CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s06e02 Episode Script

Room Service

CSI:LV Season 06 EP 02 ¡ Room Serice ¡· Hey! Where's my money? You wait here! You want to come with us? Oh,my God.
Gunshot wound to the neck.
No visible GSR.
Money on the visor.
It wasn't a robbery.
Dirt clods on the floor mat look undisturbed.
Could be from the last fare.
I don't see any shell casings,though.
Partition's closed.
Bullet-proof glass.
He was not shot from inside.
Well,I got two bullet holes in the passenger door.
That's a weird side of the car for a driveby.
Maybe he wasn't shot here.
Maybe he just ended up here.
Excuse me? - Are you with the Transit Board? - Yeah.
Do you have the dispatch log? Thanks.
Why's he leaving? Well,that's kind of what he does.
- Is this camera always on? - Only on HBO.
It takes stills for ten seconds when the door opens, and then for the first ten seconds of the fare.
We're gonna need the pictures.
- This is Catherine.
- It's Gil.
How you doing? I'm busy.
Checking up on me? - Why would I need to do that? - You tell me.
Look,I know you tend to get a little territorial about your crime scenes, and I don't want there to be any tension between us, - so I'm giving you fair warning.
- Fair warning for what? You're at 7888 Oakey Street,am I right? Julian Harper.
If it weren't for the cyanosis,I'd say he was doing a photo shoot forGQ.
Yeah,I'm sure he wasn't ready forthis photo shoot.
Body temp's 95.
That would make T.
approximately 3:00 a.
Well,there's plenty of drugs around here.
You think he OD'd? Yeah,no edema.
Some petechia.
Could be suffocation or strangulation.
But no ligature marks or bruising.
However some fibers under the chin.
What are you doing? It's for my scrapbook.
I've got a perfect spot for him-- a place of honor between Tupac and Entwhistle.
The taxi's last dropoff was this address.
This guy's got dirt on his shoes and pants.
There was dirt in the cab.
He's got to be the last fare.
So,somebody killed them both.
And if it's about money, doesn't look like this guy has much.
Well,I guess it's relative.
It depends on Samay Samay Thao.
That's a long way from here.
I count six shots in his chest.
There were two in the cab, one in the cabbie.
If the math is correct,that's nine.
Suggests semi-automatic, but I don't see any shell casings here.
Yeah,there were none in the taxi,either.
Killer could have picked them up.
To shoot a guy six times in the torso, you either have to be very close, or a hell of a shot.
- It's okay if I roll him? - Yeah.
Well,no through and throughs.
We should be able to recover some bullets from the body.
Hang on.
What do you make of that? Looks like he rubbed up against something.
There's some paint flaked off of that railing.
We got blood drops.
This looks fresh.
Hey,Brass? Las Vegas Police! Put the gun down!Put the gun down! Put it down.
I shoot burglar! Julian Harper.
Wasn't he supposed to be like,uh the next Brad Pitt or something? Yeah.
Now he's the next River Phoenix.
- All right,Gerald.
- Uh,they call me Blinky.
And what was your relation to Julian Harper? Best friends since kindergarten.
Now I work for him.
- What did you do for him? - Pretty much everything.
You know,bought his stuff,hooked him up.
Drove him to meetings.
- Did you find the body? - I ordered room service.
I wanted to see if he was hungry.
Boom,there he was.
Did you touch or move the body in any way? Uh,no way.
I watch those murder shows,you know? I know to just keep my hands to myself,and,uh,call the cops.
What is with the robe? Did you pat him down? He's packing a small,friendly weapon.
Would you mind standing up for us,sir? Nah,bro,I-I-I kind of got the angle of the dangle going.
- The boing,boing,boing.
- Stand up.
I,uh,took a Prevalis on the plane over.
I been pitching a tent for, like,eight hours.
Yeah,I-I think I need to consult a physician.
It's called a priapism.
Just in case you were wondering.
What else are you on,man? Oh,uh,nothing.
I mean,uh,I smoked a little herb at the club,but that's it.
What about Julian? Oh,Jules? Oh,no,he,uh he won't even take aspirin.
You know,he's organic.
You know, treats his body like a temple.
Well,we're gonna need a list of everyone who was here worshipping the temple.
- Can I sit down? - Yeah.
Did someone turn a shower on or something? You cleared that room,right? Hey! Are you okay? Hey.
We need a medic! And a bag for stomach contents.
His name is Keo Vipraxay.
He barely speaks English.
He's South Asian,I think.
- Anyway,it's all clear.
- Thanks,Jim.
Double-aught buck.
Standard shot is nine pellets.
That would account for all the hits.
So you're saying that a single shotgun blast,through a security door, took out two separate victims in two separate locations? Weird,huh? The cab drops Samay Thao in front of this building.
And the position of the blood drops give us a pretty good idea of where Samay was standing when he was shot.
He was a little shorter than me.
Shots were centered on his chest, about there.
My guess is, the cab was parked down there the driver peeled out when he got shot.
Vertical deflection down to the cab is roughly 60 degrees.
Standard shot won't spread that far.
The pellets must have come through the screen.
The old billiard ball effect.
The cab driver was collateral damage.
but the man with the shotgun said he shot a burglar.
What's here to steal? Semen on the bed sheets, as well as every other flat surface in here.
I've got vodka,champagne,cocaine hey,hey,Pantyhose.
I've got some smudges over here.
I've got some footprints.
Looks like someone was standing right there.
Was this guy just doing it all over the hotel room? If those are his footprints where are hers? Or her feet were up in the air.
- You tellme-- you just had your honeymoon.
- You want to swab this? I just don't understand.
I mean, who would want to kill Julian? I mean,he'd had some weird fan mail, but I don't think any of those kind of people would be able to get in his suite.
Were you in his suite? The ex-wife isn't exactly the best person to have around when you're looking to get laid.
Was that your choice or his? It was mutual.
I'm strictly his manager now.
So if you weren't in his suite, where did you go? I was taking care of business.
Checked the boys in,made sure the suite was copasetic, had a drink at Skin,and played pai gow until hotel security came to get me.
So how didyou get to be his manager? When I was with him,he was broke.
Then after the divorce,I still did his laundry,paid his bills,read his scripts.
After a while,I wanted to get paid.
Now I get ten percent of everything.
Look I need to make some calls.
Julian's parents, the studio - Can we talk about this later? - Sure.
But I need your prints and your DNA now.
Tox shows low levels of cocaine, alcohol and Prevalis.
Rules out overdose.
Really? I guess he was just acting about the clean-living part.
- C.
? - Asphyxia.
Asphyxiated how? I don't know.
No broken hyoid.
That and the absence of ligature marks or bruises makes strangulation unlikely.
- Did you find any fibers in his nose or mouth? - Nope.
That doesn't rule out suffocation.
Killer could have used something that didn't shed fibers.
Or maybe they came from whoever he was rolling around with in bed.
Found,uh,lubricant on his genitals, probably from a condom, and minor abrasions on his penis, indicative of vigorous, prolonged activity.
Sex,drugs and movies: the American dream.
Your stomach contents contain alcohol and traces of triazolam.
- Try-as-a-what? - It's a sleeping pill, has you reading the inside of your eyelids for a week.
I didn't take any pills.
We also found cocaine in your bloodstream.
I guess you didn't take that,either? So I did a couple of lines, but I didn't take any pills.
If I was gonna take a pill, I would've popped E or a perc.
Miss Villa,we found you in Julian Harper's suite.
- Were you ever in his bedroom? - Who knows? I don't even know how I ended up in Blinky's room.
Oh,my I swear,if that guy slipped me something Tell us what you do remember.
Me and my girls were at Skin,and,uh Blinky came over and said he was partying with Julian Harper.
And he said they had this pimpy booth,so we went over.
It didn't turn out the way I hoped.
And the next thing I know, Blinky's on top of me.
We could assist you in reporting a date rape.
- Thanks,but no.
- It's not an offer,it's our job.
There's thisStuff magazine party at Ghost Bar tonight.
I'm not gonna make it harder for me to get in because I tattled on Julian Harper's best friend.
I mean,if I run into them tonight - Julian Harper will not be there.
- Trust me,he will.
The coroner finished the autopsy early this morning.
- He's dead? - Yeah.
I was in Julian Harper's suite when he died? - You're kidding me,right? - And being in his suite makes you a suspect.
- I am? - Yes.
So we're going to need to take a sample of your DNA.
I amso getting into that party tonight for sure.
Yeah,I remember that guy.
He's,like,Chinese or something, - real spun out.
- He was on meth? Well,he was on something.
He was acting all shady.
Downed a bottle of soda before he even paid for it.
And that's how you knew he was on something? There ain't nothin' out here.
People hereact messed up because theyare messed up.
The Metro Transit Board said that he caught a Sunstar Taxi from this address.
I called it for him.
Anything to get that tweaker out of here.
Any idea how he got here in the first place? All I saw him do was walk through the door.
Samay Thao.
I don't even need to open him up to guess C.
Ocular inflammation.
Laceration of the sclera.
Hurts like hell when you get a grain of sand in your eye.
Imagine this.
Bad night for Laotians.
What other Laotians are having a bad night? Solo traffic collision on Mount Charleston.
Came in early this morning.
- Noy Vipraxay.
- Vipraxay? - Well,that's a hell of a coincidence.
- Does it mean something to you? Yeah,he's got the same last name as the guy who shothim.
In fact, Grissom said that our vic over there caught a cab at a gas station near Mount Charleston.
I'll have auto detail bring in his car.
- Sounds like your double's becoming a triple.
- Unless you got any more in your drawers? Hey,Archie.
See if you can help me out.
There was a smear on the window at the hotel.
It came back saliva.
So I ran it through CODIS,got a hit, felony battery on this guy,Willie Angel.
Now,he's a Las Vegas resident, but he wasn't a registered guest at the hotel.
He has no affiliation with Julian's little entourage whatsoever.
I think I scoped this guy earlier.
- Really? Do it up.
- Yeah.
Yeah,there he is.
- Looking dapper.
- All right.
Gets off on the high-roller floor.
Hey,2:45 a.
Shopping bags? There's no mall on that floor.
He was shopping at Julian Harper's.
Enough time to shop and kill.
The Palms issued two card keys-- one to Julian,and one to his boy Blinky.
But the database shows one,twothree keys were used to access the suite? Well,assuming the third card was Willie's.
You can't just walk up to the front desk and pull the "I lost my key" scam on a VIP suite.
So how'd Willie get it? Sorry.
I just started seeing someone.
Had a bit of a late night.
Let me ask you something.
How do you know when it's gone from just friends to more than? Well,if you have to ask it's just friends.
- She is making dinner for me this weekend.
- Are you the only guest? Do her roommates count? The splinter from your vic's eye has four distinct layers.
Polycarbonate plastic, aluminum,acrylic and dye.
Being an audiophile, I prefer the sound of vinyl.
It's from a compact disc? Well,how did it end up in Samay Thao's eye? Noy Vipraxay's car.
Easy for you to say.
Find anything? Take a look at this.
Gravitational pooling directly under the steering wheel.
The car was found at the bottom of a steep incline.
So he was leaning over it when he bled out.
Except he wasn't.
Take a look.
These were taken at the crash site.
If he'd have bled out in the position he was found, there'd be blood on the door, not under the steering wheel.
So someone moved the body? There was plenty of mud at the scene, and Samay had mud on his pants.
Maybe we can match soil samples.
Hang on.
Trace came back on the splinter that was in Samay's eye.
It was a CD fragment.
- Samay was in this car.
- Hey,guys.
I got work card hits off prints from the two dead Laotians and the shooter.
We already know their IDs.
Well,did you already know that they all worked together? - So Samay Thao worked for you? - Yeah,runs the dryers.
When was the last time you saw him? He's been off a couple days now.
- Did you know,uh,Noy or Keo Vipraxay? - Sure.
They work here,too.
They brothers or cousins,or what? Brothers.
Keo's older.
I hear they got six more back in Laos.
They work swing-- they're on at 4:00.
- Were they friends of Samay's? - No! No way.
Keo and Noy are Lao Loum.
They're lowlanders.
Samay's Hmong; he's in the hills.
They're born to hate each other.
Some tribal crap.
- What kind of trouble are they in? - The kind where you stop breathing.
Noy's dead-- car accident.
Samay's dead,too-- Keo shot him.
(ʲôÓïÑÔ) - You speak Lao? - And Thai,Vietnamese,Tagalog.
I pulled a stint straight out of high school.
- I got Southeast Asia,lucky me.
- Yeah,I know how you feel.
Did Keo tell you what happened? I mean,his English isn't very good.
No,we're,uh,we're still waiting on an interpreter.
If you need any help,you let me know.
Yeah,maybe maybe I'll take you up on that.
Willie Angel? You can't fool the eye in the sky,Willie.
There's a lot of people looking for you.
Okay,you got me.
What do you want? Hey,what are you doing? - Hey,you can't do that.
- Oh,this here says we can.
Ho-ho-ho!Slick Willie.
Look out now.
You collect card keys,Willie? - I won at those places.
- Really? I hang on to them for good luck.
Well,I bet you're real lucky with this cheap magnetic stripe reader and palm top,huh? You know you can get into most hotel rooms in the city with this thing? You take the old card key, you input the room number, a little magnetic encoding and Bob's your uncle.
You used the card to open the door.
You get into his suite and hide.
Julian comes back,drops his wallet and takes off his watch.
He falls asleep.
You rob him blind.
But he wakes up.
So it's kill him or go back to jail.
What the? - Who the hell are you? - Stop,okay? Stop.
I was in his suite.
And,yeah,I'm a thief.
- But I didn't kill anybody.
- You were in his suite for over two hours,man.
That's more than enough time to snag a couple shopping bags.
'Cause that sick, rich freak wasn't going to sleep.
He was banging some blonde for, like,two hours.
- Talk to her.
- We're talking to you.
I don't know what the hell they were doing, but when she left,he wasn't moving.
I thought he was asleep.
Then I saw the news this morning.
If it's a killer you're looking for, talk to the girl in the red dress.
We believe that Samay Thao killed your brother and tried to make it look like an accident.
Did you know about it? He says he thought Samay was there to rob him.
That's why he shot him.
The girl in the red dress gets off with Julian's entourage at 12:57.
Then gets back on at 2:33.
Certainly looks like she's been through something rough.
She forgot her pantyhose.
- Good eyes.
- Great legs.
Been a while,Arch? - Can you follow her out? - Yeah.
I just got this footage Hey,I heard you guys are having trouble with the Julian Harper case.
- Who'd you hear that from? - Ecklie.
He's putting me on it.
Man,you gotta quit kissing his ass.
- All right,fellas, - check this out.
Okay,that's Julian's manager.
Hang on.
- That's got to be at least a few Gs.
- She a hooker? I don't know, I think she could be the killer.
Solicitation murder? Manager pays to have her client whacked.
She went to the shopping arcade.
Wait a minute.
What kind of hired killer takes their payoff and goes to the mall? I don't know.
This one put herself on a mailing list.
Tally Jordan.
There's the phone number.
You call my cell, I answer,we talk.
And then you guys show up and arrest me at the pool, in front of my friends.
Is that fair? You left Julian Harper's room at 2:33.
A couple of minutes later, you're taking money from his manager.
- I'm not a prostitute.
- Couple hours later,Julian's dead.
Okay,this is crazy.
I would never even think of killing Julian Harper.
I've been a fan of his since he was doing cereal commercials.
Oh,so you stalked him? Is that it? And then you killed him? I'm in Vegas for a speech tournament-- okay,a school- supervised trip.
Does that mean that my school is stalking him,too? Is the club Skin on your school schedule? When I found out that Julian was going to be in Vegas at the same time I was, I freaked.
Okay,I wanted a look, an autograph, or a picture at most.
And what I got was incredible.
Go for it.
You're the one he wants.
It was like I was in one of his movies.
Until he kicked me out of bed and and then I get off the elevator, and there's his manager handing me a wad of money.
I tip all the girls Julian's with.
So you're his pimp? It keeps them from running their mouths.
It protects Julian's image.
It's just a part of managing his career.
I had sex with Julian because I wanted to.
But you took the money, and you bought a purse with it.
I had a conversation with Julian's lawyer.
And he said you weren't only his ex-wife, you were about to be his ex-manager.
That piss you off? His lawyers and his agents don't like me.
They pressured him to drop me.
But Julian and I are family.
That wasn't going to happen.
Eva said if anyone asked, Julian was a gentleman.
Later he took me out and got me a Katherine Baumann purse.
It's a much better story to tell my friends.
Samay and Noy go for a drive after work.
They stop at Mount Charleston.
Samay kills Noy and makes it look like an accident.
And then he goes to Keo's apartment and Keo shoots him, - claiming self defense.
- I don't buy it.
Keo shot him from the other side of a locked door.
He was waiting to blow the guy away.
Which indicates that Keo knew Samay was coming.
Maybe he hired Samay to kill his brother, and then he decided to cut him out of the deal.
Noy had a life insurance policy issued through his union, worth ten grand.
- Life's getting cheaper.
- Who's the beneficiary? Keo was the primary, but check this out.
Half the payout goes to Joe Cavanaugh.
He's not a court-approved translator.
That's why I taped it.
I just didn't tell him.
So far,he's saying what you asked him.
"You must help me.
"That's why I'm here.
Just tell them what they want to know.
" This is the part that's different.
"There are many things I can tell him about you, "so you tell him this: "Samay came to my home.
"I was afraid.
"I thought he was there "to rob me or kill me.
So I shot him.
" So our interpreter is hiding something.
Well,that's not lost in translation.
Cavanaugh,can you come out here,please? We're going to have a private chat.
Let's go.
In the interview,remember Keo said, "There are many things I can tell them aboutyou"? You didn't tell me that.
You left that part out.
Why? I told you what he said.
You're not arresting me because I screwed up my translation? You're a co-beneficiary of Noy Vipraxay's life insurance,right? So what? I help my guys try to get a little security for their families.
I help them in a lot of ways.
- Driver's licenses,green cards - Oh,what,what? Out of the goodness of your heart? Come on,they have to come to you.
Without me,they're back in a rice paddy making three cents a day.
Look,some of these guys put me on their policy.
It's their way of saying "thank you.
" So when one of your guys kills another one of your guys,you make money out of it? We both know that insurance companies don't even investigate claims under ten grand.
So you get a free pass.
You don't really think I'd have somebody killed for five grand? - I've seen it done for a lot less.
- That don't mean I did it.
There's new casinos that open all the time.
They all got laundries.
I bring home 15 G's a month on the side.
So I am not going to bend over a dollar to pick up a dime.
Hodges,do you have the results on the fibers that we dropped off to? Hodges? He's asleep.
Let me guess, the fibers are wool.
Are you bagging Z's right now,man? - I was just having the greatest dream.
- You were out.
It was the '80s and I had this Don Johnson beard,you know,theMiami Vice stubble.
It just gave me this air of danger.
My lady loved it.
Um,I found two types of fibers on your guy's chin.
Cotton and a polyester- lycra blend.
Both dyed black.
Dyed black? The bedding might have been cotton, but it wasn't black.
The comforter and draperies may have been poly,but they weren't black,either.
I bagged some black socks and some black pantyhose.
This could be the source of the fibers.
He wasn't suffocated with his crew sock.
Did you notice the burn mark on the knot in these pantyhose at the crime scene? No.
No,they were all balled up.
I just bagged them and tagged them.
Yeah,we've got to get this to DNA.
I thought Greg was in the field.
Is he back in the lab? I don't know.
We've got to clear this up.
It's like he's confused.
We have a lab on wheels.
How about you guys just shut up,all right? I'm doing this as a favor for Ecklie.
It's a one-time thing.
He's still interviewing lab techs.
- You making overtime? - I'm taking one for the team.
Tell me about these pantyhose.
Well,I found Tally's epithelials on the inside, which is no surprise, since she was wearing them.
I also found black cotton fibers on the outside-- highest concentration near the crotch.
Insert joke here.
The vic had a pair of black cotton socks.
Well,I did find black cotton fibers under his chin.
Okay,transfer from the sock to the pantyhose,to the neck.
- So the sock was in between the pantyhose and the neck? - Padding.
BCP,Breath Control Play.
Couples increase their partner's pleasure through strangulation.
And if you're not careful,it leaves marks.
Yeah,this guy Julian Harper's an actor, so I'm sure he didn't want bruises on his neck to be showing on camera.
There were only two girls in the suite.
Which one of them killed him? Burnt pantyhose.
Okay,evidence of sex games gone wrong.
I don't see how we could have missed anything.
There's no fireplace here.
I haven't seen any lighters.
Well,something singed the hose.
- Hey.
- Hmm? There's some burnt residue on this lamp.
You know what I think? I think someone tied him up, and they couldn't get the knot undone, because it melted.
So they panicked.
And they pulled the hose down.
I'll print the light.
I guess even having an unlimited supply of hot women is not enough,huh? Bondage sex with your best friend? It's cool,you guys were on the down low.
I don't understand.
Well,we found both your prints and Julian's prints on a light fixture above the bed.
We were not down like that.
Rise and shine,buddy! Room service.
Dude,Julian? He did it to himself,man.
He did it to himself.
I took the pantyhose, and I took them off the light.
And then I put his boxers back on.
I wasn't going to let his mom open upUs magazine and see her boy like that.
Jules,he always did me right.
Now I just wanted to do him the same.
I got the serial number run down from Keo's shotgun.
He bought it last week, two days before he shot Samay.
The guy's barely scraping by, and he spends $250 on a brand-new Mossberg? There's a word for that.
" Your brother gets killed.
You killed the guy who did it with a shotgun you just bought.
And end up $5,000 ahead.
In Nevada,that's murder one.
Unless you get the death sentence.
- What are my client's options? - A full confession.
We make a recommendation to the DA, maybe he gets murder two.
- I brought Noy here to help me.
- What? To work hard and save.
To bring our family here.
Our parent.
Our sister.
My wife.
Instead he waste the money.
On the DVD, gambling,clothes.
Noy's life was worthless.
His death is not.
Griss,we closed that actor case.
And? Accidental death as a result of auto-erotic asphyxiation.
Strangled himself to death to enhance his own pleasure.
It was in the days of public hangings that people first noticed that men would get erections and sometimes even ejaculate.
They called it "the killer orgasm.
" It's a waste.
Guy had everything-- money,fame Yeah,look wherehe ended up.
" CSI:LV Season 06 EP 01 " -=END=-