CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s02e13 Episode Script

Identity Crisis

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22a -\\- Hey, you need a lift? So, where you headed? It's not where I'm headed.
Welcome to Good Springs.
Long drive.
I know it's out of your jurisdiction, but your name is on the tape.
Where is he? Inside.
We left the recorder where we found it.
Anything else? Victim's wallet.
Thank you.
You bet.
Pete Walker, California.
Date of birth: August 17, 1957.
That's got to be the work of Paul Millander.
What do you think brought him back out? The rain? Hasn't changed his M.
O kills men whose birthdays are on the anniversary of his father's murder.
In descending order first victim was August 17, 1959; second victim, August 17, 1958; this guy, 1957.
Ready for this? I have a pretty good idea what it's going to say.
My name is Pete Walker.
I reside at 715 Lady Del Sol, and I'm 44 years of age.
I'm going to kill myself.
I'd like to say "I love you" to my mother.
I'm so sorry.
I never wanted to put you through this.
I just can't do it anymore.
Happy birthday, Mr.
Isn't your birthday in August? August 17, 1956.
Is it true? Millander? Yeah, it's true.
Gunshot, suicide script, leaves the body in a bathtub.
Paul Millander.
Remember the first victim? Royce Harmon? Stuart Rampler, second And now Pete Walker.
Grissom, Catherine briefed us about your birth date.
Yeah, what's up with that? Coincidence.
Make anything more of it, gives Millander more power than he deserves.
We work together; he can't outsmart all five of us.
Yes, he can.
Plan of attack split up.
Nick, take the tape over to AV break it Warrick, Sara examine the perimeter.
We need to know how he got in and got out.
We'll stay with the body.
Big night.
Rain washed away everything.
What I got will never hold up in court.
Well, I got some mud prints.
Check these out.
This is the point of origin.
They stop at the warehouse threshold.
He must've taken off his boots before he stepped in.
Only one set of prints Check out the depth of the impression He carried the body in.
The extra weight explains the deeper impression.
Shoot it.
Cath, come here.
Take a look at this.
It's not lividity.
He's got stippleing on the side of his face.
From what I can tell, he was shot once in the chest.
Unburned gunpowder wouldn't plume this way.
No entry wounds near his face.
I'll have Robbins check for leaks.
Maybe he can find a hidden bullet.
Wait a minute.
I got something.
Hello, Dolly.
Dark hair, Female? So, another victim or an accomplice? My name is Pete Walker.
I reside at 715 Lady Del Sol First things first.
This tape was not recorded in the warehouse.
There's no auditory echo.
Contained quarters.
A car, small SUV.
The tape was an inch from his mouth.
Sibilant pops bear that out.
Helps that the killer uses hi-fi mini cassettes.
Picks up everything ambient.
Let me get rid of the wipers.
What is that that "whir" sound? I don't know yet.
But recognize this? Oh, yeah.
Willie Hank's "Don't Pay the Ransom.
" I'll contact the local country and western get a time and tape on when the song aired establish a timeline.
What else? Now, here's where it gets funky.
Watch my sensor levels.
My name is Pete Walker.
I reside at See how the color wands gravitate towards the bottom right corner? Mm-hmm.
There's an auditory imbalance.
From what? A blown speaker? A blown left speaker.
Sounds like the driver's side one blew.
Pulling all of the sound bottom right.
Now, if that were true, the victim may have been sitting in the What does that get you? Millander was driving.
I believe hitchhiking is illegal in Clark County.
Yeah, you got me.
Came with the car along with the registration.
The R.
's our vic Pete Walker.
Who flag ged it? Nevada State Patrol.
So, this is Walker's car.
Millander was hitchhiking.
Guy stops to do a favor ends up dead.
Yeah, but how would Millander know that the guy who'd pick him up had a birthday August 17, 1957? There's the initial bullet hole.
No other leaks.
Died from a single gunshot wound to the chest, just like the others.
The others didn't have stippling on the side of their faces.
Unburned gunpowder doesn't change direction and stick.
Unless he turned his face away from the gun.
Not likely, due to the origin of the facial burn.
Nobody misses from this distance.
I think this might be intentional I-I-I call it "Good Versus Evil.
" He's telling me he's going to show me both sides.
I found some G.
That's why Grissom didn't find a bullet.
It went out the window.
It went out the window.
I'm so sorry.
I never wanted to put you through this.
I just can't do it anymore.
I've lost hope.
I'm going to call Nick, tell him we found out what that unidentified whir sound was the window going down.
Your planted hair is full of information.
It's got a complete follicular tag.
Well, the vic had light brown hair, so we know it's not his.
Could be Millander's.
Well, that's impossible.
The amelogenin on the follicle came back XX female.
So, back to that again.
Another victim, or an accomplice? Yeah, but what decade? What do you mean? Look under400-X.
The tag cell is aged.
So Millander planted an aged hair? But, once exposed, the tag would dry up and fall off, especially in transport.
Not if he nurtured it kept it in a freezer.
That would work.
Okay, so what's he trying to tell us? That he used to kill women? Maybe just one.
Grounds? I don't know yet.
Is this the car the guy was killed in? He was killed in the warehouse and don't sneak up on a person like that.
Now you know how I feel, like, ten times a day.
So what's this Millander guy's thing? He saw his dad killed when he was a kid over some money dispute.
Ends up killing guys himself.
Check that out.
An eight digit number with a dash.
Pep Boys receipt? Dry cleaning tags? Well, whatever it is, it happened during the Paper only burns itself into plastic in high levels of heat.
So what kind of paper item would you in the heat of summer? Something you didn't want.
Or something you had to keep.
Nevada State Patrol found the victim's vehicle here.
Found the body in Good Springs here.
Warrick and I found stippling on the passenger- side seat back.
We were thinking Millander posed as a hitchhiker, overpowered Walker, and then faked a gunshot in the car.
I put a call into three area country and western stations.
Got the FCC list for each.
During the time of the victim's suicide recording, KWV had Willie Hank's "Don't Pay the Ransom" playing from 1:47 a.
To 1:51 a.
And what time was sunrise this morning? So that's about a three hour window.
He was racing daylight.
So, in that time, he had to get the recording, and get rid of the body.
Made the recording in the car, killed him in the warehouse.
No, he carried him into the warehouse.
Yeah? Mud prints one set in, one set out.
Are we sure he didn't kill him in the car? He was shot in the warehouse.
He was incapacitated in the car.
Okay, how? Grissom, you want to add something to this? Yeah.
None of it matters.
It's one of those few cases where physical evidence isn't helping us much.
I mean, put it in context.
The victim's birthday is always on the anniversary of the murder of Millander's father staged like his father's death.
A planted hair, a planted fingerprint it's all biographical.
He's using the evidence to tell us a story.
Hey Peter Walker, our victim, worked for Cinema Road Services in Valencia, California.
Drives the newly released film reels back and forth to Vegas.
Drops off the new reels every Tuesday for Friday's release.
Brings the old one back.
Drives the same route all the time? Yeah, according to his mileage log.
Did Walker have any kind of record? Pretty much a Boy Scout except for a speeding ticket.
Speeding ticket? How long ago? July 2, last year.
Pete Walker.
Excessive speed.
July 2, 2001.
Walker's birth date's on the ticket.
August 17, 1957.
Run the other two vics.
Royce Harmon.
Employment Dinners Delivered.
Need a car for that.
What about his driving record, Jim? He drove himself right out of a license.
Try Stuart Rampler.
There's a few tickets.
Last violation excessive speed, June, 2000.
So what's the commonality? Besides birth dates.
Besides birth dates All the tickets were written by the same cop.
Excuse me.
Officer Yarnell? Yeah.
My name's Gil Grissom, with the Las Vegas Crime Lab.
May I ask you how many speeding tickets you issue a day? Why is it any business of yours? You wrote tickets to three people who ended up dead.
You think I had something to do with it? Look, I'm a good cop.
I protect and serve.
I even go to court on my days off.
You mean court dates for speeding tickets? Yeah.
Sometimes, believe it or not, people actually contest them, and I'm there fighting it tooth and nail.
In fact, I just responded to a challenge this morning.
Always the same judge? No, there's three traffic court judges.
Session's about to start.
Why don't you go bother All rise.
Honorable Judge Douglas Mason presiding Municipal Court, city of Mulberry, state of Nevada.
You may be seated.
Excuse me, Officer.
I'm with the Las Vegas Crime Lab.
I need you to arrest a murder suspect.
Where's the suspect? Judge Mason.
His real name is Paul Millander.
You don't want to do this.
Sir, please take a seat.
Officer, this man is not who he's pretending to be.
Take a seat now or I'll have you removed from this courtroom and charged with contempt.
He's wanted in Clark County for murder.
You are now in contempt of court.
Bailiff? Come on.
I apologize for the disruption.
Let's proceed.
You may be seated, miss.
You can leave this court when it has concluded its business.
Or find yourself in contempt along with your friend.
Where are you from? You know where I'm from and I know who you are.
I'm not who you think I am.
Local police have been out here twice this past year about this man Paul Millander, is it? every time his story's in the paper.
I've heard I look like him.
You've heard of the Doppelganger Syndrome? That every person is supposed to have an exact double somewhere in the world? Do you believe in it? Never been proved.
A Swiss neurobiologist recently published papers supporting its viability.
Brugger, I think his name is.
Stands to reason this Millander is my doppelganger.
The monkey wrench for you is that we're both here in the state of Nevada.
Well, you know, we could always do a DNA test.
You know, if you keep that up, people are going to start calling you crazy.
I trust you won't go near my courtroom Before you go back to Las Vegas, why don't you come to dinner? I tell my wife stories about my day, and this one she may need to hear in person.
That's my address.
We live right here in Mulberry.
Any chance he's got a twin? A doppelganger, evidently.
Do you have your mentholatum? Why, you getting a cold? No.
The judge just got sloppy.
Ah, fuming.
I'll lift it and get it to the lab.
Go ahead and take the Tahoe.
Call me later.
I'm going to dinner.
Greg, did you look at the female hair from the crime scene tub? When you say "Jump," I say "How high?" I found testosterone in female hair.
Postpubescent female hair.
Well, men and women both have testosterone No big deal, right? Well, this is.
This testosterone's endogenous.
What? What do you mean? Like outside the body? Injections.
So our mystery lady was trying to enhance her athletic performance? Or increase her sex drive.
You know women do that.
I read.
None that I've ever met.
Not yet anyway.
Okay, I'm not sure what this means yet, but thanks.
Grissom? I was admiring these rain boots.
Please come in.
You have a lovely home.
We like it.
May I ask how long you've lived here? We bought the year we adopted Craig, so that would be '92.
Craig, what did I tell you you had to do when our dinner guest arrived? Hi, I'm Craig Mason.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, Craig.
Want an I.
Tag for safety? Craig's school is sponsoring an identification program for students.
Parents get one, too.
Can't be too safe out there, can we, Mr.
Grissom? No, we can't.
Hungry? That reminds me, Doug.
Be sure to tell Mr.
Grissom where you bought your rain boots.
He was admiring them earlier.
Was he? My husband's only hobby is driving around the state looking for bargains, rain or shine.
And I tell him, "You're a judge now.
We don't need bargains.
" To which I reply, "Old habits die hard.
" Truth is, I think he just enjoys his private time.
As a judge, I don't want the outside world privy to my private life because they'll use it against me.
You'll be safe now.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry.
You're never going to believe who Judge Mason's fingerprints match.
Judge Mason.
As printed when he was sworn before the bar,3 Nevada State Municipal Court.
Thank you.
My prints came back sound.
Douglas? As I told you earlier, dear, Mr.
Grissom has confused me with a very I left him fingerprints so that he could confirm that I am who I say I am.
Uh I have to get back to my lab right away.
I'm sorry.
Thank you for a lovely dinner, Mrs.
Your Honor.
I don't care what the computer says, that guy is Paul Millander.
Yeah, we know that.
How do we prove it? We have to disprove this Judge Mason.
Birth certificate was he born in Mulberry? Well, that's the first thing that Brass looked into.
Apparently, the records building burned down in 1982.
Burned down? Ruled arson.
No suspects ever found.
So Judge Mason has no birth certificate.
How convenient.
Man, this guy plays way out in front.
Here's some good news.
Brass went to the new records building looking for anything on a Millander.
Found current property-tax accounts.
In the name of Paul and Isabelle Millander.
Isabelle Millander? We're with the Las Vegas crime lab.
Are you here about my husband? That happened over 30 years ago.
It's our understanding that your child witnessed your husband's murder.
Thank you.
My child was only ten years old.
So brave to testify against those men.
But it didn't matter.
The judge ruled it a suicide, and those men went free.
I hope we're not interrupting.
It looks as if you're expecting someone for dinner.
I always set an extra place for Paul.
Your son? My husband.
My way of being together.
Those are from his best years.
He started a company out in Hollywood in the 1930s.
Movie makeup.
He used himself as a model.
He made hand molds and masks Like a one-man company.
May I use your bathroom? Last door down the hall.
Would you happen to have any of his work still? I kept only what's most sentimental.
Might I take a look at it? Almost childlike.
Our child made it.
It's an ashtray? My husband used his own hand to imprint the center.
May I? I wonder what this green discoloration is.
I was often curious about that.
I could take this back to the lab and analyze I promise to bring it back.
What are you doing in my daughter's room? Oh I have a daughter myself.
I was admiring the old clothes.
She's beautiful.
She died.
I'm sorry.
When did she die? A long time ago.
A lifetime ago.
What about your son Paul? I think it's time for you to go now.
Millander we're just trying to clarify Please? So, Paul Millander killed his sister.
It's plausible.
It's not provable yet.
No, you were right.
The substance is Microcil-like, but it's really old-school alginate.
The book says that, uh makeup people used it up to the '70s to make molds and impressions.
It's green, hence the "algin" in "alginate.
" We sold 10,000 of those units last Halloween.
Even used my own hand for the mold.
These were his father's prints.
He was plant ing them as if they were his own.
The guy's pretty shrewd.
Every murder comes back to a dead man.
Greg, if I refer to Millander as smart, it's one but I mind if other people do it, okay? Got it.
What have you got on the hair Catherine recovered? Processing it next, sir.
Find me.
Did I miss something? It's a kid's fingerprint from the baseball Clear.
Brass found no prints from little Pauline no birth records, no death certificate.
I'm going to use the prints from the only other kid who Here come de judge.
Ridge analysis proof.
Judge Mason is Paul Millander.
It's It's Greg.
Come on.
The hair you found in Pauline Millander's bedroom two X chromosomes female.
You didn't beep me for that.
Well, Sara had me compare it to the hair They're a perfect match.
DNA identical.
So her brother planted it? Well not exactly.
Yeah, he planted it.
He planted his own hair.
It's a female hair.
With endogenous testosterone.
Pauline was taking male hormone injections.
Why? My theory? Sex change.
You know, when I was back at the house, I saw several photographs of Pauline and nothing of Paul.
In fact, the only proof of Paul is a hidden There is no birth or death record for Pauline.
Paul killed Pauline.
But he didn't murder her.
So that's what you've been hiding? That your daughter is now your son? Pauline went away, and came back a very strange man.
And I wouldn't let him stay here not like Mrs.
Millander, we believe that your son has murdered three people, and that he's living under the assumed name of Judge Douglas Mason.
I need your permission to collect some hairs from Pauline's bedroom for use in court.
We took this hair from your childhood when you used to be Pauline.
They told my parents I had an "endocrinic ambiguity.
" My chromosomes said female, but my body wasn't that sure.
The doctors told my parents to raise me as they saw fit.
Unfortunately, they disagreed.
So, uh You were a girl when you were inside the house, and a boy when you were out in the world? I managed.
Until that night.
A boy could have saved his father.
You did what you could do.
You testified against them.
Do you see the man who killed your father Y Yes.
They went free.
And you started to identify with the Why are you smiling? I am comfortable sharing this with you.
My, uh My mother wouldn't hear it.
Against her wishes, I I cut off my hair.
Started wearing big shirts.
Big boots.
If I got tough enough no one would ever hurt me.
I went to the clinic and became a man.
Sexual reassignment.
Not just a man, though a judge.
Doesn't get much more powerful than that.
But none of it solved your problems, did it? Or else you wouldn't have killed three innocent men.
I have a warrant for your DNA.
Identity is so fluid, you know? May I? See you in court.
Aren't you wondering about your birthday? August 17, 1956.
Why I didn't kill you, since you were next? No.
I've already picked my next victim, if you're curious.
It doesn't matter, Paul you'll be in jail.
Next up, People v.
Are all the parties present? What is going on? I thought Millander was supposed to be arraigned at 8:00.
This is just ridiculous.
I mean, you'd think they'd make an This guy's telling me that Millander is Pro pers are always last on the docket.
A clean-cut guy in a suit no one looks too close.
He must have got a fake I.
He had my I.
You going home? Yeah.
They know where to find me.
I reread the backgrounds of Millander's victims I think that he slipped up.
You know how every victim read the suicide note Well, Pete Walker had no mother.
He never slips up.
My name is Paul Millander.
I'm 46 years of age, and I'm going to kill myself.
I'd like to say "I love you" to my mother, I'm so sorry.
I never wanted to put you through this.
I just can't do it anymore.
I've lost hope.