CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s06e01 Episode Script

Bodies in Motion

CSI:LV Season 06 EP 01 ¡ Bodies in Motion ¡· Warrick,why don't you and I take the perimeter and work our way in.
All right.
Greg,you're with us.
I'll start the sketch.
- How you doing,Nick? - Above ground,Wilcox.
Would you like inside or out? I'll take in.
We got two vics.
We think the girl is Selena March.
She owns the trailer.
What about the male? Nothing yet.
This is a piece of the roof right here-- fiberglass and particle board.
These things weren't built to last.
They were built to burn.
This place is totaled.
My money's on meth lab.
The bed's collapsed.
You know,Metcalf, just because somebody lives in a trailer park, doesn't mean they're a meth cook.
You guys are a real pain in the ass,you know that? Get used to it,pal.
I'm just having a little trouble understanding this because you all live so close together.
You mean none of you saw the explosion? - Uh,I heard it.
- Well,good.
When I came out about five minutes later, the whole place was burnin' up.
- Where do you live? - Right over there.
All right,let me get this straight-- you heard a blast like thatcoming from your neighbor's and it took you five minutes to poke your head out and see what was going on? - I was watching TV.
- I'm sure he was drinking.
No,hang around,hang around.
Hey,hang around.
Did you find a man in Selena's trailer? Now why would you ask that? Was Selena a hooker? I'm sure I don't know.
But one thing I do know, that's not Selena's car.
Yeah? Catherine,we have a 4-19 off Industrial.
Do you mind handling it? So you get the team back together only to break us apart again.
What kind of a perverse game are you playing here,Gil? - Same one as usual.
- Yeah,I'll cover it.
I'm taking Warrick.
Good to see you.
Hey,would you tell Nick I hope there's no hard feelings about that whole, you know,abduction thing.
He hasn't returned my calls.
He's been busy.
Squad car found her about a half hour ago-- no ID, but there's a lot of homeless in this area.
Looks like somebody took something to her head.
Didn't find a weapon,but my guys are still looking.
A shopping bag for a shirt, rubber boots and a G-string.
Homeless stripper? Well,this is G-String Row,isn't it? Why is there a ring on your ring finger? Because I'm married.
What? Congratulations.
How much did you pay her? No,seriously,good luck with that,man.
I didn't even know you had a girlfriend.
Oh,yeah,it's a girl I've been dating a couple months,Tina.
How long have you been married? Since yesterday.
Did this,uh,drive-through wedding at Circus Circus Way, you know.
Fun,fun time.
Sorry I'm late.
Busy night.
We need a TOD,David.
Rigor's barely set,so not long.
Under four hours.
About as long as Warrick's been married.
You're married? - Congratulations.
- Thanks.
Do you think she was dumped? Lividity is consistent with the position of the body.
- So it's highly unlikely.
- All right.
- I'll check out the strip clubs.
- I'll go with you.
Well,there doesn't seem to be any drug-manufacturing supplies, but plenty of ignition sources: a hot plate,fondue pot,gas stove,candles.
One leaky pipe's all it takes.
Which I haven't found yet.
Yeah,but even if you had, that would only explain the explosion in here, not the ruptured gas main outside.
Think I can help you with that.
I found this gas meter over by the main.
Trailer blows,this thing becomes a missile.
One explosion leads to another.
Yeah,but where did it all start? Brass ran the plates on that Acura near the trailer.
It's registered to a Robert Durgee.
You get his photo from the DMV? Confirmed as the vic-- Henderson address,mortgage broker.
Wife's name was on the insurance card.
- She coming in? - She wasn't home.
Brass is tracking her down.
Excuse me,Mr.
Grissom An officer brought this in off a call from Flora Nevada Nursery.
They thought it might have something to do with the Walter Gordon case.
Female's lungs were filled with soot.
COD is smoke inhalation.
Okay,that means the natural gas didn't suffocate her.
Explosion probably knocked her out before the fire even started.
Yeah,male didn't even last that long.
His lungs were clean,but he suffered fatal crushing injuries to his abdomen.
The pieces of debris that were on this guy's body were not heavy.
- But the bed he was lying in collapsed.
- Explosion could've done that.
Let's photo-enhance these bruises.
Yeah,yeah,the UV light's definitely bringing out the bruises underneath the skin.
That looks like a tire mark.
Maybe our gas explosion just turned into a hit-and-run.
Well,Robert said that he was going to be working late.
So I went to midnight bingo.
Alone? Excuse me? Alone? I was with a friend.
What was your friend's name? Why? Why not? He's married.
Looks like the only person in this thing who isn't married is the dead girl in the trailer with your husband.
You didn't know he was having an affair? No,I had no idea.
You have a '96 blue Ford Ranger.
We're going to need to take a look at it.
But my truck is in New Mexico.
My brother borrowed it this morning,he,uh A wild guess: you have no idea how to reach him.
Not until he gets back.
Why do you need to see my truck? Let me tell you a story.
Once upon a time,you follow your husband to a trailer park.
You see him slumming with his little trailer bunny.
You waited for him to come out When she pulls the body back in, before she can call for help, you torch the place.
The end.
That is the craziest thing I've ever heard.
Wouldn't even make my top ten.
So that's when the bereaved Mrs.
Durgee lawyered up.
Broadcast's out on her truck, and the warrant's ready to go.
I don't care what he says.
Put him in the tank and see if he wises up.
Sure as hell can't get any dumber.
Detective Curtis.
I thought you were supposed to be arresting people in Boulder City.
Well,a spot opened up here and I transferred in today.
Well,your mother would be proud.
My mother made Captain.
You know,I'd just qualified for my shield when the sheriff pulled my papers and "volunteered" me to CSI.
I think my mom hated that more than I did.
You won't miss the lab,will you? There's some things I'll miss.
I'll see you around.
So,Vartann and I struck out on G-String Row.
You poor guys.
You know what I mean.
No one recognized the victim's picture.
Listen,Cath, about this whole - marriage thing - Yeah,that.
Yeah,that kind of threw me for a loop.
Tina,right? Yeah.
She must be a very special woman.
I look forward to meeting her.
- Yes,she - The vic's blood-alcohol level was .
16 and COD was blunt-force trauma.
Smashed and then smashed,huh? Any luck on the,uh victim's prints? No work card,no record.
But the rubber boots were standard-issue Streets and Sanitation.
"? Yeah,there's three S&S workers with those initials.
And it looks like an Eddie Vonner was on duty last night.
Why would you want to see my boots? You tell us.
Look,I know it's against the regs to pick up anything other than trash, but,I mean,come on.
She was barefoot; she was stepping on glass and crap, so,yeah,I gave her my boots.
And she practically begged,so, I gave her a lift.
So,you're just a good Samaritan.
Oh,come on,it was pretty obvious she didn't belong there.
- Where? - Jefferson and K? You ever see the citizens that hang out in that neighborhood? When I see them,they're usually dead.
Well,there you go.
I mean,come on,she I could tell,despite the well,the get-up,she was hot.
And,I mean,I'm not talking like garbage truck hot.
I mean,she was like like limo hot.
Listen,did she tell you her name,or, uh,how she ended up there,anything? She looked kind of embarrassed, so I didn't push it.
So,I just I dropped her off down at,uh, Western and Industrial.
Never left my route.
Why,did she,uh? She say anything about me? She died a few blocks from where you dropped her off.
If the wife torched the trailer and caused the explosion, you would expect to see small debris embedded all over the inside of these walls.
There's nothing here.
Hey,hey Sara.
Check this out.
This is a piece of the exterior wall facing the road.
- With a tire mark on it? - Yeah.
There is blue paint on this gas main.
Didn't mean anything at the time.
Amber has a blue Ford Ranger,right? What if Amber follows her husband to trailer, sees him go inside, totally freaks out.
Why wait for him to come out? Yeah.
Yeah,just come straight through.
Run him over in bed with another chick.
Trailer collapses,fire breaks out, sweeps through,and destroys practically all evidence of a collision.
It's too bad we don't have her truck.
We could match this to her tires.
Well,'96 Ford Ranger,stock paint.
Maybe I can match the transfer to this.
I'm starving.
There's a uni going out for sandwiches.
Would you like me to get you something? No,no,you go ahead.
I'm gonna work on this.
According to the garbageman, she ran up from this direction.
- Yeah? - Must be where she got the bag.
Victim wasn't carrying a cell phone.
She's in the wrong part of town in her underwear,scared out of her head.
She's gonna call her man, her family,someone.
And she didn't have a quarter, so she called 911.
- I'll print the phones.
- I'll dump the call records.
Let's get the traffic cameras,too.
The,uh,tread mark on your trailer wall is consistent with Michelin 195/70/R14s.
What about the blue paint scrapings we found on the gas main? You got a real thing for blue paint.
You know that? But,uh,this isn't from a Ford Ranger, or any Ford for that matter.
It's a GMC paint.
Amber Durgee was cheating on her husband, maybe even wanted him dead, but her truck didn't have anything to do with it.
Right tires,wrong vehicle.
Found something? Part of a headlamp,maybe.
Well,I found some blue paint transfer on that chain-link fence.
As far as tracks go, this place is a parking lot,man.
They're everywhere.
Except between the gas main and the trailer.
So,the trailerwasn't rammed? I think we're looking at the,uh, vehicular equivalent of a through-and-through.
Car comes down the road.
Gas main Flying car.
- That's what we're gonna go with? - Okay.
The partial oem number on the headlamp piece - belongs to a'97 pontiac sunfire.
- Boy,that was quick.
Well,gmc paint-- tire model wasn't that tough.
- I'll put out another broadcast.
- All right.
Your broadcast was for a blue Pontiac.
Patrol figured this was worth a look.
How bad does a smell have to get before Parking Control calls Homicide? No way this car was at the trailer park.
Think we've got a new case.
First citation was issued five days ago.
- Car's probably been here at least six.
- Six days in the summer heat.
And a trunk becomes a Crockpot.
Looks like a male and a female.
That could be an entry wound in her skull.
Well,if she was shot in there, there might be bullets and casing.
I say we process the car in place.
Let's get rolling.
Area is uncontrolled.
Evidence can be contaminated or lost.
We need to get this back to the lab.
Car condom.
Hi,CSI guy.
You're wondering why you're here? - Because you followed the evidence.
- Archie? Archie? - Do you have anything on pay phone dump? - Oh.
The 911 call about five minutes before your garbageman picked up the vic.
Then I matched timecodes with the video from the traffic cam.
Synched up the audio.
- 911.
What is your emergency? - Whoa! That's our girl.
Will you tell me your location? No.
I don't know where I am,okay?! Someone's getting territorial.
Vic loses her shoes.
Explains the boots.
Let see where she came from.
Rewind it a little bit, Oh,Stop.
Hold it.
That looks like an airport shuttle.
- There's a logo on this side.
- Yeah.
I can enhance that.
- That's a limo? - This is Vegas.
It's a strip bar on wheels.
I don't even pay attention to the talent.
I just drive down Industrial Boulevard, from strip club to strip club,picking 'em up.
It's like bus stops.
Before you know it, we're full,the bus is on fire We call it the "Champagne Ride.
" It's nice.
So what do the girls get paid for this? The girls,they make at least twice as much as they do in the clubs.
Depending on what else they ride.
It's a pretty sweet deal for the guys.
Hot chicks getting trashed with no security and nowhere to go.
And what happens when the girls want to get off? Usually,it's the guys that are getting off.
I found something in there besides body fluids.
Belongs to the victim,Brooke Harris.
You dropped that girl off in a war zone,man.
When the guy paying the tab says he wants to stop,I just stop.
- Come on - Stop it! - Back off,jerk! - Stop the bus! - Get her off the bus! - No,I don't want Look,strippers are tough chicks,okay? I figured she'd find a way home, one way or another.
Brooke Harris was getting calls from a gym? Well,the "Giselle" number went straight to voice mail.
The voice mail said to contact her here.
And what's the word on the husband? - The husband.
- Yeah no, according to his office, he's away in Laughlin on business.
We're still trying to get in touch Swing those legs up and around.
Yeah,like a waterfall you got it.
That's it! So I called Brooke a few times.
So what? She was one of my students.
You actually teach this? Strippers have the best bodies in town.
If you want the body, this is how you get it.
Trust me,I've been doing this since before I had my driver's license.
Well,workout is one thing.
What is a housewife from Centennial Park doing on a stripper bus with pros? She wanted it.
- Come on - No,really.
She loved the attention.
Loved the fantasy.
She wanted to try it for real.
See how she stacked up against some real talent.
- And you let her - Do I look like her mother? You were teaching her a lesson.
If I'd wanted to do that, I would've sent her to Stripperama, fed her to the wolves.
And drunk CEOs aren't wolves? They're worse.
You know that.
That's why you kept calling her.
So you could hear all about it,right? I was just calling to see how things went.
Oh,really? It's starting to sound like I need a lawyer.
So I pulled all the ROs from all the '97 blue Sunfires in Nevada, one name and address just jumped out Randy Swansiger.
Las Vegas Police! Come on out,Randy.
walk out slowly Randy Michelin tires.
Blue car.
Broken headlamp.
Hey,how's it goin'? I'm Detective Jim Brass.
Remember me? What are you guys doing? You got a couple of DWIs on your record.
What have you got to say for yourself,Randy? I was coming home been working late I guess I fell asleep at the wheel Next thing I know crash-boom-bang! The car still worked,so Drain plug's probably under the carpet.
I think I found it.
Technically,that makes you a cannibal.
Grissom would be proud.
Grissom would've tasted it on purpose.
It's working.
That makes 34 prints.
Jacqui's going to love me.
You got something? I think so Bullet fragment.
Rules out a .
See,it was worth it.
You better get ready for this because this is going to blow you away.
The rust-colored material you found on the victim's head wound was rust.
Plain old ferric oxide, found on nearly every iron object on the planet Earth.
Case breaker? No? As they say, "garbage in,garbage out.
" Um the Champagne Ride picks up strippers near the clubs, but not actually at the clubs.
The owners don't like that bus coming anywhere near the clubs because they don't make any money off them.
Well,look, Brooke Harris wasn't planning to die that night.
She had to have parked her car somewhere.
Well,there's a secured parking lot not too far from where the garbageman dropped her off.
So,if she parked her car here why did she go here? Hey,Catherine Yes? Can we talk?About this? Sure.
You know,what happened to Nick it just got me thinking.
Life is so short,you know? It's almost it's almost shorter than we want to ever believe.
- Live for the day.
- Exactly.
So,I,uh I've been heading to ask this young lady I've been seeing,Tina,to marry me.
- You know that I'm happy for you.
- Yeah? Yeah.
But it also feels like you're not so happy for me.
Warrick You know,the thing that makes a fantasy great is the possibility that it might come true.
And when you lose that possibility it just kind of sucks.
Greg, your most likely match is a .
44 round recovered from a drug-related shoot-out in Mesquite five days ago.
Case is still open.
That's roughly two days after the bodies ended upin the trunk.
Maybe our vics were the beginning of a little crime spree.
I ran the Grand Am's VIN.
Last RO was a tow yard over by Nellis.
Vehicle's most likely an impound, sold under the table to some scammer who faked his tags.
- You're not going to get far in that direction - I know.
What about prints? 13 different IDs.
Some off work cards,some off felonies ranging from assault,B&E,cocaine trafficking.
Well,even if I do manage to track them all down, there's no guarantee any of these were involved with the vics.
Well,they didn't put themselves in the trunk, and unless they were shot right there at the curb, somebody drove the car there.
You're the detective.
Go detect.
Fully developed skeletal structure consistent with an adult male.
The medial end of the clavicle's almost fused.
Suggests he's about 25 years old.
Lack of prognathism indicates he's Caucasian.
The female,however,is prognathic and that suggests Negroid.
Unfused epiphysial ends make her a teenager.
White male,younger black female racially motivated? Could be a Son of Sam thing.
Summertime,couple on a date, making out in the car.
Berkowitz used a .
Gunshot wounds are most likely COD for both.
Female shows an entry wound at the rear of the skull.
Exit wound took off most of her face.
Male has no exit wound, but the entry wound is pretty obvious.
Bullet never left the skull.
That would explain the bullet fragments.
What we need are IDs.
No missing persons filed for Caucasian males between 20 and 30 in the last two weeks, but there are possibles for the girl.
Two cases still open.
Could be a kidnapping.
The other one's 16.
This is one time it would be better to stay missing.
I also to brought, and her hairbrush.
This one's from her doctor.
Other's from her dentist.
How long is it going to take you? That's hard to say.
James,was Clara by any chance seeing an older man? As far as I know, she wasn't seeing anybody but it wouldn't surprise me if she was.
Clara wasn't smart when it come to people, talking to any lowlife chump who'd give her the time of day.
The girl never did listen to a damn word I said.
The older man um could've been someone she met at school? Did she have a part-time job? Gooeybunz,over on El Dorado.
We found a number of half-eaten Gooeybunz in the car.
You know,Clara wasn't really that smart about her diet either, but she hated those things.
Smell'd get into her clothes.
By the time she got home, she practically ready to throw up.
You find out who did this - you let me know.
- Yeah.
According to Clara James' father, Clara didn't eat Gooeybunz.
She didn't like them,which means it was either the killer or the male DB.
So we're looking for bite marks? If we find a good impression,maybe we'll get an ID through dental records.
You got it.
And the student becomes a master.
I'm not seeing any bite marks.
Me either.
It's not like they were bitten at all.
More like torn apart.
Check it out.
They might all be in pieces but they're all still here.
No one ever ate any of them.
Which is kinda weird.
I mean, why buy all of 'em and not eat 'em? I found this one under a passenger seat-- intact,on the floor.
It escaped the carnage.
That's not frosting.
I always liked the middle part the best.
When she parks her car, she's a hot housewife.
A few hours later, she's just another freak.
It's my Mercedes,okay? I can prove it.
Just give me the keys.
- Show me ten bucks or you ain't proving squat.
- I don't have anywhere to go! Brooke Harris probably spent ten bucks a day - on nonfat lattes.
- Right.
She needed money to get her car back.
Well,I don't see any ATMs around here.
This is a bad place to be broke.
Hey,you miss me? Rusty flakes.
Hey,Michaels,did you put this crime tape up? Yes,sir.
Yeah,well,you missed something.
There's blood on this rebar.
Where'd you find that? I,uh I just picked it up over there May I ask you a question? Do you recognize this woman? She's a thief.
She took some money out of my hat.
Hey! Hey! Stealing's a crime.
Think you might be able to take this man into custody? Tox confirmed that the packet in the Gooeybun contained cocaine, and one of the prints that I lifted off the Grand Am was a felony conviction for cocaine trafficking-- Joey Zack,drug dealer.
seems he liked to use Gooeybunz to move his coke.
He's a nice regular customer at Gooeybunz.
He used to chat up cute Clara when he was there, sweet-talks her into a date, and they both end up dead in his bitchin' Grand Am.
Well,whoever did it must've done it for the drugs.
GCMS on the melted gloves from your Grand Am.
A delicious confection of sugar,gelatin,starches, citric acid,mineral oil, Red 40,Yellow 5,Blue 1 and carnauba wax, Candy.
Gummy candy.
I'm partial to Jujubes myself.
Is it something I said? - Probably.
- Joey Zack's printwas found on the radio, which was tuned to 107 FM.
Now,as far as I know, there is only one place in town where you can get gummies, a generic cheeseburger,and 107.
1 gets anything other than static.
Sorry,I don't recognize him.
Most of the time when people come here,it's dark.
How about this? You ever seen this car before? No,all I remember from the last two weeks is what's playing 'cause I've seen it 8,000 times.
Killer Punch.
A big draw for crap cars.
We're gonna need to talk to your employees.
Oh,come on,please.
Is that really necessary? It's a homicide investigation.
We could just call the health inspector and see how many code violations he has festering in that concession stand.
Geez,fine,knock yourselves out.
Jerry's on tickets Maddox runs the projector, and Darryl's in concessions.
- No.
No,he quit last week.
- Why? He said he was gonna go live with his parents up in Mesquite.
Guy's name is Darryl Blakeny.
Small-time hood with priors for B&E and possession.
His prints were on the steering wheel of the Grand Am.
When he quit his job at the drive-in, he was in court-ordered rehab.
We figured Blakeny was one of Joey Zack's customers.
One night, Blakeny sees his coke dealer's Grand Am at the drive-in, and the fiend snaps.
Move,and you're dead! Shut up! - All right,all right,all right! - Give me the coke,Joey! Give me the coke! Do we know where he killed them? We don't know where yet.
Or why.
Maybe the girl started freaking out; maybe Blakeny's just a psycho.
Anyway,uh,Blakeny tossed the bodies, and throws them in the trunk and drives home.
The street where the Grand Am was found is a block away from his last known residence.
He leaves it there collecting parking tickets, skips town,and uses the same gun two days later in another drug-related crime in Mesquite.
The scumbag's still in the wind.
At least he's in the system with a double homicide.
That's not going to satisfy Clara James' father.
Can she cook? Is she a good cook? - Come on,Warrick.
- Hey,Grissom.
We're taking Warrick to the Pepper Mill to celebrate his marriage and to condemn his elopement.
You in? Did you invite your wife? I don't think I'm ready to subject her to the crew just yet.
I got to beg off,you guys.
- Got to take Lindsay to school.
- All right.
- So? - I got one more thing to do.
All right.
So,breathe quick.
Breathe slow.
Put your gun in your mouth and pull the trigger.
Any way you like, you're going to die here.
Okay? Perfect.
How'd you know it was going to be there? If that "okay" had been meant for Nick, it wouldn't have been in the form of a question.
I think maybe Walter Gordon had an accomplice.
Male or female? It's,um hard to say.
The tape was pretty mangled.
Enhancement and noise cancellation increase intelligibility, but it alters timber and tone.
I don't know there's any more I can do here.
You know,Nick recorded a message on the flip side of the tape.
- You think maybe we should - No.
This is between you and me.
" CSI:LV Season 06 EP 01 " -=END=-