CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s02e12 Episode Script

You've Got Male

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22a -\\- Come on, Gunner.
Let's go.
(Horse whinnies) What is wrong with you? Easy.
(Horse whinnies) (Helicopter whirs) Girl in a culvert pipe at a highway construction site in the middle of an alfalfa field.
You got anything to add? Nothing as poetic.
Just Road crew took off at 3 o'clock.
Body was discovered at 5:15.
Who found the body? Our friend Flicka.
Well, there goes that theory.
- What's that? - Whoever finds the body is the first suspect.
Grissom! What you got? The one thing you don't want at a murder scene.
A second body.
Who would you like to start with? Which one died first? Identical body temps in vitreous humour.
Both women died approximately 12 hours ago.
My Uncle Phil used to say you can't kill two birds with one stone.
All I can tell you is cause of death.
Injury to the cervical spine.
Looks to be hands-on.
Somebody snapped her neck.
She died instantly.
Now the blonde.
Contusion to the forehead.
Not fatal.
Whatever cut her face, cut her arm.
I found glass in all the incised wounds.
Except for these abrasions on her neck.
Fingernails, maybe? Possible sign of struggle.
I swabbed the abrasions for foreign DNA.
Sent it to the lab.
Cause of death? Severed brachial artery.
She bled out.
Something doesn't seem right.
The brunette.
Elaborate tattoos.
Perfectly dyed hair.
Multiple body piercings.
Tells me she craved attention.
- Sure.
- The blonde, however seems almost prosaic.
She doesn't even nave pierced ears She didn't shave her legs.
A wild flower and a wallflower.
So, besides time of death, what do our dead flowers have in common? (Owl hoots) Found his SUV in the turnout after closing, so I scoped out the area.
He should have been wearing his orange vest.
Bullet looks like a through-and-through.
He bled out.
Hunting rifle.
Winchester T0.
- What are you doing there? - Checking liver temperature.
Estimating time of death Should be a total of five bullets.
Four in the magazine.
One in the chamber.
All accounted for.
This rifle was never fired So he died 10 hours ago.
That would make it 2pm.
Nick, Catherine, he's all yours.
Thanks, David.
Let's see who you are.
Nevada licence.
James Jasper - When's hunting season? - Deer season opened last week.
- Record number of permits.
- He should have worn his safety vest.
Hunter lays in wait Spots a deer - Hunter fires (Gunshot) Bullet takes off Bullet keeps going until it stops.
No bullet in the body.
No bullet in the tree.
It's got to be somewhere.
Processed the crime scene.
- Lots of treads and track s.
Nothing salient.
- What about the culverts? I came up empty.
I worked from the victims out till I hit the highway.
Nothing to process.
No follow-up.
You have something.
Print Lab ID'd one of the vics.
Blonde or brunette? Brunette.
Joan Mark s.
At 18, she was booked for felony shoplifting.
Lived at home.
We got the address.
Warrick grabbed a Uniform.
He's on his way with a warrant.
Catherine! - You find the bullet? - Yeah.
But how am I gonna get it out without damaging it? You know what the textbook says.
If you're not 100% sure how to collect it, bring the whole thing in.
I'll figure it out.
Thanks a lot.
I'll take the driver's side.
Driver doesn't get out much.
Registered to a Donna Mark s.
Could be our blonde.
Related to Joan Mark s.
- I'll check with DMV.
- I already did.
That's her.
Uniform was talking to a neighbour.
Donna is Joan's older sister.
Well we know what they have in common now, don't we? Genetics.
House belonged to the mother.
Donna's lived here alone since the mother died.
Joan lived in Henderson.
The real action's around back.
If the highway was the dump site this is the primary.
Makes sense.
The blonde's lacerations were filled with glass She went through that door.
From inside out.
To take out one of these doors, you need some serious momentum.
No doubt.
I'm gonna collect the glass, then I'll start with the doorframe.
How are you at solving puzzles? - You're the puzzle guy.
- I have a hint.
When they cool sheet glass, they lay it out on tin.
So the side that kissed up to the tin will fluoresce under UV.
It's still a long two days at the lab.
I got some imprints on these blood spots here.
Looks like the killer may nave stepped in Donna's blood Or maybe her sister stepped in it.
There was blood on Joan Mark s' right shoe.
That would place Joan at the house.
And establish a timeline.
If Joan did step in Donna's blood, then Donna was injured and bleeding while Joan was still walking around.
Sweet-and-sour pork.
Smells fresh.
More sweet-and-sour.
Mostly sour Single servings in the back.
Family-sized boxes in front.
One or two days old.
What do you think? Increase in appetite or perhaps a guest? Universal remote.
She could do everything she wanted from this chair but cook a roast.
We already know she cooks like I do.
Takeout on speed dial.
Pottery Barn.
Lillian Vernon.
Yafa Pen.
She's a catalogue junkie.
We're on the same mailing lists.
Catalogues the internet.
Mail order.
1,200 miles on her car.
Agoraphobic, maybe? Or - she just doesn't like people? - Ah, that's you talking.
I'll haul in her PC.
Check her e-mail.
Look in on her social life.
Hey the toilet seat's up.
There was a man here.
- Tell me what you got.
- Coroner said it's cut and dry.
- Bullet severed an abdominal artery.
- Trajectory? Front to back.
Round entered an inch to the right of the umbilicus.
Bullet's with Ballistics.
Vega's got the widow.
They're ready for us.
Jimmy left early.
Before I got up.
When he didn't come home for dinner, I just figured that he got himself a deer.
Did he go by himself? He took a day off of work in the middle of the week? Well um we had both been laid off recently.
He was in insurance.
He he was an auditor.
How was your husband handling that? Oh, you know, he was OK.
I mean er we had to borrow money from his folks to pay the rent.
That was hard on him.
I have to call them.
I haven't called them.
- I - Mrs Jasper was your husband an experienced hunter? Yes.
Since he was a kid.
He always looked forward to deer season.
But with the baby an' all he missed the last few.
It's me isn't it? I encouraged him to go.
I thought that it would help him take his mind off things.
What am I gonna do? Can you think of any reason James wasn't wearing his safety vest? No.
I mean, he was always so careful.
It doesn't sound right.
If you're here about the blood on Joan Mark s' shoe, I already told Sara.
Backed up.
I'm here about foreign DNA on Donna Mark s' neck.
Oh well, on that, I got an ID.
You found a match in CODIS? No, but I ran a DNA profile on both victims.
What do all sisters have in common? DNA.
You're saying that Donna's sister scratched her? No! Meow! So did I solve the case? No, Greg.
You didn't.
But you've helped.
Brass I heard the database kicked out a temporary restraining order.
Joan Marks against her old boyfriend.
I'll do you one better.
Gavin Pallard had one against her.
- Tit for tat.
- They both filed last month.
Hey wanna find out why? Don't mind if I do.
See this? I didn't get this French kissing.
Joanie had a temper Punctuated her sentences with throwing furniture.
Made it hot, you know? We'd break up to make up What about the last time? Look, since the whole TRO business she'd been in my house three times.
- Couldn't stay away - According to you.
- When did you see her last? - Yesterday.
Dodged a coffeepot.
- She hit the road.
- What was she driving? My Thunderbird.
I'd lent it to her and used my bike.
But you know I'd like it back now.
When we find it.
Did she tell you she was going to her sister's? No.
Why would she go there? It's oil and water.
Joanie liked action.
Real partier.
The last party Donna went to was her third birthday.
What about you? You been to Donna's house recently? No.
She's always glued to her computer.
Joan thought Donna owed her rent.
The house was in both their names.
May I see the bottom of your shoes? Why? Why not? (Sighs) I like the shoes.
I like 'em enough to get a warrant.
I was just calling you.
- You were? - I carved your bullet out of that hunk of tree.
You know, a bullet's only this big.
Y'all gave me a pound of redwood.
- That's cottonwood.
- You should know.
You wanted Nick to chop down the tree.
- I did.
- Tell us about the bullet now.
I find some discoloration on the bullet's tail.
Check it out.
An oxidation Yeah.
Tail was exposed.
Oxidation takes a lot more than 24 hours.
It's definitely older than y'all's crime scene.
How's it going? We've got the wrong bullet, but the case seems a write-off.
Nothing says it wasn't a hunting accident.
Insurance policy.
A million goes to the widow.
She was crying poverty when she was in the money? There's more.
It wasn't purchased by Mr Jasper.
She bought it.
Monthly instalments, taken on Mrs Jasper's card.
He's in the insurance business and she buys a policy behind his back.
We've got to find that bullet.
Donna Marks was a telecommuter Liked to shop Mail order Over the phone I retrieved lots of e-mail confirmations If she shopped online, why did she place orders over the phone? Need for human contact? - Without physical contact? - She spent time in chat rooms.
Book clubs.
Home crafts.
Collected fountain pens.
Personal e-mails? Only one buddy on her buddy list.
- Screen name's Apollo.
- Pull up his most recent.
That would be three days ago.
(Reads) I know it sounds weird, but my life began when I first heard your voice.
When you said my name, it felt so right.
Did you feel it too? It's easy to wear your heart on your sleeve when you're not looking in his eyes.
He said her name.
So their relationship must have extended beyond the computer.
So, what do we know about this Apollo? You know that garbage? - Those numbers at the bottom of every e-mail? - Yean It's actually a unique number that registers the location of the sender's terminal.
- An address? - Internet protocol address CSI has access Seven different IP addresses means he used seven different computers.
That's strange.
Could be a network.
Western Nevada Correctional Facility Her Greek god is in the slam.
Like it or not, prison is a business.
The facility is privately owned.
Contract with the state.
Our aim is simple.
Customer satisfaction.
The key to a successful business.
Word of mouth.
Criminals are cutting deals to get sent here.
I imagine.
It's like a theme park.
The more guys through the turnstile, the more money we make.
So, as long as I'm in business, you're in business? Ker-ching.
(Chatter) Are your inmates allowed to use e-mail anywhere else but here? Personal computers are prohibited.
But they're allowed to surf the web, send and receive e-mail? Only at these terminals.
All internet activity is strictly monitored.
The blouse comes in Laguna blue, Amazon green or Tahitian red, our most popular colour.
How would you like that shipped? UPS? Overnight? Something tells me state funds aren't your only source of revenue.
We have contracts with several retailers.
Perfectly legal.
So, let me get this straight.
I receive a catalogue in the mail.
I call a toll-free number to place an order, and I'm giving my personal credit card information to a hello-I'm-doing-time/life operator? Once orders are sent to the fulfilment centre, only the retailer has access.
All right.
Let's cut to the chase.
I'm investigating the deaths of two women, one of whom was having a relationship with an inmate.
I need to speak to him.
His e-mail alias is Apollo.
- I'll check the log.
- That comes to $ 17493 Thank you for calling I'm sorry, I can't help you.
- I can get a warrant.
- It won't do you much good.
Mickey Rutledge, aka Apollo, was released three days ago.
- How's the glass puzzle going? - Still putting it together.
I'm just doing a trace on Donna Mark s' clothing and I came across this fibre.
Look at this cross section.
Triangular That means it can't be clothing fibre.
Short and coarse.
Car upholstery? Yeah, but that still doesn't get us anything.
We found the vics near the freeway.
We've been thinking vehicle transport.
Well, it's from black upholstery.
What colour was the boyfriend's Thunderbird? I'll ask him.
And his lawyer.
The blood from his shoe was consistent with Donna Mark s' DNA.
He was at the house.
Really? What about the blood from Joan Mark s' shoe? Also a match.
Joan and Gavin both stepped in Donna's blood.
- Fine.
I went there.
- We already know that.
We're looking for, "Fine, I went there and" My client went there after the fact.
He was looking for his girlfriend.
Didn't find her.
- He found a crime scene.
- Broken glass.
A pool of blood.
- But you didn't call 911.
- I was scared.
I took off.
Besides, there was a restraining order against me.
Gavin, what colour's your car? - Your missing Thunderbird.
- Blue.
Why? Interior? Black.
Did you find it? - Not yet.
- But we will.
The tree is a point of reference.
Yeah, and since the bullet didn't hit the tree and the blood's to the west, then the through-and-through defines our search area.
The furthest drop of blood is here.
The spatter seems to be confined to a 45-degree angle.
So the bullet should be somewhere between your rope and mine.
We've reduced a 360-degree crime scene to a 45-degree angle.
Congratulations to us.
It's still a needle in a haystack.
Nick Yeah? Let's pack it up.
The bullet couldn't have gone this far.
Saw your Tahoe.
I didn't expect to see you guys back here.
Just uh tying up a few loose ends.
Maybe this'll help.
James Jasper didn't purchase a hunting licence.
Well, he was out of work.
Maybe he was trying to save money.
A licence is 24 buck s.
Hunting without one is a $1,000 fine and six months in jail.
Ooh! Oh, well, that's not worth the risk.
Maybe he wasn't up here to hunt.
We haven't heard a single shot.
Where are these hunters? You only hunt deer at dusk and dawn.
Feeding time.
It's when they're out in the open.
And other game? This time of year, only deer's in season.
Take off those vests if you want.
No-one hunts during the day, but the coroner placed Jasper's time of death at 2pm.
It's an odd time for a hunting accident.
Brass is holding the boyfriend on a TRO violation.
I'm going to the lab to process the prints from the toilet seat.
Guy claims he was in and out.
No time to make a pit stop.
- I processed the prints.
- You did? - They're not a match to Joan's boyfriend.
- What?! But we do have a match.
Donna's cyber boyfriend.
- I thought he was in jail? - Just released.
His parole officer brought him in.
You're fishing.
I just got out of the joint.
I was never at Donna's.
We found your fingerprints on the toilet seat in her bathroom.
What are you gonna do? Arrest me for flushing the toilet? Well, unfortunately, I can't arrest you for lying.
Help me out here.
Mickey, you have the right to an attorney, but if you're not hiding anything, I suggest you answer their questions.
(Sighs) Look, we met over the internet.
We had a lot in common.
Donna understood my situation.
When I told her I was getting out she invited me over.
No-one's ever brought me flowers.
She served takeout.
What do I care? It wasn't chipped beef.
- How is it? - Sweet-and-sour pork.
My favourite.
She invites you for lunch.
Everything's great.
And somewhere between the fortune cookies and sunset Donna and her sister are both murdered.
Thoughts? Huh.
I think the sister's a piece of work.
As soon as we finish eating, she shows up with an attitude.
- This is my house too! - I'm paying the taxes.
Who the hell's this? First thing I learned in the joint - when inmates fight, you make yourself invisible.
I got out.
Six months ago, Donna Marks ordered a sweater and two scarves from Magnolia Apparel.
You took the order.
I took 50 calls a day.
How many of your callers invited you home and served you Chinese food? When Donna placed her order for the clothes she gave you her e-mail address, didn't she? Yeah.
She was lonely.
She struck up a conversation with me Reached out.
Hey you know, I don't usually meet girls like Donna.
She was nice.
She was vulnerable.
No social life.
No friends.
Not even a cat.
All she had was her work She ordered from catalogues so she had something to look forward to.
You know, Mickey I don't think your intention was to kill.
All of your priors are for non-violent activities, right? Look, I've been in the system.
I know the law.
I admit, I was there.
So what? You know where to find me.
I'll keep my eye on him.
Joan's boyfriend, Gavin Pallard, blood on his shoe and a TRO.
Donna's boyfriend, Mickey Rutledge, opportunity and a rap sheet.
Both hid the truth until confronted with the evidence.
Well we know we have two liars.
Do we have a killer? Hey.
Point of impact.
It's uh 65 inches from the base.
- So, what does that tell us? - Well, Donna was 5' 6".
If she was thrown through that glass, the point of impact would have been lower.
She had multiple incised wounds.
The only contusion was on her forehead, suggesting that's where contact was made.
So she was upright when she went through the door.
She walked through it.
You saying it was an accident? - It's your science.
- Nice work.
PD found Pallard's Thunderbird hidden off the 169, five miles from the dump site.
Hook up with Auto Detail.
Tow it in.
Radiator's cracked.
That might explain why Joan bought coolant twice in the last week from a convenience store.
- We ran her credit cards.
- Well whoever drove this last filled up the radiator fluid, but instead of coolant, they used water.
Either someone unfamiliar with the car or someone in a desperate situation, maybe.
Radiator cap.
I'll print it.
Grab me a sample of fluid too, will you? Gunshot residue.
Expect the unexpected.
GSR on the clothing means the victim was shot at close range.
So now what? We're thinking murder? Or suicide.
He never fired his rifle.
What did he shoot himself with? OK.
But if he was murdered, we should have found some evidence of the killer at the crime scene.
Whoever shot him would have been eyeball to eyeball.
Who could have gotten that close without a struggle? Exactly.
It's somebody he knew.
I'm gonna call on Vega.
See if he's checked out Mrs Jasper's alibi.
- OK.
- I'll meet you at the car.
- Hey, Nick.
- Hey, Sara.
How's your case going? You ever try to print a radiator cap? Smudge city.
Yeah, I know.
It's impossible.
But it's just a radiator cap, so - give yourself a break.
- Thank you.
Sara you gotta get out more.
So you got this water from a radiator? Yes.
It ain't no Rocky Mountain spring.
- What is it, Greg? - A nasty sodium count.
You've got that look.
What did I say right? OK.
Thanks for the info.
We'll keep you posted.
Well, Mrs Jasper's alibi checks out.
She was at work from 10am to 6pm.
Ate lunch at her desk.
She didn't kill her husband.
Murder for hire? A pro would have shot him in the heart.
This guy was shot in the gut.
Bullet didn't come close to his spinal cord.
Wait a minute.
Abdominal injuries take time to bleed out.
It would take 10 minutes for haemorrhagic shock to set in.
He would have been mobile.
But he never moved.
He was in front of this tree when he was shot.
He didn't try to reach his car or get help, he just sat down and waited to die.
Yeah, I see where you're going here.
His injuries and his behaviour aren't consistent with murder, but they're not consistent with suicide either.
muzzle to the mouth, bullet to the brain.
There's always just that one.
Look suicidals want it quick and painless.
Bleeding to death is slow and painful.
Not to mention he never fired his rifle.
No, the weapon we found was never fired.
That's a big stretch.
He brought his rifle plus a spare? He shoots himself in the gut.
Leaving himself time to hide the weapon.
There's no blood trail.
And what did he do with the spare? Throw it up a tree? How about the lake? Yeah.
Yeah, OK.
Heads up.
I've just marked our search area.
You know even if your theory's right, we still haven't explained the insurance policy purchased by the wife.
(Tapping) Hey! Metal on metal.
- Hold on, let me give you a hand.
- OK.
It's right there Yean I got it I got it Whoa Water pistol.
Well, we never found the bullet, but we found the gun.
Mr Jasper committed suicide.
And the wife's out a million buck s.
Thank you.
Mrs Jasper you purchased a life insurance policy on your husband, in which you are the sole beneficiary.
I don't know what you're talking about.
We have the actual application for the policy with your signature.
Ma'am, you are aware that insurance policies exclude suicide? Your husband staged his death tolook like a homicide.
As a beneficiary if you knew of his intentions to take his own life that would constitute fraud.
If I knew, I would have stopped him.
Jimmy was everything to me.
I didn't I didn't buy the policy.
I didn't know about his plans.
Do you wanna explain this? Sure.
Mrs Jasper, when you claimed your husband's personal possessions, you signed a release form, yeah? I ran that form through our questionable documents lab, and I crosschecked your signature with the signature on the insurance application.
It's not yours.
Your husband must have forged it.
I also checked with the insurance company.
Your husband opened the account.
Why? Why? I don't understand that.
Why did he do that? Because he knew that if he had bought the insurance, it would have sent up a red flag.
So, what you're saying is that my husband killed himself for me? Yes, ma'am.
It may sound funny, but I'm proud of it.
It took a year to put in my new fertigation system.
It mixes the fertiliser with the irrigation system.
How about that? Economical and practical.
What you're looking for is over here.
Cars are always overheating on this stretch.
And everyone thinks water is free.
What do you use in your fertiliser? Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium? Standard 6-10-10 mixture.
Mr Willoughby would you mind if I fingerprint your spigot? No-one's ever asked me that before.
Thirsty? I'm good, thanks.
I wouldn't drink it either.
I wouldn't even put it in my radiator.
I don't have all the pieces yet, Mickey, but I'll tell you what we do have.
- You're an ex-con.
Get the hell out! - Don't listen.
This is my house.
This is my life.
You're so desperate you date through the computer.
Then you end up with him.
Pathetic! We know that Joan scratched Donna.
We also know that Donna died first.
I didn't kill her.
That's right.
You didn't.
- You are so selfish! - Get your hands off me! Donna's death was an accident.
Oh! Aaargh! But Joan went off on you.
And up to that point you hadn't done anything wrong - So what went wrong? - It wasn't my fault.
- She's dead.
- You are going back where you came from.
Rehabilitation was working for me.
Put a guy in that position He's got to go all the way.
Aaargh! (Neck snaps) You figured if you hid the bodies, you'd be in the clear.
But you didn't nave a car Joan did.
You could have just backed off.
Let Joan make the call.
I would have landed myself right back in the joint.
- You don't know that.
- Come on.
Who's gonna believe a guy like me? A guy like me.
Hey, it's Sara.
I was thinking You wanna go out somewhere?