CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s07e01 Episode Script

Built To Kill (1)

I always liked the circus.
Yeah, it's fun trying to figure out the magic tricks.
Well, that's taking the fun out of it.
Hey, the coroner's on his way.
Vic's a Jane Doe, no I.
Green powder on her dress.
Is she with the show? According to statements, she wasn't a part of Cirque du Soleil.
Well, there's plenty of surveillance.
Yeah, but the body was discovered backstage.
What's it doing out here? I think he wants to tell you.
Michel Souray, company manager of KA.
I'm sorry to meet you under these circumstances.
Why'd you move the body? Backstage can be a dangerous place if you don't know your way around.
So the Cirque organization made a special agreement with Clark County.
Any accidents that occur inside our facility are under Cirque jurisdiction.
When we found the body, our personnel immediately transported her outside and the paramedics arrived within minutes.
I have no idea who the poor girl is and I know every face on our staff.
Watch your step.
During the performance, the stages above you are always moving.
We found the body here in the crush zone.
Well, we know where she died.
Where'd she come from? Where would you like to start? CSI : episode 7x01 Built to Kill (Part 1) Looks like he ate a .
38 special.
The gun's still in his hand.
How many suicides have you seen like that? Personally? None.
Me, either.
I haven't found a suicide note.
Maybe it was staged.
Sorry, got held up at the "meet the future in- laws" dinner.
Did they love you? I got a little too excited talking about work.
They stopped eating.
David, the gun is still in his hand.
It's yours to clear.
Yes, sir.
Rigor's setting in fast.
It happens when it's hot like tonight.
Oh, are you all right? All right.
It's all right everyone, a misfire.
At least we know one person who shot the dead guy.
Good to see you on your feet again, Jim.
You've never seen me off them, Sam.
You know, this is like old times.
You, me, a party.
A dead body.
This is supposed to be a celebration.
The Eclipse is going to be my legacy.
We break ground next year.
So I'm guessing you knew the victim Robert O'Brien? He invested in The Eclipse.
Did you hear the shot? No.
Must've taken place during the implosion.
You think he shot himself? You think he didn't? Well, he was about to make a lot of money in your casino.
Why would he? Look, I hardly knew the guy.
Or his partner, Joe Hirschoff.
They were marketing the project in L.
They had a little money, so I sold them a few shares.
How much is a share? Two million.
When was the last time you saw him? Everyone was gathering on the other side of the roof.
I think he went off with his partner.
I got it.
Aircraft carrier.
That's what this place reminds me of.
Of course, an aircraft carrier was built for national security and this is a ton of hi-tech, twisted steel for the sake of entertainment.
It's not just entertainment, Nick.
The cirque's about the power of imagination.
It's how we were able to put a man on the moon.
I've got a monogram necklace.
Well, it's not an I.
, but I'll settle for initials.
Did you and Mr.
O'Brien arrive together? Yeah, we're in a suite downstairs.
And you've been with him since? Mostly.
A couple minutes before the implosion, I went to get us margaritas.
When I came back, Robert was gone.
I knew he didn't want to miss it, so I went looking.
I was by the elevator.
I thought maybe Robert had gone back to the suite.
Then I heard that girl scream.
I just knew.
Are you taking any medication? May I see that? Alprazolam.
It's for stress.
My job is very stressful.
Does Mr.
O'Brien own a gun? He hates guns, we both do.
Could you hold your hands out for me like this please? Why? Gunshot residue test.
Robert shot himself.
And this is how we prove it.
Right palm down.
Am I smelling alcohol on your hand? Yeah.
When I saw Robert, I spilled the drinks.
Standard S.
kit was collected.
No signs of sexual trauma indicated.
Several linear red-brown abrasions on the chest and back.
Marginal contusions.
Palpable underlying rib and sternal fractures.
Rice Krispies.
Subcutaneous emphysema.
Air in the tissue indicates victim was most likely subjected to significant crushing force across the torso.
You know, this crush zone is clearly marked.
Yeah, and anybody familiar with the stage would know to avoid that area.
Looks like blood on the edge of this lift.
It might have been unavoidable.
Her liver was lacerated.
If she'd been alive when the crushing occurred, these lacerations would result in hemoperitoneum and bilateral hemothorax.
But there was no significant hemorrhage in the abdominal or thoracic cavities.
So she was dead before she was crushed.
Yeah, C.
was temporal laceration of the brain due to skull fracture.
Initially, I assumed it was associated with a crushing trauma.
It wasn't.
So the fatal blow was a separate event.
Well, the way things move around on that stage, it could have happened anywhere.
She looks like she's probably in her mid- 20s.
She's in good shape.
Is well toned.
She got calluses on her hands and feet.
Could be a dancer or a gymnast.
But if she wasn't part of Cirque, what was she doing there? Hey Sheriff, how's it going? What can I do for you? This is about what I can do for you.
Really? I've asked the Mayor to give you a commendation.
Medal of Valor.
Well, that's- that's nice.
Do I have to be there? As a matter of protocol, I'd say you damn well better be, Captain.
Well, you know, Ben, if Look, I'm going to say a few nice things, hand you a plaque, we'll shake hands, a whole lot of reporters will be there to take pictures of the big event.
It'll be magic.
My office will call you to set it up.
I was going to vote for you anyway.
The green powder on your vic's dress is open-celled phenolic foam.
Holds more than 40 times its weight in water.
Reminds me of this girl I knew in college.
I don't need to hear about that.
She was a florist.
The foam's used almost exclusively in floral arrangements.
Wait a minute.
The security guard at KA said that he let a young woman through the artists' entrance with a delivery of flowers.
He escorted her to the green room, but didn't remember seeing her leave.
Ah, the old flower delivery trick.
Works every time.
These are the cameras the Cirque du Soleil uses for performance review.
I went through all the feeds the Cirque guys sent over, and I have to tell you, Siegfried & Roy's disappearing elephant no longer impresses me.
I'll tell you how they did that later.
There's the vic, right? Yup, 11-D.
Artist's entrance.
Girl has the same kind of dress and hair color as the vic.
As far as I can see, they managed to stay hidden backstage for most of the performance.
It's dark, they're wearing black Crew's focused on their jobs It's possible nobody saw them.
The guy left alone, same way they came in, just before the show ended.
I tried to make out a face, but there's not much detail here.
However, look at this.
Check this out.
She dropped something.
I think it's a purse.
There was no purse near the body.
Or anywhere else backstage.
If we find it, it might get us an ID.
Give me the time code when she dropped the purse.
Okay, who's in the burrito? It's apparent suicide, from Sam Braun's party.
Sara and Warrick's case.
Gunshot to the head.
What's this? He bled out in the bag.
I guess I forgot to tape them shut.
This blood corrupts any GSR.
Clean it up.
Hey, Doc, you tell me.
Suicide or homicide? Either side at this point.
According to Tox, B.
was point-one-nine.
That's over twice the legal limit.
My guess, based on the whiffing the stomach contents, tequila.
You're good.
He was drinking margaritas.
Tox also found alprazolam in his bloodstream.
Yeah, his partner has a prescription for it.
He was also the one bringing him drinks.
Hand me that trajectory rod.
Thank you.
Sara, hold this in, would you? Sure.
Here we go.
However he got it, he probably would've been too stoned to stand.
It would of made it easier to stick a gun in his mouth at this angle.
Look in there.
Sesame seeds? I think so.
I found them in the oral cavity, but not in the stomach contents.
It's hard to swallow when you have a gun in your mouth.
OK I am positioned.
What you need? Okay, let me know when the Cliff Deck is where it was at that point in the show.
I think it was just before the "Wash Up to the Shore" scene.
That was at Copy that.
Yeah, that's great.
That's great right there, thanks.
Okay Go find your friend.
Okay, move the Deck into its next position, please.
Copy that, foot deck is on the move.
We're ready to drop.
Ground cork.
From the audience, it looks like real sand.
You know, if you want to dive in here and give me a hand, this might go a little faster.
Nice try.
Okay, hang on.
I think I found something.
This isn't the purse I dropped.
Celia Noel, Wisconsin.
Well, the initials on the necklace that Catherine found were "A- F-D".
Well, clearly not her initials, but check this out.
It looks like she hit every Cirque show in town.
Apparently one a little bit harder than the others.
On May 11, 2006, with an innocent life hanging in the balance, Captain Brass went into that hotel room alone, face-to-face with a deranged killer.
Brass looks like he's about to puke.
Captain Brass Or punch someone.
was severely wounded, but the hostage's life was saved.
And for these actions which exemplify the dedication of the Las Vegas Police Department, the City thanks you.
This is Captain Brass' second commendation in the line of duty.
The first was in I got you a veggie burger.
What about me? I didn't know you were here.
Soy sorry.
Where's the love? So we found some gunk in the revolver's forcing cone.
Hodges ID'd it as melted sesame seeds.
Doc Robbins found sesame seeds in the vic's mouth.
Any prints on the gun? No.
The grip was checked, we don't usually get prints off those.
Is it registered? In California, to a Joe Hirschoff.
- Really? - Yeah.
He said he hated guns.
Check this out I researched ownership in The Eclipse project.
The vic and Joe Hirschoff held their share as joint tenants.
Really? Which means With Robert dead, Joe automatically and immediately owns all the shares.
Sounds like a great reason to kill.
Why did you lie? I didn't lie.
I bought the gun when I moved to L.
White kid from a small town Put it in a closet.
Forgot it was there.
How did Robert get it? I don't Going through my stuff, I guess.
Did he take your pills? 'Cause we found them in his bloodstream.
I don't know.
- You don't know? - No, I don't know.
Robert was depressed.
Maybe he did.
You know, we did a credit check on you, Joe.
You're in hock for over a million dollars.
It's personal debt, that's heavy paper.
I'm leveraged.
Yeah, I'm leveraged.
So what? I live well I live well by believing in myself.
No, you live well by playing the come line with borrowed money.
You know, Joe, you're the type of guy you see something you like, you got to have it, including your partner's share in The Eclipse.
So you put your pills in his drink, he nods off, you wrap his fingers around your gun, and then you get to live really well.
I want my lawyer.
Is this everything? Everything from Hirschoff's and O'Brien's room that I could get under the warrant.
No suicide note? Not even in the Holy Bible.
That is the first place I look, too.
Did the suite have a kitchen? No.
Why pack an oven mitt? Sesame seeds.
The blood on the necklace was the victim's.
Arcadia Federation of Dance.
Celia Noel was a dancer, which would explain her fascination with Cirque.
You still like to dance? I don't mean the way you used to, I I know what you mean, and yes, I do.
I think I have a line on the victim's date.
Now, four of the tickets that we pulled from her purse were charged to her credit card, but the Zumanity ticket was purchased with a different card, one belonging to a gentleman named Arnie Clifton.
He should have paid cash.
Yeah Celia and I scoped out Zumanity.
Sexy stuff.
Right up your alley.
I've got all kinds of alleys, but yeah, I'd say that's one of them.
How'd you two meet? I touched her feet for over an hour.
She tried on 20 pairs of shoes.
Did she invite you to the show? Yeah.
Did you pay for it? I'm a gentleman.
Best toe cleavage I ever saw.
What did you do after the show? Nothing.
We had a nice time.
She split.
Haven't seen her since.
We have.
She's dead.
Backstage at KA.
You didn't join her for the double feature? Nah, man, not me.
Look are we done, 'cause I got to get back to work.
No, we're not done here.
You got sand in your shoes.
Finely ground particles of Portuguese cork.
Same stuff they use backstage at K? which places you at the crime scene.
Okay, so what if I was there? You were there with a woman who wound up dead, which is why you're here.
Zumanity got me all worked up.
She was grabbing on me.
I- I was down to do whatever she wanted.
What did she want to do? Go backstage at KA see it up close and personal.
She was bananas about that show.
She said to meet her near the artists' entrance just after the show started.
I did.
She let me in.
And you thought if you went with her, you'd get laid? I figured maybe backstage at KA was her version of the mile high club.
Come on, come on.
Celia, just relax for a minute.
Come on ! Something clipped her in the side of the head.
She fell.
She didn't even scream.
I was just so freaked out, I bailed, I'm telling you.
I tried to warn her, but she was just too fired up.
She kept trying to get closer and closer and closer.
Yeah, and you let her.
I perfected my butterfly technique on chicken breasts.
I sauteed them in a Chardonnay reduction with herbes de Provence.
Drives women wild.
Well, Mom.
Now say the magic words.
"Shut up, Hodges"? No.
"Open sesame.
" Hand me that can of Ferrotrace.
I live to serve.
The gun was transported to the hotel room in the oven mitt.
Only question is, who brought this to the party? The trail of seeds proved it.
It was suicide, after all.
It's the first time I've ever seen a suicide where the gun stays in the vic's hand.
I have an explanation for that, too.
Dupuytren's contracture.
It's a rare condition characterized by progressive fibrosis of the palmar fascia, The tissues thicken contracting the fingers.
He couldn't let go of the gun.
The condition was still in its early stages, which is why it looked like rigor.
Do we have any idea why he killed himself? Depression, maybe.
You know, according to my supervisor, we're not really in the business of why, but I got to go.
Robert's personal effects.
You need to sign for them.
I'm very sorry for your loss.
I'll do it.
Hey, Jim.
What's up? Where's your hardware? Oh, come on, come on.
Don't even try it.
You were all over the news.
- Let's see it.
- In a minute.
That's beautiful.
What's with all the modesty? It should be up on your wall, man.
For what? Taking a bullet or not dying? For being brave.
You know, Warrick, I'll tell you something.
I walked into that hotel room, and 23 years of police work told me I knew what that guy was about.
And he played me like a damn rookie.
He beat me at my own game.
I mean, what's the dumbest thing you've ever done? You want to make a poster of it, put it on your wall? I don't think so.
Thanks for coming by.
All right.
So do you think Grissom will show? - Not if he thinks he has to dance.
- Ladies and Gentlemen, tomorrow night, more than 18,000 people are going to come and see this guy at the Thomas and Mack Center.
But tonight, you guys are going to hear him first.
Everybody give it up for Mr.
John Mayer! I like him.
I think you got to dance.
- Come on, let's go.
- My God.
I think I know her.
Yeah, I bet you do.
Ask her to dance.
- Yeah? - I'm going to get a drink.
- You're sure? - Go for it.
The guy down there wants to buy you your next drink.
No, thanks.
Have you ever seen anything like this? No.
The detail is Terrifying.
And yes terrifying.
What do you think came the first? the chicken or the egg? I've always been an egg man.
But this time I don't know.
Las Vegas Crime Lab? How can I help you?