dead.
He may be the only chance we have of getting in these walls.
We already know this beetle feeds only off of human blood, so why are we extracting its stomach contents? Ah, not so.
According to Grissom, Mr Bug Guy, the silphid beetle will actually feed on any decomposing mammal, so we need to show human DNA or we are not gonna get a warrant to break down those walls.
I hope he got his grub on before you guys grabbed him up.
Where's Greg? We need to get this processed.
I swear he has a second job somewhere else.
I'm er all for being alone, but - Did you bring the file? - Well, there goes the foreplay.
It's in the car.
I hope you appreciate that even as district engineer it wasn't easy getting the land deed.
I know how you love a challenge.
What did the property sell for? Half a million bucks an acre.
Is there anything else you need to use me for? Wh Excuse me? You're not here for me, you're here for yourself, so let's not waste time.
The property was owned by two men - Jerry Walden and Bruce Skeller.
At the time they bought it, it was a steal.
Two years later, Adventures Development starts buying up the surrounding parcels.
Your guys hold out until last week.
And let me tell you, they got top dollar.
A capitalist's wet dream.
Buy low, sell high.
So, they played it smart.
Well, one of them did.
Jerry Walden was for selling from the get-go.
But his partner, well that was a different deal altogether.
He was a die-hard environmentalist, a real tree-hugger.
You can say that again.
He saw the writing on the wall.
The urbanisation of Lake Mead.
He tried to fight it, but when it's money versus the environment, it's no big surprise who's gonna win.
So, is there anything else I can do for you? I'll see ya.
This really frosts my lizard.
I go to the lake to get away from the casinos.
There goes jet skiing.
- What about the land deed, Ronnie? - Hm? Oh.
What I can tell you about that is er I'm impressed.
If it is a forgery, it's a great forgery.
Van Gogh.
Nothing I can testify to.
What can you testify to? Have you seen my VSC-4 machine? No.
The original copy of the land sale agreement, OK? Inks luminesce at different wavelengths.
At one wavelength, the signature on the left disappears.
At another wavelength the one on the right disappears Where did it go? What does it mean Ronnie? Whatever you make of it.
You've got a legal document.
Two signatures notarised.
The whole nine yards.
The only thing I can tell you is your two guys used separate pens.
Excuse me.
Er silphid beetle.
Test for presence of human DNA.
Is this definitive? Yes, sir.
(Door opens) Do we get our warrant? Beetle was full of human DNA.
Brass got us a judge.
Let's go knock down some walls.
(Coughs) One wall down.
15 to go.
Sorry to interrupt your fun.
But I have someone here you might like to meet.
Jimmy Durante's girlfriend.
You're Alison Scott? I see Cliff's been showing off again.
It's one of the reasons I left him.
You left him? I went back to my old boyfriend in Chicago.
Miss Scott, er we found some blood on one of Cliff's lamps.
I stubbed my toe on that lamp, like, once a week.
I begged Cliff not to buy that thing, but he never listens.
Would you be amenable to providing us with a sample of your blood for comparison? Sure but I'm telling you that's my blood.
Look, Cliff's He's a lot of things, but he's not a murderer.
Yeah, I still want a sample.
Warrick, would you? Er, yeah.
(Sighs) You never get a second chance to make a first impression.
A square of nine dots on paper, and you can only draw four lines to connect them without the pen ever leaving the paper Right.
Think outside the box.
(Doorbell rings) Yeah? What do you want now? We need to take a look at your wall.
Hey, yo, Cat! I'm going to forget you called me that.
Um I've got a full profile on our your torch.
I pulled his DNA off of a cigarette butt.
Lucky for us he's a wet-lipped smoker.
You've done your job.
I gotta go do mine.
Just give me someone to compare it to.
The ash wood splinters are from Scuba Guy's back? Mm-nm Embedded in his aconeus muscle After you paged me, I had Robbins comb his body.
They only get us something if they match Walden's Ninja coffee table.
It's your theory.
Radial chains align Pores match Two pieces of ash wood.
One source.
So, Walden and Skeller get into an argument, probably over their land.
Buy yourself 100 acres of rainforest.
- Cash in your end! - I'm not gonna sell! He pushes Skeller, he falls back onto the ash wood table.
That's not what killed Skeller.
Robbins said he took a line drive to the chest.
The push escalates to a punch.
God, you are so I'll call O'Riley.
Scented candles, huh? - Food went rotten.
I wanted to cover the smell.
You've replastered this wall recently? - Rain damage Funnelled down.
Wrecked a five-foot area.
You wouldn't mind if I examined your vent, would you? (Door opens) You don't have to ask his permission.
I got a new warrant that covers this apartment.
Your wife being missing put it over.
Funny you didn't mention that before.
Did you know that your apartment shares heating ducts with the apartment next door? Yeah, me and Cliff always fought about the temperature.
So what? - Sara.
- Yeah.
Hold up, hold up, hold up.
There's blood on the blanket And dermestid maculatus.
That's Latin for "You're hiding a dead body.
" What's the matter? You didn't realise how bad a corpse can smell, so you decided to move it around? You can tell us where the body is or we can tear your place apart piece by piece.
Whichever Look, you got squat.
Jerry and Bruce signed with different pens, you found a cigarette butt at Lake Mead and wood chips on a tree-hugger.
Bottom line, you got a dead guy up a tree and you don't know how he got there.
I'm just here to make the arrest.
- For what? What have you got? - Plenty.
Why don't we just start from the beginning? Bruce Skeller didn't die in any fire.
He was killed at your house.
He didn't pick up any ash splinters from that forest.
It's all telarosa and oak out there.
You had a dead body so you decided to get creative.
Fire season, wet suit, liquid soap.
You drove out to the lake, dumped the body and lit up.
Not cos you wanted a cigarette.
You lit up with a purpose.
This gave you a head start.
My guess is around the five-minute mark.
You figured the fire department would label it a hot spot, relate it to the original fire, and the body would just burn up.
It doesn't explain how Bruce's body wound up in that tree.
I didn't put him there.
Actually you did.
You see, the thing you forgot about a scuba tank is it contains compressed air.
Too much neat and kaboom! (Nick exhales) - Rocket man! - Yeah.
Gotta love this job.
I got a hollow section.
Let's open it up.
Damn! Are we in the wrong apartment again? I don't know.
I don't mind being wrong, I just don't think I am this time.
OK start on the floorboards.
I'm going outside.
(Counts to himself) You OK? Excuse me? Normally my pulse is T0.
When it gets to 95 I realise how mad I am.
- I have ten people working round the clock.
- You're too hard on yourself.
I'm not mad at me There's a body in there and that guy knows where.
What's your pulse at now? You wanna take a walk around the block? Get some air? - No.
- Clear your head.
I'm fine.
Chalk from plaster.
Better go wash up.
Hey, Brass.
When did the schnozz say he lost his hot water? He wasn't exact.
You er have no pressure for your hot water.
I got a plumber coming Saturday.
My Uncle Herb was a plumber.
I might be able to help.
Where's your installation? Er, basement, but really, I got a plumber coming.
You got an electrician coming too? A filtration system It softens the water.
I got a guy on retainer.
You don't have to do this.
Yeah, well, I'm non-union.
There's no disruption to the cold water line.
Hot water line Water runs through the filtration tanks first and the water heater second.
- Right? - Yeah.
Why is it bypassed? You've cut off the water for the filtration tank s.
Something's wrong with it.
I had no choice.
(Solid thudding) Brine tanks are usually hollow.
They only have about eight inches of water for the salt mixture.
(Solid thudding) Does that sound hollow to you? Not enough candles in the world.
She nagged me.
She nagged you? Hey, you wanna grab some breakfast? - No, thanks.
- Come on We always get better service - with you there - I'm having breakfast with a friend.
You're keeping him alive Sara said you guys already solved the case.
He did.
All right.