CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s07e02 Episode Script

Built To Kill (2)

Yeah, that's my real photo on my profile.
Excuse me? Well, I exercise a lot.
Kind of an animal about it.
Did you see me last night? Yeah, you were felling no pain.
Who I was with? Describe him.
Was he white, black, tall hair color, car? Look, lady.
I get paid not to notice.
Who was room 229 registered to? Catherine Willows.
You used your credit card.
I think Malibu Barbie did it.
Well, then, there's a lot more to Barbie than just a pretty face, 'cause this is a perfect, half-inch scale model of the room.
And assuming that the killer is the same person who made the miniature It would have taken weeks, maybe even months to create with this kind of detail.
Certainly qualifies as premeditation.
Yeah, but take a look at the blood pools.
They're identical.
There's no predicting a blood pool.
It's inherently random.
The killer must have stuck around to match the scene.
It's real blood.
That is a level of obsession that gives even you a run for your money.
- If Dusty Fell, Izzy Delancy.
- It's his biggest hit.
I have never heard of him.
Probably before your time.
I'll download it.
I checked the perimeter.
Property is gated with a code.
There's no sign of force entry on the windows or the doors.
Of course, if a girl can get into Brad Pitt's underwear drawer and take a nap on his bed I guess anything is possible.
Lividity suggests he hasn't been moved.
He was probably sitting right here when he was killed.
Looks like blunt force trauma.
No spatter or cast-off.
Which suggests a single blow.
Sometimes it only takes one hit.
Oh, great.
You're here.
Thanks for coming.
Can't believe you're leaving Izzi Delancy's death scene.
Groupies are already starting to gather.
I have something that I have to take care of.
Nick and Sofia are talking with the family, Grissom's in the kitchen.
You can process the bedrooms? Thanks.
Delancy? That's Mrs.
I'm Annie, the nanny.
I'm gonna need to photograph your hands.
To look for blood, right? Blood evidence, yeah.
And defensive wounds.
I'm also gonna get a sample of your DNA and your fingerprints.
So, why don't you hand little Nora to her mom right now, okay? Mrs.
never holds the baby.
She's got a bad back.
I should warn you, I'm a little freaked.
When I get nervous or scared or whatever I have this problem where I talk a lot.
I've had it since I was little.
I just keep talking.
You found the body? Tuesday's chinese.
Izzy insists on having a really strict eating schedule.
I have to start cooking by 4:00 and when I went into the kitchen Babies don't eat bok choy.
I wonder what you're going to have for I immediately called 911.
Speaking of which, can I have a copy of the police report? Why don't you Where is your shirt? Right after it all went down the baby spit up on it and I put it in the laundry.
It happens all the time.
Nobody minds.
Hey! What's going on? I may have been roofied and raped.
- I woke up here.
- What? I improvised my own rape kit.
I got pubic combing, nail scrapings, vaginal swab, - urine sample.
- Did you call it in? I called you.
Catherine, doing it yourself is gonna make anything that you get inadmissible.
Yeah, I know procedure.
I didn't want an oficial investigation.
- I just wanna know what happened.
- Okay.
I gotta get this stuff to the lab.
Room 229.
It's right up there.
Please print it.
And, keep it between us.
I went out for a latte.
I went home around 5:00.
I never even went into the kitchen.
I just went straight upstairs and took a shower.
God, that means that he was dead this whole time.
We believe whoever killed your husband had access to the house.
Do you think anyone else had the gate code? Just the housekeepers.
And the handyman.
And the pool guys.
And the gradners.
And the messengers and the caterers.
I can tell you where you should start looking.
Sven! Are you accusing your son of killing your husband? He is not my son.
That's Izzy's kid from his first wife.
He has real problems.
His mom was like a coke-head or something.
Hey! How you doing? - How you doing, man? - I've been better.
What time did you get back from school? Around 4:00.
And then, what did you do? Homework.
Did you see your dad at all? I usually don't see him until dinner.
And then, - I get picked up right after.
So - By who? - My mom.
- You don't live here full time? Tuesdays and every other saturday.
Well, that's gotta be tough.
I just go where I'm told.
Let me in.
I'm his mother.
I know, baby.
I know.
This is really heavy.
It's okay to be upset.
What's on your fingers? Did you fingerprint my son? We fingerprinted everybody in the house.
DNA samples as well.
Is he a suspect? He didn't refuse and Mrs.
Delancy was here.
Sleeping with his father does not make her his mother.
Okay? - I'm his mother.
- Where were you this afternoon? I was taking a walk.
- Can anyone confirm that? - No.
Come on.
Let's go.
Bleach was used in this kitchen.
But not to clean up blood.
So, the aging-rocker bit it in the kitchen with the marble rolling pin? If only the "who" was as easy as the "how".
Oh, hey! You gotta be pulling a double if you're in my lab at this hour.
- What's up? You need a hand? - No.
It's negative for semen.
I said I didn't need your help.
Thank you, but there's no drinking or eating allowed in the lab.
- It's a urine sample.
- My bad.
Get it to tox.
And, check this for spermicide.
Call me with the results.
Did you run out of proper swabs? Just do it.
- What's the case number? - Consider this a proficiency exam.
- There she is.
- Mugs? Sam? What are you doing here? I just wanted to see your face.
And I missed you at the implosion party.
Yeah, I heard about that.
I'm sorry I missed that.
When does Lily get back from her cruise? Monday.
How about a family dinner? Yeah, I'll call you when she's had a chance to catch her breath.
You know, you don't always need a reason to call me.
I know you're busy.
I'll see you later.
Cause of death? Blunt force trauma to the back of the skull, and a fracturing of the occipital lobe.
There was massive hemorrhaging on the brain.
And death was probably swift.
Sorry Izzy.
Now, what is that? The key to our mistery? There you go.
Keep the change.
Excuse me? What can I do you for? - You were working last night? - Always, I own the place.
Do you remember me? I was, I was here.
Was a busy night, I'm sorry.
Do you have any surveillance cameras in the place? What's this about? I'm with the Crime Lab.
Yeah, that's the only one.
Just gets the cash registrer.
So you've got nothing that covers the customers, or the dancefloor? No need to.
Find something? No prints, no hairs, no fibers.
Materials are common hobby shop issue.
But the blood, matches the victim's.
Are you interested in motive? Sofia just spent the last two hours with the sheriff the head of the Olympia Casino and a couple of dozen lawyers.
Apparently, Izzy Delancy owns the rights to his own songs.
The Olympia was negotiating to purchase them for a medley show based on his music.
Izzy never got chance to sign the contracts.
Dead rockstar, nut job family, and a company hungry for the next mamma mia! Who inherits the music rights? The son, Sven.
But he's a minor.
So the rights would be controlled by his mother, Dusty.
It's illegal to benefit from a criminal act.
If either one of them committed the murder Then, the rights will go to Izzy's current wife, Madeline.
That's motive for her.
But how does this fit in? Maybe we should release it to the media.
Someone might have unwittingly made a component of the miniature.
If they came forward, - that could help us.
- What's the point of gratifying the murderer with publicity? Izzy Delancy is famous.
The press wants answers.
Don't we all? Sara, this is your case, too.
What do you think? I agree with Grissom.
Of course you do.
I looked into the Key that Izzy swallowed.
Turns out that Bumblebee is a safe company.
Sofia asked Madeline about it, she said she knew that there was a safe in the house but didn't know where it was.
My kind of marriage.
So the key could have been in his system anywhere from a few minutes to several days.
So if robbery was the motive for murder, and Izzy swallowed the key to keep something hidden, maybe, whatever is in that safe will lead us to "who.
" You're late.
I did the best I could, Linsey.
You said you'd watch the rehersal.
Work just really got out of hand.
Surprise! Swab spermicide negative.
I really am sorry.
I'm sorry I hate it when works gets in the way.
I love to watch you dance.
- I got a solo.
- You did? - That's so great.
- It's Romeo and Juliet.
Is my daughter okay? I don't need that, I'm fine.
Ma'am, you need to put this on, for your own safety.
You suffered a head trauma.
There could be serious delayed progress.
I'm refusing treatment.
Just give me the release form.
- I strongly recommend you to put this on.
- Just give me the damn form.
They got Linsey.
They took Linsey.
It was an SUV.
And it was silver or brown.
They drove that direction.
I never saw it coming.
- They came from this direction.
- Slow down, slow down.
These are acceleration marks.
They were waiting for us.
I should have told you, but I didn't want a sermon.
I did my own rape kit.
It came back negative.
Thank God! These events have to be connected.
We'll check your old cases for possible suspects.
I'll ask Ecklie if he can kick in some help from day shift.
I apreciate that.
You gotta stay at arm's length, Catherine.
I know.
Any luck on the prints? Nothing but partials.
That's impossible! I ran the VIN number on the Cougar that hit you A place sold it yesterday, for cash.
Catherine, I'm really sorry for leaving you there.
Don't go there, Nick.
They were gonna get tome one way or another.
It had to have been at least two guys, one who was driving the Cougar and the other in the SUV.
He reached through window.
Print the inside of that handle.
When were you going to tell me about Linsey? It just happened.
Who told you? It's a small town, Catherine.
I can't talk right now, I'll let you know if we find something out.
Anything you need to tell me.
I've got people to deal with this stuff.
Nobody gets away with threatening my family.
Sure, Sam.
What do you know about what happened to Linsey? What do you know about it? Who's using us to get to you? This is your grand-daughter we're talking about.
What the hell do you know? Front desk found this at the quick check out bin.
"Can yoy guess what you gonna get me?" What does that mean? - Who's behind this? - I don't know.
This was just found.
Same place.
Where is she? Who has her? I swear I don't know.
Like hell! I blame you, I blame you for this! I never wanted to involve you personally or professionally - in any of my business.
- Business? You don't have a business.
You're a thug in thousand dollar shoes.
Thanks for not disappointing me, Sam.
Catherine, I know this is really hard, okay, but could you take a break or go take a cup of tea, or something? - I think I got something.
- What? Mandy ran a print that I picked up from your car, and it's a match to an open burglary case, from a few months ago, I think it was yours Warrick.
I got it.
This is from this couple from San Francisco.
Bought a second home in Seven Hills.
Came back and found it tossed.
The chair.
Look at that.
The chair.
Las Vegas police! You're under arrest! Gun! Call the paramedic! Where are you? Don't touch her.
You want a conviction, you have to let me do this, alright? - Let me do it.
- Alright.
I'm right here, Linsey.
I'm right here.
Deep breaths.
It's okay.
I got you.
I got you.
Everything's okay.
It's okay.
How's Linsey? She says she's fine.
The doctor is assessing her now.
We still haven't an I.
Prints put him in the motel.
Found them on the polaroid paper slip.
Can you place him at the bar? Yeah, he was there.
The accident was a two man job.
Can you remember anybody else? I can't get a face.
Greg found the mother load.
The nanny saved all of her e-mails on her computer.
She was sending private Delancy family photos to an editor at Scandal Pages Magazine.
Based on a sliding scale of salaciousness Scandal Pages was depositing money in Annie's PayPal account.
So, I have the DNA combo from Sven's bed sheets.
And, none of it was actually Sven's.
Annie Landsfield.
Cornstalk Queen of Tidioute, Pennsylvania.
You moved to Vegas to become famous and ended up doing diaper duty for a washed up rock star.
Do you want to tell me how you ended up in a safe that even his wife didn't know about it? I clean for extra cash.
I know the house better than anyone.
I knew where the safe was.
I just didn't have a key.
Until Honey, I need some money to buy clothes for Emma.
- I just gave you money for that.
- She's a baby.
She grows.
You know, this wouldn't even be an issue if you signed those damn contracts.
Really? Well that, is between me and my music.
And you, you will never see this safe.
Gold digger.
Dig for that.
The E.
doctor said it would pass in a couple of days.
They give us a copy of the X-Ray to keep on file with the general physician.
It had the perfect outline of the key.
So I took the X-Ray to the key shop.
Told him my kid swallowed it.
- Resourcefull.
- But I put everything back.
After making Scandal Pages money off it.
A few years ago, Izzy went on this health kick vegetarian blah blah.
He claimed that all those chicken heads that he bit on stage were fake.
When I found them, I was just so excited.
Dou you know how much Scandal Pages pays for an urban legend story? - A lot.
- Here's a scandal: We got evidence of sex between you and Izzy Delancy in Sven's bed.
Well, how about this? If you killed him, you'd be the first to crack open that whole story.
Exclusive pics, the whole deal.
It took 911 a while to come.
I just got a quick pic.
Yoi said it, I'm resourceful.
Not a murderer.
I didn't do it.
After the Hits.
It's Izzy Delancy story.
It seemed like a fairy-tale.
Hard-living rocker, Izzy Delancy met Dusty DaCosta.
They fell in love.
He wrote a hit song about her.
She was to become his first wife.
Or was she? - Where did you found this? - Oh, I dug deep.
Izzy Delancy, after 10 years of dating Dusty DaCosta, wed her in a beautiful flower-filled ceremony in Malaysia.
The ceremony was everything a girl could hope for.
Beautiful, romantic, the only thing it wasn't legal.
Much to Dusty's surprise years later after filing for divorce and custody of their then eight year-old son Sven she was shocked to discover the malaysian shaman was not recognized by the U.
as an officiant.
The mariage was a sham.
Sounds like motive to me.
Oh, hi.
Listen, you're gonna have to follow me 'cause I'm late for a client.
What is it you want? We were wondering if you could tell us about your relationship with Izzy.
Oh, God! So, I'm a suspect now? That's precious.
The man makes a mint off of singing about our sex life.
Barely offers a relationship to our son, kicks me out of a house we built together, leaves me with nothing and now you want to put me in jail? Rich, really rich.
Izzy was a smart businessman.
He owned all the rights to his music.
What does that matter to me? Do I get royalty checks for being his muse? Exactly, but with Izzy dead, the rights go to Sven.
Ostensibly, you.
And you still don't have an alibi for the afternoon of Izzy's death.
I do.
It's just embarrassing to me.
The new Mrs.
Delancy called a meeting.
She tells me about the Olympia offer.
Izzy's being difficult about the deal.
So would I talk to him because he listens to me, still.
Had he started sleeping with the nanny yet? Did Madeline tell you that was her old job? Look, I'd like to pin it on her, I really would, but I can't because I was with her at the Expresso Drop all afternoon.
I really have to go.
What are those drawings on the table? Those are Sven's.
Some mothers get sport trophees, I get perfectly rendered skyscrapers.
He wants to be an urban planner.
He's kind of obsessed with models.
You guys let yourselves out, okay? If Sven is capable of creating of this kind of 3-D renderings, he definitely could have built that miniature.
Son defending the honor of his mother.
Name that greek tragedy.
Yes, I'm angry with my father for the way he treated my mother.
I'm angry with my father for sleeping with Annie.
I'm angry with my father for naming me Sven.
But I've been in therapy twice a week since I was six.
I'm tired of adults asking me if I'm angry.
Besides I'm not the only one who's pissed at my dad.
But, your mom and Madeline are covered.
They were together at the time of your father's death.
So maybe you were so angry with your father that you channeled your anger and used your skills as a model builder to build this.
And a nice heavy object to do this.
I always faint at the sight of blood.
If that's the case, he probably did not commit the murder and he certainly didn't paint the miniature with his father's blood.
And there's a test we can do to prove it.
We're using a tilt table and we're injecting him with isoproterenol.
We're testing his sensitivity to his vagus nerve.
Basically, we're looking to find out if the nerves that control his blood pressure are predisposed to short-circuit when he gets an adrenaline rush.
So, you're telling me that this could keep him out of jail? Unless he was faking it.
Start the epi.
I hear we're out of suspects.
Not necessarily.
Could be anybody in town.
Or anybody out of town for that matter.
That's a lot of suspects.
What do you want us to do? I don't know.
I'll deal with it.
I ran DNA on the guy who was holding Linsey.
- Did you get a name? - Kind of.
See, this guy has markers that are found in like, 10% of the population.
Which reminded me of some other results that I'd been processing recently.
with Robert O'Brien? The suicide from Sam Braun's implosion party.
The guy who grabbed Linsey is Robert O'Brien's brother? Right.
So when that came up, I ran all the other examplars from the O'Brien case and I got a hit on a piece of hair from the duct tape that they used to bind Linsey.
Joe Hirschoff.
O'Brien's partner.
Hi, Sam.
Everybody in town knows you're here every sunday night.
And usually with my mother.
I'll be right along.
She doesn't mean a thing, it's all show.
Look, Mugs, - yesterday was - Just save it.
I only came here to tell you to call off your guys.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Joe Hirschoff and his partner invested everything they had in the Eclipse.
But it wen bankrupt before you broke ground.
You formed a new corporation to finish he project, leaving those guys with nothing.
Sometimes that's the way it goes in business.
O'Brien and Hirschoff lost about 20 million, right? O'brien caved and stuck a gun in his mouth.
Hirschoff wants you to pay him back.
So, where is he? I don't know.
Come on, Sam.
This isn't old Vegas anymore.
Let the police handle it.
Or have you already killed him? I give you my word, no.