CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s02e15 Episode Script

Burden of Proof

That one's not ours.
You sure? I authorize all cadavers and associated research.
He's not ours.
People donate their body to science, end up submerged in a pond? Cram med in a car? Body farm; creepy.
A body farm is not creepy.
It's a controlled study of situational decomposition.
All in all, a very helpful place.
Tell that to Slim hanging from the tree.
Whoever placed our victim here knew that the body farm existed.
What they didn't know is each body is tracked by a bunch of scientists.
Can't just slip a card into the deck.
Well, he's not in rigor.
TSD is under six hours.
I'll move him as soon as you're finished.
- Any I.
? - None.
Okay, then move him.
Gunshot wound to the chest.
Well, look.
One of your friends.
It's a carpet beetle.
It shouldn't be here.
Vic seem more like a hardwood floors kind Carpet beetles are the last to arrive at a corpse when it's almost a skeleton.
I mean, this guy's still fresh.
David, get this body out of here now! We got cross-contamination! Wow! You got to go to the body farm? Yeah.
I've always wanted to go there.
What was it like? Quiet.
I hear Grissom goes there all the time.
Like, even on his nights off.
Why does that not surprise me? Man, something stinks in here again.
What, bad milk? Cottage- cheese bad? Worse.
It's all over my sandwich.
Smell that.
He's got one of his experiments in there.
You're kidding me? Bugs or blood? Not bugs.
Oh, that's so not cool.
That's a community Someone has got to talk to Grissom about this.
Talk to me about what? You leaving your experiments in our refrigerator.
The lab fridge was full.
I put in last night.
I'm going to test for horizontal motion on bloodstains.
Vis-a-vis surface textures.
Hey, any of you guys got any linoleum at home? That blood is rank, man.
That's why the Red Cross gives it to us 'cause it's past its expiration date.
Anything new on the body farm victim? I gave the prints to Identification.
They're running through the base s now.
I'll be in autopsy.
Let me know.
Way to go, Nick.
You really told him.
I told him.
He just doesn't hear it.
Well the entry wound tells me the body sustained a projectile.
A bullet.
But there's no bullet fragments in the tissue, and no exit wound.
So, how do you explain that? Bullet wounds usually leave bullet evidence.
There's no evidence of a bullet in this wound tract.
So, let's excise it.
Do a more localized search.
That was my next suggestion.
What's your best tool for excising the tissue of our Mr.
Doe? Oh, it's not a John Doe anymore.
Database says that our victim is Mike Kimble, age 38.
He has a townhouse in Summerlin.
Brass is going to meet us there along with the rest of the unit.
My bet says that it's the primary crime scene.
Aren't you coming? We're excising a wound tract.
Sounds fascinating.
It is.
Is that Mike Kimble's house? That's it.
Seems like somebody beat us here.
You think? Neighbor called it in.
She smelled the smoke.
Thought he was barbecuing in his living room.
Where's his neighbor now? Over there talking to Brass.
Um no, I didn't hear any noise coming from Mike's place last night.
But, um I was wearing my headphones, doing my workout.
Did Mr.
Kimble have many visitors to his house? Other than his clients, just, um just his fiancé, Jane.
Uh but they usually stayed at her place.
Do you have the full name and address of the victim's fiancé, Jane? Yes, actually, I do.
It's in my kitchen.
As soon as they let me back in, I can get for you.
Something a metal fragment.
It's not like any bullet I've ever seen.
Titanium maybe a pin.
From the ribs? Oh, here's the manufacturer's number.
I should've bought stock when I first started finding all these medical implants.
Excuse me? Genus Hypaderma.
These are normally found in the intestinal tract of cows.
These maggots aren't found in humans.
Foreign tissue.
Makes absolutely no sense.
The body farm also studies animals, not just humans.
This more of your cross-contamination? Only one way to find out.
What up, Doc? Hey, there you are.
Sorry I'm late.
Wanted an update on my robbery case.
Oh, it's all good.
I'm just starting my walk-through.
The desk is crispy.
There's a burn pattern for you.
Fire burns upward.
This is moving downward.
Defies the laws of physics.
Fire's draw n to fire.
Well, you know what we got to do.
Check out the upstairs? Well, the guy who started the fire wanted to make sure the bedroom got it worse.
How do you know it's a guy? Why are you jumping the gun? Well, according to Sara, are male.
Yeah, that sounds like Sara.
The fire burned longest here.
It's the point of origin right here.
I don't smell any accelerant.
Could have burned off.
Fabric would have fueled it.
I don't know.
It doesn't make any sense.
Afire burning downward? Must have found an accelerant.
Furniture polish.
Warrick Is that blood? Oh, man.
Something bad happened here.
This fire is just a cover-up.
Are you serious? Hold on a second.
I'm Detective Jim Brass.
Is Jane Bradley in? She's in the kitchen.
Really? No.
This can't be happening.
Mike is dead? I don't know how I'm going to tell my kids.
They love Mike.
You and Mike were engaged? The wedding was supposed to be in a week at the Tangiers.
No sweets after 10:00.
What's the rule? Oh, come on, Mom, I'm starving.
Have an apple.
He's growing like a weed.
What was your fiancé's business? He was a photographer.
He did weddings, events.
We argued over who'd do our wedding because he didn't trust anyone else's work.
How many times have I said you have to You can't just barge in this house.
Maybe as many times as I've asked you to have the kids ready and out front on my nights? You must be the ex-husband.
What's going on? Are the kids all right? Is Jake in some kind of trouble? No.
Mike Kimble was killed tonight.
Are you serious? Would you mind showing us your hands? My hands? Why? To see if there's any gunpowder or evidence of a burn on them.
Look, uh I don't want to be rude, but I stop paying alimony the day Mike and Jane get married.
I mean, I'm the last person who would have killed him.
If we wanted to get in touch with you, how would we reach you? You can reach me at any of my four grocery Anytime.
We'll be in touch.
I'm going to get the kids, if that's all right.
They're in the den.
Yeah, Warrick said the fire was orange, so low-temperature fuel.
Something accessible gasoline, kerosene I thought you were in post.
I was.
So, anyway, this is where the fire started.
Victim's bedroom.
Grissom Gris Sometimes it's about where the fire isn't.
Sometimes I hate this job.
We have evidence that Mike may have had an inappropriate relationship with your daughter.
What kind of evidence? Photographic and definitive.
That the man I was going to marry somehow sexually No, I don't believe that.
Things like this happen sometimes right under our noses.
We're going to have to talk with your Jody, we found pictures in Mike's house of you posing.
Tell her Mike would never do anything to hurt you.
In some of the pictures He truly was like a father to both kids.
I wish you would just listen once.
In some of the pictures, you're wearing a bathing suit.
Do you remember Mike taking them? Jody Anything that he did to you was not your fault.
You can tell me if Mike took those pictures.
Jody? Honey? I loved Mike and he loved me.
The daughter clammed up.
Seems to be in the protect-the-abuser trap.
I'm going to take her over to the hospital for a SART exam.
What are the chances Mom knew what her I've seen it happen.
As a mother, I hope not.
Yeah, right.
I'm going to look into it.
Well, our photo guys tell me those pictures were taken with Mike Kimble's type of camera.
Yeah? Yeah.
What are you doing here? A thousand points of light, and I only need one to clear up this picture.
The blur equals the length of the light.
If I can compress this light back into a point, then the rest of the picture gets clear.
That's how they got Hinkley's image when he was shooting the prez.
What is that there bottom right corner? Is that a finger? Yeah, I think so.
Well, that's unusual, isn't it? A professional photographer gets a finger in the shot? Maybe his good hand was otherwise engaged.
I'm going to work on that for a while and see if I can get some ridge detail.
Maybe even a fat print.
I'll I'll see you later.
All right.
So this is your experiment, huh? So, because you found beef in the wound tracts of the victim, you think the meat might be from one of the body farm cows? Did the fly find the beef in the wound and lay its eggs, or did it bring the beef with him? I did an experiment similar to this in San Francisco, except the cross-contamination was blood.
Wasn't a murder case, but it was instructional.
None of these beef particles are as big as the tissue found in Mike Kimble's And I found out the ex-husband is the proud owner of a registered handgun.
What does that mean? It means I need to see that gun.
Uh Grissom? Aren't you going to tell me anything? About? The case, the meat, what you found? I'm working it.
I thought I was working it with you.
You're right, you are.
So, take some photos of the experiment for the D.
, and then get rid of that stuff.
That meat the raw meat me? Yeah.
How many meals have we shared together? I don't know.
Take a guess over a year working together.
30 I'm a vegetarian.
Everyone here knows I'm a vegetarian.
I haven't eaten meat since we stayed up It pains me to see ground beef; forget about cleaning it up.
Have Nick do it.
You're telling me this bastard took pictures of my daughter? We found them in his house.
I never liked the way he looked at Jody.
I never liked it.
How did he look at her? Touchy - feely.
It wasn't normal.
I told Jane when she started seeing him, he's not a good guy.
He's not good for our family.
But you can't control who your ex-wife dates.
Russ Bradley, Gil Grissom, CSI Lab.
Thanks for coming in.
Is this your gun? Yes.
May I take a look at it? Please.
It's been cleaned.
Of course.
You never store a dirty firearm.
May I ask what kind of ammunition you use? A.
38 special.
It takes.
Whatever's on sale.
There you are.
Got something for you from Trace.
Sara? Almost finished.
They isolated the accelerant used in the fire.
It's alcohol-based.
Acetone, methyl methacrylate? Nail polish remover.
Guess that's the six percent no one talks about female fire-starters.
What's this a burn? Yeah.
How'd that happen? On a curling iron.
I'll give you a prescription for antibiotics.
Let's do the last portion of your exam now, okay? Excuse me.
Okay, lay back.
Scoot back a little more.
Just a little more.
Very good.
Take a deep breath.
This won't hurt at all.
It's melting.
Sara's not going to be too happy with that experiment in the fridge.
I'm putting it in the freezer.
The doctor finished the exam on Jody Bradley.
Physical findings: Scarring, chronic sexual abuse.
Well, have Brass get a warrant for the Check the evidence we recovered from the They stayed in both places.
Listen, there's a good chance the She had second-degree burns on her wrist.
One thing at a time.
You coming with? I can't.
Take Nick.
That's the girl's nightgown.
We've got some samples coming in.
They're priority one.
What is that what did you find? Child Services will be remanding Jody to a Was my fiancé involved in any way? He's not your fiancé.
Not anymore, anyway.
Jim? I just got back from the events office at the where you and Mike were supposed to be married.
You canceled your wedding five days ago.
I even have your credit card receipt for the ten percent You didn't like the way he looked at your No.
I just got cold feet.
Convenient timing.
Look, when Russ and I got married 20 years ago, you couldn't find two happier people, and now we can barely stand to be civil.
I didn't want to make another mistake.
It wasn't that you sensed what was going on? Mike would not do what he's being accused of.
Believe me.
I'll believe the DNA.
Feels like blackjack, you know? You guys all fanned around the table, waiting to see which card I'll reveal next.
Greg, this is an abuse case involving a minor.
So, I have DNA samples from every male that lives with Jody Bradley, full-time or weekends.
First, I have Mike Kimble, the fiancé Dead fiancé "Match not found.
" You got to be kidding me.
Sorry, Captain.
The guy has naked pictures of her in his The mother called off their wedding.
DNA takes a pair.
So whose is it, the father? "Match not found.
" Third and last.
Give me that.
How did we miss that? No.
No, I never did anything like that to my sister.
How do you explain your semen on I can't I can't.
The county automatically provides your son with an advocate.
We can't proceed until he arrives.
You getting anywhere with the print? I'm still trying to enhance it.
It's kind of frustrating, that, uh this picture puts us at the very moment of but we can't see what she's seeing.
They say the eyes are the window to the Yeah, my grandma used to say that all the In a way, it's true.
The aqueous fluid and the vitreous in the human eye allows for an image to be reflected in it.
Well, maybe if I enhanced the reflection in with the right combination of algorithms I think my Popsicles are ready.
Jake, did you take pictures of your sister and plant them in Mike Kimble's house? No.
You do have keys to his house, though.
Right? I mean, your mother told us that both you Yes, but I didn't plant anything.
He didn't take the pictures.
He didn't plant He has no idea how his DNA got in his Yeah, maybe a little hobbit put it there.
That's it, we're done.
All right, hold on.
You mind if I talk to Jake alone? To what end? I have a hunch.
Everyone does it, Jake.
You just feel like you're the only one.
Then, when you don't do it, it happens in your sleep anyway, right? Yeah.
And then you go to take a leak, dust off the equipment, you just grab the first thing that's handy, It was just on the hamper.
Your sister's nightgown? The next thing I know, I'm getting, like questioned by the police and my parents are looking at me like I'm some sort of pervert.
Yeah, that's rough.
Well, listen, in the future, dude even if the situation's embarrassing, the truth's probably the best policy there.
Hey, listen, you ever notice your mom's boyfriend acting weird around your sister? Like a little, uh too friendly, too forward? Mmm, no.
I mean, my sister is the one that's kind of weird.
Really? Yeah.
How? She's just always just, you know, "Mike's coming over.
I can't wait till Mike gets here.
" Mm-hmm.
You like the guy? When, uh my parents were getting divorced, my mom, she cried, like, every day, and, uh, Mike showed up and she stopped crying so, yeah.
I guess.
What are you doing here? Isn't this your day off? On the day you plan to expend a meat bullet? Frozen? Yeah, I had to freeze it with a touch of liquid nitrogen.
Well, I'm ready to watch history.
Bullet-like entry wound.
The meat disintegrates.
Lost in the soft tissue.
You're quite a marksman, Russ.
And inventive you managed to build a bullet made of meat.
The meat from the projectile was visually indistinguishable from the victim's stomach tissue.
We know that your gun was clean but it turns out that your reloader wasn't.
We got this from your garage on a warrant.
We figured a gun enthusiast like yourself Packs gunpowder into used shell casings.
Cheaper than buying new rounds, right? The material that was on your reloader is consistent with the material we found in the victim's wound tract.
Ground beef.
A father knows.
He was giving her gifts you know, cameras.
He gave her a camera? And the wedding was, like, a week off, and he was going to be living under the same roof as my children full-time.
When I went over there, you know, I was just going to set him straight, right? You know what he says? Hey, I can't help it if she likes me.
I guess it's like mother, like daughter.
You touch my little girl, and I will kill you.
Too late.
That's when I lost it.
Then you dumped him at the body farm.
Your grocery chain makes regular meat deliveries there for experimental purposes.
Then what? You arsoned his place to cover up the murder? Grabbed the nail polish remover from the bedside table, poured it all over the place? I'll tell you the truth.
I I feel relieved.
I'd like to make a formal confession.
He can confess to the homicide, but we're still examining evidence in the arson.
The guy wants to take the heat for his daughter on the arson.
Well, where's the harm in that? Well, the harm would be to the justice system unless I misunderstand our place in it.
Don't you think that little girl's been through enough? What I think, and what the evidence proves, are possibly two different things.
What is this? It's, uh just what it says: It's a request for a leave of absence six months year, maybe.
Why? I was thinking of checking out the federal government system FBI We have the best lab in the country.
I need a different work environment.
What does that mean? One with, um communication respect.
Everybody here respects you.
You don't.
Is this about that hamburger thing? No.
Grissom this is not about that hamburger thing.
I-I-I don't believe you.
How can you reduce everything that I've said to some kind of single quirk? Do you think the problem here is just about me? If you don't sign my leave, I'm going to have to quit.
Hey, Sara? The lab needs you here.
Did you hear the dad copped a plea on the murder, and the D.
Expedite d it? Voluntary man, first offense.
Out on bail.
Free in four.
No jury was going to convict a father for killing his daughter's abuser.
What do you have? Accelerant.
Identical to the type found at the arson.
Police got it out of Jody's gym locker.
Well, looks as if Jody was probably telling the truth.
She did burn herself on a curling iron.
So who started the fire? Hey.
You get anywhere with those fingerprints? Back burner.
I've been working on this reflection in her eye.
You see what I'm seeing? No.
Come on.
I've been working on this enhancement all night.
Look closer.
What is it? A clock? A mirror? It's got a latch a lock.
A porthole? It's a porthole? Yeah.
These pictures were taken on a boat.
Miss Bradley.
Warrick Brown.
Your fiancé Mike did he own a boat? A boat? No.
No? Did he borrow one or rent one? He wanted to borrow my ex-husband's boat, but he was too proud to ask.
Your ex-husband owned a boat? He bought one after our divorce.
I've never been on it.
Thank you.
Jody we know that Mike gave you his camera.
We suspect that your father used it to take pictures of you on his boat.
We believe that he then placed the camera back at Mike's to implicate him, along with the pictures.
He said I was like my mom when she was young and they were happy.
He said having me was like having his family back.
Did you ever tell your mom? I tried.
I don't want to go to Dad's.
You know what the judge said: Two weeks with Dad, two with me.
Jody, we have strong forensic evidence But cases like this are very difficult to prove.
A victim testifying makes all the difference.
He told me if I ever talked he'd kill me.
Jody, if you don't talk I told Mike and he was going to fix things.
And my dad killed him okay? Catherine.
What is this? Found it on the boat.
DNA just ran it.
She's under 14, right? Yeah.
He didn't take pictures of his daughter.
He never touched her.
He's a loving, devoted father who works hard at his chain of grocery stores to keep her in good schools.
Except when she's on his boat, right? This is your sleeping bag we took off your boat.
Our lab turned it inside-out.
The discoloration you see is a mixture of vaginal and seminal fluid your daughter's and yours.
Don't say a word, Russ.
He doesn't have to.
The sleeping bag's talking loud and clear.
Brad, make me a deal.
I can't.
What do you mean, you can't? You got me four years for murder.
I can't.
You can get me something.
No, he can't.
In the state of Nevada we're all bound by a legal statute.
The sexual assault of a minor age 14 and under is a mandatory life sentence with no possibility for parole.
Excuse me.
Could I talk to you for a moment? Why don't you wait over there, sweetie.
I owe you an apology.
I have an eight-year-old daughter.
It's okay.
You were looking out for mine.
Tough case, huh? Just give me a straight ahead murder any Well, you wouldn't be human if it didn't affect you.
I heard about you and Sara.
Sara you know, she gets very emotional.
Are you in denial? No, that's no, no.
Way too analytical.
Wow, you got burned bad, huh? Welcome to the club.
I got third-degree burns from my marriage.
Happens to everybody.
Everybody just Good.
Let's move on.
But you have to deal with it.
You have to deal with it first.
You got to deal with it before it goes away.
You are the supervisor.
You have responsibilities, and people are making a family around you whether you like it not whether you give them permission or not.
We don't have to go to the Grand Tetons together.
Just every now and then, you got to lift your head up out of that microscope.
Yeah, hi.
I'd like to get some flowers for a girl.
No, no.
Not flowers.
A plant.
A living plant.
She likes vegetation.
Yeah, that'd be fine.
To a "Sara Sidle.
" Deliver it at the CSI Division, Las Vegas Police Department the one out on North Trop Boulevard.
Yeah, you can bill me at the same place.
Gil Grissom.
The sentiment? Oh.
On the card.
Um uh Have it say Have it say, uh "From Grissom.
" Thank you.