CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s02e14 Episode Script

The Finger

Good afternoon.
I need to, uh make a withdrawal.
I'll need to see some identification.
There's sufficient funds in the account.
Just have to clear it with my manager.
Is that going to take long? I'll be right back.
Is there a problem here?! It's a lot of money, Mr.
It's going to take some time.
Logan, would you like an escort to your car? Reckless driver.
In pursuit.
Damn! Everything all right, sir? Do you want to get that? I think you should step out of the car, and keep your hands where I can see them.
Let's go.
So how rich is this guy? Well, he had a million dollars in his Who doesn't? He's a real estate developer.
On the mayor's committee to revitalize downtown.
And he hasn't said a word to anyone? Nope.
That's why we're here.
I'm not saying anything without my lawyer.
You don't have to say anything.
Logan would you please put your hands out? Palms up.
I'm also going to need you to strip.
What? Vegas.
Thank you, Mr.
You can put your shirt down.
Left arm out, please.
Right arm.
No visible injuries.
No blood on his clothes.
How long is this going to take? Sorry for the inconvenience.
What the hell is going on here? Paul, get me out of here now.
Roy, put your clothes back on.
Don't say another word to these people.
I'm taking my complaint directly to the district attorney.
You had no grounds to detain Mr.
Logan, let Well, his hands were covered in blood, and he had a million dollars in his It's not a crime to be rich.
Where's my car? It's right up front.
My secretary drove it here.
You're going to be hearing from us.
Didn't Shakespeare say, "Let's kill all the lawyers"? Yeah.
Henry VI.
Where is he when we need him? Yeah.
Hey, can you do me a favor, and drop I'm due at a nursery rhyme recital.
Lindsey's going to play the girl in the moon.
What happened to the man in the moon? He got the mumps.
Logan! You forgot your sunglasses.
Service-oriented policing.
You don't understand.
Get away from me.
It's for you.
What? Hello? (high-pitched, altered voice): Who are you? CSl-3 Willows.
Who are you? Are you a cop? Criminalist.
Because, if you had been a cop, she'd already be dead.
Who would be dead? Do you have a weapon? Yes.
Then put it on the ground, along with your pager, cell phone and that case you're holding.
Do it! Who is this? We're watching you, CSl-3 Willows.
Attempt to go back into the police Attempt to contact any coworkers, and we'll Any false moves at all, and Amanda is dead.
Now get back in the car.
You drive, anywhere but here, and await my next call.
What did he say? Is Amanda all right? Let's talk in the car.
What did you find? The blood's female.
Definitely not Logan's.
I ran Roy Logan.
No criminal record, no wants, no warrants.
The blood on his hand was female.
The guy's married.
He lives in Summerlin.
Bucks up.
Got a seven-year-old son.
But I'll check him out.
What about the car? Code Five: Keep vehicle under surveillance; do not make contact with occupants.
You know, Catherine had a gun.
She could've used it.
You never answered my question.
Who's Amanda's my girlfriend.
Yeah, I know, I know.
My, uh my wife doesn't know.
Somebody does.
How did they make contact? I, uh I probably left a dozen messages for her and, um she, uh never called me back, so I went over to the condo to the condo and, uh this was waiting for me on the bed.
Got your attention.
My cell phone rang; it was the kidnapper.
He said, uh he wanted a million dollars in cash by the end of the day or he would he would send me the rest of her.
He said if I talked to the cops Yeah, I heard that part.
I need a drink.
I can't believe you called.
I actually got you outside of work.
This is nice.
I don't normally date women from work, but there was something about you.
And it definitely wasn't your perfume.
I cannot believe you brought that up.
Yeah, that-that-that uh day we met that that was that was very gross.
Um I mean, not for me, but for everyone else for you.
Isn't that one of your coworkers? Yeah.
We don't know how long it's going to be before he calls.
Why don't you order something? You expect me to eat? We should be in the car, waiting by the phone.
I have the phone.
Do us both a favor: Relax.
What can I get you? Um, two glasses: One with ice; one without.
Roy? Uh coffee.
So, let's get to know each other.
You first.
You were born; you came home from the hospital.
Then what? Maybe he wanted to confess.
Take her to the body.
Catherine wouldn't have left her stuff behind.
I sent a patrolman to Logan's house.
Talked to Mrs.
She's in perfect health.
She's not our vic.
So what do we do now? We wait.
Right? Yeah.
We don't have a crime yet.
Give me the finger.
What if somebody sees you? I got to preserve this evidence.
(high-pitched altered voice): Take Boulder Take the Yucca exit east, one mile.
You'll see a sign: Horseshoe Tavern.
You have one hour.
What'd he say? Let's go.
Is that a finger? Open the briefcase.
I've got an idea.
I use this to paint my daughter's face She was playing the moon tonight in the school play.
I missed it.
Mark the edges of the money.
So, you got any kids? Yeah, I got a son.
He's a soccer freak.
His life's ambition is to be Roberto Baggio.
Hey, there's a cop.
There's a cop.
Slow down.
Come on.
We don't want to be pulled over.
If we're seen with a cop, Amanda's dead Catherine didn't say anything? She barely made eye contact.
She just dropped the finger on the table, and she walked out.
Where is it? Locked up at the Coroner's Lab, waiting for Dr.
Unless you want to wake him up in Kansas City.
Brother's wedding, back tomorrow It was the right index finger? Top half sever e d just below the right intercostal joint.
Any hemorrhagic tissue? Yeah, I couldn't tell.
There was blood, though.
How did Catherine seem? Like I told Nick, she completely ignored me.
And her behavior toward Logan? Was she under duress? Agitated? No.
Looked to me like Catherine was A severed finger, a million bucks.
And Catherine's not allowed to talk to anyone.
Kidnapping? So, who's worth one mil? It's time to speak to his wife.
I'll call Brass.
It's a bit of a coincidence, thought, don't you Catherine just showing up at the diner.
I mean, it's not like she knew I was going to be there.
I knew.
All right, that's it Yucca.
One more mile.
Are you crazy? Sorry.
It's been awhile since I've driven a sports car.
(high-pitched, altered voice): The briefcase.
First we need to see Amanda.
Hand over the money get back in the car, and drive to a pay phone.
The Gas-and-Go station, Highway 582, south of Henderson.
I will call you.
I will tell you where she is.
We need something more than just your word.
Then she's dead.
No, wait! Easy.
The Gas-and-Go station, Highway 582, south of Henderson.
Logan? Yes? Uh One minute, please.
Oh, come on, honey.
Last time you got food all over the place, your father spent a fortune detailing the car.
Logan, I'm Jim Brass, Las Vegas PD.
This is Nick Stokes, Crime Lab.
Have you heard from your husband? (clears throat): No.
When he didn't come home last night, did you find that unusual? Or maybe you're used to it.
Look, our lawyer has advised me not to speak to the police.
And, until I hear from Roy, that's exactly what How about if we just have a look around? I don't think so.
I don't see a phone.
Where's the phone? Damn it! They set us up.
She's dead.
I knew it! He had a shotgun.
If all he wanted was the money, we'd both be dead.
Give me the phone.
No, no, no no, no! He said no phone calls.
- They may be watch - We're past that.
Give me the phone! Listen, please.
What if it was someone you loved? What if it was your daughter?! The blood from the finger was diluted due to the ice.
- But I made a positive match -To the blood on Logan's hands.
So it was kind of like Getty's ear? They cut it off, sent it to the house? Wife was way too cool to have seen a He sent it somewhere.
He's a real estate developer.
Does he own any other properties? Townhouse off Flamingo.
Under the company name, not rented.
But occupied? I'll get a warrant.
See if anybody's missing a finger over there.
Gris, State Troopers just spotted Logan's car on the 582.
Drove past him earlier this morning.
Five minutes later, drove past him again going the other way.
Grab Sara.
We're gone.
Thank you, Catherine.
She was burning some serious rubber.
Definitely high-end tires.
There's colored flecks on the treads, and they're fresh.
It's gotta be the Lexus.
Does this mean anything to you? Looks like some kind of glow paint stick.
I think Catherine dragged her heels a little bit here.
Helium canister.
You mean like helium for balloons? You can use it to change the pitch in your voice.
The Lexus stopped there.
Catherine walked up to here.
Could be the kidnapper's.
Looks like the drop-off went down.
Then why hasn't Catherine contacted us yet? Criminalistics.
Anybody home? Okay talk to me.
Hey, Amanda, it's Roy.
Where are you? Call me on my cell, okay? Hey, Amanda, I thought you'd be home all day.
So I wanted to swing by.
Uh call me.
Amanda, it's Mark.
I'm at the gym.
Listen, you missed your session.
Call to reschedule.
Too bad you can't talk.
Maybe you could tell me where she is.
Well according to the map, she should be somewhere around here.
Amanda! Amanda! Why don't you give me a hand with this? Oh, God Oh, God The finger was severed postmortem.
No hemorrhagic tissue at the point of injury.
And they used a serrated blade.
Jagged teeth patterns on the bone.
Not much else I can tell you.
It's just a finger.
Thank God.
There was a kidnapping.
I know.
Amanda Freeman.
She's dead and whoever touched the money probably has glow-in-the-dark paint on their hands.
You got my clues? Yeah.
Nicely done.
I know just about everything except Where are you? She ate, but she didn't fall asleep until way late.
We had her helping Greggo out in the lab.
I bet she loved that.
I owe you.
Thank you.
So, you couldn't see what he looked like? You're assuming it was a "he.
" Rabbit mask.
Full-beam headlights.
Truman Capote voice.
Who can tell gender? Amanda Freeman.
My guess is, she's been in the water about 24 hours.
Washerwoman effect, but no saponification.
Blowfly eggs? Unhatched ova.
They're waterlogged.
I found some in her nose and trachea, too.
The decomposing body would need time to attract the bug s before submersion.
She's been dead 48 hours Bloody nose, ecchymosis.
She took a beating.
Cause of death? Blunt-force trauma.
Back of the head.
Look at this.
What is it? You'll have to get it under the microscope.
My guess is some form of stone.
Granite maybe.
I'm going to head over to the townhouse, check out those blood spots Mr.
Logan? I need to see her.
I wouldn't advise that.
Look, she was my life.
I loved her.
Please? It's my fault.
If I'd only gotten to her sooner.
If I'd only paid them sooner It wouldn't have made any difference.
She was killed long before you could have helped her.
When? Where? You got to give us time.
Why don't you go home, get some sleep? I-I don't think I can face my wife right now.
This town is full of hotels.
All right.
You can find me at the Tangiers.
Good to see you again.
Yeah, somebody hit the table.
There's obvious signs of a struggle.
Kidnapper probably broke in.
She made a run for it.
Got hit in the face.
Went down.
Blood pool here.
Spatter all the way to the bird.
Birds have blood feathers and flight feathers.
Flight feathers don't bleed.
No capillaries, just cartilage.
And you know this from? Discovery Channel.
So, how did the killer get the body out of the house? There's no blood trail from here to the door, so my guess is he wrapped her in something.
Bedsheets? Checked.
Bed's still made.
Linen closet's full.
Not to mention, a wet sheet leaks.
Plastic, maybe.
If she was murdered here, her finger was severed here.
Where are the Clever.
Kidnapper washed all the knives.
Why wash the knives, and leave the wine glasses? Get those glasses to Greg.
Yeah, looks like someone rip ped the liner out.
He wrapped her in it.
Must've gotten dumped when she did.
Watch your step.
Thank you.
All right.
Ran Amanda Freeman's phone records.
Creature of habit.
Mother, gym, Logan, pizza.
But the last call made from that house was to a cell phone we traced to Mrs.
Greg got saliva off the wine glasses.
Ran the DNA.
One was Amanda, and the other a woman.
Logan, maybe.
They would have had a lot to talk about.
Or fight about.
Looks like a small tear.
Looks more like a slice.
Could've happened when he cut through Does this look like blood to you? If the body was wrapped with this side that's on the outside.
It's not blood.
This is a grease stain.
It's got an oily residue.
Did you guys clean the table before putting the curtain Yeah.
'Cause I think your evidence got contaminated.
With what? Oleic acid.
Goes well with jelly.
Peanut butter.
Hey, Nick? Yeah? Have you been eating peanut butter in the layout room? No, man, I hate the stuff.
Well, we found it on the back of that shower curtain.
Logan scolded her son for eating in the car.
Peanut butter and jelly.
Said her husband just had the car detailed.
I need to take my car to this detailer.
Not bad.
Come on.
You know that treating the surface with a carpet cleaner only pushes the dirt further down? Warrick, you got those box cutters? Did I mention how much I hate peanut butter? Mrs.
Logan, do you know Amanda Freeman? Because she called you on your cell phone the day she was murdered.
Could have been a wrong number.
Then, uh what did you talk about for three minutes and 55 seconds? We could compel a DNA sample which would confirm that you had a glass of wine with her that night.
Is it your intention to charge my client with Miss Freeman's kidnapping? I think you went to your husband's townhouse a townhouse you probably didn't know he had and a civilized drink turned into a violent brawl.
You tore down the shower curtain, wrapped the body in it.
Cut off her finger, stuck it in the mint tin, and left it for your husband.
You transported the body to the reservoir in the back of your SUV where some of your son's PB and J made it onto the shower curtain.
Are you finished? Diane? I had my drink with Miss Freeman.
I listened to her rant ings about how she and Roy were getting That's enough, Diane.
And I set her straight.
Roy was not going to leave me for her.
He loved his money more than both of us.
I told her I was going to evict her from that tacky little townhouse, and then Roy came in.
You should have seen the look on his face.
And I I left them there to work it out.
Okay If you don't have anything else? One more thing.
Logan, can you hold your hands out, palms up? Jim, can you hit the lights? We don't have time for these games.
Okay, you satisfied? Look, I can explain.
Look, I put on a mask, I made some phone calls, I took the money, but I did not break any laws.
You killed Amanda Freeman.
Oh, no.
I didn't kill anybody.
I didn't even know she I'm a lawyer.
I work for my client.
I did what he asked me to do.
Your client? Roy Logan.
What are you saying? That Mr.
Logan paid you to dress up as a That was my idea.
So Roy Logan set this whole thing up? Yes.
It started with a phone call.
I just did what my client asked.
I just played a part.
So, basically, this was a stage play written by Mr.
That's right.
Now you got it.
During this elaborate farce you never thought to ask him why he was making you jump through these hoops? I don't get paid to ask.
I get paid to do.
What about the money the million dollars cash? Well, Roy was having marital problems, so I figured he was just hiding his assets.
Where's the money now? In a locker.
At his country club.
Where did Logan say he was staying? The Tangiers.
I'll drive.
I'll follow the money.
Logan? Open the door.
I'll call down, see if his car's in the parking lot.
Fat chance.
Son of a bitch.
He had me completely fooled.
I bet that locker's empty, too.
Okay, let's run this.
Amanda was tired of being number two, so she calls up Mrs.
Logan to discuss her affair with her husband.
But Mrs.
Logan doesn't just discuss it she throws down the gauntlet.
He's not going to leave me for you (door opening) He already has.
Amanda broke the only rule.
Don't call the missus.
Now he really has a problem.
Two problems.
His wife is going to leave him, take half his money, and he was going to jail.
You got to admit, his solution was ingenious.
Most killers take their time planning a murder.
He took his time covering it up.
So Logan cleans up the crime scene and calls his lawyer.
Asks him to help him with his little charade.
I mean, what better way to protect your assets than to pay a kidnapper who's already on retainer? Everything from that point on was calculated.
The blood on his hands.
He's the last customer of the day at the bank.
Acting suspiciously.
Driving recklessly.
He knew he'd get hauled in to the cops.
You bet your ass.
He didn't leave those sunglasses behind by accident.
His cell phone rang on cue.
The call's for me.
He practically forced that money into his lawyer's hands.
Out of one pocket into the other.
I especially liked the little show he did for us in the coroner's lab.
Trying to find out how much we knew.
When? Where? Why make the map? Why lead Catherine to the body? Because, without the body, Logan would always be under suspicion.
If not by the police, by his wife.
So he left these wine glasses for you to find.
He wanted us to suspect the wife.
That's why he used her SUV to transport the body.
And he let me mark the money because he knew that, eventually, his lawyer would touch it.
Why, though? The money was in a suitcase.
A million dollars.
Pretty tempting.
I saw the locker, I saw Logan's briefcase.
It was too big to fit inside.
His lawyer had to remove the cash by hand.
How could he possibly know that Catherine was going to mark the money? He didn't.
He probably thought the bank marked it.
Besides, there's always fingerprints.
So I did everything in my power to help him.
Yeah, and he's probably long gone by now.
That's a beautiful car, that SC-430.
Don't get to see a nice car like that in these parts too often.
So, when I see one twice in two days, I notice.
Especially when the driver's exceeding the speed limit.
You know, with all that money on my lap, we could've driven to Mexico.
That's right.
You're short one mistress.
I got to hand it to you.
That was a brilliant performance.
But then again, any man who juggles a wife and mistress and God knows what else has to be a pro.
I don't know.
You get so used to lying you Try explaining that to your son.