CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s07e23 Episode Script

The Good, the Bad & the Dominatrix

Now say it.
I said say it.
You have to say it.
Say it.
is she going to be okay? Yes, ma'am, she's stable.
Severe trauma to the neck.
Heather, I'm catherine willows.
I don't know if you remember me.
It's going to be all right.
Like a bad penny, some people just keep showing up.
- Did you call grissom? - NO Who found her? Guy over there in the ten gallon-- vernon porter.
He's a night watchman.
All the employees are required to wear that cowboy getup.
That's the job that cops get after they retire.
You've got something to look forward to, jim.
yes, ma'am.
Looks fresh.
lady heather has a house for this.
Why take her show on the road? - Do you think you know how to? - Yeah.
oh, you're a genius.
Well, this is where we found her.
Willows: Did she have ligature marks? On her neck, yeah.
Well, that doesn't make any sense.
She was a dominatrix.
Not a submissive.
Maybe the party just got out of control.
Or somebody didn't know the rules.
CSI Season 7 Episode 23 how you doing? These files are out of control.
Typos, white-outs, names missing, whole sections missing.
Ernie dell's foster child.
Donna catalani.
Lived with the dells for a year.
Her casa report came with a supplemental.
They forgot to black out her social security number.
We can use that to track her down, unless the adoptives changed it.
I'll run it.
I have to pull you off of this.
Days is down to four csis.
You're on loan-out.
Why can't days keep anybody? Money, stress, ecklie, maybe.
Just help them with their backlog.
So you're sure that the gate was locked? I come on at 6:00 when oakley's closes.
The first thing I do is lock the gate.
Make my rounds every two hours.
When did things go code 3? Found the main gate unlocked at 0214.
Went to check out the street, heard that music.
Found her on the floor, called it in.
Sidle: This is a family theme park.
I'm assuming they don't actually serve alcohol here.
Must have brought their own.
Single malt, 12 years old.
S & m is a rich man's sport.
Kind of like hockey-- a lot of equipment.
How much do you think a night like this would cost? Heather told me, five years ago, she was clearing 20 grand a week.
And that was before ladyheather.
What is she like? Beautiful smart, intense charming.
The only woman I've ever seen rattle grissom.
I mean, he kind of liked that forensic anthropologist, terry miller.
- Remember her? - Yeah.
But she wasn't enough of a challenge for him.
Heather, on the other hand uninhibited and can beat him at mental chess.
They had chemistry.
And he is a scientist.
I have no proof and I know he'd never tell me, but I'm certain they spent the night together.
Wonder which one wore the chaps.
Lots of coins and toothpicks.
They don't sweep under here.
I mean, more power to him, really, to find somebody outside of work 'cause you start fishing from the company pier, and asking for trouble.
I got a shot glass.
Looks like there's some lipstick around the rim.
My fantasy does not include costumes, or pain and certainly not sawdust.
You? Patrol found her.
Any witnesses? No.
No businesses open, no cars on the side streets.
So how'd she get here? Curtis: Well, in this neighborhood, unless she's a hooker, I doubt she walked.
I'm going to go make some calls, see if any of these places have any security cameras.
That's a pretty nasty head wound.
Where's super dave? He's probably at the 420 on flamingo.
They left their purse.
The thing is heavier than my kid.
Ever get hit in the head with one of these? No.
Gentlemen don't get hit in the head with those.
keysha sayrun? Well, that's not her.
Maybe it's not her purse.
Brown: There's a whole bunch of wallets in here.
Driver's permit.
Kid's only 15-- has got a credit card? She's got to be a pickpocket.
Aw, man, that's a shame.
Look at her.
She could be anything she wanted to be.
Makes you wonder what happens to people.
I got her.
Faith maroney.
Twenty-five from southern highlands.
Sometimes I miss the days when I didn't take this job so personally, warrick.
Yeah?Well, I miss the days when we only had five homicides a week.
I'm on my way.
I was planning an old west party.
I was checking out the facilities.
So why couldn't you check them out during normal business hours? It was my normal business hours.
You know, we spoke to the night watchman.
He said the gate was locked.
- How did you get in? - I know the owner.
Do you know him the way you know judge fincher? Because I know that's how you got out of jail last time.
- I need a name.
- Mr.
I have his number, but not on me.
You'll have to look it up.
I'm with the crime lab.
Sara sidle.
I'm here to collect your clothes and trace evidence from your body.
Can I say no? Why would you want to? Did the nurse forget to collect an sae kit? Not necessary.
You don't want help, that's okay by me.
Just don't waste my time.
I've got a lot of cases on my desk that need my attention.
So when you come out of your haze, give me a call.
I don't respond well to men who judge me based solely on my profession.
I get that a lot, too.
Law enforcement.
May I move your hair? These look like rope marks on your neck.
I'll be done in a minute.
what's the matter, doc, you been hitting it a little too hard? No, canine-induced insomnia.
We're fostering some puppies-- jack russells.
Had me up all night.
How about a puppy to keep you company? No, if I stay up all night, it's not going to be because of a puppy.
? Okay, blunt force trauma to the left temporal region of the skull.
The skull's fractured.
Any idea what kind of weapon might have been used? No, but I found these imbedded in the skull.
Paint chips? - Could she have been hit by a car? - Well, it's possible.
But if she was standing when she was hit, I'd expect to find pedestrian fractures on her legs.
And there are no run-over marks, so she wasn't in a prone position.
So if she wasn't standing or lying down she was somewhere in-between.
Stokes, you ready for a cup of coffee? No, thanks.
I'm only going to be about another ten minutes here, okay? Your call.
***** Hey.
You all right, man?You all right? I got you.
Are you here in a professional capacity? Does it make a difference? Maybe not to you.
I feel exposed.
- The last time you saw me - you had just lost your daughter.
That's not all I lost that night.
Heather! If a client did this, and left you to die, why are you protecting him? I'm not.
Tell me the truth.
Did they check your glucose level when you came in? Heather? She's diabetic.
I think she's going into shock.
The patient never told us.
Captain, I'll need a copy of the police report for my insurance.
Oh, sure, sure, sure.
We'll get to that.
But, first, I need to straighten out a few things.
Oakley, did you give heather kessler permission to enter the park after hours? - No, I didn'T.
- I did.
She called the office.
Wanted to know about renting out oakley's saloon for a private party.
Well, you know what she does for a living, right? Money's money-- doesn't matter who's handing it to you, right, dad? As long as you're not breaking the law.
So you have no problem with a dominatrix doing business at a family theme park? Captain, sometimes, my son, he he doesn't think things all the way through.
But I'm learning.
So how did she get in? I swung by.
Wanted to meet her.
- After midnight? - Yeah.
Told her to lock up when she was done.
You should have stayed, ben.
You got liability to think about.
Right, dad.
'Cause you always do.
Captain, is this about it? Well, I'd like to talk to benny a little more.
We need to confirm his statement.
there were no security cameras at the crime scene, but ms.
Maroney had multiple arrests for petty theft and shoplifting.
She had just been released on court-ordered rehab for kleptomania.
She got noodles, hairpins, dish towels, a can of tuna.
She didn't care what she took.
She just had to take it.
You know, I was thinking.
If she pinched my wallet, and I whacked her for it, I'd probably get back my wallet before I split.
Which means the theft victims are probably not the suspects.
Got anything else? A couple of loose receipts, all from last night, all paid in cash.
A pack of gum from the bargain bin, a soda from carlisa's, and a bloody mary from diane's steakhouse.
Which is less than quarter of a mile from the crime scene.
At 9:52 P.
Patrol found her just after 11:00.
I'll start at the steakhouse and backtrack.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Have you been shaving with a broken beer bottle? No, no.
Some drunk driver ran into a radio car at my crime scene.
Friggin' idiot.
I heard you pulled the friggin' idiot's friend out of a burning car.
Nothing was on fire.
I didn't pull anybody from anywhere.
Oh, so humble.
You know, some people are just destined for greatness.
Run these against the paint chips from the body, please.
You mean the engine black over canary yellow paint chips from a ford automobile? Yeah.
If I had a yellow car, I'd paint over it, too.
So the victim was hit by a car.
Steakhouse called faith maroney a cab.
They have a direct line to this place.
Well, the car that hit her was yellow and black.
Paint color's not going to help us narrow it down any, is it? - No.
- You guys from strip-o-gram? Excuse me? 'Cause last year, for my birthday, a cop showed up with a phony badge, started tearing his clothes off and trying to rub up on me.
I'm an excellent tipper.
Well, I'm sure you are, but, uh, no, ma'am, we're not dancers.
We're here about the warrant.
Okay, then.
So we dispatched 20 cabs to diane's steakhouse last night.
Around 10:00? Received a call at 10:01.
Dispatched number 29.
Chandru kambhatla.
He doesn't come on until 8:00.
Well, we're going to need to see that cab and your trip sheet.
Number 29's right there.
Keys are inside.
No joy riding, and don't leave the doors off like you did last time.
Hey, we just take them apart.
We don't put them back together, now.
That's why nobody likes to deal with your asses! hey, nick, there's a camera in here.
Maybe that'll be able to tell us if princess pickpocket was one of his fares.
Front bumper screens positive for blood.
I got robbed last week, filed a report.
How come you're helping chandru and not me? This isn't a robbery, sir.
Then, what is it? - Do you know the guy that drives this cab? - Sure.
You see him last night?I had to cut out early.
My wife's sick.
But, uh, dru's solid.
Got to respect a guy who comes here and wants to be legit.
Goes to work, pays his taxes, studying to be a citizen.
If you want to know about state capitals, you just ask dru.
Did you know that vegas is not the capital of nevada? Thanks for the info, fellas.
Go get 'em.
willows: The substance that I found under the saloon window was chewing tobacco.
- The night watchman chews.
- Yeah, vernon porter.
He was fired from the force back in chicago.
Yeah, I know, I checked him out.
He got in an off-duty incident.
He was in a fight in a bar and a woman was hospitalized.
I'm thinking he had a front row seat.
Well, you know, it fits his profile.
He could have waited till heather's client left-- there's always a client And then attacked her.
You know, I should have checked to see if he was wearing underwear.
There's no way that he could afford her.
So why would heather cover for him? Unless he's just a witness.
Well, you want to see a man about a horse? Grissom: Any results on heather kessler? So far, all the prints come back to her.
Player piano, whiskey bottle, shot glass.
There was some lipstick around the rim.
I haven't had a chance to test it.
You think it's her shade? Heather's not supposed to drink because of her diabetes, which could explain the hypoglycemia and shock.
Catherine found a pair of men's underwear in the toilet.
Any evidence on them would have been washed away, but she also found seminal fluid in a tissue on the floor nearby.
She was sexually assaulted? She refused an sae kit, so we'll never know.
There were no defensive wounds, no skin or rope fibers under her nails.
At first blush, I figured he might have ambushed her, except that I noted three separate strangulation attempts on her neck.
She had time to fight back.
This makes no sense.
She's very strong.
And tough as nails.
Why didn't she fight? Gate's unlocked again.
Well, it's ten after.
- Probably unlocked 'cause he's doing his rounds.
- Maybe.
Ah, the wild west, partner.
Okay, come on, jim, give it up.
I know you know something about grissom and lady heather.
I know something a lot juicier than grissom and lady he oh, yeah, he's dead.
He took one in the back.
Who shot the sheriff? bullet entered through his back.
no exit wound.
There's some swelling under his lip.
Ugh, disgusting.
You get mouth cancer from this.
David, hand me his cell phone.
Ruger single six.
Gun hasn't been fired.
Guess who he called yesterday? Lady heather.
Might have threatened her.
And we both know how she likes to settle her own scores.
I'm going to get a warrant, but it may take me some time because I have to find a judge who isn't a client of hers.
Stokes: You sure you've never seen her before? - You don't remember her? - No, sir.
That picture was taken by the camera inside your cab.
Why don't you take another look? Recognize her now? You know, a lot of people get in my cab.
There's always a big convention in town.
I was born at night, but not last night, okay? You picked her up at the steakhouse.
I know the last time she was seen alive, was in your yellow cab.
I know she was killed by a yellow car.
I found blood on your front bumper.
Okay, I, uh, I remember her now.
She wanted to go to mgm.
There is bad traffic, so she tells me to let her out.
She wants to walk.
Where'd you let her out? Near the monte carlo.
Kambhatla, if I match the pai from your cab to the paint we found in her skull, do you realize how much trouble you're in? 'Cause I'm not sure you really do.
Johnson: The older types of cameras only take stills.
They take them sequentially for 20 seconds any time a passenger door is opened.
- Can you clarify the background? - Yeah.
I recognize the graphitti on that bench.
That's the street we found her on, right there.
So mr.
Kambhatla was lying.
That's nowhere near the monte carlo.
Go back to number two.
The wallet in her hand is black.
And her wallet was white.
Go back, show me the last three photos, archie.
Okay, so he's looking at her.
Looks down.
He's looking for something.
- He looks up.
- Well, he's pissed.
So she did snatch his wallet after all.
And he ran her down and took it back.
Well, we have him in custody.
We have his wallet.
- Let's, uh, go see if her prints are on it.
- Yeah.
Thanks, arch.
This window wasn't broken yesterday.
And I got a bullet in a poker player.
Well, the one that killed porter's still inside him.
Porter was shot in the back.
He was facing away from the saloon.
to get to the window, this bullet had to be fired from the opposite direction.
there were two shooters.
Lead bullet.
We're looking for a revolver.
These look authentic.
All revolvers.
Case is unlocked.
I'll get the guns to ballistics.
I'll process the ammo boxes.
Sofia, faith maroney's prints were found on the cab driver's wallet so there's your motive.
No problem.
The paint from the dead girl's skull matched the paint on chandru's cab.
Page two.
The paint chips from the street are not a match to the paint chips from her skull.
Are you sure about this? I just finished a diabolical soduku in six minutes flat.
I'm positive.
Then what color were the other paint chips? What did you have for lunch? I had a ham sandwich.
It's a clue.
Your sandwich.
The paint chips you collected are from two different cars, stuck together as a result of impact.
Yellow paint,black paint,clear coat.
The other half-- clear coat,black paint,yellow paint,clear coat,white.
That's a lot of canary yellow and engine black.
Cab-on-cab hate? One half of the sandwich is from dru's 29.
What about the other half? You're looking for a white ford that's been repainted yellow and black.
I'm glad I figured that out.
'S a single gunshot wound to the lower lumbar region.
Bullet entered here and then traveled slightly upward.
Where is the bullet? Well,that's the fun part.
He didn't die from the initial wound.
It entered through his back and then penetrated the inferior vena cava.
it traveled through that vessel into his right lung.
It's called a bullet embolus.
And it's hard to find.
Most medical examiners would have missed it.
Full metal jacket,nine millimeter.
The bullet that I found at the saloon was from a revolver.
Colt single-action army.
The gun that won the west.
That bullet is from a 20th century,high-capacity,semi-automatic pistol.
I see a lot of bullets.
well,it looks like friendly bought a small fleet of white cabs from another company last year that went belly-up.
How small are we talking? Seventy-five.
Paint samples from 75 cabs? Well,we'll be back in the lab by next week.
I got what looks like fresh damage over here.
Do we know that guy? Gus's cab is equipped with a new camera.
Video,not stills.
So the impact turns it on,huh? Freeze that and grab a number off that cab.
If dru was dispatched,then what was gus doing at that steakhouse? Well,he had to be staging,trying to steal dru's fare.
Looks like gus took the fight to the streets.
He hit him again right there.
Well,that's the corner.
And we know from the paint chips we found on the ground that gus's cab collided with dru's on that street.
Well,the airbags didn't deploy, so he must have been going under 15 miles an hour.
I can't see dru's cab,so gus must have rear-ended him when he was stopped.
It's physics.
Gus's cab transferred most of its energy into dru's-- more than enough to launch him into the girl.
And car bumpers are designed to absorb the impact from another vehicle, but the bumper hitting her? Would have been like A elephant hitting a flea.
You were in the wrong.
You were the one who was staging.
So why road rage mr.
Kambhatla? Because he was gonna report it and get me fired.
I'm two months from retirement.
My wife's got ms.
I need my health benefits.
But I didn't hit that girl.
He did.
It's a bad neighborhood.
Nothing's open out there.
So why'd you drop her off? She was screaming at me,"screw you,pull over.
" *** - let me out - Sorry.
You guys are crazy.
I want out of this cab right now.
No way.
I'm not paying for this ride.
Hey,wait! You're a tease! Give me back my wallet! He tries to steal my fare.
She tries to steal my wallet,and I am arrested.
So why didn't you just report the accident? You hit a pedestrian,it is always your fault.
Hey,you were stopped and gus hit you, pushing your cab into her.
Now,that's not your fault.
Okay? Gus said it was.
And he has been driving for 30 years.
My cab hit her,so I am guilty.
Yeah,well,gus doesn't know the law,but I do.
What else did he say to you? Mr.
Kambhatla,this may be the last chance you have to tell me the truth,now.
We made a deal.
What kind of deal? He said if I don't report him for staging,and hitting me, then he would keep quiet about me hitting the girl.
And I can stay in this country with my mother and sisters.
I need to be here to make money for them.
I'm telling the truth now.
Is going to be okay,right? No,sir,unfortunately,that's not the way it works.
I've got you for obstruction,for fleeing the scene, and now you're an accessory.
I'm sorry,man.
I know you're confused,but you just made a deal with the wrong guy.
This isn't a good time.
We have a warrant to search your house.
And you'd better put some sunblock on because we're going downtown.
My memory isn't any better than it was yesterday.
I'm not up to it.
Well,we'll swing by the hospital.
And you can explain to them why you checked yourself out early,against doctor's orders.
We're investigating a homicide.
I don't understand.
Where were you last night? You may come in.
I was here.
Can anyone verify that? Preferably someone not on the payroll.
Captain brass would like to know where I was last night.
She was here.
With me.
You were there all night.
Want to explain why? Look,I know that you don't go home and cuddle your insects every single night, but why would you go there knowing that we're in the middle of an investigation? And now she's a prime suspect with you as her alibi.
It was a social call,that's all.
So,when your personal life gets tangled up in a case, that's off limits? Yes.
Isn't that a little hypocritical? Apparently so.
You know I'd slap you,but I think you'd enjoy it too much.
Look,I went to heather's on a hunch.
There's something not right with her.
Your timing sucked.
What's this? So now you're building your own? Yeah.
Keeps my hands busy.
You think I paid someone to kill porter and then used grissom as my alibi? And with your history,yes.
How do you know vernon porter? He did some work for me.
I helped him get the job at oakley'S.
You know what? That's the first thing you said to me that doesn't sound like a lie.
What kind of work? I needed to locate someone.
So an ex-cop does some legwork for you.
So what happened-- did you have a falling out or he threaten you? First skipped message.
Received yesterday at 12:02 P.
Looks like you got yourself into something.
If you need anything,call me.
Call me anyway.
Let me know you're okay.
Does that sound like a man who wants to hurt me,captain brass? Oh,I don't know,heather.
I don't know.
I mean,you get assaulted at old west town where he works, he calls it in, then he ends up dead.
What is it,just one big coincidence? I already told you I was there on business.
Porter had nothing to do with it.
Yeah,but it was your business that got him killed.
Come on,come on,we both know that you weren't there for some western hoedown.
So what were you doing there? The semen on the tissue in the bathroom did not come from vernon porter.
Well,the underwear that I pulled from the toilet was a 38-inch waist.
Porter was a 34.
He didn't attack heather.
But we know he was there.
One of heather's clients pays for a kinky wild west fantasy only to discover he had an audience? Well,I don't want to derail this, but why kill porter and not go after heather? 'Cause she's not talking.
Her business is based on discretion.
Couldn't count on porter's discretion.
so this client goes back to oakley's the next night and shoots porter.
Oh,mandy got a hit off the revolver and the ammo box.
Benjamin oakley.
His family owns the place.
He had access.
Yeah,I'm calling brass.
Sara will fill you in.
Jim we may have a suspect.
I'm the only one heather trusts.
I get it.
Sara yeah? It's fine.
Do what you need to do.
Mood disorders, suicide and parasuicide When the submissive accepts they're in control, that's when they embrace their true power.
They can say "stop.
" They can choose to either end the pain or continue enduring it.
But higher consciousness doesn't negate our animal instinct to survive.
Grissom,you requested a custody file from the court.
Thank you,judy.
I'm assuming it's for your investigation into the miniature killer.
Everybody in the lab believes you're gonna get him.
She's all I have left of zoe.
Can you tell if she's ever given birth? There was some scarring on her pelvic bones, but given the condition of the body, it's hard to say for sure.
This is your granddaughter.
Did you take this picture? I hired someone to find her.
I can't give her love, but I can give her the freedom to be who she wants to be.
Is this official police business? No.
Did heather send you? No,I'm just a friend of hers.
Did she tell you about me? Not really.
We were married very young.
Didn't last long.
Heather left without telling me she was pregnant.
I wasn't aware I had a child until after zoe was already dead.
That's zoe's daughter,heather's granddaughter.
Her name is alison.
So why are you here? I'm just trying to understand what's happening to her.
I'm aware that the court has denied her visitation rights.
Wouldn't you? I'm not sure.
Has heather tried to give you any money for alison? Yes,the day before yesterday I got a call from the bank.
Heather had set up a very generous trust fund for her, no strings attached.
I assumed she sold her house.
Can you tell me how much? $843,508.
I know heather had closed her business a few months ago trying to convince the judge she'd be a fit guardian,so it had to be from the sale.
I wonder if she calculated the exact amount it would cost to raise a child and put her through college, especially at harvard.
That's where she sent zoe.
But it wasn't her house that she sold.
You took a shot at porter.
That's attempted murder.
Your dad's not going to like that,benny.
This is a warrant for your dna.
Why do you need my dna? To prove that you also attacked heather kessler.
And that makes two attempted murders.
And that adds up to a lot of jail time,bud.
Open up.
I didn't touch her,okay? I didn't kill porter.
What do you want,a gold star for being a bad shot? porter knew I lied.
He wanted 50 grand to keep his mouth shut.
And I was gonna pay him.
I went to the bank to get the money, but somebody drained the account.
There was a million dollars in that account last week.
Who authorized the transfer? Jack oakley.
I went there to kill my father.
I knew he was going to meet heather, but for some reason,she didn't show.
And porter got up the courage to ask my dad for the money.
He'd seen my father with heather.
You sick bastard! You got 24 hours,then I turn you in! the marquis de sade's got nothing on my old man.
Inflicting pain is his idea of foreplay.
You're your mother's son,not mine.
Do you know how much money he spent abusing women? He didn't leave anything for my mother and me except for more abuse.
It had to stop.
Where is he? His phone's off; every time his phone's off,he's with her.
- Is he at the saloon? - No,he wouldn't do that,not after porter.
He's got to be at heather'S.
So your sick fantasy was to kill her.
I didn't do anything.
She solicited me.
Strictly a business deal.
She needed the money.
I paid her close to $1 million for this,you know that? That's about all I'm gonna say.
I'll be talking with my lawyer.
Too bad you spent the million.
You could use it on your defense.
Look,heather,for what it's worth, I think you're in the clear.
The D.
'S not gonna press charges.
Attempted murder,assisted suicide, the lines are kind of blurred.
But do yourself a favor.
Get some help.
leave me alone.
I didn't ask you to save me.
I know.
What am I supposed to do? I'm your friend.
Besides,there's someone I want you to meet.