CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s02e16 Episode Script

Primum Non Nocere

What are you waiting for? Call it! Come on, come on.
Coming through.
Let me have a look.
Okay, you're out.
Myles will move in from the second line.
Forget about Myles.
I'm going back in.
Stitch me.
Terry, will you relax? It's a weekend league.
It's not the NHL.
It is to me.
You're not 100%.
What are you, a doctor or a coach? Do me a favor stitch.
Come on.
All right, get up.
Come on, fellas, Back off.
Everybody back.
Hey, Jackson! Come over here! He's hurt bad.
Get the doc.
Where's the body? On the bench.
He was moved there after he collapsed in front of the net.
Apparently, uh the guy was responsive enough to be helped off the ice.
He died a few minutes later.
This looks fresh.
Well, according to the on-site doctor, he took one across the cheek earlier in the second period.
Well, I guess this must be from the third Looks like that other team worked him over Hockey rough game.
It's murder.
Two minutes for elbowing.
Four minutes for high-sticking.
Ten minutes, unsportsmanlike conduct.
Boys will be boys.
Sounds like these boys went to a fight and a hockey game broke out.
You just don't like sports.
That's not true.
I've been a baseball fan my whole life.
Well, that figures all those stats.
It's a beautiful game.
Since when are you interested in beauty? Since I met you.
So, we'll start at the opposite goal, work our way across the blue line to center ice.
It's not much to go on.
Maybe we should be looking off the ice.
So, why did you move the body? You ever tried treating someone on the ice, wearing just Then Mr.
Rivers was still breathing? When I brought him back to the bench, yes.
Then I performed CPR, and he didn't respond.
Did you also do the stitch work? I'm the on-site doctor for this facility.
The stitches held, and I advised Terry not to go back on the ice.
So, if he'd listened, he'd still be alive.
What do these guys play for? A little money? Imitation Stanley Cup? We play for the pride of it.
And the joy of kicking ass.
You are? Tommy Sconzo.
Right wing, first line.
Hitting's part of the game.
Take away the physical aspect, you got figure skating guys out there doing triple lutzes.
Is that how you lost the, uh? The sit spin? Second period, number nine.
The guy's a Which means? He gave me a high stick to the mouth.
That's why my guys crashed the goalie.
An eye for an eye, you know? Is that why your guy ended up dead? What can I tell you, lady? It all happened so fast, you know? Usually does.
"There are three things in life "that people like to stare at a rippling stream, a fire in a fireplace and a Zamboni going round and round.
" Charlie Brown.
I love a Zamboni.
We all do.
The thing I love about Zambonis is they pick up everything.
Yeah? I'm afraid the other part of this tooth might be in there.
Time to combine Foyeer's Law of Conduction with Newton's Law of Cooling.
Pile of ice measures nine feet by five feet by nine feet.
Without the calculus, I'd estimate Current temperature, one degree Celsius.
The heaters max out at 90 degrees, but the variables are constantly changing.
Let's ballpark it.
I don't know, 50-cubic-foot melt per hour, if we're lucky? the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth.
Whoo! There's a winner.
Easy come, easy go.
If I should die this very moment I wouldn't fear For I've never known completeness Like being here Wrapped in the warmth of you Loving every breath of you Still my heart this moment Oh, it might burst Could we stay right here To the end of time Till the earth stops turning? Lockwood, Homicide.
DFO's in the back.
Lead the way.
seas run dry I've found the one I have waited for All this time Stan Grevey, 35.
Backup sax player.
One of the waitresses found him.
Tiny scrubbing bubbles.
Yeah, after somebody wiped them down.
Paramedics? Nope.
Just pronounced, that's it.
Just pronounced? Had an interesting diet.
He tied himself off.
All the signs of an OD without any of the paraphernalia.
Your waitress say anything about a needle, butane torch, that sort of thing? No, not a word.
Just said he reminded her of Coltrane.
Coltrane, huh? See if I can get this back to Greggo at the lab.
He could tell us what we're dealing with.
Two coasters, one glass? What do you think? Our guy was having a She was just coming on shift.
She came through me.
Well, somebody was here grabbed the stuff, took their glass.
Forgot this on the way out.
Safe bet the contact wasn't his.
Hey, how's he doing? Whoa, whoa Miss, you can't come in here.
Why not? I'm sorry, he's dead.
He's dead? What are you talking about? They told me he wasn't feeling well.
He was backing me up an hour ago.
What happened to him? Miss Why don't we step outside for a minute? What took you so long? I was watching ice melt.
Tox screen came up empty except for quinine.
Must have had malaria in the past six months.
Either that or he's a big gin and tonic drinker.
I've ordered up his medical records.
If I was this guy, I'd have been pop ping pain pills.
Hairline fracture of the ulna, bruised kidney, ten stitches off the orbital bone, fractured nasal bone, all recent.
Healed rib fractures.
He should have worn a cage.
I bet he was proud of every last battle scar.
What is it about organized sports? Well, organized sports is the paradigmatic model of a just society.
Everyone knows the same language.
Everyone knows the rules.
And there's a specific punishment handed out the moment someone tries to cheat.
It's instant morality.
So, uh what did this guy do in real life? Stockbroker.
Competition junky.
Aren't we all? Not me.
Not anymore.
No? How'd you get to be chief medical examiner? Look, we're all carrying prehistoric genes in a postmodern world.
We get our meat from the grocery store instead of with a club or a knife.
We have to work off our, uh testosterone somehow.
Foibles of youth.
So, cause of death? Not sure.
This cut nicked his carotid.
Double-edged, clean blade, hockey skate, uh could have killed him.
Fun continues.
Basilar artery also suffered significant Evidence of blood in the intimal space.
Possibly enough to cause syncope.
Loss of consciousness.
Well, it could explain why the vic ended up in the bottom of that pile.
So, did his death cause his fall or did his fall cause his death? What'd you get from Area 51? Terry Rivers was an instigator always stirring the pot.
Every fire needs a match.
So, I guess this is their equipment? Yeah, down to the last stick.
Here's a copy of the team roster.
See you later.
Gallagher? Yeah.
Catherine Willows Crime Lab.
I understand you play for Area 51.
Did you see much ice time during the game? No.
They just let me take off my You know what? Been there, done that.
Just asking a question here.
I played 24 minutes, I also lead the team in assist s.
Oh you've got good peripheral vision.
You see the ice really well.
I didn't see what happened to Terry.
You're a real teammate.
Down the line, just one of the guys.
You're looking in the wrong direction.
Now, we may have disliked Terry but his own teammates hated him.
Any reason why? How would I know? I'm just a girl.
Can I go now? Nice bike.
Just getting into the mind of a potential killer.
Potential killer? Why don't you just catch us up there, boss? In a minute.
First things first your contact lens was worn by a near-sighted person.
And, since I was born with perfect eyesight, I'm experimenting with what it would feel like Don't tell us you're wearing our evidence.
Come on, Greg.
Give me some credit.
Borrowing a pair of lenses from Archie in AV.
Giving me a headache, though.
Mannitol that's that baby laxative used to cut heroin with.
China White? You sure? The GCMS does not kid around.
West coast heroin is Mexican Brown.
What's China White? 75%? Uh your sample's 91.
That's a death sentence.
Doesn't make any sense, man.
The money from dealing heroin comes from the cutting.
The more you cut, the more money you make.
There's no profit margin in selling stuff that's too pure.
Unless you're looking to kill someone.
So, this is what being a stockbroker buys you.
Sighs Hmm.
Well How do men live like this? What's wrong with it? Well, it's a cave with hardwood floors.
It's clean.
Television, couch.
What else does a guy need? Well, how about a plant? Anything that makes it a little more human.
I mean, it doesn't seem like this guy had any connection to anybody.
I don't know about that.
It's never a good sign when the number of women a guy sleeps with is greater than the number of chairs he owns.
So, what's the ratio here? Well, uh, ballparking it, I'd say four women to every one piece of furniture he owns, including the TV.
(sighs) So I guess our guy is about three things pucks, bucks, and chicks.
Well, we still don't know how or why he died.
Well, we know how he lived.
Any blood? Take your pick.
Testing for blood on a hockey jersey is like handing out jaywalking tickets at a marathon.
Well, speaking on a meta -level Isn't it obvious? The overbearing patriarchal structure of modern organized sports represents a socially palatable sublimation of what Jung refers to as the "shadows of the unconscious.
" You sucked at team sports, huh? I was captain of the high school chess squad.
Chess is not a sport, Greg.
Then why is there a world chess champion? I think sports are physical by definition.
Well, sex is physical.
Is that a sport? Not to me.
These blades skated through the blood pool.
Blood spatter.
Good guess this is the one that did the damage.
You know, I had a roommate in college freshman year, from Edmonton, went on to play for the Swedish Elite League.
Anyways, he set his blade at half an inch, tops.
I should know, because he made me get them sharpened.
These blades are probably set at a quarter of an inch.
Well, that's as sharp as it gets.
It's a tough blade to skate on.
We're talking Wayne Gretzky style.
And deadly in a fight.
Yeah, that victim was out of L.
, and I don't think the singer, Lillie, met him before last night, so she may be in the clear.
Sure you don't want to start in the dressing room? (chuckles) Right like you're going to take Dumpster duty alone.
Hey, just 'cause I've been on a personal losing streak with the ladies doesn't mean you should be, too.
Man, I don't even know if I'm going to go The odds haven't gone my way in a long time.
I'm talking about chicks, not gambling.
Same difference.
Mind if I go for her, then? Warrick.
It's mine but anybody could have lifted this scarf from It's still yours.
You trying to pin this on me now? We're just doing our jobs here.
Well, did you find my fingerprints on anything? We won't know till we print you.
Oh, I'm not worried.
What you see is what you get.
You're putting words in my mouth.
You said everybody hated him now we know why.
We opened up Terry's hard drive.
It turns out he had your entire roster knee-deep in the stock market.
I don't play for the Rat Pack.
Not now but you used to.
Okay, so I changed teams.
Big deal.
I wanted to win.
The fact that Terry Rivers churned and burned your brokerage account out of ten grand that didn't enter into it? Terry was a stockbroker.
He did really well for himself Rolex, Beemer.
Said he could do the same for me.
I gave him some money.
If I wasn't willing to take a risk, I'd have put it in a bank.
You weren't the only one, were you? No.
All the guys had money with him.
I mean, Terry was a salesman.
You listen to him talk for five minutes, your hair was on fire.
Gallagher, your skate had a certain blood spatter on it.
It indicates that you're the one that nicked Terry River's carotid artery.
Look, it was pileup.
Everything was a blur.
That's ten guys with blades on.
Hey, I was just looking out for myself.
He was a stationary target.
Terry was on the bottom of all those Like you said, - nobody saw anything.
- Including your skate intentionally coming down on his neck.
Oh, God.
You okay? You all right? I knew I shouldn't have had that shrimp salad for dinner last night.
If you'll excuse me, I'll get that cleaned up.
You're not going to What are you doing? It's evidence.
Food poisoning especially anything with spoiled mayonnaise can induce vomiting within 15 minutes.
She said last night that was 12 hours ago.
Do what you got to do.
She's a liar, and a mother.
Morning sickness? Yep.
And you know this how? Well, first, I tested for the presence of shellfish crustacean -free.
And then I figured, if she's hiding that, what else is she hiding? Little lie, big lie.
There was blood in the sample.
Not uncommon in early pregnancy.
Women get mucosal tears in their So, I tested the blood for the presence of human She is definitely with child.
She wasn't showing.
She's skinny as a rail.
But still, why lie about it? Maybe she didn't know she was pregnant.
If she had, would she have gone out on the ice? I wonder if she would know who the father isor was.
Well, if it was Terry Rivers, he was definitely deadbeat dad material.
Which speaks to motive.
It's enough to get us a warrant.
Except you can't safely test for paternity before the baby's born.
We could search Jane Gallagher's apartment.
See if Terry Rivers might have left anything behind.
Say good-bye to Greg.
Bye, Greg.
I've got twins here, Bill one set of prints from your work card; another set from the drug paraphernalia we found in the Dumpster.
Look, what can I say? He's got a son.
Well, that's fine.
That's not the issue.
You tamper ed with the evidence.
He's eight years old.
I didn't want Stan's son to hear that he died in a lounge foam coming out of his mouth, a needle in his arm.
That's too much for a boy.
Yeah, but you got him the gig.
- You didn't know he was a junkie? - So am Former.
Hell, we met in AA.
I thought he was clean.
I got my fourth birthday coming up.
Could have lost your job.
Besides, Lillie's going places.
You know, she's on her way up.
I want to be along for the ride.
So you cleaned him up, threw away his works Why Lillie's scarf? I grabbed the first thing I could find.
Lillie's scarf was there? Yeah.
Really? You mind rolling up your sleeves for us? I've always had good veins.
Yeah, okay.
Hey, one more thing, Bill.
You wear contacts? Not anymore.
Lasik surgery.
How's that working out for you? Great.
One less thing I'm dependent on.
No, no, no, no.
Don't stop.
I don't like playing in front of an audience.
It's just me.
What, are you uncomfortable in front of strangers or something? No, I just came by to ask you a few questions, and I got a little carried away.
Well, if you keep playing, I'll keep talking.
So, um how well do you know these people you play with? Oh well enough.
Who is this? I thought I was the one asking questions here.
Warrick Brown.
Lillie Ivers.
So, I guess we're not strangers anymore.
Maybe you should come by later so we can talk some more.
Well, Jane may play hockey, but her sheets are distinctly female.
There are semen stains everywhere.
Not very Victoria Secret.
What is Victoria's secret, I wonder? Beauty, Grissom.
Remember? Sheets may be female, but this toenail belonged to a man.
With all the sex these people are having, maybe I should take up hockey.
I told you what I make.
What do you bring in? So, that's what you're all about? No, that's what the business is all about.
Then run.
I just thought that, with your kind of talent, you know, I could dial you in.
2 I've got a manager with a pipeline to God.
Sounds like you're pretty dependent on I've been booked solid for the past two years.
Next stop Blue Note, Motown anything I want.
Studio time, recording contracts Great.
I'm a musician, Warrick, and I recognize talent.
And the way you look you might as well be dipped in gold.
I don't know about all that.
What are you holding back for? You could be out there making a difference.
I already do make a difference.
Yeah, riding around chasing ghosts with that partner of yours.
Nobody even knows you exist.
You do.
Show time.
We're back.
Okay, so Knock 'em dead.
I'll try.
Catherine you seen any guys with a broken tooth lately? Yeah, I saw ten of them.
Yeah, well, one of them is your suspect.
I got your page.
What's the big news? Oh, that tooth that you found at the bottom of the snow pile You got a match.
To what? To the nasty-ass toenail that Sara found.
What? I thought it belonged to the dead guy.
No, it belongs to a live guy.
So, what you're saying is whoever was in Jane Gallagher's bed was on the ice the night that Terry Rivers died.
It's a temp.
What about the girl? Is she a temp, too? You know, I treated Jane better than that mutt Rivers ever did.
And it never cost her a cent.
Is that why you hated Terry? He was on my short list, yeah.
You know, I got a list.
It's got a negative figure of 12,000 after your name.
Well, money's kind of like my tooth.
It don't grow back.
Did you ever hear the story of the 19th century Chinese goldsmith? He lost a lot of money for his goldsmith buddies due to his shoddy business practices, so they decided to kill him by biting him to death.
out of the victim, insuring that no one individual could be blamed for the murder.
For who would know which one administered You're the captain of the Rat Pack.
You make it so everyone gets a shot in, and no one takes the blame.
It's a win-win situation.
Well, that's a nice little bedtime story for but it doesn't have a lick of truth.
Well, there's truth in this: Your friend Jane is pregnant.
I'm going to be a dad? What kind of coronary anomaly? Wolff-Parkinson - White Syndrome.
Interferes with the heart's electrical system.
I never heard of it.
Well, it didn't show during the post, but I looked at the tissue sections in histopath.
They showed a small defect in the atrium of the heart.
So, the game had nothing to do with it? It was the heart? Not necessarily.
You know the quinine I found in his system? Lethal for someone with W.
Big scars didn't do him in.
It was the little scar.
Someone still gets an assist.
Hey, Sara.
You come up here on your nights off, people are going to start confusing the two of you.
You're here.
What's up? New lead.
The bartender.
Marquis Mecke Froede.
Test for opiates.
You know what that means.
The coasters test positive for heroin.
He was dealing from behind the bar.
He sandwiched the drugs between the coasters.
That's how he hid it.
When we found those two coasters in Stan Grevey's we assumed that there was two people either a user or supplier.
There weren't.
Just our guy the victim.
What's wrong? He wasn't the only one with two coasters, man.
What do you mean? Remember when we talked to Lillie about the scarf? Yeah.
She had a drink with two coasters.
So what? There could be a hundred reasons why she Did you not hear me? She might be involved.
You got to walk away from this fast.
We got the dealer the bartender.
- Let's just take him out.
- And we will.
- What about her? - What about her? Why don't you Why don't you just let me handle my business? Then handle it.
We were in the sack right in the middle of it.
Next thing I know, he stopped How do I say this? - He stopped - Doing it? Yes.
Thank you.
His face was flushed.
He was sweating.
It was all good, and then he just went soft and passed out.
I was scared.
I called the team doctor.
The paramedics came and rushed him to the E.
You know we got his medical records.
Let me ask you a question.
When Terry came to, did he tell you what had happened to him? He didn't tell me anything.
Neither did the doctors.
I wasn't family.
What did you do? Took off.
I didn't want anybody to know I'd been with him.
Worried that the father of your child might find out? I was sleeping with Terry, but I was dating Tommy.
And what's the difference? Terry was a bad boy.
The kind of guy you just can't get out of your system.
Who's on your mind all the time.
He used to drive my friends crazy.
Tommy husband material.
So we just double-checked the search warrant returned from Terry Rivers' apartment.
There was no quinine found in the location.
He never had a prescription for quinine.
Well, according to Doc Robbins, he never Do you have his medical file? Yeah.
Let me see it.
Right here.
So Jane Gallagher is officially no longer a Didn't have access to quinine, let alone So who did know? Terry was a roughneck.
He dished it out, so the other players dished it out harder.
Which they wouldn't have done if they had known about his heart.
They would have played tentatively.
Which, in hockey, is a sacrilege.
Someone besides Terry had to know.
Somebody did.
You can withhold medical information from your friends all but it's still going to be in your hospital Anyone with access to Terry's medical records How many patients do you have with malaria? I'm an orthopedist.
Not according to the pharmacy in your Last month, you wrote a prescription for an anti-malaria medication.
Malaria in Las Vegas.
No wonder they were Look, a friend of mine was going to Africa.
I did him a favor.
That's it.
Now, is there a crime in that? Well a man is dead.
It hurts getting stitched.
It hurts even more when you get home.
I always give the guys something for the pain.
So you're the go-to guy? I am the on-site doctor for this facility.
Nothing more and nothing less.
Is this Umbria or Tuscany? Italy.
That's pretty serious.
But Jane's had a couple of boyfriends since that trip, right? Terry was an injury waiting to happen, And, when it did, you were there on the bench with two little pills in your hand.
So what? So what if I gave him quinine? It's like giving a candy bar to a diabetic if you know he's a diabetic.
And you knew, Doctor.
Terry Rivers had a heart condition.
I need you.
Oh, yeah? Since when? Look, we tried it out.
It didn't work.
We're friends.
I don't want the whole world to know that I've been with Terry.
Please? Okay, okay.
I'll stay with Terry.
You were always cleaning up her messes, weren't you, Doctor? Jane told us that she paid you a visit a couple of days ago.
She thought she had the flu but she didn't.
She's pregnant.
And, with the father out of the way, you knew who she would turn to.
But Tommy Sconzo is the father.
You killed the wrong guy.
Let's take a little drive.
You nearsighted? I bet this is going to match the contact lens we found at the crime scene, isn't it? Let me ask you another question.
Why deal 91% pure China White? Did you have a beef with the victim, or I never met the guy.
You're going to have to do better than that.
You intentionally sold him stuff that was too pure.
We know he's not the only guy you dealt it to.
Look, I didn't mean to harm anybody, all right? I didn't know what I was cutting.
Probably Bad batch? Hey, do yourself a favor, slick.
If you don't know enough about something, stay out of it.
It's too late for that.
You want to talk about it? No.
I'm going to meet Lillie.
I'll see you back at the lab.
You don't know me.
You hiding from me? You looking for me? Yeah.
I wanted to talk to you.
Oh, yeah? About what? Come on, tell me.
We're not strangers anymore, remember? Yeah, you're right.
Warrick Brown.
What? I'm sorry, Lillie.
Life's too short.
What are you doing here? I'm playing cards with my friend.