CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s02e17 Episode Script

Felonius Monk

(people chanting) (chanting continues) (gunshots) "Wherever you live is your temple if you treat it like one.
" State your source.
Paramedics just pronounced.
Four dead, no witnesses.
Coroner's on his way.
Guy in the robe flagged down an officer.
"Guy in the robe" is a monk, Nick.
Yeah? Well he's a quiet monk.
Nonnative, from Thailand.
Rug's low pile, smooth.
I'll try to dust lift.
Let's hug the walls.
(Grissom sighs) Gunshot to the head.
Times four.
Gold statues money trees That's a lot of loot to leave behind.
This wasn't a robbery.
This was a hit.
Five years ago, West Vegas German tourist took a wrong turn, ended up dead.
This placa was sprayed across the windshield of their rental car.
It's the Snakebacks.
Gangbangers? At a Buddhist temple? Stippling around entry.
Close range.
Looks like they were shot one at a time.
How do you get one vic let alone four to sit still while you put a bullet between their eyes? They were praying.
Yeah, for mercy.
For whoever was shooting them.
(siren blares in distance) What can you tell me about the victims? We came from Thailand to share Buddhism here in Nevada.
But you didn't share the last couple hours together.
Where were you? I was at the bank.
We're raising money to build a school.
I was making a deposit.
Where are the other monks? On a retreat.
They come back tomorrow.
May I ask a question? This is a high-crime area.
Have you had any problems here before? Like break-ins or burglaries? The past is in the past.
But, sometimes, it leaves its fingerprints on the future.
Aren't you on duty? Hey.
How you doing, kiddo? Okay.
How are you? Fine.
Attitude adjustment? For the wife.
Says she can't face me without it.
How is Mrs.
Tadero? Counting the days till I retire.
Nice job on the Logan case.
Hoo-hoo! Wild ride! Mm-hmm.
You did good.
Yeah? Yeah.
Well I had a good teacher.
(sighing) So, did you see it? The confession? On TV, yeah.
And what do you think? I always regretted the jury didn't give him the chair.
But I'll take cancer, long as he's gone.
I've made a lot of mistakes.
I killed that guy in Reno.
But I did not kill Stephanie Watson.
(panting) God is my witness, I did not kill her.
Deathbed denial.
Negotiate with God for a better seat in hell.
What if Kelso didn't kill Stephanie? I looked him in the eyes (screaming) (sighs) What if he didn't? I mean Witnesses saw him bothering her in the club that night.
Uniform picks him up a block from the alley.
Knife cut on his hand.
Come on, Cath! Well maybe I'm just afraid, if I accept that he killed her, that it's over, and Stephanie's really dead.
II don't know.
What never lies? (sighs) The evidence.
The statute says that, once the convicted party is executed or dies, the evidence can be destroyed.
It it's not here.
They said it'd be here.
Yeah, well, people make mistakes.
Well, that's why we have computer tracking.
Fourteen It was 15, right? Yeah.
Stephanie Watson, right? Yeah.
Yeah, that's it.
This was my old life.
Yeah? We all have a past, huh? Stephanie was my best friend.
Hey, we still on for tonight? I got a gig.
I promised him I'd be there.
Forgive me? Just this once.
I never saw her again.
What exactly are we looking for? (sighs) Peace of mind that they got the killer.
Well, I'd start with this.
(man speaking foreign language) Forgive me.
English is my second language.
I understand you fine.
So, you're the part-time cook here? How many days a week do you work at the temple? Three.
You have a key? No need.
The door is always open.
I told the monks too trusting.
In this neighborhood, yeah.
They ever have any problems with gangs? Couple months ago, I saw spray paints on the back wall.
Gang signs.
I wanted to file a police report, but Ananda told me not to.
Why not? I told you.
"Monks are too trusting.
" Interesting reading for a man of the cloth.
That monk had it in the bottom of his desk drawer.
And he was the guy handling the money.
You hide one thing from your brothers, then maybe he was hiding more.
Yeah, but just 'cause you're stashing trash doesn't make you a killer.
Yeah, I'm just talking it out, Sara.
What'd you find? I found some boot prints on the prayer room rug.
Monks don't wear boots.
Right, Nick? No.
Or read porn or commit murder.
I also found a smudge with some trace material on a small statue.
It was a partial some ridge detail, but not makable and a wad of gum that was stuck to the big Buddha.
All of which is definitely pointing to an outside job.
Hey, whatever.
Outside, inside.
Why shoot four people, then leave the murder weapon behind the temple where even a blind man could find it? And I hate taking off my shoes.
All were shot in the third eye the sixth chakra vortex of consciousness.
I was a Gray's Anatomy man until I lost my legs.
I started getting phantom pains no drug or exercise could control.
I began studying the chakras.
Well, I do know that the seven chakras correspond to the body's seven energy centers.
Each has a color and a vibration.
Muladhara, the root chakra, keeps us in the physical world.
Svadisthana, seat of sexual energy.
Manipura, melting pot of spiritual and earthly desires.
Anahata, the loving heart.
Visuddha, where feelings are given expression.
Ajna, the third eye.
Saharsrara, the crown connecting the mortal human to the timeless universe.
Let's go back to the third eye.
Ajna, the hub of higher consciousness.
If someone were threatened by that consciousness, that would be a logical target, yeah? There's a very good chance your killer's a Buddhist.
This is where Ecklie swabbed the blood sample from the blade 15 years ago.
It's your friend's Stephanie Watson.
We got the second blood sample from the handle end.
Perfect match to Dwight Kelso, the guy convicted for Stephanie's murder.
Thank you, Greg.
Thank you.
Had to be hard on you.
Losing a friend, someone that you I'm taking this to Trace.
Did I miss something? You see that? Hmm.
It's blood.
That's a weak sample.
That's probably why Ecklie took the thicker one.
why light up something you can't analyze in the first place? Yeah, except now, we can replicate DNA a million times, even from the most minute sample of blood.
Let me know what you find out.
Yes, ma'am.
Bobby D shot the test bullet through the rifle you found behind the temple.
It's on the right.
Bullet from vic number three on the left.
Lands and grooves align perfectly.
Well, we got ourselves a murder weapon.
Well, we've got more than that.
Sara and I found prints off the rifle.
And? Well, I'll give you a hint.
He's bald, he wears a robe and he likes his coeds bodacious.
(sighs) One survivor, one suspect.
And a whole lot of bad karma.
I entered through the back.
The rifle was on my desk.
I walked into the prayer room to ask my brothers about the gun.
I returned to my office, placed the weapon outside, and went for help.
Tampering with evidence is against the law.
The temple is a holy place.
Maybe, but a crime had been committed there.
Please understand I was obeying my teachings.
Do your teachings allow you to keep pornography? Someone left the magazine at the temple.
I kept it in case this person came back.
Yeah, right.
If you are no longer attached to seeking pleasure, pictures of naked women mean no more than pictures of waterfalls.
I abstain from erotic behavior not because we believe sex is sinful, but because preoccupation with worldly pleasure diverts us from the path.
Got to be a lot easier to be a monk in a monastery on a mountaintop than one on Las Vegas Boulevard.
I ran that faint blood sample from the knife.
Yeah, I know.
Just the person I wanted to see.
I just signed off on the Authorization to Destroy Evidence in the Stephanie Watson homicides since I was the primary, and then I learned tonight that the evidence has been checked out by you and Warrick.
You care to explain that? Found a third donor on the knife.
Blood's from a male.
But Kelso didn't have an accomplice.
Then you know why we're looking at the file.
Here's the good news.
Look at his hands.
The cut on his left index finger it's just like the evidence log says.
Kelso's glove is not in any of the crime scene photos, any of the sketches, anywhere.
Pictures get lost, Warrick.
I do remember that glove, though.
Kelso's blood was all over it.
It is in the evidence log.
You see who logged it in? Jimmy Tadero.
Booked two days after the murder.
So why no photos? Want me to tag along? He's my mentor.
If he screwed up, I don't think he's going to want an audience.
(computer beeps) You know those prints that Nick and I got off the rifle? D.
Says it's enough for a warrant.
Ananda's already in custody.
Well, I better talk fast, then.
The prints are only telling half the story.
Even when a shooter holds a gun, he grips the barrel and he wraps his index finger around the trigger.
Ananda never fingered the trigger.
What about the prints? On the weapon, but definitely not where they should be.
(computer beeps) He held the rifle by the stock barrel pointing down.
He never fired it.
Anticipating your next question, the rifle's not registered.
Well, Nevada doesn't require rifle registration.
What's my next question? That chewing gum is with DNA.
(whirring) "Placa" was carved into the panel with a straight-edged blade.
Not much to work with.
What's unusual is the placa itself.
Bangers tag homicides all the time.
Yeah, but after those German tourists were killed, the Snakebacks were pretty much wiped out.
The cops really came down hard on those guys.
for for murder and weapons possession, drugs, you name it.
According to the Gang Unit, they've been out of business about a year.
So we're looking at a Warhol.
Hmm? Well, it's not a real soup can.
It's a painting of a soup can.
Not a gang member.
A wannabe? Except, if you want to be in a gang, you can be.
False clue.
Excuse me, sir? I'm sorry to interrupt.
David, stop calling me "sir.
" What's up with the Air Force? You're all clear for tonight.
Air Force? My dad's a colonel out at Nellis.
Grissom's requested a meeting.
Why? I'm enlisting.
(chuckles) Since 9-11, geosynchronous government satellites have maintained a constant watch over U.
Military installations.
And the surrounding areas as well, right? This temple is less than two miles from your base.
What's the chances your satellite's picked something up? We can see a postage stamp on the sidewalk outside Lenin's tomb.
Glad to see you're not in uniform.
Only one vehicle passed through the temple gates around the time of the murders.
Parked next to the monk's car.
" Registered to a Peter Hutchins.
Did you get his picture from outer space? All photographs were intermittent.
None included the driver.
The coffee shop? Yep.
Would you like to, uh process the truck? Sure.
Thank you.
Hi, there.
Can I help you guys? Yeah.
I'm Nick Stokes.
This is Gil Grissom.
We're with the Vegas Crime Lab.
Pete Hutchins.
Uh cops are always welcome.
Any sandwich, on the house, guys.
No, thanks.
We're here about the murders at the Buddhist temple off Crystal Peak Drive.
Yeah, I heard about it.
I heard that, uh some of the local business owners weren't very happy with the members of the temple.
The monks? Well, they don't speak English, and that bothered the other customers.
And it's kind of hard to sell beer or sandwiches or videos when the monks don't partake in any of those things.
Those monks changed the whole feel of this neighborhood.
I'm not surprised at any of these murders.
Your name is? Peter Hutchins Sr.
You know what? I've owned this shop for 20 years.
Suddenly, these holy robers move in here, and business takes a nosedive.
And I don't care what they say, it doesn't have a damn thing to do with the economy.
Good night, Las Vegas; good morning, Vietnam.
Uh Grissom, I found these on the front seat.
Uh which one of you two guys drives the truck outside? I do.
Well, these wouldn't be your prayer beads, would they? No.
Isn't there a law against her sniffing around inside my truck? She has a warrant.
Sir, your vehicle was seen in the driveway of the temple around the time of the murders.
Now, why would I go to a Buddhist temple? Probably not looking for salvation.
(rock music playing) We want two.
Jimmy's running late.
Nothing changes, huh? Oh, uh (laughing) Some things do.
Are you kidding, Catherine? Any day of the week, honey, you can still have them three deep, lined up at the bar.
You were always nice to me, Ted.
Nice has nothing to do with it, kid.
Let's face it, you and this CSI stuff that's where you light up you're a natural.
Jimmy changed my life.
And no funny stuff, just mentor and pupil.
Guy delivered me into a whole new life.
Hey! Jimmy! What's the case of the week? Guy's up a tree, dead.
Mm-hmm? Ex-wife in the bedroom, with the pool man, both very alive, if you know what I mean.
Guy's spying on his ex.
Has a heart attack when he sees her doing the nasty with the pool man.
You must have read the coroner's report.
Just my woman's intuition.
I wish he could have done the same for Stephanie.
Hey, Cath.
What's the case of the week? (sighs) Wish I didn't know.
You up for this? Ted.
See you, kid.
This is where Stephanie was found.
Worst day of my life.
Over there is where the beat cop grabbed Kelso as he was running out into the alley.
That's right.
Now, do you remember where you found Kelso's bloody glove? Up there, around the corner of that Dumpster.
I figure he'd dropped it, trying to get away.
And then you logged it into evidence? No sketches, no photos.
Just brought it in two days after the murder.
Arresting officer never saw a glove, according to the file.
He was busy trying to corral Kelso.
It was dark.
I came back in the daylight.
What's going on? You always used to say, if something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't.
What do you want? We got the guy.
Jimmy, you're not hiding anything, are you? You didn't try to make things fit? I'm going to forget you ever asked that.
I thought so.
Lot of activity in this neighborhood.
Guy going the wrong way on a one-way.
Fender bender on the corner.
Some guy running down the middle of the street Good.
We should go after him, then, 'cause the sandwich dad's going to walk.
His alibi checks out he was in Laughlin with his wife at a farmers market.
What about the truck? Took the van.
Left the truck in the driveway.
Junior? Yeah.
Teenage kid, no parents, keys to a ride.
I'm all over him.
Results from the colored material found at the crime scene.
I'm trying to be humble but, once again, I have the case breaker.
You may be right.
Paintball paint.
(rapid gunfire) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Knock it off! Come on over here, Rambo.
Wow! One pop to the chest and you're out.
You got off easy.
What are you guys doing here? Well, we know that your father's truck was at the temple at the time of the murders.
And our lab identified boot prints and paint residue near the altar.
What kind of paint? Water soluble, with flecks of plastic coating like the kind on your clothes.
Toss them in the wash, paint's gone.
(gunfire continuing) You were there, weren't you? (clears throat) I've never been to the temple.
Well See this boot print says you were.
Tell him who you lent your boots to.
Tell him, or they'll accuse you of something else.
Nobody else wears my boots.
Son (sighs) We heard that this place was freaky that there was a money tree and drugs.
We wanted to see for ourselves.
(laughing) That's got to be solid gold, man.
(door opening) Come on, come on We heard someone coming, and we took off.
That's why you found my boot prints.
You see, our dust lifter is only effective on very recent prints.
I think you were there the day of the murders.
It was a (clears throat) It was a week ago when I went there with my friends.
But Tommy, he copped a statue.
I went back to return it, and I was removing my boots when I looked inside and I saw them laying there.
I wanted to call the police, but I knew, if they found me there, they'd think I did it.
How'd you know to remove your boots? You'd been there before? Maybe.
What are you accusing my son of now? They were my friends.
Those monks were your friends? I'm taking a walk.
(door closes) Someone once asked the Buddha, "How do we escape the heat of the summer's day?" And the Buddha said, "Why not leap into a blazing furnace?" I got your beep.
Did you run those tests? Kelso's glove embedded in the fabric dog hair.
I isolated motor oil on the thumb, and the rest of the stains were bloodstains Kelso's just like in the report.
From where he cut himself stabbing her? You'd think, but you kind of put me on a wild snipe hunt, so I tested for all biologicals, and I ran amylase and I found saliva.
Kelso's saliva? Yeah.
Well, blood mixed with saliva sounds like a mouth injury.
Did you check the blood that Ecklie collected from the murder weapon? Also amylase.
Well, how did blood from Kelso's mouth end up on the glove as well as the knife? Unless it was planted.
You set him up.
He killed her.
You don't know that.
Yes, I do.
When I stuck her, she called out your name.
Where's a cop when you need one? (Kelso yells) Guys like Kelso brag all the time about things they didn't do, cat-and-mouse He had a history of roughing up girls.
He had a knife cut on his hand.
But the D.
A got cold feet, released him.
You don't have jack on me.
(Kelso grunting) (choking) I helped the evidence along.
Good evidence doesn't need help.
You taught me that one.
I'm going to have to ask you for a sample of your blood.
What? New technology.
We isolated male blood on the murder weapon.
It doesn't belong to Kelso.
You think I killed Stephanie? You were in love with her, Jimmy.
That was no secret.
But the ring was.
Three karats, and she turned you down.
Same week she died.
I never thought anything of it till now.
You're good.
You are.
I'll get a warrant.
Yeah, you do that.
You go get a warrant.
Well, I have to warn you.
Any food I find in the gum is not going to be unique.
Why don't you just give me a suspect I can match to? I can't give you what I don't have, Greg.
All we're going to have is what we get from this gum.
All right, then I guess it's slice and dice.
Thank you.
Results on Jimmy Tadero's sample.
I just got it back from DNA.
(sighs) Not going to take a look at it? (laughs) There was a shooting one night in the club, and Jimmy pulls out his revolver and takes down the bad guy.
The guy's on the floor, dying.
Even though this was 15 years ago, we still knew about AIDS.
Jimmy then puts his gun away, he leans down he starts giving this guy mouth-to-mouth after having just shot him.
Forget his own life, he's going to bring this guy back.
And he did.
You want me to open it? (sighs heavily) (laughter) You've been excluded on the murder weapon.
I could have told you that.
Did you compare the unknown against the club owner, Ted? Yeah, I compared it to Ted.
I compared it to every male in CODIS.
There were no hits, nowhere.
Have a seat, Jimmy.
I screwed up you want to hear me say it? I liked Kelso.
Maybe I was wrong.
Yeah, you were.
So now what? You know now what.
You're not serious.
You put a man away for life on planted evidence, Jimmy.
He was a scumbag.
He copped to another murder.
Scumbag or saint, what you did is a capital crime.
You can't play with evidence, especially in a murder.
I can get life in prison if you turn me in.
Do you know that? Maybe even the death penalty.
Do you know that?! What do you want me to do? What do you want me to do? Do you want me to look the other way? Do you want me to dummy my report? I can't believe you're doing this to me.
I gave you your career.
I earned my career.
And you did this to yourself.
You fabricated evidence, Jimmy.
You were two steps away from turning tricks.
This is the thanks I get? I danced, period.
And, instead of feeling sorry for yourself, think about this: When you were out there planting evidence on a case that you couldn't break, Stephanie's real killer got away.
And he's still out there because you sold the one thing a cop can't afford to sell: Your integrity.
So you tell me, between the two of us, who's the whore? Arrest him.
You can hate me all you want.
I'm going to see you through this.
If you see the Buddha on the side of the road, kill him.
Because the true Buddha is inside of us, so that is the false Buddha or a tired monk who doesn't drive because he can't control his anger.
Climb in.
I'll give you a lift.
We've cleared the father.
The son has also been cleared.
And you're looking for my help.
You know my religion better than I know your science.
There was a gang placa that was scrawled into the walls of your temple.
It was put there to mislead us.
The weapon you found on your desk was also put there to mislead us.
The only other unexplained evidence we have is the chewing gum.
We found traces of curry and saffron.
Somebody ate a meal, then chewed gum.
Sometimes the best evidence we get comes from what people do when they're not thinking.
Old habits, routines.
I don't think the gum was put there to mislead us.
I think it was just a mistake.
And you want to know what I eat for dinner.
Curry and saffron.
It's the real stuff.
The neighborhood kids thought we imported drugs.
We just imported spices.
And the five of you ate together that night? Any guests? No.
How come you don't leave your cell phone on? We're in a temple, O'Riley.
Oh, sorry.
I just left the bank.
Ananda here, you're playing fast and loose with the school fund money.
You raised just over $13,000 for the school fund, but you only deposited $12,000.
You planning any more trips to Disneyland? According to the bank, you opened the school fund account on the same day as the murders.
Where did you have the money before that? In a box in my office.
Curry powder.
Your temple employs a part-time cook.
Suddahara moved on.
After you caught him with his hand in the till? Why didn't you tell us about Mr.
Suddahara before? Because a man steals doesn't mean he also kills.
Got any more of that gum, Mr.
Suddahara? Fresh out.
(door opens) Yep.
His DNA matches the gum sample.
You thought Ananda was going to report you to the police for stealing the money.
Went home, got his rifle, came back to make sure he didn't talk.
And he'd gone to the bank to protect the rest of the money, but you didn't know that.
Where is he? (chanting) Did he go to the copsalready? If they ask what I look like here's your answer.
(gunshot) I'm curios about one thing, though.
Why did you shoot them all in their sixth chakra? I shot them between the eyes.