CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s02e06 Episode Script

Alter Boys

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22a -\\- Argh! Get off! Get off! (Indistinct police radio) Call said one dead body.
Caught him red-handed.
Ben Jennings.
Nick Stokes, Gil Grissom, Las Vegas Crime Lab.
You wanna tell us what happened here? You have anything to say? You don't have to talk to us.
He'll talk to us.
See the lividity? Blood settled at the time of death.
Body's been moved from the murder scene.
Impound his car.
- Sorry, guys, I lost you at the fork.
- My bad, Sara.
Let's process this guy, shall we? Officer, would you uncuff him, please? OK, make like a scarecrow for me, partner.
Arms out, away from your body.
That's it.
Stay just like that.
Give me your right foot.
Other right.
Put it down.
Lift it up.
Hold still Possible secondary transfer.
Got some red fibres.
Other foot.
Lift it up.
Put it down.
No defensive wounds.
No haematomas.
Victim didn't fight back.
Probably didn't see it coming.
Matthew! Tag that body for special processing, VIP room.
Don't wash until I get there, and don't touch his fingernails.
DB, Mediterranean Casino, Women's Spa.
Body of Shelley Danvers.
DOB: 10/10/81.
Employee walked in to get towels.
Found her here.
A young woman, healthy, just reading a magazine.
Then all of a sudden she DFOs? Doesn't fill out.
That's what the night manager says.
Miss? Excuse me.
We're from the Crime Lab.
- You found the deceased? - Yes, I was um just getting some towels and I walked in and she was there Hey, Brass.
You touched this body? Yeah, I was born yesterday.
Well, it looks as if this sash may have been tied by somebody else.
Miss? Do you know anything about re-dressing the body? Well, she was naked.
I thought she should be - covered - Did you move the body here, too? Guests were looking in.
I put a robe on her.
It's not like it's a crime or anything.
Actually, it is.
It makes us doubt the circumstances surrounding the victim's death.
Flour, maybe? But what kind? All-purpose? Self-rising? Pastry? Trace will probably have a better idea.
I'll get DNA to see if we have bits of Ben under the fingernails.
What about the neck? Any fibres in the wound? - You told me to wait for you.
- That hasn't stopped you yet.
I did observe some fibres in the wound.
I didn't collect them, though.
Be my guest.
Not cotton.
Satin, maybe.
Dress shirt, but no tie.
Strangled with his own tie? Find me on the flour.
Shelley Danvers.
Appointment, 8 o'clock.
Miss Marita, did the deceased use the jacuzzi facilities this evening? Not that I remember, no.
What, you don't believe me? Well, you lied to us before.
It's er, not uncommon to drown in a jacuzzi.
Hair gets caught in the whirl, a person gets dragged under.
The hotel wouldn't be considered - unsafe - That didn't happen here.
She did not drown on these premises.
If she did, the coroner would find water in her lungs.
But it would be worse hearing it from him than from you.
Oliver Dunne.
Corporate lawyer, father of two.
- You get all that from his er dentals? - His wife, widow.
- She came down to ID his property.
- .
380s? Last one I recovered entered through his abdominals, pierced the liver, lodged in the oblique.
But that's not what killed him, is it? We pulled a yellow fibre out of the neck wound.
I think it's from his tie.
You might be right.
He died of asphyxiation.
The tie probably closed the windpipe.
Without oxygen to his lungs, the capillaries wither and dry up.
Whole pulmonary system shut down.
What you may have here is the smallest sliver of the murder weapon.
Why would a guy shoot a man three times and then strangle him with his own tie? I cannot tell you why but I might be able to tell you where - a pizza shop.
The flour on Oliver Dunne has a low gluten content, T% protein.
Typical of flour used to make cakes, that kind of thing.
So, why did you rule out bakeries? The subtype of flour is another subtype.
Double zero.
It's a very fine flour used only in pizza baking ovens.
On and Trace picked up some oregano in the sample When are you set to interview Ben? You're the registered owner of a Lorcin.
Takes the same calibre bullet as the slugs we took out of the victim.
So, I'm gonna ask you one more time.
Where's your gun? I lost it.
Do you think we believe that? - Do you think - Are you employed, Ben? Yeah.
Yeah, um This place called Dante's Pizzeria.
- It's behind the Strato.
- You make pizzas? Well, I deliver the pizzas.
It's too hot back there with all the ovens and stuff.
Do you er ever come into contact with the baking flour at Dante's? Mostly pizza boxes.
Why? Well, cos we found flour on the victim.
And it's the kind that's used to make pizza Can you explain that? No.
Ben, why don't you earn yourself some points by telling me what the science is gonna tell me anyway? Well, I don't have to talk.
But we're gonna figure it out.
If you know so much about these murders, why do you need me? Murders? There are more bodies? (Beeping) I feel like I'm mowing a lawn.
What is that, a beer can? Soda can? Zilch.
Don't tell me, more zilch? (Beeping gets louder) - Whoa! Whoa! Point of disturbance.
Hold up.
Isolate it Right there.
Any more bodies you want to tell me about? No.
We're gonna radar this whole hillside.
Sometimes when I leave a crime scene where I've been particularly involved with a dead body, I sit in my car and it hits me.
How close I was.
How heavy the body is.
The texture of the body.
How it feels.
You know.
Mr Grissom.
I'm not a bad person.
You're not a bad person? Then what are you? Oh, I hope that's Shelley Danvers, the woman from the hotel spa.
Yep, she's next.
Well, it's about time.
You guys finished with day-shift runover, huh? - I hate it when you CSI guys get territorial.
- Well, the victim's family hate it - when we don't.
- I'll take it from here, David.
Good morning.
No serosanguineous fluid expunged from the mouth or nose.
- She didn't drown.
- Rules out your jacuzzi theory.
Anything probative? - Bright red lividity extending down the body.
- From? Well, heatstroke, possibly.
Stroke could cause multiple organ failure.
And if I'm right Cover her up.
- Hey, I still have to do the post.
Catherine! - Brass I need you to get records from that hotel spa, and a warrant if we need it.
Yep, that's right.
- Oh, it's on.
- Yeah.
Was our girl staying with anyone at that hotel? Er yeah.
Tina Tina Kolas.
Best friends from Terre Haute, Indiana.
They flew here on a package.
Why? We need someone to give us the truth about last night.
Gil Grissom? Father.
Benjamin's a member of my parish.
The officer won't let me talk to him.
He said you were in charge.
Of this crime scene.
He needs spiritual guidance.
Yeah, I imagine he does.
Ah, then you'd have no problem with my talking to him.
It's the eleventh hour.
I'd expect it.
Eleventh hour? When the reality of their actions set in, they usually turn to religion.
Can you think of a better time? OK, hold it.
That's enough.
Let's dust him.
No ligature mark s.
Different from the first guy Let's see if this laceration on this guy's forehead is consistent with the kid's shovel.
Hey, I got a wallet here.
Ramirez Kenny.
A 25-year-old Latino and a 42-year-old white guy? Strangers.
It doesn't make sense.
There's no connection.
Well, it obviously wasn't a robbery.
Hey, O'Riley.
What's the matter, man, A/C not working? I was out with Dispatch.
Oliver Dunne's car was just found by the highway patrol.
Abandoned in an AvCon station off 2-15.
They didn't happen to find another car there, did they? Yeah.
Registered to a Ramirez.
Yeah, gas station.
And you can verify that when Shelley went to the spa last night she was gonna use the dry sauna? We'd been drinking martinis for three days.
Shelley said the sauna would detox her You know clean her out Cath.
- Whose shirt is this? - Mine.
Shelley and I got in a fight over it.
- When? - Yesterday.
I caught her trying it on and I said "Give it back" and we started fighting over it, you know, tug-of-war.
It ripped in two.
We fell back laughing.
I'd give anything to have her back.
- We're gonna take this shirt, if you don't mind.
- No, go ahead if it'll help.
You said you have proof that Shelley used the dry sauna.
She called down from this phone.
Do they tape phone calls here? Hotel surveillance would love that Are you sure she used that phone to make the appointment? Yeah.
We're gonna take this as well.
But it doesn't have anything on it.
That's OK.
We do magic.
Two men were shot and killed, and you didn't see anything? Sorry.
Come on, man, you don't miss something like that.
- What went on? - A friend came with a new car, we took it for a drive.
I'm afraid my boss will find out.
I was only gone five minutes.
OK, all right.
Just just walk us through it.
When did you know there'd been a crime committed? Well, my buddy dropped me back here, and I noticed these two cars.
I went to check them out.
On my God! - I don't see any blood.
- Yeah, I hosed it down.
- You what? - It was freaking me out.
H-Hello? Mr Grissom? Er they told me out front I'd find you here.
I don't see your visitor's badge.
Priest's collar.
People trust it.
Most people.
Even lapsed Catholics.
What makes you think er I was ever a Catholic? First time we met, you called me Father.
Only Romans do that.
Everybody else, it's er, Reverend, or Minister.
I wanted to know how your investigation against Ben is going.
This is his car.
You know, you really shouldn't be here.
I didn't come here to tamper with your evidence.
He was a good kid.
All through school.
Still comes to Mass every Sunday If he has a problem - it's trying to please people.
- Is that a problem? Can be.
Luminol It reveals dried blood He wouldn't do this.
I believe the car.
"To whom much is given much will be expected.
" I'll leave you to your work.
I told you we have no record Shelley Danvers specifically used the dry sauna.
That's OK, cos we do.
ESDA can read this blank paper, see what's written on it.
- Up to 14 layers.
- Sometimes a simple flashlight will do the trick.
That's Miss Danvers' handwriting.
We confirm that.
So, she took a sauna.
What does that prove? She died of a heatstroke.
The coroner just called in with the results of his final post.
Your sauna is kept in an optimal condition for heatstroke.
182 degrees.
That can kill a person if they're left for longer than two hours.
Especially if no-one checks up on them.
A hotel employee is supposed to check on the various saunas every 15 minutes.
Hotel regulations, right? We er we got a copy of the check-up sheet.
No hotel employee checked in on the sauna after T:30pm.
So, Shelley was in here from eight until What time did you call 911? (Sighs) I, um came in at closing, ten o'clock.
Miss? Miss? Oh, my God! And you moved her into the locker room? - Put the robe on her? - I was just trying to protect the hotel.
From negligent homicide.
They drill into us that the reputation of this hotel is everything - Murder scene was compromised.
- Pump jockey wasn't very helpful, but bullets pulled from victim one and victim two, identical striations.
Bullets in both victims were fired by the exact same weapon.
A Lorcin.
The same pistol registered to a Benjamin Jennings.
PD can prove through credit cards that Ben frequents the gas station - where both vics were killed - We can prove he transported those bodies in his vehicle, based on the blood you found.
And fibres.
Recovered a burgundy fibre from the sock of victim one Found the same fibre on the sock of victim two.
We ID'd the fibres using the FTIR.
- It's a polymer, used in vehicle carpeting.
- So, we went back to Ben's car.
They're identical We got the standards from the car manufacturer.
The assigned name for the material is 12-Ounce Merlot Poly.
Bottom line, he killed them.
Good work, you guys.
Very good.
But you haven't proved murder.
You've proved burial.
Excuse me? Victim blood on his clothes, under his nails From burying them.
Victim blood in his car.
He transported them.
Show me the gun.
With Ben's prints on it.
Gunshot residue, the ligature The holes in Christ's hands, doubting Thomas? Yes.
Empirical evidence.
Saint Thomas was ahead of us all.
Does this have anything to do with the priest that's been coming around here? No, it has to do with the evidence.
Well, it's our job to present the DA with the best evidence possible, let a jury decide.
Anything else we're playing judge The evidence doesn't get any better than this.
Ship it.
Show it to the DA.
All right.
Anyone up for breakfast? I'm up for a shower and tucking my daughter in.
Well, I guess I'll go see Tina alone.
Hotel tells me she's down playing quarter slots.
I thought we solved this case.
What did you get? Well, my guy in the hotel lounge tells me that Tina and Shelley were having a cat fight over some dude named Jeremy the day she died.
That's probably how the shirt really got ripped.
Don't ring her bell till we re-examine our case.
Misunderstood the priest? How? I looked deeper into the evidence, not deeper into Ben's character.
Benjamin Corey Jennings Non-violent crimes.
Roger Jennings Brother Armed robbery Past convictions, breaking and entering, assault with great bodily harm Paroled 9/2T/2000.
This this guy's hardcore He's looking at his third strike here.
What's going on? - You know how we pushed him to file on Ben? - Yeah.
We might have been wrong.
Tell me about your brother.
We know that you only buried the bodies.
So, what happened? Did he threaten you? Ben? Did you learn to throw pizzas in prison, Roger? Who the hell are you guys? Get out of my kitchen.
Roger Jennings.
Armed robbery, breaking and entering.
The kind of guy it wouldn't be a big jump - to murder - What is this? Ever stop at the AvCon gas station? See these two guys? Nope.
Don't know what you're talking about.
My little brother got me this job.
I'm staying clean.
Suppose I told you your brother said you did these guys.
Ben wouldn't do that.
You did it directly after work.
Using a 380 pistol And then you strangled one of the victims with his own tie.
Ben did them.
Did you witness this? He told me about it.
Look what I did! I just lost my head! - What am I supposed to do now? - I'm on a short line, all right? You're on your own, man.
- Rog, you gotta help me, man.
- You know I can't! What am I gonna do? Hun? It's your mess, you gotta deal with it.
- What started the beef with the victims? - I don't know.
Tempers, I guess.
Hey! Hey, man! I was here first! Do you want to wait your turn? Bystander gets a little too nosy and he gets it, too.
The perpetrator's hands left flour on the victim's face.
This was not from a gunshot.
This was something a little more intimate.
Shut up! When a person changes his mode of murder from pistol to ligature, it's for one of two reasons.
Entertainment, or necessity.
Which was it for you? Neither.
I told you, Ben strangled that guy.
The flour said you did.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Anything on the list besides the tie? Nope.
Hey, guys.
Hey, guys.
You can go ahead and take off.
I think we got it.
(Door creaks) Whoa.
Trailer's low rent, dry-cleaning's expensive.
Sara Pizza man's not as smart as he think s.
Dry-cleaning bakes in bloodstains.
- Could be red sauce.
- Oh, now you're cautious.
I'm just trying to put our mistakes to good use.
You wanna check the perimeter, and I'll see if we have bloodstains or red sauce? OK.
Take a look at this! Nick? Hey, Nick? (Gunshots) (Click) Jammed nun? Get anything instructive? Possibly.
Blood from Jennings' denim shirt.
Is the printer out of ink? ND, ND, ND.
It means none detected.
The dry-cleaning baked in the blood, and degraded it to the degree that I just can't get a result.
Try again.
This could be victim blood.
Try again.
I nave tried.
It's chemically impossible, Sara.
Nothing from nothing is nothing.
Striations are different.
See? There's no way I can say the bullets taken from the victims were fired by Jennings' gun.
So, he altered the barrel somehow.
Changed how the bullet relates to the barrel.
So, when the bullet emerges, its fine striae are altered.
Any idea what he used? Whatever it was, it did the job.
My evidence is no better.
Total wash.
(Sighs) We present this to the DA.
Unfortunately, we've had this discussion before.
The guilty brother's gonna walk.
He's never been in any real trouble before.
They'll go easy on him.
The bullet jammed in the feed, didn't it? Please! (Click s) Shut up! So, it was necessity.
Wait, are you saying Shelley didn't die in the sauna? She died of heatstroke.
But the stroke covered up an underlying medical catastrophe.
Like what? Shell was always healthy.
She went into anaphylactic shock.
Coroner says some of the indicators are the same as a stroke.
Renal failure, cerebral oedema.
We missed it, until Captain Brass brought your room service records to our attention.
I don't understand.
Well, maybe this'll help.
The travel agency contract you and Shelley signed.
Under allergic reaction to foods for Shelley Danvers, shellfish.
As her best friend, you would know that.
And then we nave this The hotel computer for your room, T:01 pm on the day.
A Taste From The Sea.
A lovely terrine of mild bisque, with puréed bits of Maine lobster.
Two bowls.
She didn't know what she was eating when it arrived, did she? Because she didn't order it.
You did.
We've got a machine, known as the ESDA machine, which can er, read pen imprints.
Well, the machine isolated this.
Jeremy, drink s, 10 o'clock.
Shelley made that date.
That's her handwriting.
Were you in the room when Jeremy called? I answered the phone.
He asked for her.
You killed her over a guy you two met at a bar? Oh, I I didn't mean to kill her.
III thought she would just nave an allergic reaction and then she wouldn't be able to make her date.
Get hives, or something.
Well, her allergy kicked in in the sauna.
Under the worst possible conditions.
Trachea larynx tongue swelled Her pressure got so low, her blood quit running through her organs They shut down I didn't even like the guy.
I just I didn't wanna be left out.
Miss Kolas you're under arrest Hey.
DA's looking for you.
- About? - What, you think I read your messages? Top secret and urgent? - Hey, it's a gift, reading upside down.
The District Attorney is reportedly preparing to file homicide charges against Benjamin Corey Jennings in the so-called "burial murders" case Jennings has been in police custody Guess we know what she was calling about.
Since he was caught burying the first victim Oliver Dunne in the national forest Don't you have enough cases at CSI? Now you're telling me which ones I should take? There isn't a piece of evidence that says the kid was even present at the murders.
As a matter of fact, this is why I was hunting you.
Jennings brought it in about an hour ago.
Chain of Custody - I can't touch it.
The first victim was ligatured, right? Jennings says his little brother asked him to hide it.
Well, how convenient.
The older brother brings it in, explaining why his epithelials are all over the murder weapon.
A jury doesn't understand epi whatevers.
Look, they understand a twisty tie, and blood all over Ben's car seat.
He set up his brother.
Oh, come on, Grissom.
They're both part of it.
And if I can get one of them, I will.
He's a good kid, Robin.
He hero-worships his brother, but he's a good kid.
Yeah? Then his epithelials shouldn't be on that tie.
You'd better check with your lab Explain how bits of your skin got on the ligature used to strangle that victim.
I don't know.
Your brother brought this in to the District Attorney.
What? He's framing you.
Unless you can tell us how your epithelials - got on that tie - I don't know.
I swear, I don't know.
I I just picked up the bodies at his place.
Grab that guy's tie, little bro.
I like that thing You bury him deep, all right? If you get into any trouble, you don't have to say anything.
All right? I'm counting on you.
Yeah, man, I'm there all the way.
Get outta here.
Go on! I gotta ask you.
How does somebody bury two bodies as a favour? Cos he's my brother.
He to He told me that if I didn't talk to you guys, and if he didn't talk, then this would all blow over, go away.
You're looking at two counts of murder, special circumstances.
The best you can hope for is life without parole.
I don't I don't think I can do that kind of time.
Do you have any physical evidence linking your brother to the murders? Anything? (Gavel knock s) (Gavel knock s) Guilty on all counts Guilty on all counts I know that we've arrested the wrong brother.
He came to see you as soon as Ben was in custody.
I tried to help, without breaking my vows.
(Chuckles) (Sighs) We both have jobs that begin after the crime.
After the sin.
Some people would call that a career in futility Some call it a vocation.
A hundred years ago, we didn't have the technology for fingerprints.
Fifteen years ago, we didn't have DNA.
Hopefully one day, we'll have foolproof means by which to put the right man in jail in this case.
Someday we won't need jails.
I celebrate Mass every Thursday night, T o'clock.
Thank you, but no.
You don't believe? In religion.
I believe in God, in science, in Sunday supper.
I don't believe in rules that tell me how I should live.
Even if they're handed down by God? How many crusades were fought in the name of God? How many people died because of someone's religion? Fanaticism, not religion.
They're still dead.
I'm sorry about Ben, Father.
You still suffer like a Catholic.
Light bulb goes out, other people fix it, get a new one.
Light bulb goes out for the Catholic, he stands in the dark, says, "What did I do wrong?" That guilt's not in me any more.
- Hey.
- Oh.
You're gonna be getting a call from the local papers about spa safety.
Spa safety? We had a victim die of an allergic reaction at the Mediterranean.
Some foul play, some negligence.
- So, what am I supposed to say? - That it was an isolated incident.
That in no way should it be a mark against the Strip's other fine hotel casinos.
CSI supports Las Vegas.
Bottom line.
Go! In here! Get his arm! We need help in here! Hold his hand! - I can't stop it! Put some pressure on! - No, no, no! - How did this happen? - Incisor.
He used his teeth.
Put him down.
It's not stopping! - Get out of the way! - Keep him with us! Sir, step back! Sir! - Stop this! - Pressure! Head up.
I'm gonna pronounce